A "Color Revolution" Is Under Way In America


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While I did predict that “The USA are about to face the worst crisis of their history” as far back as October of last year, a month before the elections, I have to admit that I am surprised and amazed at the magnitude of struggle which we see taking place before our eyes. It is now clear that the Neocons did declare war on Trump and some, like Paul Craig Roberts, believe that Trump has now returned them the favor. I sure hope that he is right.

Let’s look at one telling example:

US intelligence agencies are now investigating their own boss! Yes, according to recent reports, the FBI, CIA, National Security Agency and Treasury Department are now investigating the telephone conversations between General Flynn and the Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyk. According to Wikipedia, General Flynn is the former

Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency
Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Chair of the Military Intelligence Board
Assistant Director of National Intelligence
Senior intelligence officer for the Joint Special Operations Command.

He is also Trump’s National Security Advisor. In other words, his security clearance is stratospherically high and he will soon become the boss of all the US intelligence services. And yet, these very same intelligence services are investigating him for his contacts with the Russian Ambassador. That is absolutely amazing. Even in the bad old Soviet Union, the putatively almighty KGB did not have the right to investigate a member of the Communist Party Central Committee without a special authorization of the Politburo (a big mistake, in my opinion, but never mind that). That roughly means that the top 500 members of the Soviet state could not be investigated by the KGB at all. Furthermore, such was the subordination of the KGB to the Party that for common criminal matters the KGB was barred from investigating any member of the entire Soviet Nomenklatura, roughly 3 million people (and even bigger mistake!).

But in the case of Flynn, several US security agencies can decide to investigate a man who by all standards ought to be considered at least in the top 5 US officials and who clearly has the trust of the new President. And that does not elicit any outrage, apparently.

By the same logic, the three letter agencies might as well investigate Trump for his telephone conversations with Vladimir Putin.

Which, come to think of it, they might well do it soon…

This is all absolutely crazy because this is evidence that the US intelligence community as gone rogue and is now taking its orders from the Neocons and their deep state and not from the President and that these agencies are now acting against the interests of the new President.

In the meantime, the Soros crowd has already chosen a color: pink. We now are witnessing the “pussyhat revolution” as explained on this website. And if you think that this is just a small fringe of lunatic feminists, you would be quite wrong. For the truly lunatic feminists the “subtle” hint about their “pussyhat revolution” is too subtle, so they prefer making their statement less ambiguous as the image on the right shows.

This would all be rather funny, in a nauseating way I suppose, if it wasn’t for the fact that the media, Congress and Hollywood are fully behind this “100 days of Resistance to Trump” which began by a, quote, “queer dance party” at Mike Pence’s house.

This would be rather hilarious, if it was not for all gravitas with which the corporate media is treating these otherwise rather pathetic “protests”.

Watch how MCNBS’s talking head blissfully reporting this event:


Listen carefully to what Moore says at 2:00. He says that they will “celebrate the fact that Obama is still the President of the United States” and the presstitute replies to him, “yes he is” not once, but twice.

What are they talking about?! The *fact* that Obama is still the President?!

How is it that Homeland Security and the FBI are not investigating MCNBC and Moore for rebellion and sedition?

So far, the protests have not been too large, but they did occur in various US cities and they were well covered by the media:


Make no mistake, such protest are no more spontaneous than the ones in the Ukraine. Somebody is paying for all this, somebody is organizing it all. And they are using their full bag of tricks.

One more example:

Remember the pretty face of Nayirah, the Kuwaiti nurse who told Congress that she had witnessed Iraqi soldiers tossing our babies from Kuwaiti incubators (and who later turned out to be the daughter of Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States)? Do you remember the pretty face of Neda, who “died on TV” in Iran? Well, let me introduce you to Bana Alabe, who wrote a letter to President Trump and, of course, the media got hold of the latter and now she is the “face of the Syrian children”.

Want even more proof?

Okay, click here (colonelcassad.livejournal.com/3203072.html) and take a look at a sampling of anti-Trump caricatures and cartoons complied by the excellent Colonel Cassad. Some of them are quite remarkable. From this nauseating collection, I will select just two.

