Liberals Calling for Open Violence Against Trump & Trump Supporters on a Daily Basis

Especially on National television. Meanwhile on here someone suggests the mildest shit imaginable like putting and they're bombarded with:


Other urls found in this thread:

*putting laxative in protestor's food

Also here's the quote from last night nationally broadcast SAG awards.

Explain this to me.

Never interrupt your enemy while their making a mistake.


The reason why they enact violence is because you guys allow them to. A genuine oppressive society would never allow "nazis" to lose status or be punched in the first place.

Anyone who follows their rhetoric deserves everything that's coming to them…

See, this is why we watch anime.

Because you're a weak and easy target. Beating you, bashing you, killing yields nothing but results. There's no reason for them to stop doing it. Ever.


That thread was embarrassing after a while. Never seen a thread go from gold to cucked so hard. It went from:


By the end of it Holla Forumslacks were planning on simply feeding them. It was reddit tier as fuck.

Let them continue LARPing, I can't help but see how this is very rapidly memeing into existence a literal Adolf Drumpf or whatever the fuck they're pretending Trump to be.

Dammit, not William H Macy too. What did he say?

This. There have been many cases of Trump supporters successfully defending themselves, but leftist violence will always target those least prone to violence. Case in point; the cucky street preacher, Grant Chisholm, who was nearly murdered in Portland when he went to the airport protest. Struck in the back of the head with a padlock. This is the kind of violence the left now sanctions, and whites will need to brownshirt up REAL quick.

Nice get, but smiling and laughing every time a Trump supporter gets his fucking head taken off isn't enough. The memes won't take care of everything by themselves.

I for one will not let those quads lie

This. Gotta justify it somehow though. I prefer either an ad absurdum or calling anybody remotely left of center communists and using that as an excuse to fight them.

The former would be funnier. Start kicking the shit out of lefties while yelling "DIE NAZI SCUM" at them

THat's actually a pretty good idea. Turn their own words and tactics against them, it would confuse the hell out of them and the whole situation.

Those quads don't lie.

Like Sun Tzu said, never correct an enemy that's making a mistake. Now that they're openly advocating violence, we need to nail them to the wall for inciting racial violence or terrorism. Use the system that they made to get them fucked harder than the only goat at a muslim bachelor party.

I got quints yesterday and quads today. My posts are quickly becoming gospel.

Well, by doing that, folks who are semi-unconcerned are being pushed to the right, and pretty far to the right, at that. This is filling up our ranks at a rate 10000x if not 100000x what the casualties are. If you're outing yourself as a Trump supporter, you better have your fucking gun with you, or at least a knife. Where I am, that red hat would get me fucking slaughtered.

But if we fight back, then we'll go to jail. Concern troll shills like this fag told me so.



get everyone calling each other nazis, then nobody will ever know who the real nazis are. brilliant!

Ok so lets start with you celebrity elitist faggot.

Oy vey! He going to punch some White goys.

TV: cucked
Film: cucked
Sports: cucked
Post-1945 literature: cucked
Comics: cucked
Non-Japan Games: cucked

Wow. Looks like I'll be saving a lot of money by consuming zero media.


fuck off and kill yourself.

you need to fuck off.

It's some The_Donald cuck. They read one quote from Sun Tzu online and have been regurgitating it ever since. They don't know shit.

Ah hell, we've been calling for open violence against them for years. Makes sense they'd eventually shake their tiny fists back at us.

You worried?


Every goddamn time anyone suggests ANY ACTION AT ALL, the only thing you hear from Holla Forums is "M-muh honeypot!! CIA!!! FBI!!!"

This,Trump is president and we own an absolute monopoly on violence since we now control Law enforcement, The Hillary, and we own like 70-80% of all civilian firearms.

Now it's a battle of memes.


Thought I'd make this to show how pathetic these newfags are.

Because committing random violence serves no larger strategic goal.


This. We're talking about a website/"group" that has been calling for gassing jews, a race war, and a new holocaust for almost a decade now. Many of these journalists have been harassed by people from Holla Forums or inspired by Holla Forums, them saying they want to punch such people is just like… well, it's whatever.

We don't need to hear it, we already know, so you get dismissed like a faggot. This isn't trs we have some brain cells to rub together.

Fuck off kike.

We're going to need a lot more helicopters.

Those who are complaining are not stoic men. They are sitting at home yelling at their screen for someone to do something as liberals trigger them endlessly. If they were really interested in helping, then they would be leading others outside of Holla Forums and gaining real power.

look at that nose


Nice job, user.

Do they believe Nazis are socially and financially strong, well represented politically and culturally acceptable or something? I'm not complaining but from an objective standpoint, Nazis are worse off than spics niggers and moslems when it comes to those things.

B….b.but F…u..uck off F…f..f….f…..F….F..BI



I had to look that image up to see if that was real.

Can it get any more insane???

look at that fucking body, LOOK AT THAT FUCKING FACE

I just had to google this thing, what in the fuck, what the hell is this turtle? He's the liberal superstar? He's their shining beacon of hope? Refugees welcome? A Big Bang Theory? Isn't that the show some other ugly jew cunt is on who was crying "drumpf nazi" a few days ago?

Except we never call people proposing non-violent action FBI.

Honestly this whole thread stinks of GCHQ.

even though it is the year of the fire cock, do not become too cocky user. I congratulate you still, praise kek.

What did he mean by this?

captcha: kutzpa

































So? A mosque in Texas got burned down this weekend, and another mosque shot up just last night.


