False Flag? Or Sectarian Violence?

CNN: Quebec Mosque Shooting is Deadly, Police Say

NYT: 5 Reported Dead in Shooting at Quebec City Mosque

CNBC: 5 Dead in Quebec City Mosque Shooting: Mosque President

Bill 59

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Is this supposed to be dissuading or demoralizing? I for one would be happy as a frog if I had a good dose of shitskin blood to claim on my hands

As soon as the information dropped the attackers weren't far right death squads, the left media in Germany dropped the news from their front page. And then they start to cry when they're getting called "Lügenpresse".

In which case my only complain would be the perps weren't competent enough to off the lot of the shitskins — but seeing as it's been several hours and we've not yet heard what the name of the attackers were it's guaranteed they too were shitskins.

Probably just the same old shia/sunni bullshit that's been going on for literally millenia.

Do we have actual names yet?

I'm not even going to hint at who told me this since they could lose their job, but rumor has it that the two suspects are gay lovers and mosque discriminated against them somehow.
I'm guessing it refused to marry them or they were told to get out and never come back when their relationship became known.

Cool. This world is not worth saving.

Not yet. Police press conference at 9am EST.
Note well: THAT THING ABOUT IT BEING TWO REFUGEES IS FAKE. Don't base yourself on unconfirmed, obviously fake information if you want to avoid looking like an idiot when the news breaks.

No, just this Canada.

*Canadian media are not worth saving

Where you have been when leftists blamed whites on muslim terrorism in france?

Not even 1h after first reports TVA, the shittiest yet biggest media conglomerate we have, was on about right-wing extremists and ultranationalists like the Fédération des Québécois de Souche and Atalante Québec (give these guys a like/support they're really great)

Who the fuck is Kellie Leitch? I heard the news last night but had to get some sleep. Can I get an up and up from a willing user?

TVA is shit.
I literally don't know where to get news about Quebec that isn't biased as fuck on the left side.

I'm listening to the radio right now and they keep asking for tolerance and how much hate speech there is on facebook.

The narrative in MSM so far has been conflating "terrorism" with Islamophobia, pig's head and other anti-White signalling.
They are milking this as long as possible until the true identities are revealed by police. I'm sure they already have their next narrative queued up after that happens.

So other muds did it?

I didnt hear anything about it in the Kraut media in the first place.

Any links to the Lügenppresse?

i bet even if its muslims they'll still blame nationalists.
Expect more gun bans and DRACONIAN application of hate speech laws; heavy cybersurveillance and police harassement

In other nows, water is wet.
Who the fuck writes this shit? had it on the front page some two hours ago, now it's gone, not even a minor link under a category. Just dropped it completely.

My cuckold coworkers have the radio on at work. Its fucking discouraging
I tried to size em on those issues and theyre total trump hating cuckolds
Someone save me from these cucks
The frenchfrog media is already blaming trump and droning on about muh tolerance muh islam muh religion of peace muh were all equal

Lol so business as usual, let me guess they blamed the ebil nasis within the first paragraph, right?

Didn't fit with the narrative? No? Can you blame it on whites? No? Better forget it ever happened.

first sentence

It's all islamophobia until it's muslim on muslim terrorism. So they went back on hating Trump, AfD and making propaganda for Merkel.

>tries using it to garner sympathy for muh oppressed muzzies to make Trump recant his muslim ban


Oppressed Right wing muslim squads.

The double speak and think are real. |

''One of the two men arrested in connection with the terrorist attack in a Quebec mosque would be of Quebec origin and the other would be of Arab origin, according to information obtained by Félix Séguin from our Investigative Office.
One of the two suspects would be 27 years old, according to TVA News.
The two men, detained by the police, are to be questioned shortly.
The suspects entered the mosque in Sainte-Foy shortly after 7:30 pm, at which time the prayer began.
One of the two men was arrested at the Center culturel Islamique de Québec.
The other individual was arrested by the police near the Ile d'Orleans bridge.
Six people were killed Sunday night in the mosque and eight others were injured.''


White attacker: Hear about it for 6 months nationwide.
Non-white attacker: It's only local news. Forgotten after two days.


Same here in France, and I am not even talking about the Islamists linked with the Islamic Brotherhood: they have changed the sibject entirely and they are making no mention to this event. At the moment they are trying to bait niggers and rally them in their fight against "systemic oppression" when "systemic oppression" only exist in Northern Africa where they are from lol.

Wondering how Trudeau the homosexual will spin that one ;)


every fucking time in every Western countries ;)

Rival mosque did it

I don't know shit about Canada.
Who is Kellie Leitch?

Just another victim of a misogynistic hate campaign.


Rivals Schools United by Faith. Islamic edition.

Confirmed for making claim one was from Quebec and one was Arab.

The native might still be Arab but they didn't specify ethnicity>

The gay muslim lover story gains credibility.

I can't translate Arabic.

Can anyone confirm accuracy of this?

2 more people arrested during perquisitions

Kebabs removing each other, I'm all right with that.

asking a shiabro to vet accuracy right now

shiabro says the subtitles are accurate; but the context is very ambiguous as we have no idea if the guy is talking about quebec city, syria, or somewhere else. But it`s a lead

he is the imam of the attacked mosque.

apparently, the attacked mosque was being "too liberal" , a death sentence in islam.

A year ago, disgruntled members left this mosque and formed another more strict one.

the attackers were shouting schmalah jakbar.

so I don't have proof yet as I'm not a horse riding policeman, but from the facts posted you can form your own conclusion

Does anyone know what is the name of that other mosque?

my melanin unenriched associate

The press conference should start in 10 minutes, any streams available?

Merkel feels the noose tightening around her jowly neck

She'll force another great coalition even if the mood and election results swing against her. She has absolutely devastated the political landscape in Germany. When she's gone, it will leave an utterly incoherent mess behind. And all of that only to display herself as the only valid choice.
"Islamophobic incidents like this"

When the time to rise up happens do not flinch at the things that must be done to traitors

Only in Cancuckistan
Salafists Gun Down “Murtadeen” at a Quebec City Mosque
Posted on January 30, 2017 by Baron Bodissey

As reported in tonight’s news feed, gunmen shot up a mosque in Quebec City, killing at least five people.

Early news stories gave a bare-bones account of the incident, followed by the Narrative describing “Islamophobia” in Quebec, and a recent increase of Islamophobic incidents.

Then came reports from eyewitnesses who said that the gunmen had been shouting “Allahu Akhbar” as they fired their weapons. That shot holes in the Narrative, too — unless, of course, the shooters were white-supremacist neo-Nazis who were just pretending to be Muslims.

The following video sheds some light on what may actually have happened in Quebec City tonight. It’s taken from the Facebook page of the mosque that was attacked. In it you’ll hear the imam of the mosque discuss the enmity of former members of the congregation who were unhappy with the blasphemous “moderation” of this mosque — that is, the shot-up mosque was full of murtadeen, or apostates.

Tonight’s attack may well have been an execution of Islamic justice against murtadeen by Salafist zealots.

Many thanks to Sandra Solomon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:"

Not sure if the same stream.


Nah, this one is live →

don't know the name, but found the video (great site for happenings), /ourguys/

It suggests that the name of the other mosque could be found on facebook

Even if it's sandniggers, it's perfect for leftists though. They did the same in France for Nice, because just some of the victims were arabs too. They can throw their "not all terrorists, see, even other arabs die from it too". And so they can then add us to them by saying we're all extremists.
shiabro watched the whole video and said that snippet was completely unrelated to any mosque dispute and was in the context of community work and how even a rival mosque you should offer help in any way possible.

Why are they blaming this kelly person? What crime did she commit? Did she tell those goat fuckers to shoot anyone? How is this her fault?


I really doubt her being jewish has shit all to do with the report.
gatesofvienna is pretty credible.
We'll see who was right.

names that have come up: Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir.

Muslims confirmed.

So far it's twenty ways to say 'no comment' in french. Not even naming weapons now. Sheesh

The fact they keep dodging is pretty telling that it's Muslim on Muslim violence.

Jesus christ I had a landlord whos last name was that
That might be his son holy shit


Reporter: Is this an incident of Islamophobia?
Police: We can't comment about that now. We are too early in our "investigation"

"et is terrorist becuz there ar so many ideological and religios raisons to cause terror… but we cannot comment"

Reporter: Can you discuss the origin of the attackers?
Police: We will not discuss their origin.

Foxjews says:

Suspect in Quebec mosque terror attack was of Moroccan origin, report shows

Obviously they were praying for a way to directly tie it to Trump's immigration EO's. But given faggot Trudeau's this was an attack on islam comments they will still try.

This is what the movement has been reduced to, basically mimicking every jewish counter-jihad scam and parroting their narratives in every situation?


Two suspects named:

Canacucks need to dox these fags and also call out the police for protecting Trudeau

…they can't even name the nationalities of the victims. Spoiler: they were Irish

Forgot the names.

Here they be:
Mohamed Khadir (Moroccan) and Alexandre Bissonnette (Quebestani)

We need more info than names. Dig and get background info. Post everywhere on social media. Don't let the story get buried. Trend.

facebook . com/alexandre.bissonnette26/likes?

Only thing of worth was that one of the suspects sounded like he got cold feet and called the cops himself


Realise this board is completely jewed like all the other so called jew-wise websites over the past few years

Your link is shit

why? I think it being a whitey can just be countered with"oh, you want to keep score? okay then!

There are 50 other people with that name.

Here is one that looks more likely

go to endchan if all you can do is cry about how everyone here is a jew


How many jewhadist attacks have taken place without significant isreali security forces present/managing and distributing all CCTV footage (i.e. still frames and never entire event) or embedded isreali agents first reporting and owning all footage of said attacks?

Not everyone is a jew, only kikes like you pretending that Mossad has no involvement in the ramped up terrorism in the West

shut the fuck up idiot

they literally used the same picture from his facebook and name him as being from Cap Rouge and ULaval. It's him.

False flag? Setup? Was he the one who turned himself in? Not sure if pic is accurate.

snowflake confirmation

Canadian press found him on FB

Now he's a lonely shooter

oh so you're literally an arab who thinks that sandniggers can't do anything bad without it really being controlled by israel

how recently did he convert?

MP running for conservative party leadership on similar ideas that Trump did.

Muslism kill other Muslims constantly.

not a convert.

no you're the retard who thought the first result on facebook was the guy


Excuse me: la snowflake confirmation

Simply the most retarded logic that's ever more prevalent on these boards

How about the numerous jewhadist attacks, that make no sense (unless you are Pam Geller or that tier of hasbara) that have embedded isrealis involved from security to every initial report and ownership and distribution of all footage in the jewish mainstream media.

