Do you guys think this guy, Alexandre Bissonnette, is really the mosque shooter in Quebec?

Do you guys think this guy, Alexandre Bissonnette, is really the mosque shooter in Quebec?

He supposedly called the police himself to admit his guilt, he is white, he liked the Trump page. He seems like someone perfect to blame. What if this is a set up?

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I wasn't there so I don't know if it was this guy or not. These "mosque shootings" are always quite sketchy tbh

There were multiple gunmen. Possible homosexual couple.

Yes, but what is Alexandre's reason for shooting up a mosque when he never was much into complaining about refugees. And why would he do it when two weeks before he was acting normal and he had a goal in life? What suddenly changed his mind?

And if he really did hate muslims, then why was the other attacker a muslim shouting allahu ackbar? This does not make sense to me. If you were nationalistic you wouldn't team up with another muslim to kill in the name of islam.

To top this off, I'm reading that he was a political sciences student. Something which top cucks study. Someone who really agreed with Trump and other "far right" groups wouldn't study that SJW fest.

this is the most blatant false flag attempt I've seen in a while. Do they really expect people to be stupid enough to believe their story when it took them over a day to decide that, instead of the original report of 3 arab shooters shouting allah akbar, there actually was one white dude. Oh and he supports Trump and FN, go figure.

someone link the megadeath brewery video

I bet he is a sjw sacrificing himself with his giant victim complex to blame it all on evil right wingers.

I think it's this or he's MK'd.



He shouted allahu ahkbar. If he identifies as a ahkbar who are we to say he's a white male.

He has a cuck face, that of a marxist who reads weird twitter. He probably volunteered to stop Trump because he read the Good Opinions from the jews

He's a QT.

He was most likely blackmailed or drugged into shooting it up with the other two mudslimes then got thrown under the bus as the only suspect.

Dylan 'Storm' Roof part deaux?

Wouldn't be surprised if he attacked it to make whites look bad. But this is not the attacker anyway.


Normalfags will believe it. Unless it's meme'd away.

reported for degeneracy.

He can not be the fucking killer, I can't believe it.

Was he drinking megadeth beer?

BTW, you must be 21 to view this website.

What is degenerate about acknowledging that someone is good looking, exactly?


You sound gay therefore you must gay.
If there is a doubt then there is no doubt.
Guards arrest these faggots and PUT THEM AWAY FOR GOOD.

21 ? why ?

Extremely suspicious, he was most likely working with the shooters as the one to take the blame.

This whole story has black ops written all over it.

agreed. this is fake news.

You sound like you hate masculinity, you fairy fucking faggot.

kek I have one from a friend.

Sounds like a false flagirino to me so they can push more immigration and restrict what gun rights leafs have left.

When it all came out, it was unanimously suspected by every Canadian news outlet I saw that the attackers were anything but white. Don't let that get memory holed. Who knows how far the rabbit hole goes on this. Could be Sandy Hook tier, could just be disgruntled mensch redacting some retribution upon the Islamic invaders, who knows.
t. Burger

the Imam even said there was security cam footage.

leftists will certainly believe it now

His name reminds me what huezillians leftist call Bolsonaro supporters, 'Bolsonetes'.

Beta cuck spotted, also gay confirmed the suspect look prepubescent

is there a webm of that?

This guy isn't a suspect, dumbass. Read before you start talking shit, you fucking retard.

What if it's as described and you're just a shill for a nazi regime? Then what?

Whew! An user on 8ch has decided it's fake news.

Take the night off, everyone else. pol has this one covered. It was a "cuck" who was a "feminist" and "muslim". Got it.

If he's really the guy, he's a fucking idiot. This country is about to get 10x more cucked thanks to him. The media is going to blame this on Trump's rhetoric and people up here will believe it. This is a setback for nationalism in Canada.

Mohammed interview

Canada is fucked.

Here it is, the end of my country.

What a happy coincidence.

False flag.

Two shooters - but only one suspect arrested. They left the CSIS guy go.

This was to ram home Bill 59 and Europeanize Canada.

Help me Holla Forums, you're my only hope.

No, he is preserving healthy masculinity by calling out sodomite behavior when he sees it.

If you aren't a woman, you are a decadent homosexual who will meet his end very soon on the DoTR.

The amount of /smug/ over on reddit is fucking nauseating. They're gloating so hard about it being an alt-right christian cis scum white male terrorist. The new shilling efforts over there are really doing a bang-up job. They're a lot more effective than CTR was.

