Getting a Fascist America; Where to meme from here

So I was reading a thread where an user (who was blatantly being shilled against) was claiming the constitution hasn't actually protected the USA from subversion and loss of National identity over time. It's susceptible to (((evolving))) interpretations that push the overton window ever leftwards, until the great nation founded by your European fathers is full of cucks, traitors and enemies who happily, overtly and proudly rail against everything America once stood for. You can literally be a direct descendant of the first European pioneers and have a legal gay African migrant quote the 1st amendment at you for why he can call you an evil racist and shit on your ancestors (and he can vote). The constitution has strengths and weaknesses but it was always doomed to fail eventually because of the fundamental problem of Constitutional democracy; it just doesn't fucking work in the long run.
Future subversion of your ideology is impossible to defend against with a constitution, no matter how watertight and objectively good it is; centuries later people forget WHY we have certain rules and leftism/communism/liberalism rises again (see Greece and Rome; they fell into degeneracy in exactly the same fashion as the West has). It’s no secret that the founding fathers would not recognise the modern USA as what they had intended, and I don’t really need to shill more against democracy here.
Not only is government by committee slow, inefficient, and indecisive, eventually divides widen into two parties that vehemently hate each other and things fall apart/civil unrest or even war begins, as we are possibly seeing now unless Trump can go full Caesar. Of course, Fascists/NatSocs here know the solution to this problem is a dictatorship. However dictatorship carries its own problems, mostly corruption and who to trust to be the dictator, what their incentives truly are, and how much power they can wield. Now, I’m here to tell you why the solution to the innate problems of dictatorship is KINGship. We need to literally make Donald J Trump King of America.

“God-emperor” is a funny and strong meme, but in the 40K Universe it did take them centuries to meme it into real everyday use for more autistic anons who won’t let this go the Adeptus Astartes don’t recognise him as a God either. For practical use, it’s frankly unacceptable by realistic everyday Americans, and for a literal title it doesn’t work because he’s not actually a God nor an emperor. Take it from a Brit, a literal Empire is a fucking bad idea in the long run. Oppress people and they WILL fight back, be it weeks or centuries later; you cannot hold a foreign people hostage in their own homeland forever without either assimilating them into your own people or losing the land eventually. Look where it fucking got us, and we used to be as sure of ourselves as you.
You could exterminate the natives of lands you conquer, but then you’re not building an Empire, you’re just expanding the territory of your own people, or Kind. The power of the word “King” is that it derives from "Kin" and "Kind"; inherently a King has a people, a wider family; the Nation does not belong to him- he belongs to the Nation. Thus, Trump must become the King of his Kind. Also, Kings have precedent so the concept is already in peoples subconscious.

Someone as rich and as powerful as a King of America would only have incentive to make the country great, raise living standards and wealth equality, protect his people and serve its interests in foreign policy. The only solution to corruption is to make the King all-powerful and impressively wealthy; all incentives to subvert the population then dissipate. I.e what more wealth does Trump really want, and would he bother prioritizing that at risk of revolt?
Kings failed in the past because they had to face a lot more problems- disease, serious foreign invasion threats, lack of infrastructure, lack of communication channels, lack of information, no economic expertise to base policy decisions on. It made it nigh impossible to keep the population happy and raise living standards at the same time as fending off invading armies. Thus they got revolted out of power at least.
However, an American King would not have such problems. People already have an incredible standard of living compared to almost all of human history, it's hard to be envious of a Monarch when they're one of your people and doing good for your country and you live in relative comfort and wealth yourself. We can see this from the lack of armed revolutions in the West in decades, people are just too comfy/secure to care that much about massive wealth inequality. We all know how much Trump is loved by his supporters already, I mean the God-Emperor meme was organic. Trump would also have direct communication with his subjects through twitter Kek is fucking high I swear, and they with him. He could immediately judge the mood of the populace, their demands, their faith. It would be a self-stabilizing system, and a much more interactive relationship than that between the people and rulers of old.
But the most important thing about Kingship is the line. The problem with a physical, written constitution is that its originally intended meaning decays as a factor of time itself; everything we build, all the morals we’re fighting for, any power our ideas gain dissipate naturally down the centuries. People forget.
A LINE OF KINGS keeps the core people of the Nation (the wider "family") united around one Royal family, and the teachings, morals, and lessons of the past alive a lot longer, handed down from father to son. The constitution lives in the Kings themselves, most honoured with the trust to put their people first; for they are part of that people. It’s better than entrusting the future to future people’s interpretations of a piece of paper- (((interpretations))) that as we all know are often not made with the original folk’s best interests in mind.

