A White Man will be attacked in his car by protesters & then gun them down in self defense

I have had a premonition and lately my visions have come true. At some point in the future a White Male will be attacked in his car by Anti-Trump Protesters.

This White Male will protect his vehicle and life by gunning down the violent anti-american protesters.

The White Man will be arrested and the Jewish Media will hang him in the public's eye already assuming his automatic guilt.

When anti-american protesters show up at the Court House they will be met by Loyal Trump Warriors who will ruthlessly put them down.

This will be the beginning of the unraveling.

Trump will not blame his supporters and instead will tell the public that any more protest will be put down with Force.

At this point the Jew-Leftist go underground and they start using Bombs in white areas and against gov buildings.

The Jews are not against using Terrorist tactics to get what they want ( see 9/11 which was obviously an attack by Israeli Jews)

Once the jews start to use bombs. It will be time for us to ramp up our efforts to push them to the very dredges of society.

It will be ok to attack jews spics asians etc in the open.

No, not everything you say here comes true.

Do you not understand the grammar of paragraphs?

Noted. We'll see. Now scram.

Not even trips

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If dubs this actuqlly happens, Kek willing. If not, shit thread and sage.

My apologies.

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They're coming out of the woodwork.

sorry Kike but this is something I have seen in a premonition. I know it to be true.

Also will you even try to doubt the increasing probability of this event given the increasing number of protesters? I doubt it. your numbers won't pan out. Sooner or later there will be a White Man in a car not wiling to let his vehicle get destroyed by anti-american scum. So he will defend his property, life, and lively hood only to be immediately crucified by the jews on tv.

When whites see the mainstream media merchants crucifiying one of their own for defending his life it will immediately stop Whites from having a sense of trust with the media because they will realize that during the next protests that could be them in that car, and no one wants to get crucified by the Jewish Media.

You claim prophecy here without digits, how new are you? And if you are right your prophecy came not from kek of repeating digits, so from where user? No this is a gradual then sudden process. What any victory minded seppos should be doing is working to build institutions and communities to support yourselves and to oppose shitlibs.

trips of 5 in message
i believe.
deus vult

I'm from the Deep South where we have liberal gun laws and have been to protests that had leftist counter protestors. The counter protestors are transplant college students and niggers. More than half of the right wingers will be conceal carrying. They know we're conceal carrying too. So they're really tame and keep their distance.

I wish they would attack me but it never happens. Clashes between protestors and counter protestors just don't happen here.

Nice CIA predictive programming …

I agree with you that Kek has not smiled upon be with digits. But is that all it takes for you to doubt Kek's will? Let me tell you as I have told others. There is one God, Kek, and Pepe is his Prophet!

I have never doubted Kek or his Prophet Pepe. I have only strived to follow his will and teachings.

This will happen most likely on the West Coast where it will be easiest for Jews to Crucify a White man on their Media Merchant television. As soon as this story goes public the media will try to influence Americans into thinking the man is a white terrorist etc. The jews will push this narrative too much in their vain attempt to crucify this White Man who defends his car , property, and life from anti-american scum.

This was more of a premonition. When I clear my mind of all thoughts and focus on nothing. Sometimes thoughts or ideas will come from the aether of my mind. Obviously some of these thoughts are from my own mind and I push them out of my consciousness willfully leaving my mind blank without thoughts or emotions. After all a blank mind free of thought and emotions is filled according to the rules of quantum mechanics by outside forces acting on the brain. Heck it only takes a couple of Tesla i.e a large magnetic field to disrupt consciousness. These future events exist in our present time but they are only viewable in the open mind that has no thoughts.

this is fucking retarded. the man is in a car. why would he get out and use a gun? why wouldnt he just USE HIS CAR?

I can only speak of what I have seen in my premonition. A white man in a dark colored car on his way home or to work I am not sure of the destination. But he is not able to pass because of Protesters. I believe from the vision that this took place on a freeway or on ramp of some sort. Not on a normal Road! The Protesters are putting the man's life in danger and they damage his car which throws him into a rage of self preservation. I see people walking on his car too over the roof of it. The man kills protesters but is also attacked.

the man is in traffic. If he moves his car he hits the car in front of him. So in essence he cannot use his car because he is boxed in by other cars.

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Hi, Moishe! These goyim suspect nothing! Keep it up!

Just in case

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Will there be a hidden video to expose the false media narrative?

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