Google's Declaration of War Against The New Administration

This is a clear statement they stand against Trump. They've always been against us, but this is rather blatant

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An eye for an eye is wrong if you're white.

Google has been fucking blatant against Trump for almost two years now, they have a doodle every day and 99% are antiTrump.
I don't see how this can rate a thread unless we want to go over google's liberal company practices again.

Why r u using Google faggit

EX9066 was actually bad though given that those affected were natural-born US citizens. Citizens who had their weapons confiscated and destroyed before they were sent to concentration camps in Utah and Montana. Of course Democrats will never admit that it was FDR who signed it. J Edgar Hoover didn't want to go along with it and tried multiple times to inform Congress that it was a pointless idea, but he was forced into it as FDR got the military involved with the actual relocation.

Also, for what it's worth Democrat Earl Warren was Governor of California at the time and made no attempt to stop it because it would have caused him to be recalled. Ten years later President Eisenhower would make him Chief Justice, where he struck down segregation in Brown vs. Board of Education.

What say you now, all of you who believe Google is an arm of the pentagon? Certainly DARPA funded some of their early developments, but they're not in direct command of their operations.

A quick glance at the front page shows what they want to show to millions of people.
Lying press like Time, Washington Post, and CNBC are using this as ammo.

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hahaha that has to be the height of passive aggressive faggotry. WEAK AS FUCK. Watch Trump break them up. Can't be having the search and phones now. Got a monopoly.

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As if the Japanese were known for their favorable treatment of "anyone" …which led to them being nuked twice.



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This retarded piece of shit was elected for an (((Academy Award?)))

Who cares? Fuck google.

I'm more pissed at how many people die of head shots. As if it were that easy to hit and more common than getting a bullet in the torso or bleeding out from a shot to the arm or the leg instead.

I thought it was supposed to be a war movie not a superhero movie

it's supposed to be stylistic


They've done that so long ago. Have you been paying attention to google recently? 100% bias against Trump from day 1

People don't know that during the Clinton administration, the little Jewess troll Madeline Albright would not allow American vets used as slave labor to sue Jap companies.
This was the same state department that allowed Jews who had never stepped foot in this nation to sue every company and country left and right for shekels.

I hope he stumps them by cancelling the damn H1-B program.

>internment camp survivor
Are they seriously trying to say the internment camps were actually evil genocidal extermination death camps?


A part of me was slightly worried that the kikes would play nice with Trump and he'd leave them and their control structures intact.

Instead they sit there forcing his hand. They are leaving him with no option but to go through them. I welcome this.


exactly. if they would just FUCK OFF

No, they're not whining. Kikes are whining on their behalf.

I remember when (((Google))) had a fucking Al-Qaeda sympathizer on their front page that one time.

tell that to george takei

I saw that, too.


I didn't think it was real. I didn't think everything was this subverted already. I mean I know it's Google… but I don't know how to feel.
This needs to end.



Get out of the clutches of Jewgle.


linux only free if your time is worthless


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Is there a good linux distro for an android tablet?

I hope Trump does break Google up or starts fucking with them. They wield too much corporate power and they use it to push their political leftist agenda; no shock being a company founded by two Russian Jews that are so ugly they couldn't get fucked in a women's prison for the blind.

you'd be surprised at how little time it takes with moderate competency and a server or two to spare for the compiling

t. gentoo user

The funny thing about the internment camps is that they were ordered by FDR, one of the worst presidents the US has ever had, yet leftists fucking love the guy.

I don't know. Just do a startpage search on it. I don't use Linux on my Android phone personally. Even though I do use vpns…I only use Linux on my desktop.

Although maybe I should consider it…

Anyways here's a few options I found but didn't look into much.

Here's some resources though.

Ubuntu if you can spare 1-2 hours to install it, otherwise keep sucking Google's dick.

there aren't many, unless you have a device that's really a PC in disguise or have a ton of time to waste
you can always use a chroot, but that's useless

(checked and HEIL'd)


Stylistic as in its supposed to be a comedy or what?

Gee i totally did not see this coming from (((them)))

LoGH confirmed more realistic than Holowood yet again.

Trump should nationalize Google.

Google HQ is in Mountain View California.
Google has demonstrated themselves as a hostile enterprise, attempting to undermine the authority of the US government.
Claim all their property, and nationalize the organization as the First United States Search Engine.