The first one clearly accuses Trump of being in the hands of Putin. The second one make Trump the heir to Adolf Hitler and strongly suggests that Trump might want to restart Auschwitz. Translated into plain English this sends a double message: Trump is not the legitimate President of the USA and Trump is the ultimate Evil.

My purpose in listing all the examples above is to suggest the following: far from having accepted defeat, the Neocons and the US deep state have decided, as they always do, to double-down and they are now embarking on a full-scale “color revolution” which will only end with the impeachment, overthrowal or death of Donald Trump.

One of the most amazing features of this color revolution against Trump is the fact that those behind it don’t give a damn about the damage that their war against Trump does to the institution of the President of the United States and, really, to the United States as a whole. That damage is, indeed, immense and the bottom line is this: President Trump is in immense danger of being overthrown and his only hope for survival is to strike back hard and fast.

The other amazing thing is the ugly role Britain plays in this process: all the worst filth against Trump is always eventually traced back right to the UK. How come? Simple. Do you recall how, formally at least, the CIA and NSA did not have the right to spy on US nationals and the British MI6 and GCHQ had no right to spy on British nationals. Both sides found an easy way out: they simply traded services: the CIA and NSA spied on Brits, the MI6 and GCHQ spied on Americans, and then they simply traded the data between “partners” (it appears that since Obama came to power all these measures have now become outdated and everybody is free to spy on whomever the hell they want, including their own nationals). The US Neocons and the US deep state are now using the British special services to produce a stream of filth against Trump which they then report as “intelligence” and which then can be used by Congress as a basis for an investigation. Nice, simple and effective.

The bottom line is this: President Trump is in immense danger of being overthrown and his only hope for survival is to strike back hard and fast.

Can he do that?

Until now I have suggested several times that Trump deal with the US Neocons the way Putin dealt with the oligarchs in Russia: get them on charges of tax evasion, corruption, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, etc. All that good stuff which the US deep state has been doing for years. The Pentagon and the Three Letter Agencies are probably the most corrupt entities on the planet and since they have never been challenged, never mind punished, for their corruption they must have become fantastically complacent about how they were doing things, essentially counting on the White House to bail them out in case of problems. The main weapon used by these circles are the numerous secrecy laws which protect them from public and Congressional scrutiny. But here Trump can use his most powerful card: General Flynn who, as former director of the DIA and current National Security Advisor to the President will have total access. And if he doesn’t – he can create it, if needed by sending special forces to ensure “collaboration”.

However, I am now beginning to think that this might not be enough. Trump has a much more powerful weapon he can unleash against the Neocon: 9/11.

Whether Trump knew about it before or not, he is now advised by people like Flynn who must have known for years that 9/11 was in inside job. And if the actual number of people directly implicated in the 9/11 operation itself was relatively small, the number of people which put their full moral and political credibility behind the 9/11 official narrative is immense. Let me put it this way: while 9/11 was a US “deep state” operation (probably subcontracted for execution to the Israelis), the entire Washington “swamp” has been since “9/11 accomplice after the fact” by helping to maintain the cover-up. If this is brought into light, then thousands of political careers are going to crash and burn into the scandal.

9/11 was a collective crime par excellence. A few men actually executed it, but then thousands, possibly tens of thousands, have used their position to execute the cover-up and to prevent any real investigation. They are ALL guilty of obstruction of justice. By opening a new investigation into 911, but one run by the Justice Department and NOT by Congress, Trump could literally place a “political handgun” next to the head of each politician and threaten to pull the trigger if he does not immediately give up on trying to overthrow Trump. What Trump needs for that is a 100% trusted and 100% faithful men as the director of the FBI, a man with “clean hands, a cool head and a burning heart” (to use the expression of the founder of the Soviet Secret Police, Felix Dzerzhinsky). This man will immediately find himself in physical danger so he will have to be a man of great personal courage and determination. And, of course, this “man” could be a woman (a US equivalent of the Russian prosecutor, Natalia Poklonskaia).

