More young white Europeans escape to the third world

More young white Europeans escape to the third world

I have been living in Thailand, Cambodia and the Phillipines for the past couple of winters and noticed a trend: More and more young whites are going into exile.

10 years ago it was just the bitter old sexpat who felt discarded in his home country and at least wanted to get laid once a while and now disenchanted young whites probably make up half of the expats.

Most of them felt equally discarded by society an oppressive muslim invader pushing cuck society, stuck in low paying dead end jobs, never got laid cuz strong empowered women and moved to south east asia often on very low incomes from online work to search for greener pastures.

While south east asians are generally low IQ imbeciles it's easy enough to live there and laws virtually don't apply which is a fresh breeze to euros who tend to live in oppressive regime type countries.

What do they do for a living though?


I expect it to be similar to whats going on in Brazil: Whites constitute a high IQ elite class.

In the third world the average European man has a vastly superior IQ and as such can rise to the top rather quickly.

I wouldn't be surprised if the increased exodus of Whites from Europe/US resulted in more of these things building up around the world.

If I remember right, without reversal of our current demographic struggle, Uruguay and Argentina will be the largest European White demographic bearing nations in 2100.

the codemonkey work that gets outsourced to third world countries already

All kinds of stuff. Ex NEETs mostly do the lowliest work like writing articles, translating stuff etc. while others found their niches in more intricate stuff like running blogs, publishing books, running small service companies etc.

It's cheap enough to live there so you don't need huge incomes and 1k a month can get you a good middle class type life.

Actually the chinese occupy most of the top in south east asia despite local protectionism. They're kind of the jews of asia.

Then they were quicker than modern Whites.

They filled the power vacuum left by decolonization, a good move to make.

Too much coincidence, I bought a ticket to Thailand today. I'm going to live in a Buddhist monastery.

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I don't know about the rest of you guys but I doubt I could live in a non white country for too long.

I kind of want to immigrate to North Africa. I think I could accomplish alot there if I put my mind to it.

If you find whites you can relate to it's a breeze, but if you have no white community you will go crazy / become alcoholic more often than not.

I went a bit crazy before when I had no white acquaintances because most expats were dodgy as fuck 10 years ago in Bangkok so I know. (vid related)

'small service company?'

how many neets do you know?

I met probably 20-30 in Chiang Mai.

Small service company = translations, SEO, web design etc.

Good luck user. Better than wasting away in a cubicle job for sure.

How are Thai ´people in general? I've heard some people say most society is very conservative, but big cities are very degenerate


enjoy being allahuahkbar'd.

it's like you don't know what happened in the last two three years in north african from tunisia to egypt.

not a good time to be a westerner in an islamic shithole. just saying.

They range from friendly and polite to moody and rude.

I don't speak the language and it's a strange tribal peasant society with strong paternal power structures.

I have probably double the IQ of most of them and share zero interests so I just stick to myself and other foreigners.

Not just about pussy. I don't mind whoremongers, although I rarely associate with them. Most people just want basic freedom from an oppressive government.

If you get a thai monkey girlfriend and treat her as an equal while she milks you dry off shekels because you're lonely you kinda deserve what you get.

OP is it true that young, single white men are targeted by police and vigilante groups who assume they are there for underage sex tourism? Ever ran into any suspicions about this?

all white western NEETs?

were any American?

more specific character profiles would be facinating and informative reading. Thank you for posting

Locals probably assume you fuck hookers. There are no underage hookers commonly available to foreigners in Thailand (maybe to locals idk). In cambo maybe cause it's poor as fuck but I wouldn't know. People generally leave you alone and mind their own business, no matter what you do.

Sounds like you're talking about India or something idk.


I know azn americans as well. One living in some $300 a month hotel room at the beach in cambodia who is playing poker for a living.


live or online?

Both. I think he's crazy to play live though cause cambos have guns and a life isn't worth much. Although people generally will leave you alone, if someone thinks you got lots of shekels you might get robbed / kidnapped.

