This is what grad students actually believe

This is what grad students actually believe

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That doesn't even make sense.

Fucking leaf… it means the fastest way to make a sticky diabetic mess of pancakes is add syrup on them.

literally the worst of the stemcucks

That does make sense.

Syrup makes pancakes less rigid and more prone to falling apart, but also sweeter and more palatable to pleb-taste normalfags.

I heard certain niches of brain science were cucked to hell and there was only one out of all of them that weren't.

y-you too

The field is fine, but it's ruined by the fact that it's like 90% non-white chicks who don't even contribute anything. They all need to go back.


This is why i avoid hospitals. never met a non pozzed dr.

Which one wasn't cucked?

Psychometrics is uncuckable, paleoneurology as well. It's the social psychologists you have to look out for.

there are still people that eat pancakes like they did kids, covered in murican made artery clogging syrup and think they can only be eaten sweet

murifats will never know the pleasure of eating garlic, mushroom, spinach and pulled pork in a pancake wrap

What're you sliding?

Fuck this guy. There have been niggers who complained that the term "black hole" was racist. The entire field of anthropology is compromised because you're required to write convincing arguments that Abbo magic sticks and African mud huts are culturally equal to the Sistine Chapel and the Gutenberg press. The entire field of human biology is compromised because nobody is allowed to do research based on races of people being different - even in places where doing so would save lives. Identity politics has completely fucked science.

I've also never seen a competent doctor in the past decade. Literally all just asking questions and prescribing meds / telling you to take ibuprofen from Walmart. Immense number of these docs are foreign-born.


This is what 4chan refugees actually believe.

As a based Harvard grad student (G6), I've found that nearly every new recruit (G0) is a cucked sycophant incapable of extricating themselves from the cognitive dissonance of rectifying their ideology with pure fact-base reason. Students of my grad year were never this pathetic. Something happened in the last four years at the colleges, and it was probably title 9.

Beats boring STEM.

Neuroscience, despite the name, is not really science.

Fuck off kike

Pure coincidence.
This is what happens when literal redditors flood the place. They are used to baiting upboats, so they want quick reactions instead of actual discussion.

I don't even know where to begin.

Welcome to real world, I guess?



Didn't understand a word of that millenial speak, and I'm a millennial.

This is the level of retard you get when you affirmative-action STEM

There is literally nothing wrong with sweet pancake. But yes, dousing it in that stuff and calling it a day is a grave mistake.

Burger pancake isn't even proper pancake, of course you don't know what to do with it. Pic related.

that means white nationalism is good, right?

Pic is a crépe

dont forget evolutionary psychology
as soon as you start rationalising in-group preference using seagull colonies for comparison the lefties start having aneurysms

what the fuck does glib mean


You're a sick, sick fucker. If anything stop eating pancakes if you think they're for kids and get a more developed and refined taste.

I thought it would be focused around neurons and hormones and brain anatomy when I first looked into neuroscience but its more like linguistics, speech therapy and other weird stuff from what ive gathered




Yeah but then they counter it by "proving" matriarchy is viable because of baboon social structure, ignoring that humans are female-dispersal primates upon maturity. It's easily subverted.

you can counter that with the genetic evidence that gender isnt a social construct
anyone got that pic showing a scientist prove that the gender nonsense is empirically invalid and the sociologist literally says she chooses not to believe the evidence of his study

Also, I don't care what anyone says, tomatos and mushrooms raw are sick.

The mushrooms are always cooked, the tomatoes are often grilled.

Unless you do things differently in America.


everyone who wants to "be doctor for money" goes into neurology, and lower it to the level of psychology

Fake science. Most of them are cargo cultists. Students are told not to repeat experiments, aren't to test things in multiple conditions, you know, all of the things that real science does to make sure there aren't errors.

literally only whites and asians, everyone else is in it for med school or a PhD by their name when they later decide to go into buisness. I wonder what that grad student is with us for…

This only gets sparked in science topics not about science, like public politics positions. Actual science is all about that r^2=0.999, mmm.

