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Rolling for Ron Paul.

As awesome as Ron Paul would be there, I think Trump is going to choose a younger nationalistic candidate

good god twitter is a fucking shithole

this is war, friend

C'mon, give us a spicy one


The person announced tomorrow will be an extremist who will never make it past the vetting process. This is so his real choice will be easier to get on the bench.

So who are we hoping for? What are the best candidates?

Or he'll be an extremist who gets past the process, I won't be blackpilled without good reason. If that fag spic judge got on I'm sure a fag hater can.


Hoping for William Pryor



At least you can still get a good laugh at the expense of these fucking retards.

Faceberg and twatter are basically the killing fields now.

Wait never mind that. How could I have forgotten the true top pick?


I will never cease to be amassed at how uninformed the libtards are, when every last one of them screams about fake news and fact checking.


Hopefully he picks based Pryor




I can't wait for the salt, is it just going to increase exponentially for every day of this presidency? It's out of control right now, even the largest newsmedia publications are sperging out like a twitter feminist.

He's too old. We want him to nominate an 18 year old Holla Forumsack that lifts and eats nothing but grass-fed beef and organic arugula.

That's a party I could get behind.

dubs confirm the truth


Barron 4 Supreme Court?

And now Justice McMahon is about to rule on

>Shitlib protesters get STONE COLD STUNNERED and charged with contempt of court

shit I quoted another post I copy and pasted, fuck
just gas me tbh

No matter who he chooses media and libtards are going to lose their shit in another salt explosion.
Ready to see more THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS articles and drum/sign protests in front of courthouses

Hail Trump. Hail Your Dubs!

They're losing their shit for sure. I'm genuinely surprised by how hard they're freaking out over practically nothing so far.

It's like they're ready to throw the nation into civil war over a ban on refugees from a handful of nations?

I have a friend that already had to deal with the protesters blocking traffic at an airport. Not winning any friends that way.

Too old. Todays change will have generational consequences.

Highly doubtful since Trump has said he won't reverse any Obama policies concerning LGBT communities.

didn't they already said it was some guy named Neil Gorsuch

He won't, but a stacked Scotus could.

Yes, Trump won't do it himself but he never said he won't let anyone else do it

No. Trump released a list of possible picks a while ago, but that's it.

If I was on the supreme court, well… let's just say that you'd be begging for Ruth Bader Ginsberg to stay on the bench because you'll get so sick of winning.

How many bongs is 8pm?

It's in one hour

EST is -5 GMT fam

SCOTUS can't just magically reverse previous decisions. There has to be an actual case that comes before them involving a previous decision where they can rule to weaken or remove the previous decision. But SCOTUS decisions don't happen in a vacuum.

It's being reported on some sites that his nominee will be (((Neil Gorsuch))), a fucking kike.

begone with you kike

Sheriff Joe is 84 you fucking retard.

An interesting angle on why he could choose someone who's a moderate. But betting on some middle of the road cuck just to speed up having another seat filled seems risky. Could just be Jew York Times wishful thinking.

Only an hour left. Let's wait and see faggot.

Hardiman and Gorsuch are the only two he brought to DC, so it's going to be one of them.

He's the youngest of the options and has an iron-clad conservative/anti-immigrant judicial record. My first choice was Pryor, but Gorsuch is much better than the third guy being considered and I'm happy with the pick.

You say he's a kike? The onus is on you faggot, cite your sources.

It's obvious.

Duh. You seem like you want the lgbbq to be protected communities. Like you don't want to win. Cases will come. It's not totally improbable.

Well, one thing we can say for certain is Trump's pick will NOT be Neil Gorsuch.

Tangentially related: on the CBS evening news a few minutes ago, as they segued into the next segment, Scott Pelley said "Tonight, Mr. Trump reveals his supreme court nominee."
Not "President Trump," not "The President," just Mr. Trump. As if these fuckers would ever have said "Mr. Obama" on the evening news.
Fucking rope these people.

My research says he was born to a white mother and father, and has sided with Christians on the "Does Obamacare force you to provide birth control" case. Strong record of anti-immigration, probably not a cuck.

Not as ironclad as Pryor who is also my first choice but it could be okay.

While he is the youngest of the three, his grey hair make him look older in real terms. Not sure how I feel. Pryor would have been better, but he's 54… (5 years older than Gorsuch).

Age is a big factor since its a lifetime appointment… and 5 years difference is a full presidential term (assuming they both live about the same time). Pryor looks younger man… I dunno… pretty sketchy.


He's not a kike.

Whatever you say Chaim.

Lad they saw it on CNN, it's 100% true information.

It's Anglo.


Just filter the fucking shills people.

There's a difference between wanting something and understanding the reality of something. I'm not a LARPer, so I don't run around spewing memes and claiming Trump is God-Emperor.

There is reality and there is desire. The two rarely coincide.

Nice trips, Sheriff Joe is also very active maintaining tent city and lording over shitty inmates… which takes more physical activity than sitting on a bench and writing. Sheriff Joe being 80 says nothing about how long these bench warmers will live.

eat a dick stupid CTR fuck

This is Gorsuch's grandmother's gravestone.
He's a christian.