Where is a good place to play poker in Thai?

Online. There is no live poker aside from dodgy home games.

Has white flight gone too far?

If you're poor and white and can somehow make shekels online you're much better of in Asia than in the shittiest mudslime and nigger infested parts of western countries.

Can confirm this

white expat making roughly 1k USD weekly from writing shitty affiliate articles, know a few other expats that are publishing books on amazon or running drop shipping sites.

1k weekly in most western white countries is only just enough to get by, with no real opportunity to save. Many of the guys I know are living in thailand and saving large amounts of money due to the low cost of living.

They're all idiots, though. Thailand and southeast asia by extension are horrid shitholes full of subhumans and degenerates.

If you're a freelancer expat that wants to move somewhere cheap, come to eastern europe. Hungary, croatia, czech republic all white as fuck and incredibly cheap to live in on USD.

Sort of. China men are like jews in the sense that they're great legalists and tend to dominate institutions, but unlike jews they lack the social skills to lead subversive social movements. I guess asians are generally just too autistic for that

ohhhhhhhhhhh, they're the same fucking thing. this actually never occurred to me.

Chinese = full blown autism
Thais & filipinos = full blown down syndrome

In some cities, the elite is composed for nips and arabs.

what does that make cambodians? old world monkeys?

Im literally playing a long con to get a fascist president installed in a Latin American country.

burgerland here, I see billboards shilling for Guatemala or central American real estate for rich fags

Only EU fags can go and work there from my research. It is almost impossible for an American to go and move anywhere on their own volition. Especially on a permanent basis. Need to be brought in on a work visa that no one is going to do because we are some of the most expensive workers and you get kicked out when it's up. I stupidly thought that some nations might want a relatively rich foreigner to show up and start a business, build a factory, hire the unemployed locals, etc. Nope, they want everyone to be poor/hopeless, that situation is what keeps the current rulers in power. Glad Trump is straightening this place out. Now the US will unquestionably be the best place to start, own, and operate a business for the next century or more. All of those fag countries that didn't even want American entrepreneurs bumbling about are gonna get rekt now. Slovak Republic denied me citizenship even though I was supposed to have that through my grandparents but they did make filthy gypsies citizens. Crooks wanted like $20k fee for them to consider my application for residency as an entrepreneur. I hope those commies enjoy their crushing poverty.

This is true. You can certainly buy citizenship for fairly cheap in South America, though.

Why on earth would anyone go to Asia when Eastern Europe and South America are 1000x better and have substantial White populations?

Some of the shittiest places in the universe

With that budget you can even afford a middle class life in some Western European countries such as Portugal or Greece.

Before Morales completely fucked Bolivia I was looking there. Had no gun control at all before him. I need to be able to legally operate to solicit investors (as much as I am loathe to take outside money). So then that fucker just decrees gun bans. All that time and effort researching that shit hole blown to hell. Thank Odin Trump came along. Now if we can just get rid of that fucking NFA…

If you can manage to survive a decade in the Philippines, you can get citizenship and that means you can legally pack heat. Serious heat like full auto MAC-10s. Also, the Philippines has the same religion as the United States: 1911s in .45 ACP.

If you have a fetish for female arm hair maybe

t. andrew "jailb8 girlfriend" anglin


Meh, it's still better than my home town. There's only one non-English language here, instead of several. Then there's also the fact that there are fewer mosques. It can always be worse.

Yeah, before I left people were super worried that I'd be targeted constantly for muggings and shit. They're not niggers, they don't chimp out like that.

I'd be too embarassed/ashamed to be seen in SEA without greasy hair and a giant hiker backpack or a white gf by my side. Or even telling my family and friends I had lived there.

That is ground zero for the dregs of white countries and men who couldn't get laid with white succubi.

I appreciate moving to a cheaper, less pozzed country but there are dozens of those in Europe to choose from. Shame it's harder for Amerilards to stay there.

