We need to stop neglecting it. Fuck off if you only want to jam to degenerate hard, punk and grunge filth

We need to stop neglecting it. Fuck off if you only want to jam to degenerate hard, punk and grunge filth.

This is true art





This is the light we need in our lives. Don't let go of it. Hold onto it with everything you have. The darkness of the modern mood of art is poison.

Hold onto the light my brothers, and peace be with you.

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Ugh meant to name this thread "Great White Music (Listen2It)"


You should: goback2reddit. What you call "art" is mediocre pop music of its day.

none of that is mediocre and only some of it is actually typical of pop

Unchained Melody is probably one of the single greatest recordings ever done, you know nothing ignoramus.

Ripples is a one of a kind prog rock (not political) song that employs incredible instrumentation and reflects British and European culture.

I Want To Know What Love Is is just a great all around song, and reflects the best of White people's culture in the western world at the time of its release.

The final 2 songs are traditional, one was sung by the Hitlerjugend and the other is a compilation of renaissance era Italian and German songs.

What's not to love?

Nicht ein argument

You're playing broken hearted romantic songs. Put down the beer can.

Because combining words in a kitsch shorthand way is totally not red-pilled, r-right? OP actually has amazing taste. I came to this thread expecting to be bored/annoyed. To my pleasant surprise, I found a goldmine.

They're beautiful songs that express a lot of deep emotions. They also bespeak European culture. Also #notall of these songs are about love, at all.

1st vid, one of my fav songs

but I rarely can listen to it, makes me puke when I remember what kind of music plays today

You call this goldmine? What's with all the people who have such low standards all of a sudden? Never mind it's fucking reddit.

Deutsche Grammophon recordings are a "goldmine."


Explain yourself, user. Why can't you get through it? Just listen, it's practically effortless.

The sad loss of beauty in music, art and literature is going to burn us if we let it. Hold onto the beautiful things our people have created.

Don't allow the kike media to erase them for you, brother.

I feel sorry for you, anonitard.

Early rock n roll is strongly nig-influenced, but even it isn't as degenerate and filthy as most of the garbage we hear today.

We need to go back to beautiful music among our own people, it's a priority.

Typical libcuck argument that I've debunked many times.
First, you'd have to define "early rock n roll." How early? Because it didn't just start with Mississippi niggers singing the blues like we're all told. Even the blues was stolen by niggers from the micks, who originally sang the blues. That's right… Niggers appropriated the blues from the Irish. So even if you consider "early rock n roll" to be nigger-influenced, niggers were influenced by the Irish.
But I contend that rock n roll has its roots in early Americana with artists like Jimmie Rodgers. He's considered the father of country music and I believe rock n roll to be a direct off-shoot of country music. Rock n roll, who many believe was pretty much invented by Elvis Presley, and the original music labels and tours that fueled it were very heavily influenced. Had the Grand Ole Opry not banned rock n' roll in favor of a more traditional country music style, rock n' roll would probably have been very different.
I give credit where it's due, niggers have contributed to music and pop-rock, but I think considering rock n' roll to be influenced mostly by niggers, you're not really seeing the whole picture.
Why do so many people not know who Jimmie Rodgers? He was singing blues in the 1920s. But I guess the fact that Jews actually own most of the music industry is why you will probably never fully appreciate the great white artists and the history of Americana.


I'll bite user, you may be right. I don't know. But when I hear early rock it sounds niggy to me. It's not necessarily a lefty idea.

Also I'm not saying later rock is nigg'd at all, which leftoids try to say it is.

Holla Forums's on the road again

No vali?

tell me what vali is, since I have no idea


more specifically, blacks took the scalling from celtic ballads

I think the advent of soul in the 1960s pretty much created a divide among black and white artists. Niggers had "they own" music again and went away from whitey's rock n roll as progressive rock took hold with artists like Pink Floyd and others.
Sure, niggers at the time were singing blues and rock has some blues roots, but again I have to contend that considering the original rock and roll artists, Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis all performed together really shows that it's basically a mashup of many different things. People talk about how Elvis was so great, but had a few things turned out differently, we would all consider Carl Perkins to be the true "king" of rock and roll. He was even better than Elvis live and drew much bigger crowds at times than Elvis and then Elvis refused to tour with Perkins because he basically stole the show from Elvis every single night on tour.
So I mean, rock and roll is not just one thing. The water is about as muddy on this as the 'Sip. To claim that any one thing has influenced rock and roll more than country, I think, is a bit false.

Thanks for clarifying, user.

?no wikipedia page I can find?

Good though

You're probably right that a major basis for rock n roll was White country music, but then again I think that the hard edged quality and mindlessness of early rock (for lack of more flattering terminology) seems niggy.

