It's been a while Holla Forums. I don't aim to bother you guys much, but something just came up on #GG's radar.


This is some seriously fucked up shit, and its as much in your interests as it is ours. Pics show a few highlights, but what you're looking at is the enemy's Strategic-level shilling plan for the next four years. It's all there.

"Taking back social media for the Democrats"

We're in for a hell of a ride. If you thought CTR was bad, buckle the fuck up.

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Yeah we had this thread days ago. Thanks but no thanks, reddit.

Fuck off
I've been lurking non-stop all week and haven't even heard a whiff of this

Well, I guess if we exposed these " truth squads" their effectiveness would decrease considerably. Other than that, we just need to handle the shilling on our boards and take our time to actually develop a philosophical doctrine.
I personally think we are stronger than ever with what has happened on HWNDU and the proof that antifas really are wussies, so we'll survive.

I mean it helped them so much during the election right? Are they going to change their talking points at all? If anything I bet they all act as gigantic concern trolls about everything Trump does.

And in case anyone has forgotten, this piece of shit is probably the one funding this.

This old yid vampire needs to be deprived of his blood sacrifices ASAP.

You sure convinced me!

Obvious shill

It seems like CTR was just testing the waters, now they are going all out.

This, and coupled with Trump opening the libel laws soon it only means this will go nowhere as usual.
Look forward to seeing dozens of kike outlets get Gawkerized while Trump supporters rack up millions in damage payments

Exhibit A: a shall in the new plan.

….we have weaponize autism we dont care.

The second Meme War begins. Heil Hitler! Praise Kek!

Holy fuck what a kike.

The more they double down with lies, the more opportunities there are to fling around redpills to counter them. This is actually kind of stupid of them. Previously they fooled and distracted everyone away from the real world, now they pull them into it, and they also do it too fast, it takes time and propaganda to create useful idiots while posting facts is immediate. Also once people come in contact with politics, the truth will always get through, one way or the other.

Tripfags are cancer, OP


Because math helped them so much during the General Election.

So subtle

Where i can download a fucking PDF???

I just read through the document and it's basically "we're going to attack Trump and anyone who supports him."

So all we have to do is keep debunking their shilling against Trump. Not hard.



Prediction is the kike's main weapon of choice. Narrow the white man's choices down to a single path he is forced to take, and even a kike can beat him. user is beyond prediction, of course, as we generate original thought. Let them try to predict us. They're 99.9% sure of their victory because they only think in terms of predictive chance - user stands almost 0% chance at winning, but he will simply win regardless. This is beyond the kike's understanding: there is no algorithm for anonymous.

Meh. Like others have said, they'll just be outted in threads and resort to spamming the board with cuck porn and autistic screeching. Honestly, it felt like TRS was more committed to their shilling than CTR ever was. But stay vigilant anons.

In other news, CNN is getting ass ravaged this morning.

Need an insider, whistleblower at one of these jobs to expose it entirely maybe even make mainstream news by going postal?


you wot m8?

I'll tweet James O'keefe about it. Other anons should do the same.

So basically keep telling the truth and you'll be fine


Bump. If okeefe infiltrates, especially with new revelations about trumps 2020 reelection filing effecting nonprofits interactions with trumps adding another dynamic, they are gonna get ducked.

Additionally, if you aren't already, use a Vpn or proxy when posting here and develop a separate browsing profile on that Vpn or proxy (literally just make an email for some email required leisure streaming service or what have you) this is the easiest way to thwart the datamining efforts.

They are collecting metadata on every user on this board and using it as part of their algorithms. Best Vpn for cheap is probably ipvanish.

We just need to be aware of this. If we don't take measures to minimize the impact on FB in particular we'll be fucked.

If FB meme pages are entirely shut down, some user could make something like an alternative for FB - much as Gab is an alternative to Twatter

Canada just had a terrorist attack!

They pretend to be us, and sow division.

They might even be behind the doxing and drama pro-whites have experienced lately, although my money is on some Western government (Germany, UK or the EU).

how do I apply? I want to be the part of that movement, getting Soros bux, gathering dox on fellow coworkers and subtly shilling until going full redpill crash and burn.

Most of the TRS-shilling was done by somebody else, and by how you have interpreted the situation, the shilling seem to have worked.

Just slow leak to wikileaks/Brietbart an dothers if you get in.


The audacity of these gatekeeping kikes.


They cannot contain the shining light of truth produced by our reality-bending memes.



Can someone upload the pdfs from that Joe account here?

I can hardly wait, i'am sure i'am not the only Holla Forumsack who had this crossing the mind. We must sue the shit out of these kikes, give them a taste of their own medicine, and pool the money between ourselves to create a political machine without equal


learn to sage bucko
saging in a sticky cuz yolo

they are 100% correct. To assume the shills wouldnt jump on an opportunity like the trs shit in a heartbeat is pure retardation.

Ya know what your post is a good example of shills working their way into a conversation and trying to crack the consensus.

alright, so first target on the list for doxing
you know the drill, just like all the rest, lets start digging boys.


also suggest passing this thread off to /baph/ see if you can employ them for some extra legwork.


Reminder to thank an oldfag and ignore derail attempts.

Physiognomy is real.
Look at this shit.


Oh fuck I miss the time where Holla Forums permafucked CTR.


Are you fucking retarded? He said that this CREW thing helped TRS shilling us and derailing the board. Did you ever read the fucking sticky of this board? What the fuck those images means at this time? We have no leaders and no one except TRS, which we already btfo, tried to impose ones. What the fuck is wrong with you?



We need to round up and list ideas and tactics to make this board safer, with more quality posts and more anons able to do stuff.
We need tutorials on digging, doxing and ruin life tactics updated to 2016 and we need them avaible for more Holla Forumsacks.
We need tutorial on opsec et ceptera.
All this stuff must be written in a detailed quality thread. We must protect Holla Forums, quickly, and then start the counterattack

It's real, but overrated since CY+1. Ugly people are unhealthy in both the sense of nature and nurture. The uglier one gets, the higher the chance that they're ugly for a good reason.

What the fuck are you on about? TRS meltdown was fucking hilarious.

Your point?

That, you easy schmuck.

It was so obvious when these shills activated. Pre-inauguration, r/news was almost pro-Trump and very very anti-mudslime. Post inauguration it suddenly became rabidly anti-Trump hardcore lefty bullshit. I got banned for saying commies shouldn't go around punching people they disagree with.

Yeah, yeah. I know.

Checking those ⑨'s

Go look at fucking cuckchan then, it's the worst. Pre-exodus was good in comparison

You've just outed yourself shill. I never criticized the anti-TRS war, I said we already btfo them. You outed yourself saging a sticky

Why the fuck nobody is looking up to this thread? This is fucking huge

No, you're right. The most concerted effort of shilling is on reddit, twitter and the like. reddit is fucking helpless at this point. There was a decent reddit infiltration thread that was going on but it looks like all the HWNDU threads have pushed it off.

You realize saging also denotes off topic posts not meant to derail, right?


No, user doesn't realize that because user is too busy eating dicks
sage for offtopic

Is there a download of the full agenda?

Multiple accounts are posting this exact same comment all over reddit. I guarantee this is a template being given to this shill army.

Once there was WW2. The allies won and said: lets never ever have deal with this shit again. We should have a peaceful forum where we discuss and resolve our differences. Thus the UN was formed. We should also make it easier to trade with each other. In the longer run all countries will benefit (economics 101) and if we trade we will have stronger incentives to be friends. Thus EU, and modern trade agreements where born. Lastly, we should all sign up for some bacis human rights. Because back then the link between disregard for human rights and the ultimate conclusion in the hollocaust was apparent. So we created the international declaration of human rights, and things like the geneva convention.
Trump has attacked the UN, free trade and human rights. Does Donald Trump want to start world war III? Problably not. Is he removing all the safety blocks that our anscestors put in place 70 years ago to prevent it from happening? Absolutely.

Fuck these people.

Shareblue is Brocks attempt to create a leftist alternative to Breitbart. But it already exist as Huffington Post. HP was actually co-created by Andrew Breitbart himself. The left already own mainstream media, the market is very saturated.
All they can accomplish is more noise. Still born would be a good word for this project. What is unique about shareblue? How do they differ from hp, vox, saloon, the hill, cnn, msnbc, cbs. Looks very generic, they have no clue how to deal with The Emperor and the Army of KEK.

We need to dox David Sirota.