0 self awareness.

Because liberal violence is sanctioned by the state, so they won't be tried in courts. Others, like ourselves, are *not* protected by the state, and so violence will be punished by the infrastructure itself

haha jesus I've been spending actual time on Reddit….

They are teasing the lion while standing on the trapdoor to the den. All their arrogance and posturing is based on the belief that they have earned the right to speak for people, for an entire country, to lecture and set the moral bar. They are not only colossal hypocrites but delusional. Their unrepentant aggression and incite of hate will be remembered long after their credits role. The lion is waiting for them.

Ewww, this award is so heavy! I'm shaking as I hold this paper!

But we are the state now.

I honestly don't understand why the Liberals are so up in arms. It's not like Trump is doing anything against them personally.

Opening China? Richard Nixon. Creating the EPA? Richard Nixon. The President who initiated government funding of Planned Parenthood? Richard Nixon. Initiating Affirmative Action? Richard Nixon. Expanding Native American sovereignty? Nixon's the one. Nixon also attempted to create a national health system, and expanded funding of both the NEA, NEH, and PBS. And the majority opinion on Roe V Wade? Authored by Justice Harry Blackmun, a Nixon appointee to the Supreme Court. In short, Donald Trump's entire agenda seems to be the repeal of virtually every major accomplishment of the Nixon Administration.


They'll all hang on the day of the rope.

The Lefties cannot believe we are winning.

We are winning, after so long being demoralised by multicultural propaganda and third world immigration, by tranny madness, by the whole project of displacing facts with emotive dogma.

The fact they are calling for violence shows their feverish desperation. Remember these people are not all the people. Allow them their public tantrums and watch as the masses recoil from them in disgust.

Now the spell is broken and their bad words are failing in their power to silence opposition, their insane ideology of self loathing and suicide is being revealed.

They're undressing the poverty of their ideas in public. Step aside.

bring it on snowflakes

Because we set back their plans for global communism by at least 8 years. They thought Whites would surely be genocided within their lifetimes.

Not until Session is confirmed. He still is being held up by the Senate.

Not until every Democrat is removed from Congress.


In other words, never. Half the republicans are democrats.

Examples of Leftist Hypocrisy:

- Campaigning for 'hope' and 'change' alone, without details, is acceptable and honorable.
- Campaigning for America being made great again is deplorable, vague, steeped in prejudice and has no grounding in reality.

- A candidate with only a short senator's career is qualified to lead the country, even the world.
- A candidate who has been an established businessman and the epitome of the American spirit for decades is unqualified to lead the country.

- Raising billions for a candidate through SuperPACs, celebrities, emotive campaigns and the politicization of advocacy groups is an example of democracy in action.
- Raising less than one's opponent, mostly from their own pocket and having connections based on decades of business experience is indicative of someone out of touch with the American people.

This is their thinking. Double standards with EVERY damn issue.

So many idiots in this thread.

We do not advocate violence on this website

This does not necessarily mean we are against other groups not affiliated with this website upholding justice

If you honestly think that the super-evil alt-right neo-nazi Trumpen-SS cult of kek terrorist organisation would keep records of their plans and their plots on this mongolian rice-smuggling board then you're a fool.



Every. Fucking. Time.

I want the liberals to escalate to the point when Trump voters do fight back it will be generally viewed as well justified.

You're either braindead, or the calls of FBI are right.

If you want to go and make a political statement that is on you. This board would like to hear about your exploits and congratulate any big scores for the right which includes attacks on the left. Do not say what you're going to do on here though, because it allows for various governments around the world to shut us down (you burgers might be okay but the krauts would not be). We are for justice and vigilantism in a broad sense; I would like more good white men to kick the shit out of communists, faggots, atheists, mudshits and kikes. Bring on the day of the rope.

You know what I do not advocate? Anything beyond the abstract. Why? Because you expose your own plans making them less likely to succeed; as well as giving authorities the right to apprehend you due to you "pre-meditating" a crime.

Holla Forums is for sharing information on what has happened, as well as community. It is not for planning a revolution or any other retarded shit that you people think. This is not a super-secret planning outpost for the fourth reich; if you want to get involved in that stuff, find a real-life group.

fuck off.

You're right. Too many anons are buttfuck retarded and fall for alphabet agency baiting, though.

This. Be smart about it. Wait for the fruit to ripen. They're the ones who look like violent barbarians, and shit like the Quebec Mosque shooting shows that their narrative crumbles on it's own.

Just your friendly agent provocateur.

Hollywood: Where you can win an award for being the best liar.

Why anyone would think of these people as anything other than the evening's entertainment is beyond me.

well, when evening entertainment is all you have in life I can see some unwarranted attachment start to take place.

Are they jewish?

is that bitch on drugs or something what the fuck is wrong with her? looks like she's having an LSD flashback.


how fucking high is winona, i couldnt even pay attention to his babbling because i was just watching her crazy body language

That bitch is on some heavy shit, I think that much is clear.

oh my god, the jews are crossbreeding with gypsies now?


But we're not the deep state. Yet.

Besides being felony territory, putting stuff in peoples food could cause fatalities due to allergies or whatever. Remember we ware the civilized ones.

inb4 moralfag

you're betryaing your ignorance.


Remember too that the Armenians are basically Jew subordinates. No coincidence that the most obnoxious, degenerate family in the celebrity world are.



