Brit/pol/ #0009 Druidic Rising/BASED CARATACUS edition

Loyal lads

I bid you welcome to our thread numerum novem. As geopolitical events continue to accelerate we give thanks to the BASED druids and beseech them to continue their arcane patronage as our wise and vengeful ancestor spirits. We give thanks to our based druids and hope that they see fit to provide more portents for our neo-druidic lodge of nationalistic digital shamanism known by many names including but not limited to B.O.N.D - British Order of Nationalist Druids


In honour of our based and wrathful druid spirit patriarchs we are taking druidism back from the dirty smelly hippy shits, subversive leftists and braindead new agers who have defiled the Old Ways for too long with their wooly thinking and degeneracy. We endeavour to make druidism great again and take it back to its original hyper-isolationist, ultranationalist based as fuck origins. The druids demand it lads. They cringe and rage as they witness these usurpers co-opt their ways and pervert it into some sick self masturbatory LARPing fantasy, completely devoid of the true Druidic spirit (that of being proficient in certain schools of the arcane and also extremely hostile to johnny foreigners)
The druids have taken notice lads and with our anonymous, autonomous lodge that exists in the digital ether, we are perfectly equipped to continue to be a conduit and channel for the druids to manifest, impart their wisdom and ultimately be a righteous tool of vengeance for them. In turn they channel the nationalistic earth current both through the laylines of the land and through the empyrean of digital space.
Without further ado let us begin the novus thread in our glorious new order and as always the topical newslinks are presented for the readers perusal and delectation.

Remember lads tolerate no tomfoolery…
No harrisposting ect no spam no paki no remain
…and keep the LOYALIST Lodge of Portentious Druidic Nationalism free of the cancer that killed old brit/pol/.
Have at it lads.

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Im glad you got first post lad. I was worried the bogpill spammers might usurp it and jinx the thread but the fact that it went to a member of the loyalist lodge is a good portent indeed

Good thread lad, was starting to get worried we'd need a bunker again.
Sorry I didn't get more links for the thread, nearly ran out of posts.
I must join the other lad that posts links and keep the thread updated with happenings in future…
Here's a bonus one for now:
Establishment still hasn't learned to not trust (((polls)))

thanks lad
we must remember the great king who led the defense of Britain the first time we faced invasion from foreigners

famous polls of last year

no worries lad, they can be posted in the thread to keep it fresh anyway. Sorry it was later than planned with it - was cutting it by the skin of the teeth tbh but iv had a hectic day and only just got to sit down with a bit of peace.

Hes a perfect example of british stoicism and defiance. Plus, he had the backing of the based druids.

Growing out me druid beard lads

Bongs, riddle me this.
I know you love your queen, but isnt the thing with the royal corgies a tiny bit decadent?

Leftists never learn, only good thing about them and the salt of course

No need to apologise lad, Decent, Druid approved threads take time.

Same tbh, starting to look like a vagrant…

A bit yeah but old ladies love their little yappy dogs, they are good company for them.
Not sure why she needs so many though, she could just chat to one of her servants if she's lonely…

same lad

British nans love their dogs/cats tbh
after the kids grow up and leave home the mothering instinct still remains I doubt the queen is entirely removed from that stereotype

Nice. We are taking back druidism from the smelly hippies and we will also take back beards from hipster nu-male scum

Why are corgies decadent lad? I dont like the queen anyway tbh. Shes more than fucking useless. She did nothing to stop blairs rampage. Only good thing shes got going goe her is she knows when to keep her mouth shut tbh and doesnt seem to virtue signal

I guess so.. Well you probably cant get mad at money getting spend like this-giving some cook work, when it could be used to fund social programms or commi propaganda that is outrightly harmful.

I think the queen has been mostly useless too tbh
I dont really support the royal family, just support the monarchy as an institution independent of parliamentary control
George showed promise though, instinctively knowing Trudeau was a bad man
has Arthur been reborn?

she dotes on her pets lad shes not insane
ive never seen the royal corgis shaved for fashion or duffed up in weird costumes
theres spoiling your pets a little and then theres being mental and replacing the need for children with them

Mines so patchy atm I look like the team America doll.

I'm not the history buff, who's that man?

styx is that you?

King Caratacus, King of the Britons, Chieftain of the tribe of the Catuvellauni, leader of the armies of Britain against Claudius's invasion
I think his father Cunobeline also did something to stave off Caesars invasion of Britain



This tbh.

The patchiness goes after a while, frustrating but it'll be worth it lad.
I'm at the "its not really that long but it knots really easily and is a fucking mare to comb" stage fml


The druids worked though based burgo to bring awareness to the rest of the board.
I think the druids will be more dependable in the long run, memtically compared to kek because they are not as chaotic and have actual roots in our nation and in europe as opposed to being the god of some johnny foreigner from cairo.

Lets hope good portents favour based Burgo and he is back out soon. We should send him some love tbh

lad Celts have been to Egypt too you know
them Galatians sure got around
we should send Burgo a letter with love from the Auspicious Lodge of British Indubitably Ostentatious Nationalist Druids tbh

Cheers, if only he was in charge of the final battle boudicca messed up.

Boudica came like a century later or something
Caratacus led the initial defense of our Sacred Albion

Loving that lad, thats some fine acronymanship

I really wanted to make Indubitably the I one
great word tbh

First portentious numerals of the thread

anyone seen or heard of the Druids crown lads?
a simple enough construct
for extra druidic function I recommend forging one from either bronze or iron
druids wore tinfoil crowns under those hoods



Redpill me on druids.

By complete chance, has anyone got a scan of Ronald Hutton's Blood and Mistletoe: The History of the Druids in Britain? You're my last hope before I give in to the price gouging resellers on ebamazon.

Tell me about the druids, why do they wear the beards?


t. /brit/

lost my plot at that pic lad
11/10 tbh

the Romans wiped them out for violently and maliciously opposing Roman multi-ethnic, multi-religious policies

jewsnight saying we are anti the welfare state.

Anyone still up?


Any girls here?

Here lad ;)



Go back to cuckchan lad


Is that you? You don't look British

Druids disapprove tbh
off to the bog with you

She looks like a paki

I am British tbh, 100% Anglo-Saxon. New to Brit/pol/ I came from 4chan just today. Tell me about these druids.

I'm not a paki lad

Please don't be like that lads
what about from another angle?

If a Queen can't be a little bit decadent then nobody can be.

Guess uncucked goes to bed early



A druid's beard is akin to a psychic antenna. The longer the beard, the more resonance a druid has with the wyrd, and the more able he is to intuit the portentous movements in the presence of the All.

The fact that beards are becoming more prevalent in these times, is actually a symptom of the rising power of the Druids.

Bit gay tbh

The only faggots wearing beards nowadays are nu-males. I don't think druid thing is going to take off tbh

Dubs confirm that the snipping tool is the other anons friend

Nah, you just don't get it.

Yeah, seems contradictory right? How do these low T guys manage to grow such impressive beards?

Now you know why. It's the Druid's power.

Nu males are not representative of the Druids power, but they are easily effected by it, hence the beards.


It's true. The uncucked lads have wives and jobs and shieeeet. They are K-types, not like the r-types of /brit/

Action seems to stop after midnight, most evenings. I'm just stuck here on my own.


Mines at a year now, and funnily enough I had druidic reasons for doing so.



I just quit my dayjob lads. I stormed out, calling them cunts and that. Feels bloody good tbh.

I done that years ago when I worked in 'Famous Army Stores.' It does indeed feel good.
Will you be ok for money though lad? Job centre wont give you NEETshekels if you deliberately quit as far as I know. What will you do?

he could always sell drugs


alot of people my age do it because they cant get a job and neetbux isnt really living
millenials will end the age of violent drug dealers and gangs tbh when every 3rd person is selling drugs to the two that have jobs

Sidework tbh, was planning on leaving very soon anyway, just copped the right arsehole this morning and done it now. Ive got 14 days a week (not a typo) of side work, taking on some lads soon…….
Anons building crew ltd
An interview.

Another interview.
I hope Im interviewing some Holla Forumsacks tbh
Im looking forward to this.

Thats an awful vision of the future lad.
plus youd earn fuck all that way, unless keith richards and kerry katona were your customers

you do earn fuck all tbh it just supplements the neetbux doesnt actually profit in a way thats noticeable


if im on neetbux i dont own land tbh

Lad you can do it in a little packing crate with LED lights powered by a car battery. Get creative you dirty layabout.

ok I will

Druidic confirmation. Also you can climb a tree and tie pots to the branches. All-natural outdoors like. Or find a big leafy bush and cut a small access hole, then cut space out in the middle for plants - protects them from wind and frost. Not bugs though. You can put cheap plastic grow tents in bushes, but helicopters can see them sparkling, so go innawoods.

Agony uncle wews.
Hes literally got kids writing in to him for relationship advice. Fuck knows why any of them would think that an NEET overweight scottish manlet is somehow an authoritative source on this but there you go.


I imagine the NEET overweight scottish manlet could give some advice to overweight autistic kids tbh

Nobody said drugs were/are/have been/ are being encouraged to be/being farmed lad, I merely pointed out that user doesnt farm cannabis, and that it is possible to grow 'plants' in ingenious ways. :^) Got to be precise these days lad, what with that batty bacon judge lurking.

man gets the death penalty for having a laugh with a bacon sarnie
we live in dark times tbh

Suppose so. Its not something I can connect with tbh as iv never felt the need to ask someone for relationship advice except maybe my dad when I was in my mid teens nor would I ever consider doing so. Different strokes I guess. Also, like you said, autism.

im not big on precedents with relationships tbh
then again the only difference in how id treat a girlfriend vs a friend is im sleeping with them and/or spending more time with them than the others tbh

Im terrified, but also pretty aroused tbh.


Mother, 30, who throttled her newborn baby daughter with a pair of knickers just minutes after giving birth to her in her bathroom is spared prison

a see a wave of sweaty grey mounds of flesh rolling along coke bottles into the universities pinning down mudshits in burqas and fisting them with diet coke and mentos bottle bombs

The fuck is wrong with judges these days? Bring back the likes of George Jeffreys tbh.

i think theres a jew in cambridge that would argue thats a post-birth abortion
little white girl born in Britain strangled by her lithuanian mother while fatima in Birmingham pops out her 15th son

Pls lad no

I'm 21 and the only person in the local job centre actually serious about finding work (there is none), with no degree, if you really want druids I'm unskilled but want to get into practical manly-man work. I would move across country and sign on with you in a single carnyx blast tbh

t. ciderdruid

Is that a Druid Soap Opera?

main tunes include lyres, flutes and drums
the singing of the bards and songstresses is only interrupted by crackling of the fires and the screams of pakis burning in wicker baskets

Better make a journey to the standing stones at anglsey then, get that druidic power.

the BBC would be baffled why bearded anti-semitic lads being watched by GCHQ start booking trips to Wales to put on pajamas and hang out near the standing stones of anglesey to find other
with which to organise with

Its worth doing just for the confusion and puzzlement it would cause. Can you imagine what the GCHQ meeting about us is like at the moment lads?
Im imagining GCHQ is like Faulty Towers crossed with Blackadder

fucking Kek
might feel sorry for them if they werent all foreigners and traitors tbh
we can rebuild our nemetons and keep johnny foreigner out tbh

Anyone have any good sources were I can learn about real druidism? All I can find is hippie faggits stuff

Why is this thread so dead?

There are some ok druid docs on yidtube.
Druids and the rest of true Brythonic history has kind of been obliterated tbh.
You can really only extrapolate from the remaining empirical evidence.

For example, the Druids were probably the "god-helper" caste set up in Britain after the fall of Atlantis/Antarctica in 10400BC-ish, the henges and circle ditch-mounds are reminiscent of the precessional, spacially autistic architecture the survivor-civilisers from Antarctica seeded all around the world (mostly in Mesoamerica and Egypt, Mesoamerica because that was closest to where the island of Antarctica was before the tectonic shift that moved it beneath the south pole, Egypt because it is the most autistically perfect place on Earth to do astral geometry).
Most civilizations have legends of hwhite civilizers teaching them how to do shit then dying off or going away, leaving their "demigod" subordinates to continue teaching, before those die off too, or blend into natural kingships.

The Druids were probably homegrown native initiates into that science/history and kept it going long after it had mutated unrecognisably into regular worship, or simply carried the message from Egypt or learnt it from passing Atlantians.

This requires further study to look for the clues that could support the theory though, something I might take up.
That's the fun part about the tragic situation of having so little true knowledge (of which even that has been perverted into "lol they were all homos and trannies" like the Viking legends), we have to find out as we go along because nobody else has looked at the Druids from our angle before.

Druids weren't British. They were all over the place

the first time they looked at the Druids were the Greeks and Romans who believed they were the barbarian priests of the celts
that view changed between the Roman supremacy idea they were savages and the Alexandrian Greek scholarly study that depicted them as the philosophers of the savage races of the North
Caesar and Cicero wrote they both met the same Druid and described him as a poet, an astronomer, a philosopher, a physician and a diplomat
then theres the Christian account that portrays them as sorcerers and magicians
then theres the idea created by romantacists in the 18th and 19th century that makes them look like a bunch of hippies
and is right you know
there were druids wherever you found celts
but the druids survived longest in the British Isles, well into the 1st century AD before they were driven underground where their secret orders may have survived as late as the 8th century AD in Wales
and in Ireland the druids werent cast out or destroyed but as it seems they just faded away under the auspices of Christianity
which is understandable considering the druids may have finally disappeared from public life 7 centuries after their holiest site was burned by the Romans

Working hours, lad.
I'm only here because temporarily unemployed tbh.
Gotta make those shekels.

pls resbond

/fringe/ nearbyanon from last thread hasn't yet
Any Druids want to Tox, D432B05BDB6BC14B7C466816437FA1614795C6A0C796F25A847832ACBCCB922111D93B8D8E94 and I've just set up a Discord room,
Not sure what to do with it yet though tbh

Druids were all over Europe but they did have individual distinctions and practices, British Druids as have been remarked upon were the most "barbaric" "savage" and "xenophobic" etcetera. British culture also differs noticeably from continental tribal cultures.

so true
the only Druid the Romans got a chance to talk to was a Gaulish Druid who was considered a traitor to his people and his own brother tried to kill him

10,000 precessional cycles wrestling with krita, first attempt at using colour

I iz gettin my shieeet together, doing things ev'ry day like a gud boi:

suggest shitty scribbles or phrases to translate if you want, I'm gonna try and use Common Brythonic later.

very decent effort lad

very nice that lad, 10/10

Im considering it my lad, let me see how thr next couple of months pan out, I fully expect my old employers to sue me for breach of contract, and try to get an injunction to force me bck to work. My dream is to employ a dozen Holla Forumsacks - Druid/pol/ Builders Inc


id like to see that tbh

Top kek, not sure how 'ealth'n'safety would feel about my mandatory hood or cowl requirement, or what the site agent will think about the frequent stops for rituals at xx:00, xx:11, xx:22, etcetera. Constantly seeking out natural water courses could annoy some other tradesman, or landowners in general I suppose. I cant bloody wait tbh lad.