Like Trump will never become president right? Sounds like you don't believe in the magic of memes tbh. Sorry friend, filtered.

You choose a SCOTUS pick with the idea they will be on that seat for 30 years or more. Joe, while based, would be the stupidest fucking pick in the world.

Sorry.. his mother.

That makes me feel better, but we don't yet known about his father's line.

Please don't be a kike please don't be a kike please don't be a kike
Yeah I know he omitted jews from Holocaust remembrance day but I'm still not 100% convinced that he is Hitler

I believe in the magic of politics and the usefulness of the Law. Where you see "memes elected Trump!", I see "political savvy and the legal process elected Trump".


Means nothing, Jews adopt surnames from their host countries.

Judaism is passed primarily via the mother. If he's less than 1/4 on his fathers side might as well not be a kike at all.

Kek disapproves, user.

Rest easy. None of the three he's considering are jewish, those Hardiman is the most cuckservative. Pryor was the best and it looks like he's been eliminated which is unfortunate, but there's not much dropoff between him and Gorsuch while Hardiman would've been too moderate. Gorsuch is also the youngest (by a little) which is a plus.

kikes also don't like to marry outside of the kike line, so if his dad was a kike then he woulda married a kikess. Not to mention that in their minds a non kike woman, even if the father is a kike, doesn't count

although he could still be a shabbos, but so can anyone

The fug? That's not true at all.

OK, this is his mother's stone. Researching David Gorsuch, his father.

No argument from me on that… though he shoot straight and stop moralfagging about muh values. He'd probably would hsve been a great judge tbh… but as a judge he probably wouldn't have made it to his age.

Why do kikes always marry the ugly asians?

What the fuck, there is no mention that he's jewish, his lineage has no Jewish names for 2 generations.

Why? Would you think this? are you seeing kike noses in the clouds again?

the key word being "don't LIKE to"
never said they don't

Because it's not about love or attraction. It's about usefulness.

And plus most Asians are ugly so the probability is low from the start.

It's an genetic selection for intelligence play. They have been min/maxing for centuries… can't say it hasn't paid off for them so far… but when we fucking crush them that strategy will prove to have been flawed.

To relive the old mongol days in astrakan.


They're just trying to virtue signal to dumb anti-white beta males by pretending to be one of them. If you have sex, marry, or love an Oriental women then you're a degenerate race traitor like white women that are into black men.

Zuckerberg in particular wants to infiltrate China. It's obviously a long play and he's sure as shit not fucking her over his stash of boy slaves.

I'm just going off the name. Neil is a quintessential Jewish first name, and Gorsuch sounds Jewy to me.

Perhaps, but I do still enjoy the First Amendment right to not have to be Kekist. I am pleased with Kekism and enjoy its presence and stand up for its right to exist; but I do not practice it myself.



If Trump picks Cruz or any other neo-con (((moderate))) scumbags he's digging his own grave both politically and literally. There is no more backing down, there is no compromise. Trump has to fuck his opposition hard and fast before they can react. His supreme court pick needs to be a pro-white anti-gay man and at the very least a covert jew hater.

Gorsuch will probably be grilled on his mother's time at the EPA more than anything else. It will be that petty.

There are asians that are 100x more attractive than you user.
Understand that every genetic pool has it's own strengths and weaknesses, and of course also have their own potentials for pure beauty.

Post a source for your claim or go back to your synagogue, faggot.

Well his mom was a christian. Not sure about his dad yet. He seems to be wiped from everything. He divorced Neil's mom in the mid 80s before Neil went to college. Can't find anything on him.

Asians are all ugly, they are subhuman animal monkeys. Some Japanese are mildly attractive because of race mixing with the Jomon who were white. Maybe the Jomon genes can be isolated and the gook can be removed from the japs, but the rest of the monkey people have got to die.

and a sage because this shit is off topic

He was probably just a nobody. Not everyone gets a Wiki page or bothers with a FB page. Just some random fellow whose only claim to fame is that he's Neil's dad.

If he tries to placate the left, it won't work.
They'll just see it as weakness and double-down on the attacks.



Ron isn't a legal scholar (as in knowing specific sections duh) or say on judicial procedure. Judge Napolitano is ideal. Ron is more of an ideal pick in economics. Hell, he even pointed out a way to pay and annihilate the entire US debt overnight without inflation.

5 microshekels have been deposited into your CREW account. Thank you for your outstanding devotion to shilling.

Gorsuch seems decidedly non-jewish. I'm pretty glad for that. If we can't have Pryor I'll accept Neil.

This is the first real test, this is someone that will outlive Trump and will be a deciding factor in countless judgments. I hope it blows my socks off, although don't forget, almost everybody here thought Pence was a bad pick and it ended up being one of the best meme magic examples of the whole year.

My fucking sides went into the next nebula

You're talking to the same retards who have been shilling that President Supreme Donald John Trump is a crypto-kike and his grandfather is actually jewish. These people have no decency, no morals, no limits.