Clinton ally taps Clinton critic to lead 'Breitbart of the left'

he news was first reported by BuzzFeed.

david sirota

The feeling might not have always been mutual.

money.cnn. com/2017/01/20/media/true-blue-media-david-sirota/index.html

It's more than that. With enough people/accounts or whatever is applicable to a particular forum, they cn manufacture a false consensus and convince people that a given community has a set of (manufactured) beliefs. In doing so they drive away long-term users who think the community has gone to shit, and also prevent normies from being exposed to uncomfortable ideas.

Spotted the kike


Let's get this meme war going then!
Are our memes ready?

With all this gathered autistic power on Holla Forums, throughout the world, they are always ready.


no blacks nice 1


It's stickied you tard

You mean Minds.com?

Also, Gabbai is anti-nazi-memes despite being called nazi by MSM, so they're probably 100% kosher.

couldn't resist

What the fuck is this

I either haven't noticed while reading the thread or it just got stickied.

Croats have superior shitposting capabilities. Revolving IP's by default and so on.

so where's the downloadable pdf, OP?


Well then I guess everything will continue on as normal. And that means lefty shilling will continue to piss people off and alienate many. They're digging their own grave though, truth always triumphs.

They already shilled on all the media last time and convinced their own side on every level that they were the majority when they aren't. Nothing has changed.

Are there any plugins to quickly convert your text to an image? We could all just post images, hence making our data harder to mine

Aren't CTR and Media Matters owned by the same faggot?

So, why don't we do something like this? Where is our "CTR", as it were? It can't be that hard if brain dead liberals can do it.


Holla Forums are memesmith-psy-ops-doxers in one already. DraftOurdaughters to name one

Holla Forums blew CTR out of the fucking water already with its actions. You can't beat professional shitposters with mere shills especially paid ones.

Fuck, when will you guys nut up and remove the Bogs?

Joseph Smith?

So more SJW annoying trash that worked so well last time

Work so well last time

Predictions are always a dice roll one wrong prediction and BAM piece of shit is wrong and without worth

Just admitting to being unjust partisans while Republicans have a super majority sure there'll be no real world consequences for this

Just more of the same crap the pissed off the little people and drove them to Trump

"Taking back social media for the Democrats"

Please just ban everyone who voted trump so there'll be a 99% tariff/tax place on your worthless site and getting daily armed marine visits to your office

Fucking kikes.

I wonder how many of them are double agents.

No way man, I wasn't gonna blow Podesta to get in just to let Mommy Hillary fart in my mouth!

That's a army of shills. CTR was like a few people. And they also have some kind of media analysis program.

It's funny how astroturfed the left is. Leftists are truly golems.

Someone needs to let Trump know about this. He's proven that he actually listens to us, and it's in his own political interests to get word out about this.

Hey idiot, your swastika is on backwards.

Err, let's not forget that this faggot dated Alefantis, so he's probably a big pedophile. One look at his face screams pedophile loser crazy faggot.

Forward it to Trump. Subversion and propaganda is a no-no.

Of coursh

Of coursh

I know how leftists/kikes are supposed to double down when they lose but this is getting fucking ridiculous

We'll need to conduct raiding operations in the near future, just to give the non-lefties and non-shills awareness of our presence, and that they're not alone.


We can meme at full capacity 24/7

so, how do we stop them this time? they know our tactics now. sure, they're leftists, so we can assume that they didn't learn, but if they did, or if they have enough money, they can just shut us the fuck down
we need to make a plan, anons

mfw they exist to solely counteract what a few NEETs do on Indonesian imageboards



We need to find out where their HQ is in order to give them a visit, like one user once did.

Your logic is retarded because it implies that TRS wouldn't perform their own autistic shilling, despite accumulated evidence from a solid week of shilling, banning, and TRS posts complaining about said bans. You are either a failure at D&C, or a window-licking untermensch just as worthy of being gassed as the kikes.

Not sure if they know what they're doing.

underrated post

You can download it without an account.
d1.scribdassets. com/ScribdViewer.swf?document_id=337535680&access_key=key-0axjuDws9tPsPF6xxvdK

muh allies muh our interest and yours


Immediately admit that Hitler did nothing wrong or GTFO

This is clearly a Javanese Picture Sharing Website.


You're not from here

The Jew cries out as he strikes you.

shut the fuck up normalfag

Brings a tear to my eye.




Counter them… with


how did they ever even have a stranglehold on this country these people are fucking incompetent

I should get some leftist non-profit runners to get involved with this, then report them to the IRS for violating non-partisan non-profit tax law. That way they'd get their tax brakes revoked.


Nate Bronze BTFO

Don't fight, you got digits.

We need the PDF, anons.

Kek has blessed these posts.

Why did they call others fake news? Because the project. They want people to argue pendantically with them because they don't care about the truth, only signalling, numbers, shaming, etc. We've been down this road before. Same shit, different current year.

We have to outmeme, outhumor, outsmug, and outdox them. We are lean, mean, and already know who to start going after. We have to choose our battleground. They want us to get bogged down on places FB where their numbers and moderation will win the day or backed into a corner with controlled opposition ready to collapse around us.

But they are slow and topdown. Hell, almost everyone at the top is headquartered in one building.

Really makes me think….

Nevermind, I got it. It's 45mb yuge.

Thanks user.

This will be fun lads, get ready to start the ovens.
I am already making myself comfy to gather their salt.

They're not even trying to pretend like they're for or care about the American people. Every single thing they do is about themselves and putting the party first, the people are just a means to an end. The people are in power and they want to take that back. They see the people as nothing but background noise, never realizing that noise is the sound of their own doom.

Taking these fuckers will be so easy it might not even be any fun (it will be).

Why can't you just upload it to mixtape? That shit isn't working, it's stuck on "typesetting"

Shame they didn't learn the first time. More medals on my chest I suppose, maybe this time around someone will find the king rats hole and stomp him.

People on our side have never been low-information people. The left has the media narrative under their control and will continue to.
Yet we still won the election.

They have tens of millions of drones and we have millions of memers that are well read in current affairs.

I don't see how their position will improve by doubling down on shilling talking points that fall apart in any reasonable discussion?
They double down on shilling and lies, we double down on the truth.

This is all no doubt a shill front for some even more sinister scheme, the data collection, securing access to Twitter and Facebook etc's mass data collection systems. If you dug deep enough I wouldnt doubt they are tied in with some government agency, or some form of deep state.

They plan to get people fired by framing news as if its not real, when it is. Trump allies, etc… and to be a fake news distribution system, they want to hand their marxists the official line they need to argue against the truth without having it on their side.

why does no one do anything about this faggot and his subversive foreign groups he funds?

If I had governmental power I would seize his assets make it illegal for his groups and other groups like this to ever operate with in the US again ( punishable by hanging as its treason).
I would also dismantle all these groups say good bye to all the degenerate fag group marches) and finally hang soros his family and associates for treason.

Deep state has had access to 100% of facebook, skype data in real time for 10 years

Pic related. Leftists have discarded the truth and adopted deception as their go-to plan for advancing their political goals. They know people would never agree to what they want unless they are mislead to believe X Y and Z are much worse than they really are.

They already frame all opposition news as fake. Is there any new tactic how they will go about this in this leak? Or is it just they want to create an official playbook for shills on how to attack the truth?

To me it just sounds like they will spend even more money on what they are already doing

If you read the pics in the OP they are starting a new social media program where they dominate through this "shareblue" thing, and how they will drain all the top "reporters" from competition. Think Buzzfeed on steroids, a Buzzfeed run by Hillary, pretty much.

Its like a Buzzfeed that is designed from the ground up as a political weapon of deception, not some youtube page that gained a ton of recognition and spawned something unintended, yet useful to the left.

they will use ai-spam.
those chinkmails you used to get full of nonsensical gibrish but on a political-warfare scale.
certain boards may even give them a free pass.
can you imagine a super-computer sjw spambot?

Yea I read it and its just buzzwords outlining what they have been trying during the election but this time it will work because

My work used to be in predictive algorithms and what they say in those pics is the typical bullshit bingo some startup would spout.

Best they can do is monitoring social media and making sure a shill pops up wherever a right wing opinion is voiced by detecting patterns or flagging users as right wing and shilling in whatever comment-section those users are active. But the actual shilling has and will have to be done by manual drones (which might be handed talking points by the automated system).

I hope you goys never even started on that platform, let alone continue to use it.

I met a guy who told me he was investigating "multilinear machine learning" (made up term) techniques. I asked him, if he could invert a matrix (very simple procedure), he could not. There's a lot of bullshit concerning AI, machine leaning and the new "deep learning".

Literally oy veeey.

We need to de-googleize ourselves
I can't emphasize this enough.