Never. Science refuses to be politically baised, because anyone who buys into a school of thought without contemplating all of the questions it creates would fail out of undergrad and go study social """science""".
Which is why 8ch has spontaneously become a trash bin.

Everything below some fields of biology is fake science. Ivy league is the worst of the worst when it comes to being overrun by fake science.
The name of a university should only be considered when talking about math, physics, chemistry and biochemistry, because funding. But then, burgerland doesn't exactly have a good situation with its universities right now.

There's some small movements in science to take over philosophy, hopefully that'll happen in my lifetime.

feta cheese is what i usually use
but you have to try pancakes with salami and cheese on them, shit is amazing

the vector they are attacking science at my uni is through environmentalism. Even engineering is being attacked by some Canadian 'panel' wanting to inject social justice in engineering and the excuse is that engineers are hurting the environment because machines use gas.

shit is fucked

desire to know more intensifies
never heard about the seagull colonies you mentioned, care to elaborate
would improve upon op's shitty bread

Just because everyone and their floor-mopper is being called an engineer doesn't mean they'll get into a research position, yknow? Science is about how you think and process things, and as soon as your method of thinking fails, there goes your peer review and your funding. Science, at the end of the day, is about constantly questioning what you know and why you know it. It's the only field that builds itself through constant self-destruction.

the most they'll get is genetic engineers and earth scientists on their side, either documenting change or recording/modifying organisms. Chemistry uses extremely toxic chemicals, but the most they can do is get us more funding to neutralize the chemicals because those same chemicals are driving civilization.

it was just a mystery biologists couldnt explain for ages
coming up for a logical conclusion as to why seagulls of the same species would roost in numbers sometimes reaching millions in the same place
because in the animal kingdom usually its common practice to kill the offspring of another animal so as to increase your chances of reproductive success by removing competition
in the end they came to the conclusion its a combination of kin selected strategies and inclusive fitness
heres an excerpt that might help a bit
basically though in biology altruism is considered an aberration unless theres a logical reason for it


Wtf does that mean? Why bother eating pancakes if there's not syrup on them?

I just butter them.

you should do more tbh
celebrate your pastries
embrace flavourtown

Around kikes, it means Neurotic Science.

make me. Waffles are better anyway.

Are we going to start having threads based on a tweets by absolute fucking nobodies? Are we faggot ass 4chan now?
They were well-educated into ignorance.

waffles are gay
just kidding I like waffles too, never had one though I imagine they taste magnificient

Fucking Amerifat.

We have jam on them. And not that suger-fucking shit, no homemade jam from berries from my grandmas garden.

Dear God, no…

It caused the most horrendous part of WW2

I doubt Britain would have minded being bombed with luftwaffles what with the rationing at the time

Thin waffle cookies are good too.


Link plz?

Yeah it is, it's just biology focused on the brain. You're thinking of psychology, which in its non-quantified forms is a form of philosophy.

it makes for such a great starting point for subtly redpilling people

Which field is that?

This is actually observable in any country where there's no social safety nets. When asked about giving away hard earned money to save starving nigglets, the most common reply will come in the form of

Though there's a few bypasses, like if how if you're a Christcuck you're more likely to care about dying nigglets even if you were an Asian shitskin.

Is that Flavortown's twin city?

Genetics. The most notorious examples I can think of is the real reason why Asians are lactose intolerant and why even that condition might go away in maybe 50 generations along with Abos being still unable to process alcohol in a way that doesn't slowly kill them.

Biology m8

oh I got no paper for it
but do some third year courses in evolutionary biology and its standard stuff just put two and two together


foreigners dont seem to enjoy Flavourtown as much as Flavortown though
too much vinegar is the most common complaint

abos cant even digest basic sugars and anything with a cereal/grain in it
you put abos on a diet which isnt foraged fruit and half-cooked meat and they balloon in size

Ah too bad.

That's not the whole spectrum of it though. It's actually because genetically their bodies operate like a nigger in constant starvation. Have you an idea what happens when you introduce a starving nigger to KFC?

You people haven't lived.

New Orleans?