Rita Katz
Richard Gutjhar

And when he turns out to be the wrong guy I hope he sues the press

Pics from the Facebook profile of Alexandre Bissonnette. bissonnette&lr=French&hl=fr&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjwpoWqkOrRAhXn34MKHfDQBwkQqgIIJDAA
Alex Bisssonnette that studies at ULaval from Cap Rouge.
Filtered. Fucking retard.

dunno man

Marine Le Pen
Donald J. Trump
Richard Dawkins
United with Israel
Parti Quebecois
Generation Nationale
George W. Bush
John McCain


shit, I forgot that band, used to listen to them when I was like 14, redditor, no gf, and fat
3 years have past, still no gf, but /fit/ now

Just because the lugenpresse says one thing doesn't make it true you dumb nigger

They are telling us who the next PM of Canada should be. Liberal retards never learn.

Doesn't seem like the (((media))) has the right guy.

It's the same media that doesn't take the threat of Samuel Hyde seriously; are you trusting them now?


I relistened to Pinkerton a few weeks ago. Never heard anything faggier or more beta in my life

It's him. Him liking a feminist university movement dosen't mean shit especially in Quebec city; they're not friendly at all towards muslims. The feminism we have here is mostly still pre-SJW women's rights stuff, not "kill white males" like in the anglosphere.

What happened to the other 2 suspects? Or is it just one guy now?

Feminism has always been about subversion and kilLing men. This whole idea that waves of feminism differed is not based in reality.

Hard to say either way, however it's just as easy for Canada to conduct a psyop in counter measure to the jewish narrative of every muslim needing to plow lorries into low-class strangers, for some inexplicable reason that only Pam Geller can seem to understand.

The guy could well be a patsy like the Boston bombers were.

This war is between Bolshevik jews Vs Zionist jews, both fighting over the best way to manipulate the goy into suicide.

Winston Churchill's
Bolshevism Vs Zionism 1920

take note in how this guy is trying to promote a narrative that a Trump supporter did the shooting with there being almost no information out there.

same guy who is promoting the narrative that there was only one shooter.

Guess he's from CREW

More of his likes:

One of the suspects fled the scene and called the police to turn himself in. Coerced?

Fuck off MIDF, all semites are the enemies of Europeans

Pic related: Quebec City shooting suspects - Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir
source: http://

Is his identity even verified or is it just some random schmuck with the same name?

Well, looks like Josh lost some weight

Aren't you the guy parroting Pam Gellers distorted interpretation of the world?

So you are telling me Canada has Trump supporting, white, right-wing death squads?

I'm an idiot

Yes, yes it is.


1. King David Hotel, July 22, 1946.
2. Sharafat, Feb. 7, 1951.
3. Deir Yassin, April 10, 1948.
4. Falameh, April 2, 1951.
5. Naseruddine, April 14, 1948.
6. Quibya, Oct. 14, 1953.
7. Carmel, April 20, 1948.
8. Nahalin, March, 28, 1954.
9. Al-Qabu, May 1, 1948.
10. Gaza, Feb. 28, 1955.
11. Beit Kiras, May 3, 1948.
12. Khan Yunis, May 31, 1955.
13. Beitkhoury, May 5, 1948.
14. Khan Yunis Again, Aug. 31, 1955
15. Az-Zaytoun, May 6, 1948.
16. Tiberia, Dec. 11, 1955.
17. Wadi Araba, May 13, 1950.
18. As-Sabha, Nov. 2, 1955.
19. Gaza Again, April 5, 1956.
20. Houssan, Sept. 25, 1956.
21. Rafa, Aug. 16, 1956.
22. Qalqilyah, Oct. 10, 1956.
23. Ar-Rahwa, Sept. 12, 1956.
24. Kahr Kassem, Oct. 29, 1956.
25. Gharandal, Sept. 13, 1956.
26. Gaza Strip, Nov. 1956.
26. Gaza Strip, Nov. 1956.
9/11 etc

wow that resemblance

mods need to ban

We are nowhere near as cucked as portrayed minus Toronto and Ottawa. Most of the banter online is to shame Canada into not being like Sweden. And just like fat shaming, it works.

Sandra Solomon, muslim apostate now living in Canada in the Toronto area, and has become alarmed at the accelerating Islamization of Ontario, especially since Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau was elected prime minister.

Pick two

young middle class white guy somehow has the $20,000+ and connections to get an AK in canada, manages to avoid all detection that he has it, and acts out while well informed on politics and knows things are going our way for the next few years, and is somehow let in to the mosque


shitskins smuggle a gun in to canadaria and chimp out at other shitskins over the same old bullshit

Interview with Sandra Solomon on Islam and its consequences to the West Part II

Poor fucking kid, his facebook is being bombarded with a bunch of frogs.
Going to take a few days to clear up this shit.
But he has shit music taste, and the Conjuring was a shit so kid deserves it :^)

Sounds like a stereotypical normie, a true Holla Forumsack wouldn't have a kikebook page to begin with.

By deception though shall do war

Kill our German enemies goyim said the juden to the Anglo/American

anti-islam normie, quebec is full of them

No photos of Mohamed ???

Note that the shill is ignoring the surveillance photo here
that obviously prove that the guy he's trying to shill us with is not the shooter

What the max sentence in Canada for this type of crime?

life with no parole; legally 25 years but they can deny parole forever

Like that Hell's Angels boss quebecois fag ?

Is this kid the French Canadian Sam Hyde, or what?

that gyno tho

like him and serial or cop killers

Sam Hydé

Can anyone confirm source for this pic?

seems like from TVA Nouvelles…. but now is being taken down

As im thinking as to where i can seek refuge from the gulags; don't mind if i…

I got it via twatter for what it's worth.

It still comes up on google image search, but nothing come through on the TVA website, apart from a wall of French.

the person who designed the tva website should gas themselves

Canada is so progressive that even the terrorist attacks are diverse.

Is there anyway to tell if the trump and le pen likes on fbook were done say… in the last couple days?

ayy lmao

Diversity is our strength!
They couldn't have done it alone.

Praise diversity! #LetThemCome

ya my point exactly… when i first did image search it was there… then when turned off umatrix to refresh… gone… narrative chages before our eyes.

Also why run 16kms away then give yourself up? cause "muh feels"… this is the fall guy. the mud-skin wasn't supposed to get caught

You are such a faggot you have to steal this phrase word for word off cuckchan.

I'm going to check myself and accept that they're going to pull out all the typical tricks for this incident.

Where are those FLQ faggots when you need em

They are still around, now as the Bloc party lol

Even in some quebecian shithole this shit going to happen and whitey has to mop up. Imagine the sheer expenditure that will be caused by shitskin invaders over the next 100 years. Even when whites are not directly targetted, it fucks us.

Part Deux:

Also, what is the relevance of this house 8don't speak french).
If we can trace this house and see what it looks like from the air, and compare it to his facebook pics, we'll know for sure that the feds have the white Alexandre whether it's a false flag or not comes later

Given that it is the supposed house of White Alexandre

Nice comfy house and weather.

Time to lock and load boys

jesus… look at those cucked out cops, like they're going to a social welfare check up… isn't this supposed to be the home of a terrorist?… where's the swat squad?

Also address number and plates visible… should be traceable with a bit of digging.


Can any Leaf brothers comment on how reliable a news source this TVA Nouvelles is ?

Where's the white kid?

My very very crude and probably very very wrong translation because I don't know french.

"Me Colombian and Australian can confirm that 2 suspects are arrested (wanted?) by the police because they were near the mosque. Once suspect was apprehended several kilometers away. The police are still questioning people.

According to information given to TVA Nouvelles the prime suspect is a homoesxual aged 27 years old with a Quebecois accent. The second suspect looks of Moroccan descent is about thirty."


They weren't radical enough, so they got harambe'd


No, the website is one of those infinite scroll news sites. It's counter intuitive and slow to load.

kek thanks

So Cucknadians gotta choose, is it Homophobic of the Mosque to kick the poor mudslime homo and his boyfriend out or is it Islamophobic because it's because of the Quebecs' fault that they promote a society that hates gay people, and they still gotta apologize for this shit.


I just realised 'homme' means man or men. But I thought it meant homosexual and it seems Kek has memed that non fact into existence. That was fast even for him.
Is it now a fact? That would be just mind boggling, literally getting turgid thinking about it.

Mrs Coulombe also confirmed that two suspects had been arrested by police, one near the mosque and the second close to the bridge to l'Ile d'Orleans, about twenty kilemters away. The pair were questioned by police and remained in custody.

According to information obtained by TVA News, the first suspect was a 27-year-old man with a strong Quebec accent, while the second was of Moroccan origin, in his late twenties to early thirties.

Nigger what

If that turns out to be true the left is going to shit themselves. Gay muslim expelled from mosque because of his sexuality goes back for vengeance. How will they handle that?

This narrative would kill the libshits


Are my Quebec bros ok? Any of you hurt or witnessed it?

Maple frog posters might not be hanging out around a shit skin hood tbh fam.

They won't care. There is a picture of Trump on his FB page so that's all that will be talked about.

what if alexander called himself in to protest islamophobia

What the fuck is wrong with you quebecucks ?
I thought you were proud people who hated the anglo chinkadians, but you're just as cucked as them.

I don't really know what's going on here. A white and an Arab shoot up a mosque. And I'm hearing rumours they're gay?

It would depend on Alexandre's motives and if he's gay or not. If he killed them for the right reasons he can be a hero.

I swear anons my life suck

Revenge attack for Pulse?

Will we finally talk about baca bacci and the poopdick culture?!?

they'll just forget about/ignore it

They focus on homophobia while calling everyone that mentions muslims being homophobic an islamophobe.

What timeline are we even in?

gtg sleep, but Bissonnette lives in Cap Rouge, some autist user should be able to track down his house via gmaps and fb pics of his house

"Diveristy is our strenght." - Trudeau

"Diversity is good! Diversity is a strenght" - Antiracist Hitler

I unironically believe that Trudeau was quoting Antiracist Hitler.

It's because you're a retard. There is a picture of the suspects posted in the thread and neither of them look like that guy.

"You shitlords are going to pay for banishing my boyfriend"
God I love current year

Sorry user you're the retard here because this little faggot is one of the two shooters it has been confirmed

And yet somehow this is the picture being circulated on the news. Not sure if he is some froggy version of Sam Hyde or what.

I'm in the Pontiac and reading about it here.

I hope you're a shitskin just larping here because it would be sad for a white to be this dumb

Might be somehow related as he does look like he could suck cock like $10 whore.
Wonder if the 2 suspects (if it's true they are gay) wanted a muslim wedding but it was denied?

That's Josh. He finished writing infinity and celebrated by removing kebab

White and blue eyes. Of course that picture is spread in the fake news. Perfect fit for the narrative.


And a fag as well, seriously just by looking at his face you can see that he likes to suck cock.

