My gf asked me for a full redpilling session

My gf asked me for a full redpilling session.
I've given her the macro scheme, but she wants to get past the holohax.
After you wake up to the biggest lie in the world, everything else makes sense.

Is there any archive / pastebin with all our proof?

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this tbh. although "David Cole in Auschwitz" and "One-third of the holocaust" are some more directly sourced, hard-info type of documentaries, because TGSNT draws on them. The credits of TGSNT has a very long list of sources because of the high number of directly sourced information that they used, they're on youtube pretty sure.

really just show her The Greatest Story Never Told
but if she's so "I know it didn't happen" then pretty much anything would do, no? seems like she's already accepted that fact and just wants closure

Another thread died for this

You mean a leftist spy asked for "proof you're racist" and to divulge the sources for you material?
Don't have sex because you're going to go to jail for being a racist rapist.
While you're at it, go back to >>>/cuckchan/

user makes a fair point OP, we already had 1 or 2 redpill threads. OP you could have just asked there instead. This is almost blogposting-tier tbh.

Have her read the Protocols of Zion


Lol I love the Majin Vegeta meme. Just noticed the Star of David on it and Bibity

Someone has trust issues

Go back to cuckchan, normie.
jk, here's some pics just mention to her the math invovled and that jews did die, but were casualties of war and supply line bombings


These don't take into account mass burials, but we have found very little evidence of those. I think like 2 have been found and with only like a dozen boddies.




Considering she's openly racist and far right I doubt it.
She's just really helpless about the holohax because she can't find any evidence and everyone around her seems to religiously buy the whole story without question.

Anyways I love the material so far, it's gonna be a long day so the more the better.
Thank you Holla Forums


Is she a race realist? Does she call out jewish trickery? Does she not want to sit near a smelly chink on a bus?
What is that even supposed to mean? Why are you using leftist terminology?


franklin coverup

Cuddle with her and watch it.

Stop giving me feels user pls


Exactly 6 million Jews died, and you should be imprisoned if you say otherwise.

Bologna and sausages were made from my grandmother's flesh and my grandfather was turned into a lampshade. Never forget.



We don't live in the united states of semantics, it's ok to be a fascist and a racist here and we don't need cuckwords to make it sound more polite.
It's just that in Italy we lack good holohax material because we weren't involved in the holohax so no one gives a shit about debunking it.

The problem with Italy is that almost everyone agrees that international bankers are behind everything, but when you tell them WHO are those bankers they all lose their mind because they heard a different ending of that story from the kikes (some blame America, some Germany, some Russia).
We're affected by some kind of last-minute bluepilling syndrome.

I jumped straight from cuckservative to heil Trump/Hitler did nothing wrong with the goyim pill, the realization that kikes see us as cattle to be farmed and we can't transcend genetics with muh constitution.

Your kind isn't welcome here




kys faggot

he said past the holocaust, not at the holocaust
she said full redpill, so tell her about the secret satantic pedophilic blood magic societies that secretly control almost every country in the world, recently excluding the U.S.A.
tell her about the rothschilds and how george soros is their right hand
tell her about those who say they are Jews, but are not, and are the synagogue of satan the devil
tell her about how hitler didn't actually kill 6 million "Jews", and wasn't actually a good guy

you might wanna hold off on this next part though: fallen angels descended upon Earth before the global flood and slept with human women; I theorize that before the flood, humanity was spaceworthy, and some of their descendants may still live on this planet todayand have distinctive hair colors
and for all I know black and abbos were their slaves or two of each got on the ark