Once a wider group of talented Whited got ahold of rock, they updated and improved it, so to speak.

Well that's my take on it, anyway.

I've never been able to find anything aside from what's on youtube. Got it from one of these kinds of threads more than a year ago and I've been doing meditative stuff to it ever since.

If anything, it's almost like rock and roll starts out as a frame and then someone comes along and adds the engine, transmission and interior, the wheels and they just really never stop building the car. They put in different engines and modify the frame. In these terms, you could say that niggers added a transmission and maybe some tires. But the engine, frame and most of the other parts are from whitey.

I totally agree. I hate how the fucking left tries to take away our culture by implying that all rock or pop music is basically African in some way, it's ludicrous.

We need to be more ethnocentric with our artistic taste, too. It would go a big step in curing a lot of the plagues that ail us to be Eurocentric with our music, art and literature.

Just tell me that this doesn't bespeak the folk spirit of English culture, it's beautiful


I've long been a fan of both Genesis and folk music. I was also heavily into pop-punk in the early and mid 90s, but I digress. Phil Collins is a student of music and I will tell you that it's no accident that you get that vibe from a lot of his work.
Right now, I've got to hand it to this guy. He's no Phil Collins, but I enjoy him because he plays traditional folk songs and is unapologetic about calling them "white."

I'm a fan of this guy's music too. He's got a lot of talent and potential, methinks. Great post. It's posters like you who make this site good. The highly informed, intelligent and curious posters.


Good on you for bringing up the conversation, too. 10/10 would shitpost with again.

Any more musical recommendations? I'd appreciate any from you. Thanks

Pretty good tunes OP. I had almost forgotten what real music sounds like.


Unfortunately, the cupboard is empty as far as anything new and uncucked. The only thing that whites can really get into and have a scene with is Vaporwave right now. This is a really fucked up time for music. Everything is cucked and watered down. Back when I was a young lad, every music scene with exception of the early hardcore rap scene was implicitly white and unapologetic.
It wasn't until the late 90s that everything went politically correct and multiracial and gay-friendly - even the scene most friendly to white nationalists at the time, punk rock.
Right now, looks like white music needs to go back in time in order to go forward. There was a short stint maybe 8 years ago where folk was making a comeback, but it quickly got cucked.
So I think in this current era of shit music, you'd have to go back in time to find anything quality. Sometimes beating the fuck out of a guitar and banging on drums sounds good. Garage rock revival had its day. Speaking of which, Jack White is a complete faggot, just wanted to throw that out there.
Right now, though, I think you've got to check this guy out. He's immensely talented.

Heres what ive been getting into. No matter what or where i am i can always listen to this shit. Old and classic music. If you have any European blood i am sure one of these songs are from your ancestors countries. Dont have a song for each country yet though.


America - When Johnny Comes Marching Home


Britain - Comrades the Voices


Chile - Mi General Augusto Pinochet


Estonia - Lied Der Estnichen Battalion


Finland - Potpourri


France - Le Chant Du Diable


Germany - Deutschland Über Alles


Sieg Heil Viktoria




Königgrätzer Marsch


Marschiert In Feindesland


Preußens Gloria


Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser

(Im from German blood fuck you ok)


Greece - Raise Your Flags


Hooray the Golden Dawn


The Last Faithful Ones


Italy - Battaglioni M




Latvia - Zem Mūsu Kājām


Bunkurs 13


Netherlands - Voorwaarts Sturmsoldat


Norway - På Vikingtog


Romania - Sfânta Tinerețe Legionară


Imnul Legionarilor Cazuti


Serbia - Aj Karmela!


Spain - Primavera


Cara al Sol


Ya Hemos Pasao!


Sweden - Friheten Leve


Du Blonda Folk

OP, what's your opinion on Neofolk?

Polish traditional folk girlsband, you can hardly be more european than this. Much more based than mongoloid metal (majority of metalheads are leftists btw).

Fuck… You baited the hook perfectly.

This is just true though, sorry to trigger you, my long-haired friend.

he said MAJORITY not all m8

Remember the future to come

When it comes to metal it depends on the genre. Folk Metal and Black Metal are dominated by Right Wing people.

I'm actually neither long-haired nor am I particularly interested in metal. Metal was huge during my awkward teenage years and thus, I would prefer never to revisit it.

It goes without saying, but Shadilay.
Is synth/80's pop nigger influenced? I'm genuinely curious, and since I grew up in the 2000's, the 80's seems so less pozzed.

Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser actually has Croatian folk song melody

Oh, Thank you. Will take note.