You should wait until we know more before you go on condemnations. May be the wrong people and this was two white men that we don't know who they are yet. We might have a case of a right wing death squad taking action and it that case we should support them.

remember that one shill last night screaming about how Coulter's Law doesn't apply to Canada? good times.


user you're a dumbfuck

The lugenpresse were confused when they ended up with one of each.

He's a Montrealer, that's what they all look like.

Call me a shill, whatever. In the security cam photo, the guy on the right looks like he's wearing a snow cap like this:

Where his would have a white brim instead of red like in this photo. Also without a goofy ball thing.

Still think it could be this fag if that's the case.

Which uni? Currently at PozGill

wow I wonder if the media ever reports things wrongly. especially when there are pictures from the scene of the shooters kys dumbfuck

Leftists of Quebec to Montreal

Pretty much this ;)

So, mudslime and his convert?

Wait… Holy shit, could this be a failed false flag attempt?

Yeah it's very possible but don't expect to ever find out the truth if it did happen that way

More like his boyfriend.

Is this true?

Guy 1:
Guy 2:


It's easy. We dox Bissonnette. He was a student at Laval university. We figure out what he was studying in, what clubs he was in, who he hung out with…

If we see a social science undergrad in the "FUCK TRUMP" and "GENDER IS A RAINBOW" and "DOWN WITH WHITE PEOPLE" groups, then bingo.

We don't know yet.

Unconfirmed yet

Holy shit. Holy shit this would be so fucking weird.

Look at the securify cam photo. The fat fuck is not the same Bissonnett everyone is talking about.


Security cam photo is fake it's from a event that take place in October 2016

Shadilay, brother.

I mean, imagine it: Two homosexuals get rejected because of muslim homophobia, and commit the ultimate act of islamophobia by gunning down a bunch of people in a mosque.

SJWs' heads everywhere would explode. And truth be told, it would be just the kind of weird bullshit that can only happen in Quebec.

They're not going to give us a damn thing until they have emergency meetings with the media for a few days on how to frame this

To everyone in this thread: Alexandre Bissonnette facebook profile is real and confirmed & Mohamed Shitskin haven't been doxxed yet

A muslim gay supremacist shot other muslims just to learn them tolerance.

You sound like someone desperate to spread fake news.

any pics of the faggot mudshit

So the Alexandre Bisonnette guy supposedly likes Trump and Le Pen on his normiebook.

As well as the Israeli Defense Force and the Parti Quebecois


Kikebook deleted his profile, anyone saved it in archive ?

USA diseases are crossing the borders… Fix ur shit americunt.


but he aint a real muslim cuz you cant be a muslim and gay innit

Never the francophone's fault, is it?

This was a false flag.

Immigrant Muslim converted and radicalized white teenager shoots up a Mosque as the Muslims in attendance aren't Sunny/Shia.


Nope it's actually real, the medias in Quebec won't release any photos of Mohamed but they're still doxxing Alexandre Bissonnette

Don't post a picture of that cuck ever again. He ruined AVGN

Quebec has a real problem with that.

Not the greatest source but they've been reliable so far (they were first to call out daily beast on the fake shooter names), but bottom two paragraphs for entry number 4.

They just recently updated it. Aparently he also liked Jack Layton (a SUPER liberal social democrat leader) and John McCain.

We gave you the anglos a nation, you gave us the frenchs multiculturalism and slow death through immigration, starting 150 years ago.
Mandatory kikes (brits) are no jokes.

Bissonnette was studying Political Science in UofLaval

Yall niggers wanna meet up? I'm in Concuckdia

tfw when french faggot won't admit their hand in postmodernism

reuters confirms

So, either a false flag or the gay lovers hypothesis. Either way, SJWs will NEVER be able to spin this.

Is this the guy ?

We should rally at the event in solidarity of mudslims today at Metro Parc 18h

In case they take it down/change it:

I finish class too late today to make it. How does wednesday anywhere else downtown sound to you?

Not related

They will just ignore the details that don't fit the narrative and sell the story as "White supremacist Trump supporter in Quebec carries a anti-semetic, xenophobe, mass shooting against Muslims with the help of a classmate". When people start to find out the important details, they will drop the story and cover it with something else.

His profile screams white nationalist, they've already spun it.

Have you even looked at his profile?

Why hasn't Mohamed Khadir been doxed yet?

A typical leftist choice.



What does that mean?

Holy shit, you're telling the truth:

"Two shooters, but only one suspect."

Yeah and it screams atheist Quebecois nationalist. The Dawkins and Trump likes alone are more then enough for those people.

It means the white guy is on his own now.

I was talking with a fucking leftist on Twitter he told me that it was Islamophobia even if the shooters were Muslims. Muslims killing other Muslims is Islamophobic now, they will change the meaning of the words to fit their worldview.
SJWism is a hell of a drug lol.

Link? Because the link I was given doesn't show any of this.


Subjectivism in a nutshell.

Last night it was 3 suspects.
Only one is left now.


Guy pretty much fits the bill as your average kid.

Medias are so full of shit they went from 3 shooters to one suspect

Looks like we're going to erase the muslim and replace with a white nationalist.

thats because 2 turned out to be din du nuffins

3 was just the initial reports, with many others reporting 2. Confusion is a thing.

But they've been reporting 2 shooters for 16 hours now.

Can't they fucking count?

False flag incoming.

it means one step closer to making 'islamophobia' and gun illegal.

One hour from now, no suspects. Tomorrow: no crime ocurred, it was all a big misunderstanding.

Islamophobia is already illegal, goy, it's called hate speech.

Now the SQ (Quebec's provincial police) claims that Mohamed Belkhadir (not Khadir) was a witness, not a perp.

Or mental disease at this point…


is this bait


Are they covering this up? Holy shit

Jewish magic

So saying the truth can be hate speech crime? That's just fucking retarded, there is only so much cotton wool you can pad yourself with.

He fucked you up the ass, too, that's how you know he's gay.

He likes Crusader Kings

He was just trying to Deus Vult

The definition of hate speech in Canada involves inciting violence against a recognizable group.

What's their source for saying who was the witness and who was the perp? The twitter doesn't say anything

"Another man, Mohamed Khadir, was arrested, but is now considered as a witness"
For now I call it a cover-up.

how could anyone unironically like them

So under hate speech laws then antifa oe those types CANT say shit about actual neo nazis. Good

You're assuming the law works both ways. Canadian law defines who is and is not a protected class, it basically determines who gets protection under the law and who doesn't.

Not if it's about inciting violence. Like "People should kill neo-nazis".

Of course, most such cases are taken before human rights tribunals, which are essentially kangaroo courts.


The fix is in, boys.


If their plan is to try and blame it on Quebec nationalists and use it as a justification to revert bill 101 and other such measures, it's not going to go well for them.

We have another Trudeau in charge, of course this is going to be used to fuck Quebec nationalists.

So was this fag really that cuckchan Holla Forumsack that said he was going to attack a mosque ?

Wasn't that in Toronto? That's pretty far away from Quebec.


Yeah, remember how Trudeau killed separatism in 1970?

Do these people not fucking learn? The more the fight against it, the stronger it gets. Harper was the PM who was most effective against separatism specifically because he left Quebec the fuck alone.

Yes, and t turns out the other one was just a witness. So he's a lone wolf.

Was it ? I don't remember seeing the poster telling his geographic location.

If I remember it was and it specifically said Toronto so it's probably just coincidence.





So he attacks a Mosque? What was his logic?

The other two were Muslims so they dropped them

The translation is rough, but in summary, they describe him as some student who liked to troll the "Refugees Welcome" website.

The fact that he panicked and turned himself in… The fact that he's a political science student… This has all the hallmarks of a lone wolf attempting a false flag.

This sick fuck



Whew thats disgusting..

is there something I need to know about Tom Hanks other than he's an actor and therefore probably a pedophile?

so, he's a confirmed Holla Forumsack.

More like a robot.

Yeah, no.

I doubt it if this is really him: . Reads more like an edgy normalfag. Plus, he goes to university.

The facebook likes are those of a kosher civic nationalist, with an edgy atheist phase mixed in


Looking like this was indeed a false flag by the Canadian government to push their narrative. Will just have to wait until the muzzie flips out.

"False flag"

I mean ffs, none of it makes sense.

I don't think so but we will have to wait and see for further informations

What if he really was kicked out for being gay?

Where did he get a gun from? And what gun was exactly used?
Bait and switch black ops.

There is a lot of far-right organizations in Quebec city and so far none of them have revendicate the attack it's so messed up

AK-47, got it from a native reserve.

I'm not even kidding here. I know murrican media love to call every automatic rifle either an AK-47 or a M4, but native reserves in Canada have those by the dozens.

I think a JIDF agent would have much better targets than some muzzie center

If you're reading this, Moishe, kill everyone at your office. Remember, your boss dies first.

Just kidding. I would never condone violence or any for of illegal activity.

Blessings of Mohammed upon you, brethren.

At least he did something useful.

Tens of thousands of whites were assaulted, raped and murdered by these mudslimes in their home countries. Fuck em.

Well, he's definitely a dumb hump if he can only kill six with an AK-47.

That is probably why this is hushed up then given the muzzie involvement and natives being natives. Can't have the precious minorities involved.

Islam is just another weapon for Jews to use against the West. Maybe he did attack his office :^)

I've lost track of this world now.
This is so silly.

My guess is the guy was a kosher goodgoy fedora, who befriended that Kadir mudskin who was probably a plant, especially since they said he was a suspect but is now only a witness. Either he really did get kicked out for being gay and was egged on to do the shooting by the plant, or the plant saw a golden opportunity to false-flag after Trump's muslim ban and the stupid fag was dumb enough to go along with the plan, not realizing he'd be the fallguy.

The absolute madmen.


If faggot boy turned himself into police then who did the cops catch with a gun in the car after a police chase?

Faggot boy, he turned himself in on his cellphone from his car.

Some poople are beyond salvation

FACT: A sunni extremist shot up a mosque, arrested at the scene. A mentally ill white cuck rang the police to say he did it. The security service whisked him up during that ridiculous 15-hour stall, where they were figuring out their story, let the actual attacker go and charged the psychotic patsy.

I don't get how Mohamed is not an accomplish at the very least. They don't need a witness the suspect confessed already. Political pressure to let muzzies go for much narrative?

Cause that's fucking funny if not a troll.


Has anyone seen any connection between the two who were arrested?

Tbh though it was filled with muzzies so someone better had shout allah akbar. Its like every other word for them.

Is legit.

Mohamed's Twitter

If you can't tell that's sarcasm you need help.

Still can't tell if troll or not.

Check out Mohamed Belkhadir (@belkhad4):

Normally yes that would be obvious.

But.. it's 2017.