I hereby move that whencesoever that image is posted, the poster must apply a spoiler, or suffer the unbearable fate of athletes foot and mild indegestion. All in favour, say aye.

I imagine you could make quite a lot of money off commies and hippies marketing yourself as an ethical, spiritual, environmentally friendly operation

I quite like the thought of doing high pressure door to door sales like gyppos do with tarmacing driveways, but with replica scale model organic Stonehenges and miniature free range, non GM Giants Causeways in folks front gardens.
Im having too much fun, this is absolutely happening lads, just keep your eyes peeled for vans with druidic references, I cant post them here obviously




ill keep my eyes peeled for Merlins Magic Movers delivery service or Cathbads Choice Catering

More like:
Or some other tedious pun.

Lad you're a natural

Good luck mate, know that you'll have at least one pair of hands for sure.

Unless any other druids want a wage slave? My wallet and I are getting real sick of fucking 38hrs/week of job searching for £240 a MONTH. Me old man is nearly out of savings and is probably mooching off'f his own old man, he's just gonna die soon I think, has done nothing but play AoE2 for 18 years now.

incredibly viable business tbh maybe the govt can give us shekels from their smol business scheme haha no that's going to niggers who steal antique furniture and pump it full of neon, REEEEEE.

Ahh lads this heals the heart after being chewed out for not being a temp agency slave but only because even temp agencies have no work while a big fat nigger gets another big fat paycheck added to his account in the next cubicle over, because he's "disabled" and needs mo money fo dem programs.

Thanks lad, I pray that when the Day of Hope happens and the yanks are running around with pepe patches and 8 of diamonds cards pinned to their body armor, Brit/pol/ will know each other by subtle wordplay and punnage and glorious druidic beards and garmentry.
(doubly augerous)
Ill recruit on here as a first resort tbh, if I get an undercover MI5 agent then bloody brilliant, the cunt can do real work for a change.
Elaborate tbh.
Might as well try tbh, Im a pagan vegeterian not through choice, unfortunate genetics, I can also pretend Ive got some taig in me or something, they love giving the micks a chance. Worth a go.

sorry lads Ill go now.

yeah while other anons want to pool resources for a training camp/compound for preparing for a future conflict
we want to open a druid themed greengrocers/carpet cleaning business

He bought in on release in 1999 and never stopped playing, through his breakup with m'mum, death of his grandmother, fruit packing while living with other middle-elderly bachelors, then while living with me for seven years or so now. He's my father and I love him but Taranis needs to lightning bolt his arse a few times, we could have been using his sham gardening business tax breaks presumably as a legitimate one by now but no I work the occasional 12 hour factory shift stacking boxes instead.

kind of shit at these tbh

Think of all the money for illegal reactivated firearms we could make by selling miniature dolmens, it's an infallible business plan!

o shit these hijinks, i forgot tonight is game night.
ead neaht lads

I thought that was essential wisdom built into the Aryan DNA lad.
Thats diversity I am proud to see.
Best timeline. Best spiritual guardians.

yeah but by the time they realise what we're really conversing about it'll be too late to stop us ;^)

Id rather start a pest control firm called
And get a license to drive around with a legal rifle.
Again, elaborate. Does he at least have the expansion packs or mod it or whatever? unless he just does random maps, oh gods
Just get out and deliver some leaflets lad. Fuck your old man, if he is a lazy cunt, do it yourself.

Top wew.

Night lads, Im going to go to bed before I start cold calling folk about discount DIY ash grove temples and designer ritual sacrifice platforms - look out for me on Rogue Traders or whatever its called


ahhhh lads
just figured out why archers wear arm guards and fingerguards
was testing out my new recurve bow just then in the garden with the cat
was little too loose with the arrow since ive been drinking and released the arrow and got my hand in the way
bloody arrowhead just gave me a 7 inch gash up my arm and hand before it went through and old towel on the clotheshorse
this is what happens tbh when every man doesnt practice archery on sundays from the age of 10

You ok lad? Do you need stitches?
Everyone is injuring themselves at the moment - rusty nails, splinters and now fucking arrows!

Do you mean 1) you fired your cat from the bow as a test 2) the cat was present for the test 3) the cat test fired the bow 4) you fired arrows at your cat for a test

was round me legs

nah its shallow only bled a little
just put a massive plaster on it

Broadhead arrow injuries are to be expected within neo-Druidry I reckon. Do you think AXA or Sunlife or someother life insurance group covers axe-cidental sorry death during pillaging? Would Scottish Widows cover me in the event of my decapitation by Christians?

i dont think they'd behead you lad
the pakis might do it though
id be more worried about death from over exposure to toxic sap tbh
allergies to mistletoe in this lifestyle would probably cause insurance companies to refuse to cover you
I think we should recreate the Ritual of Oak and Mistletoe tbh
ancient druidic ritual to cure soft cock

As far as I can tell he spent the first few years getting into his stride, then spent 16 years playing LN nothing 2 relic 2 then took a break for PS4 games and the LN nothing group died so now he makes scenarios but never finishes them because everything has to be 100% perfect, last we spoke he does have some new friends in the scenario making community and he playtests stuff on voobly, yes all expacks and patches but no HD edition and nu-expacks.
It seems extremely comfy but also is not making money.

Around Christmas we went to his sister's house White South Africa/Rhodesian husband, she's a housewife, they live the dream and I spent 3 days in a row getting hammered by 3 o'clock trying to keep up with his dad who was a working man and train driver and has drunk at least a gallon of bitter a day for his entire life. I "paid" for a round with the grandparents present of cash and gave him the rest and he went on a tirade about how he hates money and it shouldn't be a thing even though he hasn't had a real job in about 8 years, maybe more, and has been subsisting on savings, familial pity money, occasional cash in hand for dogsitting his sister's ridgebacks and fudged benefits.

Before reaching the other side of the half-century he used to do gardening and agricultural work so I had an idea to do local busywork together to get the experience because I grew up a neet and a townie.

Got a "voluntary" work exp thing for the food sector coming up for February, the PREVENT goyl got me into it tbh, gonna be 3 weeks of trying not to butterknife disgusting hipsters.
Most of all, haven't got a driving license yet, the only good local individual has spared me 3 lessons over the following month which means I can't really get about for a while yet or afford to take on any projects because >nearly £30 for an hour and a half.

Things are happening, just slowly and in fucky manners.

I'm sure the druids will provide tbh, going to have a little pilgrimage ramble and camp at some pre-roman sites this weekend.

good lad
dont deface the monoliths and if you see someone attempt to deface them batter them senseless with the nearest willow branch

PETA wants Games Workshop to stop using fur on its miniatures…
http ://
Made me laugh at work today and I thought you'd get some keks out of it.

I didnt know they did tbh. Is fur required as some by product of citadel finecast or injection plastic moulding? I think the paint brush bristles are made of sable (camel hair) but thats about as far as it goes. Id laugh if they started throwing fake blood on autists leaving the stores GW shopping bags or something though.
kek, fucking peta have always been nuts.

fuck I just read it. They actually want them to remove all REPRESENTATIONS of fur from the franchise. So thats no sculpted fur on plastic soldiers. Right. They even use the arguement that "b-but macho warriors wouldnt need to wear fur." Id be annoyed if it wasnt so ludicrous. I wonder if this extends to xenos carapace trophies and such?
Fuck me, the entire left has long taken leave of their senses.

who /loveher/ here?




Sad tbh the fat haggis seems pretty good in other aspects.

ginnieposting is banworthy tbh

just watching it now lad. Ill comment when Iv seen it

What the fook are ya on aboot Coalin?
You fucking what, you haggis paki?
Moan-lenial Wews, I think he is on his period.
This sentiment doesnt imply kike eunuch or richard spencer are not shills or spies, just that Woes thinks they have no effects. Im not happy with this vid tbh, he could have cut out the first 8 mins.

Some good druid pictures here. Nice finds lad. I really enjoy the look of victorian era illustrations too. Draughtsmanship was alive and well back then.

Its the…
It rustles me when someone who doesnt use this board sees fit to pass judgement on it. We are not 'infiltrated by antifa' coalin lad. There was a mass shilling effort, that much is true but its died down now. We weathered the storm.
I have mixed feelings about TRS tbh. I think that there are some good shows like paranormies and pre election FTN was quite good sometimes but daily shoah had become extremely cancerous. It had become cliquey and ego driven full stupid unfunny parody songs, obnoxious injokes (seriously, those fucking drops are cancer. Utter unfunny cancer. I hate them drops lads) and they were woefully misinformed on some subjects (like the UK for example) but that didnt stop them running their mouths off on it constantly with such gems as:
Never fails to rankle me when some ill informed colonials decide they are an authority to speak on our affairs.

It probably was antifa who posted the dox threads, but retards bandwagonning other retards retarded ideas happens regardless of whom posts OPs. The monkey, banana, ladder analogy is apt. I couldnt give a bloodeagled roman what TRS do, but having a jew as the leader of an antisemitic movement clearly shows co-option by outside interests. for our journo lurkers the alt right pretends to be partially antisemitic as a cooption strategy. They do not really think of the ideas posited on Holla Forums have merit, but merely seek to guide younger impressionable folk away from pure knowledge, towards MSM narratives - thats why they have Dick Spencer as the pretty public face
What Im annoyed about is Coalin pushing the idea that traitors are fine so long as they are not acting treacherous at the moment. This is fundamentally untrue and dangerous. His excessive irnbru consumption has gone to his brain I reckon.

Took his own life to avoid becoming an isis video lads, don't blame him tbh.
he really shouldn't have been there in the first place though

Hope you sent more than a few dirty islamic shitskins to meet their pedo god before you bought the farm lad RIP tbh
I move that he be posthumously elevated into our sacred Druid/pol/. I would like to make him an honorary BASED LOYAL UNCUCKED Druid.
What say you lads?
The man was no coward, who would willingly let IS Inbred Shitskins torture them on camera for propoganda? I reckon he gets to go to Valhalla tbh lads. I bloody hope so, Ill happily rough-house and feast with him.

Lad, would you mind doing a small sentence for this poor chap?

Are there any words for this already? Something like:
Id like to include it in a burnt offering can we call them holocausts? Literally means burnt offering

Agreed lad, Id have done the same before I let those animals parade me on camera for their own gain.
Dubs or not, the druids will smile upon him.

Arn't the ypg comunists? and a lot of the europeans thats go out there antifa?

Checking druid dubs.

Killing shitskins is an honorable thing for antifa to do, if that is even true antifa are pussies lad, they cant use guns, and they dont stand up for oppressed peoples. I dont like the Kurds, they are not our allies, but any man that takes up arms to take the fight to the terrorists is on the side of good, in this scenario only perhaps. Are you saying Im antifa for supporting the lad while he fights Islamic State shitskins?

I'm not implying your antifa mate, I just worry that some of those that have gone out to fight might come back and pose a bigger threat then the current lot

Thats a fair assessment, but going to Syria or wherever to fight and coming back alive are 2 different things. I imagine fighting for your life will change some leftie opinions too, no doubt. Id say the few that will return alive are less of a threat than standard army trained leftists not that I think theres many of them either. Only problem might be LWDS, but I highly doubt that prospect, especially in the UK. Imagine the lads down your local hearing about some uppity bohemians killing innocent folk. Thats enough for a real, local death squads.

Fugg, I intended to attach pic related, but I moronically omitted it in haste

eald godes geanoirr þes fierdesne eac gréat hréa

Had another search for old/common Brythonic, no luck so we're stuck with Old English as the oldest workable language, as far as I know.

Thanks lad, Ill holocaust the shit out of that.

498 to 114 in favour, good show faggots

Nice, just another mini salt generator for me to mine.
Twitter should be amusing, if there's any good sodium ill share later.