They are in effect, jewish.

Based as fuck

Is it race mixing if its honorary aryan and she's pale?

I hope it's Pryor because he upheld voter ID laws against the Nigger action committee.

already a mutt

That means about as much as an honorary doctorate. It doesn't mean you get to write prescriptions.

Godfuckindamn fam, I don't give a shit if it's race mixing, I'd impregnate Anri in a heartbeat.

Jew or not? Not looking good.

Yes, faggot

Holy shit, a TORposter that actually has his head on straight.

Yes you fucking degenerate.
Go ahead and fuck her though if you absolutely must, just don't knock her up

You might as well fuck a sex robot. At least they have less plastic in their face.

His dad is a business man in Denver.

So pale asians are mutts?

as long as you abort it by terminating its life support afterwords

You'll have fugly kids and it'll be too late when you realize your mistake.

What if you're a christian who believes in life?


we advocate genocide if a life is a life why are you here

Your kids will be all mumbo-jumbo like they popped out a cracker jack box!

Non-whites are animals. You're going to hell for bestiality. White Jesus is crying.

Then don't fuck a non-white.
Bestiality is a jewish trait.

Holla Forums generally advocates for genocide, eugenics, and complete annihilation of our political/existential enemies, what the hell are you doing here?

jesus was a semite. christianity is a semitic religion

But Hitler believes that the glorious nippon where superior to European culture, didn't he not?

Besides, if you mate with Japanese you could create your own Asuka Langley! Hmm, is this what Trump meant by making anime real?

Hitler disagrees.

Other than the writings of some crazy kikes do you have a SINGLE fact to back that statement up?

But do I get Little People's Court back?

7 microshekeli have been deposited into your CREW account, thank you for your fantastic shilling work. This is CREW operator #82 reporting in.

Hitler did not want his people racemixing
FUCK OFF SHILL White house feed started.

negative. easy shitpost.

please user nobodys that aryan

Is there a stream up for this yet?

he's doing it on facebook, so if you have a real account or a sock you can just watch it there.

If CREW is being paid this much to go into shill overdrive here DAHNALD must be picking an absolute kike killing machine for supreme court.


Now is not the time for fear, that comes later

It's almost like a bot.

There's only like 18 minutes left?

You fucking dickbag just youtube search "fox news livestream"

I'm not shilling for race mixing, but I'm just saying that Adolf was a weeb himself.

Angry much? kek


Adolf Hitler was weak willed and didn't do what was needed to insure the ultimate victory of the European Peoples. The holocaust didn't happen but it will now.

Cruz is there

Ya by the fake news CNN.

I wouldn't be surprised if Pres Trump told different names to different people just to see which name got leaked by (((sources))).

I was just asking user, it wasn't in the OP and I'm not bothering with kikebook.

Are you disagreeing that Asuka isn't best girl?

I'm just sick of you newfags not knowing how the Internet works

The fucking thing is being broadcasted on every network it's not like you have to go to the deepweb for a god damn torrent



If I have to pick a neurotic mess from that show, at least Rei isn't a cunt about it.

Oh fuck this is it.

Picking Cruz or any other senator weakens the GOP's position.

But Asuka was German and Japanese, wouldn't they look like her?


In a way I pity you, it's not your fault you were born so fucked up

Good thing Cruz isn't on his list of possible picks.



Does not really apply to her since she's an artificially created being.

The first words in the quote you posted from Hitler were "Pride in one's own race." You hate your race enough to want to dilute it with race mixing, then blame Hitler for your own faults. Fuck off kike, all of your posts have been explicitly shilling for race mixing

If people looked like anime I would love niggers, reported CREW shill.

Rei has no personality and even Anno hates her.

Asuka is absolutely best girl and anyone who says otherwise is in denial or a jew.

Nil is an improvement over negative.

I just want to see Trump come out early so it fucks up all these stupid ass MSM count down clocks.

Reminder to filter and report all animeming derailing CREW shills.
t. friendly TORposter

But both of these two things are her biggest selling points!

Stream link?

Is it just me or does that hallway look more elegant already than when king nigger was in office?

Both Pyor and Gorsuch are "FUCKING WHITE MALES" who are young, follow the founders on the Constitution and are anti-abortion like true members of the Patriarchy. Pyor stood up against the NiggerAACP to enforce Voter ID laws and is a friend of Jeff Sessions himself. Gorsuch supports bakeries not having make fag cakes. AND even if the dems try to stall them congress will use the nuclear option and pass them in a heartbeat.

ur waifu a shit

Plz pick the Unabomber!


t. fed shill d&cing every thread

get out of here faggot


If you think your shilling isn't obvious I have some bad news for you.

Official White house Jewtube stream

stream? trump linked a nsabook link, no thanks

She's white enough.

Irish, mother was Irish
English, father is Anglo
Kill yourself retard


My dick will be diamonds seeing trump take that walk down the carpet into the east room for the first time

Total boss move if he leaves his coat unbuttoned on the way to the podium



It's still surreal tuning into an official White House stream and watching President Donald Trump speak.