Knowing muslim naming conventions, there are probably hundreds with that very same name.

From cuckchan local frogs are active in that thread . They make a good point, how can 2 masked men mean only one is guilty??

From their timeline, followers ans pics.
It has been a SJW since always.

The poor muslim was forced at gunpoint to come along.

No, he was not a Holla Forumsack. Shooters are never from Holla Forums.

Holla Forums is a board of peace.

Ya good point checking who he is following leaves no connection to Quebec society at all. Date of last tweets June 2016 .

I only just heard the news, so only one is guilty?

Everyone who survived the shooting is saying 'they', while the media and police are trying to pass off 'lone wolf'. Reeks of cover-up.

Allot of white male SJWs are learning the hard way that the left is no longer about equal rights but actually a power grab of one race/culture over the other.


This is really fucked up.

We're now in literally disinformation territory, time to study up.
We need more ways of spreading the truth now.

Facebook is fucking with the meme pages apparently.


Il ne peut pas continuer cette haine



This jew fag like to call himself an anarcho queer antifa and he hates french whites in quebec and montreal, while living in Montreal. His parents bought him a restaurant and he calls everyone nazis if you prefer to dine next door.


can some user give a quick update? I'm at work and don't have time to get through all of #3. still at one leaf shooter and one sand shooter?

United With Israel


it's always the Jews or Jewish sympathizers

about half magistrates and judges are far-left themselves.

Single lone wolf white shooter Alexandre Bissonnette. The Mohamed guy was just a witness.

check every other mass shooting, the CIA handler always gets caught but then let go

One fucking white male shooter and one peaceful witness now.


They're the conditioned aut-rightists.
They don't actually break the conditioning, rather they follow the move towards the right.

More proof that police is inherently racist. The real perp had to call the cops himself to get them to go looking for him. What a disgrace!


Wyatt, Canadians say "eh" not "ay".


dumb cuck probably thought he'd be fighting the good fight and got thrown under the bus. this is why you never, EVER trust a semite.

Police looking at Quebec attack suspect as 'lone wolf'


So comfirmed non-Holla Forumsack
even cuckchanners don't want to be associated with Israel or (J)IDF.

So all the eye witnesses just thought they saw two guys with guns firing at them?

A Quebec City Facebook group called Bienvenue aux réfugié said Bissonnette “is unfortunately known to many activists in Quebec City for his positions on identity and his pro-Le Pen and anti-feminist stances at Université Laval and on social networks.”


At first witnesses thought they saw 3 shooters actually

Reminder that NO ONE has confirmed the identity yet

Put up 4 minutes ago.

Reuters put out unconfirmed rumor, as such, and the media ran with it. We wont know for sure until the press conference.

The kid was arguing on Facebook… Leftists are freaking out right now

stop that you retard

Another press conference ? how many do they plan to make ?

This reeks of CIA

Is this for real?

and yet


Do you think he just chose friends randomly? Maybe he accumulated as many as he could so they would all be guilted by association.

This. Holla Forumslacks have better things to do than shoot plebs who lack both financial and political importance. Otoya Yamaguchi was Holla Forums material.

As many as they think it takes until people won't react when it comes out it was actually two shitskins.

As many as it takes to get the narrative straight.

CBC still not confirming identity despite media shit storm

Probably sectarian and the fact of the matter is that the government is literally lying about these faggots they're bringing into the country claiming they're "Syrians" when we now know one of them is from Morocco. They could be sub-saharan and black as coal but the government will claim they're from Syria. Not that it would be any better if they actually were Syrian, but the point is it's all just an excuse to continue changing the demographics of the country.>>9057477

We're just getting the absolute bottom of the barrel trash ones now that chimp out within a week or two of arrival.

Trudeau will signal and claim we need more of them and nothing will be done until we regain power over our own country, if that's even possible at this point since the leftist fanatics are bragging that we'll be a minority by 2036.

Just cuck my shit up fellow leafs.

They didn't upload this article since 12PM

Media going to keep shooting itself in the foot.

Only one suspect now

Updated 25 minutes ago

"Police have declined to name the man arrested in connection with the attack. Earlier The Associated Press reported that Quebec City court clerk Isabelle Ferland had identified Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed el Khadir as the suspects. It was unclear which of the men police have now identified as a witness."

However slim a chance it may be, theres still hope.

Dude, what the fuck? How come no one speaks about this? How can someone like two prominent atheist speakers and then two pages with a completely opposite agenda to sell?



the only people who pay attention is us

Believe it or not Holla Forums, some people like hearing an opposing viewpoint so they can either attack it or learn from it.

Is there any form of trustworthy media nowadays or are we officially full 1984 now?
Like I don't know what to believe anymore.

Why do people pay attention to facebook pages?
People like all kinds of bullshit they like AND hate. It's not a good pinpoint of how they are personality wise.

For you who can understand french, Quebec radio which was more than often called "trash radio".
Their website here :
You can lisent live or dl parts of it.

Not completely sure about that. I can see whether one person is trash by how many bullshit he liked on facebook.

It all went to high hell some 3 years ago. Wasn't great back then either, but then they dropped all pretense and went all out blatantly propaganda and narrative spouting.

Ausfailia here: Today show says it was an "ebil, white, right-wing male" and the violence was inspired by Trump. Reeks of false flagging.


some anti terrorism expert professor (with a jewish name) got on the tv in aus and with the smuggest look on his face called the shooter out as a 27 yearold white male rightwing extremist

Today show?

No. But Reuters tends to be one of the best of the worst. Although, take that with a grain of salt. See:

It's a "take it with a pinch of salt" sort of thing.
I would ignore minor irregularities and anomalies.

Take it broadly, not discretely, as a representation of the person.

fuck off shill. nobody likes a kikebook page of something they HATE

Im watching the CBC livestream

Trudeau is now talking about using this to increase permanent immigration.

Pure (((coincidence)))

the only way it makes sense is if he was religious before and then years later liked athiest crap and forgot to prune his feed. lefties never, EVER give the opposition even ground, not even regarding arbitrary lists.


I knew a guy who actually joined UKIP before the referendum as a joke. Liking a Facebook page of something you hate is not outside the realm of probability. You think there's no /k/ommando out there who follows Moms Demand Action or the Brady Campaign to see what kind of stupid shit they post?

I know you're an autist, but on Facebook like doesn't actually mean you "like" the page or it's content.

Why not?

Can you link the stream ?

I'm convinced it's a false flag to push for Bill 59. It's the only way they could push it through without people objectively reading it and expose the though crime laws going totally against any free speech laws in "the free world" included in it. Not to mention, Canada already has hate speech laws but what Bille 59 calls for is pure insanity reminding of witch trials. They want to make public lists of anyone who speaks against minorities (meaning muslims and kikes), making sure those who do get targeted by sacks of shit like Antifa. Basically it means if you're a Holla Forumsack, you get the treatment pedos get in the US, including public lynching. It has so many resemblances with sandy vagina, including the multiple fuckups to properly state who did the shooting and the number of victims.

their own subsidized industry that is treated almost like a sovereign state?

It's basically the follow function. This is when you like a page, not when you like a post. Then it does mean like.

Retard, those are the pedos who have not gone through courts. I mean the whole thing about convicted sex criminal being put on lists publicly available on the internet with full dox including address and work info.

This will be the narrative. It will be used to shut down free speech in Canada even more than they are doing now.
Halal legislation incoming.

for a brother who was probably manipulated.


B-b-b-b-b-but my w33d…

How was I right again?

Somebody fucking kill this retard before he kills canada.

The other Muslims at the mosque might be covering for him. "He din du nuffin, it was all the white boy".

If muslims are in the minority, they can't properly defend themselves against physical and vocal attacks. Thus, bringing more in so they can form strong communities will help safeguarding their lives and livelihoods.

He talks like an indoctrinated zombie..

Dont forget it was the mosque owner who himself said there was security footage of everything

We cant forget it, they might try to memoryhole it

Ah, thanks for the clarification on the reasoning.

Even if I believed Bissonette was a lone shooter, how would he have known that there would be people inside the mosque to shoot on Sunday evening if he didn't have an "inside man"?

So who did it? I've read three or four conflicting reports.

Sharia will whip canada into a nation allah would be proud of. Whores will not drive cars without covering their ankles.

Seems to be at this point it really was just one chronic shitposter who had enough and decided to kill some people. Eyewitness accounts really don't mean shit, most people are awful at remembering things properly.

That said never let a good tragedy go to waste.

The fact it's not clear means it's covered up.

Is maple syrup halal?

Ive given up on reading anything at this point, as should you

CBC is streaming, thatll tell me when we know. Theyve said several times the shooter is expected in court sometime (unannounced) at which time well finally get the name

We've also passed any reasonable expectation of whiteness according to Coulter's law, absolutely jihad.

Sometime today*

In no way does that refute what he said.>>9061351
The fact that it's not clear means absolutely jack shit, since these things are never clear. Never, under any circumstance, are initial media and police reports accurate about shootings.

And of course Cuckdeua is signalling as hard as he can to to get more refugees in. I hope Trump calls him on his shit sometime soon. Good luck leafposters, no one white deserves this.

The white kid. Facts were distorted all through the night, the second "shooter" was actually an eyewitness.

It wasn't just eyewitness accounts. It was also the fucking police radio. The narrative shifted and it took them almost a day to create a story to use for maximum propaganda effect.

Motherfuckers. Hang them all, NOW! Liberals, NDP, commies, muslims, jews. I don't give a fuck, a mass purge needs to happen in the coming year. Those Saudi and Israeli puppets need to freeze off in the arctic ocean.

Problem is the puppet will just get replaced and they'll push for another gun grab. The whole den of rats needs to be gassed.

The amount of lefty shillbots is off the charts I wonder (((who))) could be paying for this sudden wave in online activity.

It's Jew Crew and the HWNDU threads bringing in the 4cucks who were dumb enough to stay the first few times.

Eyewitnesses being shit is one thing. In things like airport or university shootings, it even makes sense for witnesses to overestimate the number of shooters. Sound bounces around, you can't see what's going on directly at all times, etc.
But have you ever been in a mosque? It's one fucking room, and everyone but the shooters and maybe the imam would have been kneeling in prayer until it started. There was nobody you could mistake for a masked shooter.

I dunno, if it was really him it would be plastered all over the place by now. They would be jerking themselves off in a frenzy


You're not looking very hard then, french Canadian white boy is the only suspect. The muslim connected was a fabrication by shitposters that circulated fast, prior they tried to push it was two syrians.

I'm the first one who will call up a false flag but sometimes a spade is just a spade.

The longer it takes for the identity to come out the more likely it was mudslime.

These people have issues.