I fully understand that danger of what I am suggesting as any use of the “9/11 weapon” will, of course, result in an immense counter-attack by the Neocons and the deep state. But here is the deal: the latter are already dead set in impeaching, overthrowing or murdering Donald Trump. And, as Putin once said in an interview, “if you know that a fight is inevitable, then strike first!”.

You think that all is this over the top? Consider what is at stake.

First, at the very least, the Trump Presidency itself: the Neocons and the US deep state will not let Trump implement his campaign promises and program. Instead they will sabotage, ridicule and misrepresent everything he does, even if this is a big success.

Second, it appears that Congress now has the pretext to open several different congressional investigations into Donald Trump. If that is the case, it will be easy for Congress to blackmail Trump and constantly threaten him with political retaliation if he does not “get with the program”.

Third, the rabid persecution of Trump by the Neocons and the deep state is weakening the institution of the Presidency. For example, the latest crazy notion floated by some politicians is to “prohibit the President of the United States from using nuclear weapons without congressional authorization except when the United States is under nuclear attack.” From a technical point of view, this is nonsense, but what it does is send the following signal to the rest of the planet: “we, in Congress, believe that our Commander in Chief cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons.” Never mind that they would trust Hillary with the same nukes and never mind that Trump could use only conventional weapons to trigger a global nuclear war anyway (by, for example, a conventional attack on the Kremlin), what they are saying is that the US President is a lunatic that cannot be trusted. How can they then expect him to be take seriously on any topic?

Fourth, can you just imagine what will happen if the anti-Trump forces are successful?! Not only will democracy be totally and terminally crushed inside the USA, but the risks of war, including nuclear, will simply go through the roof.

is /killcen/ off his meds again?

There is much more at stake here than just petty US politics.

Every time I think of Trump and every time I look at the news I always come back to the same anguished thought: will Trump have the intelligence to realize the fact that he is under attack and will he have the courage to strike back hard enough?

I don’t know.

I have a great deal of hopes for General Flynn. I am confident that he understands the picture perfectly and knows exactly what is going on. But I am not sure that he has enough pull with the rest of the armed forces to keep them on the right side should a crisis happen. Generally, “regular” military types don’t like intelligence people. My hope is that Flynn has loyal allies at SOCOM and JSOC as, at the end of the day, they will have the last say as to who occupies the White House. The good news here is that unlike regular military types, special forces and intelligence people are usually very close and used to work together (regular military types also dislike special forces). SOCOM and JSOC will also know how to make sure that the CIA doesn’t go rogue.

Last but not least, my biggest hope is that Trump will use the same weapon Putin used against the Russian elites: the support of the people. But for that task, Twitter is simply not good enough. Trump needs to go the “RT route” and open his own TV channel. Of course, this will be very hard and time consuming, and he might have to begin with an Internet-based only channel, but as long as there is enough money there, he can make it happen. And, just like RT, it needs to be multi-national, politically diverse (including anti-Empire figures who do not support Trump) and include celebrities.

One of the many mistakes made by Yanukovich in the Ukraine was that he did not dare to use the legal instruments of power to stop the neo-Nazis. And to the degree that he used them, it was a disaster (like when the riot cops beat up student demonstrators). After listening to a few interviews of Yanukovich and of people near him during those crucial hours, it appears that Yanukovich simply did not feel that he had a moral right to use violence to suppress the street. We will never now if what truly held him back are moral principles of basic cowardice, but what is certain is that he betrayed his people and his country when he refused to defend real democracy and let the “street” take over replacing democracy with ochlocracy (mob rule). Of course, real ochlocracy does not exists, all mobs are always controlled by behind-the-scenes forces who unleash them just long enough to achieve their goals.

The forces which are currently trying to impeach, overthrow or murder President Trump are a clear and present danger to the United States as a country and to the US Federal Republic. They are, to use a Russian word, a type of “non-system” opposition which does not want to accept the outcome of the elections and which by rejecting this outcome essentially oppose the entire political system.