Heidi Alexander (Lewisham East)
Rushanara Ali (Bethnal Green and Bow)
Graham Allen (Nottingham North)
Rosena Allin-Khan (Tooting)
Luciana Berger (Labour (Co-op) – Liverpool, Wavertree)
Ben Bradshaw (Exeter)
Kevin Brennan (Cardiff West)
Rupa Huq (Ealing Central and Acton)
Lyn Brown (West Ham)
Chris Bryant (Rhondda)
Ms Karen Buck (Westminster North)
Dawn Butler (Brent Central)
Ruth Cadbury (Brentford and Isleworth)
Ann Clwyd (Cynon Valley)
Ann Coffey (Stockport)
Neil Coyle (Bermondsey and Old Southwark)
Ian Murray (Edinburgh South)
Thangam Debbonaire (Bristol West)
Mary Creagh (Wakefield)
Stella Creasy (Labour (Co-op) – Walthamstow)
Stephen Doughty (Labour (Co-op) – Cardiff South and Penarth)
Jim Dowd (Lewisham West and Penge)
Maria Eagle (Garston and Halewood)
Mrs Louise Ellman (Labour (Co-op) – Liverpool, Riverside)
Paul Farrelly (Newcastle-under-Lyme)
Vicky Foxcroft (Lewisham, Deptford)
Mike Gapes (Labour (Co-op) – Ilford South)
Lilian Greenwood (Nottingham South)
Helen Hayes (Dulwich and West Norwood)
Meg Hillier (Labour (Co-op) – Hackney South and Shoreditch)
Peter Kyle (Hove)
David Lammy (Tottenham)
Rachael Maskell (Labour (Co-op) – York Central)
Kerry McCarthy (Bristol East)
Catherine McKinnell (Newcastle upon Tyne North)
Mrs Madeleine Moon (Bridgend)
Stephen Pound (Ealing North)
Virendra Sharma (Ealing, Southall)
Tulip Siddiq (Hampstead and Kilburn)
Andy Slaughter (Hammersmith)
Jeff Smith (Manchester, Withington)
Owen Smith (Pontypridd)
Jo Stevens (Cardiff Central)
Stephen Timms (East Ham)
Catherine West (Hornsey and Wood Green)
Alan Whitehead (Southampton, Test)
Daniel Zeichner (Cambridge)

Kenneth Clarke (Rushcliffe)

Liberal Democrats
Tom Brake (Carshalton and Wallington)
Nick Clegg (Sheffield, Hallam)
Alistair Carmichael (Orkney and Shetland)
Sarah Olney (Richmond Park)
John Pugh (Southport)
Mark Williams (Ceredigion)
Tim Farron (Westmorland and Lonsdale)

Caroline Lucas (Brighton, Pavilion)

Plaid Cymru
Hywel Williams (Arfon)
Liz Saville Roberts (Dwyfor Meirionnydd)

Natalie McGarry (Glasgow East)
Lady Hermon (North Down)
Michelle Thomson (Edinburgh West)

Mark Durkan (Foyle)
Ms Margaret Ritchie (South Down)
Alasdair McDonnell (Belfast South)

Scottish National party
Chris Law (Dundee West)
John Mc Nally (Falkirk)
Stewart Malcolm McDonald (Glasgow South)
Stuart C. McDonald (Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East)
Angus Brendan MacNeil (Na h-Eileanan an Iar)
Stewart Hosie (Dundee East)
George Kerevan (East Lothian)
Calum Kerr (Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk)
Margaret Ferrier (Rutherglen and Hamilton West)
Stephen Gethins (North East Fife)
Patricia Gibson (North Ayrshire and Arran)
Patrick Grady (Glasgow North)
Peter Grant (Glenrothes)
Neil Gray (Airdrie and Shotts)
Drew Hendry (Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey)
Roger Mullin (Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath)
Gavin Newlands (Paisley and Renfrewshire North)
John Nicolson (East Dunbartonshire)
Brendan O’Hara (Argyll and Bute)
Kirsten Oswald (East Renfrewshire)
Steven Paterson (Stirling)
Chris Stephens (Glasgow South West)
Tommy Sheppard (Edinburgh East)
Alison Thewliss (Glasgow Central)
Anne McLaughlin (Glasgow North East)
Carol Monaghan (Glasgow North West)
Paul Monaghan (Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross)
Angus Robertson (Moray)
Alex Salmond (Gordon)
Mike Weir (Angus)
Pete Wishart (Perth and North Perthshire)
Eilidh Whiteford (Banff and Buchan)
Philippa Whitford (Central Ayrshire)
Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh (Ochil and South Perthshire)
Angela Crawley (Lanark and Hamilton East)
Douglas Chapman (Dunfermline and West Fife)
Joanna Cherry (Edinburgh South West)
Lisa Cameron (East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow)
Richard Arkless (Dumfries and Galloway)
Hannah Bardell (Livingston)
Martyn Day (Linlithgow and East Falkirk)
Martin Docherty-Hughes (West Dunbartonshire)
Stuart Blair Donaldson (West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine)
Ronnie Cowan (Inverclyde)
Deidre Brock (Edinburgh North and Leith)
Alan Brown (Kilmarnock and Loudoun)
Mhairi Black (Paisley and Renfrewshire South)
Ian Blackford (Ross, Skye and Lochaber)
Kirsty Blackman (Aberdeen North)
Philip Boswell (Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill)

Some very familiar names on there
Colour me surprised

Theres a reason its called the "Great" fire of London lad, and it aint because the Globe theatre burned down. Im thinking of sending a letter to the MPs from my county who commited the heinous, treasonous act against our proud people. My local MP voted Aye, so he can be spared my acid penmanship, for now at least.

also, heinous is a grossly underused word nowadays, which is heinous tbh

Based John Gaunt knocks it out of the park on RT interview lads, over swedens hypercuckery. Also look how inbred the paki looks.

Oh Im laffing lad, UNCUCKED material right there.
Keep talking foreigner.
This is Britain at its utter and glorious best.

thread is dead

Lads, are we in the mood for ruining peoples lives? If so, how we about dox the 114 MPs who attempted to block Brexit?

Go on then lad, drop them dox then

my IP automatically resets, lad *punches you*

you uncivilised nigger. smhtbh

What's a good wax jacket brand?

I dunno lad, Barber probably. I dont like the feel of them. Its like wearing a goose fat soaked anorak

Lads, have a watch of are Nige fucking tear into the eu parliament, its awesome, Nige is angry.

Banned from playschool again?

Lads, have a watch of are Nige fucking tear into the eu parliament, its awesome, Nige is angry.

Fucking fucked that post up a treat reeeeee

yeah smh

please entertain me

Lad, if you just toned it down a bit they wouldn't ban you…

22st, a haiku:

Fat, not just a word
Sometimes it is a life choice,
Mostly, cause of death.

t. druid/pol/

Laughed more than I should have tbh

I can't help it, lad

wew. Thanks, lad

Thanks lad.

22st, a limerick.

There was once a lad who ate heavily
And his friends excluded him regularly
He ate too many sweets
And died in his sleep
When I heard that I cheered "Yay verily"

yes let me die painlessly

Pic related.

Of course you can, you don't always post utter shite, I've seen you reign it in before.
I think you do it to be the class clown, its your defense mechanism lad.

I was always the good boy, lad

Forgot to check your self pity dubs lad, sorry and all that.

Maybe so but you sperg all over the threads when you have an audience, especially now half the posters egg you on for their own amusement, I've lurked and seen it lad.
You can be sensible, you just chose not to and end up exiled here where you hate it…

I don't think it's conscious, lad. I get very excited sometimes.

Nice full house lad.
Well I don't know what to tell you then, at least they don't ban you for long…

Why the fuck did my last two posts sage?!
I clearly deleted it ffs.

thanks lad

What does that mean in relation to the tripdubs? Do you need to see a doctor?
I know its you because of your format and rapid fire 1-15 word posting style tbh, its like seeing a little dog taking a poo on a sandy beach near your family - its not pleasant, but it is easily visible, and you know its normally someone elses problem so you put up with it for the afternoon.

I'm dog poo? That's not nice, lad. I'm not smart so I can't write long complicated sentences or comment cleverly on something political smh

No lad, having you around can be like a similar sensation though. Why do you post so often though?

Post often, what do you mean? I post whenever I'm able to and want to

I just mean that you are aware this isnt /brit/, try to write longer posts to keep the thread UNCUCKED by stubby posting styles.

You were told that your are only allowed here if you accept the druids you corpulent baron harkonnenesque miscreant. Pay hommage to the based druids or gtfo tbh

I'm not banned anymore so I guess I'll leave smh

I swear they ban him on purpose just so he'll come here and they can snigger about it.

He probably wasnt banned, he just knows atleast a few of us will reply to his diabetic posts.


I Just found £1 inflatable frogs on amazon.

I'm thinking we could do something here. Inflate em and leave them everywhere all on the same day?

Send them to politicians against brexit? The bbc?

Write heil trump on for extra edge points?

Shit, I didn't break my link.

This seems as good a place to ask as any. What do you gentlemen make of Rudyard Kipling? Found out he was a Mason earlier today.

The a pretty good idea tbh lad. It could be combined with the nithing pole strategy for tip top psychological warfare.

B..But that would mean the intelligence services are inneffectively wasting resources… Oh actually that makes sense, given that the clandestine intelligence community is hell bent on disrupting our heinous and despicable plans to replant sacred groves on Anglesey through high intensity door to door selling, and reanimate Caractacus using Jeremy Beadles deformed hand in ancient pagan rituals.

Are you Martin Shkreli?

I swear it was £1 when I looked at it before posting. Either I'm going senile in my 20s, they upped the price cus of referral link or I switched a timeline.

Id wager the hebrews are at fault for this.

Lads, Ive been looking into old british rural customs, and reckon Gurning could make a strong comeback soon. How can we monetise this for Druidry?



Heads up girls

He died fighting for Muslim Marxists. The only place he's going is hell.

sad really it wasnt that bad tbh

Not even trying anymore are you?

Thanks, the Nige is fashion idol of mine.

Poor show lad.

I honestly can not conceive of a more pathetic cause to martyr yourself for. Can you try and explain how dying for brown muslim communists is some how a good thing? because I'm really at a loss here.

Taking some of the child molesters with you to the afterlife is honorable in any circumstance. The lad was misguided but had his heart in the right place. Would you fight and die for your cause?

Times are getting worse here in Burgerland, I hope to visit you Brits this summer. It's always comforting to see all of us being aware of what is going on in all these different countries. My family is derived from the settlers from England myself, thankfully, no nogs, spics nor nips have been added into my blood. Sometimes I see what is happening to all of the white nations and I fueld by one part rage and one part sadness.

Just know you Brits have a true friend in all Burgers. Some will refuse to admit it, but a real, true blooded American is an Englishman by blood whether he likes it or not. I hope to see the revival of your truly great nation, as well as my own. Sorry for blogpost buds, these rioters are driving me mad. Every city, including my own. A Trump supporter was killed for his political belief. Times are dark, but the fact that so many of us recognize the truth and strive for our strong and independent nationalities, bring a glimmer of hope in a sea of dread and despair. Godspeed to all of you righteous men.

Stiff upper lip lad, hold fast.
You musnt forget about the European heritage of the USA lad - the krauts, dagos, frogs, clogs, etcetera all played a part in the USA

Look how short suckdick came is lads.

His suicide was no more honorable than an ISIS member blowing themselves up. He fought for two cancerous and alien ideologies entirely of his own volition.

Okay lad, if thats what you believe. That is not what I believe. A young impressionable man had his views emgineered by the culpable MSM, decided that IS posed the greatest threat that he could effectively move against, travelled to the middle east and fought for a country that was not his own. He is braver than you or I lad, that is in no doubt.

I tried to visit a decade ago, never seen so many shitskins in my life. Don't give them your touristbux until they unfuck themselves. If you do, have a rock solid itinerary or the wimmin muzzies working at customs won't let you in.

How do the druids feel about the Germanic gods?

Did you visit, or not?
Answer above question
Not true, visit for social and pleasure purposes is acceptable.
How do you propose we unfuck ourselves without some solidarity? Off you fuck lad, come back when you want to help.

well, theyre a bit foreign lad
only existed in Britain for about 150 years tops
then again according to Jung the archetypes exist across the Indo-European pantheon

Which gods lad? Im of the opinion that so long as the gods conform vaguely to Jungs archetypes, they are interchangeable in effect. Someone will disagree with this
And the Druidic Reawakening occured around the end of last year. You can see the evolution in the previous threads, can someone post the archive links?

Embarrassing tbh.

They wouldn't let me in and made up reasons, the only other young burger they let in was a handicapped psycho moving there for gibs. Chatted with some security (there was only one white man I saw working there the entire time), they said there was a quota on not lettting people from US, SA, and somewhere else, maybe australia. Since we were locked up with niggers and ragheads who were getting asylum at the same time, it was pretty clearly discriminating against white people.

To be fair about the shitskin comment, obviously I don't mean the country as a whole since I wouldn't know, but it's still the max number I've seen even in burger cities.

No, when you faggots get some guns and are ready to remove kebab, I will gladly help train you, in the meantime, you're on your own.

Lots of minorities do work in immigration, its odd.
London and large cities. We go over this in every thread seemingly. Visit rural England, Sussex, the Midlands, Wales. British countryside is White Heaven.
I cannot comment online about firearms I may or may not have. This is england you nob.
T. tacticool

you know as far as sample populations go to base your assumptions on the immediate vicinity of Heathrow airpoirt, London is probably not the best measure of a sample population of Britain
unless you're from some rural midwestern 100% place in the USA and dont know any better it shouldnt have surprised you, you should expect the busiest airport in the world flying in foreigners from all over the globe to probably not be a 100% white British population tbh
is there another thread you could probably LARP harder in?
im sure a youtube video or even an informative instruction booklet could do that fairly well with probably significantly less levels of autism involved

Norse Gods specifically, I was thinking of worshiping the Anglo Saxon gods but information on them is pretty patchy, so I felt I wouldn't do them justice. There's also the fact that the Norse gods are essentially a more refined version of them and despite there being minor differences they're essentially the same.

I'm from East Anglia so other than a dash of Scot on my mums side it's safe to say I'm Saxon as fuck.

You lads may give me stick for this but I tell you what, it feels way more real than Christianity ever did. Anyways I'm off to the pub with my m8s, I'll happily explain anything else when I get back

Have a drink for me while you are there, lad.

not odd at all
I don't doubt it.
not at all, been fighting that cancer here for ages. Fuck, guys with .22s and old military bolts are the easiest to make effective.

Are you trying to recruit a british extreme right terror cell by pretending to be John Rambo on our sacred pagan internet-based grove? Because it sure sounds like it.
Are you fucking retarded?

Of course not, that was in reply to this bullshit
Didn't know you faggots could get in trouble for what other people say on the internet.

I'm saying that until something changes, I would tell every burger to stay the fuck away.

Just had to ask lad, dont want mud in our clear druidic waters with terrorism requests.
I detect a hint of d&c around you. Why will you do this?

I brought it up on /k/ a few years ago, a lot of guys were kept out of your country. Makes me wonder if it was very widespread or they checked social media, that was around the time faceberg started making everything public. Why wouldn't I warn others?

I won't shit up your thread anymore, so I might as well check my own digits

It was a gyppo lads.

it was just banter tbh
he'll probably be sentenced to death though by judge porkins for offending semites

Pics related

thanks for warning me lad!
ill know better now not to throw my gas valve at a jew it might get me hung, drawn and quartered by his honourable smoky bacon


The Right Honorable Babe the sheep-pig
Napoleon, QC

It looks like a holiday park with static caravans to me so he's probably not as pikey as you think.

#LondonIsOne massive shithole

Thats true, my mistake, pikeys live on playing fields and greenspace by the roadside, not in designated parks. Sorry jailed lad, I take back that you are a traveller

anyone want to start letting fireworks off in pudding lane?