Find me one source that names where they got the information that it was whitey and Ill let it go

Blame it on cuckchan

I knew Pepe was a hate symbol

What was fabricated was the Matt Forney and Davis Aurini hoax which some leftist media retards ran with.

So what now? Are we one step closer to the race war?

Here is a local response I just saw. How can (((they))) keep spinning this narrative? How do we combat this?

It still hasn't been figured out, eh? Has it been long enough to say the leafs are being suspicious?

Now that's a stretch. Why would he use a euphemism on 4/pol/ anyway. This whole thing is totally bizarre. If they have his identity in the way they claim they do, why does the mainstream media seem so quite instead of going ape.

It would be better if dumb kids didn't shoot up mosques.

Good heavens, it's actually kind of depressing that Canada would have a unironic, non-satrical article actually discussing the matter

ht tp://

ht tp://

Police haven't came out and said it was him yet but with the way people are reporting it very likely is. Plus it fits in with the whole "I feel bad so I'm going to turn myself in" if he was just a shitposter who bit off more then he could chew. His home was also searched today.

You're just ignoring information. That said tons of leafs are very specifically of this event, which is kind of amusing in its own right.

Only if some relatives of the victims go out and seek blood revenge on the relatives of the shooter, showing everyone that the "noble savage" is a myth.

meant to respond to this

you in waterloo fam?

Ye fem

"The CBC can now confirm the name of the suspect. It is indeed Alexandre Bissonnette. More details from police expected soon. "

Looks like it was whitey all along, goyim. #islamophobia

What does this imply? "If we don't appease them, they'll chimp out and kill us!" is the message I'm getting, but I suppose they want you to think racism is inherently destructive.

How do you combat a narrative? Basically, you say how the opposite benefits the majority of people. For example, if you want to push that kikes and niggers should hang, you say something like "Keep our businesses free of corruption and keep your assets safe for you and your family". This is the opposite of what they're doing in that image you posted.

Good friends don't judge, and if they do judge, they judge in a way that helps their friend achieve their desires. Thus, if you're tempted to argue with a libtard friend on social media, don't. For every cuck post you find, post 2 articles saying the opposite. You might want to develop an inventory of "useful links". Personally, I read the headlines every morning and note the ones that would be useful in a "conversation", particularly if it has links to science papers.

But what if you're dealing with someone who doesn't respond to logic? Like a woman. Most of communication has nothing to do with words, so instead of picking apart her words, citing facts and figures (she'll ignore these), take an empathetic tone and talk about how her opinion is causing a white holocaust or something.

Maybe you'll get Aryan pussy out of the deal.

Good luck, and have fun.

I saw that. Its all over.

do you go to UW by any chance? I might know you

do you have any sources that don't contain like 50 third party javascripts

Oh this is fucking great
there gonna use this to push even more immigrants by making feel gullible people guilty of some sort of crime if they don't want more immigrants

fuck this gay earth

It implies nothing. It's just an appeal to emotion and vague fearmongering.

So it's safe to say that It's ogre now?

I held out hope longer than I should have, I just wanted confirmation

And now we have it. Evil whitey narrative activated.

Apparently the owner of the mosque claimed there is security cam footage. Seems reasonable that they have cameras since the were under "attack" before.
If you reconstruct the scene, you should probably be able to figure out how many shooters there were.
I'm not /K/, but I'm pretty sure you can see if spend casings are from different guns.
And how can you, as a witness, hear an accent, but not know how many shooters there were. Unless that witness was a fake one.

Kill all white people NOW1

The footage most likely is already in police possession. We will never see the full set ever again.



weak bait

Falseflag confirmed. Again.

This is an interesting article for 2 reasons.

www.msn .com/en-ca/news/canada/quebec-mosque-shooting-suspect-to-appear-in-court-monday-afternoon/ar-AAmqcN3

A He became political afterwards, and changed his purpose in life because he realized a career in Anthropology doesnt matter, or his studies into that subject redpilled him.. on marxism maybe, or just on people.
B He was similar to us in political opinion
C A refugee welcome group knew about him
D "militants" in Quebec knew about him

I think its pretty obvious the refugee welcome group ARE the militants, or at least have a significant cross-membership. If you post on social media openly in Canada, are from Quebec for example, and are pro-lepen and anti-feminism.. thats all it takes for you to be on a "militant" pro refugee groups "list". They are gathering peoples names, too. Thats how you get your door kicked in, house burned down, family raped and murdered. If people arent treating this like a war, they need to start. Its all fun and games until you run into one of the serious people, on either side. Both sides have their meme loving bandwagoners who seem to think this is all a joke.

Im not saying this guy did it, maybe hes being pinned with it falsely or something.. but Im really tired of this "false flag" insanity where everyone from Dylann Roof to Breivik are accused of being false flags. Unless we have an actual picture or something of a muslim, this guy probably did it.

oh, friend. it's much, much worse than that.

Bill 59

This fag was using cuckchan

This dilemma will cause a Canadian Civil War.

No, this Holla Forumsack logged out of his email an hour ago before seeing the relevant clickbait and then got sidetracked on other threads before finally making his way here to post what he wanted.

FUCKING SHILL. The EYEWITNESSES said it was two men, and it's reporters from the MEDIA who stated that one of them was an arab. Fuck off shill!

Just keep waiting. Someone knows something for sure. The SJW victory lap should have arrived and it has not. There is an aspect to this that is being withheld

N-not all whites?

Okay scary caps lock man.

Eyewitness reports don't mean shit

How to spot a strawman for dummies:

Muslims unwillingness to condemn, and their quickness to attack freedom of speech - and indirectly defend terrorism by suggesting that its our fault for provoking it, or suggesting we attacked them first or something… only goes to show how ALL muslims are bad, just like jews.

That witness called radio-canada, it was heard live

Again, eyewitness reports don't mean shit and are heavily unreliable. People in state of shock misremember things more often then not.


something i noticed today, is that i've seen probably 4-5 different "center for islamic-canadian relations" PR types milking this almost immediately after it happened, boilerplate speech and all. this is an attack on all muslims, but Paris means we need to be more sensitive to refugees and triple our intake immediately

The only way to stop being drunk is to drink more alcohol. Wish reality worked that way.

On his FB page he likes everything: Mulcair's NPD, George W Bush, McCain, John Paul 2, Israel Defense Force, United With Israel, Monsanto, International Tom Hank Day, Chess Club of St Foy, Garfield, Mr Bean, Doritos, P2P Urban Mining (india electric trashes environemental association), etc.

He seem to be influenced by american neocons and leftists to some extent.

Pretty much why they're kept on the payroll.

Whatever Shlomo, yesterday we were at 3 suspects and we lost 2 on the way.

Yea, he wasnt one of us upon further inspection. Closest thing would be TRS, I dont think hes one of them. How do these people get radicalized outside of these internet groups? I dont understand where such a firm world view comes from, Reddit? He should know Israel is scum, he clearly doesnt know what white genocide is, for example.

There are a trillion shitskin advocacy groups. There are only a handful of "hate groups" that dare to defend whites

But yea, Canadians are highly propagandized. If he knew what the NDP platform was, he would know they are further to the left than Trudeau. Doesnt make sense.


Looks like Kampfy lol.. maybe we drove him nuts.

Do a why men should never apologize for the Patriarchy

The more immigrants canada's govt takes in the harder right the next president is gonna be
how do these fuckers not realize this
they're playing themselves

And where are all these political rants I keep hearing about?

If you went to my kikebook youd know my position on everything in 10 minutes. For a radicalized kid he sure seemed to have a normal fucking life.

I know theyll blame the right even though he has feminist movements and extreme left wing groups right along Trump, I really want to know what his motive was.

That is, if he isnt a patsy, of course

Kampfy with a wig on.

Bullshit, Forney and Aurini did that themselves to boost their public profile, the psychos.

Nah man, someone's still adding new sticky threads on top of the two dozen already on the front page.

He liked feminist groups? If so, that means he could be liking things just as a way of keeping track of them. It says his posting was very anti-feminist.

I saw that too.

It hasn't been 3 since the reports were coming in at the start, it was 2 up until this morning then police confirmed that the second guy picked up was an eyewitness, not a shooter.

NDP was still hopeful in a sense that it wasn't Harper or Cuckdau, anyone who didn't go hard one way or the other supported NDP just to them some seats. Mulcair is pretty much a bought political for his entire career and says whatever he thinks will get him somewhere. Failed horrible at election time though.

I don't even think he had a plan past the shooting, probably figured he kill himself afterwords but pussied out and his soul got to him.

I want to know what kind of gun he used and where he got it.

That "witness" on LCN contradict what was sud earlier he also soudée like he was lying

Right, thats what theyre telling us

This kid liked NDP and Trump both. He liked feminist groups and right wing groups both. He liked Dawkins and 'The Amorality of Atheism' both. Hes a walking contradiction.

Ive been through every post still archived, NOTHING about feminism and NOTHING about politics. Theyre normal hehe young guy out with muh bros shit youd expect.

For someone who hated feminism so much, take a look see at this pin hes wearing

Something stinks here…

And I think the line of think is "The more immigrants we let in, the more liberal voters we'll have, ensuring that we'll never lose power."

This is the type of bullshit Im talking about, read their platform, youd be voting in Bernie Sanders instead of John McCain. Harper did SOME good things, this "anything but Harper" horseshit was the media line, and it worked. The jews did that. The NDP even had signs at one point saying something similar to "Anything but Harper". Anything but Harper is what gave Trudeau a majority.

Do you have a link to the archived posts?

"Witnesses" claimed they saw an AK-47. What they most likely saw was either an SKS or CZ858. The CZ looks the most similar in the eyes of a layman, and the mags can hold 30 rounds when the rivet is removed. I really hope it was an "AK" since it means they don't have excuse to come after our current gun laws.

Yeah those are his likes, but anything of his actual posts?

You know they will anyway, user. They'll just say he used an "assault weapon" and then claim every other gun is also.

Trudeau plans for more gun control measures, like banning travel with weapons around the majority of areas. You can bet he plans to infringe on weapons like that CZ.

AK's are easy to come by if you go to the reserves.

which one of you did this

If you click on Timeline it wont get you anywhere

Click on his name

Please tell me you have a link.

oh great thanks

That pretty much confirms it was a white guy.


No archive? Fake.


Lol.. still cant tell if that is real or you just shopped the words onto flat black. How would they know he said that on his FB if we cant read it etc.. and they dont give a link, I imagine. They just go based off random tips? Id like more on this. If its real, its Ben Garrison on fox and Maple Rambo's metal gear solid spoof on Global tier trolling.

Bull. Fucking. Shit.

His last post was a fucking dog with a pizza on its back and hes all 'lol me irl XD'

Did they not intend for his fb to get archived? Theyre publishing EASILY disproven information..

Well I did do the honors of looking into one of his far right fascist friends.

