Another 100 days promise, achieved. How does it feel to have a real President Holla Forums?

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What's stopping them from merging 3 regulations in 1?

LMAOing at your life, kid

They propose the regulations to be repealed and have to get permission.

nothing probably just more costs

Read the post.

I want a video of Merkel taking the Germany flag, but replacing the flag with a bait hook that the idiot man fell for - just to post it at the guy who fails for your shitty bait.

top kek

slow on the draw today, merchant

If you say so.


Kek, shills aren't even trying anymore.

not so funny now are you?

I was just a little bit faster that time.

Now if he could replace that dipshit ant-net-neutrality FCC chief Ajit Pai then America could be even greater.

kirby a cute


dude what


I'm waiting for him to repeal the AR / AK bans, onerously expensive handgun purchase permit fees ($450+) etc in cucked states like NY, MD,and CA

This is fantastic, it's streamlined perfectionism applied to legislature. It's long overdue and I see great promise.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupery



Cry moar

This tbh.

How will this be enforced, will he veto regulations that don't include repeals?

Congress BTFO

You do realize that every executive order Trump has signed has been overturned by Congress or a federal judge or a head of state, right? Seriously. Executive orders are not a magic button that forces the nation to follow the will of the President.

Trump is accomplishing nothing with these things. They're hollow and you're falling for it. Be smarter, Holla Forums.

Fellate a shotgun, CREWfag.

If dubs, Amy Schumer has to do fat girl porn to make a living.

(((oy vey)))

Compared to other presidents, Obama didn't sign all that many executive orders. He only signed 275. Considering FDR signed 3,522, Obama didn't even scratch the surface.


He also did executive memos. Same effect though.

Presidential directives concern national security. They're not the same thing.

easier to write on a golf course

you have to try harder than this, you're not shilling reddit.
That "BTFO judge overturned it" only included people in transit the very day that the order was signed. Not only that, but the DHS stated that they would obey the EO regardless.

Thank fuck.

Rolling for starvation.

He should sign a new executive order. For every 1 marxist in this country 2 need to be killed by the state.

We are dealing with a cancer that can only be properly treated by radical therapy with Element 1488.

Here's your (((1))), moshe.

Neck yourself yid

I'm afraid the nation's salt reserves are full, commie scum. Go cry in Canada.

1.) No, congress hasn't voted down shit
2.) that newbie judge met with Obama an hour before cucking and issued an order that applies to a small percentage of visa holders. by and large the DHS is enforcing the ban 99% the same as it was before.
3.) He IS the Head of State, you commie shill

I wish I was american right now. Europe is so cucked, we need Trump as world emperor.

Most presidents and prime ministers don't even fulfill their campaign pledges by the time they leave office, probably because they had no intention of ever doing so anyway and just said it to be elected. But the Don is a do-er and not a dreamer, the most proactive person there is with work ethics that are second to none. I'm surprised nobody has made an image with his campaign pledges on so we can tick them off one by one has he plows on through. Whether people like him or not they certainly can't deny that he has stood by all he said and actually implementing it all, he's achieving all he set out to do.

There are a few of them floating around.


Regulations are made by agencies, not congress. All agencies fall under the control of the executive branch.

Soon Eurofag, hopefully you guys get a mass chimpening and the U.S. has to step in.

Nobody talked about this when he toted it out the week before the election and he's going through with this elegant piece of small government legerdemain. Thats how you know hes the real deal. Genius.