This guy is right. The shills are in full force since November.
Only a fool would instigate violence now. We're winning, and people are starting to accept the right wing precisely because we're not chimping out.
If you want to do stupid shit, go ahead, we can't babysit idiots like you, but you'll regret it and give the commies ammunition against us.

If you plan to break the law, don't talk about it, leave no evidence, don't incite others online or even offline to minimize risk, this has always been an unspoken rule you fucking faggot.

Also, if Hillary won, that would have been a different story, but what dumb cuck do you have to be to do it now that /ourguy/ is in Office? You can provoke and then self-defend in protests if you absolutely have to bash some faggots for personal enjoyment, but otherwise it's useless, they're like ants. Instead impede figureheads and fuck lefties through the system, supporting law enforcement etc. Lefties tend to do tons of illegal shit, and you could infilrate or even just join some groups and give some tips to the FBI. These cucks don't even know what a honeypot is. This is also the perfect time to get normalfags on our side and redpill them through leftist idiocy.

Join the Police or ICE or similar if you need more action.

naw. anime makes me cringe.

We have studied the enemy, we have studied ourselves, we should each know our own targets when shtf. We have spent years preparing for this war,

We have no need to tell this board what we will do. When the time is right


Saying our plans here only incriminates and gives the enemy time to plan counter measures.

Because you don't interrupt your enemies when they are making mistakes, faggot.

Why talk about taking action on a internet forum? If you want to take action, do it yourself, don't tell other people what to do.


Back to plebbit

Because for the last 40 years, we've been public enemy number one. Trump has achieved more in his first week and a half than Obungo did in 8 years but we can't get violent yet and get off scot-free like these liberals want to. We have already won. Just sit back and defend yourself and enjoy the show.

Also this. You don't need to virtue signal on Holla Forums before doing something fun. Unless you're TORposting you should stay safe. Just be the user who begins the thread with media articles about what you did that will no doubt be printed.



Whatever happened to GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW?

Since we have a good portion of the state on our side now it's in our interest to bide our time and left lefties provide more and more material for our case against them, culminating in the Trump administration branding them enemies of the state/terrorists which will allow easy removal.

Spergs on here are bitching about others not bringing war to the streets, while sitting here doing nothing themselves. They are driven by pure emotion and not reason. Each time one of these normie fools walks into the lion's den and get exactly what we know is going to happen these threads pop up. If you're posting "we need to do something" then stop trying to lead from behind and GO FUCKING DO SOMETHING, or shut the fuck up and learn the real game that's being played out right now.

They need to get it through their heads that Trump has to be called by the people to use force against these animals or he risks losing their support and actually having to become a tyrant to rebuild order and stability. He needs time to weed out the subversive elements from government and law enforcement. He needs people to take their heads out of their asses and realize what these protests are:
==BAIT TO PROVOKE A VIOLENT REACTION== These protesters are the useful idiots the left want to sacrifice so they can regain victim status.

Did these people forget the left still controls the media? They're waiting for Trump and the right to overreact. They want to regain narrative control over the masses who simply go alone to get along. Go listen to Uncle Yuri: https://

As Sun Tzu said: Pic related.

Fuck off, FBI

And here's the pic since formatting went to shit.

Maybe we can't start up death squads and start killing commies in the street yet, but we can defend ourselves. After all, Zimmerman got off - and that was under Obama and Eric Holder.
If some commie lays his hands on you, you know what to do. Remember, they aren't the only ones who can LARP as Indiana Jones.


Pretty much, we're give or take 3-4 years away from forming RWDS. Be patient and wait till the final pieces fall into place.

Thanks, cap'n!


If they start swinging, you start shooting.
If they start shooting, then it's already civil war, and you put the death squad together to begin the limpieza and turn the US into a hard-right state. Remember, if SHTF, they will be looking to start a commie revolution - it's up to you to nip it in the bud.

because a lot of Holla Forumsacks are under surveillance.
Did you think the party van was just a meme? I've been v& before, and so have a decent number of other Holla Forumsacks.
anti-"FBIposting" is an act of self-preservation for a lot of us.

Of course. This is all hypothetical here.

That's a dangerous slippery slope.

I've had people follow me before. All I want is friends.

Damn, I only just now realized this was the reddit version of the gif. Ah well.

this, anyone who doesn't understand Holla Forums's board culture has no right dictating to us to become violent.

If a liberal threatens you destroy them. Kill them if you need to.


sounds like hollywood is scared their little secret will be exposed

boycott list when

They do that right before they v& you, if they think you hate niggers they send niggers around your house to try and steal shit or fight you.
They would always ask me for weed, or go through my trash, sometimes both. The week before I got v& there were always hobos and niggers around my apt. complex hanging out in the public areas.

If you aren't already boycotting all western media you're doing it wrong.

Luckily I live in a well to do white neighborhood, my neighbor is the one who told me someone was outside my house sitting in a car. I watched him for about 30 minutes before he left. All he did was sit there, weird shit.