Would it matter what they think though? I wouldn't go to SEA though, if I have to (I probably will as I'm a fucking leaf) I would go to south america

You're right that it doesn't matter in the end. Any westerners already there made the same choice as you so it doesn't matter.

Ever watched The Beach with Leonardo Dicrapio? It's a dream reality where white people are living on a pristine Thai island. Exotic non-white locales are best enjoyed with other whites tbh.

Pretty much, it's amusing seeing repulsive women scoff at white men going abroad. But in reality they are scared as they should be. I'd rather save my country before that, but you can't help those who won't help themselves. I know I wouldn't miss the niggers and sand niggers one bit

Is there anywhere you can go where you won't get jewed?

why would you go live in asia when you can live in croatia, bulgaria, romania, greece, italy etc.

Aren't they filled with 'fugees?

What about Serbia? Is it any good?


Ackshually Asians are moving to Africa. You can look this up. Chinese are making businesses and taking Black women as wives.

Come back in time for the race war, user. We'll need your steady head on the battlefield.

What I find so refreshing about India is that it's not jewish! It's like breathing fresh air to not have jewry's influence whichever way you look. That's one of my allures to going there, plus I like living the colonial lifestyle and having servants.

stop fucking advertising,… dont need more of you fucking plebs invading. SEA going to shit anyhow… time to move on to greener pastures.

Shit man, I could live in Flip land like a king for 5-6 years, maybe low end for 10 years with what I got in the bank right now.

It won't make it that far, society is about to collapse right now, and we are 57% white in USA.

Its more likely Hitler comes back, then we survive till it gets that bad.

Come on now.

You know, you're just as bad as the muzzies that are fucking up your country right?

Staying in your little communities, not learning the locals customs and language. You're the fucking leech, just as bad as the refugees.

They are moody and uncomfortable because you fail to immigrate into society. Unless you're going to colonize, fuck right off.

t. Californian being overran by fucking spics in orange county

Catholic majority with a lot of Christian denominations, just avoid the shitholes, Duterte is still cleaning up the trash.

Last year at the Olympics, you can see a lot of Chinese Ping Pong players with African names, gotta fucking say, that's dedicated autism to emigrate, naturalize, legally change your fucking name, learn the language, and self-finance when the shithole you emigrated to can't afford it.


Canadian kills Muslims at a mosque. Every Canadian here understands whats about to happen. Time to try and GTFO before its too late.

Expect a pile of these threads popping up in the coming months. Save us Trump. :/


No free meals in those countries user. No shekels and you starve. I'm sure commiefornians wouldn't mind rich spics that don't work off the books undercutting locals and taking away what would be entry level jobs for those less fortunate whites.

A white person in Thailand speaking the local language and knowing the customs is like a nigger in a white country trying to be white. You'll always be an outsider, so why bother?

Australian here. I'm planning on moving to Eastern Europe. Which country is best? (i.e. which country has the best women (i.e. best looking and anti-slut))) I will have a Law degree and and Electrical Engineering and Physics degree.

Will Trump get rid of discrimination law so entrepreneurs can hire based on ability instead of race/gender?

Because if I did that I would return home with a non-English by blood wife. My children would still be white, sure, but it's still not the same. I'm completely sure that would happen if I went to any of those places. In asia? That's not happening, ever.

See? 100% sure it would happen if I went there.

If you really wanted to, you could also take a local wife and have local kids, but that is entirely self-serving.

You live where you belong

It's intoxicating because in some places whites are treated like royalty while niggers are treated like the animals they are. The jew does this to asian cultures, promoting (((western ideals))) and ideology to break their culture while at the same time promoting eastern culture in our homelands, which is why we've seen the past 5 years of Korean girls suddenly being put on a pedestal by normies, and K-Pop everywhere. The Jews are killing two birds with one stone by depopulating whites from the west and then appealing to Asian worship of whiteness by using them as a front for the promotion of cultural marxism in the east. They also know by making white countries unlivable for middle class whites while giving them a life luxury in the east, whites will never return to their homelands. It's been decades in the making, but has really picked up in the past 10 years.


