Arranged Marriages

How feasible is re-instituting arranged marriages? Marriage has been thoroughly subverted by the kikes, but arranged ones could benefit white society. Old friends, community leaders, and separate branches of family could be brought together by picking suitable partners for their children.

Granted, the (((media))) would viciously attack this as anarchic and somehow racist, but their shrill cries could have limited effect. Especially since they attack marriage and prop up MGTOW at every turn–it couldn't get worse. Plus it would lead to top-tier mental gymnastics when libshits realize it's a process typically associated with gooks and curries.

Honestly, with falling marriage rates and the dismal dating marketplace, I wouldn't be surprised if some offshoot of the types of agencies that arrange marriages in the east start to pop up around in the west. I wish I had some sort of figures about how those marriages turn out in the long term to go off of.

Not feasible at all. A large part as to why arranged marriages were done away with was because children would get married off. Unless you are a pedo, no one would advocate for this.

Arranged marriages aren't going to fix the problem when divorce is such an easy option. Taking away no fault divorce would be a better step in the right direction.

Arranged marriages were useful back in the day for kings and queens but why would you want to be forced to be with someone?

They still have arranged marriages in shit hole 3rd world counties and they haven't benefited those societies.

You're a childless faggot. I am trying to arrange marriages for all of my children and my oldest is already arranged to be married. Those of us with children and foresight will be adopting this practice more and more. White group cohesion needs such a practice.

Looking at some statistics for Arranged marriages in the east and "Love" marriages in the west:
I will continue to look at statistics.

Arranged are more of a thing of societies where more wealth is inherited than it can be created. There's little sense in marrying off your daughter to someone with poor or uncertain prospects, and the only situation where there might be any certainty about that at the time when both she and whoever is being consideree are still children is if the guy has some nice inheritance. Same thing for a son.

In any other situation, the custom would simply die out on it's own. More or less like it did in the West.

Almost every family practiced arranged marriage before the 18th century, including the proletariat and other groups of low social standing. This includes European societies and native cultures the world over. Its how things tend to go for humans left to their own devices it seems.

Removing or limiting alimony and child support laws would probably stop a lot of divorce in the western world. It may even cut down on the prevalence of children born out of wedlock.

Interesting tidbit, the rate of Japanese women who sign onto late arranged marriages (Above the age of 29) is climbing. Currently sitting near 40%. The ages that women are starting to sign up for arranged marriage is also starting to creep down into the mid twenties more and more.
Japan has a lot in common with the west, and maybe this could be a sign for what is to come with the surplus of unmarried women we will see with the coming generations.

As far as Islamic marriages go, something like 65% of them are arranged. I honestly expected it to be higher. The tradition seems to have taken a large dip after the beginning of the 1920s.

You have some points. Most women in arranged marriages marry to someone of equal or higher class standing, with the lower class males making the fewest per-capita arranged marriages.

Indeed. There's a larger number of people who choose not to get married altogether, even if they do remain in a long term relationship with a partner. Those that do marry have a 1 in 2 chance of divorce nowadays.
From my knowledge, arranged marriages are usually done to try to benefit both families and decided when the betrothed are just small children. Due to the difficulties and social stigmas that surround divorcees in these eastern countries, marriages usually end up lasting long term.

There's a whole plethora of problems that seem to doom modern marriage (feminism, decay of gender roles, no-fault divorce, ect) and arranged marriages seem to be a bandaid covering a stab wound. I think marriage can be salvaged by fixing divorce laws and a return to proper gender roles (I realise this isn't an easy task).

Love as we know it today is an invention from a little Jewish family of the diaspora. No wonder that it fails.

Ive been looking at stats for a while now, and there seem to be three general ages that people in the east arrange marriages at: Early childhood/Infancy/Pregnancy, ~13+-1 year, and 29. They all have their different trends and some of them never reach fruition.
That said, the age of arranged marriage has been climbing/falling into the mid twenties range over the last two decades in particular, with more eastern women vying to marry in their mid twenties and late teens. It is not the most common method of arranged marriage, but the rates seem to be pretty good as far as marriage success goes.