Change the name to simply "Trump".

Google's going to be real upset when Trump cancels all H1B's and deports the holders.

Just flash an AOSP ROM and exclusively use F-Droid apps
And chroots


Google thinks fighting Trump will saved them from bleeding money
Die with the rest of Silicon Valley

install jewnux you stupid goy

I remember that Google put women in their Labor Day doodle when all the jobs were blue collar jobs that see very little female workers.


Every fucking time I go to google theres some bullshit about the first Basketball American to wipe their ass or something like this. Fuck Jewgle.

This is why we need a war.

This isn't as bad as the last one. That one was a literal nip communist woman, with a microphone. In comparison, although it is muh civil rights, I think it's less of a deal because it shits on FDR's legacy, the liberal god.

I take that back. I think Bill Clinton is the one they worship, but FDR has an especial place somewhere. Especially for the WW2 cucks.


I agree.
Can we have some good alternatives to Jewgle?


Did he also speak out against the internment of Germans and Italians during the war?

Thanks, user. I appreciated that.


Sounds like a worthy project for anons…
Creating a replacement for (((Google))).

We could name it after God-Emperor Trump.
Fuck (((googling))) shit. GET it.


The japs burnt all sympathy on that front in the Nihau incident.

Which is better? DuckDuckGo or ixquick?

my guess: both fucking jewish.

Hm, their founder is Gabriel Weinberg.
Still better than Jewgle?

not at all. probably uses Google result with hidden bullshit pixels that can track you anyways

how can another jew be better than the first jew you're trying to avoid… someone has to explain this one to me…


I have no idea what any of that means.

Nigger, please. Learn to read actual sources instead of summaries of summaries.

FDR did many things wrong, but the internment of the Japs was not one of them.

tl;dr, 4th generation Japs turned on the US in favor of Japanese airmen at the drop of a hat after Pearl Harbor, taking up arms against their neighbors in the process. Simply couldn't be trusted.

Daily reminder Google is an enemy on par with the CIA. When the NSA's domestic spying program was outed, they tried to make it better by saying they'd knock it off. They did two things: The CIA and MI6 just did eachother's domestic work for one-another, thereby bypassing any sort of legal qualms, and they simply subcontracted out their intelligence-gathering to the private sector. It's "illegal" to spy on an enemy country but good luck punishing Britain for it. Likewise, it's "illegal" to run an intelligence dragnet on your population, but feel free to simply purchase access to a privately-owned one.

The intelligence community went entirely rogue in the late 50s and stopped pretending to be acting in America's interests when J. Edgar Hoover died. Google is just another asset of them.

>he's too narcissistic to consider the propaganda value of controlling the arbiter of truth for millions of people.

Well you should you share the board with fags who idolize feminist wet dreams. Pic related a strong independent WOMYN charactercworshipped by this board. Truly a paragon of purity and gender roles.

for search you can use yandex

for browser you can use yandex browser

Yandex Browser is a freeware web browser[1] developed by the Russian web search corporation Yandex that uses the Blink layout engine and is based on the Chromium open source project.[2] The browser checks webpage security with the Yandex security system and checks downloaded files with Kaspersky anti-virus.[2][3] The browser also uses Opera Software's Turbo technology to speed web browsing on slow connections.[4]

The browser is available for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. In October 2014 a Linux beta version was introduced

also, pale moon browser

Pale Moon is an open-source web browser with an emphasis on customizability, as expressed in its motto "Your browser, Your way".[7] It has official releases for Microsoft Windows and Linux,[7] plus a community build for macOS[2] and a special version for Android.[3]

Pale Moon is a fork of Firefox with key differences, including add-ons[8] and user interface. In particular, Pale Moon will continue to support the long-standing XUL and XPCOM add-on infrastructure that Firefox is in the process of deprecating.[9][10] Pale Moon has also retained the fully-customizable user interface of the Firefox version 4–28 era

for security

uBlock Origin was initially named "μBlock". The name was later changed to "uBlock" to avoid confusion how 'µ' in "µBlock" should be pronounced. Development started forking from the codebase of HTTP Switchboard along with another blocking extension called uMatrix, designed for advanced users

i don't even know who the fuck that is

Holla Forums vs Google


that webm is dope on so many lvls, thankyou saved

Googles brainwashing category for all of the 10 year olds.