I could see leftists claiming that synth has roots in funk, which is about as nigger as it gets. I'm not claiming that, just trying to jump ahead of the narrative they're going to feed if it makes a comeback.

lefties will always try to discredit Whites in every way they can, they're a hate group

I could see how one could make that connection, like tying rock and roll to niggers who sang the stolen blues riffs in the south, but I think synth and 80s new wave are so far from their roots that none of it matters.
Personally I think synth and 80s new wave is about as european as you can get. It was totally unconnected to anything else in the late 70s and actually a lot of electronic music, unsurprisingly has mostly ties to Europe and away from much of what music was doing at the time.

It depends on what you call "synth", there is indeed a very "funky" one (aka niggerish).

It's surprisingly hard to define. I suppose I just define it by hearing it and arbitrarily declaring it "synth." However, if there is a "king" of early synth, you can't have the discussion without including Brian Eno, I don't think.

I don't know if it classifies as synth, but ELP was one of the first bands that I enjoyed after getting fed up with Billboard trash, along with Joy Division, and mac demarco.

Also, where do I get educated regarding music? I've been reading a lot in to art history, but it would also be nice to expand my horizons out a little.

From my experience, I think it's kind of something you can't really get taught at school. I have a friend who archives music for an important upcoming project and he ended up getting a degree in library science. Most of what I know comes from autobiographies and just talking with people from various scenes. I was in a band for a while and wrote music later on to perform at bars and cafes. I lived in Germany for 4 years and just performed acoustic sets on streetcorners with friends for beer money.
I've watched various documentaries on music scenes and talked with a few music legends. Living where I live, there are a lot of classic rock guys still around that are surprisingly friendly.
I used to go to record stores and collect old vinyl. It's kinda just something you get interested in and talk to people about. You pick up books and movies about it. Speaking of Joy Division, I never was really interested in them until I watched 24 Hour Party People and I desired to know more about the Manchester scene in the 80s. Picked up a few books, watched a few documentaries and talked with people who were into it at the time and asked them to describe it.
But my knowledge of music only covers about 60 years of pop music and some underground stuff.
I actually used to hate country music until I heard Willie Nelson's Red Headed Stranger one night and fully realized it as the best concept country music album ever made. From there, I got into more and more classic country and followed it, read the stories of those who lived it and having spent extensive time in the south, it grew on me.
So I'm not sure you could really be educated about music. Most of the people I know are really involved in music in various ways and none of them have studied in college but could tell you about a million times more about it than what they got their degrees in.

Meant to include this. Give it a chance.

It's very gay tbqh. One should go to more hardcore EBM (Electronic Body Music), and industrial for example, absolutely no niggers land territory.

Btw if you remember correctly the movie (((The Big Lebowski))), the Coens brothers make fun of this type of music, because, of course, (((they))) know.

I guess it all depends. I mean when I was 17, I used to call any bands I wasn't currently into "gay." I played hardcore punk in a band and as I got older, the shit got old and I gave things I never thought I would a chance.
Never in a million years would I have guessed I'd like Willie Nelson and Talking Heads, but today I love all of it.
What you should realize is that when music got popular in the past, it was usually because it had redeeming qualities. If you look for them, you can find it. Rock has redeeming qualities, country does and some people (not me) here will claim that hip hop has redeeming qualities.
From grunge to new wave, it all has some quality artists. I feel sorry for you if you can't appreciate them.

Thanks user, always love hearing from older, more experienced anons.
Country is, and has always been my thing, but I've never heard of Willie Nelson, so I'll give it a listen.

polite sage for off topic

Willie was one of those things. Everyone talks about Willie Nelson and I had heard a couple of songs. I never understood what the big deal was behind the guy until I listened to it.
Also, Conway Twitty is pretty fucking great. That was a really fascinating period for country music.

I didn't say anything against country, mate. I'm a European but I love it anyway.

To be frank, and to talk about the Coens cinema yet again, I must admit that their rather anti white movie O Brother made me love this southern US music.

Bluegrass would be a more technical term for the Soggy Bottom Boys. Yet another component that made up rock and roll that had nothing to do with niggers.
Nice choice, m9.

This is great, many thanks.

The thing about that album is that tells the story of a man who was a preacher in the early 20th century. He came home to find his wife fucking another man. He shot them both.
He was obviously pissed and turned his back on religion and went to a tavern, drunk and pissed and wanting to fight. A woman touches the horse that belonged to his wife and he shoots her dead as well and gets away with it because he claimed she was stealing his horse. From there, he lives a life of drinking and solitude until later, he meets another woman and gives life a second chance.
Some of the songs sound like you'd hear them in an old saloon and it's done that way on purpose to help the theme of the album. Great stuff. One of the best albums of all time, tbh fam.

I guess you already know the fucking genius John Fahey. No nigger whining lyrics, I guess the "blues is a nigger thing" must be some kind of a leftist myth to make them look more creative and artistic than they ever were.

