Implicit Dick goes full CIVNAT

Holy wew, not even a punch to the face will make Spencer give up his cucky 'b-but muh based nonwhites' line. Looks like we need another punch!

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Get ready for the trs cucks to rush to his defense.

Are you paid to watch every second of his twitter and start threads here?

No kidding:

wow, that was a world record.

You literally killed a thread for something you think we already know. You're either promoting e-celebs or trying to start some shit because you know for a fact this is not informative. In either case, fuck off.

I think he believes Iranians and "caucasians" are white

there are like 60 threads about some shitty stream in the catalog. It's clear no one here cares about what threads get killed

this isnt really deserving of its own thread

So I killed an old HWNDU thread, I'm not really regretting it.

you should

You never learn, do you TRS?

KEK these new shills are fucking pathetic.

That same guy wrote

There's a lot of bullshit being spammed latly.

Disinfo attack.

This is embarassing

I will never learn and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

You don't look too good Mikey boy.


What shocked me the most about this picture with milo wasn't the wimp with the pool party t shirt, is that none of these "White nationalists" ever thought about going to the gym and taking care of themselves.

Nobody gives a shit m8.


Honestly what scared me even more is that on the HWNDU stream its all non-whites. It's pretty unsettling to imagine I've been sharing the board with mestizos larping as white but then again it's like just 4cucks

reminder that this is how Holla Forums looks, I see no problem with CIVNAT

They are from 4chan.

you're actually retarded, aren't you?

Does Mike Enoch have two glass eyes? What the fuck is wrong with his eyes?

For the USA it makes sense.
For Europe? No.


of course

except that was cuckchan you retard

His eyes are dilated, probably drugs of some sort.

Are you done cucking? they posted in hwdu thread


They were posting from their phone in the 8ch HWDU thread when they were in front of the camera!

You are evidence to the contrary.

Cuckchan set up shop here after HWNDU got banned off their board.

you obviously weren't paying attention then, because they were directed to here from cuckchan threads getting deleted and then thats when they started to post here. Otherwise they are from cuckchan.


Guess they are now 8ch, until they get deported. KEK

You are a dumb shit. Taleb wrote one of the best books in last 20 years.

Kill yourself

And we should care why? He's a fucking shitskin and needs to be physically removed.

We should ban them too.

More d&c tactics to ruin our messaging to normies. Pro fucking tip: Hitler used nom-Aryans to spread his message.

Spencer might be a cuckoo but he shut down a nigger on a TV interview. Who would have thought we could have seempn that 2 years ago? Let the alt right drop baby redpills while we discuss national socialism

Well then, why didn't you say so. Just let them pour into the country, they're based afterall. Fuck borders too. Do you think he'd like a white woman too?

and this is how we can tell you aren't from around here

nice d&c

get this right


You can have non-white "based" minorities or you will become a minority.

enjoy your ban

Nigger logic.

He has to go back.

Kill yourself, shitskin-lover.

eat shit, you anti-white kike. All minorities will be wiped out.




That nigger shat on spence, its the only reason he gets any media.

muh dik




Lel you're trying way too hard, just like a bitch.

she white

Mustaches are the last stand of implicit white identity.

Kek, what did I say about trying too hard?

Why do these self-appointed aut-right leaders always look (and act) like they stuck their head into unprotected industrial machinery? Dick and that wigger kike Milo especially.

reddit would disagree. He is implicitly NOT alt-right.

Guy on the left is a nice kid. No idea why the fuck he is with Enoch.


braindead losers

For you faggots who think non-whites can't contribute to the natsoc movement.

Mustachio and CIA are sexy as fuck.



Holy shit leddit is more redpilled that TRSodomites

tbh i'm shocked there isn't a tranny in that pic. every single time we have a thread about those freaks a few show up to start talking about "based traps" or "all women or shit" while spamming pics of that scrawny faggot in a trump hat.

Mike Enoch here, listen, you have to stop purity spiraling and punching to the right.