I was just thinking the same shit.

That reminds me, isn't this bitch hinting she might retire soon?

source on this?

red v blue: guaranteed thread derailment.

By your logic Mexicans are "white enough" and only enrich and whiten America.

Gas yourself or sit on your asschair and wait for me to put a bullet in your head kike.

Fuck off fed

This is the best timeline, user.


Please be a Protestant, Catholics are too cucked at this point

it looks like my penis

fucking kikes ;-;

He's not even eligible for the position. Lolbertarians not even once

Back to cuckchan nigger

We're living in the wake of the TRUMP EFFECT.

Memes are real now, the consequences of ideological warfare will never be the same.


Good call. I was on the CBS stream and the "experts" they had talking sounded like they just came from this thread. "Gorsuch is a favorite but we don't even know if he's present here! Maybe Trump will pick Cruz lol"

83 years old. Too arrogant and stupid to step down during Obama's administration.

Gorsuch is Episcopalian
Pyor is Catholic.

t. Goon

Protestant is shit biggest shit worst shit

Orthodoxy or bust!

Best timeline

I know its an old as fuck pic just saying

I don't know anything about Episcopalians. Are they based or cucks?

Zuckerberg is a beta-male faggot who married the first girl who kissed him.

You're a fed derailing important threads


Dude I get more excited for these streams than I ever did for a fucking game or anything.


They are almost all cucks, but some decent ones exist and Gorsuch could be one of them.

Typical Trump Entrance right here. He always arrives late when he wants to make an impact.

Trump is Episcopalian i think.

don't know anything about them.

All these outlets made great again.











Shit. "the program" ? kek

Trump is Presbyterian

Official Whitehouse account on youtube fam.

Epis look like they're about as cucked as catholics sadly., though that doesn't mean either choice is a cuck.

If dubs it's a Protestant

Trump is Presbyterian


It will be Judge Dredd. Most qualified judge.

We should start a KickStarter or GoFundMe for his Phylactery so we can raise him as a Lich.


It's not jewish. That's based enough.

Trump is a follower of the Prosperity Gospel.



This is the first CREW shillpost in this thread to make me legitimately angry.

Justice Scalia was a hero, a truly great man. And he was murdered by the jewish ZOG.



Please meme responsibly.

my mistake, thanks

Black tie. Huh.

I have chosen Dr. David Duke to sit on the Supreme Court





Trump looked so small walking down that hallway. High ceilings in that place.

Praise kuk posts 1000 times every fucking day is fine though, right?

Holy fuck, I forgot about @POTUS. It's Trump's now, and all of Obama's tweets are gone.

No that's Cruz.




Pryor confirmed


It was just a joke, Torposter. All I want is someone who can come close to filling the shoes that Scalia left.

Get comfy.

Niel Gorsuch


POZ on steroids. They ordain women and fags, and the Primate lel is this guy.


It's official.

i win cos i'm first in Holla Forums

Trump is enjoying this A LOT.



Teleprompter Trump is relaxing.
Off the cuff Trump gives me high energy.



There is no more powerful blackpill propaganda against libs than telling them they will lose the supreme court for their lifetime. It's also a fantastic morale buster for us.





Now look at what you've done.


The only issue I have with Gorsuch is he's a textualist – which means he doesn't take into account WHY laws are made, or what lawmakers wrote about those laws.

This could make getting rid of the anchor babies a problem regarding the 14th.

OK, so he's picked Neil Gorsuch. Now comes the vetting process.

All according to Kek's will

so who is this guy? he gud?


Was that a surprise?




49 years old


He looks young and healthy, too. Barring assassination, we're gonna have this one a long, long time.

Gorsuch is 49 years old

Who is this man and is this good news for us?

Nigger he's Episcopalian


Damn Niel is tearing up, this must mean a lot to him.

No. Most of us knew it was coming days ago. But it's still nice to see the process.


His wife is basically a loli holy shit

Soon Trump will reveal himself to be a RADICAL TRADITIONALIST


Hes a big guy I mean really hes as tall as Trump

ALL the lib judges are old as fuck. that jew was going to step down if the cunt won so she could be replaced by another lib. They're going to lose another before Trump's first term is up.

Niel Gorsuch


Good propaganda is true shit. Tell our enemies we've got the supreme court now and that they should cry.

sounds good to me


For all 30 more years of trannyism before they kill themselves, this glorious motherfucker will be sending illegals back to Spicland.

I can't wait until Ginsburg bites the big one. Fingers crossed for Trump carrying out some "wetworks"?

He's set for life in one of the most prestigious seats in America. It fucking means a lot.

Alright. I'll leave ya'll to your fun now, but remember: Congress still has to approve him. Neil isn't a Justice yet.

I don't know about this guy, will he fry the fags and allow free funs?

tfw 6'2" and my first girlfriend was 5'2"

You don't know comfy until they can sit in your lap and you can rest your chin on their head. Short girls a best.

Trump and Gorsuch are like 6'3". She's just an old woman of normal height.