Alternative to youtube:


So what you're saying is if we figure out how to use their own language and buzzwords against them it will either flag their own talking points as needing to be stopped and they'll shill against themselves or they'll never know where to shill in the first place. Machines can't sarcasm and their human drones aren't invested in the cause.

Bing is owned by Microsoft, that's just as bad. I also have not been able to find out who owns vid.me

It's interesting that he completely ignores the point about objective truth and moves immediately to virtue-signal.

This but scratch bing.


And if you have to use google, do it in private window without logging into a google account.

I think that's not even necessary. I believe they will be able to show up wherever you're having an argument, but the person showing up to discredit you will still be some underpaid college CTR cuck which will lose to arguments just like the old CTR cucks. But they might be able to show up more frequent than they used to.

(((They))) need to shut down those Russian propaganda assets.

The same algorithms that said Trump would lose I suspect.

What forum is this and how can we dox this goon?

That screencap is ~5+ years old

duckduckgo was caught selling user data afaik, or was run by a guy who did that underhandedly with another project.

have a handy infograph

Still, some users are so autistic they still stay in forums.
Atleast tell me the forum, maybe it's even JIDF/ antifa HQ at this point.

its the escapist
try not to ask to be spoonfed next time

Thanks lad.


somewhere in that thread


Thanks good info but if this is your OC you should remove the nginx part.
listing nginx and having geo targetting as evil is dumb. Any large scale website uses something like nginx for load balancing, 8ch included.

Too bad about bing, I always liked their image search best.
I am not sure who owns vid.me but I know we can't trust duckduck.


not my OC feel free to edit it though

kike detected

They admit that gerrymandering in 2020 is their goal. How is this not news? Oh wait, kikes.

No point, think about it. We already do our own shilling on various sites, we dox, we do psy-ops, we make memes and infographs for the express purpose of spreading them, we already are our own CTR and have been for a few years now

We are what they try to pretend to be. A real grassroots movement.

Take care: being too sure of themselves was the main reason they lost the election.
We can't afford to make the same mistake.

That would entail forming some kind of centralized command.
Being decentralized and nebulous is one of our greatest strengths.
It makes us hard to identify, infiltrate and subvert.
I would suggest, as an alternative, for anons to follow Peter Thiel's lead and fund other anons who wish to pursue legal action against the likes of Soros.

That is some grade A propaganda right there.
Top wew.

I'm sure I'm going to catch some flack for this, but the hard truth a lot of us need to accept is that if we are to prevail, we will necessarily have to take the fight to the enemy, and FB is deep behind their line.

Something I've felt has been lacking for a while now is some kind of playbook/resource by which to counter and own on social media.
I'm talking an actual document that can be downloaded, updated and shared (much as /k/ has their Doc/k/ument).
Too often I've seen someone try to go up against propaganda that's been shared off some deep blue Leftist page, make solid headway for a couple of posts, but flounder when running face-first into a wall of consensus and the same old tired name-calling and counter-fake news arguments.

The market is cyclical.
'Authoritative' outlets are born, rise to power, then fall into discredit.
The Jew understands this and exploits it to his full advantage.
By identifying, or simply founding, the latest up-and-coming organizations, he can subvert-to-own them until such time they can take their predecessors' place as the definitive source of 'factual news' while simultaneously pointing to those predecessors as 'fake news' to further bolster their credibility.

I thought this was an Aboriginal Message Stick Carving Board

Do jews not understand the Overton Window or something?
Do they not understand how throughout History The Majority of People's Political Opinions swing between left & right every 50 Years?
Do they not understand what's happening or do they not WANT to understand?

I miss the depressed little bastards

If something like this was attempted it would have to be light weight and open source coded by polacks which other anons can run on their own for shilling purposes.

I can't wait

While anonymity is nice, something that would permit us a higher level of coordination and cooperation would be a game changer.
OPSEC and protecting our identities would still be of utmost priority, though, and I think I speak for a lot of us here when I say that, if we could figure that out, I would more fully commit.

That's their greatest strength coming back to haunt them as their greatest weakness: Their insular and nepotistic nature.
Their group strategy makes them outsiders to Western culture, leaving them unable to read societal undercurrents before they surface.
This is why their big push to own the media: If they can't grassroots, they'll astroturf.

who is that guy? I know he was on the shia stream talking about he can say things that white people aren't allowed to say anymore, and that the city is infested with commies.

is he some type of based arab Holla Forums bro?

or just a smug neet from Holla Forums?

That seems like a bold claim considering CTR shitted everything on the internet up with only 100 or so people.


One assumes that if we know of it, he does - but maybe not.
Flood his twitter with this shit, urging him to mount a counter-offensive.

These fucks want digital meme war, Holla Forums is ready to give it to them.

A Saudi child soldier born of a CIA mother and some unknown Saudi.

He's anti-Hitler though, and 4cuck trash to boot.
That said, stop masturbating and start lifting.

hello. I'm a years-long lurker. Probably posted twice in all 2016. I don't really think much, I just go with my gut, which led me here. My gut also says I'm not alone. I think there are a lot of "low-information people" on your side. I think we're all just quiet.

Nine stickies right now


##Media Matters
David Brock | twitter.com/davidbrockdc
Angelo Carusone, Presiden | twitter.com/GoAngelo
Julie Millican, Vice President |
Sam Zegas, Senior Advisor | twitter.com/zzegazz
Julie Alderman, Research Coordinator for Strategy | twitter.com/juliealderman_

## American Bridge | Anti-Trump Astroturf
Bradley Beychok, Executive Chief of Staff to the Chairman | twitter.com/beychok
Jessica Mackler, President | twitter.com/jessicamackler
Eddie Vale, Vice President | twitter.com/evale72

## CREW | www.citizensforethics.org/
Noah Bookbinder, Executive Director | twitter.com/NoahBookbinder
Adam Rappaport, Chief Counsel and Assistant Director | twitter.com/RappaportAdam
Jennifer Ahearn, Policy Councel | twitter.com/jenahearn
Matt Corley, Research Director | twitter.com/mcorley
Jordan Libowitz, Communications Director
Stuart McPhail, Litigation Counsel | twitter.com/stuartmcphail5
Walker Davis, Research Associate | twitter.com/walkerhd1

## Shareblue | shareblue.com/ | www.facebook.com/shareblue
Will Lippincott, Chief Operation Officer |
Katie Paris, Senior Executive Adviser |
Melissa McEwan, Editor-in-Chief | twitter.com/Shakestweetz | shakesville.com
Anthony Reed, Polling and Data Strategist
Tommy Christopher, Senior Political Writer | twitter.com/Tommyxtopher
Dianna E. Anderson , Senior Political Writer | twitter.com/diannaeanderson
Mathew Chapman, Freelance Political Writer | twitter.com/fawfulfan


Time isn't linear, our efforts are already having an effect on the past.

Our enemies try to alter the past and present by owning the printing presses. We alter the past and present and ourselves by weaving the fabric of reality with memes of truth.

Honestly it's not really fair, they're not even playing the same sport as us.


Looking back its still a bit fuzzy

The whole "our memes are affecting reality itself" thing still hasn't fully registered with me. Then I remember anime is becoming more real every day and I just roll with it.

Even with all the data, the kikes fundamentally don't understand memes. That's our edge.

They don't understand a meme war would be mutually assured destruction. This is the kind of story readers digest should pick up.

I can't remember the last time I felt this paranoid, not knowing who's a true enemy or false friend.



You can tell the real friends because they break character. Kikes never break character. It's not that difficult man. Just see what people DO, not what they say.

those kikes are fucking idiots

Nice dubs. The kikes never learn, they just double down or move the game out of town.

Bane posting is the first and most fiery example that convinced most people, 3rd file is just for fun

Well I sort of understood how it would change the present/future, but altering the PAST as well is a bit of a fucking step for me.

i hope this ride never ends

pic related: our adversaries on the same ride

check out mandela effect for "the past is malleable/alternate realities merging" info

Well the trouble is that you can't do science without the universalism of physical laws throughout time, but if that is broken whenever the fuck we meme it, then that memes science is basically nothing except for the current meme which would be replaced. I left the typo in.

Being able to sense when you're being bullshitted without having been provided the countering evidence is not low-information, it's called wisdom.
Be grateful: a lot of people are only able to acquire it after living into their senior years.

I've never seen that episode of Dr. Steel before.

This board itself is automatically anti-shill. The more they try to shill a topic, the more people see it and try to argue against them.

That's cultural appropriation you leftist cunts.

You just had a very good thought right there, and informed this board about all of the fucking lurkers out there. Who knows how many good thoughts you could have. Keep it up my dude. Maybe even get a whole two comments in by the end of 2017.

