Aka Music 2 Rape 2

good troll Spotify. make them shekels off liberals with terrible tastes.



No "Bombs Over Baghdad" though

I got one.

hmmm. how about…

Well Skrewdriver is too obvious. But people forget that GNR was a mainstream popular band that was pretty racist, despite their kike/nigger guitarist.

im guessing thats why their dead now. well that and and his voice sounds like shit.

I think "Migos" and "Future" are probably the most ignorant and most sucessful nignog musicians around at the moment. But I'm old and white, what the fuck do I know.

We will rock you. Wow. Sensitive.

really, granny?

plumber rap

If you're talking about GnR being dead, they did that to themselves. Fucking Axl Rose was a huge dickface that would show up hours late to shows strung out on heroin and play like a 15 minute set and then go backstage and drink and shoot heroin. Guy couldn't even get his act together after Use Your Illusion II. Most of the time, they just cancelled shows altogether because one of them just didn't want to play.

Freddie Mercury is on the list because he's a faggot and "muh faggot refugees are seeking a better life n shit." Queen is so fucking overrated. Don't get me wrong, they're actually great musically. But they get fellated constantly by the media when rapefugees would have killed Freddie faster than the poz did.

Chinese Democracy felt like GnR was trying to be mid 90's rock in mid 00's. I only listened to that, and Appetite for Destruction. I couldn't get into, nor remember, anything from the album (or two) after that.

This is even more retarded. Sad! I could get why people found Ice Cube or Ice-T interesting. They did exude some attitude and street smarts coupled with genuine intelligence but this is primitive monkey music.

What the fuck did I just watch?

Lies and The Spaghetti Incident weren't bad, those are the two big ones after UYI2. Lies is the most racist/sexist/misogynistic album and The Spaghetti Incident was just a bunch of okay covers.

when I opened the playlist I was really hoping for this

nobody ever sticks up for the FAGGOT refugees

a mating ritual

Ice-T is actually pretty interesting in that he might have been the first artist to blend heavy metal and gangsta rap and he was doing it in 1992. However, hindsight has shown that the songs were actually pretty shitty, all things considered. Metal and rap belong in seperate containers, despite the numerous attempts to subvert the overwhelmingly white metal scene in the early 90s.

t-this is Holla Forums right?

The only time metal and rap was blended and didn't sound like total and complete shit.

Of course this is Holla Forums. But we can talk about music and art subjectively. Someone brought up Ice-T and I elaborated on why someone might think he's interesting. Most people don't know about the band Bodycount, which had a cult following in the early 90s.

Crossover was a very 90's thing…you know, where people would just mash everything together and others would go "Wow, so progressive".

I thought this was about music refugees would listen to. My bad. Have something else.

shit. I forgot about the obvious track for Rapefugees.

next your going to say that niggers aint niggers


Oh no, niggers are niggers. And Ice-T is shitty. But I'm trying to shed some light on the appeal. Most people forget that Ice-T was a "musician" before he was a retard on Law and Order.

not much for cuntry.


Breddy gud, checked.

Why do leftists always think they should inject their politics into their businesses? Is it because there is absolutely no consequences for them like it is for everyone on the right?

Almost impossible to forget this ironic classic…

Fuck I'm a fag who forgot to remove a publicly posted trip…

That won't be the case for long. Whites are now playing identity politics and are boycotting things. Look at Target and Macy's. You will live to see the day when corporations will regret anti-white anti-western values.
Spotify sucks anyway. They charge you for something that can easily be found on youtube or elsewhere for free.


that guy is a literal polak and has a black metal band called Behemoth. he's a talented fellow.

Based Ian Stuart

Reminds me of this song I heard a few months ago