God damnit I took the bait.

He questioned the TPP, pretty much the only thing I went off of.

We're a progressive nation by default, can't exactly fight against most of the policies without losing your social status. Remember support for Trudeau was a majority and he was a shoe in to win unless it came out he was a chronic baby rapist, even then people still would have voted for him on the dynasty alone. Getting other seats to get them away from Majority government was the main point of NDP, I'll be honest I didn't expect them to get as crushed badly as they did but. Dude. Weed. Lmao.

Welp. Time for some more retarded restrictions to happen


rant… fake or not makes sense considering how western governments have decided to alienate and destroy the very people they were designed to protect.

claims he got in the mosque after the shooting to help his injured friend, saw a man with a gun (thought he was a shooter coming back for more, turned out to be a policeman) and ran away, hence the confusion.

Fraîchement revenu chez lui, le jeune homme de 29 ans a accordé une entrevue à La Presse pour indiquer qu'il n'en veut pas du tout aux policiers de Québec, qui ont été « très gentils » avec lui.
« J'étais entré pour essayer de faire les premiers soins à mon ami, par terre, et j'ai vu quelqu'un avec une arme. Je ne savais pas que c'était un policier, je croyais que c'était quelqu'un qui revenait pour tirer. Alors j'ai fui à l'extérieur, du côté du stationnement », dit-il.
« Je comprends, je respecte qu'ils m'ont attrapé. Ils m'ont vu fuir, ils ont pensé que j'étais suspect, c'est normal. Pour eux, quelqu'un qui fuit, c'est un suspect », insiste-t-il.
L'étudiant d'origine marocaine avait assisté à la prière dimanche soir, puis était sorti déneiger les escaliers de la mosquée. Peu après, il a entendu plusieurs coups de feu, pendant 15 à 20 secondes, dit-il.
Il est entré, a appelé le 9-1-1, a donné l'adresse aux services d'urgence, puis a utilisé son manteau pour réchauffer un blessé sur le sol. C'est alors qu'il a paniqué lorsqu'un policier est entré arme au poing.

I just sent that guy a message. Fingers crossed we might get some answers about this fuckers politics.

Odds are he'll ignore, probably already gotten a bunch.

You don't understand how stupid our media is

Actually, the NDP were ahead for nearly the entire thing, until the last 2 weeks when everyone shifted and suddenly the strategic voters went Liberal instead of NDP. What happened the time before was that they split between Liberals, and NDP - giving Harper the majority. They didnt want to do that again.

Cuckchan Holla Forums, where I spent most of my time in 2015 - was going absolutely insane to undermine the NDP too, the NDP were seen as the absolute must avoid, like taking a shotgun to the face instead of shooting ourselves in the foot. I wouldnt doubt a lot of Holla Forumsacks voted Trudeau just to keep the NDP out, too.

We didnt really know about Trudeau, we didnt see him as much of a threat.. everyone thought the NDP were going to win - and we would have our guns banned, and hate speech laws, and cancerous womens rights councils etc set up in government… 1% of immigration for the rest of time, etc etc etc. Trudeau was legalizing weed and less potent rhetoric similar to the NDP, but not nearly as threatening.

yes it does
this is supreme gentleman 2: antifa boogaloo

Not to say I voted Trudeau, but I got the feeling that some people were, in order to avoid the NDP.I didnt vote, my area is pretty much decided and I didnt feel strongly enough for Harper to care. I feel like I have no political representation, and even moreso after the conservatives voted 80% internally to accept gay marriage as a party.

Im banking on normies not knowing archives exist, his facebook was locked down pretty damn quick. Time will tell.

He may be white after we spent a whole day thinking he was a shitskin, but if he turned out to be a lefty Id consider that an even bigger win. Please kek, if youre listening..

He wanted muslim pussy?

I don't think there would be many feminists in a mosque. He didn't think it through.


Maybe in Alberta, everywhere else was all red everything. The party is dead without layton and everyone knew it.

Not true, the maritimes were all polling heavy orange, everything shifted just 2 weeks before the vote.

Quebec too was split. Alberta went Conservative Im pretty sure, Harper didnt get totally wiped out, the conservatives have more power than the NDP.

translation of article:

>" I understand, I respect that they caught me. They saw me run, they thought I was a suspect, it

The more I look through this guy's stuff the less sense it makes. Feminist friends, inane posts about dogs with pizza on them, a "Scream" Halloween costume; he seems like everything you'd expect from the quintessential normie, not at all the kind of guy who'd do this. If he wasn't framed (and I think he might have been) he could have been pressured somehow, would make sense of him turning himself in because he "felt guilty".

Now that's a story we can run up and down the news!

I cant explain everything but if he has feminist friends, it could be simply for lack of anyone else to be friends with. Canadian women are highly radicalized, finding a Canadian woman who is racially aware is like.. insert generic simile related to things being very rare.

Now compare what youve seen with your own eyes about this normie with what the media has told you about him.

1+1=3 in this fucking timeline

It was a guy that he hung out with as friends.

He didn't had feminist friends he only argues with them over different threads on Kikebook

it's kinda like the Ft. Lauderdale shooting, extremely bizarre circumstances that almost defy explanation, and the story simply disappears a few days later

that fag really liked Richard Dawkins


Yeah, but it just seems odd that it would be the case. If he was really the anti-liberal far-right nutjob that he'd have to be, then you'd expect him to not be bothering with feminist friends. I think the guy who doesn't give enough shits about politics to defriend people isn't the type to murder people over it.

His friend Pascal isn't a fascist and probably barely knew the guy. He was just unlucky, at the wrong party at the wrong time.

What type of guns were used? Anybody knows? It's weird, there's a mass shooting and nobody seems to know what type of guns were used.

And this morning on the radio it was two suspects but now one of the two has been changed into a witness and he's not a suspect anymore. So why was he considered a suspect to begin with?

I've got to ask, who the fuck voted for that Trudeau? Were men all busy doing something else on voting day or something? Have you seen the pictures of him in a mosque? He's doing some sort of fucked up buddhist meditation thing. I swear most these leftist liberal people cannot distinguish between muslims, buddhists, sikhs, hindus etc. They think they are all peaceful and accepting of all other religions and cultures etc.
They have no fucking idea. Does america not do history in schools?

It's called a "joke" obviously, Jesus.

…. obviously I meant canada, but same goes for america and sweden etc.

When you know the guy (Pascal) you take jokes differently.

okay, I now understand why he was arrested.

I'd still like to know what type of guns the shooter used. If anyone has a source I'd like to know

Its hard to have any friends at all in Canada if you dont agree with CBC, is what Im saying.Im not one of them, but most people who are Canadian and either care about stopping muslim immigration, or anything related to cultural marxism and white genocide feel forced to associate with the type of scum wed like to see hanged, simply for lack of anyone else, or because they grew up together and cant seem to cut the ties to marxist scum that refuse to be shown the light, and who continue to push white genocide etc.

I only have a few friends, most of the ones I had I couldnt trust anyways. People are scum in general these days, and if you are a nice person, they will take advantage of you.. but on top of that, they are all race traitors.

Does anyone have that animation which shows how people become more selfish and willing to backstab as society becomes less nationalistic? I cant recall what I saved it under.

Alexandre Bissonnette est connu dans le milieu communautaire de Québec pour ses critiques en ligne. En voyant sa photo circuler dans les médias comme le suspect dans la tuerie de dimanche soir, François Deschamps, qui gère la page du groupe Bienvenue aux réfugiés, dit avoir reconnu immédiatement l'un de ses « trolls », soit une personne faisant du harcèlement en ligne. « Ça faisait un an qu'on le voyait aller », a-t-il dit.
L'administrateur dit ne pas avoir en tête des attaques précises ciblant les musulmans, mais plutôt les étrangers en général. M. Deschamps indique que Bissonnette s'en prenait surtout aux groupes féministes, qu'il qualifiait de « féminazi ». À sa connaissance, le jeune homme n'était toutefois pas proche des groupes ouvertement racistes.


Well then grow a pair, assuming by some miracle you're actually being serious.

That entire article is based off of, as they say, "his Facebook profile, before he disappeared from the web"

The problem is we still have access to the page and while he did like the pages mentioned, what they left out was he equally liked extreme left pages as well. It could be for trolling, sure, but we have no actual proof.

Canada has a government owned media outlet called the CBC, and they are the go-to news source for all of Canada, nation wide. Its like a North Korean propaganda wing. They call it a crown corporation.. anyways, its supposed to be semi-autonomous, but its not. Its controlled behind the scenes by the deep state, and as you see in one picture, Trudeau simply tosses them a budget increase and they slobber all over his nuts. Our.. Anderson Cooper? I cant think of a good comparison to Peter Mansbridge.. anyways, this guy hosts a show called "The National" - and it pretty much is one of the nightly news shows, but he has some commentary etc.. Its pretty much a fancy, slightly classier version of CNN… but its extremely leftist just the same. Anyways, The National is the main news show that people watch, and this Peter Mansbridge guy officiated at the wedding of Trudeaus campaign manager in Italy, he was also given the special "behind the scenes exclusive" similar to what Hannity was given with Trump.

The Canadian media are also their own political party from what Ive read, the Canadian Media Guild or something. Not talked about much, Rebel did a story on it.

whoa wait a minute

"-I entered the mosque to try and give first aid to my friend on the ground, and I saw someone with a gun. i didn't now it was a policeman, I thought it was someone coming back to shoot. So I ran outside, on the parking side", he says.

Does that mean there was an undercover cop at the mosque? How can you not know what a policeman looks like? And a police detective usually looks like a police detective like the ones you see in the movies.

CBC Toronto is a den of sodomy and pedophila. Look into how Rick Mercer got his show.

You're making me search for a archive facebook profil user… But I will do it

No, because he got away. What does a Quebec police officer look like when hes wearing his jacket, for winter? Its very cold out.

Could you elaborate a bit further on the pedo part?

There you go user. Click on his name, not 'timeline'


Depending on what he was wearing, he easily could have been confused.

Of course we need to let more Muslims in! Look at the death toll: 6 people are dead!
It could have been much higher if there were more people praying.

So has the media gone full "all whites are mentally ill shooters waiting to happen" yet? Because they will.
No surprise that this patsy faggot does this days after the mudshit ban.

There would've been way more casualties had it been an actual attack and not just one snackbar popping off a few of his buddies while whitey was holding one of his guns.

Guys what the fuck is happening? CTV is reporting itr was a white guy with a brown "whitness"?? what the fuck is going on, i was here for the stream

they are trying to blame the shooting on Holla Forums
image 1: is the supposed shooter
image 2: the suspect shows up after the shooting

false flag to crack down on muh guns and muh crazy white people.

Aren't they supposed to yell "POLICE!" when they enter a building?


