Why are all of these people so popular?

Milo Yianopolis
Sargon of Akkad
Armoured Skeptic
and many others like them.

These people get millions of views on their youtube channels. They outnumber us on Holla Forums like 1000 to 1. There are shitloads of these people. And they've achieved nothing. All they do is complain about feminism. What should we do about them? Just keep on ignoring them? I can't understand why they are so popular.

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Controlled opposition.
They are the safe edgy


Unlike Holla Forums am i right?

Holla Forums is a board of action.

Lemmings need leaders. Since pol doesn't provide a leader, lemmings fall for those idiots.

Whats wrong with Sargon?

Shit viewpoints that eventually leads to 2008 no matter the direction.

Go outside, you fuck.

Sargon "Muslim Rape Gangs Are Not A Muslim Problem They Are A British Problem" of Cuckaad?
Gee user, I'm not sure.

Controlled opposition that's managed to attract a bunch of NPCs looking for an authority figure to tell them what to think.

What's with all these entry level questions cuckchan refugees? Stop shitting up our board and lurk more you fucking faggots.

Milo gives good speeches to Universities, bringing people up to speed.

Armored Skeptic, yet another cringe commentator.

Thunderfoot, way out of depth outside of debunking bad science.

Sargon, hypocritical when it comes to critique, and hard to ignore his off-time faults.


Hi TRS, kill yourself.

Wrong. He said that Islam, as a whole, is a religious/political ideology to be fought against

They are funny, politically incorrect and at least seems to be intelectual.
Benji Shillpiro start become popular to BTFO some feminist cunts and DLM dindus.

Basically this. At least, I was like them back in 2008 and Ron Paul times. Normies are always behind the times. The seeds you lay come to fruition later.

That is the pre-redpill ideals.

You cant be redpilled and be a fucking Liberal.

Right Wing, Fascism, National Socialism etc etc.

Mostly young teens
Atheism is a safe, deracinating and easy way for white kids to rebel, so it's allowed and encouraged by liberal establishment.

A lot of people are simply cowards and weak faggots, that's why.

Depends on how you define "redpilled". Is it the knowledge or an ideology? Anti war types sometimes unravel the Israeli lobby and figure out allot of the same things we have.

Safe Edgy. And baby intro tier redpill.

No one will panic for what they say and will be slightly more on guard for leftism. On the other hand, Holla Forums has to offer is too elitistic and at the same scary for a newfag to learn all at once.

Prepare to be shat on and strawmanned for not being neetsoc. modern Holla Forums is a hugbox. A better hugbox than most places, but still a hugbox.


Because they are safe opposition who market their personality well. People don't have to fight their social programming to accept what they say.

Sargon started a campaign a while ago destined to end social justice courses.

I see them as the gateway that will eventually lead them to take the redpill, or at least get a greater grip on reality. Most of them do a great job refuting feminist and liberal bullshit.
Normies won't accept the truth without being introduced to it slowly, there's only so much one can swallow at a time.

DO you have autism? Why even throw them in the same basket? Milo has funny rhetoric that college age identify with, he made being anti-left cool again. Sargon and Armored Skeptic make simple political videos on youtube just like 100 other, they just happen to get more publicity than their peers. Thunderf00t is on youtube for like 10 years, the guy is a literal scientist, yes the focus on his channel now seems to be the current political climate but he built his audience for years over several topics.

Now you complain their public out number pol 1000 to 1, don`t you remember the exodus? Do you want a 4pol scenario again when there`s so much shit flinging and the co-option is palpable? You ahve to at least try to hide the fact that you are underage and new

I don't mind most of the ecelebs (it's YouTube
eceleb bullshit you can ignore) but Milo is shady as fuck and a degenerate kike who needs purged.

Both of these. All the imbeciles foaming at the mouth sputtering "muh e-celeb" are top-quality autists who think normies can be redpilled quickly and completely (which underlies their disconect with the masses). Normies get red-pilled slowly, if you rush it they recoil and you end up having the opposite effect.

Without the entry-tier - even if very cringey and wrong on many points - pills they'll never attain the real red-pills. At the very least, the normies become useful idiots, but for our side instead of the left side.

Not to mention all these people, unless outright fucking shills, are making the right cool and funny - something the right has never really been and much of the reason the left has won the culture wars back in the 60s and kept that lead up until recently.