Got a lot of loyalty for a potential Justice.

Waifu isn't too bad looking either.

You are wildly degenerate.

fuck off handegg

Ginsburg should be impeached for that collar of shame shit she was playing at.


It's more than her height, she has a really small frame and a young looking face.


God damn that shit's hot.


seems like she understands the honor and weight of the position

good waifu material

u wot m8

day smirk

Even the conservative ones are cucked. Somebody else is going to step down or die soon. We're going to tip decisions our way from now on.

Hopefully Sessions and Miller can make the case to him, then.


which one tbh

He's Young, sides with bakeries against faggots.
Interprets the Constituion literally. Not a jew.
Solid win for us.

Not much known about him except he's not a commie, and thinks the constitution should be interpreted as written, like Trump said.

I've always had a thing for tall girls tbh

I'm not advocating for pedophilia niggerfaggot it was just an observation, she has that "young" look despite obviously being an adult.



Trust me she doesn't look anything like a loli. I'm on TOR so you should know I am a certified expert on such things.

They likely had tabs open for all prospective nominees with edits pre-written in so all they had to do was hit submit when the confirmation came down.

He looks so happy



She looks like an adult woman you degenerate freak.



Dude is a strong public speaker.

This guy's voice is silky smooth. He should read audiobooks.

I noticed that shit. Fuck them.


…I almost forgot how a non-Jew sounds like on a microphone. It's soothing.


I agree. 13 year old girls are incomparably more attractive.

well shit, I was really hoping for an originalist. we seriously need more of those. the 2nd amendment is supposed to let me put cannons on my ship, damn it!


What's wrong with people like that? Do they get money for editing wikipedia articles?





I suggest suicide

She looks the the mom from Home Improvement.

Don't worry real lolis will always be smaller than you even if you are the king of manlets.

already a thread on the catalog claiming he's a kike with a (1) OP.

The problem with you pedophile freaks is that you act as though everybody else shouldn't be disgusted by you.

They do it for free.

Anyone else noticing how nice this guy's voice is? He could be a radio announcer.


Liking him so far, can't wait to see all the liberal articles calling him the end of faggot rights.


He was assassinated before his time.

Never underestimate autism. Wikipedia editors are notorious autists.


Hitler was 5'8 and Goebbels was 5'5, so don't lose hope.

If imagebords have taught me anything its that autism knows no bounds.

Dubs confirm, I'll wait for Adolf Hitler"s "Mein Kampf" as read by Neil Gorsuch

He's Episcopalian


Fucking creeps.

apparently, she's a bong

liking what i'm reading about this guy


Which is part of the Protestant denomination.


Well done user.


Just point out that Kim Davis was following HER moral code when she disagreed with the President.

it will be a jew



Close enough!

Which is Protestant.

That's why he picked him, needs laid back positions. Trump carries all the high energy.

When I looked at it 5 minutes ago it said he was a "homophobe."

There's a good chance this is intentional.

With a name like "Gorsuch," I thought he might be at first, but apparently it's an English surname.

So liberals are digging up everything they can on him right now, and freaking the fuck out like it's the apocalypse right? We're going to start hearing about how his cousin's wife's uncle's co-worker was in the klan 25 years ago. Should be entertaining.

That's nice and all, but will he legalize machine guns?


checked for batman.

it sounds more Scottish than anything to me.

I have no clue what Neil Gorsuch is like as an individual, what can someone tell me about his leanings politically or his history? I have faith he'll keep the fucking SCOTUS balanced enough, Don dont pick no sissies, but I seriously got nothing here.

He's 100% right there.
The Supreme Court has WAY overstepped its bounds.

It strikes the ear as Russian. I'm sure some liberal somewhere will get triggered that Trump is literally appointing KGB operatives.

Daily reminder that the current supreme court is made up entirely of Catholics and Jews.

Neil will be the only Protestant.

Good pick


Alright guys, get your meme manuals ready, we might have to name this guy just like we did with Mike "Electric Fence" Pence

Exactly what I was thinking, I keep refreshing for the headlines about how evil he is.

Yeah, but they are going to filibuster the pick and force the Senate to use 60 votes to get him in. They're going to obstruct everything from now on, and try to force all positions to remain vacant until they can put a nigger back in the White House.

Pretty much. It'll be a repeat of what they did against Clarence Thomas but intensified beyond belief.

They're already butthurt over him interrupting prime time electric jew programming for the announcement.

Anyone have a basic rundown of Gorsuch beside being white and a Episcopalian?

Alright goys, now how will CNN make this guy look like Hitler?

I was wondering why this was such a big deal, then I looked up the current justices.
No wonder the courts have been fucked.

They have had the list for months now.


somewhere the ghost of one of those kids that used to bash catholics in middle england is smiling

It doesn't matter. Congress is owned by Trump's little bitches, if the dems try to filibuster they'll just Nuclear Option it and pass him through like it's a parade.

It's like looking in a mirror, always one step ahead of them.


Relevant info about herr judge

Democucks gelded the filibuster just in time for the first womyn preznit.