I am not a US citizen (I could, but I refuse that citizenship on principle because I refuse to take the required oath of allegiance) and the only loyalty I owe the USA is the one of a guest: never to deliberately harm it in any way and to obey its laws. And yet it turns my stomach to see how easy it has been to turn millions of Americans against their own country. I write a lot about russophobia on this blog, but I also see a deep-seated “Americanophobia” or “USophobia” in the words and actions who today say that Trump is not their President. To them, they micro-identity as a “liberal” or as a “gay” or as “African-American” means more than the very basic fundamental principles upon which this country has been built. When I see these crowds of Trump-bashers I see pure, seething hatred not of the AngloZionist Empire, or of a plutocracy masquerading as a democracy, but a hatred of what I would call the “simple America” or the “daily America” – the simple people amongst whom I have now lived for many years and learned to respect and appreciate and whom the Clinton-bots only think of as “deplorables”.

It amazes me to see that the US pseudo-elites have as much hatred, contempt and fear of the American masses as the Russian pseudo-elites have hatred, contempt and fear of the Russian masses (the Russian equivalent or Hillary’s “deplorables” would be a hard to pronounce for English speakers word “?????“, roughly “cattle”, “lumpen” or “rabble”). It amazes me to see that the very same people which have demonized Putin for years are now demonizing Trump using exactly the same methods. And if their own country has to go down in their struggle against the common people – so be it! These self-declared elites will have no compunction whatsoever to destroy the nation their have been parasitizing and exploiting for their own class interest. They did just that to Russia exactly 100 years ago, in 1917. I sure hope that they will not get away with that again in 2017.



It was purple before, but that got shelved after they got found out. A lot of prominent anti-Trump figures wrote purple just after Trump won for instance, and Soros had a few groups already set up to excite a "revolution" of sorts. So this would be a re-packaged version of the same thing.

All you had to do was post the video of Hillary and all of her cronies wearing purple the day after the election. Hell some of the msnbc and CNN faggots are still doing it whenever they can.

What you think?

Forgot to add, you crazy motherfucker. Go for a walk op you need to clear that head a little.

There's one thing they didn't count on, though op.

The GREEN revolution is already well under way.

The first and last generation raised on a free internet is coming for the elite and it is nothing like they have ever faced before.



"America, You look Like an Arab Country Right Now."

No, I don't see gays being thrown off roofs or Women being stoned to death, try again Mudslime.


Kys kike


It's clumsy of OP to post a large mass of text in many posts, instead of just posting the text as one or two image attachments – but OP's relatively intelligent text is far from insane, even if you disagree with some of his statements and arguments. OP's text shows the relatively structured and internally logical writing style of a sane and above-average intelligence individual, not someone suffering from paranoia or schitzophrenia.

It's far clumsier for you to use one of the oldest, best-known, and most-hated shill tactics by posting 'u crazy goyim, take ur meds lol'. You might a well add to the foot of your posts:
This shill post brought to you by Israel

Color revolutions rely on the government and police being cucks and doing nothing as the protesters push their way into government and media centers.


1. There is a limit to characters in each messages.

2. The arguments are broken down in each message to be able to reply directly to them.

the take ur meds shit is as you said, a shill tactic

In first reply

Honestly this article is fucking spot-on, and the nervous kikes shilling to shut it down only confirm it. None of this is even new really, it's mostly just a good summary of what most of Holla Forums already had figured out for a while. Still worth sharing as it's decently written, should be fairly palatable for normie, and zero hedge could help fill the vacuum when the MSM is dead as far as I'm concerned.

Creeping cultural Jihad is real

What about the fact that our nation is run by a pedophocracy that rapes, tortures, and murders infants and toddlers by the boatload to fulfill a sick triad of fetishism, addiction, and psychopathy? That's an equally good angle to get at the elite that all citizens could get behind. Well, in theory. I have a feeling Trump is blackmailed, but I can't quite figure out why they haven't used it against him yet. I think it may be because the blackmail they have against him involves the pedophocracy, and by calling him out on it, they get exposed as well.