Those guys suck but Jordan B Peterson is pretty based.

this 100%

"Memes are our wisest pursuit, because they will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness" - Thomas Jefferson

Checked for this

People want to feel like they're facing the abyss, without actually having to do so.

Take a look at John Green and his brother. They are the archetypal numale faggots, and they get huge followings… Albeit, largely composed of over-emotional liberal-progressive women under 30 who spend more time thinking about their cats than any genuine thoughts about the future of civilization, and limp-dicked numale faggots who try to out-cuck each other in a feeble attempt to draw their attention.

Holla Forums is the abyss. Once you're in, you're here forever.

Right. Because the problem with Muslim immigrants isn't that they're fundamentally alien to our civilization; it's their religious tradition and how it outwardly defines their in-group preference. If only Muslim immigrants became atheists, they'd surely be just like us.

This is "niggers are natural conservatives" tier, TRS. Read up on race.

Uses identity politics (gay conservative) as a tool against the left. I don't particularly like him because his articles, once you take away the protection that identity politics provides, are quite bland to begin with. Railing against feminism is an easy target, while proclaiming to be a staunch zionist, advocating race mixing (albeit while being gay is somewhat strange) and attempting to tone down the racial awakening by the average person by claiming people are getting pissed off at the attack of 'western culture' and not whites in general.
The best thing I've seen him do is admit in an interview that yes, jews do control the media.

Saw something on YouTube once upon a time where he was running the 'not all muslims route' and a group Skype where he was being shit on for trying to attack white nationalists or something. Not interested in hearing what he has to say.

Never head of them.

For the most part, I'd say the popularity of people like this is in that they run a pretty central view which looks more tolerable to the masses than the complete craziness that modern liberals are trying to turn the US into.

I listened to these guys a couple nights ago for the first time and really can't complain about what they were chatting about. They had someone on named JONTRON and IDK who that is except he or other people spam his pictures on here. I dunno. They seem to be effective at ideology that cramps down on leftists. They are talking heads personalities. What is wrong with it right now that needs addressing?

People like Pewdiepie reach millions of people, especially the young.
I appreciate them, because they demonstrate that you don't have to be a social justice warrior to fit in like they learned in school and on tumblr.


Look at this video for example. Jontron's videos get around 3 million views each and he just admitted that he doesn't care anymore if he's called a Nazi. He talks about how you can lose your job if you have the wrong opinion and how people actively try to ruin your life to get off on the powertrip. Best of all, he IS muslim, or at least has Iranian ancestry and supports the POTUS.

Really, it's all about breaking the conditioning. These people are just as important as those fat manlets in frog-t-shirts trolling HWNDU with autistic screeching, even though they're quite far removed from the Aryan Übermensch they think they are.

I thought we were the board of peace.

You've got to start somewhere

and you have to move on at some point

Holla Forums is the board of peace

Nice comeback but wrong. There will always be newfriends and normies. You know that adage "the joke's the same, the audience changes?"
It's the same now - you always need a first step. You always need trainingwheels because you'll always have newfriends and normies. In this time we ESPECIALLY need the umm pink-pillers? Dunno another name for the pre-redpill. This is the tipping point where the right overtakes the left, and masses of leftists are being coverted and the new generations are in play.


Also I didn't know JONTRON was an Iranian. Cool cool. Anyways, yeah I don't think just because they, the eclebs that don't fit the look of a goose stepping Natsol from the past, like I certainly do, that they as people need gassed or something based on that alone. Anyways hard core Holla Forums has within it's reach valuable tech and resources and hack jacks or whatever you want to call them, but no solid actual identity as we all know. And rightfully so.

But yeah Holla Forums Holla Forums never changes.

When the hell did he ever say that? He routinely says that Islam is a political ideology and that their actions stem from said ideology. He says that Islam has been made into a British problem (and European in general) due to the mass invasion of refugees.

As much as I would like it to be, I hardly think that shitposting on twitter and kvetching count as action. Doxing and calling out our opponents is a good first step, but it lacks the physical component that really qualifies it as action in my opinion. Get back to me when we actually organize some sort of protest or physical action. If the alt-lite can manage to gather and take a few hits, why cant we?