Media: Donald Trump Is Gaslighting Us

All spewing the same democrat talking point and apparently the media has been fed the word, gas lamping. These people are the true retards of the modern age. It is over for them now, but they have yet to realize it.


I am questioning my sanity….am i in a dream? Why the fuck do so many people give a fuck about a sovereign nation having and enforcing reasonable immigration policies? Just goes to show how many people and countries are conspiring against the nation. America was great until we decided to do whats best for us and now they hate.
America is like the rich kid on the playground and people only like him when he's giving money away.

Gas lighting is a tumblr equivalent for the slippery slope
We're just doing what they've ALWAYS been doing and they're crying that it's not fair …
Payback, cucks!

Hey it's the bitch that got tucked.

When the back of the media is broken, what is left to stand in Trump's way? I have not heard of any Democratic opposition that has managed to stand up to him without getting run over, or cut off when the media's attention is dragged off to something else.

I hope the media never stops meming irresponsibly.

But what the fuck does gaslighting mean? How was it named that?

Projection is one of the most used tools of the Jew.

I think most of them just hate Trump so blindly they will throw a shit fit no matter what he does.
I'm convinced he could save a hundred babies from a burning building and they'd still bitch about it for some reason.

They would bitch about him saving the white babies because those babies are too privileged.


too funny, the self doubt, the self loathing that is rising to the surface.

casually tell some antifa creeper that Trump had this planned weeks ago and they fell for it. it's all part of Trumps multidimensional chess game and they're too stupid too even see it coming. lol


the cracks in their worldview are showing and they recoil in panic accusing the awake of tricking them



There is one thing i can say about the kikes and libshits… they are consistent as fuck.

every fucking time



Vid related

These mother fuckers have no idea what they're memeing. Keep it up lugenpresse.

Their behavior is the only possible outcome there ever was. Anyone that dares to lookout for the well being of a white country is going to piss off every kike within earshot and everyone on their payroll will be told to start bitching immediately.

This is "judea declares war on germany" only Trump has so expertly planned everything that there isnt a single correct choice of actions the kikes can make. Anything they do will work out horribly for them.

hahaha this is the bitch that got Tucked hard in the second half of this glorious video(first half he shoahs Kurt Eichenwald)

This. What will they do? Make Merkel start a War against the US? Kek. There is nothing left and they only start to understand.

Par for the course. Keep at them until they break.

Do these fuckers not realize we've been watching, analyzing and cataloguing their every move since the advent of the internet?

Jewish media are the ones Gaslighting America. They have been for a century.

Even if Trump is a Zionist puppet this is just disgusting.


A lot of it is an inferiority complex. It's why our national identity here in Canada (where I am) is so tied up in "Fuck America". Don't get me wrong, you guys do have a lot of things to criticize but other countries don't get criticized nearly as much as they deserve. When you're the top dog, everything is your fault and everyone wants you to help.

>"reeee, America, you have to stop them!"
>"reeee, America, why are you intervening? Stay out of things! reeee"

It's like that comic where the first panel is that guy riding the bike while grumbling about white people/goyim (depending on the version). Then the second panel has him fall off. Then the third panel has him laying on the ground saying "White people/goyim, please help!" There's nothing you can really do to make them like you since they judge themselves to you in comparison and are eternally shitter shattered since they then realize that they just can't compete.


This is gonna be "fake news" all over again isn't it?

We repopularized gaslighting desu
Again its just leftists trying to steal our language

Their back to that? hahaha when it didn't take off last month? Fuck is wrong with these niggers? CNN is literally in flames and it's just more of the same retarded bullshit. Is anyone even watching that shit?

Help, help! The jews have gaslighted this poor user!