Despite the fact that 98% of all terrorist attacks are done by muzzies, they're still going to use this as ammo.

People are that stupid. They don't question stuff like this especially if it fits their narrative. False flags are just tinfoil shit to the normalfags.

Definitely. Usually when you organize reddit by controversial posts you can see the normies questioning this stuff come out. Now that questioning is totally and completely gone; Crew is doing a really damn fine job shilling. It's a shame reddit so far is hemorrhaging between 300k to 600k users a month; those traffic stats have only gotten worse after the election; they're flushing all the dissident out.

I can't understand why people don't delete their Facebook profiles before taking violent action. If it were me I would try to delete every trace of me online, wipe and throw my hard drives into a landfill and destroy the SD cards on my phone.

You can't erase a Facebook profile.

INB4 Francophone Sandy Hook

I dunno Holla Forums. Have we passed the point where there is any possibility of peaceful resolution of the divides in our nation?

I am starting to think we are past the point of no return. I hope I am wrong. Don't want to derail the thread but some reassurance or second opinions would be nice.

It may be getting close to the time to say to hell with understanding the truth, who is right and who is wrong, and time to put on your boots and grab your musket.

If someone has that screencap of the guy who lived through the civil war where he talks about how one day everything is fine and people are going to work, and the next day they were hunkered down with their AK's blowing each other to smithereens, now would be a good time to post it. Also, a Holla Forumsack recently posted parallels to our current state of affairs and the events that led up to the ousting of Milosevic.

God help us.

Faggot detected.


That's interesting, I've never seen this on the cop cars.

that's kinda cool though

He was an anti-fa ultracuck who rotelearned the correct opinions so hard and wanted to telegraph his good taste to the ghost of trotsky that he false flagged a mosque himself after liking the pages of Trump and Le Pen in order to coincide with Trump's Muslim ban

It's more usual than what you would expect.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised.

Same guy? He's mentioned in second to last paragraph. Looks like mudslimes killed his bro in afghanistan

Could be a patsy. Then again:
Maybe he was working for Mossad. Although that doesn't disqualify him from being a patsy.

If he was working for Mossad he wouldn't have made his leanings so obvious.

either way deus vult

You can delete one, even if they dug up my old one they'd get nothing propaganda worthy. I'd leave my old commie shit out to false flag the left

We're slowly approaching the point where right or wrong doesn't matter on the globalist issue, yes.

The Rwanda genocide was something that happened almost spontaneously. Sure the government their response accelerated it BUT it would never have happened if the two groups (hutsis tutsis) didn't hate each others guts. People voluntarily killed each other due to year of hatred building up.

Slowly the point is approaching that dialogue will fail, and by that time civil war will come. And it wouldn't matter if you had an house full of guns, people close to you might suddenly decide to turn on you or fuck you over in one way or another. The best way to win in a civil war is to flee and not participate at all.


The real point where it will happen is probably somewhere after Trump leaves office. Why do I think that? The Euro is a failing currency, the EU is failing and the economic surplus is based off nothing and just created out of nowhere. The Euro is used in countries that can't sustain it (Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy to name a few). These countries have a large yearly budget deficit and just get into more and more problems. They can't devalue the Euro either because of other stronger economies, so they're stuck with an economy that can't repair itself since there is also no federal governing body that can give favours to these countries (something the EU should be doing but is failing at).

The Euro countries will eventually fail and with it would come a large economic collapse which would be much worse than 2008. The same thing applies to the USA. Other countries in history generally wouldn't accept USA just continueing to bullshit on fiscal policy, which would mean that the USA would face tremendous issues with its debt. Trump's lowering off taxes is a terrible idea at this point in time because it will very likely backfire and increase debt. It might very well be that Trump will leave office when US is 30 trillion in debt, which would mean that it would probably be something like 140-150% of GDP. Which is close to the point that the interest will just continue to increase and the US wouldn't be able to sustain it much longer. An eurozone crash might accelerate these problems futher.

Anyone with economic knowledge wil tell you the same: over the long term (10 years or longer) the current financial system that is used in the world is screwed.

Looks like rach poster

This sounds quite likely.


Is he Jew?

Here's what I think


Canada is full of mental retards, what did you think would happen? This is 100% the governments fault still.

He doesn't seem like the type of person who would snap back at someone violently. Where is his online presence supporting such groups then?
"They started to fire, and as they shot they yelled, 'Allahu akbar!' The bullets hit people that were praying. People who were praying lost their lives. A bullet passed right over my head," said the witness."