Therefore I am still holding the opinion that Westerners are pathologically altruistic because the social safety nets experienced in the West are never cross-examined, threatened or shaken by the citizens (despite evidence to the contrary found in homeless people and other degenerates that are willfully ignored because goddamnit, a system IS in place). In short, complacence in living a life perceived to be without risk generates altruism because there is an inaccurate appearance of the risks inherent.

Well, an explosion of type 2 diabetes and BMI of 40+ without being body buiders, so
Pretty much yeah.

>macro professor is a pretty cool but ugly woman who laughs at socialist students in class
>have to spend this weekend with both because the econ department and econ majors are all going to tour The FED in St. Louis

yeah they balloon
i also think not getting involved in starchy agriculture has had an effect on them

bit too complex for the state im in atm lad
reciprocal altruism is more in line with what should be instead of what is
Roman charity of the sort Caesar and Nero engaged in makes sense, I give you things so you love me and defend me
there is no such thing as pure altruistic behaviour in the natural order, only give and take or mutual benefit forms of it

from what ive experienced every sociology professor is a marxist brainwashing their students
and every non-jewish historian is based as fuck

If you note the language, Westerners are mistaking pathological altruism for reciprocal. One example is an argument constantly used by the leftist.

They keep assuming that
1) The government has infinite resources to accept hundreds of thousands of non contributing people who need to be housed, fed and entertained
2) The systems currently in place can sustain such a fantasy.
3) The people who never earned a place in your society will one day appreciate your society and contribute to it instead of burning it down and erecting the shit system that made them refugees in the first place.
4) They don't have to pay for it.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembered.

Econ professors tend to be mixed, but leaning right-wing or not giving a fuck about politics. Econ isn't sociology, though. Sociology classes are leftist factories. Econ people tend to go in with beliefs, and come out with the same beliefs, because economic models require certain assumptions be made, and the economist chooses which assumptions are made. Most socialists just don't go into economics because "man, fuck doz greedy bujines men n shieett".


I might be a burger, but I'm not a fan of sweet food. I can only eat pancakes with a small drizzle of syrup, otherwise it gets overpoweringly sweet. Butter's all good, though.

good times.

Savoury seafood pancakes with chopped chilli and roasted garlic is the way to go lad.

Sounds pretty good, tbh.

bit boring tbh
maybe fewer pancakes in the stack and as a dessert not a meal

this sounds ok tbh

Now to trigger the fuck out of you. I initially got the idea from a gook food called Haemul Pajeon.

Did you just make that up by using Pajeet and some Korean sounding name ?

It's just what the gooks call their seafood pancakes. Here's a recipe using the same name but the one featured in SBS is shameful to say the least.

Had to look it up. Might be gook food, but sounds pretty good.

tbh it sounded like okinomiyaki with chilli flakes instead of bonito (dried tuna)

yeah those four points about sum up why pathological altruism defies nature

Is Alex Jones right about Fluoride and the pineal gland?

I can tell you from experience that if you have a friend who can supply fresh shrimps, crab meat, scallops, white flesh fish or sea snails you have to try it out. The freshness of the seafood makes a huge difference compared to shit they serve in the gook restaurants.

They are understandably from the same branch of cooking (wheat and glutinous rice flour pancakes), but a pajeon is a lot thinner than an okinomiyaki and is cooked with more oil/fat then a pajeon. Also chilli flakes is heresy for this dish. Go get yourself some chilli you can chop up and pickle in some vinegar or just serve dipped in light soy sauce.

Fluoride is empirically linked to deformities in fetuses and its been correlated with a drop in IQ
dont know about pineal glands though

ah k
always put off by gook cooking though because of that dish that looks like someone autistically organised a salad into a bowl and then fries it in oil

I'm stealing that for the next time I'm having a business dinner with the japs.

no natural scholars sound llike 9gag memes

ahh its korean
japs dont eat that shit
i think its called bibimbap or something ridiculous

What a bunch of retards. I hate "science" documentaries like this. What, was literally putting what the cat's brain observes onto a fucking screen not impressive enough?