Any tips for not getting fucked? How did getting v& go down?

you go to jail for maybe 1 or 2 nights $ 150 fine have some family member call in for you at work if your a good worker any way you won't get fired most of the time your job won't find out you got arrested anyway …defending yourself you're not gonna get in trouble
don't be scared of WHAT Ifs

Because every right wing group in the US and Europe has been infiltrated to hell and back since the 1960's

Wynonna "I dodged the oven" Rider looking like …


I was really steadfast in not interacting with any of the weirdos/narcs. They broke into my house, like kicked my fucking door down ransacked the place and when I got home the place was crawling with cops.
They took me in because they thought I'd be "targeted" but only seemed to care about how much money I made, how I was making it, and my political beliefs
when I clammed up, and started pleading the fifth they tried to say I was crazy, and when I demonstrated that I knew the law they let me go and told me to avoid airports in a pretty sinister tone of voice.
Tried to sue for false imprisonment / fourth amendment violation and none of the lawyers in the area would answer my phone, but when I started calling from boostmobile sims they were all suddenly in and ready to be retained. Shit was fucked up.

I doubt that guy was a fed, if he was then that means they want you to know they're watching which makes no sense to me. I didn't realize all those guys were narcs until after the fact, just figured some nigger moved in around me and all his crime-ridden cohorts were setting up shop - there goes the neighborhood style.

So go take action. Why post here and leave a trail? Go get em tiger.


This, anyone remember the Holla Forumsankrobber Dave Davidson?

Isn't that the same thing that was in the "Stand Up for Us" PSA? Who that fuck is that?

yes, definitely Holla Forums

"I-I'm too afraid to leave my computer!!!"

Also >implying
Still a decent post.

All in all, you guys are mostly lazy and or cowards. "Action" does not mean violence in every instance. "Action" includes gathering outside of Holla Forums, organizing local communities, etc.
"LOL JUST ACT!!!" is not an argument. I have been acting and so should you, but that doesn't excuse us from trying to do more.
I'll find you and pull your liver out through your mouth after I use your own fingers to pry out your eyes.

I agree with this user

the FBI loves us

FBI go check out did you put that there thats ENTRAPMENT and why do i get the felling something important is being slid to day my propaganda scene is tingling

What are you still doing here? GO! GO! GO! Why are you posting here and replying to me instead of taking action?

You can't even shitpost properly, what makes you think you can stealth-shitpost?

Still not taking action? What's the hold up? Grab some supplies, put on a diaper, and start driving. There's plenty of things going on around the country.


Here's your action as well.

I made something for you.

Soneone tweet it at that faggot - and provide me evidence of his Jewry, which I've yet been unable to find but which seems highly probable.

If I ever see this faggot I swear to KEK I will punch him right in the fucking mouth.


Killing leftist faggots in self defense isn't illegal where I live. So go ahead and report me to every alphabet soup agency, I'm using Chrome without a VPN, idgaf. I'd kill anyone who theatens my life or the life of anyone I give half a shit about without hesitating, and would be completely within my rights to do so. Stand your ground + no permit CC = pic related.

Thing is, you're never going to see that faggot - and both you and he know as much.

He lives in a gated community or guarded complex somewhere in Los Angeles or Jew York, he does no frequent the places you frequent, nor you the places he frequents.

You will never encounter each other, which is why he is confident to make such statements - he knows he will never be in a position to reap the consequences of having to face you.
If you want a piece of him, you'll have to seek him out - and if you do anything to him, and its known that it was you, and thereby, what you represent, then you will merely make him a martyr.

These people have no fear, for they rest easy behind the iron and blood of others, knowing that even if such should fail they will be protected by the media machine whom they serve on their knees (pun definitely intended).

Talk is cheap. Whiskey costs money.

If they want violence, I have an excess of it I can give to them.

Agreed. Now is not the time. We wait.

I honestly feel like violence is needed at this point.

The leftists currently look strong, stronger than our group. The normals are scared, but it's not by our group, it's by the leftists. They'll join them because they don't want to be killed by them. We just don't even look strong enough to protect ourselves. It's natural, as animals to flock over to the group with the most power.

There is barely any right or wrong at this point, but a might makes right sort of thing. When normals see that these protesters can freely cause violence and destruction with little repercussions, they will think that the law doesn't apply to them, and when they figure that out, it will scare them even more, as they will think that EVEN fighting these monsters out of self-defense will bring repercussions to themselves, not the monsters.

We have to make it clear that we're not to be messed with at this point.

and where is this hypothetical point? How many of our people must be hurt or killed before we take action?

Wrong, my pronoun-respecting, gender-fluid-identifying, rapefugee-welcoming uber leftist female friend who spends all her time on social media is in the middle of a major identity crisis right now because of how happy other leftists on the internet were about Richard Spencer getting socked. She's literally a leftist because she thinks mean people are hurting the weak, and seeing an avalanche of people flinging hate and vitriol at this one guy, and celebrating violence against him when all he was doing was peacefully and calmly trying to discuss his views has shaken her to the core and opened up her eyes in a way I never could with facts.

I know
MFW will never get to remove degenerate commie kike actors

Why are you posting here? Go do it and don't leave a fucking paper trail.

It constantly amazes me how full of themselves these people are

This kind of already is happening. One lefty shot another at a Milo event because the guy "looked like a nazi" to him.

Even on HWNDU stream, one antifa guy was calling practically everyone nazis

I suggest you read about Franco's strategy against the commies. He knew what was going to happen warned everyone know one listened the commies got some power killed a lot of people and then……

You're already giving up.
Only when young men like you realize, accept, that they have no future without a change to the present, will we have a chance.

Imagine what Dylan Roof could have accomplished if he focused on infiltration, self-defense and marksmanship, while working a dead-end job and saving all his money, then after 5 years taking a trip out to Hollywood and employing a .30-06.
I wager, if he were clever, he could have taken out half the Jewish pornography industry in one night, before the LAPD even knew the first shot had been fired.

