CNN asking how you have been impacted by the immigration ban

So, CNN is listening gents, lets tell them.
Lets flood their inbox with nothing but pro-trump messages, make them have to wade through hours and hours of pro-Trump and pro-immigration ban messages on their voicemail.

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How many fucking muslims do these kikes think there are in this country?

great plan OP 10/10, flawless victory, ebin lmao

The figures are about 3.5 million. Keep in mind that these people have families larger than the largest Irish family in the history of families. Figure each one of them has 40 cousins overseas and you've got a shit-ton of Muslims connected to the US.

Yeah, there is no way in hell I'm doing this.

I called and told them they shouldnt have insulted the internet and the frog god.
I didnt use my real number of course.

Iv'e had an erection that's lasted longer than 4 hours.

Fake a paki accent and cry muh pajeet has been deported, he was such a good keeeed and dindu nuffin, may allah guide him back to bring down the new WTC towers.

follow 's lead dumbass, use a skype number or something especially if you are going to say something lulzy and offensive.


Asians already look like shit and the ones in the picture make it worse by covering the one thing that may have made them look passable, disgusting.

i've been severly impacted by the immigration ban

for instance, i'm now less likely to be killed in a muslim terrorist attack.

Yes, how dare I have a phone number. Only chumps keep up with their family.

Yes. It's another shoah. I tried to board a plane to New York and four customs officials told me I couldn't board. I had two bags of luggage which they confiscated and $20,000 in cash for my mother. I went to report my lost luggage and told them that the custom officers had stole $40,000 for my sick mother's cancer treatment. They told me they couldn't do anything about it and I was not welcome in America! My grandparents were murdered by the Nazis when they were 6 years old and to this day I have not received compensation. The customs officials have the same attitude that the Nazis had that my grand parents told me about. I felt like I was reliving in another era. I just can't believe this that in America these people would steal $100,000 from me and treat me like I'm a terrorist! I'm stranded at LAX and have not ate anything for weeks since I am being kept here against my will as a political prisoner. They refuse to provide me food after have taken all my money. I am kept here in interment. I don't know what I am supposed to do, please, G-d help me before they kill me.


a lot. they were planning on the complete islamification of the west afterall.

I know its probably not true but
I can forgive sacrificing the wife to save the children, but the moment he left his daughter he immediately became unfit to become an American, he deserves the hellhole he is in

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What is this supposed to be? Propaganda for or against muzzies? Cause he'd look like an asshole even to normalfags.

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make sure to make the subject lines pro immigration :) so they at least have to open it

remember to include your family photos so they can use them in the article

It was from the NYT share your story thread

Remind them that shit like the Rotherham sex scandal in England would not happen if muslims weren't invited in. Remind them of Germany. Remind them of Sweden.


Fuck it, ask them why these muslims SPECIFICALLY need to come to America.

Ask them why other arab countries won't accept them.

Ask them why Europe is halting immigration as we speak.

Dear CNN,

I have been directly affected by President Trump's travel ban on terrorist countries. I have a massive and sustained erection.

t. America

Whatcha sliding, Rabbi?