Can someone explain why the tactic of blocking/interfering with transit and commute is such a popular tactic with the...

Can someone explain why the tactic of blocking/interfering with transit and commute is such a popular tactic with the self described "defenders of the working class"? Vid related, just a good example. Before the inauguration, they were planning to commit literal acts of terrorism against the city transit. I mean, it's not like the ultra-rich are taking the bus, or using the highways in any considerable measure. It's by and large the working class trying to, you know, get to work.

Try putting yourself into the shoes of someone who just had their commute doubled because of one of these protests. Are you thinking "Wow, I never thought about that before. Perhaps I should get more involved in the social justice cause.". No, you're thinking "Fuck these cock suckers, get the hell out of my way. I swear I'd vote for Hitler just to spite you".

It seems as if the best way to redpill normies is to get our enemies to do it for us.

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Stop posting shit from months ago, you nigger retard faggot.

It's a tactic straight from the pages of Rules For Radicals. None of them read it but the organizers and it's meant to strain the system and anger people.

Do they have any way of controlling who they get angry at? Because it seems like the only people they're getting angry at are liberals.

I used that video because it's a good example, retard. One of the commuters got out of his car and started a fight. Get off my dick.

its edgy enough to be edgy but not edgy enough to get you sent to federal prison or gunned down in the street. perfect for leftwing cucks.

Rules For Radicals is meant to be implemented under the assumption that any other system, literally any other system at all is better than the one you have now.
It's not about directed anger or building anything, it's about dissolving nations.

So you're saying that it's a shitty manual for accomplishing nothing?

The title should have told you that much.
It's really just about destroying shit, costing people money, time and inconveniencing everything.

They don't think about roads and commutes the way we do, user. To them, holding a job is punishment. It's a casual thing they have to do when their allowance gets cut. The idea of NEEDING a job to support a wife and kids is foreign to them, so it's not important.

Likewise the roads. None of these people have ever paved a road or torn one up. They don't have any respect for a city's infrastructure because it's always just been there, free for them to use. They don't pay taxes for upkeep, and they've never lived in the country where it's ATVs or horses all the way. To them, roads are just convenient flat spaces in the urban landscape.

Don't forget that many of these people are also niggers or spics. Unlike Romans or ancient chinks, building roads is alien to their heritage. None of their cultural institutions anticipate the idea of laying out a large engineering project and carrying it forward for the common good. The cultures that spawn shitskins almost never rise above the: "Me see banana/eat banana" stage.

This is why it is our duty. . . no, it is our sacred obligation, to plunge these organic cotton harvesters back into the condition of servitude they were made for, and to gas the motherfucking kikes who manufacture naught but grievances.

First post, every time.

because they're FUCKING RETARDED

What happens when you run them over? They'll go to the fascist and cry their eyes out?

The idea is that everyone already agrees with them, but they don't care enough to help them. If they block traffic they'll make everyone care enough, and they'll naturally help them because they agree with them.

They really are retarded, aren't they?
'"To achieve a great leap, an entire generation must be sacrificed" "

It's selfish, annoys thousands of hard working people, stops people getting to their min wage job, causes anxiety stress and depression, stops medical services from attending the seriously ill and dying etc
For lefties that's a bunch of win-win situations. They hate, really hate, anyone that does not align with their ideology so if they decided to block a road one morning and you do not support that then fuck you.

They block avenues of transportation because money is lost every second an airport is down and a highway is closed. They think this is super effective because they hate corporations. Meanwhile, the faggot they love making lattes at that locally owned business is getting fucked in the ass because his coffee delivery is late. Meanwhile, the corporations they hate have backup plans and are barely inconvenienced. They are fucking retarded.


truck drivers are paid according to how many miles they can travel in the 14 hours a day they're allowed to be on the road. So in that industry, it's the blue collar workers that are affected most adversely, the corporations may just get a late delivery, which they usually account for anyway.

In the past these leftist killed a father because they blocked an ambulance.

wish they'd come around here, you can't even drive the speed limit or you'll get smashed by a semi going 90. We'd have a lot of roadkill.

Then how did that book get King Nigger into the White House? Don't brush off your enemy's playbook.

It's a big stretch to say that it did. Obama was riding the tide of anti-Republican sentiment from how badly the Bush administration screwed everyone over.

And who do you think fueled the anti-republican sentiment? Who organized the protests? Who organized the rallies? The whole point of Rules For Radicals is how to position yourself to look like the logical alternative to a failing system. (A system you agitate to failure to make it appear this way)

I really wish an 18 wheeler would run them all over.
But i dont want them saying righties are terrorists. The media would have a party over something like that….
Keep an eye out for false flags actually…..

Most protesters are not particularly intelligent or capable people. As such, they cannot engage in destructive behaviors that require much thought, skill, or planning. Standing around like meat blockades, screeching incoherently in mobs, and trying to attack things with rocks or fists is about the extent to which the reasonably intelligent can organize these idiots.

So, plop these peasants into a road, and they marvel like apes at how much 'power' they have. In reality the only power they have is given to them by the decency and self-interest of the drivers, who could squash these entitled asshole flat with relative ease. And some have.

You see how these fuckers react when someone does plow through their little crowd, or even tries to scoot by without any damage? They wail and scream and beat their fists against the metal like mindless animals or feign injury to stir up the crowd even more. This is literally the extent of their intellectual and physical capabilities - chant sentence fragments and become obstructions.

The big question is how do you counter it? These mobs are very predictable, its membership very stupid and selfish, and they flee at the first sign of discomfort, personal responsibility, or trouble. How would you disperse these mobs in a way that doesn't get you thrown in jail?

never interrupt your enemy when they're making a mistake

if you run them over they win 🍁

Tons of cops blaring sirens and lights at columbus ohio protest right now guess they're tired of them blocking roads


The jew-controlled neocon-republicans faggot

Step 1: Buy a bunch of Trump stickers
Step 2: find libtards around anti-Trump protests
Step 3: Put stickers on their cars
Step 4: LUL

Had a similar idea. Create a huge dox and list of lefties, then Put/stick confederate flags on houses/apartments and mailboxes, Trump plates in gardens and fences, giant stickers on cars etc. And use an adhesive and other stuff that is near impossible to remove. This shit will annoy the owners and might invoke other lefties to rage and destroy their own people.

libtards don't have cars. Find bikes or just put the stickers on their backs with a casual pat on the back and a "good job, yo".