I am doing my TESOL degree right now. I will go to one of these SEA countries for an easy 40kpa job and get to save most of it because of the low cost of living.

Sometimes I think a good vacation will do the body good I'd like to do Thailand so I can do a Muay Thai camp also maybe go to one of their famous parties.

The man I was when I left could never have done anything.
You want the man I will become.

That's already the case tbh – saudi , kuwait & emirates are about to burst with pinoys, pakis & indians.

How is that any different then the US?

The way it is in my shithole, I wouldn't notice a difference anymore. And living among asians seems better than among imported muds and nigs who are 80% young male.



what a strange thumbnail, fucking faggots

You would have more of an argument if he was trying to institute a culture like the Muslims have or establish Sharia law.

Though he could, if ironically, he tried to turn Thailand into a liberal society the weak politically correct structures that would form in several generations would be fertile breeding ground the later incoming Islamists.

no, they all want to get to germany

Presumably White things, like long-term planning survivalism and civilization.

Central and South America are dicey as fuck. No joke. You will find no peace there. Visited Guayaquil in the late 1990's and found the people to be shifty, insular and in no way shape or form the "live and let live" types. I showed up a bit loopy to the airport for my flight back to Miami after a night of partying with a coffee bean broker I met (read CIA). While I was a bit bleary, I was not belligerent, and simply sat in the virtually empty seating area and fell asleep. I woke up to a plain-clothes intelligence type with a M9 pistol on his hip poking my shoulder with two cops behind him. The Airline girl working the ticket table walked over and said in English and Spanish that I was not bothering anyone, then I was escorted outside where my luggage was set in line and open for inspection. The intel guy asked me why I came to Ecuador and I said I was visiting a girl, which I was. He ordered the cops to search my bags and walked away. Cops found nothing, obviously, so I got on the plane and off I went. I had the distinct impression that had I stepped out of line, the shit would have stacked up pretty quickly. Why fly overseas when I can get the same busybody bullshit in America? In the end, the whole Gringo mindset is simply too deeply ingrained in the entire Latin American culture. The ultimate goal of the expat lifestyle is to *not* feel the need to walk around watching your back 24/7.

All you need to do is read about John McAfee in Brazil, or if you want a good fucking laugh and a hyper-accurate insight into Latin American cultures check out "The Decline And Fall Of Michael Fumento" on JewTube.

If I had to start over again, I think Vietnam would be the up and coming destination, with quite a few Australian guys reporting a very enjoyable lifestyle there. Again, check JewTube for lots of videos on that subject. Thailand is a fair choice, minus the ladyboys and expat over-saturation. It's a shame the Mango Sauce webpage shut down years ago, because that site was a gold mine.

Hahah! user, you sound like me when I lived in Brno back in 2004. Holy fuck Czechs are the most self-defeating faggots on earth. I tried hard to open a small internet cafe, hire some locals, offer a good service, all that shit Americans think needs to be done. Local cocksuckers and a (((guy))) from California I met locally simply could not get their shit in gear, so I said fuck it and moved further East. Like you said, they bend over backwards for the fucking Roma parasites and shit on the people bringing in hard capital. Idiots.

There seriously people who want to move to the potatozone?
Ffs, most of these countries don't roll out the red carpet for foreigners and are essentially run by the mafia and old communist crony connections. There's a reason loads of people emigrate from there all over Europe.

Are we being raided?
I keep on reading shit like this in most threads today.

Stop being salty dude, we ultimately want our own people in our country, not to be filled up by americans even though we both are white, we still want our own part of the world.

You don't fucking belong there, that's why. You're an asshole and a fucking hypocrite for living in a non-white country and wanting nationalism and supporting white people in your own country. Don't you see that?