Just sayin…

Nigger are you high? The only people who think the left are strong are the establishment who push the idea, and the left themselves. Naturally people who aren't already leftards have the natural instinct to sense that might is right, and therefore the right is right.

And no, that's not how it's going to go down at fucking all. First off, the left isn't a unified group. It's a archipelago of multiple factions, communists, LGBT activists, etc., and while there may be a certain degree of overlap between those groups they usually don't have the same goal. They aren't a cohesive force.

Furthermore, you run into the race thing. The left won't be able to stand in a violent situation because it will dissolve immediately. It won't be the left, it will be the blacks, communists maybe. Most of the cucked leftists will probably be happy being subservient dogs and being shot by their comrades.

You don't realize how reliant the current left is on the establishment. Without it they would literally fall apart.

Some more proof the left isn't stronger than us, the military is and has been for millennium, a right wing dominated group. Even if it was being used against us, we would have cells in it like no tomorrow, and it would hardly be operating like it does against a foreign enemy. You can't convince people to kill their own civilians so easily. It's likely over a third of the military would defect. Not even to mention public officials, people who hold office, and things of that nature. We would have sympathizers carefully helping us and acting as a silent thorn to them.

We're the ones with the guns, we're the ones they are scared of because we're fascists, nazis, etc., They would be utterly obliterated. Point blank period. Most of the choke points in this country are in the whitest, most conservative areas of the country. All the liberals and communists basically live in buttfuck no where, so have fun defending a couple key cities where all your niggers and shit live.

Guess what, cities don't have that many exists. Find a map of city layouts, terrain maps, you can see how one could entrap a city fairly easily. Then you wouldn't even have to waste the bullets. All you would need is a couple guerrilla insurgents at most controlling the exists.

That isn't even the tip of the iceberg if you really want to get into logistics. Why the hell do you think they're fighting so hard to prevent a civil war? Not only will they go to no length to preserve power, but they know they will have their rotten heads swinging from lamp posts, and at that time our forefathers, both domestic and literal will be looking down upon us with glee.

Don't let them fool you.

To be honest, cuckservatives have been wondering this for eight years.

You think about how easily the left talks about shooting Trump and how fearful conservatives were to talk about shooting Obama.

*it won't be the left, it will be the blacks, the asians, the communists, the anarchists, perhaps most of the cucked whites will be happy as subservient dogs and being shot by their comrades.

sorry, could've been worded better on second inspection

Im more of the theory that if you let the commies show their bloodthirsty side to the imbeciles it will result in a much longer and better result then just taking action that results in self-defeat. I do agree with your second paragraph. This new worlds needs PRECISE ACTION. Not flailing reactions of violence.

I was v& too.

The headlock cut off my air. Handcuffs tight on my wrists, pulse throbbed.

They detain you – interrogation room. Actually use good cop/bad cop ploy. Thought they did hypnotic languaging and embedded commands to put me at ease. Sometimes they'd throw a bottle of water or chair at the wall to intimidate me.

I laughed because I knew enough law to protect myself in this situation.

A) Knew I could only be detained for X number of hours. So it was a waiting game of dealing with their bullshit.

B) Maintain discipline and not become emotional to start chirping like a fucking bird.

C) They can't do shit to me unless I'm formally charged. Otherwise, they can play Law & Order bullshit all day long.

D) All they do is try to wear you down or appeal to your ego so you will talk. Most normies can't sit there for 24 hours and repeat "I'd like to see my lawyer." They can detain you for longer, depending on if a judge grants them extra time to detain you based on the severity of the crime.

I started counting my breath to slow down my anxiety and slow my breathing.

Every question I responded with:

"I respectfully wish to use my right to remain silent and cordially ask for legal counsel."

They keep asking me shit, or throw a water bottle near my head. I kept calm by controlling my breathing and saying:

"Respectfully, I wish to utilize my right to remain silent and am noting for the record that I am asking for my right to legal representation."

They keep this shit up to see if you have discipline, or they try to play buddy, buddy. Or pull the "just help us understand" bullshit. They even say that they have someone in my family being held that will testify against me – legally, they can lie out their asses to get you to talk. I kept it up:

"Respectfully, sir – I wish to use my right to remain silent and am noting for the record, that I am asking for a lawyer."

They tried for an hour or so and realize that I knew we were being recorded (no video camera was in the room) and just stared at the wall, maintaining my breathing pattern. It's all about getting past each little question they have and either staying silent or responding by saying "I invoke my right to remain silent and note for the record, that I wish to be provided an attorney immediately."

They let me go, but I can see how normies get fucked over when they start talking. The feds or anyone can twist anything you say to them and use it against you.

Also, for the record, I do not condone any violence or ill-intention against anyone. (For the Feds watching.)

Note the dumbass normie in this video get conned by the cop during interrogation. All the fucker had to do was maintain his silence and ask for a lawyer… the dumb fuck.

Just be ready and knock them out (forever) if they start shit. In fact, you can be really 'outrageous' with your politics (just wear a Trump shirt) and become a magnet for liberals trying to swing and knock em out (forever).

Wow, textbook gaslighting. Good post user, will keep in mind if I ever find myself in that position.

I've read various police interrogation manuals and you are spot on here.
Pigs rely heavily on the normie addiction to attention and conversation with their "friends."
Cops exploit this by locking you up!to stew for a day, by which time the normie is in extreme talking withdrawal and craves a human to chatter innanely with.
Except the cop steers their social communicated energy into spilling the beans and self incrimination.
Autists have a massive advantage here, just don't fall into the other trap of responding to having your ego stroked and you're golden.

