Commiefornia bans state-funded travel to Kansas because of "LGBT discrimination concerns".


who the fuck does this apply to?

Hopefully Commiefornia will ban travel to PA next!

Not very much IIRC.



Well, anything that keeps CA government employees out of other states is a good thing.

college sports, so nothing important.

While technically toothless because it only prohibits state-funded travel, not actual California residents from driving/flying to Kansas, this is yet enough example of how deranged and radical the left-wing has become in the wake of Trump's victory.

Obviously we know they've always been like this, but they've hid behind a saccharine rhetoric of "tolerance" and "acceptance" which fooled normalfags. Now that they are no longer in power, no reasonable person can look at the anti-white left and think "these people are normal".

They truly have lost their fucking minds, haven't they?

Can we just fucking jettison this shit into the Pacific already

Bunch of fucking degenerates

They banned North Carolina over the bathroom issue too while Obama was still president. Cant really ban flight in your own state so 47 more to go.

Trips confirm

They're expecting both sides to unanimously agree with their 'Calexit' meme, they're not expecting the entire US military to march in and overthrow them.

never gets old

Imagine how comfy it will be to sit back and watch the US Army's bombardment of Sacramento live on TV.

Yet despite this, they're flipping their shit over a temporary travel ban from islamic nations where the penalty for LGBTASDFBBQIPCONFIG+-= is death.
Go figure.

This is why you don't wear your sexuality as your primary identity. Holy fuck don't be so one-dimensional.


I'm really tempted to see Calexit happen just to see these liberal faggots realise just how dependent they are on the Union and that they're now up shit creek without a paddle.


nice skim webpage..trap

B..but I thought it was immoral to ban travel libshit?

That's gonna kill any chance to expand Commifornias' Advanced Faggotry Presentations into KS Universities.

Oh, they'll have the paddle, but shit creek is going to run dry real quick once they can't depend on the other states for fresh water.




Never thought about it that way. However, their advanced faggotry classes are taught by the mainstream media. California will still be able to spread the poz through Hollywood.
Of course this is just an arbitrary meaningless gesture, like everything else the left does these days.
Shit, how is Mexico going to be able to take in all those California refugees? Since they don't believe in walls, on their northern border, anyway I'm sure they'd gladly accept all of their Mexicans back and most of our cucks. Amirite? I mean, Mexico not accepting Mexicans? We should meme this.

Guess that's why there's an apehoop court in the OP.


Goddamn, I love being a resident of this wonderful state!

Its not going to happen though. There is no way we will let them walk away with that much clay and that many strategic seaports

Dorothy pls

Nice 1D checkers, dumbass.

Fucking hell, gay people are NOT THAT IMPORTANT.

Why the fuck would sports be state funded?


The board translates .gifs even if they aren't appropriately named as such. For some reason, I couldn't change the filename to .gif even though it's obviously a .gif. In short, a gif doesn't need to have the gif extension to be seen as such.
fucking meme magic

To dull the minds of the goyim with athleticism-based nigger-worship, maybe.

It would be fucking fantastic if California seceded, and then Trump banned immigration and tourism from the Republic of California. A lot of people in LA would be shocked that they can't just drive a few hours to Las Vegas for the weekend anymore.

Naturally, the next step after the travel ban should be invasion and re-annexation.

Bwahahahaha. These cunts are going to be put in front of a firing squad.

Oh it's the state emotes kvetching. Same shit happened before. It is dildo rattling.

as a kansan all i can say is


fucking phone


no, trips, they never had minds to start with.

Please let the commiefornians ban travel to Texas next!



I'm not saying they would go to kansas because there isn't much for an attraction, but state bureaucrats have seminars and meetings all across the country for a bit of tourism at taxpayer expense. Even obscure agencies do it.

checked, too late

At the uni I'm at this isn't even enforced. lmao

Can't wait until the rest of the states invade this shithole so I can turncoat

I would imagine shipping companies get some state funding but fuck if I'm gonna risk getting a hernia trying to mule over all the legal shit regarding this to find out.


Sorry kansas bros i disrespected your based as fuck state