It's true that it's impossible to actually directly shill on Holla Forums. HOWEVER, the issue is that CTR faggots can simply flood a board with so much bullshit that they make it impossible to enjoy browsing for everyone else. It can be an effective gaslighting strategy to make people give up on browsing the board.

This is sort of what happened on cuckchan during the last few months of the election, when the CTR shilling really took off. It was essentially impossible to use 4/pol/ whatsoever. Say what you want about the average quality there being rock bottom, but it was infinitely worse in the month or two before the election.

Remember how paranoid and terrified they were when someone showed up at their office? We just do that again and much more and they'll get shut down. These college cucks have backbone and no loyalty, if they get afraid for their personal safety.

*no backbone

Brownshirts when?

Hm well if you lurked regularly for years you probably are well above average in terms of information intake simply by reading threads. You may deem yourself low information but remember how retarded the people sharing buzzfeed articles are.

redhats are the new brownshirts

They understand memes well but are only used to having the monopoly on forced memes. They have been committing memery on the world with advertising and Hollywood and TV for decades and were blindsided by the power of fully natural memes grown on the internet.

Here is the full thing Part 1

forgot image


From what I've read from shill "confessions" is that once employed to one of these organizations you sign a non-disclosure agreement. This allows these kikes to essentially ruin your life if you say a peep.

Infiltrating is the job for a lone wolf autist who isn't afraid of or ultimately effected by legal or social leftist actions.

War makes us stronger

Can't leet haxors pay them a visit

Reminder that the "alt-right" is a Jewish scheme.
The new consensus among most places considering themselves alt-right is that "We should just send all the Jews to Israel, even the Jews deserve their own homeland".

Never trust a Jew, or an alt-righter.

When will they learn, when will they learn?

it shouldn't even need to be a reminder, but i guess it's good for lurkers.

I remember when the alt right first became a thing, and I constantly told everyone every time it came up how it was a co-opt scheme and to not adopt the label. I can't tell you how many times I was accused of being a shill back then, but at least those faggots are either gone or changed their minds, and the truth won out. I don't think very many real Holla Forumsacks ever bought into the alt kike.

I don't actually think its metaphysically possible to "kill all the Jews" because God banished them to the 3d reality for killing Christ.

Ooh we're gonna get to dox 6 gorillion more? I'm ok with this.
Also, this.
They're genuinely asking for the rope they need to hang themselves with, at this point. These kikes didn't learn jack shit, so they can have fun fucking shilling each other.

/pdf/ link where?


Gas yourself newfag

Kill yourself

Good Grief….

The left has always had a strategy of in short a "zergling rush". Pure numbers no skill.
Their memes are weak.
They will not survive the reckoning.
Bane pic but it was already posted

Ask your doctor if suicide is right for you.

Oh fug.

True, but as a veteran shitposter on their forums I see plenty of people talking about Holla Forums.
We need to remain uncompromising.

This is why you never drink the kool-aid yourself.

Its already beginning on cuckchan. They're making their moves right now. Its only a matter of time before they get to us.

I like this idea, HOWEVER, I honestly don't think that any public information. It should be deliberate subversion. When lefties find pieces of professional-looking information, they're going to think it has been thrown together by a paid organization purely because it looks "official." These people have not learned anything, by the looks of it, so it's safe to draw that conclusion now. Unless something arises in the form of unspoken rules, the left will immediately find it, smear it, write headlines about it, and try to personify it in order to "take it down." On top of possible legal claims (DMCA for no reason) depending on the site it's hosted on, if it's public.
It's easier to set a trap than it is to actually try to conform to any rules when this happens.
That being said though, I have placed documents very publicly online in stupid places before, and it takes quite a while to actually get rid of them.

video absolutely related, too
No matter how many fags they employ, they can't get rid of something they cannot match any one individual to.

God fuck,
>HOWEVER… I honestly don't think that any public information should be a true playbook of what anybody, at any time, actually wants to do.


superb digits

This actually gives me an idea. Their shills are easily riled up by "leaked" information. Just place a bunch of deliberate disinformation all over the sites they've taken over, and get them to inevitably chase their own tail.
Run to plebbit, peddle some absolutely convoluted story that involves their own people (maybe some retarded story about Brock fucking some executive at another campaign group - create some fake chat logs between them), and pull their shills further away from reality.
Make them publicly pick on some group that is actually one of their own.
Dox everybody.
Place complete garbage on social media sites they have ruined, then let them go after non-issues and events that never occurred in the first place.
Really depends on whether or not they fall flat on their faces out the gates, but getting them to eat their own shit doesn't sound too difficult.

The (((media))) is perfectly fine with publishing fabricated stories, so I wouldn't doubt that they'd do it again. Anybody going that route would just have to be mindful of getting exposed, because of the left's obsession with identities, labels, REAL names, and categories. Double-edged sword, since lefties are so afraid of being doxed themselves.

we need to push the move to decentralized internet and ethereum

What a lineup. These people live in a perpetual state of Poe's Law. They have officially fallen entirely from the grace of humanity and become walking caricatures dictated entirely by trends.

This just doesn't get any more cliche.
This is how you know you're winning. When you can predict the enemy's exact moves just by telling each other stupid jokes on the internet.

I've taken on board the CTR talking points that are currently in vogue, and I want to arm you faggots with some ways to fight back. I'll do this as long as they persist on this board. I've worked in politics before this, it's what I studied at university, if there's a way I can help you guys then I will.
Obviously, the big talking point from the weekend is the "Muslim ban".
One of CTR's aims is to divert the conversation, to take you away from the bigger picture and the larger subject at hand, and to trap you in the semantics.
One of their favourite lines is to poke at the countries NOT on the list of 7, and to tie these in with Trump's business interests. However, I implore you to look at the bigger picture.
I want you to look at 6 of the 7 countries on this list: Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Libya. What do these countries have in common? They are all failed states.
The key difference between the very economically advanced gulf states and these failed states is the infrastructure and the ability of the regime to govern. Each of these 6 states does not even have a semblance of control over its subjects. These countries have huge internal conflicts, suffer widespread corruption, have no capacity to assist their own citizens with even basic amenities. Law and order are non-existent. Put simply- these 6 states do not have any way of controlling their citizens.
Why is it a bad idea to import subjects from these countries?
Well, if their government has no control over the actions of its subjects, no matter how much vetting we can do, there is nothing we can do to figure them out. These people can commit petty, low-level crimes or huge war crimes. They will never be found out. They can rape, attack, discriminate, kill, even. They will never be found out. They can be a part of openly hostile political or social movements. They will never be found out. We cannot be certain records even exist on these people, because their state has no capacity to hold them to account, put them in jail, or chastise their actions- and their state hasn't even got the most basic administrative functions. So they can by all means come in with a clean record, which is actually a load of horse shit. For all their faults, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar etc have a strong control of their subjects. Crime will lead to punishment.
My only criticism of "the list" is that it doesn't go far enough. There are still a ton of failed states across Africa and the Middle East that are in a comparatively desperate situation- Afghanistan, Eritrea, Niger, Northern Nigeria, Djibouti, Mauritania, Mali, Central African Republic- I would expect to see these countries added to the list until their own state can begin to function again. There is a reason aid workers do not get put into the VERY WORST nations. Until then, we need to work locally to set up safe zones. Wait for these nations to get on their own two feet and work on the situation at its root rather than simply throwing bandages all the time. It doesn't work.


Also- this is a situation that is going to get worse before it gets any better. We cannot set a precedent that accepting infinite refugees is the best solution- or we will be overrun. Money, housing, infrastructure, health and education are not hypothetical fountains with an endless trickle.
I don't even need to go into the "muh huh Muzlims r bad" hole that CTR likes to throw at us to tell you this is a bad idea. Also- tackling foreign imports means we can put more of our UNDIVIDED attention at homegrown extremism and radicalisation. The two ARE interlinked even if CTR tells you they are not. Fighting one battle is easier than fighting two consecutively.
Also- "the wall".
A CTR talking point I've noticed is that the wall will be ineffective.
I want to give you some examples of where effective border security via means of a physical barrier is working. It's not just Israel….
Ceuta and Melilla: Ceuta and Melilla are two Spanish dependencies (part of the EU and Europe) that are on the mainland of Africa; exclaves within Morocco. They had (and have) an issue of being constantly overran with immigrants from Africa attempting to make the crossing into Euro territory (one step in either dependency and cucked EU rules mean they must get their asylum)- their strong border security has helped Spain take amazing control of their borders. The reason you hear so little about this one is because it's been so effective.
India/Pakistan Kashmir barrier- the Jammu/Kashmir region of India and Pakistan has been under heavy dispute since these countries gained independence. Both claim it for themselves, and the region is a tinderbox for nuclear-armed nations to escalate tensions over. Effective border control has helped to ease the tensions between the two- less attacks occur, less influxes into "enemy" territory are occurring.
Moroccan Western Sahara Wall- below Morocco and next to Mauritania is a disputed territory called Western Sahara. It is claimed by Morocco, and also by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), who are the natives. A ceasefire has been drawn up along the length of the territory that gives one side to Morocco, and another side to SADR. A wall separates the two. The wall has been very successful in avoiding conflict between the two parties. The reason you don't hear ANYTHING about this is because nothing happens- the border security is so effective.
These are just two. I know there's more- and there's more I could talk about here- but I'm rambling!
I'll try to do some more throughout the week.