Theres been plenty of recent stories about muslims raping little 14 year old girls at school in eastern Canada, not being charged, getting 1 week suspensions and being back at school, taunting the victims who are completely helpless going around in recent months. Its not like there wasnt plenty of motivation for someone to snap. My blood boils every time I read about that shit.. right now, theres a thread open about muslims knocking a white man unconscious and raping him with a hose. Not only do our enemies not expect a response, but it seems like actual Holla Forumsacks doubt the authenticity of a response to these types of events when it does happen. Id ask you this, do you not want to see more people stepping up and taking action? Because by undermining them when they do, by claiming Dylann Roof is a false flag for example, as some seem to be set on doing… you discourage any else from say - engaging in political assassination of non-white leaders.

Put down the Pepsi, Yannick. It's a fucking joke.

Im not sure one way or another, but I think thats just TV culture youre referencing. They go in quiet, so they dont get shot.

Didnt mean to sage these.

So very similar to the BBC in the UK. Funded by taxpayers and almost entirely ran by leftists. Not seen CBC but the BBC took the piss, belittled, made fun of and disapproved of Trump throughout the entire election whilst simultaneously propping up hillary. Seems these state run 'news' outlets have an agenda.

Why do you think Jian was able to get away with his shit for so long?

Look at that manlet with his faggot stache. We didn't need that here.

we're supposed to believe both this and that he gave himself up immediately?


Well look who left the CBC around the time he was kicked out. Summer 2014. Look at staff in the executive suites who would look the other way because they were in on the pizza parties at Mad Hatter's.


I do, but I also don't want to see all the media backlash and gun-legislation that fucks over whites in droves just because one fought back.
The white race has been gaslit since Nuremberg, it's not going to get any better.
Because we live in a fucking police-state and whites can get v& for simple wrongthink. not thinking these types are patsys is putting yourself at risk especially when you're in my position and experience constant surveillance.

You don't need to tell me how cucked this mindset is.


BBC was also employing and protecting pedophiles, sweeping under the carpet any claims made by kids, fortunately after Jimmy Savile died many victims came forward and the lid was blown of the entire thing. Many famous celebs ended up in jail!

he's obviously just a shitposter. The replies told him friday was the best day and the shooting was on a sunday

it was ancillary parts of the ring thrown to the dogs at best.

Pic related.

If youre from Britain or Germany where they actually arrest you and raid your house for saying you dont want immigration, I understand.. but Im from Canada, and Im pretty sure the horsemen watch this place too. You dont think they keep everyone in Canada openly concerned about white genocide on a list by default? Maybe theres a list for the people saying take our country back, and if there is, Im on that one too. If we make a movement that is actually capable of taking things back, I wont have to worry about what the Canadian government thinks about me, because the streets will be full of white people angry about their race being wiped out, and the 100 million by 2060. I dont really even see that day coming, Ill probably die like William Luther Pierce, very disappointed with the lack of meaningful progress.

Should sue them for racial profiling and discrimination.

I forgot my pic related.

Oh boy, here we go.

USA Today: Alleged anti-immigrant suspect charged in Quebec mosque shooting

Daily Mail: White university student named as the sole suspect accused of killing six men at Quebec City mosque - one day after Canadian PM condemned Trump's immigration ban

I'd love to see how they can try to explain how a ban on immigrants coming to a different country causes a guy who probably lives near them daily to kill them.

This is what the radical ideology of mgtow does to people. If he had a wife and kids he would never had done this.

So what's the final story here ?

No final story for now goy

Those sloots aren't marriage material. Hence MGTOW skyrocketing in popularity.

The current MSM story is an angry alt-right anti-immigrant guy did it.

The facts beneath that on closer examination reveal the cited person having a lot of conflicting beliefs; especially on his facebook (for instance, liking Le-Pen but also liking the NDP ala The Communist Party of Canada). We have absolutely no idea what is going on and any hard details still haven't been released, but so far it is reeking of some kind of a cover-up with how hard this is being shilled. Apparently more details will come out once they go to court, but for the time being anyone who is hyper-left thinks it was whitey, and anyone else with half a brain is suspicious of the story.

Form the USA, happens(did under Obama at least) just not openly.
You would, because if it got to that point they would just drone everyone, their facade is slipping and they won't be able to maintain it for much longer.
I get that this is blackpilled as fuck but I think this will be used to further demonize whites and promote legislation against both whites and guns.

you're right, he'd just be neck deep in alimony and kill himself because some cunt took his kids.

MGTOW is fucking garbage, it's full-on don't breed goy bullshit. Marriage is also like walking around a nog-infested shithole with a shotgun in your mouth and hoping one of them doesn't pull the trigger, so it's fucking tough either way. I went the "have lots of anonymous unprotected sex" route and can say from personal experience it's not good either. At least I might have a son somewhere

I think that you're a lil bitch and you're just wrong posting what you did.

Trudeau was out calling it terrorism before the authorities even held a press conference. Highly unusual from a devoted, true believing leftist to say the least. IMO either some infantile fit of "look, we can say terrorism too!" or maybe he simply jumped the gun before the chairs were lined up. Who knows, but this is getting more suspicious as time goes.

MGTOW really needs to be renamed to 'marriage strike' or 'stop providing for women'.

If he had a wife and kids, the jews plan wouldnt be working. Its not exactly easy to have a wife and kids, and women arent exactly as desirable as they once were. Have you heard what Canadian womens political views are like? Think big red. A bunch of shrieking harpies. Im not MGTOW, and I understand the humor in your post, but MGTOW is a response to jewish subversion, just like how men who fall down the hole of porn based degenerate behavior also do so as a crutch, to deal with other problems the jews caused. The jews caused one problem, then hand you a destructive coping mechanism that makes things even worse than if you just addressed the fucking problem in the first place.

I do wonder if it isn't the former. This could be the left trying to make a giant show of saying "white people can be terrorists too". The left is all about twisting and raping language. I really hope information from the court case will help ease this anti-white rhetoric, but I'm not counting on this

Might be time for me to move back north.

What happened to witnesses hearing the shooter yell "Allahu snackbar" before the shooting?

You describe what Marine called "Intellectual terrorism" in an interview Radio-Canada last year. I know that feel.

But as a Québecois I can tell you that outside the eastern half of Montréal island, the PC brainwash is less effective(less groupthink effect maybe) and most intelligent people have negative or very negative views on the usual leftist "social progress" stuff like gay adoption, transfag rights, abortion and non-white immigration.

Harper was neocon bad. Trudeau seemed to promise a return to classical liberalism, which didnt do so bad for Canada.

Classic bait and switch, we all cucks now. They even fly off to Soros to get their marching orders.

Shitty rundown from my perspective:

-Initial reports say 3 shooters, 3 suspects, later reports start saying it was 2

-witnesses report hearing "allahu akbar" and a "french accent"

-hours later, still no details being released, no shooter identity

-press briefing is held, they spend the entire time defending multiculturalism instead of talking about the case

-the names "muhammad" and "alexander" start circulating (unofficially), obviously seems like it was a muslim on muslim attack

-suddenly, muhammad is considered a witness and not a shooter, blame is put on alexander as an anti immigrant terrorist

Could easily have been the actual "victims" shouting that. They just shout it. About to blow themselves up? Allah Akbar! About to shoot a crowd full of women and children? Allah Akbar! Getting shot at and about to die maybe? Allah Akbar! Find a penny on the ground? Allah Akbar! Cops knock at the door and question what all that screaming was, but fall for your story that it was just a movie and let you continue raping your little pre-teen white girl? Allah Akbar!

that would go against the narrative, goyim

No MGTOW needs to die and a new movement that protests the institution of marriage as a whole needs to take its place.
I was doing it for a while in SF and actually got a lot of fags on-board with it because fag-marriage over there also created fag-divorce and the kikes swooped in to capitalize on it and fuck goyim over. I guess even insufferable faggots still get farmed for their contaminated loosh and shekels.

Exposure to them made me hate them and by-the-by I began to hate being surrounded by bogfodder(I actually read Tacitus around this time so that helped a lot) so I moved the fuck out of CA and started talking about how marriage was bad because it goes against separation of church and state and is therefore unamerican. I think this is a better route to take, a lot more women - specifically the extreme christfags and the extreme "REE CHRISTCUCKS GET LOST" types like this line of thinking, although it does cut-out a lot of bluepilled types who just "don't care lol" about religion.

gotta fill those 6 or however many it was pity caskets somehow. might as well start with anyone at the scene who didn't fit with the narrative.

Quebec is one of the provinces who are more willing to voice their disapproval of demographic problem, and I was pleased when I saw the bans on religious symbols for government employees being pushed a while back.. I think it was overruled by one of the marxist courts though.

Could have been used in an ironic way, to mock them. Like shooting up a synagogue and shouting "Oh vey! Shut it down!" I doubt that though. There's definitely some fishy stuff going on here.

Alexandre is one of those assholes with the worst sense of timing ever.
He really couldn't have picked a worse time to go an an anti-muslim rampage.

An alt-right white kid shooting up muslims with his friend named Muhammad makes no sense, wouldnt they know this would have a negative effect?

seriously living in canada is garbage i have like three friends

i am 100% pariah at my job and i havent even revealed my powerlevel. as far as they know my views are cuckservative and yet even this aberration from the party line is nearly a firable offense, mitigated only by my extreme work ethic.

time to go into business soon lads. cant take much more of this.

pure coincidence goy

We should start organizing some white run businesses or something who contribute their profits to charities that promote families or something. We need some institutions. Im considering starting a charity that distributes Holla Forums approved books to interested readers.

The media in my contry is saying that the white guy was the only shooter


Medias in Quebec and Canada also pushing this narrative

Like Holla Forums run businesses, that Holla Forumsacks support, possibly through internet purchases like the Amazon market. We need to stop giving our money to non whites.

Holla Forumsack might have purchase his weapon in a Indian reserve

is GTO going to become a Holla Forums meme now?

Why don't we try doing things like starting traditionalist communities? I remember reading of one in Germany that the police and government there absolutely REFUSE to touch. I'm not sure how good or bad of an idea that could be though; too big of a thought?

The media said it was an AK. Chances are he had a CZ858 or SKS though. AK's have been banned here since the 90's. He sneaked one in from the US, but I doubt it.

shooter looks like Rach…..who is from…Canada

Fuck, meant to say he could have smuggled an AK but I doubt it.

Can't say I saw that coming. This year only gets weirder and weirder.

It was clearly a FAMAS or glock

Your trips forgive you. I am hearing a lot that apparently there are still plenty AKs on the reserves. He might have grabbed one from there.