#LondonIsOne year away from collapse
#LondonIsOne of the most depressing places on earth
#LondonIsOne perfect target for the purging nuclear hellfire
#LondonIsOne city I wouldnt mind never visiting again

#LondonIsOne example of why multiculturalism is a failed social experiment



Answers welcome lads. Who knows what Mystery Wews is cryptically alluding to?


So we think it's all about Richard Spencer and Mike Enoch?

For a moment or two, I thought he was talking about our Comrade Kikemarez stories…

Probably kikemarez as well, maybe the stories have got through to his tartan-moistened brain. He is trying to play peacekeeper He wants to be a Druid, by saying infiltrators pose no harm if they do not act against the movement. I still am unsure what is going on in his v-neck tbh.

So Kikemarez is the secret powerhouse Wews talked about, that has done loads of secret work to assist the alt-right, more than anyone else?

I find that hard to imagine somehow…

Oh, my apologies, I now understand what you were getting at, no I dont think he was referring to Kikemarez. Maybe David Icke?

Who the fuck has been sharing "inforgraphics" about David Icke?

I've not seen what Woes is talking about, it was all too cryptic.

Im just trying to meme David Icke into being an alt right powerhouse tbh, nobody is taking to it though, sadly. Sorry Dave mate.
I tend to ignore the deliberately cryptic shit - he could have been just signalling that he knows the "big boys", as it were.

what's the point of this general? you faggots rarely post in it. you don't even post during nige's show.

Its just him destroying lefties and pakis, he isnt doing a speech lad. Im usually elsewhere during his show tbh, there are more important places to shill for him than here, top kek m88

When Woes says he's seen people sharing "infographics" and "bitch comments" about a certain mystery person who has, in secret, helped the alt-right "more than anyone", who is he talking about?

From my end, I've neither seen these bitch comments, or the info-graphics, so I don't know.

Who shares infographics about people anyway? Does Wews mean memes?

gotcha lad
The druids first appeared in #0003 which I dont have the archive of sadly but didnt really pick up until #0004. Then you can witness the genesis.

Any info on her lads? Name doesnt ring a bell.

This is a virtual grove for based neo-druids existing in the digital ether. Now I dont know what your game is lad, whether you are one of them /brit/ miscreants or some xenos scum come here to mock the platform the druids chose to manifest themselves but im watching you sunshine, make no mistake laddo.

id guess it was implicit dicky hes referring to as those two seem to get on very well, but…
Dickies not exactly covert about his positions so it must mean someone who is not seen as especially right wing or someone who gets shit on a lot in our circles. Fuck knows tbh Peter Thiel maybe?
Fucking wews. I want to know who it is now.

Yeah, he's being way too cryptic.

Icke is pretty based if you take the fringe stuff as allegorical. Hes stridently anti globalist these days too and seems to be driving that particular point above the more kooky/fringe stuff he used to focus on.

Fun fact, he lives about 5mins walk from me and hes a bretty nice guy irl. Hes good pals with a mate of my dads

I'm tight with Woes, and can confirm that he was talking about Knightmarez

It turns out that Knightmarez is a genius game designer, and made his first ever commercially successful when he was very young. He was a prodigy of game design as young as 14, and made it big in the early 2000s. He basically became a millionaire in his teenage years. However, he prefer anonymity so doesn't talk openly about this.

He's been funding Woes and other key Alt-Right websites from the very start, in a way he's our George Sorros.

Some of the stories that Brit/pol/ wrote about Knightmarez got back to both Knightmarez and Woes, and both of them were extremely disappointed by them.

That entire video is basically aimed at Brit/pol/.

good one lad

Y-you don't think there could be any truth in that…?

It would kind of explain a few things…

seriously though we need someone in wews circlejerk to deduce that titbit and drop it here gossip is good tbh lad nowt wrong with a little gossip We know there are a couple of lads here who are in his super-seekrit skype clubs and whatnot.
Its his own fault for alluding to it in the first place. How does he think he can say something like that and not have us want to know more. Fucking teasing haggisnigger tbh. Its not like we're going to do anything bad with the info either. We like him ffs we just enjoy directing the fiercest banter at him
It serves to improve him

What was the game Kikemarez made?

I truly wish it was tbh, Wews getting aggy about a few mean fanfics in our humble threads would make me giggle.

Getting a scotsman a moderate youtube following and then starting a game of tag where antifa is it and the porridge wog is the only victim

You mean, Knightmarez sees it all - all of this - as just a game?

It's all just a game to him, including real life?

Iv never seen a kikemarez infographic posted though lad.


I spat beer onto my book.


the druids blessed my post and now they blessed yours
so yeah probably, the numerical auguries have spoken

(significant digits)

Perhaps we should make some kikemarez infographics then?

Also, what is Wews talking about, with "infographics" - does he mean captioned images?

Wtf is he on about tbh.

Lads we can probably deduce who it is by matching pasts guests of wews along with infographics that Holla Forums posts that contain people he knows/has been on stream with. Narrow it down. There cant be too many.
What did he mean by this? Some think its a sugar daddy and id be inclined to agree but could it mean something else? Exposure maybe? The 'secret bit' is whats getting me. That suggests its someone supposedly 'moderate' who has covert sympathies with more right wing sentiments but cant come out for whatever reason.
Is it someone like sargon

Fuck me, maybe Kikemarez really is a genius, like he says he is…

tfw its pewdiepie

We need someone on the inside.

What are these "info-graphics" that Wews has seen?


if they could take a break from wanking into cups to send to the 22st half-paki to spread onto his kebabs as mayonnaise+ maybe they'd have such a connection

Try them if you want lad. They are probably too busy wanking off to the latest joes owen video having a pop at deepfriedmarsbarwhale to be of much use though.

its worth a try lad

I don't actually know how to contact them.

or even how to find their board

Just follow the trail of chicken nuggets, wank socks and MI5 payslips, you will find them no problem.

they dont even use the wank socks like the yanks do because the majority of us Brittonic folk are uncircumsized
just too lazy to get a tissue they reach for the clothes hampers and wipe the dew flavoured cum off the keyboard with a pair of nikes

Iv already asked them lad, they think its implicit dicky

Who the fuck is posting "infographics" about Richard Spencer, and where?

who here knows of the current claimants to the throne of England besides the recent Windsor dynasty?
we have a few men to choose from it seems, legitimate descendants of the plantagenet and tudor dynasties


from the list there are three men with claimants to the throne of England
Henry Somerset, Marquess of Worcester
Simon Abney-Hastings, 15th Earl of Loudoun
and Timothy Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 7th Earl of Minto


Btw, how to do i get to the British autism and harriscuck containment zone?

I'd like to ask them myself…

Not me.
calm down tbh lad, I can hear your teeth gnashing through my screen

Go to the Holla Forums homepage, look at the most velocious thread list, select the correct board.

Joey Owens is so weird.

"Don't make videos about inconsequential subjects, make videos about other people making videos about inconsequential subjects!"

Soz lad, I just find this shit a bit confusing.

Is Woes talking about us? Did he see our stories and get rustled? Is Kikemarez really a genius? add, I dont think any of them are in his circle tbh. /brit/ are pretty cancerous and gravitate only towards each other in their exile board.

I think I saw a couple when the whole trs debacle/shilling was underfoot at full force. Certainly a few memes in infographic style featuring dickie. I dont think its him though. Why the secrecy? I still think its someone moderate-presenting though

Kek I wrote some of that
twasn't flattering material tbh

If the shortbread spic is making videos about our mean stories, all hope is lost for him tbh.
Who knows. Maybe Wews was in fact talking about himself? Is he the faceless goliath behind the alt right? as well as the cola-bloated monitor-tanned goliath in front of the alt right, that is.

wews has a plan just you wait…

/brit/ thinks its this guy

PREVENTmarez… The story is becoming real.


See related images, they delivered

I'm impressed with them tbh

better brit/pol/

Um… maybe…

They dont have the druids lad.

Anyway, it was some homosexual sugar daddy type it seems who wanted to keep low key so as not to cause the more puritan elements to sperg and probably also knew it could be exploited for fracture points, although the whole trs shit eclipses it now so it doesnt really matter.
Fucking bagpipewhale got us all het-up for nowt.

They actually watch Question Time.

I used to do that.

Give them their dues, they did some good work. one good move in 300+ threads…

They unironically support Joe Owens.

That tripfagging twat and namefag Helmer's Belt has got on my case already.

I don't miss him at all.

I know, they love it. It like nails on a chalk board masochism to me.

Yeah credit where it was due I spuppose. Apart from a couple of embittered oldfags they are mostly college/uni kids. Druid/pol/ is composed of working men in contrast. They can have the odd use where the sheer numbers pool is concerned I suppose. They are the cuckchan to druid/pol/s Holla Forums.

I dont mind Helmers, if he dropped the fagtag he would be better tbh.

Yeah, its weird how the tripfags something start thinking they are fucking celebrities…

He needs to take the stick out of his arse

This tbh. I always got on well with him but hes still embittered as fuck over the purge these days.

This also. Im glad no one trips here tbh. There is no need for it. It was one of the more cancerous elements of the old order that is best off gone.

Yes, the old order had to die

I don't regret a thing tbh

The story was always based in some truth lad…

Did you not know that Kikemarez was on the Prevent programme, and might still be for all we know?

No I genuinely didnt tbh. I have only started following the drama since wews got outed. Never interested me before.

Indeed. And with the fat trimmed it allowed the phoenix to arise imo. We have our own seperate culture here now, our own memes etc. The seperation of us from our erstwhile misguided bretheren allowed this to flourish. The druids would never have arisen had this not happened. Their early manifestation would not have been noticed (if the deigned to manifest at all tbh) and if they had and they would have been shitposted into oblivion with unironic DAFTY/not LOCAL spam.
I regret nothing either lad.

(numerical blessing)
Well said.

Yeah, Knightmarez was put on the Prevent programme after he started an argument in a Police station, causing an officer to become irate and call him a racist.

Knightmarez thought the police would help him track down some antifa/dindus who were threatening him on Facebook. Instead they decided Knightmarez was himself the problem.

So he got put on the Prevent programme, which targets vulnerable young people at risk of radicalisation, and Kikemarez enjoyed it so much he decided to keep going.

>>>Holla Forums is that way.

Forgot to mention this before lads

Felt good lad if even random boomers are not buying this shit.

Topkek, you activated them good lad.


I started to troll the sad misguided barrel of autists for a bit of entertainment, but I've stopped now because I can feel their sadness oozing off the screen at me.

Perhaps one day they will outgrow their cuck'd ways and enjoy the blessings of the Druids with us…


I might steal some of their memes though

Yes, but I decided it was too cruel, so I stopped.


Kek, they have an almost irrational fear of bullies. The fat lad in particular is obsessed with it. Its almost all he ever posts about.

I can see why.

I just screen grabbed the last post I saw there, as a general indication of what they are like…

come now lad
being teetotal isn't very British at all
Are Nige enjoys a pint dont you?

Hitler dubs confirm that Loyal Lad's Brit/pol/ must never go back to being like that.

What an embarrassment.

top kek this is pathetic

It was the shit about being diabetic, and not being able to breath, that I was referring to

They are out of step with nature

oh fair enough
yeah thats pretty bad

A lot of their old memes are stale as fuck now though lad and I dont see them making many new ones worth stealing tbh. When was the last time /brit/ made a decent meme thats not years old already? The only new meme iv seen from them recenly was something about rupert the bear hanging paddington but its faded thus and was kind of shit and half hearted anyway.
The millibot stuff was only really pertinent to the 2015 GE. Its not relevant now. Yet they still use it obsessively in every thread. Its like they are trying to recapture the glory days of 2015 brit/pol/ but it wont work because they dont have to purpose uniting them like they did back then so it has devolved into what you currently see. Also important to note is while they have the larger userbase of the two of us, they are isolated in ther self imposed circlejerk board while we are still on Holla Forums thus our memes are able to bleed out into the wider world and culture (as we clearly saw in the based burgo thread for instance) while they are unable to effect the culture in anyway now, instead dwelling in exile and grinding into a stagnating echo chamber with no memetic cultural influence.

Sadly this is all true.

I was trying to be gracious… Perhaps I was too generous.

yeah I'm sure you get out all the time you're 10% of the thread KEK

We cant let them portentious nines go unchecked in the 9th thread lad

I dont hate them tbh lad even if I am harsh in my analysis. Some of them are decent lads, if somewhat misguided and we are all essentially on the same team. The problem is they refuse to shed certain cancerous trappings and in forsaking Holla Forums they have isolated themselves away from the stream of cultural influence. They dont stamp out cancerous behaviour like we do and their memes, on having no where to flow to have stagnated in their output.


Well noticed, the power of Nines.

I've been thinking we should style ourselves to be as unlike them as possible. They do seem fixated on the past, and bitter about it. They come across as physically unhealthy, and without any sense of spirituality or creativity. They even mock the Druids.

We should emphasise vitality, encourage good health amongst each other, and strengthen our spirit and resolve confident in the knowledge that the Druids are urging us forward.

Our ancestors are watching us, and we shall make them proud.

Yeah very much this.

I think since the purge we have always tried to differentiate ourselves from our misguided self exiled brethern. Even in pre-druid threads we tried to strive for a quality above that which old brit/pol/ was known for. We did a fairly good job and managed to keep our Holla Forums outpost, which is important (despite /brit/s protesations) because it keeps us upstream in the cultural flow (while /brit/ have pretty much removed themselves from the entire river now and are stuck on the embankment) Our threads & memes are seen by many others on the front page of 8/pol/ while no one but them sees their shitposting enterprises.
Since druid/pol/ came about this have really given us the chance to wholly seperate and differentiate ourselves from the cancer that got old brit/pol/ purged to begin with and made the rest of the board hate us.
Funny how the rest of the board dont hate us any more now isnt it lad :^)

Better than that is seeing anons calling out the "anglo" d&c, rather than just calling us britkikes. Feels Colonial tbh lads.

Portentious dubs confirm that we have positively changed board culture in our favour

I wonder if their spiritual malaise - which manifests physically for some of them - is in part caused by their stubborn attachment to the dishonest version of History that has been forced on our nation; the faulty idea that the proudest thing we ever did was defeat the evil nadzis, and stomped out racism and nationalism forever. The sad posters over at the other place actually believe that, despite the ample evidence to the contrary, and think that any questioning of that world view, a world view which is leading the country to ruin, is "jerrycucked".