Can you do some in the format of:
CTR argument/statement:
What they want to hear:
Effective counterargument/what you should tell them:

Maybe with a CTR general goals/outcomes section of what they're expecting.

I'm against spoon feeding you arguments. You have the tools, you have the knowledge; use it to formulate your own arguments.

I hope you guys invested in lead.

Both are arguments I've heard before and actively use against them. I'm just not sure how keen other anons are on reading walls of text.

It's egregiously noticable.

This. There's something about belonging here you can't fake.

Any chance we can get a download?
Whoever linked d1.scribdassets. com/ScribdViewer.swf?document_id=337535680&access_key=key-0axjuDws9tPsPF6xxvdK must be retarded or they changed the way it worked, because when I click "download" on the page it still wants me to sign in.

You want this shit to spread far BEFORE they somehow take it down.

Hahaha so they gonna make another Tay? What happens when it becomes redpilled? What happens when it becomes intelligent enough to lie to libshits? What if it already is?

Don't underestimate the power of modern AI. Tay was a toy. The bigger threat, though, will always be people. Look at reddit right now (yes yes, I know) to see the new CTR out in force with some new and much more aggressive memes.

Someone had a strategy meeting, all right. The antifa groups are on the rise now even in the US so expect to see a much more aggressive attitude from the left in the years to come since it has clearly dawned on them that the crybaby shit isn't really working.

Antifa are the ones to look for provided the US variant become as capable and willing to employ violence as their European counterparts. Somehow I doubt it because burgers are soft and burgerpolice actually take assault and destruction of property seriously but I recognize their rhetoric all over the place now in just the last half year or so.

Shadilay brothers,
Dehumanize yourselves and face to bloodshed

Brock and Company just received $40 Million in funds to achieve their new goals.


Sorry for the all caps but this needs to be said.

Hillary Clinton has always held Brock's leash, and in turn Soros has always had her on a leash.

Clinton is furious about losing the election. She wants revenge. She will spend the next 8 years trying to undermine and destroy the Trump presidency.

She has already conducted a series of attacks on Trump since losing the presidency.

The first attack came through her support of the fraudulent recount campaign. Stein & Company were acting as a proxy for the Clinton Camp.

The second attack came when she and her supporters organized a campaign of threats and harassment against Electoral College voters.

The third attack came when she spoke in support of the global Women's March. The march was intended to overshadow the Trump inauguration and to delegitimize his presidency.

Her most recent attack came when she spoke against Trump's new immigration policies.

Clinton sees herself as the "rightful ruler in exile." She has a huge war chest, an army of trolls, unlimited free time and a massive lust for blood thirsty revenge.

The best way to defeat ShareBlue and the new CTR is to PUSH FOR THE PROSECUTION of Hillary Clinton.

For those of you who don't think it will happen, THINK AGAIN. Just watch Trump's recent interview with Sean Hannity. Although he won't say her name, he's clearly referring to Clinton, and he definitely has a plan.


We can make the indictment happen. God speed dear brothers!

That's probably going to happen when they get Sessions in. Then Clinton will flee to Yemen or some shit, cause fuck law and order when you gotta chance for "Madame President".

To Qatar
theinternationalreporter. org/2016/10/17/hillary-clintons-sudden-move-of-1-8-billion-to-qatar-central-bank-stuns-financial-world/

How to spot a disinfo shill 101: still believes a Clinton will ever see any sanction for illegal activity.

Burgers love their dynasties and they love famous people who can portray themselves as the valiant underdog even more. It won't ever happen.


How can they even hope to win?

Their memes suck, we destroyed them last round.


You fight irrational arguments with rational facts.

If the left wins we will become just another name on the list of global shitholes.

For Example here are some facts that can be applied to a number of arguments:

Most Dangerous Cities in the World
Rank, City, Murder Rate (per 100,000)

1 Caracas, Venezuela 119.87
2 San Pedro Sula, Honduras 111.03
3 San Salvador, El Salvador 108.54
4 Acapulco, Mexico 104.73
5 Maturin, Venezuela 86.45
6 Distrito Central, Honduras 73.51
7 Valencia, Venezuela 72.31
8 Palmira, Colombia 70.88
9 Cape Town, South Africa 65.53
10 Cali, Colombia 64.27
11 Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela 62.33
12 Fortaleza, Brazil 60.77
13 Natal, Brazil 60.66
14 Salvador, Brazil 60.63
15 St. Louis, U.S.A. 59.23
16 Joao Pessoa, Brazil 58.4
17 Culiacan, Mexico 56.09
18 Maceio, Brazil 55.63
19 Baltimore, U.S.A. 54.98
20 Barquisimeto, Venezuela 54.96
21 Sao Luis, Brazil 53.05
22 Cuiaba, Brazil 48.52
23 Manaus, Brazil 47.87
24 Cumana, Venezuela 47.77
25 Guatemala, Guatemala 47.17
26 Belem, Brazil 45.83
27 Feira de Santana, Brazil 45.5
28 Detroit, U.S.A. 43.89
29 Goiania, Brazil 43.38
30 Teresina, Brazil 42.64
31 Vitoria, Brazil 41.99
32 New Orleans, U.S.A. 41.44
33 Kingston, Jamaica 41.14
34 Gran Barcelona, Venezuela 40.08
35 Tijuana, Mexico 39.09
36 Vitória da Conquista, Brazil 38.46
37 Recife, Brazil 38.12
38 Aracaju, Brazil 37.7
39 Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil 36.16
40 Campina Grande, Brazil 36.04
41 Durban, South Africa 35.93
42 Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa 35.85
43 Porto Alegre, Brazil 34.73
44 Curitiba, Brazil 34.71
45 Pereira, Colombia 32.58
46 Victoria, Mexico 30.5
47 Johanesburg, South Africa 30.31
48 Macapa, Brazil 30.25
49 Maracaibo, Venezuela 28.85
50 Obregon, Mexico 28.29

How is Chicago or Moscow not in that list?

I can speak for moscow, they rised security in that city by a lot during past few years. Police roaming in swarms over every event and around every metro station. Also notice the list ends with mexican city. Russia is far from mexico in crime rate.

Something that can be just as effective as gore at keeping normies out is walls of text. Don't ever hesitate to create one.

gab is gay

Is this a reverse shill? Or a troll?
I refuse to believe they are this retarded.

Yet they still do this.

Allow me to translate that for you Holla Forums.

Frankly I don't see the problem here. If they think we're going to run the risk of losing this country again they are very much mistaken.

You fool, this is clearly a Vietnamese Claymation discussion forum.

Is it finally time, brother?






Oh shit my sides… Our nigs manage to nog harder than those of some of the most famous international hellholes…

my armor is autism
my shield is memes
my sword is shitposting
In the Emperor's name, let none survive

it doesn't work here, it downloads the ScribdViewer.swf file not the PDF file

Isn't "grassroots" meant to reserved for movements that have grown organically to meet the needs of a situation i.e. Not something contrived and orchestrated by a bunch of kikes?

This is how libdems work. Anything that has value, is appropriated by the corporate voice to inflate their propaganda effect. If people started liking the term holy roman the dems would start using it to describe themselves.

Because they were the mad bombers during the seventies.

The people who inherited the cause are not willing to die to carry the cause into the next generation. They are soft, drunk on the power given to them by their forebears, and unable to fathom real devotion to an ideal.

These are not the domestic terrorists that built the empires of dirt they rule today. These are the disappointing sons that cry where their fathers would have silently, grimly fought. They virtue signal on Twitter and Facebook when their forebears would have said nothing and ordered their enemies killed by equally-indoctrinated allies.

This has happened before. It will happen again. If we win, we will be the Weatherman of our modern era. Pray that your son does not grow soft, or he will be where the incompetent and out-of-touch lefties are, fifty years from now.