It's the Finklebaums and Shekelsteins that own music labels that perpetuate the "niggers are so good at muziks lol" myth.
I'm angry at Jewish involvement in music and have been for about 20 years now. They have subverted every music subculture since the 1960s at least.

Also, just want to add that country music was mostly Jew free, including the owners of country labels and popular venues until about the mid-80s. I think Kenny Rogers was probably part of the last string of actual country musicians. Everything after that can be strictly classified as "pop" if it was on the radio and being pushed as "country." It was anything but.
Country music was the punk rock of southerners in the 70s. It was much bigger and more creative than anything that calls itself country music today.

So, not american, but I heard that country, or maybe the more commercial pop one from today is still a thing to a lots of americans nowadays though. Didn't Trump invite some big female country star for his inauguration or something?

As an edgy teen I was super into Dreamtheatre, Rush and some faggier shit like coheed etc. The album gives me an 'in' to this sort of music that doesn't come from the whole 'classic rock americana' angle like The Eagles. Again many thanks my dude, have my favorite deconstructed pepe as recompense.

Country today is nothing more than pop music with a southern accent. Country is dead, unfortunately, except maybe among a small collective of bands with little fame in Nashville and perhaps areas of Texas where it makes very little actual noise.
Anyone calling themselves country today is basically playing rock and roll of the 90s with a southern accent. Many of the bigger names in country today grew up nowhere around the actual country. Hell, I was watching some shit a while ago about this country music star from NYC. There's some asshole here in Michigan who tries to sing country and even wears a fucking cowboy hat and hasn't ever really left the metro Detroit area. There aren't even many major country stars that write their own music. Country music is just what they call shit played by people with their big pickup trucks and cowboy hats. There's nothing authentic about anything I hear from country music today.
If you want real country music, you have to go back in time. It doesn't get much more real than the Carters or Dolly Parton.
Yes, Dolly was really fucking hot.

Embed is one of my favorite country/blues/rock artists. Rory Gallagher an Irish guy, sounds kind of like a less drug addled hendrix plus occasional shades of Gary Moore. Not sure if it's to Holla Forums's tastes but he's one of my biggest guitar influences.

Polite sage for double post but I figured I'd link Gary Moore as well. He's a beast of blues.

Don't forget Ronnie Milsap.

Never heard, will check out now. Any song recommendations?

Very cute, would need more like this one. Can you make some kind of a list please?

This is one of his biggest songs. Kris Kristofferson collaborated with him on this. Another very underrated artist is Roy Oribson. People forget that he too was every bit as good as Elvis. In fact, Roy Orbison was more Elvis Presley than Elvis himself.

The only thing that sucks about country is that sometimes the stars hung around too long. Dolly is one that might have hung around too long, but her early stuff is so great

Yeah I'm digging Smoky Mountain Rain as well. Reminds me a bit of Springsteen who I also really dig but he's such a political cuck that I can barely take it.

Born To Run is probably one of the greatest songs recorded during that era. Shame he's such a faggot, really.

Yeah I wasn't into him at all until my mum turned up with some tickets to go see him a few years back. Holy shit user, 3 and a half hours later they had to pull him off stage after 4 encores. For someone with that much of a workhorse attitude to music he's such a leftist shill it breaks my heart. Embed has gotta be one of my favorite Springsteen songs.

Goddamn, it's comfy in here.

i just bawled my eyes out listening to that song. Some songs still give me physical discomfort and like you i avoid that kind of music. But there is a lot to learn about yourself from looking into yourself while listening to such a song. Any song that causes strong feelings. I have come to appreciate a lot of music by trying to look at what it is about the music that i dislike, it doesnt even have to be about the music itself, suddenly when as im aware of what it is i dont like i hear the music differently and am able to interpret in new ways, sometimes gaining enjoyment from a song i before felt almost disgust for.


Fuck off teenager

Black Metal, Neo-Folk and Dungeon Synth is about as white as it gets.

Black Metal:






Neun Welten:

Faery Ring:

Good share, just got back from lifting and it was an interesting workout cranking blues classics on my headphones. Never have I squatted with such emotion before haha. You dig Chris Issak?


Fuck… Not many people appreciate Isaak. Haven't heard this in a while, but dated a girl who was really into him. I dig it.

bump for interest

My super redpilled aunt got me into him, she was probably my start into conservative thinking as well. Heavy influence on my teen years. There's a whole backlog of bands and artists she gave me that I've been meaning to work through that ranges from stuff like Toto, and Yes all the way to Slim Dusty who is a super Aussie bush poet type guy and heaps of other fantastic Australian bands. Embed is one of the most famous ANZAC songs which was some of the stuff she got me in to. Should give her a call, it's been a while.

Again polite sage for double post but user if I can get you to check out one thing it's gotta be the original little river band.