That is the root cause of their cuckery - the pathological addiction to a version of history which is killing us as a nation and a people.

Yes, I think that is a part of it. Remember their pathological hatred of the organisation formerly known as NA? The autism they displayed over a small right wing street activist group was breathtaking. The only nationalistic pride a lot of us were permitted whilst growing up was that in the ww2 victory over Hitlers germany. They still seem addicted to wallowing in that. I can, to a part empathise because a lot of my childhood was composed of such things (biggles, commando comic etc) and its easy to take prideful refuge in that kind of romanticised nostalgia but now I see it as a misguided brother on brother war that set nationalism back and ushered in 70+ years of unchecked liberalism which is culminating in the unstable orwellian nighmare we now find ourselves in.
The redpill that it would have been better if hitler had won in ww2 is admittedly a hard one to swallow for brits but it is necessary imo. The ww2 brits didnt fight for what we have now and if they saw it back then and were offered a choice they would have refused war. /brit/ refuses to accept this and as a result are stuck in that petty childish mindset where they needlessly aggravate potential allies while doing little to go after actual enemies.

Completely agree.


Im off to bed. Night based nightshiftlads. Keep the grove free of taint

Churchill didn't declare war you actual retard

Rudyard though. What a boy.

Kek, I knew that would trigger one of you cucked lurkers.

And yes he did. The history you believe is a lie.


morning lads how are we today?


I'm good, lad. How are you?

Morning girls, Ive got the day off today to put a patina on my folding knife, and a date later this evening in normieville. Whats occuring for you lot?

how do you put a patina on a knife, lad?

tox: 7D73F08A9B25C4BEB65D64C93256D18BE728B7B644C3103C19BB3B94627F750DF8D69158BB99

Not bad thanks lad. Just having a tidy up. Gotta set off for school run at 2:30 then I have a prescription to pick up. Mundane as fuck tbh, such is life.
Will rectify that later with some druidposting

Ideally Id use a 50/50 mix of the cereberospinal fluid of slain invaders and partially fermented fruit juice. Sadly, xeno brain juice is hard to come by, so Ill use apple cider vinegar in its place. I left some apple juice on a rag wrapped round it last night, and its worked well already. Ill post pics when its done.

Bottom one has been potato-patinad - stuck blade first into an irish apple for about 6-8 hours. Dont pull it out early or the air exposure rusts bits of it. It doesnt look particularly pretty, but its interesting and helps hold oil so it wont rust. Very important on the south coast.

weren't druids pussies? I prefer to roleplay as a scouting barbarian.


I got one of those carbon knives. Every once in a while I'll grind it against the bottom of a ceramic coffee mug. Makes me wish my kitchen knives were carbon steel too, maybe then I could actually get them to cut an onion.

Thats..thats the point of them though lad? Smdh.

How did that show go again? Why does Britain have so many dedicated programs to Trannies fucking everywhere on the virgin box? I feel so out of depth.

The noticeable poz started in around 1999 iirc, when there started to be token blacks on every show. Still very few muslims back then.

Ayy's indeed



Pathetic, even for someone who says our memes are shit and then steals those exact same memes.

Yeah, that's not what happened…

That was a genuine conversation between two of your guys…

Fuck off, I can see the IDs. You came over in a blatant attempt to start shit.

You're just lying now.

You have to go back.

As I fucking expected, think twice before you try this again.

The evidence is that everyone else can see the IDs too, and can see you are lying.

Also, the Druids confirm I am speaking honestly, as they blessed me with the trips of truth.

If we're going to do number autism then you should know that those are Satan trips.


I bloody hope so chap.

Lads, what are your thoughts on converting a van into a camper/mobile home? Im fucked off with paying rent, and I just failed a reference check to rent a flat so Im fucked. Any lads have a cheap van for sale anywhere south of the top of the M25? Help a homeless druid out.

Doesn't sound like a good idea to me tbh. How are you going to wash and keep clean living in a van 24/7? How are you going to keep,your clothes clean, or iron them? Also, you spend so much converting the van to make it habitable, it'll probably cost more than your rent. Also, what. Are you going to do if the van breaks down? You lose your home and transport in one!

I need £1750 to rent a flat lad, and then £550 a month plus £100 bills etcetera. Plus Ive just lost £500 in fees for failing the reference & credit check. A van will cost about £1000-2000, £500 insurance, £500 to kit out (maximum, including several batteries and a generator). In 1 month Id be in a better position than renting, in 6 months Ill be £3k better off. Im not poor but I cant sink all my cash into a flat, and I cant even do that anyway because of my credit.
Laundrette, my current shared house only lets me wash clothes once a week. Ironing isnt a problem, Ive got family I can tap up.
I go to the gym every other morning anyway, I can use it as much as I want, swim & sauna every evening.
Its going to be parked in a residential area, I can tow the fucking thing if necessary. Plus I have a small van for daily driving for work.

Is there any common or suitably neglected land in Britain that Druids could use?
I grew up visiting shitty eco-hippy communes and it was a supreme type of comfy from my memories, but every single one in Britain is commies or christcucks.
Right Wing Druid Society is the dream tbh.

Better to have soil to cling to, a family of the aforementioned hippy scum tried to live out of a lorry and ended up squatting on a friend's land and patience until they gave up and got a box to live in Shepton "extreme lager binge" Mallet.

Seriously thinking about this stuff tbh, hobo-dom looms ever closer.
Found a possible apprenticeship earlier, cleaning up horse shit, but then

I found the problem, it looks like you're living in a "nice" part of a city and way above your means. I thought I was doing badly in a £600/mo 2 bedroom with £100/mo bills, near town centre too.

If a few of us get vans, we can be Druidic gypsies, but without the burglary, assault and incest.
Shit pic related, I grew up near Titnore Woods in Sussex, where a few dozen soapdodgers had a camp - fucking treehouses and that.
I agree, but without land it is irrelevant - why pay some protojew landlord thousands over a year?
Im doing it by next sunday, my lodging contract expires then.
Whats the apprenticeship? Equine Waste Management? Thats borderline slavery lad - go NEETbux and volunteer for a decent charity, much more satisfying and looks good on a CV

Look at property fees in West Sussex lad. Its £800 for a 2 bed house minimum, in the worst possible area Littlehampton or Southwick tbh



I wasn't suggesting paying for land tbh, there must be some shitty wilderness to tame left in Britain, even if it's just coastline or a highland crag.

"Horse Care" IE being a lackey and risking ball-shattering kicks from carrotmunchers angry about having to carry drooling postnatal abortion candidates about.

I'm already on universal credit and working for a local museum doing data entry 200 year old tax returns, oy vey but the system is designed to get you into slave labour - you have to take any paid work over voluntary work - while also providing exactly 0.01% help - I'm getting £240 a month, if my old man wasn't draining what's left of his savings we'd both be out on the street by now.

Re property, we could always buy up shitty destroyed houses in the middle of the nigger-occupied cities and make hwhite enclaves although it may lead to constant warfare…
Wait nevermind the Jewgle gives me a "cheapest" list from the Mirror that has £20,000 as a base.
Fucking A, never listen to boomers "you could afford a Birmingham fixer right now" my arse.

I could afford to buy 0.02 acres /80m of freehold in Norfolk, but you're probably not allowed to build on it without giving Jew lawyers and government functionaries several thousand in bribes and "planning permissions".

planting trees and placing enormous stones doesnt count as building on it does it?

If I could afford to blow loads of money on recreating a henge I would but I'd have to live on it too lad.

got a large plot of farmland in Anglesey going for 4,000 quid an acre
natural lakes/water and its freehold

Is there no supermarket nearby lad? Aldi and Lidls pay pretty well tbh, £300 a week after tax while you are being trained.
We can park several wagons there lad. Its a bit out of my way though.

Top kek, stone monoliths probably require planning permission unless it just appeared there, officer, nowt to do with me.

Would you consider renting a full-size inflatable henge? Id have to have one made first

fairly isolated too but not too far from Llangefni a small town of about 800-1200 people

Can you just buy an acre or 2? Im considering this, I can afford a van and some cheap land for a massive industrial scale cannabis farm.

I could afford that, it would take all my savings and isn't enough to bring a family up on, but it's a possibility.

I live spitting distance to a Lidl, they refused me the last time I applied. Can always go again. Also an M&S which was disgustingly diverse, I held my power level in check and had to deal with the faggiest fag in fagland who looked like a pineapple so low in T I thought it was an extremely ugly woman until it spoke and sounded like the most stereotypical cockgobbler. Asda is the last thing to try, I haven't yet because they never put out adverts. Gotta getta grip.

im guessing probably yeah
and it'd be a start
build it and the druids will come
you could always build a proper nemeton in the land, advertise it and make larpy wicca faggots and hippies pay to come see it
or grow drugs whichever you see more profit in

i can afford it myself with all my savings it only amounts to about twelve hundred quid

theres a couple of them for cheap
a true non-pozzed LARPing faggot
movement needs to own land on Anglesey the sacred isle of all of the Celtic lands of Europe tbh

(forgot link)^61553&index=48&propertyTypes=land&primaryDisplayPropertyType=land

What if the lads who do have savings all buy adjacent plots as well as bid in group at auction?
It's doable. I saw that there's a natural water source in there too, which would help to free us from the pozzed supply.

Go and apply again lad.
Its been done lads, pic related, albeit its fuck huge and wouldnt fit into a suburban semis garden. Maybe 20ft diameter would be best.



yep full description here but there are other plots too

the druids liked that one lad

Tox me if you're interested in (eventually) getting frog necklace blessed by kek with offerings.

Based druid suggested it could be good means of spotting each other in the street.

I need to work on my relationship with kek first as he's being a tricky bastid, but should be able to bless them properly after a few weeks of building a relationship. Will have to see if he approves also. May dip into river at portentous timing wrapped in prayer.

Honestly looks better than the pics and is wearable looking good both ways round. Have about 20 of em.

(so close lad, almost)
Id like a frog necklace, if only to offer to the old gods. We will recognise eachother in the streets by our words and deeds on the day of hope. You would know my van by the subtle references, and baneposting is a strong identifier, as it can be plausibly denied. How can I buy one anonymously?

PO box and bitcoin perhaps?

See for my tox and discord room, it may have a use if we have a serious concrete goal like Anglesy and identifier purchase.
I'm going to ruminate more on it tommorow evening, wargaming the ACW with the local ex-soldiers and civil servants in the afternoon.

the closing date for the land at auction in Anglesey is on the 23rd of February
so if nothings planned by the 20th at least its probably not happening
but it would be a concrete step towards a legitimate movement
an alternative to everything else


discord invite expired, here is the new one:

my folks have a cottage & a small bit of rural land on the isle of wight that we could use for druidic rituals at some point in the future. Its private so we could keep pakis, lefties & wogs out.

Im seriously considering it lad, I need to have a word with my 'bank manager' to see how soon funds are available. As soon as Ive bought a van Ill know if its possible this month, or maybe in a couple of months. Everybody stay tuned, regardless of the outcome of this months one. This is not /brit/cairn, kek.

I'm 100% in as long as we can confirm group effort, or at least one other person, I can't actually GET to Anglesy at the moment, no car or license until April at the earliest, probably.

Gotta move fast, keep the momentum going…

Octagonial druidic approval!

Can I bring the van for a holiday lad? I was planning on making a pilgrimage to meet the Icke sometime this spring/summer because I cant pay him digitally for his podcasts no bank account.

good lads
because remember its Anglesey
The Anglesey
the place the Romans burned
walk over the isle with a metal detector and you might find a druids grave

Course you can lad. Heads up that the car ferry cost stings abit though - about £80. Ill see if I can take you to meet ickey if I can twist my dads mates arm into taking us (and he actually there as hes usually away touring for about half the year though so it might have to be a pilgrimmage to his place of residency. You can post him a letter through his letterbox)

Top man, thank you, I know the ferry is a ripoff but I need a holiday and its cheaper than the eurostar.
Any help would be appreciated, but hand delivering the letter & some money would be just as effective as a meeting, expending energy to do this is the main point.

My patina'd knife, bottom one. Day one.

tbh lad if its ancient druidic treasure hoard id preserve it
besides pretty sure our ancestors worked gold and silver for craft items and decorative pieces
druids wore crowns of bronze, bronze and iron lad were more practical earthy metals so they were more likely to be made into ceremonial items rather than sinful gold and silver tbh

Fair shout, I was considering the practicality of selling ancient treasure, maybe we could put a glass screen over it and charge folk £1.50 to gawk at it.

now thats more like it lad
preserving it and making a chink pay 1 pound 50 to look at it is way more moral and respectful than boiling it into gloop and trying to flog it at the junkyard

If you are worried about a lettuce shortage, Wickerman yourself posthaste.

lettuce is too foreign anyway
stick to nettles tbh more nutritious than lettuce for sure

no one on the night shift tonight lads?

I'm up.

Just listening to this.

Morning girls, what are we up to today? Im going to look at a few vans, pics related.

Renault master race lad, the big ones are fucking massive.
Although they're all the same I think, renault, citroen, vauxhall, peugot tbh. Based on the same chassis etc.


born too late to explore the world
born too early to explore the galaxy
born just in time for an armed druid uprising
feels good tbh

Ive got a mechanic that specializes in frog transport, so Ive got to stick with one of those three. The citreon relay is longer than the master, but its lower roofed, even in hightop. The renault guy wouldnt lower the price sadly.

Where did brit/pol/ get off to anyway? I don't understand why it was cast away. I always knew it would come back, like the push and pull of left and right politics always does, but can anyone explain to me what the intricacies of Holla Forums rejecting brit/pol/ were?

tl;dr, the old order were shitposting autists who thrived off aggravating Holla Forums. A load of them got b& and formed there own isolationist board. They are no longer relevant. A few months back some LOYAL lad performed a defacto druidic ritual unknowingly at the time and called us wanderers back into the fold. From there we have worked to stop the d&c, deliberate provocation and isolationism and forge a new, stronger relationship with what remains of Holla Forums. We never really left, we were all still here to see the return of the true brit/pol/.