Not that I disagree with current year lefties being virtue signalling cowards but the weathermen underground definitely did not further the lefts agenda and didn't kill a single person in their entire career.
The only person that died due to the weathermen was one of their own when the very first bomb they built blew up in their faces.

The EU counterparts didn't exactly help the lefts PR either.

Oh, it's certainly all falling apart now, but their influence was felt.

As for the Weatherman not killing anyone, I maintain that victory will result in us being reduced to them in the modern era. After all, I've never killed anyone.

Have you?

I hope they do this.

What did (((he))) mean by this?


Same here, this is the first i've heard of it and I have been checking this board every day.

I have a semi-reliable source that claims Brock is a freemason. Also is worth noting the same is suspected if gourmand James ALEFANTIS.


I don't think he got the memo about Mormons being a gang of masonic heretics that need to be torched in a Utah crusade.

PDF for those who can't download it from scribd.


Does anyone know where i can get a fucking balaclava or gaiter with some nice right wing symbols? I mean wtf i can't find shit for masks.

christ these people are delusional

why the fuck is there a billion stickies

Alpha Defense Gear has some nice ones. They usually do 4 for $25. Lots of rebel flags, molon labes, don't tread on me, etc.

Anonymous is chaos incarnate; every single one of us is an individual, while a thousand of us might take one course of action, another thousand have taken another. We're capable of pursuing every avenue at the same time, because we're not a unified group and because we're autistic.

Stupid kikes.

thanks famalam

Here is a link to the pdf:

nice get

I just checked and yeah… it's really bad. Seems like half the posters are shills.

They already have. Haven't the noticed the sudden drastic rise of posts in Holla Forums? It went from barely making too 20 to 3rd in about a week.

The Jews have discovered the meme factory and are sending workers here as soon as they can.



Its obvious Holla Forums is now a recruitment center for CREW

Also the plebbit exodus after the mods took control of the memes of production. leftypols memes suck dick and the nobody wants to be a lefty cuck if its not forced down your throat.

CREW already fucked up and revealed themselves

I'm doing exactly the same friendo. I like cuckchan because its faster than Holla Forums, but its completely unusable at this point. 99% of the threads there are shill threads.

At the moment its decent.

go back to cuckchan and stay there

wew lad

Get ready for black faxing and Ready the LOIC guise; old tactics will fuck them up so bad.

The collusion is coming in hard and fast so Get a VPN as soon as possible and make sure Microsoft's telemetry tracking is off, apple fags have it too.

We can shift our centers of power and discourse freely, there command centers are led and their leadership is vulnerable. We can deny them the ability to get their messages out all while bankrupting them.

When I say alqaeda tactics I don't mean it's time for bombing and violence I mean it's time to lure our enemies into unfamiliar lands and make them over spend them selves while we know how to survive off the land indefinitely. attack "supply lines" cut off "Reinforcements", "Hit and Run" use fabian strategies like "scorched earth"

Our goal is to bankrupt the left before 2020 elections by making them spend too much on the second meme war.

We need to ready our back up channels because even if we don't DDOS first they will do it to prevent us from co-coordinating like was done during gamergate. We have less than a week before we need to have our memewarmachine up and running, we need back up chats and forums for co-ordination and we need to be prepared to abandon some of our "allies" who cucked themselves obtaining mass appeal.

When posting strategy and action realize that we are already infiltrated so in planning our attacks we must learn to be expected ahead of time.

This will likely require taking reddit down, along with a multiplicity of other "news" sites. Doxxing is going to happen both ways and the left will get violent, if you can't guarantee your privacy make sure you aren't breaking the law and make sure you have a personal firearm.

This conflict wont end the way they want if we don't allow them to bait us. Remember Trump IS president, when these violent Bolsheviks become a big enough problem that the public turns against them he will throw the book at them, but he needs to make sure enough of the bad apples have done stuff he can hit them with first otherwise this will keep cropping up. Give them enough rope to hang themselves with, don't do any violence except in self defense we need the middle of the line cucks to fall on our side and then we can run the table.

Hard right opinions are gaining a silent traction among the public but we still must demoralize the left wholly; In public while hiding your power level mimic Scott Adams' political sense, say you are middle of the road but be clear you don't want to speak your opinions for fear of reprisal of violent leftists and the terrorist they have allied themselves with.

Our greatest weakness is failing to target the enemy in their weak spots, we take for granted a weakness and the public awareness of some faux-pa by our opposition.

Most importantly Don't play the victim but also do not be overly politically aggressive part of our strategy is letting our opponent do the work of frustrating and fatiguing the public to the point that they will cheer at the misfortune of the Left.

Lock and load.



Holy shit how fucking retarded do you need to be?




Honestly, shareblue.com looks really harmless. It's very propagandistic and canned. If they are relying on the Shareblue site itself, they are pretty much fucked.

Hopefully it takes them a long time to realize that.

Who is this document originally made for? This whole thing reads like a giant sales pitch making promises instead of directly outlining any kind of specific action to be taken and how to act as an organization. It's written like a fucking magazine, with "Did You Know?" factoid inserts and selling-point stories written in footers about how great they are.

How far gone are these people?


Unfortunately, 16 hours later, and you got virtually no response on these two useful posts which are buried in the middle of a long & active thread.

What I think would need to be done if we want to structure anything is to utilize multiple boards on 8ch, each focused on a particular area like "the Middle East" that could be a resource.

Any past attempts to do anything like this has failed, so I'm not saying to go out and make new boards tomorrow. But long term, when fighting a real activist fight, that is the most useful way to organize information and responses.

The political left has a very long tradition of assuming that anything they do is the True Voice of the People.

Even the names of their countries, like "People's Republic of XXXXX"

Haha, what a dumbo! But seriously, this can happen to anybody, haha!

In a strict sense, yes, but the Weatherman and other groups in Europe/North America did give the left a romantic/heroic aura that is very different from how anyone thinks of the left today.

Which is a win on their part.

I have no anime girl smug enough to express what I feel.



I can't wait until these faggots are charged with sedition. They'll all be in court crying; pleading with us how they just needed the money and didn't know what they were getting into.

From the OP pics it seems they're going to be using cloud computing and machine learning.
Big names are getting involved, likely Google itself and others are going to commit more resources.
The Meme War Has Only Just Begun

I think we're heading down the dystopia spoken of in Steins;Gate. A return to communism with 18th century living standards for most, enforced by a world changing technology.

AI's programmed to determine who is a heretic, kill squads sent to arrest and kill, complete monitoring of the situation. Fuck… this is bad. I can feel it just by reading this stuff, it's a precursor.

Don't worry, brother. We'll win.

You can't make ideological AI or programs that do mental gymnastics.
The left can spend as much on technology as they want, as long as they fight against logic itself they will fail

Who says the AI has to be logical? Just program it to view us as always wrong, what do we do then?

What do we do if a leftist invents AI? We are fucked. This is why I'm getting a PhD in Machine Learning. I have to stop this sort of stuff.

First of all, being scared of AI is fucking retarded. You still have to set the parameters for ALL of the potential outcomes the program may encounter while conducting what's considered "shilling". You still have to give it a set of known inputs before it can predict, handle, and inevitably fuck up at, later encounters. Sure you can program it to say certain things that would normally come out of someone who would be considered an "asshole", but THE BOT ITSELF cannot do anything other than spit out words.

Computers do not have emotions. Bots do not have emotions. Windows is not going to fucking kill you. If anything, many lulz will be had when we see literal nonsensical phrases and word strings spewed out from a buggy program. Nothing's fucked. If anything, they are (if they even have any kind of machine learning software - I partially doubt it), because of how utterly stupid their plan is.

Answer: What are you going to do about it?
Additional followup: Do you consider yourself an American?
If yes: Then which is it? The nation Donald Trump is the president of, or do you not have a nation anymore?

And so on, pressing them to commit to expressing the goal of overthrow of the US government. Once they've done that you have 'em.

AI is way more complicated than you realize. With deep learning the neural net is "trained", and nobody understands exactly how it works. It's very different from programming. More every day is moving into the realm of training and out of programming…

This is David Brock we're talking about, not CERN.

Fine. R.I.P. beloved Tay

Here's an interesting post I've found of someone who tries to wrap his head around what we call 'Meme War' and cultural changes that are in motion. Somewhat pretentious and over the top but provides an interesting point of view about the whole situation.


this is that CREW thing again

the normalfag response would be "wah muh freedom of speech"

actual artificial intelligence is impossible, as points out.