I'd be more interested in how he got an actual AK in fucking Canada, unless it's just the usual Jews being sloppy with their terms.

you're going to feel foolish

if you weren't a reptilian kike devoid of shame

I know the BBC mentioned that the perpetrator had a fully automatic AK-47. Of course, they removed that as quickly as possible. Either it was because the information was wrong or inaccurate, or because it would reveal the true nature of their so called "firearms problem".

Only the Zimmerman one is real. The others are Twitter hoaxes.

He took the fall for belkhadir his gay bf. He was supposed to just help but martyred himself in a gay melidramatic way only a white actual fag can. His likes of DJT and Pen are smoke.


All this was set up to keep the elites plans rolling forward. Blame white guy. Etc.
* pic is sorta related. Trudeau's mother


Something does seem off about the whole thing. The original reports said two suspects were in custody. An eye witness said the shooter yelled "Allahu Ackbar". Not to mention the timing with Trump's ban.

He's got an IMDb page too like a lot of other suspects lately.


That's one hairy beaver. I'm glad I live in this age….

haha lol

This is the most logical explanation.

I'd still grab that pussy tbqh

He also liked the facebook page of the NDP (social democrats), Jack Layton (former NDP leader), and a Quebec feminist group.

They claim he was known to 'community groups' (none named specifically) as a "right-wing troll" who harrassed facebook pages of refugee groups and women's groups. No idea if it's true.

This is the most logical explanation I can think of.

Assuming this was legitimate (a BIG if), what the FUCK goes on in the mind of someone like this? How does he possibly think this accomplishes anything when our side is in power?

For once, I wish there was a legitimate right-wing terrorist attack, because then it would go after a legitimate target: either Hollywood actors, MSM pundits or leftist political activists. But no, these dumb fucks always go for the worst, weakest targets whose deaths will only generate sympathy from the masses for the victims and hatred towards ebul nationalists. It's fucking infuriating.

Don't give me that "mental illness" bullshit copout excuse. This asshole timed his attack to coincide with Trump's mudshit "ban" for a reason, and the only reason that could be is to make Trump look bad. He knew what he was doing. This can't be anything other than a false flag. How often do we have right-wing terror attacks in the whole world? Hardly ever. Yet (((coincidentally))) have one that is PERFECTLY fucking timed to generate maximum opposition against our side.

Fuck this bullshit.

I think she is hot =^_^=

This is really sketchy, its quite a coincidence that this happened right after the ban.

The tinfoil version is that a local cell was activated to respond to the Trump immigration ban. The patsy is this kid so that the MSM can claim that terrorism is also done by white people.

Fully automatic rifle
"Allahu Akbar!"
Multiple shooters
Mosque shooting by an arab muslim AND a white dude


Yes, I was there.
I saw everything.
That faggot did it.

you implied now you know the rules tits and timestamp or gtfo

Make no mistake, I am a terrorist attack

~ Justin Cuckdeau

Trump is only lowering income taxes fool. He is raising capital gains and tariffs which will more than make up for it. He can't talk very much about it though because he is Republican and plebs have a kneejerk reaction. The economy is pretty easy to manage if you aren't letting the megarich loot it or trying to crash it so you can bring in communism.

I know you're a girl (or more likely a tranny) because you lack the ability to not respond.

>Alexandre Bissarette

>Alexandre Bissonnette

Movie: Liberty Cherie (2010)
Country: Belgium
Language: English

not the same name, not the same guy


Who knows anymore, fuck him either way. Trudeau is now ramming a giant muslim dildo up Canada's ass because of this faggot.

Maybe it's real, but this seems just a little too convenient. Especially with the initial eyewitness reports saying it was two people and shouting alacnackbar.

Is this the only source for that media narrative?


That is what it's called though how is that faggotry

You guys are not wrong, he's an utter liability. Fuck this guy.


Something is off…

Also, CBC is lying as usual with the shit they're throwing at Trump and alt-right in general. You never see them associate the left or feminism with "extremism."

If it ever comes out that hes a patsy, we win. Forever.

I think they deleted this post
Can anyone else confirm?

Deleted THIS post



Anyone with half a brain would realize that a pro-femenist pro-israel cuck isn't one of us. Does anyone still have the archive link to his faceberg groups that included those?

Shit that wasn't the picture I meant to remove. Oh well, it's also a possibility tbh. Here's your proper pic

I think it's pretty easy to find shit even when it's been deleted because of how they store it