Truth. Life is really easy for average English teacher joe with some random college degree in Asia while he is forced to serve niggers for min wage in some service level job more often than not.

Me salty? Hardly man, I'm sitting smug as fuck in a great position. I am an ethnic Slovak. I think it is reasonable that I have a right to live in my mother country but they disagree. There is definitely family property there that I have claim on but I will not bother now. During Bongo's rule I figured my grandparents made a huge mistake and I did not want to settle down and build a business and a family in niggerized America so why not go back where I came from? However, I'm not wanted but gypsy scum is wanted, that's fine. Glad they told me to fuck off up front because we are going to have an American Star Empire now while the Slovak Republic will continue to be a sleepy backwater country at best. I have seen no evidence that Slovaks want their own independent nation. Almost as soon as they got independence they signed onto the EU while most people of Slovak blood live in the USA. It is like my dad said, the first person to stab a Slovak in the back is another Slovak. By the way, this also goes for Ireland too, which is the other half of my family and gave me the same treatment.

I wish Trump would seal us off from European immigrants too. These people think American immigrants are incompatible with their way of life so it is only fair we return the sentiment. Or maybe we only let the good looking women in. We certainly do not need the men for anything.

I wasn't talking about jewsus catholic faggot shit! I'm talking about 230 grains of lead at 875 feet per second!

You apparently don't get it. Citizens = government property. Good luck getting a decent job in eastern euro countries if you aren't sucking crony capitalist dick. Your alternative is to work for outsourcing jews at hilariously low salaries with no benefits.

Americucks don't really get how much opportunities the US provides if you work hard and apply your work ethics to the right niches.

Europe is hell and you won't find meritocracies in any industries at all.

Why would they dont want to be inseminated by superior white sperm?

I would give up kidney to get out of this shithole and get a green card

Go to USA idiot

You guys think that Eastern Europe is some fairytale land with small medieval villages where you can find virgin wife with big boobs that will stay in home to cook and take care of your 12 children. In reality it is postindustrial toxic land, where you are goverment property, living in system designed to keep you poor and dependent, squeeze every tax shekels they can from you, go for socialized retirement and die on cancer in socialized hospital because they run out from goverment limits on treating cancer patients in this year. And no guns. You dont need guns. Goverment is here to protect you.

when do we get to re-colonize africa?

(Stress Sigh) This is the attitude I'm talking about, you still don't get it. There is no magic dirt. You have to do for yourself and use what you have to get what you need, even if it means doing things in a very drawn-out and roundabout way. It seems the concept of entrepreneurship is completely alien to modern Europeans and that's a huge problem (for them). I work for me. I know the job situation is shitty there and it was shit here until Trump starting turning things around in the last few weeks. I'm starting my own business (several actually). Was going to hire a bunch of people, both skilled labor or people I would train myself. I didn't want to contribute to Bongo's America so I tried to get into old country but that's a moot point now. You complain about a lack of jobs but I was blocked from bringing jobs to Europe because I am an American (of Slovak descent) but gypsy scum can come in and get free money and Slovaks do nothing to fix that. We cannot fix it for you from our end.

When I tried to explain that I was trying to immigrate to Slovak Republic or Ireland and start a business, the officials and others I talked to over there did not fucking understand either. It was not for a lack of their English ability, they spoke at native level. They did not even know that you could just start your own business i.e.; form a corporation, rent a building, buy machine tools, hire workers, etc. Things that I thought I did not need to explain to people over five years of age. They kept telling me, "Your employer will need to sponsor you, blah, blah, blah, stupid shit that does not apply to me, blah, blah, blah, gibs money now plox." At first I did not conceive that adults could be so ignorant so I would talk more slowly since my regional accent means I talk very quickly but it did not matter because the problem was cultural. Not entirely unique to the European mindset either. Saw a similar thing happen in the Southern USA. People will just sit waiting around until someone gibs them a job or gibs them a welfare check depending on what color they are. Seems really weird to me coming from the fast-paced North East were everyone hustles all day and will sell anything that isn't bolted down. Because, who the hell gets rich being an employee?