The child definitely looks it, the larger lower lip plus the nose.

congratulations on having the most politically correct belief possible


People here will probably call me a cuck or accuse me of being fbi, but I'm legitimately worried. Our new government needs to acknowledge the rabid attacks against us and take action against the perpetrators.

celebs calling for it

blm calling for it


what do you do if you like talking with people? Is it possible to evade the mind tricks or is it best just to shut up?

Whenever I've dealt with cops I've always just obeyed their orders and answered their questions truthfully, while also trying to connect with them on a personal level. I've not had any problems with them, but it sounds like that might not always be the best course of action, correct?

Cops are not your friend. They dont care what happens to you. keep your mouth shut at all costs unless you're asking for a lawyer. If you're getting pulled over for speeding or some shit dont be an asshole, but if you are arrested or questioned for ANYTHING ever you ask for a lawyer, because you could be convicted for shit you never did just based on some stupid unimportant shit you said to some pig.

In my unprofessional opinion, just be quiet. Remind yourself if they had concrete proof you did something, you would have been booked and sent to jail already. The cops you meet in real life likely aren't the ones you're gonna be dealing with. These guy's jobs are to get you arrested, and to get you to tell on yourself. So just say you want a lawyer and plead the fifth until you can speak with one.

You made that instead of taking it to the leftists? Man you really showed these newfags how pathetic they are.

Watch this, then watch the whole series, if you have the spare time. But watch this video embedded. .com/watch?v=IRCBzsii4Uk

It's been 10 days. Understand this is not going to be open war, and our new government isn't even in full control yet. Trump has positions that need to be confirmed. Breathe.

Let us remeber that during peak weimar, the nsdap was not a street gang, they were a political party with organized self defense. They tried to always fight the reds on their terms not visa versa. No reason to try and break up their rallies, but every reason for us to organize and support our own rallies. If we are lucky we can reach out to the disciplined and gifted wih our wordview, to make and defend that mass movement we so desperately need.

Leftists as a whole aren't strong, they mainly perform attacks by targeting vulnerable individuals who won't fight back like Richard Spencer. Even niggers fight in groups instead of keeping it one-to-one. I wouldn't be surprised if leftists planned to bomb churches and old churchgoers like shitskins do. If there's anything that they hate more than whites in the entire world, it's Christianity.

Probably going to get a typical response, but a lot of sodomites, feminists, and progressives are anti-theists who loathe Christianity. They want their own delusional version of a utopia rather than remaining with a prosperous biblical one. It's why they try so hard to reform denominations.

Ok first off Sun Tzu had a lot of things right and you never stop your opponent form fucking up. Just dont fuck up your self. That said Sun Tzu isn't the only tactical treatise. If the left wants to rise up they are going to have a hard time after they figure out no one has any guns lol.

id lose my shit in that room with whatever the fuck that wallpaper is. im not saying shit until they get me out of this damn room.

Watch the video:

The interrogation room is purposely made to be as featureless as possible, so your mind can not have any distractions. WATCH - THE - VIDEO.

Its SAS counter interrogation methods.

I wonder if that change was made because The Usual Suspects came out?

Someone take the end of this and mash it up with that guy getting punched with a lock at the airport.

Not sure what you mean.

Defending yourself isn't a mistake obviously, them calling for our death IS a mistake on their part. That should be encouraged, it radicalizes our enemies and pushes the normies even farther out of reach for the mid terms. If they fuck with you in real life, defend yourself, who is saying not too?

The enemy mistake quote is from napoleon not sun tzu.

thanks, hopefully I'm never in a situation where I need to do any of this but it's nice to know

I have mixed feelings about christianity, on one hand it's got some good stuff but on the other it's literally a jewish invention. I think they did the whole two truths and a lie routine, where the put in jewy subversive shit but also included a lot of good things

islam is in a similar boat, any abrahamic religion is going to be a jewish tool of conquest. personally, the only spirituality I have is centred on the the laws of nature and stuff. Morality derived from nature, hierarchy as seen in nature, etc

Winona Ryder is def a Kikess. Real name Horowitz.

Better safe than sorry. The idea is that it gets spread to everyone, everyone here should see that video. I guarantee, it will help someone.. and maybe even help them prevent their friends from being compromised. You may be fucked, but you dont have to be like John McCain and increase your friendly losses by 60% because you gave up all the packet route information to the enemy.

checking the chrips

yeah so mccain is often hailed as a war hero by the (((MSM))), but didn't he get held captive and chirped like a bird the instant they tried to torture him? didn't his fellow countrymen die because he gave up info? legit question, these are things i heard but i know almost nothing about the guy

I should have elaborated. It's a movie spoiler. After the protagonist was interrogated it was revealed that, he used the adverts and newspaper clippings behind the interrogator to construct a false narrative to the feds. It's a good movie, so be sure to see it sometime soon. It was written by the guy who directed Way of the Gun", MI5, and "Jack Reacher"

It's definitely Jewish in origin, I can't deny that, but it's an entity that both Jews and leftists currently hate for being "far-right".

To be fair I dont think "oven dodger" Wynonna Ryder knew wtf was going on because she's so fucking drugged out and confused

Yep, pic related.