Druidic masondubs confirm this rundown is an good & accurate explanation and has pleased the druids.

this video basically gets the gist of it tbh

Based as fuck lad



**wew, that redtext did not turn out how I hoped…*

Give up, my dude.


Lovely. Thanks lad.

A dozen or so got a ban for a few hours because they spammed thier own threads, other threads, and the board as a whole read: 10+ threads in catalog at any given time
For some reason this lead to the creation of three boards of shitposters and an actually decent brit/pol/ on here

Kek lad

What the fuck were these faggots thinking?





This is a sad thread inhabited by two guys with VPNs LARPing as druids. The real Brit/pol/ is here >>>/brit/

They'll claim we're shitposters but the discussion is much better there, see for yourself. /politics/ have been exiled so that cancer is gone.

Basically that christcuck mug SA formed a personality cult and encouraged a lot of people to follow him out of Holla Forums

Including me for a while

How does it feel to know that you'll never use those three 000's?

But SA was one of the last to move, and he was sceptical about it.

Bah, I meant two 0's. The point stands.

In the first exodus, yes. In the most recent one he was the one leading it

That's what you said, way to move the goalposts.


yeah the mosques in Birmingham are sprouting like malignant tumours

Are you autistic?

Not quite lad, but you are welcome to take anybody that prefers your board. you think because we dont namefag that we must be using vpns - top cancer kek

I sometimes feel like we could do away with one of the zeros. Whats your point?
Dont argue about a namefag lad, let them look after their own if they feel the need.
Calm down lad. Good to have you here.

Found an old archive thats a good read

Fugg, thats probably skewing the totals somewhat.

It's obvious. You really are autistic aren't you?

How so? Theres at least a dozen cancerous fagtaggers over there with you
Not really, but if it makes you feel better, yes.

You clearly are autistic btw, only autists who can't into banter think we're legit civic for example.

Saw a grizzleneck tranny today.
Why are ours so easy to spot?


Not from where I stand. user or nothing.
Banter is not the same as rinsing every last vestige of humour from stale memes lad. Im sick of what you call banter.


False. What are you doing here anyway lad?

It's a general. I don't trip but in any case you will recognise individual posters after a while. Anonymity is impossible in a general.

As I said - autistic.


This thread literally exists because we weren't putting up with stathamposter's shit, so he formed this.
I was browsing Holla Forums for daft threads and found this.

This, the archive shows Statham started this 'uncucked' nonsense.

He hasnt made an appearance since thread 2 I dont think. He was here for a short time then dissappeared.

Nobody said he wasnt involved. Not all of us are "shitposters banned from /brit/" as you claimed.


If you're not all "shitposters banned from /brit/" then why on earth are you even here.

He took off his trip.

So you're just jerrycucks who are desperate to virtue signal to rest of Holla Forums?

I thought we had been through this lad. I dont like the volume of pointless drivel that accumulates in every thread on your board. Leave us in peace as we do to you.

because /brit/ feels like a containment board tbh
a hugbox

Same thing as dissapearing.
There it is, the golden phrase I was waiting for.

Holla Forums is far more of a hugbox, where have you been?

After the shit you pulled here you can fuck off.

That's literally just from skimming the thread, you're a fucking retard if you think this place has quality of any kind.

No it's not and you know it.

You're a traitor who isn't fit to call himself a nationalist. Go to Germany if you want to fellate Jerry cock.

But that's all this is.
Bollocks, we've had spillover from your autism.

Are you completely oblivious to your own threads.

Who pulled it? It wasnt 'us', it was a single user, if what is being claimed is even true.

What's all this autistic druid shit? Where's the political discussion? Why is this on Holla Forums?

Leave us to it then lad
You faggots always appear frequently here, one user annoys you recently so thats justification for past incursions?

Ok lad.

Because we have your own thing going on here and your board is shit and you have isolated yourselves from the cultural stream. When was the last time /brit/ made a decent meme? You still post stale as fuck millibot thread shit every thread ffs.


Then stop making up bullshit

Its the truth and you know it. Bitter about being among teenage autists lad?

It is true, the truth is right before your eyes. And it was one of you, and you then encouraged him.

The same memes you steal?

Literally yesterday you fucking spanner.

You still post stale as fuck druid thread shit every thread

He spoke the truth you egotistical tripfaggot

2nd line for

post it im curious now

If you were Brit/pol/ you'd know that's all larping bollocks, but do have fun jacking each other off over old men wearing leaves.

Go and have a look for yourself.


What decent meme is this then? The fat lads daubings dont count btw. The last thing I saw from you lot was some half arsed effort involving rupert bear hanging paddington with a scarf. Not exactly took off though has it.
You isolated yourselves from Holla Forums so you memes exist in a an echo chamber that no one else see, hence they are stagnating.

If you were actually a politics-related thread you've have heard about him in the news recently instead of shoving roots up your bum.

Yeah and druidism is really taking off, just last week I saw a lad walking down the street wearing a dressing gown made of moss!

I spent a solid couple of years lurking the declining quality and drama of the old threads. This situation is preferable.
Thats right, sorry lad, you lot are college / university students.
Thats the intention lad, thats why I only browse your board. Go away if you dont like it.

is that welsh paki still hanging around?
never liked him hope hes banned already
oh and
dont pretend you're not biased at least you havent posted a christ-chan image yet

It's an objectively unfunny meme that has been dragged out over multiple slow as fuck threads.

We don't post Ed memes often and your guys have admitted to liking them and stealing them.

Whatever happened to muh purge?

Its not fucking stealing if we were also involved in the making of them was it. /brit/ does not have a monopoly on memes that were made pre purge you utter cretin

But you used that word yourself, 'stealing'.

You can keep the hair-pulling frustration of QT politics lad. Thats the point of this place.
If you say so :^)

You also have faggots there who unironically like the fucking starwars prequels
Its pretty cancerous tbh lad.

If you bother to look you will see said it once and was admonished for it by .
You have no memes worth stealing any more.

Yeah it's far more preferable to have a thesaurus up your bum whilst you post, really shows that you're far more intelligent than I

Don't pretend there's not a difference between an established religion and LARPing, this paganism rubbish is just embarrassing.

Different titles, same result.
Comedy is not the main point of ancient brittanic paganism though, is it? Why does it bother you so much? Are you jewish?

That isn't a meme though.

And so what? All it proves is that you're a hugbox while we can talk about anything.

Not really. Plus that post is full of revisionist rubbish.

What the fuck is it about then? It's just pure autism.


says the Catholic who's Vatican is cucked to high hell and back
before bergoglios time is up the Vatican will be a mosque/refugee camp
and any attempt at removing Pope Francis's edicts and 'guests' will probably be met with the representative of God on Earth snackbaring St Peters Cathedral himself

Did I say I thought that, you prissy fucking faggot? If you are intimidated by long words, dont worry, lurk our threads and you may learn some.
And the christian waves his "established" religion at us. There is indeed a theoretical difference, but what practical difference does it make?

Thanks lad. Thats a mark of honour in your circles isnt it? VPNs… top kek

I'm not angry, just baffled.

(druidic confirmation)
And hopefully so are GCHQ lad.

Is the raid over now? Have the /brit/posters ceased their impotent rage?

It was just barely a knock-and-run. By degrees, they are getting more tolerable, I dont mind discussing the situation with them if they want. This is better than the past shitpost raids.

I'm not a Catholic.
You sure you aren't new :^)

So what exactly is it you're practicing, other than saying "muh druid" after every post.

I swear you called yourself a papist in a bygone era

Is this some bizzarre form of christcuck dickmeasuring contest? Which one of us has the silliest religious practice?


Memetic occultism & techno-shamanism through a neodruidic framework. The druids provide portents which we can auger through the phenenomena of repeating numerals of significance (numeromancy) and also channel a nationalistic earth current via the laylines of britain.

Never, lad.

Well what are your practices, exactly.

Mainly as below.

No, he's right, I was told off for posting a tired old meme that isn't relevant anymore.

See here:

I acknowledged my mistake and had to back down




Tord, I'm a druid not a technomancer. Never-expiring dickscord link:

ACW was p cool, played O'Neal at Seminary Ridge and actually got on to the damn thing, past the first hedge line by the time the game ended. Survived too, historically O'neal and his entire division was wiped out.

Re Anglesy I did the numbers and if I bought the land now I wouldn't actually be able to get there or develop it, literally all my shekels.

Maybe trying for a druidic camp out on the Isle of Wight is more realistic tbh, especially if I can hitch a lift crudely daub "free candy and/or portents" on whatever you get as an identifier tbh.

If our traitor government had any balls they would seize his assets.

But was he a potatonigger Irish are Celtic allies tbh or a Loyal Lad? Or is the anti-invader sentiment finally rising down here? Exciting.

Even more. I wonder if they will ever acknowledge that the technology was shared by the Hwhite Atlantians.

statement supported by portents

Watching this doc about druids in ancient Britain.

Thanks lad, putting it in the queue now.

Are you the user that was proposing to live in a van? Those vans look pretty nice inside tbh.

Yeah lad, Im buying a van in the next 7 days. Watch this space.
Exactly, Im a tradesman so its easily feasible to make something like those. A couple of hundred quid for timber and insulation board, £200 for batteries &/or a solar panel, job done.


Wow, awesome.


I read and as 'of', yes I am a moron, sorry lad
That will get annoying, but not impossible. Its my 40+ bottles of fine whisky that Im more worried about. Ill have to construct a gyroscope/suspension system bar area or something .

Would it mean that you're becoming a gyppo though?

No yes. I prefer the term Nomadic Neo-Druid tbh. Until we get a few acres to build on that is.

Or 'off-grid right wing extremist', as the headlines would no doubt read.

Top fucking kek.

Wrong, about three or four of us that didn't want to leave kept posting in the old thread until it filled up, we kept the threads going at a painfully slow rate until we got back on our feet.

I suggested the name and i'm not statham poster, he was cancer, then reasonable, then he vanished.

Because you lot haven't been raiding us periodically for the last few months right?
Fuck off.

Cant be arsed to address any of the rest of this autism, every time one of them says its shit here I look over there, its like a condensed version of the cuckchan Holla Forums catalog.
I can barely believe that the kings of banter themselves are this hurt over what, two of our lads shitposting a few nights ago?
Fucking pathetic tbh, pic related…

Good docu lad, Im halfway through.
All lads:
Do you think constructing a symbolic wood henge on a hillside, over the most appropriate leyline I can find, would be an effective offering? I get votive offerings and passing objects to the water, Id like to do something more substantial. Nithing/pol/ is an aim, but Id like to start a bit less grusomely tbh. Thoughts girls?

Same lad, and the hair. I had shoulder length hair and a 4 month beard and I looked pretty druidic. Cut it all off in November cos bored, regretted it ever since. Now I'm growing it back and it's gonna take fucking ages

those stone houses in orkney look cozy tbh

I think the power of such places partly stems from creating a focal point for the community.

To make a wood henge that nobody knows about or visits wouldn't work very well.

If you are making an offering, it is important that it is witnessed by the relevant community, because it is through the living community that the ancestral spirits live on.

So a better offering might be to make some OC, and post it here.

also woodhenge does sound like a good idea
especially the mass quantity of roast pork you have to prepare and consume on the site
could get approval from a local council, get funding and call it 'public art project'

Well then…

>the annual 'Pork&Portents' festival - auspicious fun for all ages! No paki, no remain
By jove you are on to something

My thinking is that there have been no new monuments erected in many generations, maybe the symbolic action of staking out a woodhenge would venerate our ancestors sufficiently for now. If it is not raining tomorrow I will do it and post pics.

Good on you lad. I look forward to it. And also I think you are right regarding the the monuments. Making a stone circle is always good too. When I lived up north in the peak district I used to make them out of limestone dry stone wall bits and they were always there months, even years after. Dedicating such an undertaking to the druids would no doubt please them, im sure.

I kekked too lad
pic related

What's your opinion on Joe Owens? Wise elder, man of actions, or old grouchy blabbermouth?

He is fairly wise, with more than the average amount of common sense, but seriously embittered and boring. Much like folk you can meet at a pub around last orders on a Monday night.

He's a failure that wants to drag everyone else down. Crabs in a bucket mentality.

Yeah, this comes through when he's talking about Woes, he seems to have a fixation on him. But the old man has been around, sometimes it's interesting to hear him talk.

innefectual old guard who is little more than a relic now. His hearts in the right place no doubt but im willing to bet he has little understanding of memetics and such. He has a nasty habit of accusing everybody actually doing something other than bnp leafletting, a spy.
/brit/s unironic infatuation with him also serves to be somewhat offputting tbh

It looks pretty dry today, whats everybody up to?

What are these crafty mohammedans up to this time?

Swindon you dirty dog.

Shut your fucking noise polling firms, you have been discredited. Come back in a few years when youve done more testing.

predictor obviously, Sorry faggots, Im hungover

For fucksake, does this sound much like african niggers to you? Certainly does to me.

Just in church lad, I know we are druids and all now but I still think it's good for my lad to go tbh as it instills a sense of morality in him and gets him off autismcraft for a couple of hours. He serves on the altar so it teaches him some responsibility too.
When mass is over I will light a candle for the druids lads

There is a lot of good that can be learnt from christianity, as long as you dont stop there and think its the be all and end all Looking at you SA :^). I am about 3/4 through the NIV Bible I bought recently. I went to a crypto CofE first and middle school, prayers in assembly and hymns in the morning and that, lots of the ministers and priests who came in to give talks were actually reasonably interesting. Havent been to church in years though except a recent window job, kek.

AfD excluded

I knew a big lad in 2015 that had his court date put back 2 months, so he spent 2 months eating fast food and takeaways, expecting to get banged up. They tagged the newly 19st fat lad around the ankle for year, which was now a definite cankle for all intents and purposes. He decided he didnt want to be fat, so started jogging. At 14st a few months later, his tag fell off when he was jogging because not obese now. He got arrested that night because Capita fucked up the report to the police, who got called at 9.30pm when the tag didnt register at home. He got 20 days inside for breaching his tag, which they had to compensate him for eventually.
tl;dr Capita are a bunch of wanks who got a friend banged up for nowt.

Based Graham is back in britain making vids again.
Asking libtards why the are so assflustered over Trump but not civilians being killed in Donbass shelling.
Hes the one who got the footage of the pathetic remoaners and exposed them as the crybabies the are just after brexit btw

(freemasonry augeries)
Theres.. Theres a large amount on anti-zionist sentiment there… I assume that was just the typical Stop The War Labour supporter? One mentioned an anti-Netanyahu protest.