That's a mixed rice dish user. Your description just fitted quite well for okinomiyaki.
Actually a lot of their local ramen joints started doing Chinese and Korean from a while ago and they kept up the recipes that sell. You can pretty much walk into any restaurant and order your favourite gook food.

ill pass methinks

yeah converting the electrical signals of the brain into an audiovisual image blew my mind when i saw that vid years ago

I just slap butter on them tbh.

The other thing that is disturbing about this fucktard is that he thinks politics (of any sort) are acceptable in science. I'm increasingly convinced that this person isn't actually in STEM.



probably not her original intention when making that post user. ;)
You are right, however when you stated that overtime, pancakes will become soggy and gross when drenched with maple syrup. We should bring that to her attention.

Boobanimals, money and privacy, otherwise killswitch.



Mexico is the fattest country in the world, America is #2.

No real studies done on it. Wouldn't be surprising, though.

I agree with these african negroes. Black magic is real. Among all peoples on Earth, the negroe alone excels at black magic (voudon/voodoo). Indeed it is his religion.

The black magician, albeit a powerful, contacts various ghosts and demons and they can target someone with attacks.

More like amplifiying some hidden algorithms in your brain, reddit would say self fullfilling prophecy without knowing what it really means.

I love how english breakfast is basically just random food thrown on a plate. It's like the inventor just took everything he has available and put it on a plate and went "ere you go, my laddy!".

and laddy sunk his teeth into that crispy toast and juicy sausages and thought
cor blimey thought you was having a giggle mate but this ere's tingling my tastebuds I do say so
try it you shant be disappointed
unless you're obsessed with the taste of garlic tbh

You can also use mantras to focus on a certain point:
Boobanimals, money and privacy or killswitch.
Over and over again. So the last fucking idiot gets it.

No, seriously:

english breakfast is best breakfast.

heart attack inducing, sure, but God damn, it's tasty!

Nope, Nauru has a 95% obesity rate.

oh yeah for certain
I start feeling that sick feeling you get from eating too much fat about half way through a full english
which is why you have it with a glass of cold fresh orange juice so you can gulp down the fruit and cleanse your palate ready for the black blood pudding

No it isn't.

No it isn't. It is more than that, and this is what makes it not a science. Too loaded with assumptions.

nah neuroscience isnt just biology focused on the brain believe me
I looked into it because i thought it was that but its not
neuroscience is just weird

Well you can eat pancakes without syrup, like with applebutter

Shame on you if you replied without a sage and a report, I sincerely hope that all the 100+ replies are just shills and not actual people.

I'm pretty sure I know my own field.

All science makes assumptions. That's how theoretical frameworks work.

well where did you do your course in neuroscience?
the ones offered where I am only glazed over the biological aspects

We need to weaponise heart disease


I would love to see that too.

They do compromise pancakes. Syrup is disgusting sugar slop. Apple butter all the fucking way.

I think psychology is heavily related to the group you are reffering to.
I imagine a 20 something white priviledge cunt talking to someone that is nothing like her.

I've had my BS in Neuroscience for a few years, right now I work in a lab at a medical college, right now we are doing research neurological effects of concussion on high schoolers. Any good course on it should start with the basics of neurons and glia, then action potentials and the electrophysiology of transmission, then to go into anatomy. From there it's pandora's box and would depend on what you want to follow up on. It's still an emergent field (only modernized 30-20 years ago), but it has effectively neutered social psychology, which is a great plus for all mankind.

Make a new /bread/


Go read some Jung and listen to the Jordan Peterson lectures. Psychology isn't as doomed as people think, but the bush has to be pruned way fucking back.

wrong thread, what i meant to post here is
What is this, are these real people ?

i did basically the same thing but its under a different name where i am

he's sliding his dick inside you, faggot.

Ideally, you want syrup on the side and you dip the pancakes i to it. Keeps it from becoming a soggy mess.

Also, waffles and French toast are better.

I somehow want to throw them out of the 70th floor tying a rope around their tits/balls and then see if identity politics will hold them up.
For scientific research only of course.

Fucking disgusting. Must be nice living in a third world shit-hole where you have to mix all your food together to make it edible.

Some Harvard poz is going down tomorrow night. Anyone from Harvard willing to report on their meeting?