I saw part of it, but not all. Ive heard of that spoilered scene in particular, either described or spoofed on the simpsons maybe.

wow I didn't know that about mccain. He betrayed his friends and country and now tries to play the victim card? that's not right

The left leaning jews sure, iirc the zionist jews are for subverting the right and the globalist jews are for the left. I'm still not too clear on the jq so I just generally try to avoid anything with jews in it. better safe than sorry

anyway I don't get why the left wants to push for violence when they staunchly oppose gun ownership. like what do they think is going to happen? the only strategy is just overwhelming us with numbers and I just don't see that happening, like ever

I lost the video, but it was something I really, really took to heart: Unless you are FULLY confident in your knowledge of the law and the legal system, never say ANYTHING without legal counsel present. Here's the thing. It might be a perfect situation. You might know you did nothing wrong, the police might actually be honorable and good-intentioned and honestly just trying to get at the facts. They might be respectful and pleasant and you might also want to help them solve whatever they're trying to solve.

But shit happens.

The police want to find the right guy, sure. But they're also under pressure to find ANY guy. They're paid to get results, and the last thing they want to do is put their hands up and admit they just can't figure out whodunnit. Plus, humans are pattern-finding creatures, to such an extent that we put together assumed patterns even when there aren't any. Even if you did nothing, the human brain can take things you said and sometimes put them together in such a way that it looks like evidence you DID do something, completely unintentionally. If you casually contradict yourself over the course of a long interrogation because you don't have photographic memory of your whole life and some minor fact changed in your brain due to mis-remembering or maybe some leading language from the interviewer? Proof that you're lying and trying to hide something. This is especially true if some normie detective starts the interrogation with the presupposition that you're le ebil nazi :DDDD or something. The fifth amendment exists for a reason, and it's not just something you plead from the bench in a courtroom. You are constitutionally protected from self incrimination, and do not have to answer these questions. I actually have a lot of respect and admiration for most law enforcement, but even I wouldn't answer a single question without a lawyer present, because like everything else the system and the people who comprise it are flawed.

And of course, if you DID do something you must absolutely, positively shut the FUCK up. Don't lie, don't make any attempt to mislead, just stay the fuck silent and ask for a lawyer.


never interrupt your enemy while they're making a mistake
those ITT and elsewhere calling for violence are either ignorant of the bigger picture or something (((else))). By all means defend yourself but if you go out seeking violence you're playing into (((their))) hands.

I didn't know there were many Nazi's left. Why would this guy want to punch elderly people? He sounds ridiculous


Are all you that fucking retarded you can't just send him lynched niggers with the caption "american as apple pie"

I would but I'm banned from twitter and keep getting re banned if I try to sign up again.

Against who? There are not right wing action groups. The antifa austists appear at protests only.

What do you actually want trump supports to do about some thin boned spergs that only protest in far left wing lib cities?

Why is Winona acting so weird?

Because she's surrounded by kikes. And probably on LSD. But mostly because kikes.
Rate my OC.
t. user surrounded by kikes, who did a lot of acid back in the day

No way that will happen, ever. They control the media, schools and churches, they're the clergy caste; they're the ones that tell the masses what is right and wrong. Even if a pinko commie faggot that defected to Cuba killed a president, the media would make up an insane conspiracy to cover it.

Holy shit I knew winona rider was batshit but she has actually turned into a character in a shitty tim burton movie


Reminder: I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good
Soon violent leftists will be declared a terrorist organization and they will be fair game. MSM can whine about the curbstompings as they happen.

These "people" will all be eventually executed for treason.

The left reveal their fangs even more. And the normies will see the left for who they really are.

hes quoting sun tzu you fucking autist
he doesnt mean literally do nothing while the enemy makes a mistake, he means dont react in a way that lets them know they are making a mistake. you should ALWAYS be acting in some way, but not with the enemys knowledge

But that's the thing. They aren't threatening us, they're threatening normies.

When they say "Nazi" they aren't talking about your average Holla Forumsock screaming "gas the kikes!" Oh no, to them the evil vile "Nazi" is a blue collar truck driver who thinks vetting refugees before letting them into the US is a good idea. When they say "Nazi" they mean the over 61 million people who voted for trump, regardless of how far right they lean.

It's Godwin's law made manifest. Anyone who speaks out at all against the left is now a literal Nazi and they feel they have every right to silence that dissent with violence.

In their minds they are fighting Waffen SS death squads in the burning ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto. In reality they're beating the shit out of a 58 year old unemployed machinist who voted Trump in the hopes that the run down factory in his bum fuck town would re-open.

All this can do is blow up in their faces, either literally or figuratively.

I think that something is going to happen by the end of february. I think it might even happen by this weekend. And I think it's going to involve a large group of liberals committing serious armed assault, possibly group murder.


i can smell the shit too so the fan must be approaching

I think that there is a chance that this time, the mob violence of the left will be met with a hail of bullets. With Trump in office, anyone in self defense can make an appeal to the white house. You know he'll hear that appeal.

I have said before, these Black Block LARPers are going to keep doing stupid shit until someone promotes one of them to fertilizer.

Not all non-Japanese games are cucked.

He doesn't say nazi in the video, he simply advocates punching literally anybody who disagrees with cultural marxism in the face.

Fucking this. Used to be common sense, but over time the trash from cuck/pol/ have dropped the averahe iq of the board some 15 points at least.

Violence and property destruction should never be taken off the table MUH PR-anons. Without the threat of violence being ever present everything else you do is meaningless. Trump gets away with what he gets away with because he isn't afraid of confrontation and I am willing to bet he throws a mean cross.