Arranged marriages work… when:
1. all of the parents and grandparents are involved in deciding pairings
2. the would-be couples are genetically and psychologically (very) similar
3. the wishes of the would-be couples are strickly taken into account
4. the lifestyle is more traditional, with male/female roles well-known and followed

If we disregard everything else and go by logic alone, arranged marriages have been shown to work. When society as a whole considers marriage itself to be a healthy concept, being married is in and of itself seen as a positive thing, and people getting married will be happy. It has been shown that arranged marriages are much likely to collapse than non-arranged ones, and the children of these situations generally come out without problems.

The thing that you have to ask yourself is this: is the purpose of all things to do the most logical thing, or are there some situations we want to look at other factors? Even in the present day, we still have healthy marriages born of compatibility, and children being born from those relationships into the most successful of households.

It's not arranged marriages or non-arranged marriages that's the problem in society today, it's the fact that people can get divorced and the only one who suffers are the man and children, with the woman coming out better than before. In this sort of environment, obviously there's going to be spur of the moment relationships that devolve. The other factor is independence. In the past, even without arranged marriages, a young girl would at least remain under the watch of her father, who would be able to vet potential men. Nowadays, women are sent off away from their parents to college and elsewhere. They still wish to reproduce, and have sexual urges, but they're not in a relationship. This leads to the so-called cock carousel, and only the most religious girls from the best households come out of their independent youth not fucked from it.

The same goes for men. No matter how you look at it, the guy who sleeps with a different girl every week in his college years is just as degenerate as the girl who sleeps with him. Because, once again, in the past, the father of the girl would be able to drive off any random guys rutting around, and the fathers of those boys would be able to keep them aimed in specific directions. But instead, they're both let loose on their own.

This same sort of independence is what led to the devolution of modern fraternal culture in colleges. What used to in the old days be gathering of young men is nowadays a cesspool of STDs, drugs, and alcohol, because of how those values have slipped away over time. And since there is no such thing as a "coming of age" ceremony in the modern day, these systems become the surrogates, producing immature children. There's virtually no such thing as adult men and women in the world today as a result.

At this point in time, arranged marriages won't fix anything. We need a full on cultural turnover and a much wider spread of laws, particularly targeted at divorces. Reversing the effects of liberal education is going to take much more time.

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Thanks. But I was using "arranged marriages" in the sense of a marriage arranged by parents while their children aren't still of age, like it is practiced in India. Marriaged arranged between two single people through a matchmaking service, as it's done in Japan, would be something quite other. Inheritance wouldn't matter as much.

The only thing barring matchmaking from taking off in the West is making young people actually look forward to marrying. Besides the alimony, which you've mentioned, there's the cultural issue. Girls just don't play with baby dolls anymore, and both men and motherhood are villified.

Not all of late arranged marriages are done through matchmaker services, it is still the majority trend to have parents and grandparents do the matchmaking, with the consent of the adult to be wed. Matchmaker services of the scale we see today are a new thing (Though the services have always existed to some degree).
Its important to note that all sources I have seen so far count late arranged marriages among their stats for arranged marriage.
The world over has seen some measure of western influence in the slow but steady decrease in the age of infantile and early childhood arranged marriages. It is now much more common to see the arrangement take place in the teens or late twenties/early thirties.

Note: this generalization is not always the case with 3rd world countries or areas with high indigenous population.
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Fuck off. Arranging a marriage for children who will wed at age 18+ has nothing to do with pedo shit, you projecting motherfaggot.

Why not both? It's not mutually exclusive.

It's about more than wealth, you merchant. It's about cohesion and building white communities. You essentially become family when you child weds another family's child.

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It's better than "dude let's just wait for Hitler". These cultural changes don't happen overnight.


Interesting thread. More stats because they're lacking.

Why not leave it to the parents?