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Wouldn't this be overall bad? Looking at that mock-up it would be overall smaller gain for Trump

Keep in mind, this only in 3 states: Minnesota, Virginia, and New Hampshire

So Trump in that case would have 317 Electoral votes

If every state adopted this method, yes. Hoever if only


Also keep in mind that in 2020 republicans will be in charge of redistricting, so It could equal even more of a BTFO to the Dems

This would doom the Dems if implemented nationwide. Their major city strongholds would be rendered irrelevant and dems lack self sufficency to survive rural areas. kekekekekek

No reason to do this. There won't be a Democratic Party by 2020. They are a criminal organization, and Trump will take them down. Liberals will splinter into a dozen new parties and it will take 20-40 years for them to reconsolidate into a party that is an actual threat.

dems cucked foe the next 100 years confirmed

Also, this is what the current projection for the Electoral College redistribution in 2024

haha Democrat party


Can someone explain to me what all this means? Redistribution? How does this work?

Well, to explain, the Electoral college votes are distributed by population and representatives/senators. Every ten years when the census happens the Electoral College redistributes the 538 votes

I love how the Trump Administration is fixing the loopholes.

You understand those electoral votes gained aren't coming from growth in the white population, don't you?



I'm actually NOT a fan of the congressional district method.
If you think about it, it's just getting a bit closer to a pure popular vote–the whole concept of 'winning' a state pretty much goes out the window.
However, I don't think that it would pass in all 50 states, anyways.
The states it's being considered for should be close, anyways. New Hampshire especially, Minnesota, and Virginia were narrow victories for Clinton, so if they had proportional representation THIS election, then Trump would have had an even greater margin of victory.
Assuming that an upcoming election will end out the same as the previous one is dangerous, however.
The question to ask regarding proportional distribution nationwide is whether or not a few votes from California, Illinois, New York, and m maybe Virginia and Minnesota.are worth a lot of votes from Texas and Florida, as well as one or two votes in a lot of Southern states, and several votes in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. I'm not convinced.
The most important items as far as election reform is concerned are VOTER ID LAWS, GETTING RID OF EARLY VOTING, GOING BACK TO HAND-COUNTING, and most importantly ONE VOTE PER LAND-OWNING HOUSEHOLD.
(Of course, that last one's more difficult than the others).

The Electoral College is fine as is, there are only a few ways to fix the voting system however.

Implement voter ID to stop illegals from voting, early voting is cancer get rid of it, return to paper only ballots, and public counting of votes. These measures alone would destroy the democrat's voter base which will be glorious. Expect Cali and Minn. to go red soon.


MNfag here. My dick would be diamonds if this went through. Even though my district was one of the three that voted for the cunt

Hope this is a sign

Leaked 2020 election results.


They're just as shit as the democrats

Minnesota, maybe, California, I think you underestimate the amount of PHYSICAL REMOVAL that would be necessary for that to happen…

controlled opposition is still better user.

even glen beck on fox was able to do an expose on the rothschilds and federal reserve. he got fired. but still, friends exist in these worlds. not that i'd call glen beck a friend

Remove the ~11mil illegals, which he will do, and there's a good chance it could happen. Many other spics will self-deport themselves.


just cut them off from employment and benefits and they'll leave.

Voter ID laws, no postal or early voting, election day on a sunday instead of tuesday when people have to work, and public hand counting. That alone would destroy Democrats for the next two elections.

With voting restrictions like only Land-Owners, or people who have paid income taxes for at least 10 years (requiring they paid more into the sate than they took of course), or at least 4 years of military, you would make sure Kike Puppets are finished for a few decades, in which time we make sure they are removed forever, because barely any niggers beaners or women does any of those ever.

True, but I like the idea of right wing deportation squads more. It's like the wall, it's symbolic. Sure we could build a mega fence like Hungary, but the wall is more meaningful and shows how superior Americans are to shitskin beaners.

Cali would still be blue, its too cucked.

the real issue is Democrats have an advantage with the electoral college because of Illegals

There must be at least one opposition libcuck party, even if only to pretend the USA is not a conservative dictatorship. Democucks controlled opposition nao

why do yuropoors post these

There are a lot of liberals and "dude weed lmao" fags in Colorado now fam. I doubt that's going to change much with Trump. I don't know anything about Maryland though.

New Mexico will be a red state worth 3 votes in the next election if Trump gets what he wants.

Do you not know what California is?

Do you know what you're talking about?

Whites are a minority in California. The only thing that would turn that shithole red is bloodletting.

From where would be best?


Once all the Somalians get deported.

Looks like the G.O.P. is following Men of the West's plan.
I do think even if the election were held today though, Trump would win Minnesota and New Hampshire outright. He will have to let a lot more government employees go in northern Virginia before he can win there though.

Shipyards there going back into production will likely sway the blue collar vote.


Notice that if electoral votes were awarded proportionally, Trump's margin of victory would have been much smaller. Awarding them by district is just one step away from a national popular vote.

Damnit it has been more than 4 days, let alone 4 hours. This boner cannot be healthy.

Dubs confirm.

The electoral college isn't really efficient anyways, though I'm not in favor of the NPV. I think there should be a more decentralised system for the states with a proportional system. I don't really know any plans for that though.

In any case, according to 270toWin, Trump would've won in any system except for popular vote, in which he still would be in the lead somehow even though he had (((less votes))) than Hillary Clinton.


Good. Seattle is getting uppity and thinks it will succeed where that East Coast kike failed.

Trump actually came very close to winning MN. Only a 1.5% loss


Texas is a voter ID state and Trump's margin was nearly cut in half from 2012 to 2016. No matter what you come up with there is no escaping active removal regardless of citizenship or wealth.

We all need to shill for secession at
It's really the best option for us, strategically speaking.

Clinton BARELY held the state for Dems this time around. Make no mistake, MN is going Red in 2020, and so is NH.

Military service would be a better metric than owning land.

I have some good news for you user.

Agreed, this is slightly more accurate



if the Electoral College doesn't have winner-takes-all, then all it does is scale down the popular vote right?

Highly under-rated post.

The citizenry must be purged of filth

Plus in 2020 there will be a wall between the ballot box and many of the presently registered voters.

Why post such a small swastika?

Almost. The Northern part of California will be into the Union as the State of Jefferson if calexit happens


It's to prevent Holla Forums fucking up image uploading or something. I don't exactly recall what the fuckup is, but the tiny images have a reason.

It defeats duplicate image restrictions.

You're out of your mind, unless you think Trump's going to ethnically cleanse it in the next four years (in which case he probably loses a couple of Midwest states to cucks)

Huffington Post reports: "Wall of Trump bars anywhere from 800k to 6 Million voters from participating in 2018 elections".


Oh, that was it. Thank you.
polite sage off topic

In a white country, that might be all so bad. But right now, nonwhites can (and do) easily join the army, whereas far more property owners are white, who are far more conservative. So for the purpose of suppressing nonwhite votes, property would be a better metric for allocating voting rights

Trump really is the reincarnation of Andrew Jackson. This time the Trail of Tears will be The Trail of Beans.


Those new states look suspiciously filled with spics, chinks, poointheloos, and cucks.


you forgot

If you can't own a gun or work in a school, why the fuck should you vote or be elected.

Trump should arrest every protester and convict them so they aren't allowed to vote.