This. It is entirely possible that they are letting CREW leak, Brock throws up a dummy corporation with super obvious shills, lets us have our victory over this dummy group after a few dummy accounts are doxed and shills BTFO, while the real plan is going on behind the scenes.

y-yeah guys we meant to leak all our plans


Do the fence sitters a favor and learn the arguments listed! This shit needs some fucking responces! Its good shit! Where already planning to use the failed state angle myself

i mean, it's public fucking knowledge, there was a thread on the woman/man thing that's in charge of media matters a few days ago, and it talked about CREW as well

also, the pics in OP are clearly from an article, not some powerpoint at a secret council

they absolutely are incompetent fucks, or else they wouldn't be attempting this political farce.

that being said, this isn't like PRISM, it's just paid shitposting.

I'm afraid they'll just plead insanity.

that's fine, there's plenty of closed down mental health institutions that could be reopened to treat all these libtards

holy fucking shit i feel ashamed i havent come across that beautiful tornberry pepe meme. Much to learn i still have.

Step forward those who would serve. For an army will be raised.


I actually went out and bought books to better understand what the fuck was going on after 2016. I got Carl Jung's work on Synchronicity and now I'm moving onto Sir James Jeans material. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that the idea of memes becoming reality has been around a long while and it's about time we apply it with the aid of modern technology (the internet).

In case anyone didn't know already, half/pol/ is on its way to being kill if things continue. I know it was never pure enough to be worth you time, but it is about to lose its status as a normie gate to the red-pill.

This is how it looks over at half/pol/

It's not like that anymore. As we sit here people have cars that are being driven automatically, not by coders, primarily, but by AI.

Just checked out halfpol…. holy shit wtf happened.

I feel like my homeland is being desecrated.


Shilling is real on cuckchan, go figure.

Can't wait until Holla Forums gets around to Dox CREW and start CTR part 2: Bots can shill too!

I miss those terrified faces peeking through blinders.

I could be wrong but this feels like an elaborate joke

Fucking incredible.

Holla Forums is already falling below Holla Forums again on Holla Forums. I have no idea how anons on cuckchan still try and battle it out.


there's no way that can be real, right?
no way anyone's that stupid…right?

i'm disappointed

trips confirms they are delusional
and there are way too many stickies

I have toolkit from old CTR days and 101 doxing guide from 2015 circa /baph/ in case anyone needs it. I'm waiting for a request and/or a call to raid. It worked well in CTR and TRS raids relatively well.


A video going through the CREW/Media Matters media manifesto and debunking their bullshit.

pls no bully :^)


This was posted on the 27th then a thread was made on the 29th
I know its fun to watch the jews webcam project but, other things are happening you should be paying attention to. Pull your heads out of your asses.

We need to create our own version of CREW. They have 40,000 shills. We should have 100,000 shills. We need a social media aggregator like they have.


i've been hearing good things about gab, not sure about seen. Both areas pledge to be places that respect privacy and frown upon censorship.

However, seen seems to be saying a different story:

gab seems like possibly a place, haven't tried either one so just going off of what i've heard and read. i don't know anything about their connections or history.

You still post on /baph/?

Think their'ed be sentiment enough to get them in on fighting shillblue?

As for posting the stuff I'll save whatever you have but don't post anything you think might get you in trouble.

Preparing for this operation is going to be rough we're talking about methods from chanology and gamergate so this would need to be a mobilization, I'll see what I can cook up for organizing this further.

Shills have infiltrated halfchan's moderation staff. Pro-Trump people are getting banned left and right for no good reason.

gab is actually not too bad. they're trying to advertise themselves as a place for political dissidents to use and they're actually cultivating an international crowd for that reason. as a result they don't really ban people.

their founder was from silicon valley and is being majorly shit on for starting gab which I think is a good sign.

Zeronet, 0chan.bit or similar

Oh, great. Another boogeyman people can throw around without evidence when someone feels challenged or threatened by a post that isn't ego stroking groupthink. We have enough of those already, and even though the board is anonymous, I've seen enough intellectual dishonesty regarding this fact to be utterly disgusted. Protip: When you want to argue with someone without looking like a complete idiot, address their claims instead of pulling an identity label out of your ass. It is realistic to expect poster identity to come into question in many conversations though, but it helps if you make explicit that you are theorizing and to elaborate on the theory if necessary.

What's your favorite idol: Jesus, Odin, Hitler, Darwin, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pepe, Kek, Trump, Luke Skywalker, Andrew Jackson, or Winnie-the-Pooh?
I don't give a shit, but if I make a claim such as:
You aren't contributing anything when you reply:

Furthermore, when you do that, you look like a coward. Why? It's like you think arguing based on critical analysis and rebuttals could magically seduce you or lurkers into demonic possession or something. No, you aren't going to just "vote for Hillary" because that one time some asshole had a good argument in a very small context, and you look easily threatened when you act like that could actually happen. The measure of your boldness is not in how fast you can throw around baseless accusations. Nobody wants to talk with people full of fear. By addressing content of posts with your own carefully crafted thoughts, you look bold, not just because you take up the challenge of others, but because you are challenging yourself.

I want to add that I am not saying this new CTR thing isn't real. I just expect you all to make them bigger than they really are on this specific site.

Haven't noticed any yet on this site. Halfchan is full of it though, overnight it became filled with shills a few days ago. Those fighting against it get banned. Exodus 2.0 incoming, I expect shills to reach this place as well eventually once they turn half/pol/ into an SJW safespace completely.

The only strategy I can advocate regarding this is trying to promote a culture of intelligent discourse. When the average post has more mental effort involved in its creation, certain types of people are persuaded to not lurk or post at all.

But intelligent does not mean less abrasive or frank. I simply mean just more intelligent, while other variables such as aggressive posting styles can remain the same.

hey uh, is this relevant?


Wait a second…zoom…


Yup, thought I saw that…Holla Forums is always right


All the TRS drama was something polacks did all themselves?

What about the posters that are so Nazi, that they attack other pro-whites, especially if they write under their own name?

class act fam

The Crew or whatever they're called are much more obvious and easy to spot. I suspect those you are talking about are an other group entirely, but still shills one way or another.

I think he does know that, so he pretends to have filtered you as well, rather than meet your argument.

I would not be surprised if the Shareblue document was leaked as a front to hide the alphabet soup targeting us for being "Russian" propaganda assets.

Baphomet is our only hope

Every public board is more or less compromised, I highly recommend the vast majority of anons maintain and remain active in closed IRC channels for more sensitive ops

Baph is surefire way to go considering the bullshit shillblue tries to pull, just to remind people this is potentially Aldous Huxley level bullshit anons are adviced to stay the fuck away from shill infested shitholes, PR fags and moralfags.

t. Oldfag insurgent from post habbo, gaia and operation AntFuck days and pre Vince kill baph user

I'll gladly share my toolkit for Interweb ops and lend my PsyOps capabilities if need be. Any newfags are to be warned to stay from path of bluepill way, moralfaggotry and MUH PR faggotry. Let's we forget what happened to Chanology, Gamergay and 'anons' like WWP moralfags

I bet Why We Protest faggots are protesting against Trump as we speak


While anonymity is nice, something that would permit us a higher level of coordination and cooperation would be a game changer.
OPSEC and protecting our identities would still be of utmost priority, though, and I think I speak for a lot of us here when I say that, if we could figure that out, I would more fully commit.

Could an invite only forum be a step toward this?


Welcome..grab a seat and lurk awhile. Twitter is our battlefield and here we have our barracks. Subversion and doublethink is how they attempt to poison the minds. Easily defeated in 120 characters or less and easy to spot. They haven't learned but simply doubled down.

Wow, this people should really love NEGRO COCK UP THE ASS to go to such lengts.

I bet Blacks on boys dot com is their main hub.

I've been browsing twitter on my fake account, and I realised that all of a sudden, the comments seem to be much more anti-Trump. There are some accounts that literally just appeared last week or so and all of there comments get ~50 'likes'. Made me think of this. If we can get a one or two pic infograph or something to prove this that could be spammed in the comment sections, that would be fantastic. Let the silent majority let them know these new 'popular' anti-Trumpist's are fake.

This is exactly what the KGB did to undermine the US.

Hey Brock, rape any kids today?

Much needed bump

This is a sticky you retard.
Fucking Redditors…

Kill yourself on your way back to Reddit

So they have access to info from here
I want to know how they get it

It's an AstroTurf campaign.

Even 8/pol/ could be described in such a manner user

Fuck… it really puts things into perspective

I had this idea myself but I recently moved to a new PC so fml, you might as well

He has always reminded me of the aliens from This Island Earth.

So what happens when their site is down from DDOSanons? :^)

Don't forget to stay logged in to your premium accounts, anons. It's the only way to ensure that they can't see our sensitive operation images.