So, I suppose 9/11 is his best angle. Anyone with half a brain left in this stupid world knows those planes didn't bring down the towers. It's a bit ridiculous people are still lying about it 16 years later.

The kakistocracy is real user

I've said many times a colour revolution is coming to America and no one believes me. If you understand what a colour revolution is you would understand why one is coming to America. If you think a colour revolution is just a modern revolution you are a idiot. Colour revolutions are about as organic as polyester. It's better to call them astroturfed revolutions.

No, the way to stop a colour revolution is to bring NGO network and media behind it up on sedition charges.

I think you have to kill them at this point.

I was there when Otpor! (quite literally "Resistance!" which is the same shit you'll see floating around the liberals nowadays) took down Milosevic. The thing you need to look after is that the deep state will be playing the long game: maybe not this year, but next year or the year after that they'll start shit.

It begins as "non-violent" protests (which are happening as we speak across the states) which will soon evolve into actual violence. Otpor! began on the universities and the media, after Milosevic and crew decided to cut their funding for being "critical of the state" (read: we were under NATO threat and these guys were pro-NATO intervention). You'll see parallels between what was going on there and what's going on in the US now: it begins with students protesting. The next step was to turn "non-violent protests" into a "political movement" - all members of Otpor! would perform civic disobedience in their own way, such as refusing to pay taxes or spray-painting graffiti or some other shit. Final step, hundreds of thousands storm the capital and wreck it.

That's because our Otpor! was a prototype for a lot of later color revolutions that happened across the globe. And the entire Arab spring.

The thing is, you guys skipped a few steps that our Otpor! had to get through. First off, your media and education machine is already pro-Hillary. Slobodan had the entire media in his hands, and that bulldozer thing you see is actually the moment he lost control of the media (Otpor! stormed RTS, our national broadcasting agency, not the place where the president was). You already had people protesting or sabotaging Trump before he was even elected. You already have a political party which will gladly accept the "rebels" into their fold, instead of having to be formed from scratch. You get the idea: your faggots are way more organized and better funded than ours were.

Another fun fact: after Milosevic was taken down, Otpor! stayed around to act as a media and political watchdog. So, in the worst case scenario (absolute worst case scenario), expect Political Correctness faggots to have even more power and political pull than before. They'll become in charge of everything media and propaganda related. And they'll go on actual witch hunts for dissenting opinions.

I hope you guys nip this shit in the bud. Whatever the case, a civil war is coming to the US near you. The alternative is watching the States destroyed, because that's the end goal of every color revolution - absolute destruction of everything that keeps the state running and caring for the people and replacing it with an apparatus that only cares about its elite. So kinda like what you have, except even more blatant and worse.

Doesn't the average normalfag in the US still consider it a "conspiracy theory"?


Sedition is a capital offence.

Right, but it's still going through the normal channels and involves a trial of some sort even if its a military tribunal. I'm saying skip all that and treat these people the same JSOC treats durka durkas in Bumblefuckistan. Put their name on a list and kill them.

The point of a tribunal is so the public understands why these people are being tried, sentenced and executed. If you kill them extrajudicially the only narrative that will get out there is the one the media runs with. Their execution can be expedited.

ever heard of lev leviev and the orthodox jews hes shilling to on a daily basis shill?

The second comic in that panel is gold so I cropped it.

Reminds me of what they tried to do in Turkey too.

It's like pottery it rhymes.

9/11 is certainly considered a "conspiracy theory," but I think it's safe to say that almost all Americans know someone who thinks the government carried out the attacks, and the rest of the people are those who can't bear to rewatch the footage, or even think about that day, let alone the prospect that George Bush allowed it to happen on his own accord. I think a good hundred million Americans, if not 150 million, think that Bush let the attacks happen. Maybe 20 million or so think Israel carried it out. I bet that number is much higher to be honest, but it's hard to gauge that since people usually keep quiet if they thing that.