The problem we have is that while we (sort of) have a supportive state with /ourguy/ in office, the limpwrists have a limitless warchest in the ACLU, lawyer groups, Soros, etc.

When we fight back, at best you'll be up against a campaign to get your employer to can you. At worst, you're up against the courts and prosecutors at their very nature because of the adversarial legal system, want to nail you to the cross. Which you can fight - if you've got funding for a team of lawyers the likes that Soros and other vampire semites dole out to their operatives.

Best bet in the short term until the battlefield turns more favorable is to blend in and wreak havoc and distrust. Def not advocating violence, but these self-righteous crowds … how easy is it to blend in, mimic their style (it's all maskfags in black clothing, not hard to blend in without giving away your identity. Wolf in sheep's clothing and all that jazz), chant their bullshit mantras for a bit (however painful it is to parrot their jew masters' message) and then at a convenient time of your choosing - unleash the lion. Do the needful in that sea of anonymity, whatever you believe the needful to be - Heaven forbid without violence :^) - and tapdance exit stage right in the ensuing chaos.

Make them wary of assembling in number. Of trusting the maskfag to the left and the right of them. Drive them accuse every second member of being THE supersecret Nazi mole in their ranks and watch them devour their own.

Expect everything on this Taiwanese skywriting webring to be read and analyzed by jews, antifaggots and alphabet agencies. Keep details to yourself and irl buddies.

To add to the second paragraph - when's the last time you saw a good goy serve any time for violent assault against a bad goy? (hint: it's never)

Every kike defense lawyer is on the Soros gravy train and will rush to the good goy's aid to ensure their operatives suffer no civil or criminal repercussions for their actions.

We don't have that luxury. Any wealthy benefactor that stepped up willing to cover our legal costs would be immediately suspect, unfortunately.


You faggots try any of the shit you and you liberal snowflakes keep saying you're going to do on me, my family, or on anyone in my vicinity I will goodify you.

Fam. Gates don't stop anyone but weak faggots that cant climb. Guards are just as easy to kill as anyone else.

Even then, Holla Forums has a shitton of artillery, actual, 105mm howitzer artillery.

Stop being an assholes and elbows faggot.

Nice and succinct. How do you guys not get it?

This is not your super-secret fourth-Reich planning outpost. If someone on a public and monitored board talks about real-life "plans", they open themselves up to being apprehended, as well as having the site blocked in many nations due to it being a labelled as as hub for terrorists.

Know the difference. You can say 'gas the kikes' or 'purge communists' in an abstract sense. You cannot give locations, times and dates. You can encourage people to defend themselves, you can organise protests and rallies; you cannot organise 'attacks'.

The craziest thing is that were any of you actually inclined to perform an attack; WHY THE HELL would you plan it in a place that you know is monitored not only by antifa/commies but also law enforcement? It is self-sabotage of the highest order, and that is why there are calls of >FBI.

To clarify; there is nothing wrong with encouraging people to fight back. We are strong, we should defend the weak and it is not illegal to have a presence in real life. It is not illegal to stand up for those who are under attack, or to patrol areas to make sure no harm befalls your community. Do that. Do not plan "violence" here though.

dat echo chamber

Just carry weapons if you're worried for fuck sake.
Find some cheap ass fucking six-shooter and go with that if you have to.
Don't just sit around and concern troll, if a lefty comes near you just blow his head off.

No surprise. Big Bang Theory is basically a show about jews jumping around on screen and doing jewish, AKA scatological, things.

He looks like he's straight outta Tel'Aviv.

That "Days of Rage" thread was super interesting, I had a couple thoughts relating to it.

Skinheads, general nationalists, and patriot groups have taken up an inordinate amount of funding for a long time. Their excuses are always that the organizations "cross state lines" because they're loosely affiliated with one another. Note that they haven't posed a significant security threat since the 30's when folks like Father Coughlin were just kicked off the air and their organizations dismantled with no legal reason.

Other organizations that cross state lines include:
Black gangs like the crips or bloods
Mexican Mafia

Blacks and browns are literally held as more valuable by the government. This is a value statement and should be addressed as such. While I believe the majority of FBI people are good folks, they serve kind of an evil purpose right now without seeing it due to compartmentalization. Individual agents should come forward about the massive disparity in law enforcement protection if only to shift the Overton window back to actual justice.


I will stick with The Legendary Hercules.

Time has come, FBI no longer care about what we do and will probably be thankful we do it. These lefty faggots are as weak as ever. Do something about it or suffer the consequences.

tell us more about how Holla Forums has all this artillery? That sounds like a lot of horseshit.

hi fbi. Weren't you the queers who did nothing to stop Hillary's lies from getting through? you're as useful as tits on a boar. The problem we have with America is it's federalization of everything political and the conclusion of that is globalism, suffering and economic inefficiency. You're the true cancer of this nation and you should kill yourself.

President Trump should open a muslim rapefugee camp right in the middle of Hollywood. Limousine leftists work so hard to import muslim jihadists to “enrich” working class Americans. But champagne socialists don’t get to enjoy the diversity in their gated, super rich neighborhoods. It’s time they get to see the cultural enrichment they support, first hand. Diversify Hollywood.

here is a hypothetical theory on rl action

I never understood how anyone could trust an actor.
they spend their entire professional lives literally practicing deception to please their jewish handlers, how on earth could their public lives differ?

Winona's tits look great

Every single one is a jew.