You're just hurting our movement.

I mean come on.

We have to get along, so stop punching to the right.


It gets worse.

Does this cuck really use a frog emoji after he badmouthed Kek (and was struck down for it)?

Reported for e-celeb faggotry. It was relevant when Spencer took a wrench to the head because it caused some chaos that Holla Forums could exploit. This gay faggot retweeting some shitskin isn't relevant at all.

Were reaching kike levels of shilling going on here.

you're a cuck



dickie is shit, but this is just advertising, people know who nassim taleb is, he wants some of that attention. It's just like the shit thernovits does. media-whoring 101

reported for e-celeb


Seriously though, Nassim Taleb is decent. His family were Syriac Christians. If you kick the niggs and beaners out of the US and all of the other shitty dregs too, you'd be left with the highly talented minorities in your >95% white ethnostate. Remember that there's a decently sized white underclass which needs to be kept in line.

I don't think the US should be a dumping ground for Syriac Christians and Armenians, but they have to go somewhere better than the Middle East given how shit it's become. I would propose Mexico or something, at least in those places they're not under immediate threat.

There is literally nothing wrong with Nassim Taleb. He's not muslim, he's a member of the Christian minority of Lebanon. Furthermore his books are great.


Why is he bobbling around like an autist?

Former TRS goy here. Spencer is clearly in the wrong about this, there is no defending him. I was willing to overlook the gay shit but civic nationalism is a non-starter.

However is also correct. This is not a useful or productive topic of discussion

Spencer here. When I was knocked out by leftists. I don't know why they hit me. I mean it was rude.

Spencer's wife here. I GOT BIG OLE' TIDDIES.

awww huney i know you do gots DEM BIG OLE TIDDIES IN MA MOUFFFF

they wuz too busy with their gay pool parties 'n' hanging out with people that "matter" 'n' shit i guess

701eac is clearly a shitskin living in America. He is buttblasted that we want him out.

can TRS and Ironshit fuck off? so sick of this e-celeb shit

They were supporting us with their based podcasts user !

They're just claiming credit for our pranks because they're still assmad that we don't like gays and jewish wives

Reminder that controlled opposition is always a bigger problem than open opposition. Our worst enemies are cucks like TRS and Richard Spencer.

The Saudi/Greek called out threads here on more than one occasion. The other one that was caught actually posting here was the furry….

That's a prime way to get yourself infiltrated lad.

Taleb is okay, but that is a "good assimilated immigrants" tweet and is retarded and not at all compatible with white nationalism.

His wife and children are turkroaches, so I would say that is a fair estimation of his views.

Not after we kill all of you

All of them are cuckchanners.
The most white guy out of all of them was from here though.

Now tell us about the based jews, Mr. Mudshit. You'll never be white. Stop trying to be the "based" pet of white society and go fix your own people.


Eat shit, anti-white. You and your shitskin pets will be wiped out.

Not our problem. They can clean up their own shit instead of running from their problems.


Sage for die in irrelevance leaderfags

Mike kinda looks like a Reptilian

He's drunk as fuck. This weekend was the New York Forum, they were probably getting plastered with Greg Johnson and the rest of that gang.

how has he not dropped out of the crew yet?

It means all the core members had to know and were comfortable misleading people about it.
Also, Mike, lose some fucking weight.

TRSfaggots are like that kid you remember from school that thought he was really good at drawing but could only draw really autistic shit really poorly and he thought that this perceived talent meant everyone liked him.

The kind of kid that would always sit at your table even though you thought it was clear that you didn't want to be around him but he kept coming back and wouldn't take the hint

That's TRS

Probably tired from being up all night partaking in some implicitly white buttsex

nick teh leb is based though. antifragile is an awesome book.

trs is basically the kid who said his dad worked at nintendo

oosh thats brutal

This. The infiltrators and shitskin defenders are out in full force in every fucking aspect of Holla Forums. Fucking pakis

wtf i love shitskins now

kill yourself chimpire kike