Let's imagine Trump is made King of America, and it's ordained that Barron will succeed him in 20 years or so when Donald dies. For 20 years, that young man will know that one day he has to shoulder the huge responsibility of leading his nation. He will be honoured, supported and loved by his people as a Prince, and receive the ultimate education in statecraft, politics, economics, business, military strategy, public relations, history, everything, from the most experienced tutors in the world and of course his own grandfather. Do you think that, on the day King Donald dies/secedes, there would be any more qualified, capable and trustworthy individual on Earth to take the reins than Barron? Corruption is stopped again by the immense sense of duty for his people that would have been deliberately instilled in him by Donald, and the fact that he'd be materially content and morally redpilled. His son or grandson is raised in the same way, and the line of Kings extends, each generation drawing on the wisdom and prestige of their fathers. If done right, the love of the people for their Kings and Princes grows as living standards and American power grow. People backstabbing because of lust for power is subdued by already great material wealth and comfort, the sheer responsibility of power and the people’s love for King Trump. You could always put in some kind of impeachment protocol, or just hang a King who goes off the rails. The threat of that would keep them working for the people.
This is how Monarchy should have been, and was, for thousands of years in Europe when people were ruled by Tribal Chieftains (proto-Kings). Modern Royal Families have deeply corrupted the image of Monarchy, being both functionally useless and powerless, and overtly wealthy and fat while their people go hungry. However further back, Kings were often loved and honoured, and peoples under Kings thrived. Donald has already shown us his selflessness; running for president and having his name dragged through the mud, for the people of America, when he could have retired, gotten fat and played golf. I think if we meme to bestow this honour on him, it will not only have a chance to save our people, but it will truly have the potential to Make America Great Again for centuries or even millennia. It would certainly fix the demographic time-bomb you’ve got going on that will see voting Whites a minority within a few decades.
If we meme it now, the worsening civil unrest could bear fruit beyond our wildest dreams. If we meme it now, and later some kind of leftist insurgency/uprising/societal breakdown occurs it would give us the perfect set-up; Trump could be given emergency powers, culminating in a Kingship (I expect you know more about how this legal transfer of ultimate power could work than I do). This is a strange time in history indeed: a chance for a line of Germanic Kings to rise again. “Trump” is even the perfect family name, associated with victory and that passage- “The Trump of God”.


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Just drop the "God" from God Emperor.
Emperor also outranks King.


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Bringing our opponent into the light to be judged by the masses is step one.

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And america was founded when people rejected a monarchy. That would be such an oxymoron.


Trump needs to seize power and become a dictator/emperor so that he can clean house its as simple as that.
If he did I would support him 100% As would all the non-mentally ill

It doesn't matter what matters is winning and defeating the enemy.

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Better than kings…


The NatSoc argument against this is that kings will get lazy and greedy and forget their duty to their people. A Fuhrer would be an exceptional human drawn from the common or aristocratic stock who rises above his countrymen through merit and force of will rather than simply inheriting power and wealth, thus ensuring quality. Downside is that in the event of multiple candidates, succession problems might lead to civil war.

This is America, we don't do kings

America doesn't have kings faggot, but I am all for removing presidential term limits and I would vote for one of his sons if they ever decided to run.

because england decided you wouldnt?

I think the future will be a kind of American society where no one is allowed to be 'top dog' because they were born by someone who was good or whatever. Genetics works in a pool/collective way - a good King now is not necessarily a good son later.

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Barron knows he'll be emperor. He plays n-dimensional chess, after all.


Whatever the case, we must meme a military coup into action that makes Trump's rule permanent and eliminates any chance for the left to compete for power through an (((election))) ever again. I don't care if you call it a king or a wizard, I just care about winning.

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Reminder that the Romans had it right with the adoption of your heir. Monarchists can gtfo. Hereditary rule leads to inbreeding/health issues and eventually you get a snobby brat kid for a leader who runs the country down the river because his generals don't have to balls to assassinate him or force him to abdicate.