Four Furry Friends rape a young boy

Authorities in Bucks County make an arrest in a fetish-themed child predator sex ring they say was going on for the better part of a decade.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh (((Shapiro))) said for the last seven years at least four men sexually abused a young boy at sex parties where the men would dress up like different animals.

“This child victim was repeatedly abused by a group of criminals who cared only about their gratification, they cared nothing about this young boy,” he said. “This is a horrendous case.”

On Friday police in Bucks County arrested 57-year-old Kenneth Fenske of Quakertown for taking part in the sexual abuse ring.

Fenske was charged with multiple counts of child rape, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse and unlawful contact with a minor, all of which are first degree felonies.

Shapiro said they will prosecute all the suspects involved to the fullest extent of the law.

“It is deeply disturbing to me, not just as your attorney general, but as a father of four young children, these predators absolutely sicken me.”

Shapiro adds that this is an ongoing investigation and they believe this child abuse sex ring involves more victims and more predators, and anyone with any information should come forward.

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Hi Mister Metokat.

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F-list is where most of the sickos seem to predate.

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notice how they only make arrests when the coast is clear of all kikes. they knew this was happening for years.

Why are furries this fucked up? I mean, a cursory look at >>>/d/ will show you much worse, but furries seem somehow special.

Furries are creepy. But so are scat fetishists. I have a problem with fetishism, I think it's fucking up our world. Don't agree with me? Then explain the profound influence autogynephilia (transsexualism) has had on pop culture and politics. Soon it'll be bestiality and furfags… then pedoscum… and soon, we'll become ancient Greece, so narcissistic that we let anything fucking happen while we admire naked men in the gymnasium and bathhouse while buttfucking little boys.

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The people on Morning Joe are just as much trash as Furries are. So I don't know what they're cringing over.

A shame that seemed to be more along the lines of someone stealing pool chemicals.
I don't remember the details, but I think it was a broken bottle of chlorine in the middle of a hallway on the 9th floor or something.

it's the perfect mix of materialism, narcissism, self loathing and nymphomania all mixed together.

Not all fetishes are fucked up like scat, furries, shemales or >>>/anita/.

Also, most people with fetishes don't do as furfags do and go to fucking conventions. You'll soon have "furry pride" and "sonikin"

They dehumanize themselves while masturbating, giving themselves rewards for their fantasies. They can get off on ANYTHING because in their mind, they are not human, this isnt wrong, wrong apply only to human. Toss in a group effort and vetting online, usually starting with underaged retarded victims, and you get this bullshit here.

Reminds me of the moth arc in berserk.

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Every day I hear a story like this, I get my hopes up that Cool Cat is out there somewhere sharing a cold cell with Mel the cat fucker.

You can tell the exact moment their producer says 'it's a sexual fetish' into their earpieces. Then seeing those cartoony s&m costumes walking by was too much. Those people are shills but that was hilarious.

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