It looks like a creepy loner who spends a lot of time online on Facebook, 4chan, etc. decided to go shoot muslims at the nearest mosque. He shouted Allah Akbar! to mock his victims before he started shooting and he killed 6 and wounded many others. He'll spend the rest of his life in a prison. I don't see anything suggesting a false flag attack or anything like that. But we don't know what type of guns he used and where he got them so maybe he got help. In Canada it's kind of hard to buy guns even if it's just a hunting rifle.

He did shout Allah Akbar, it was his final insult

I honestly doubt a guy who looks like this took the time to snoop around for a deal for an AK on a reserve. Since the CZ858 is non-restricted, it's very easy to get one after you acquire your license.
Which brings us to the next question; will the media let us know if he's a license holder? This will answer a lot of questions.

Truly, there is nothing to see here, goyim.

mein fuhrer, the native reserves aren't exactly somalian gun markets; you can't just go up to an indian and ask him to sell you an AK.


Of course they'll let you know. They'll tell you all about how white males shouldn't have fully automatic non-restricted assault rifles.

Guys, this is super fishy. One day later and he's already charged? What the fuck?

What? You don't get charged on the next court day after your crime in the US?

That is a really great question. Considering he was apparently a student, it makes me really doubt he had the money to go through the legal channel of things. The licensing process can cost a good couple hundred, and a CZ would have cost several hundreds depending. An SKS would be the most likely, I'd think. That is, if he was licensed.

Course + License maybe 100$
CZ858 $1,300
SKS $150-250 (tacticooled maybe $500)

I really really doubt a loner that looks like that guy could just go to the Mohawk reserve and buy an AK-47

wew lad so when's the film's going to be published?

Actually, you make a good point: if they don't let us know, he probably isn't a license holder and bought it under the table. Maybe he "borrowed" it from a buddy. If anything, silence on the matter would be in our favor.

How the fuck do you mistake a medical aid for someone with an assault rifle shooting at you

Dont SKS's only have 5 rounds, internal?

In canada, they are pinned to 5 rounds internal, but fixing that problem is trivial if such is your intention. It is very illegal to do so, however.

That's a great breakdown.

This. SKS capacity is normally 10 rounds, but all the ones here are pinned to five; it's easily remedied, but heavily illegal. Of course, only criminals intending to commit crime end up breaking this law.

Also I forgot to mention that you can mod an SKS to take magazines. Said magazines are also pinned to 5 rounds, but it is also simple to remedy that. It is also just as illegal.

So youre saying if I just…


Université Laval unable to confirm that the author of the attack was studying

He called the cops to turn himself in. Maybe he had accomplices but if he says he committed the crime and the security cameras confirm it then he's going to be charged.

The highest legal capacity you could squeeze out of a CZ is if you installed a STANAG adapter and a .223 barrel, and used .50 Beowulf magazines, which will fit 15 .223 rounds. Even then, there's an open court case concerning these magazines for owning a "prohibited device".

A useful cuck went full autist against the Religion Of Peace™ and now the Canuck Pravda has a fresh boogeyman to remind the pleb how evil whitey is.

This is nothing short of a clusterfuck. If this isn't a false flag idk what is.

Reminder your enemy doesnt win if you kill them.

(Speaker takes podium) … Ahem … Every nation has it's own peculiar verbal eccentricity whereby certain speakers will add an unnecessary "question" at the tail of their sentences. In America, we have some folks who interject the words "you know?" after virtually every sentence … it's most often heard when people are self-conscious about speaking publicly and in extreme cases, you'll even hear them use it multiple times in a single run-on sentence. American Blacks carried this effect to the next level with a street version where they incessantly insert "no wad ahm sayin?" to their streams of gibberish. The Brits have the well known equivalent of frequently tagging "isn't it?" to the end of a statement. The classic Canadian version of this is "eh?" which, on its own, is a rather universal form of seeking a listener's confirmation … this sometimes quaint, sometimes annoying verbal tic is often employed in satire to denote a less educated or otherwise socially inept member of a race or culture. The comedy potential of this novel speech anomaly wasn't lost on the writers of the now legendary series of SCTV skits … it was incorporated into the McKenzie brother's dialogue but, rather than have it denote a question as in the classic Canadian usage (eh?), the show opted for having it perform a new comedic duty as an attention denoting device. If you watch the skits closely you'll see that the McKenzies most often use "Ay" to mean '"you" and "you all", just as modern hipsters use the word "dude". In this way, the show's creators sort of reclaimed the "eh?" and refashioned it to serve a distinct new purpose. The online Urban Dictionary "got" this when they offered their example "Ay, check this fool out" (see image), which isn't the classic question form of "eh?" but instead the unique "dude" styled reference I spoke of earlier. Hence it makes perfect sense to distinguish it with a unique spelling based on how it sounds, so it's understood that it's not intended to be the traditional query structured version. The character in my cartoon is exclaiming " Allah is greater, you guys!" and not "Allah is greater, what do you think?" When distinguishing between classic language and newborn bastardizations it is now entirely proper to spell a word based on the literal sound of it … in the dialogue of the McKenzie skits the lads clearly say "Ay" (rhymes with slay) rather than "eh?", which, when properly rendered, would sound like the e in "sled". As with the now familiar Ebonics version of the word "whore", it's a given that you will find it spelled "ho" in the transcribed lyrics of any rap album's liner notes because it has been purposely reconditioned to have a distinct new application and identity. That concludes this lecture on the evolution of Canadian slang. Did anyone learn anything … EH?

fucking hell, i hate that cuban communist plant

Most Canadians say "eh" because that is what they are told the spelling of the word is. As a Canadian, I type ay. Thats what it sounds like. Eh is like Meh, which is not the same thing.

The sand nigger was his accomplice, he became a witness afterwards because he took a plea bargain. That mohammed was most likely the one who planned everything but manged to get free by taqqiya-ing his ass off.

DON'T be a nigger dude.

Let me dig deeper.


It would be nice if one of these e-mails got hacked. wouldn't it?

So comparing the SKS to the CZ, I would hazard a guess that the CZ is easier to mod into being a full 30 round, illegally? Or is the SKS literally just as easy to mod into having a 30 round mag? I know SKS's are ridiculously easy to get, it would effectively mean the laws are worthless.

Another wall of text that has nothing to do with the thread courtesy of this goddamn namefag who drew some bretty gud cartoons 20 YEARS AGO

fuck you, AWM is a legend


archive immediatly

I don't know about you but I wouldn't be sharing my plans for a mass shooting over a university email. The one thing that would draw the most light on this case would be the security camera footage.

Any names of the suspects officially released yet?

From the stock product, the CZ would be the easiest, since it comes with riveted 5/30 magazines. The SKS you would have to modify to accept detachable magazines. The government apparently believes criminals don't know how to use a power drill.

Or is the SKS shooting 556 and the CZ 7.62? There must be an advantage to the CZ if its given the price of a civilian version of a military weapons. Anything over 1000$ in Canada seems to be weapons that skirt around the restricted limitation, but offer similar quality to military weapons, with only the semi-auto variant or whatever.

Canada is stuck on a delay.

Harper was canada's Bush, and now they're going through their Obama phase.

Hopefully it won't last long…

It was muzzies right? When I read the thread earlier it was multiple shooters screaming aloha snackbar and now there's a white man. Wat.

The CZ has jumped between non-restricted and prohibited before, the Con gov't put it back on non-restricted status, but I got a bad feeling the libs will change it back. The price difference simply comes from supply: CZ's are still factory made, while SKS's are bulk surplus being shipped from Russia and ex-soviet states. Their actions are very similar, but the CZ is a quality product.
I've never seen an SKS is 5.56 before, but CZ's come in 5.56 sport models or 7.62 standard models.

Nope, not muzzies. Apparently a white dude: Alexandre Bissonnette.


We'll never hear the end of this…

Only the 858 went to the naughty list, anything CZ made never went to the list.

I still don't believe it. Muzzies wouldn't accuse muzzies unless they were sure

Yeah, I meant the CZ858 specifically. Something about the 2007 models being easily modified to be automatic. Recently they prohibited another model of the 858 since it has "come and take them" written in greek on the receiver.

lel Now that is just gold. I should inscribe that on a gun. From my understanding they were built on surplus receivers that accepted FA parts.

I'm coming up with nothing.

There is no false flag here, unless one of you faggots digs up something useful.

Yea, you can bet your ass they will be going back on that one before his *first* 4 years are up.

Evil whitey confirmed, my dude

somebody should email mohammed and ask him about his eye witness account.

pretend to be a journo/muzzie brother.

How did a loner get access to an AK47 or semi-auto when from my understanding it's basically impossible in Canada to get one?

Still lots of questions to be asked
Stop being faggots.

only someone who cares about the law would jump through those hoops; otherwise just introduce your pinned mags to mister dremel.


unless we start seeing some actual proof like a cam I'm not believing this shit, the entire situation has been unfolding unnaturally

Nothing either but I still don't understand the mental path this frog took to go from fb normie to Allahu Barnak and back in like, an evening.

>Can arrest someone who even consider making hate speech

This is the story that took them all night to write.

Many people dont know this, but its a matter of historical fact that Ted Kaczynski was in the MKUltra program.

so did you e-mail mohammed?

you have anything useful ?

skepticism is great. but just because you're Holla Forums doesn't mean you're exempt from occam's razor

faggot sperg shooting up muzzie mosque in some podunk quebec town is the best and most likely theory right now.

These are the questions I would be interested in.

how many mags did the sperg have? what was he driving ? any side-arms or other weapons? was he part of any shooting/archery clubs?

what was his target grouping like? pics of the inside of mosque… ?

Is mohammed belkhadir real? any Holla Forumsack from laval here? anybody heard of this fucking guy on campus ? he's a 29 year old "student" in mechanical engineering…who want to do some field recon ?

he was still 100% right tho

how long until 4chan gets shut down?

what the fuck are you talking about

He turned schizo but he was spot on on leftists.

I never said he wasnt.



For a man with a 160 IQ, he was disappointingly ignorant of the JQ, though.
t. just read Industrial Society and Its Future this morning>>9066163

Pic 1 covers the story as covered right now. However, it does cite that the mosque had CCTV cameras, the footage of which is being kept secret because no media outlet has shown it. Pic 2 is one of many examples of a witness claiming there to be multiple masked gunmen (some 3, some 2, see also It is highly unlikely that a witness would have confused a shooter with a police officer because the latter wear distinctive uniforms. Next you have the washington times claiming they don't even know who was the suspect arrested (

"Police have declined to name the man arrested in connection with the attack. Earlier The Associated Press reported that Quebec City court clerk Isabelle Ferland had identified Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed el Khadir as the suspects. It was unclear which of the men police have now identified as a witness."

And now we go back to pic 1. There was one shooter and he was a white xenophobic male.

All this to say that the most simple and logical conclusion to draw is that one must be skeptic of the reports of this incident.