They are not redpill jew wise though. They only anti israel and pretend to give a shit about the palestinians because 'muh poor oppressed muslim brown people.' Its a virtue signalling display more than anything else. They will see israeli jews as 'white'.

lads check out the fucking genuine nutcase old bloke at around the @13:40 mark. There is no soul behind those eyes

That guy? Brainwashed.

True, but I hadnt realised just how much overlap there is. The anti-zionist=nazi comparison has use it would appear.

Haggiswhale's deep fried year in review lads. Filmed in exile from what looks like a little girls bedroom that teddy thing reminds me of cripplewheels pillow kek
Gonna be a marathon tbh. Ill leave it on in the background.

Wew. Ill open the whisky for his bedside chat.
why does he look like he is withdrawing from hard drugs?

After I saw a video by the LBC presenter Matthew Stadlen on anti-antisemitism and Islamophobia I decided to do a little bit of research and low and behold I found out his grandmother was a crypto Jew. Every fucking time.


The new child commissioner looks awfully Jewish as well.
https ://

Forgot to mention
Typical Jew also has a victim complex, funny enough it's over his ginger hair


Is he smoking in a childs bedroom? What the fuck?
Hes been here.

Fucking hell lad. But read the comments.

fucking top kek lad
maybe he read the story we wrote about him too
the unflattering ones


Fucking disgusting, They have no good answers.
Christ I hate them lads, the worst that humanity has to offer tbh, I'd sooner take my chances with the working class racists and bigots they have such open contempt for…
Fucking hell they make me so mad lads.

What I'm not sure about, is whether or not this is a late reporting of the attack on the "South West " forum, in which the antifa were successfully repelled and battered, or a new attack.
Bristol is in the South West, so maybe this article is mis-reporting the group's name, so as not to give them coverage, whilst boosting the idea that "antifa stronk".

Some guy has just called in about the owner of LBC being jewish - top kek.

Doesn't relate to what I was saying. Think you linked wrong post.


This tbh lad. I hate them so much. My mind is fully prepared for some kind of internecine conflict and when that time comes I will feel no regret. They have sacrificed their humanity for a destructive ideology masked as something virtuous and benign when in reality they are ignorant, hateful and vile - all the things they have the audacity to accuse us of being.
Fuck them all, ill shed no tears for these useful idiots when the time comes.


Woes has taken the druid pill?

Bloody hell, this video is so fucking tedious

Sorry lad, Im still trying to answer your post about wether its the same event. Forgot to remove your post number.

Im at 112 minutes, Ive had to take a break. Woes is drinking coke again though, so thats something.
I still dont understand why he is in a childs bedroom, and his smoking is annoying me in that respect.

going an hour without coke for him must have felt like he was wandering the sahara eating a raw bag of flour

I did enjoy his story about helping a suicidal lad though, Ill give the junkie looking porky haggis cunt that. And he called segment 3 the "dangerous haggis tour" which I kekked heartily at. Fair play Coalin.. Fair play.

I suspect he has devised a method of using a suppository/enema system to administer the Coca-Cola continuosly. There is no way the lad can survive an hour without it.

Pakis out tbh.

Anglesey Druidic steam railway when?



It appears our Airstrip One po po are a joke, so retarded they can't do a competent investigation and/or cover up…
Figures they rely on citizens being their own thought police, the only reason they find evil right wing racist bigot extremists is because stupid fucks hopped up on liberalism have their number to call if they see "terrorists".

He was a big guy in the Brinks Mat gold heist, he had many wealthy enemies. I dont doubt he was shot at a time when 2 "friendly" PCs were on the scene, so that they could attempt the (((natural causes))) gambit.

lel are you guys on cuckchan now?

Not going to happen, lad.

looks like someones copypasted our thread over there. Probably /brit/ trying to stir up shit

Might be quite interesting to see what they make of the BASED Druids.

Mixed feelings about that tbh lad, cuckchan brit/pol/ are more cancerous that /brit/ but the druids have provided some augery with them portentious trips

got one interesting image out of it, before it went 404

the druids are far too nuanced, based and esoteric for cuckchan to appreciate. Their wisdom would be like pearls cast before swine there.

No lads on the nightshift tonight?

Ä §hðr† Ìñ†rðе¢†ïðñ †ð †hê ÐrµïЧ

Sad reminder that the version of history we are taught at school is completely dishonest.

Morning lads what are we all up to this gloomy monday?

In half an hour an elderly boomer from PREVENT will show up to take an interest and shepherd me into a cooking and sales class for hipster rejects, which I will have to attend for the rest of this month.
It pays nothing and at best I can put a referral to another varicose-veined hipster in my CV.
At least it counts toward Universal Credit, but the SlaveCentre still expects me to job search on top of doing all the work on the stupid course because everyone else will be too busy sharing tumblr posts on their iphone6millions.

The sooner I can scrape enough shekels together for a piece of Anglesy and start a homestead, the better.

Thoughts on a relatively easy martial art to train? I picked up Fairbairn's Fighting Manual because it's a cool, low-level fusion of chink and brit but according to le expert HEMA MaMA-mia etc goys it's pretty shit.

Gotta prepare for more of

Would be really interested to hear a thorough report on your meeting with Prevent.

They are teaching you "cooking and sales"? That's a strange range of skills. Do they intend to rehabilitate you by teaching you how to reheat a tin of beans, whilst making you suitable for a McJob?

What are the other people on the course like?

It's a local course set up by hippies, in principle it's a great community thing but it's inhabited by typical hipster scum, the woman I met to talk about it looked exactly like your generic nervous-dog half-dead vegan and the place it's held in is stereotypical to the extreme, so much so I was surprised there were no examples of african or modern "art" hanging on the walls… Maybe I didn't look hard enough.
it's a "community centre" type thing but for practical skills, there's a woodwork club I might go to but apparently it's infested with Eritreans which would get tiresome quickly.

Basically the PREVENTers, if they don't think you're gonna do a unabomb, will get you busy in an attempt at rehabilitation, they act as case workers. I tried to explain why this doesn't work but they (and all of the West's government) really do not understand why any of us are as we are or why we believe and know what we do, it's like the generational-cultural divide ramped up 6 million times.

Are you allowed to take pics and show us?

That community centre sounds pretty comfy tbh, except for the fucking diversity they have ruined it with.

Not possible to rehabilitate ones self from objective reality.
For what purpose? Sounds vile tbh.
Whats the end goal in all of this anyway? Im sure someone asked in a previous thread, cant you just pretend to love wogs and pakis?

How did you get on today lad? Do they really not understand why folk like us are so angry? Do they not see that nationalism is rising and it is rising BECAUSE of people like them forcing their leftist shit on everyone else? Do they comprehend that their ideology has failed and is dying on its feet?
Fuck, I feel for you lad. Being harried by supposingly well meaning but never the less clueless libshits because of my political views (which we are entitled to fucking hold) would be intolerable for me.

Lol no I have the same type of flip phone my grandfather has, no 'net connection, no photo wire for PC transfer.

I assume the low level employees I actually interact with seriously believe that we're all evil nazis can be rehabilitated. They do work with poor oppressed minorities too but the "right wing" takes priority because muh racism.
I guess I didn't turn them away first time because I was bored and it was funny, still is tbh. Doesn't cost me anything.

They are the product of the zenith of indoctrination tbh, all 40-50+, never known anything but the Jew's propaganda, they literally don't seem to be able to conceive that somebody might be a racist, nationalist etc for legitimate reasons.


Have you ever asked your PREVENT handlers why there are no Left-Wing extremists on their programme?

o i am laffin
l o n d o n/10

They don't go after leftists because they're apparently not doing anything illegal, also as stated previously they rely on zogbots to call in targets for them.


Seriously, I'd really like to know what your PREVENT handlers have to say about the fact that violent left wing extremists - who are far more aggressive than NA - are not ever considered for de-radicalisation.

Perhaps then they'd understand why their programme is such a joke to us.




I can't give direct advice myself, but there is a related thread about this here


Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data

I can put the question to them but it's almost 100% guaranteed that the golems will stutter and prevaricate until they've forgotten what they're supposed to be answering…
Cognitive dissonance is a terrible thing.

Do you have to do this prevent stuff mate? or when they come to your door can you just ask them to leave?

ragefuel tbh


Yeah, posting petitions on Holla Forums

Not the best idea. Users of this site want to stay anonymous for good reason.

Post that to normiebook, reddit, or twitter.



I was trying to get through to LBC a couple of hours ago about that, Im so fucking mad tbh. Fucking virtue signalling prat.
I have no reaction image strong enough, so have a Ronnie.

tfw I can get one of these free at Burger King
tfw the Burger King is real

Be careful, though. The government is using radar and other emanations on houses, and makes helicopter visits (yes, literally). I'm not sure what the latest cloaking methods are. You'd be advised to find help dealing with the problem.

Was this dealt with on LBC? I want to hear some sensible commentary on it, and can only come from Farage at this point.

That works.

"It was an astonishing find, and not just because outdoor cultivation of pot is rare in North Texas. The small grove, just off Spur 482, was only a few hundred yards behind the DEA's Dallas headquarters."

you guys are all really stupid

you just work with what's right in front of you right now.

It's like you never in your life just stood up and looked around without a torrent of implanted thoughts from your education (media) drowning out your original voice.

the only way you're going to survive is if you shitcan basically everything you know and love and start from scratch. Don't like it? Stay uneducated, do whatever you want, but your line is DONE and you will have died silently against the steady beat of the tyrant's drum.





(((Bercowitz))) can't actually be removed from office by anything other than death, resignation or a general election deselecting him, but we can play a numbers game. Spread this to everyone you can with common sense, the goal is to roundly beat the anti-Trump petition's numbers. Ideally at least 2 million signatures.

Presumably if you refuse to co-operate your threat level is upped and you are put under intense surveillance, the main NA lads had that as far as I know.

Punished Wews, a Manlet Denied His Cola

Truly he is one of the chosen.

Good link lad, sadly mass scale outdoor only growing is limited to food crops in england.

Need buildings or tents in the UK tbh.

That green text story was kind of repetitive fam.

It's a meme you dip

sage for noncontent, still thingken bout how to help the druids


Any way we could help? Assist with some spicy memery?

Good news lads, you may be able to afford a home if this keeps up.


Can't wait for Are Paul to get elected tbh lads

(luvly dubly)

Lefties throwing eggs is symbolic of their discarding fertility and the future generations.

So sayeth the Druids.

having nuttall and farage together like that
farage looks like a banker/lord and nuttall looks like a dairy farmer
united against parliament kek

Agreed. They look pretty respectable tbh.

Good analogy lad, discarding the seeds of the future to protest ineffectually in the present. I love liberals. I also like how Nige is deftly flicking the eggy mess away with a UKIP umbrella. A bit like Brexit, as it were.




fucks sake
now i want a creme egg

tell that to their face and watch the cognitive dissonance begin

Was that their point? I dont get it if Im honest with you, bring back the buckets of pigs blood and flour-filled condom bombs tbh.
(portentious Nigery)

If only. Maybe theres some potential to radicalise the anti-zionism. Or at least paint all labour supporters as antisemitic by default.

I was paraphrasing the DR3 meme, lads.

you know what that is right?

If DR3 is an acronym for a game, no.

It's not.

Is being cryptic part of your plan? acronyms only have meaning if one uses or hears them regularly - Its possible I know the reference but not the acronym

I thought it was common knowledge.

Oh I understand now. The acronym threw me right off. Ive never heard it called DR3, probably my fault though because I likely ignored any sentence with DR3 in it overuse of acronyms is a real personal bugbear of mine tnh.

DR3 is considered a joke, because calling Leftist "racist" never has any effect. They know that "racism" is THEIR word, to use against the Right, so it has no power against them whatsoever.

When Alt-light types like Paul Joseph Watson constantly get riled up at Leftists for being the real racists, it makes no difference whatsover. They'll still call him a nazi, no matter how much he tries to signal how not-racist he is. They also don't believe it when people say they are "colour blind".

The term "racist" was invented by the Left purely to attack the Right with, it has no other purpose.

Actually it's extremely effective. But only if you do it publicly. Calling a lefty a racist in front of their friends or co-workers can be devastating.

Just saying "Democrats are the real racists" does nothing though. It has to be personal and public.

It's still a bad strategy, because it legitimises the idea that racism as something immoral, when it is nothing of the kind.

Fear of being called "racist" has harmed the country far more than "racism" ever did. Britain was strong when it was unashamedly racist. Now that people are scared to be called racist, shitskins rape white girls with impunity, all sense of national identity is gone, and attempting to stand up for one's people - if you are white - is considered "extreme".

Id say it legitimises racism itself tbh - if you take the angle:
insert antisemitism as necessary, rinse, repeat

How are we all this eve lads? Been fucking raging at that manlet merchant cuckold speaker trying to ban trump. I've stayed off Holla Forums for most of the day because I don't fancy dealing with all the d&c. Bit blackpilled today tbh lads - just having one of them days. Will be better tomorrow hopefully.

Chin up and watch some Ray to kill those blues, lad.

I've been alright recently regarding the blackpill, probably all the stoic philosophy ive been reading

Dont worry about that twat lad. At most, craft a spicy hatefuelled 40k meme about him. the marine with the hole through him would be good, IIRC And on the 11th at 11:11:11pm we can all ask for him to get tennis elbow and genitally-localized eczma.


I do hope you decorate it in some fashion
id hate to be accidentally involved in organising a child abduction ring

The other side is going to say Free Portents
This aint kikewood lad. And anyhow, what with my hammock, animal familiars, miniature henges amd mobile peat bog, theres no way a child would fit in as well. Space is at a premium in a mobile augery vehicle.

fair enough point taken

The White Van Man, Britain's noblest, and angriest, motorist.

Congraturations m8 should have another to add to the fleet this year if my shekels hold out.
I reckon there might actually be a little market for augeries out there, it's like how post-WW1 everyone went batshit for zombie goast ouiji etc except this time loads of people are dying and also spiritually dead.