They're going to get the filibuster taken away if they keep it up. :^)


clinton did it

Ive seen this before, but what is happening. How tall is everyone in this pic?

Yep, as you can see, multiculturalism and diversity is a complete disaster. Even European Catholics are incompatible with Anglo Saxon Protestants. Oh well.

Its honestly amazing at times, just how much and how hard some of these people signal.
They'll write a 7 part bitchfest at Trump, as though they think he, or anyone who is of any import in his regime, is going read it.

Scalia did nothing wrong.

He's Scalialimilar

From left to right: 6'2" 5'10" 6'3"

Miracles, man, miracles.

Protip: the beaner woman is a cryptokike

the two giant ladies are deciding who gets to eat the little guy

Can that actually happen?

He really fucked up using that pillow tbqh.

Are you sure he's 5'10''? That doesn't look like a 4 inch difference between the first two.

wikipedia editors are liberal shitbags

i still have my page open, here's what else it says about him before libs may have swooped in



Yes, the Democrats showed us the way, now it's our turn to play :^)

Manlet detected.


Awful pick. Someone convince me I'm wrong, I'm gonna post this in both threads for visibility. I was really hoping for a serious Protestant or even a Catholic.

He's just blitzing the (((liberals))), a week ago it was all about the fucking wall, Soros had their signs and everything ready to go. A couple days later and it was all about the muslim ban. Now all the talking heads and paid protesters are going to be shrieking and shouting about Niel "Gore the Cucks" Gorsuch and his "stolen seat" pissed off about whatever Obama's pick's name was.
No one is talking about him smashing up obamacare, or no more money to foreign abortions, or even the fucking wall.
Libs are going to be out of energy come APRIL.

I still have trouble believing that kike guy is 31yo. How do you end up with so much power and looking so old at that age?


I'm 6'2''. My hand is bigger than 4 inches long, for fuck's sake.

Jewish Genetics.

Episcopalian Church is shit tier. However this guy supports the death penalty, so we know he's not guided entirely by his religion.

It's fucking bizarre man

Don't be a collectivist, user. Judge him by his personal views, not which spiritual social club he joined

this actually showed up on my top Youtube videos right next to the livestream of the Trump SCOTUS pick. Perhaps Kek is trying to tell me something?

Everyone loves Jewish Goebbels


Check out Stephen Miller's old college essays on Christianity.

Yes. The Democrats did it in 2013 to stop Republicans stalling Obongo's nominees for various positions. It only takes a simple majority to change the rules.

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Fox is saying he wrote an article about how PC culture was is out of control on college campuses

Trump had a chance to pick a trans chinese nigger that looked like a cross of Janet Reno and a Ninja Turtle to shut everyone up. Instead, he picks Mr. Rogers.

Will do

I ain't clickin that shit.jpg

Someone will need to dig deeper, but his public face seems to be that of a total constitutionalist. Plays the conservative on every liberal issue like contraceptives, states rights (which relates to gun laws), the death penalty (for it). Should be good for most bullshit the powers that b might try and get through court.

And it's a pick republicans like, so he's an easy man to appoint.

Fucking veiled threats.

why the fuck is fox news airing the "protest" of 20 people

In this case, let satan guide your cock.

To be honest though east asians (japs in particular) are great people and the only inherent negative in racemixing with one is you'd be missing out on the pure white family you could've had.

Theres some Photoshop fuckery happening.

Just because he's a Christfag doesn't mean he's a christcuck. They're against the death penalty and he's for it, so he's clearly not only going by his church.


You meanTrump's Agrippa. The only saving grace is he sees thing in three dimensiona, he understands these new golems will kill his kind for looking white


She cannot and will not give you White/European children.
She can only give you mudblooded half-castes.

There's just no other way to look at it m80.

more asshurt inbound

That is the face of a frightened man

reminder that we could have just watched the appointment of a faggot womyn of colored to the supreme court if things had gone differently 3 months ago

What's the big deal with the access pipeline?

lefties are gonna kvetch overload and burn out


Master tactician.

hippies were literally blowing their own arms off to try and stop it.

This is floating around twatter, haven't found a source for it yet, but could be promising.

goes through some injun territory that they haven't owned or cared about in decades

fossil fuels are evil
muh natives

Soros and Buffet's money machine is transporting the oil by train.

sacred indian dirt

It is just something the left has latched on to as some big cause.

For whatever reason libtards get butthurt over pepelines. They don't understand oil gas is going to have to be moved one way or the other. They're probably just being manipulated by Chinese shills tbh

Leftists are hell bent on the US not expanding its domestic energy resources because of MUH GLOBAL WARMING. So they want the pipeline to remain stalled, whereas President Trump wants the pipeline finished because cheaper energy prices is good for the domestic economy.

Thank fucking god we don't have any of that virtue signalling horseshit.

White Anglo Saxon Protestant Male


No corpses found, not even actual feather head land.
Just another case of "it's real in my mind."

I don't fucking hear natives whining about this and the veterans that were going to defend them are awfully quiet too. I'm assuming this means only liberals will get angry and in the end it won't matter.