I'm glad you don't, but remember not all anime fans are our allies. Call them out on their degeneracy when too apparent.

Why are you posting your shitty cartoon porn? Are you an autistic or something?

There is only sex. Gender is one of those "reality is only a social construct" words that kikes use to enforce their subjective reality on white people. Fuck off, kike.

To be fair, warrior female is a traditional archetype and found in a lot of mythology. The huntress, war goddesses, etc. In mythology is was more symbolic of course.

This is your mind on anime.

Do we purge the admins or just normal editors?

A Nikkeijin

Those aren't 2d or japs.

Assange's piece on Google is required fucking reading for this entire thread.

Google is Not What It Seems

tl;dr Google is Deep State and the largest private sector driver of Global Neoliberalism. They have been involved in toppling governments.

They'll try to again.

Just use

What is with Trump's hair since he was inaugurated? Seriously. Have the time it's white, the other half the Toupe looks like it's only half there.

Are the jouros turning up the stage lights or something?


google used to be more fun

seriously, the japs in the US was on fucking vacation compared to western POW at the mercy of the japanese.

The irony of course being that they absolutely loath the current policy of cultural preservation and border controls upheld by the Japanese. I swear to God lefties have absolutely zero understanding of the political climate outside of their immediate vicinity. Most of the shit Trump pushed for are things the Japanese already do.

Actually, Japan is being overfilled by foreigners atm. Just not Muslims.

Their "Year In Search" videos are even more blatant.

2015 -
2016 -

Japanese civilians themselves were working to the atmost poverty, so there was not so much of an opportunity to feed POWs cakes every day, unfortunately.

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I know the background is blue, but you aren't on tumblr anymore, chaim.

Stop moving the goalposts buddy

Says the faggot who likes subversive feminist fantasies of empowered women instead of them being in the kitchen.

All supported by cucks responsible for giving women emancipation in Rome, and Greece. And if you're not a beta male you know what happened after said emancipation.

They're non-white. They didn't belong in America to begin with.



Google sided with Democrats in the last election 100%. They banked on a Democrat win and all their political influence was positioned for that.

I like Japan plenty, but their people living in America were subversive during the war and had to be locked up. I'm surprised they weren't all just deported to Japan, to be honest.

I'll just leave this right here. It's why I stopped using google long before I ever even knew they where actually evil, I simply couldn't find what I was looking for (new things to expand my horizons).

May our lord Kek make search engines great again, praise be his name.

What are you talking about? Trump's hair is real, it's been demonstrated multiple times. At worst, he has white hair because he's 70 years old and he colors it.


anyone? I knew about the POWs.


obviously not the germans, but americans, british, french etc didn't have a good time, to say the least.

They'd all need purging TBQH.

Extremely underrated post.

Implying this won’t backfire horribly as people read up on the internment camps and see that no japs died.

Fucking let them don't tell them it's idiotic.
There is ample irrefutable proof that wasn't the case, all it will do is cast doubt on the lolocoaster. At worst it spreads the idea that everyone did what the Nazi did. There is no fucking downsides for us…

Don't interrupt the enemy when he's making a mistake.

They are sending mixed messages are we supposed to feel bad for the japanese or hate them for nanking? nanking didn't happen but it should have

fucking roasted

i was wondering why google had filthy frank on the doodle

That's actually how the BAR was intended to be used. Slow walking and fired from the hip. Designed as a less shit replacement for the Chauchat. But yeah, that's a bit much.

Yup, they even came with little hip hooks you could attach to your belt so you could walk and hip fire.

stop sliding you faggot. A thread died to tell us that Jewgle is against us? Really?


I didn't know it was current year -8 again

>Just use

That's the best meta search engine right now. I'm not sure what happened to but it's not the same as it used to

I assume he's a turbonormalfag, otherwise you can flash an android device and install ubuntu on it in about 30 minutes

The court ruled against him in Korematsu v. United States. I'm sure this little factoid will be glossed over, of course.

What is the 1337 haxxor browser I should be using?

If that's true, then how come I always come across comments that not only disagree with what I believe in, but also ones that seem neutrally inclined? That pic is bullshit from a tin-foil hat, though what he says is interesting.

Reminder that the Japanese committed fucktons of war crimes during WW2.

No you fuck off kike, gender is a synonym of sex and has been for over five hundred years. The feminists don't get to ruin our dicks, let alone our dictionaries.