(numerically similar)
The White Van Man, Britain's noblest, and angriest, motorist.
Confirmed by dubs.
I reckon there might actually be a little market for augeries out there,
Theres definitely room for a couple of druidic vans at some hippydippy festivals tbh - Im sure we can devise a way to monetise augeries. to enable us to spread the true Druidry, we will need income - hard to install windows when you are at Bestival rolling druidic horn carved dice for dreadlocked yuppies. My intentions are pure, old gods.

Okay I ruined that greentext, sorry girls.

Camo it, it'd look badass.

A cross between these two?



Actually, someone might think you are trying to start some kind of Right Wing paramilitary, so maybe camo isn't such a good idea after all…

I just think camo would look really nice…

Just watched this vid.

It's a bit more CIVIC than the usual fair, but he actually makes a nice point at the end about winning.

For the same reason as child the child abduction, there's very little time for paramilitary activities in between working a day job and reading numerical augeries. Id be the worst paramilitary leader ever tbh.
Et cetera.


Morning lads how are we today?
Fress SS Britannia to have a listen to. Based Jez is being harried by those private jewish court prosecutions now.
reeeeeeeee tbh


Tripfags hang first

Reported him lad.

I'm writing some esoteric scrolls on modern theology today, any topics of interest for me to research?
I'm starting with laying down the basic evolution of augury from dubs checking to the portentious calendar.

raise your game tbh

research ur mum tbh lad

Sounds good lad.
Lay lines are always good to look into and spirit communication/mediumship/ancestor contact would be interesting. Occult groups like Golden Dawn, theosophists, thule gesellschaft etc were supposedly in direct contact with their spiritual patrons like the ascended masters/great white brotherhood and such via praxis & states of gnosis. Having a direct line to the druids would be extremely beneficial to the lodge.



Im on lads, 5 mins, "dan".

On Shelob Kikeartery?

fugg lad, im out and cant listen - dont forget to record it if you can. Good luck btw!

fuck, didn't see the timestamps.
Do they upload to youtube or summat?

Yeah they are keeping me waiting though, they said 5-10mins 20 mins ago. Cunts tbh. Ive got a few good points if they ever get round to me, kek.

nice will keep listening

Im meant to have left 20 mins ago to pick up my van, fucking stupid wanks. I bet they are typing up a cheat sheet for her. My points:
1) Those labour supporters attacking the jew at the ukip meeting
2) Antifa attacks, Southwest forum, attacks in london etcetera.
3) NA being banned but not antifa
4) antifa zones as well as "nazi" zones (stickers that she mentioned)
5) Farage and Nuttall being egged
6) conclusion: All serve to effectively terrorise the right.
All with newspaper sources, just in case.

fucking hell I'm listening and it's triggering as hell, literally 3 minutes and I already can't be arsed to list all of the shit they're pulling;
(((professor of human rights law)))
(((targets muslims)))
((afraid to travel))) EMOTIONAL ARGUMENTS
"the logic behind the list isn't clear"
(((minorities))) (((white mental illness)))
"if trump looked at his own history"

Also the Kike/Muzzie zones, Jew "police"/Sharia law gangs.

God damn I'm still listening but it's auditory torture.

Was "Richard" you lad?
Got shut down by her blathering tbh
Don't think I can keep listening to this, when I watch or hear MSM golems these days my gut feels like it's trying to gordian knot itself, pure barely-constrained rage and hate… A bit edgy but it really does, I would hang 'em all without a second thought.

I know that feel all too well lad. Tend to avoid msm like the plague these days (unless its to watch them squirm a la brexit result) and just catch up on the choice bits on youtube

Sadly not, I waited as long as I could but had to leave, couldnt pull the van over in time to answer the callback. Frustrating tbh. Ill try again with farage if he discusses it.

65 miles, 2.5 hours, no crashes, just slow traffic.
How braindead must you be to think 55mph is appropriate for anything but the slow lane?

They probably got an inklink via the call screening you were too redpill for airwaves. God forbid they let the common man air his views unmolested. Folk might be exposed to dangerous opinions…

Berkley chimpout is todays video subject.

Thoughts on Petting Dogs for Israel lads?
There's a local ad for Reserves doggo trainers I quite like the look of, have to get ARMEH FIT first though.
The MoD website is disgustingly diverse tbh

Was hit by the black dog and malaise today, didn't get any writing done. Gotta getta grip.


Anyone see channel 4 news segment on us just now?

Also: OPERATION FROGRAIN buy inflatable frogs off amazon (£1.80 each) leave them in portentous agreed upon places.

In case it wasn't implied well enough, all on the same day.

Good find lad. Neo-druidic as fuck tbh


Gordon is back lads. Give our hero some love.

Whoopsie! That's an unfortunate archive photo to choose. Wonder how long before they change it?

portentious dubs confirm the druids are amused by the lolcow gordon
although hed have been thrown in the bog or whatever back in the day
Do the druids want gords as a sacrifice lads?

Dont let abe foxman see it

anyone know a good book on druidism?
also, moonstone:

I was about 88% mad as well, they probably detected the hostility. Got any thoughts on how I could moderate to get on the air? How could we slowly turn the current "refugee children are wonderful and need saving" argument, without getting shut down?

Not even the old gods want him as a sacrifice yet. They must have baffling and sinister plans for him.


Update on the van - upon inspection, the engine number and bodywork number didnt match, and the MOT certificate was doctored to say '23' instead of '3', so I legged it sharpish. Good news - Longer van = more portents. This one is called a Jumbo Transit. Fingers crossed lads, on my way to see it now

the druids have spoken tbh
the first sacrificial cow/pig to be slaughtered in the nemeton should be gordo tbh
mind you we'll be hacking away at him for hours

The van was a good'un lads, 4 fucking metres long inside, operation: Rolling Stone(henge) begins NOW

Looking forward to how this proceeds.Good luck lad.

Its at auction tomorrow, theres 4 or 5 that Id be happy with, some that are much newer and have done 100k miles instead of 250k. Hopefully the Druids can see fit to help me in this endeavour and I get a newish one for a bargain price (£1.75k-2.25k). One has 110v power already wired into the back, just needs a solar panel, spare battery, sink, bed and its habitable better than a £95p/w box room lodging at any rate.

Damn, you can get vans as cheap as £1k? What sort of condition would that be in though?


More like £1200, they go within 30 mins of being advertised, Ive been chasing vans for 2 weeks. This auction is my best bet, look for a local one, vans worth £3k+ for £1.5k, theres normally so many that everybody gets a van. My little Berlingo was £504, kek.
Look on there first lad, bargain vans, usually ex-British gas or BT or wherever. False postcode is best postcode


Channel 4 fake news just covered holocaust denial.


Also this:

they be makin fun

You and I and the people without umatrix referral spoofing are idiots for those links.

What does this mean?

I can already tell that show is going to annoy the shit out of me, so I'm not going to watch it.

We're supposed to break links to prevent the board/site showing up in referral logs.

Ah. Shit. I wondered why people do that…

I hate searching for the secret space or period that someone has used to break their links. Breaking links leads to stupid shit like being directed to the homepage because they have broken the end of the fucking link in an inexplicable way. or when faggots spoiler the main part of the website, so you cant avoid a click

Just get umatrix and set it to spoof referrers.

Does it work on a phone?
t. caveman

Lads both of hamsters died today. Fucking BOTH of them.
Fuck my shitty luck today

Also whats this fucking absolute POTTERY meme thats going around? Where did that come from? what does it mean

Poor little fuckers, they were old-ish werent they? Im getting a rat or 2 as a familiar as soon as Im mobile.
I think its a corruption of 'poetry'.
Its probably been mentioned by an eceleb.
or Im incredibly autistic and out of the loop

or there is a retarded youtube meme that we are clearly not party to, and Im attributing far to much meaning to a mongoloids rambling, tbh

Thanks lad. One was old, over 2, one was only a few months.
Regarding the pottery meme, makes sense
figured id ask my based brethern here rather than risk being accused of being an out of the loop newfag elsewhere on the board

I first saw it on Holla Forums, then a few times on twitter, presumably from Holla Forumsacks, It'll probably be normie fodder within weeks.
I just guessed it was a typo that stuck because it was amusing.

Did anyone else watch the Channel 4 thing on the Alt Right?
I didn't know any of those people, except Adam Wallace.
What did you lot think? I thought it wasn't that bad, just made them out to be English eccentrics, and nothing more scary than that.

It just showed really young kids. No older, more balanced based lads. Probably because no one with a job or whatever wants to do interviews with the lugenpresse for fear of what that might entail. It wasnt as bad as I epected either tbh lad. Also adam wallace is getting a bit fat. Guess haggiswhales bad habits are rubbing off on him

Yes, I noticed that too. He wouldn't look good in a dress anymore, like he used to. Maybe that's why he's doing it - to stave off his cross dressing addiction?

I tried your discord link, it didn't work fam…



He's not been online recently, next time I see him i'll ask if he's cool with me making new invites

Also try this one:

'pologies lads, been on the downswing of tryna get my shit togetha like a gud boi goin 2 church evry day jus' need'n mo' money fo' dem po'grams.

This link should always work:

Will get onto tox/disc etc tonight, gotta try not be a lazy NEET and do something productive before then.
I tried to record the first bit of an audiobook I'm making for /his/ last night and the webm came out terribly, it got the thread stuck on 100% after about half an hour of loading. Will share the link to the thread here when I make it tbh, it's a nice book about Russia being curbstomped by the Nips.

Random pics I found while going on a DELET spree yesterday, I think they were from NationStates, i used to run "The Most Benign Former Brittanic Empire of Queen Elizardbeth I", gave it up when I realized it was a shit left-of-centre game with no way to make a realistic, working fashy nation.

(significant wews)
Much better than his year in review tbh.
Breddy gud so far tbh.

I won the auction for the newer slightly smaller van van lads - £1375 - worth £2400 all day long. I pick it up Sunday or Monday.

Really looking forward to seeing what you do with this.




Lad, the entire argument in that video is
No explanation, no meaning. Thats nearly as devoid of value as actually being whatever it is that matey boy is moaning about. He isnt wrong though, but the video was pointless.

Going to need something harder on that lad, I dont doubt thats what is pushed in most synogogues, but how can I show that to normies?

/brit9k/ in the comments pushing their fave meme…

You can't really show things like that to normies. If they can't accept race realism they'd never accept the JQ.

At the very least, you could try prepping them with that vid in which Talmudic Jews admit that their holy book allows them to enslave non-Jews in the end times.

/brit/ is an absolute fucking embarrassment, and they just get worse and worse. I guess that's what they get for going down dead-end-roads.

Yeah, about half way through I realised it was kind of shit. Sorry about that.


árweorþrunge úree beornwigan

I'm on dickscord and tox, will try to get on in the evenings most nights. Still dunno what we should be using it for, if anything.

gratz m8.

their unironic love of joe is both infuriating and amusing at the same time
The irony is joes owen would probably look down on them in disdain for for being a bunch of dafties who circlejerk on an isolated board rather than leafletting for the bnp or whatever joe thinks everyone should be doing because we are all doing it wrong apart from him


Joe looks down on everybody though, I bet if he was outside himself he'd even make a video condemning himself.


That is one video I would pay to see.
Fucking disgraceful tbh.
What happened to that lads. How could liberals think censorship is appropriate?
Shameful behaviour. Sad.

Labour and the snp are ovenworthy traitors who act like petulent fucking children. I fucking loathe them lads. Look at this shit
reeeeee them and the eu ruined beethovens 5th for me

I knew I shouldnt have but I looked at the comments on the article.
I now have aids, cancer, ebola and probably some other diseases.

Guardian comments are moderated though, so they aren't representative of the public opinion anymore, much like the Guardian itself.

Did you know it was Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi - one of the propoenents of white European genocide in order to install a Jewish aristocracy - that first proposed Beethoven's 9th as the Anthem of Europe?

https ://

I did know that yes. Fucking proto-elliot rodger cunt he was.
What is it with certain elements of eurotrash "aristocrisy" being all mongrelized and weird?

Jews got rich with their central banking scam and intermingled with European aristocracy, probably.

Look at the (((Goldsmiths))) now mixed in with our Royal bloodline, for example.



nice rare bogdanoff tbh lad


Tbh, I kind of preferred the world before I knew about the existence of the Bogdanoffs.

Alright lads, its snowing a treat where I am, what are we all doing today?

W-what… are they?!

Afternoonlads what are we up to today?
Im playing Yakuza 0 with my kids. Got them on the mini games (ufo catcher, blackjack and scalextric are good) Fun as fuck tbh. Im eternally grateful for the nips and their skill in crafting good vidya.
Fuck mr shakedown so much though - god - I hate him lads reeeeeeeee

Eurotrash aristocrisy and French tv personalities who have become a meme.

Why the fuck do people keep falling for this? Why do people think the conservatives are a remotely British or patriotic party when all they do is sell off the very framework of the volk together and place them in the hands of globalist financiers and international corporations? We need an opposition that's not idpol infused garbage. But anything that opines even the slightest degree of economically left/socially right ideas is immediately dogpiled.

Who on Earth thinks this?


A /brit/pol poster brags that he gets 20K in benefits, and encourages others on that thread to do the same.

I think that says all you need to know about /brit/pol. They're a fucking embarrassment.


This is the gayest, larpyest, worst thread I've ever seen on Holla Forums.

He means he gets
Total probably £11.5-14k actual payments
Then add tax on top gives about £17k maybe more with VAT and fuel tax, add 'work associated costs' - clothes, lunch, rail / bus ticket £2-3k
Theres the "equivalent to £20k". Youd have to work a 75 hour week on minimum wage to even come close to that.
Dont tar them all with the same brush lad.

Thanks for bumping it tbh.

Jolly good. Carry on chaps.

Morning lads.
Will prob need a new thread later on. Do you lads want me to make it again or does anyone else fancy a go at it?
Im fine with doing it but im out at the moment & probably wont be able to get it done until around tea time this eve when I get back on the big computer at home dont fancy attempting it on my phone tbh lads

Liberal Elite Member Jess Phillips MP Denies She Is Liberal Elite

What a cunt tbh. Shes pretty high on my list of 'most despised current mps' - up there with abbo, millipede, that aphex twin looking lib dem cunt, (((bercow))) and that prick who tried to insinuate that "russians hacked brexit"
Utter ovenworthy shower of shit the lot of them.