If that's true then Trump nominated a Holla Forumsack.

the delegates, dahnald

Please be true.

OMG literally Hitler

oil + muh redskins; fossil fuel development threatens "green" energy gibs to leftist/globalist groups, energy independence threatens the NWO trade system



Dude, don't. Your kids end up all fucked up and happa. Eliot Rodgers is much less exception than rule.

And of course a general attitude of Drumpf wants to destroy the environment because he's an evil capitalist

Looks fake tbqh. I have no evidence that it's fake, but it sounds like something lefties would make up to justify further hysterics.

Still looking but I'm starting to think this is a case of a Holla Forumsack trying to turn his dreams into memes.


Anyone else having issues posting images?


found the newfag

Your children will not have a people. Neither whites nor asians will accept them as their own. God forbid any of them are male, neither white women nor asian women will want anything to do with them.

The text looks amateurish, and the CNN logo is just slapped on there as if to say "It's legit, it's from CNN!". He may have actually said that at some point, but I kind of doubt that came from CNN.

No results on Google, I call bullshit.

Yeah. If it were real it'd have some sort of sourcing. That CNN logo is classic confidence scam.

Probably fake, tbh


Not anymore, it was rerouted so it never passes closer than 70 miles to any body of water partially within injun lands.

Which if you take a moment to consider is pretty fucking extraordinary since nowhere in human history will you find any other ethnicity than whites which is so magnanimous and respectful to those it has conquered.

All these dumb hippie cunts protesting the pipeline now are purely there as lobbyists for the rail industry — because we all know how fucking safe rail is compared to pipelines when you've got millions of barrels of oil to transport.

This is too good to be true, no hits when searching


Nice unorthodox get.

Yeah, looks like I fell for it. Sorry brothers.

Literally anyone can do it

I would die by snu snu to those giant women

Those are both Anglo-Saxon names, Rabbi

From what I understand the company putting the pipeline not only routed it away from injun lands, but offered to do regular water testing and take care of any other environmental issues.
The injuns said "okay, sounds good, but you're making money near our lands so give us some of it."

An user posted an article about it some time ago but I lost it, going by memory.


I find it more believable that the injuns told the company to fuck off at first then they saw how much money the people who accepted the offer got and decided to chimp out over it.

captcha xkympl
kym=kill yourself mate

Feels weird, Year of the Fire Cock is off to great start though.

LOL Who are you talking about?!

This. Injuns seem to think they can use the same victim complex kikes think they're entitled to push in our faces.


He's a scumbag who follows where power takes him, it's nothing to be surprised about.

Ya no shit. I still can't believe my ears…
Rato saying

Who was it?

Accelerated aging due to imperfections in the cloning process. Did you learn fucking nothing from Metal Gear?

Read the thread.


You cannot convince me Miller's not Goebbels reborn.

Judge Gorsuch seems like a good choice with a strong history of favoring religious liberty. But he goes to a cucked, leftist Episcopalian "church".

See especially the parish's "Rapid Response Network" to lobby against gun rights whenever some dindu or mestizo shoots someone. I don't think he's going to follow his pastor or parish council's bad advice, but maybe we should hector him to leave and find a better church. It would certainly set a good example. There's a reason Republicans usually appoint Catholics.


The resemblance is uncanny.

The Universe has an fantastic and genuine sense of humor.

This is exactly my point. His mannerisms are the same, his speech patterns are somewhat similar, despite the difference in languages. It's almost spooky.

Its not cucked. Its just completely uncontroversial on every issue and the most convenient when it comes to their rules. Its the church rich white New Englanders and CEO's join so they can check off a box on their profile.

Episcopalian Church is anti-death penalty, he still ruled against death row appeals, which means he subordinates his religion to the law, and his religion is irrelevant.

Read this article. It's long, so feel free to skip to the parts on the Episcopalian Church:

That said, FALN had an amazing set-up in the hard left. Not only were they trained in bomb-making by Weather Underground, they had possibly the best Institution any radical group has ever had: the Episcopal Church.
I’m still not kidding.
FALN started bombing in ’74. Their demands were 1) Puerto Rican independence 2) release of PR separatist prisoners. Their deeds were nasty. FALN targeted cops with a fake call and a boobytrap, disfiguring one. They bombed a restaurant on Wall Street, killing 4, injuring over 40. Outrage at the deaths changed their approach. They started bombing at night, setting off department store fires — nonlethal, but harrowing. More harrowing: FALN opened new fronts in Chicago and in Washington, D.C. Bombing in three cities demonstrates serious logistics.
Eventually cops lucked out: a Chicago guy robbing his new neighbors found shitloads of explosives, and tried to sell them to a police informant. Using building records, the Chicago PD and the FBI got a name: Carlos Torres, a Puerto Rican community organizer whose wife worked for the feds — she was an equal employment specialist at the EPA.
The FALN safehouse also yielded a copy of a business letter to one Maria Cueto, of the National Commission on Hispanic Affairs. The NCHA was a charitable organization affiliated with the Episcopal Church. When the FBI started looking into it, their hair stood on end. Basically, every. single. person of interest in the FBI’s FALN investigation was, or had been, on NCHA’s board of directors.
Maria Cueto was FALN. She had used her position to put a half-dozen FALN members, including chief bombmaker Guillermo Morales, on the NCHA board. Let me emphasize how amazing this was: these were *paid positions.* Puerto Rican terrorists were being paid thousands of dollars by the Episcopal Church. Like cannibalizing and repurposing a nonprofit. It may be the greatest Institution in American radical history. FALN was literally using a charity run by the Episcopal Church as a front.
Yeah. It gets crazier.
You would think the Episcopal Church would be outraged. Horrified to be dragged into the legal proceedings. You’d be wrong. Liberal Episcopal bishops were enraged — with the FBI! Claimed govt was out to stop the church from funding progressive Hispanic groups! The institution the FALN had compromised went full-force to defend them and mobilized mainstream institutions on FALN’s behalf!
Cueto and a colleague were hauled before a grand jury. The National Council of Churches (!!!) rallied behind them even as FALN went on a new bombing campaign specifically demanding the grand juries be halted.
Progressive ministers accused the FBI of illegal harassment. FALN radical actions were being supported by mainstream legal lawfare. And the various cases against FALN wore on through 1977, getting nowhere.

forgot link:

I looked into his personal life and he's a total dudebro that like outdoorsy stuff like hiking and fly fishing. He also is a strict constitutionalist like Scalia.

So in other words, he's a real american and not some cucky faggot. Sounds good to me.

Except Miller is a Jew

Hence God having a sense of humor idiot.

The universe has a sense of humor.

Did anyone hear about Trump visiting with drug companies today. Libs are making it out to be like he doesn't want to lower drug prices and I thought I'd ask you fags.

Self hating Jew who converted to Christianity, probably going to kill him self one day, when his job is done.

Yes, he met with various business CEO's the other day as well. He already made deals with other businesses to bring back American jobs, don't see why he wouldn't try to do something similar here.

didn't see that post, sperg. take your meds

they're full of shit then. he literally said one of his goals was to get drug prices down and expedite the FDA review process:


Everyone ITT just got fucking duped.

Trump has talked smack about Martin Shkreli before who, btw, dindu nuffin. He doesn't like the pharma industry gouging people.


The Episcopal church sues congregations that try to leave over the gay shit and takes away their churches. As a result, there are a lot of decent conservative people who remain in the Episcopal church solely so their congregation can keep their building.

did they really just paraphrase that Mohamed Ali interview and attribute it to the new Justice?

Probably a Jared Taylor quote

Dumb question; what does GOPE stand for?

Republican Party establishment

Grand Old Party Establishment

How much do we know about this guy? I just started doing some digging and he seems to be down with reading the law as it was intended (good replacement for Scalia), but he also seems to be down for supporting big money donations to politicians, which makes him on par with Obama and Shillary in my books.

Jesus Christ it's uncanny.

This is literally "Heresy: The Church"

Heresy? In my CURRENT YEAR +2? Fun fact: every christian denomination actively commits heresy at this point, especially catholics. Christianity is as good as done, and needs to be abolished for the good of whites.

I knew an Episcopal Priest, was literally my family counselor. Cucked to the max, one of the most liberal people I've ever known. He actually argued to me that children that are raped by pedophiles are only damaged due to the reactions they get once it is discovered.

I never liked the guy and used to troll him during sessions with stuff like "So I was thinking about matter, everything that isn't crumbly (like steel) must have water in it. I mean think of crackers." Used to piss him off so bad. That was the most value I got out of the $200/hr sessions.

Last time I talked to him he was obviously nodding off on opiates (I didn't figure this out until years later). Certainly dead now.

I was hoping for Hardiman for better fun laws, but Gorsuch seems okay.

I'm still waiting for some clear action from Trump on funs.

Please Kek let it happen


Now, to get academia back to sense so that the culture is prime for some movement toward a pro-white environment. Go Trump, go!

Papist, please go (back to a third-world, Roman Catholic cesspool).


Please go back to CREW, TORfag.

That's what you get for being part of an anti-Christ, and anti-white heresy, user. But you still have to go back.


reminder that any and all desert religions are tools of jewish subversion and control

belly piercings are like those choker necklaces, they look nice but people assume you're a slut if you have one

Sounds like the ACLU

Their claim was that the pipeline passed too close to their water source at Ft. Yates. The truth is that the Ft Yates plant is scheduled to be closed because we already built and paid for a new plant in Mobridge. The entire protest is sitting bullshit and even cursory research proves it.

Yes, make some proper white babies and then satiate your nigger tier desires. Just remember, with any woman who wears that much makeup, you need to take her swimming as early as you can.



Notice the memetic convergence? miller is goebbels is miller to our punished god emperor.

Wew I can't wait to see who this madman picked.

already picked

Hell is forever!


manlets, when will they learn?

And antisemitic, according to New York Times. Don't forget that.

Slav here. It doesn't sound Russian at all.