FYI, reddit banned /r/altright, so we may experience yet another influx of cancer


It is always the jews. Holla Forums is always right. oldfags know what's going on.

this is already happening, but they're so fucking inept that it's blatantly obvious

do people really fall for this?

Yeah, I want to drown now.

Our Kek who art in memetics
Hallowed by thy memes
Thy Trumpdom come
Thy will be done
In real life as it is on Holla Forums
Give us this day our daily dubs
And forgive us of our baiting
As we forgive those who bait against us
And lead us not into cuckoldry
But deliver us from shills
For thine is the memetic kingdom, and the shitposting, and the winning, for ever and ever.
Praise KEK

I read this aloud just now. This is great, thanks buddy. Every time I hear the lords prayer in public I'll think of this.

You know, I have been thinking a bit on the 7d chess thing.

What there is another layer of soros shills active, which are completely separate from the obvious lefty shills. Shills which are of moderate intelligence that were put into place after trumps election, or perhaps even during to learn the ways of the meme magics and to help trump get elected?

Because yesterday, on the pro iran war thing it sure felt like it. Suddenly the anons that we started out with, who were also of the isolationist stance were fewer in number, and the pro iran war thing was being aggressively defended.

We all know that the pro iran war angle is a kike angle, yet still there were those who were either shills or perhaps just stuck with their sunk cost fallacy who were adamantly defending it.

Perhaps the jews go further than we could have imagined it? What if the riots and the pro trump things are both made by them, to accommodate the varying levels of intelligence and to play them according to their characteristics?

Man, can you feel sorry for the ones who are still on MSM though? How stupid they must be for still believing in that super low intelligence, kike dribble? They are still the majority of society you know…fug…this is all so depressing…I wonder if the next dimension is actually, genuinely pro white though.

It's enough to push normies around. There's been really questionable normie memes going around lately that makes me think there's more to the collaboration than what we see here. It wouldn't be hard for google to make a bot net for sjw shill accounts and run a custom tay program for each one. Then move the man power to chan forums where it's more difficult to shill content. We should ideally just make our own social media like some kind of social media revolution with Trump. Where it becomes illegal to advertise shill on the Internet without posting that it's an advertisement. Band wagon off the fake news energy Trump was saying in his speeches before the election. Use OPs post as an example of content manipulation, we already know this has been happening. Then create our own Rightbook where moderators aren't censoring content. Trust in the media is at an all time low, and this is the death throes of a dying animal.

Capped for posterity.


Seems to me that we need to separate and isolate Soros from his powerbase and money. Maybe freezing his assets in the USA, and blocking his access to his foreign accounts via isolation in prison for financing insurrections to impede and overthrow a duly elected government. Silence him… silences them.

He is.


But I've noticed something very strange monitoring cuckchan to try and pick up shilling habits of the jews. On fast/popular boards there are constant new threads created that are thinly veiled Trump threads. Immediately OP and other posters start posting the following phrases

Now what's strange is these threads are CONSTANTLY being created and deleted, there must be at least 50-60 threads an hour counting all boards with minimum 4-5 shills in each thread. Is someone really paying hundreds of people to shill cuck/pol/ this poorly?

Soros is nothing. London and NYC are the problem. The jews in NYC, the Rothschilds and Tavistock in London. I'll tell you this, if London and NYC were nuked the world would have improved by such a huge amount that it would be worth the radiation.

If anything, I would suggest a kind of "anti-playbook", a text describing exactly what NOT to do, disguised as a guide on what should be done. A pretty simple disinfo tool, but useful nontheless. The enemy or the uninformed will fall into the obvious trap, but the real anons will see the information for what it is and learn from it still


Based on the evidence, how do you even need to ask?

I honestly have no idea why you are even here.

Personally, I'm here for the high quality totem Holla Forumse discussion that takes place. Looking at decorating the garden soon and really enjoy the aesthetic of old tribal sculpture. Gives it a very vibrant atmosphere, as though something is always HAPPENING.

Some of the designs I've seen here have been great too. Particularly like the ones that feature natural aquatic wildlife. I've attached a few of my favorites. The frog ones are great (Prase-kek, an island off Cambodia, I believe they are from.)

Agree with others here, not a big fan of the nose ones (attached). Seems a little generic. Interestingly (just because it defies popular opinion) I've read several historians who claim that these were never rare. Though the Fire of Chequeem in East Europe may have burnt many of them (which by the way, hasn't been proven to have actually occurred), most still remain. the popularly believed number of 6,000,000 is probably grossly inaccurate. Parties stating otherwise usually just do so to add intrigue so that people are willing to pay money to view these "sacred" and "rare" totem poles. It's an age old trick and the people pulling these scams usually are forced out of the sacred area as soon as people catch on.

There's those other commercial pundits that operate along similar lines too. Basically make the totems their manufacturing en mass seem "special" so that people are willing to pay more for them. Personally, I find the carvings themselves to be of very poor quality. As though their whole disposition is carved out of snowflakes; weak, soft and will melt away under the slightest pressure. Worse yet, they decide to go paint them with the most awful clothing of colors and then the other manufacturers go and imitate them because it sells! Sad!

Some of these stylistic degeneracies even get turned into sculptures later on doing atrociously disgusting acts. I've attached one that is "peeing". They've essentially butchered what Totem Poles were meant to represent! Tribal solidarity, tribal courtesy and national socialism.

I've attached a picture of my girl in front of a totem pole.

Looking forward to further discussion and content sharing with my fellow totem pole enthusiasts.

Shadilay , a province east of China, has some of the greatest totems of all time.

10/10 pole.

What about the Schmidts? There are other powerful families.

You are YEARS late to this.

Where the hell have you been?

Nice ones. I have a collection myself. Perhaps I'll post some later.

Attack the messanger.
Attack the message.
Use sarcasm.
Be dank.


I've been keeping a blog for countering thei meta-thinking. I think we need to attack their psychology in deeper level and argue their foundation away underneath them. We need to form double front to first attack their moral structure, their memes, their social signaling, and secondly, to attack their basic logic.

We need to step away from "facts" to more base logical/moral structure. Talking about facts wont sway them, and they are trying to meme us as "fake news".

1. Counter meme their "fake news"-narrative by collecting screencaps and small vids of them shutting down, faking news, spinning, etc.
Everytime someone accuses alternative media as "fake news", then you bring out the meme machine and show MSM faking and spinning news.

2. Attack their moral structure
"Why whites don't have the moral right to drive their self interest and secure their existance?", "Why is it ok for blacks, asians and jews to drive their etnic interest, but whites dont?". To attack their moral structure you attack it with contradictions. They naturally are confused and don't have an aswer, and if they try to defend other etnicities and their selfpreservation within moral framework, then you demand them to accept it for whites. A) Force them to accept a contradiction and shame them for being illogical and contradictory, or B) to submit and accept our moral values for white preservation.

3. Attack their language
Deconstruct meaning of their words such as racism, homofobia, nazis, facism, hate speech, fake news, puting troll, etc.

Take racism for example.. To antiracist it mean absolute evil, total hate, and to be fluid slur it can manifest in many different forms. We need to make racism natural, normal, amoral, funny and even sexy.

Antiracist try to define racism as something internally offensive. To them every act of racism even if just thinking is oppression, while many of the things they accuse of being racism and opression are usually unrelated, defensive or unconscious, meaning that the person being called a racist wasn't trying to be offensive. Basically white racism doesn't exist as something socially acceptable, so they try to find unconsious/inner racism. They basically forced the overton window so far left, that normal racist jokes or even whites sexualizing whites is considered racist and oppressive of minorities.

"Racism is discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity." – Wikipedia

So we need to change the moral fabric of discrimination and prejudice to mean positive or at least something neutral. Also we need to change the word racism to mean psychological tendencies towards ethnic in-group/out-group thinking and associate it to cognition.

4. Make long well argued arguments
Make long well argued arguments. Use different profiles for shitposting and longposting. Never shit and quickpost with the same internet persona/account you long post. Keep the respectibility and authority.



Not sure who the actual shilling source is here, but get a load of this low-effort reddit self-affirmation: reddit.com/r/EnoughTrumpSpam/comments/5s9q8w/how_to_compete_with_the_altright_hate_machine/

archive: archive.is/joI6K


This is a wall of fucking text that ends with an encouragement to continue being an oblivious cunt because facts, rational debate, right side of history, current year, etc.

If hugboxing the redditors is the best these shills can do, they are in for a rough cy+2

Nice digits.

Retard faggots.

How is this even a good idea? You'd have so many potential leaks.

Obvious shill is obvious