Documentary thread

Can we get a documentary thread going? Im hungry for information I haven't yet heard. Any red pill documentary is fine but I prefer documentaries that focus on Israel and its history, also documentaries on the history of Judaism.
I couldn't possibly compress these down enough to post.

1st documentary Israels bomb: A radioactive taboo

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Here you go fam

If you haven't watched Carl Munck's three part amateur documentary entitled "The Code" you're in for a real treat. Prepare for autism off the charts and the ultimate redpill that will change your world view.

Isn't there some board with tons of redpill info links and documentaries? just guessing here:


Thanks, most of what I've been finding is obvious zionist propaganda.

I had no clue, thanks

Goy Guide to World History

Here's the full playlist

About 3-4 hours or so

Interesting note on the top documentary– Kennedy had been taken into Dimona and the Jews lied right to his face and walked him on top of the real facility, which was buried. Most likely the reason the kikes killed him.


This is the most important one.

This covers the same points as The Money Masters in less detail.

Good Red Ice interview on Einstein

Anyone has some link of some video made by North-Korea about the western consumerism and propaganda?


Thank you.

Someone ~50 yo

um what's the one about the CIA and child molestors? does that ring a bell?

Conspiracy of Silence

Adam Curtis is good stuff. I also recommend Century of the Self

Take the Der Glocke pill.

nobody's posted brexit the movie yet. entry-level shit but that doesnt mean it's bad.

Bump because there has to be more Holla Forums tier documentries

The revelation of the Pyramids is also required viewing for anyone interested in the ancient Aryans.

Whilst you're at it, watch this documentary on the forgotten white history of New Zealand:

Also be sure to check out the Atlantean Gardens youtube channel (, he has a few kooky theories, but overall his content is quite redpilled.

Fucking Chinks probably know it.