Talking points to use on normies

I've taken on board the CTR talking points that are currently in vogue, and I want to arm you faggots with some ways to fight back. I'll do this as long as they persist on this board. I've worked in politics before this, it's what I studied at university, if there's a way I can help you guys then I will.
Obviously, the big talking point from the weekend is the "Muslim ban".

One of CTR's aims is to divert the conversation, to take you away from the bigger picture and the larger subject at hand, and to trap you in the semantics.
One of their favourite lines is to poke at the countries NOT on the list of 7, and to tie these in with Trump's business interests. However, I implore you to look at the bigger picture.

I want you to look at 6 of the 7 countries on this list: Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Libya. What do these countries have in common? They are all failed states.
The key difference between the very economically advanced gulf states and these failed states is the infrastructure and the ability of the regime to govern. Each of these 6 states does not even have a semblance of control over its subjects. These countries have huge internal conflicts, suffer widespread corruption, have no capacity to assist their own citizens with even basic amenities. Law and order are non-existent. Put simply- these 6 states do not have any way of controlling their citizens.

Why is it a bad idea to import subjects from these countries?

Well, if their government has no control over the actions of its subjects, no matter how much vetting we can do, there is nothing we can do to figure them out. These people can commit petty, low-level crimes or huge war crimes. They will never be found out. They can rape, attack, discriminate, kill, even. They will never be found out. They can be a part of openly hostile political or social movements. They will never be found out. We cannot be certain records even exist on these people, because their state has no capacity to hold them to account, put them in jail, or chastise their actions- and their state hasn't even got the most basic administrative functions. So they can by all means come in with a clean record, which is actually a load of horse shit. For all their faults, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar etc have a strong control of their subjects. Crime will lead to punishment.
My only criticism of "the list" is that it doesn't go far enough. There are still a ton of failed states across Africa and the Middle East that are in a comparatively desperate situation- Afghanistan, Eritrea, Niger, Northern Nigeria, Djibouti, Mauritania, Mali, Central African Republic- I would expect to see these countries added to the list until their own state can begin to function again. There is a reason aid workers do not get put into the VERY WORST nations. Until then, we need to work locally to set up safe zones. Wait for these nations to get on their own two feet and work on the situation at its root rather than simply throwing bandages all the time. It doesn't work.

Also- this is a situation that is going to get worse before it gets any better. We cannot set a precedent that accepting infinite refugees is the best solution- or we will be overrun. Money, housing, infrastructure, health and education are not hypothetical fountains with an endless trickle.
I don't even need to go into the "muh huh Muzlims r bad" hole that CTR likes to throw at us to tell you this is a bad idea. Also- tackling foreign imports means we can put more of our UNDIVIDED attention at homegrown extremism and radicalisation. The two ARE interlinked even if CTR tells you they are not. Fighting one battle is easier than fighting two consecutively.
Also- "the wall".

A CTR talking point I've noticed is that the wall will be ineffective.

I want to give you some examples of where effective border security via means of a physical barrier is working. It's not just Israel….

Ceuta and Melilla: Ceuta and Melilla are two Spanish dependencies (part of the EU and Europe) that are on the mainland of Africa; exclaves within Morocco. They had (and have) an issue of being constantly overran with immigrants from Africa attempting to make the crossing into Euro territory (one step in either dependency and cucked EU rules mean they must get their asylum)- their strong border security has helped Spain take amazing control of their borders. The reason you hear so little about this one is because it's been so effective.
India/Pakistan Kashmir barrier- the Jammu/Kashmir region of India and Pakistan has been under heavy dispute since these countries gained independence. Both claim it for themselves, and the region is a tinderbox for nuclear-armed nations to escalate tensions over. Effective border control has helped to ease the tensions between the two- less attacks occur, less influxes into "enemy" territory are occurring.
Moroccan Western Sahara Wall- below Morocco and next to Mauritania is a disputed territory called Western Sahara. It is claimed by Morocco, and also by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), who are the natives. A ceasefire has been drawn up along the length of the territory that gives one side to Morocco, and another side to SADR. A wall separates the two. The wall has been very successful in avoiding conflict between the two parties. The reason you don't hear ANYTHING about this is because nothing happens- the border security is so effective.
These are just two. I know there's more- and there's more I could talk about here- but I'm rambling!

I'll try to do some more throughout the week.

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ya but what about the greencard holders being turned away? the ones who have been living in the country for years? surely they've already been subject to "extreme vetting"?

My small contribution is questioning whether racism exists at all in america. Ask the lefty to point out any legal inequalities at all between the races and sexes. (if they say the draft your in for a fun time.) Lefties rely hard on you admitting racism exists at all and I dont think you can make a case for it actually being a thing in america. They might whine about microagressions but thats super easy to pick apart.

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This isn't the_donald, nigger.

They're not American citizens. They have no legal right to demand entry to the country. All they can do is whine about 'MUH FEELS'.

there are no talking points.

islam is shit.

if they like the religious freedom they use and exploit in the west, why don't they protest even from abroad against religious discriminations and blasphemy laws in their native shitholes?

didn't cubans in america use to do it about castro? it might impotent ranting, but at least you know where they stand.

do they think mohammed is the best person ever lived and must be imitatated?

i guess then that pedophilia and killing infidels is not an option. or why should they come as far as the united states when they can be in safe neighboring countries.

it would be easier and cheaper to help them there where the cost of living is much lower?
why not doing that? why the nearest safest country is canada or the US or sweden?

they never answer to these questions. why should you answer to their bullshit?

Islam is somethig you should absolutely be attacking. That doesn't invalidate these points, and it can in fact lead into you attacking islam.





Some favored talking points for normalfags.








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They're failed states because we made them that way, you phony kike shill revisionist