The tech industry goes full cuck - Civil war when?

The tech industry goes full cuck - Civil war when?

Got this email today from Lyft (see pic) and I'm not even American and just rode with them a couple times when I was in jew york and was disgusted that all the drivers were scummy presumably illegal immigrant mudslimes and pajeets.

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I heard about this. I live in (((Silicon Valley))) and if any anons have any suggestions for things I can do to hurt the ZOG, I'm open to suggestions.

They're within their right to do this and they should. Let them have their business affected in whichever way it is. Now you know not to use them again and like minded people now know too. I've never used the service (I don't live in a city) but now I know not to if I'm in that situation. All corporations have a political affiliation via its power structure whether they're explicit or not about it. Let them hang themselves if they so choose.

I think they're hurting themselves by spreading lies that even normies can see through if they don't read ((fake news)).

The more popular service is Uber which has upset people for the fact that they kept operating even when some cabbies were wanting to strike. They claimed Uber was scabbing by allowing their drivers to choose to work and even removing the 'surging' at the time so that the higher demand wouldn't be in effect and hurt the riders affected by the cab driver strike.

Uber is essentially a kike operation.

Take over a market by having extreme amounts of shekels that can be used to undercut the existing market and once you have full power things go back to normal taxi prices or higher while drivers are getting raped with charges and effectively work for less than min wage while the company bears zero employment law related liabilities.

And you can also guess who those kind of easy "self employed" operations attract: Illegal mudslimes and pajeets as in my experience above because no legal status verifications are necessary when you aren't an employee.

shit you're right. tell ICE

These companies have broken laws hundreds of thousands of times. They should be discorporated and their CEOs imprisoned.

Thread exists.

Sessions might attack, that will be fun

I hope so, can't find a fucking job out of school.

Turns out all those "fell for the STEM meme" memes were true, at least about programming. Can't get a job if I'm an American white male.

Just a tip.
Consider learning a thing or two about negotiation technique, body language and speech. It could help you pass an interview much easier.

Consider learning photoshop, and investing in some shoe polish.

Can't get any interviews, all jobs are for positions that require 5+ years experience. Guess I'm supposed to flip burgers while Heet Jeer's semi-literate cousin gets hired to delete the company website and flee to India.

I feel you, buddy. I've been out of work for a year. Hopefully the fire cock will be better for the both of us.

You must become a Breivik-Dorner hybrid user. Then all shall be clear

The propoganda is getting to me. In the UK the Lugenpresse is on 24/7 anti-Trump shill mode. How do you bare it Holla Forums

Can't be THAT much worse than what I get here in Cuckada. Just ignore it, engage in bantz online and in real life if you're good at, and think of all of the cuck tears as you smile. Also watch out for crazed Muslims since I know this feel, Bongbro.

what the fuck is going on in that picture? why did the nigger photoshop himself darker?

yeah, nah, how bout we just crack their skulls open lolberg

Report all illegal spics, put up anti-Islam posters, if you see some shady accounting shit done by kikes report it.

Was from a thread on 4/pol/ about 2 years ago or so. Its someone from Austria, and he has to photoshop himself darker to get interviews.

I live in a libshit city on the west coast and a lot of people I know are convinced that Trump is going to become a dictator.

I'm not going to tell them they're wrong since we can use all the meme magick we can get.


I don't use Lyft, and now I never will.

> core values

This is a meme that needs to be made.

For context


he's not even white, that's clearly a fucking mudslime. curly hair and all


He lives in Austria. It says it right on the papers, in Austrian. I agree though, hair and nose etc. Im pretty sure all 3 are shopped darker, btw.

This is because women with more money than brains use Lyft.

Cucking = marketing

OP don't be a dumb faggot, this is the hipster uber that has like 1% of the market and peaked years ago

The mere fact they are still around surprises me and this is clearly them trying to stay relevant by any means necessary which includes pandering to broke-ass SJWs who can't even afford their shitty cars with the pink mustache on front

If anything we should say lyft drivers are rapist or some shit to kill these cucks faster


Passive aggressive Leftist faggots…

Fire cock?

All I want is a chance to do what I was trained to do, at a fair wage. I can't even get that.

learn to link fag.

I feel ya mate. Computer hardware and embedded systems engineer here. Graduating this May. I can't find a job at all. Its not that i am a sperg who borks the interviews either, its that no one will interview me at all.

On top of that, all the internships go to snotty lesbians, niggers, wetbacks, streetshitters, and gooks.

The only shitskins who work in tech are Indians and Chinks if you count them, these companies won't lose any workers for fuck's sake. There are no mudslimes here. They're clearly sperging for some other (jewish) reason.

I work in tech, I should know.

Fucking liberals.

Yea, and internships seem to be the only way to get hired by a respectably sized firm or business in this day and age.
Im honestly scared for what is to come as far as work goes. I wish I could turn back time and never fall for the college meme.

Lunar magic from the slopes appropriated by Kek cultists in conjunction with Kali Yuga street shitter hedge wizard rituals to meme Hitler into the Berenstain Universe using an old TIMECUBE we found in a dumpster.


And why does that matter? You're getting caught up in your own autism.
If a mudslime has to photoshop himself darker to get a job interview, that's even worse than if just whites have to.
Turn your brain back on instead of immediately going "oh it's a mudslime ignore everything else and shut down thought". While everyone smart is playing at least 2D/3D chess, you're playing go-fish.

If you're in the UK you face tough competition from all the eastern euros and salaries are really low. You should still be getting interviews though.

Also students like me, who would love to take those jobs if illegals didn't.