University SALT Thread

So a friend of partly normie friend of mine sent me a screenshot of a Letter that the PRESIDENT of a State University sent out to all the students.

Any of you guys have any funny articles or emails sent out by these crazy Universities? The Saltest ones I can send to Tucker Carlson.

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CBS article. These Universities are tame in their public statements though.

They have to go back.

As seen at Target.

So triggered they can't even proofread. Why does such a high up person write like she's so uneducated?

It's pronounced National Socialist.

Strange how they salivate over the Islamic Faith, yet the only words they can cobble together when Christianity is concerned amount to injunctions to follow Jesus's example and spread one's asscheeks for a brown invasion.

It makes one wonder why all these supposed antireligious atheists treat religions so unequally…

Because they're not irreligious. They're just signalling against what they've been told is the mainstream culture.

Can't wait for federal funding and protections for these cunts to get pulled. The entire (((education and loan))) system needs to be burned to the ground and the kikes behind them made destitute.

Then once they accept their new reality, gas them.

From the core of Silicon Valley.

FSU plans to protect to refueges and legally fight the muslim ban and border wall with the help of amnesty international

They will soon reach a point where not converting to Islam is seen as racist. Their overarching goal is to destroy the white race, so they turn to Islam as a means by which to achieve their goal. The time is coming where they will actually become moslems. In fact they should already be asked if they are racists for not converting to Islam RIGHT NOW.

Gonna lose that Federal Funding

Islam is closer to Judaism than Christianity since jews had a hand in creating it.

It's basically Christianity but with all the bad goy bits removed and the Jewish-friendly parts added in. They can then kill all the muslims afterwards since it attacks their side also, but ultimately less than it does Christians.

this just in:

Here's the one I got (no screencap cuz on phone)

Universities make me sick


Pretty tame for commiefornia

nb: the link is from the university president's letter, while the pic is from the dean of the med school

why do you do this

The price tags do look like Target, however.

Please tell me those genders are a joke.

I just checked my email to find a fucking tirade. My school is also currently offering the course: African American Resistance in the Era of Donald Trump, so I think it's pretty clear where this public university stands.

Pic related.

How the fuck do you go to college and avoid this crap? I'm honestly considering getting a degree overseas just to avoid this trash if I can. Who knows if that even makes a difference though, obviously it wouldn't in Canada/UK.

Not as bad as others posted, but still something. Campus is pretty right wing, for a college. I think libs are only a plurality here

I've been waiting for this thread.

Campus overall is about as politically aligned as one would expect from a STEM-heavy college in Jew York. It's gotten quite a bit worse the past few years, though.

Well, not quite. In the UK, if you do a BSc, you only take courses that pertain to the field you're majoring in. In the US, even if you're going for a physics degree, you have to take a good amount of liberal arts classes to fill a "core curriculum" which is usually jew propaganda through and through. If I could do it all over again, I'd certainly pay international fees at a UK university, but if you're coming from America with few APs, you may have to take a foundation year. Usually, university is 3 years in length in Britain, but they will try to make it so that you have to take 4 years with the addition of that foundation year. If you have the grades to avoid such a joke, then you could be holding a degree much quicker than you would in the US, and you'd avoid the core curriculum garbage most universities force on you here.

Story ongoing from my uni

Watching university hr stutter and squirm is truly something. Plus we get to keep the old names


Tell me about it, my stupid university has every type of cultural center that you can imagine… except a European one, of course.

Anybody here have anything to say about studying in Eastern Europe?

man, Urkel hasn't aged gracefully at all.