If whites come to Uruguay (I'm here), and through moral but stern protest make the apathetic white middle and upper classes vote something that isn't corrupt old men (there isn't a single choice that isn't corrupt old men, so you'd need to bring leaders too) then whites would have a fantastic country, with exellent weather for crops and very small half nigger percentage of the population.

I moved to south Africa 4 years ago from america, I live in a very nice part of Durban and teach at a school where the majority of kids are either white or Asian. Tbh I love this country a lot more than America even though there is always the threat of the blacks.

Actually you cant
They usually have laws preventing foreigners to own property or local businesses

Yeah, lots of places have that. When I checked into Japan, it was illegal for a foreigner to own a controlling interest in any Japanese firm. We really need reciprocal laws in everything. That shit would end real fast. But I agree with them keeping non-natives out of the government.

In euro countries starting a limited liability business is a bureaucratic nightmare except in the UK + tax hell.

In Germany you needed 50k a couple years ago just to do so + endless costs to feed lawyers and bureaucrats + tons of regulations and restrictions that make a lot of small business owners say: "Fuck it, it's just not worth it + I'm not a fricking bureaucrat but a business guy".

Hence tons of employees willing to work for few shekels and crony capitalists that control lots of business sectors.

That's a super shitty and unlivable situation but it's up to Europeans to fix it. This Amerifat tried but couldn't. A good start would be buying some SVDs in Ukraine and sniping those kike politicians. Give them some fear. Their total lack of fear of the European goyim emboldens the kikes to a ridiculous extreme.

Have you tried Novorussiyia? New country yes, but they have a new outlook on things after their war with ukraine. If some rich eastern european showed up with cash to hire the locals, rent a building and buy machine tools to improve, stabilize, repair the local economy ( and the local supply of stuff) they'd welcome you, because their volunteer military comes from all over europe.
By the way, what do you plan on making? If its stuff like agricultural tools and industrial stuff or things used in weapons manufacture you'll be welcome there.

Here's a little protip: Get a Arab or Turk business partner who signs off the paperwork. Turns out most bureaucrats are pussy faggots who are suddenly extremely reluctant to touch you because they fear getting their fingers broken over a tax audit.

You didn't bribe the right people. Simple as that.

Those Novorussiyia dudes killed all my Ukrainian mobster buddies whom I already had an in with and were going to hook me up with everything I needed for my own PMC. It would have been some real life S.T.A.L.K.E.R. type shit going down and you would have been hearing news reports of dead kikes for sure. That all went to shit thanks to them. I do not care what their grievances were, White people should not kill each other. Not until all shitskins are exterminated anyway. All Slavs were getting along well for the first time in ages until they started killing people. Maybe in the end Novorussiyia will be successful but I doubt is was worth all those White lives.

I will make weapons of course. And armor. Eventually aerospace and robotics too. You need to build one business to get the seed money to do the next like matryoshka dolls. I need to start out with something cheap to get into and high profit and that is software, can't say anymore until copyrights are secured and the lack of a place to incorporate has delayed that by almost a year but now with Trump, there are no worries about the nation but state law dominates corporate concerns and my current state has gone to shit.

Was looking into Transnistria as it seems like my kind of place. People there seem like they do not tolerate bullshit and faggotism like they did here in the US. Would have been a good place to make weapons but Putin cucked them a few years ago so I didn't bother.

If I could afford to pay all of the bribes people want, I would have stayed in Jew Jersey. The weather there is exactly to my taste and the cheese steaks are huge and cheap. Nothing I want to do is illegal (or should be) so I refused to pay bribes to kike governments. While I am a gangster and have been immersed in that lifestyle for decades I stay out of jail because I always have a legal explanation for everything I do. Once you hand money under the table to someone in the government (any government), they've got you by the balls.