Penn State Trump Protests

Saturday the 28th and Monday the 30th Penn State Students have been collectively shitting themselves about Trump's executive order. They have been holding protests, as well as attacking the pro Trump group, the Penn State Bull Moose party on twitter.

Noted hill shill Anthony has been harassing the Bull Moose Twitter account, accusing one of the exec board members of being a white supremacist for driving over the speed limit. He then sperged out and deleted all of his comments, which have been saved. Notice the hypocrisy in him condemning breaking the speed limit when he has been arrested for underage drinking and had a picture of him drinking wine as his twitter picture (he is underage btw). Anthony has a noted habit of harassing people and deleting his responses, and he has blocked several members of the Bull Moose party at Penn State.

Michael Straw, President of the PSU College Republicans and ex leader of log cabin republicans (a homosexual republican organization) also took to twitter to condemn Trump. He was a noted anti trump supporter and volunteered for the Gary Johnson campaign as well as helped set up for the Tim Kain visit at Penn State.

Finally, the anti trump protest group, led by Jason Crane, attempted to push a Trump supporter into the busy street because she was recording the protest. This man has also accused Trump supporters of intimidating him.

Anyone have any other college stories? I wanted to post this to let everybody who is in a similar situation to know that there are many people who support you. The right will take back college campuses

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So they want to import brown Jerry Sandusky's?

this is the video where the woman is almost pushed into the street. tried to archive it, but it is not working when I try that

Jason Crane seems to be a super far left anarchist that hates cops.

Jason Crane has a beef with Rice Krispies Radicals.

He's a cop hater too.



No, you're a moron.

These are the same jackasses who protested for pedophiles Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno.




I'm starting to entertain fantasies of driving up to one of these faggoty leftist protests and just unloading on the crowd with a full-auto combat rifle.


Why the fuck is your College Republicans president a flaming queer? I know the GOP isn't perfect, but this level of pozz is insane.

Where does she get pushed? You could get these shitheads shut down if you have evidence.

Every college Republican president is a flaming queer. It's an embedded pattern to existence.

Watch from 5:45 to 8:00.

They run up. Push her and run away.

At 7:15 their own organizers call them out for being bullies.

I hate to mention him, but Common Filth was right yet again.

Are there any continued protests? I would love to fuck with them but this is the first I heard of it.

This organizer is trying to do a weekly protest every Monday at 4pm.

Anarcho-communism is still bolshevism

just for my own morbid curiosity, when was he elected? I'm wondering if it cohencided with the other pro-faggot alt-kike bullshit

Reminder that Jason Crane is a 40 year old man with 2 children who has nothing better to do than protest and call trump supporters fascist.

Also this Thomas guy is Facebook messaging every Trump supporter who was there with a cringy copypasta, complaining that they have positive opinions of the God Emperor. probs not even a PSU student. They drug the russian guy into this and he wasnt even really doing anything

also they are now advocating destroying personal property. These antifa activists need to be stopped. The only reason they keep up this shit is that they are not facing any consequences for their actions

so why is he telling a political adversary that? Seems like he'd want them to continue doing it if it hurt their caseā€¦unless it's not

How about joining the protest with signs that say "Refugees can fuck my wife"?


if any Holla Forumsocks are in the area, yall should come down next monday from 4 to 5 to fuck with these antifags

These fucks are deadmeat when we get serious. The signs we actually put effort into making for our marches and rallies are going to shit all over theirs. Perhaps literally. Poopoo Peepee nithing pole battalions spraying pigs' blood and shit like noble firefighters extinguishing the inferno of racial treason, kike subversion, and Muslim invasion.



here is Jason Crane's radio show phone number. The number is 814-235-0987. It runs from 6 to 10 AM Eastern Time. Yall know what to do







It's literally the lyrics you dumb cunt


as a rule, I avoid happy valley
I might swing by


his website:

reverse virtue signalling and controlled opposition make for a efficiently useless system.

just this year I believe

he was elected last spring. Fun fact, he was put into tears twice, first time was during the UPUA elections, and the second was when the Trump group mobilized during the first meeting in fall.

The problems started when Straw held an online poll over the summer where he didnt tell anybody but his anti trump goons to vote. A few people found out, but the poll only lasted a few hours. Needless to say, the "club" voted not to endorse Trump. Within an hour, he released a multi page article condemning Trump.

Since the Bull Moose party voiced their opposition to his actions, he has been playing the victim card, and conspired with multiple people to invade a private group me and release information about their chats

That's kinda sketch. I've been weary of Straw ever since I've been acquinted with him in high school (towniefag here) - but I had no idea of this situation with the PSU College Republicans.

What's going on next Monday?

The only noteworthy thing ever to come from Penn State is the pedophile football coach.

how was he in HS?


Generally faggy and flamboyant in general. I didn't know that him well but that was the vibe I got from him

did he act even remotely republican?

From what I remember yeah, I think he was involved with model un and debate teams and such. Also I think he worked for a republican congressman at some point.

Pedo state should have been burned to the ground a decade ago.

He didnt do anything really cringe worthy?

It is a terrible school, but there are worse out there. Most of the people involved were thrown out. I personally dont care much for football, so I try to ignore that shit. At least we are not technically a sanctuary campus

not that I can remember. It's been a long time