Among the left and the right, people can all agree that the wars in the middle east that followed 9/11 were a scam and there was a conspiracy going on to drive those wars, but this certainly was only thought by far-left and far-right circles only 5 years ago. Trump is really the only person I can think of who actively brings up 9/11, because over the past 4 or 5 years, the media has definitely tried to "memory hole" the event, and only on the day of 9/11 do people ever really bring it up. When people think of Islamic terrorism, I'd say that you'd have to remind someone of 9/11 before they would bring it up. Among the right, criticizing the wars in the middle east was seen as unpatriotic until maybe 5 years ago, and now, well Trump won because he criticized those wars, among other things.

A civil war is certainly coming, I think everyone knows that at this point. But it's much easier to have your head in the sand, and I think the only thing that would incite anything would be either a false flag event, or a legitimate terrorist attack that ended up killing more than a few people. Trump is acting quickly because he knows he has to, but he also isn't doing much to stop the left in fear that their retaliation and his response would act as propaganda fuel that the media would use to enlist normies to his opposition force. By letting the left carry out political violence and have their media show the rest of the country this shit, I think he's gained a great deal of support. Many people who voted for Hillary are on his side now, but a good amount more have doubled down on their revolutionary rhetoric. The real kicker is that, despite the deep state's support, the left has maybe a 7% chance of subduing the right, and that percentage, which I pulled out of my ass, only increases slightly when exotic technology is accounted for. I don't think that threat is too big an issue, because much like mutually assured destruction regarding nukes, most of the Tesla-type EM weaponry is duplicated, and thus, somewhat nullified.

This always pissed me off. A bunch of organized cunts protesting, making it look like they represent the whole country, throwing off an elected government.

I wonder how many could Trump get in streets to make a counter demonstration.

Kek that'd turn hot so quick the National Guard would have to get called in.

Bump. This is a good thread. Trump definitely planned for this, but as we all know the first casualty is always a good plan. The question I think is: will he adapt to face new threats?

Trump's timing is impeccable.
When the Jews crash the stock market… they will get the jewish media to blame Trump.

Trump will come on TV and announce he is going to jail bankers etc who are committing treason and created this crash.

Jews will cry but no one gives a fuck cause they got bailed out and Obama king nigger put no one in jail.

Trump will put them in jail and successfully show that they created and caused the crash.

US Citizens want to see Bankers in Jail… not only after the 2008 bailout but also after the wells fargo opening accounts in peoples names scam where no one went to jail for that either.

Jews have it coming one way or another.


I'm actually a bit more hesitant to believe that it'll be a simple matter for the right wing, regardless of how far to the right they are, to win out against the left.

Remember that the left has been practicing and coordinating for decades. Remember that they have all of the media on their side, all of the university students on their side, and all of the material support they could ever need. Remember that they were among the inheritors of the old Commie Russian radicalization techniques, and have been employing it without hindrance since the early fifties.

You might argue that the right has all the guns, but that hasn't stopped every mass shooter blue-blooded Democrats, nearly all of them from picking one up and picking people off. You might also argue that the right is far more comfortable with the weaponry they own, but there's a difference between shooting at the range and having to fight for your life in the streets.

It's going to be a bad, bad war if it breaks out.

I'd advise looking into means of shutting down communication in your area, if they show up to diversify you. They will be more connected to the grid and communicate better with it than you will. Find a place that you can defend and prepare. Spark gap generators can fuck a few miles of wireless radios, cell phones, the most likely things to be carried by the would-be liberators, etc until it gets found.

To anyone who might try to fuck them up while they rampage, you'd better hope that your anger steadies your aim.

Their self-righteousness and misplaced outrage has proven, time and again, to steady theirs.

Kinda, the difference is that Erdogan's enemies were actual military (true, backed by NATO, but still military). Color revolutions all start with "the people" as the agitators against the regime. So when you do end up fighting them, the media can spin it as "look at this tyrant, beating the fuck out of his own people for demanding democracy, get in there and kick his ass".

Libya, Egypt, Iraq, all them follow the same pattern. Non-violent protesters become violent with foreign help, the existing establishment gets absolutely wrecked, the state ends up ripped to shreds and sold off to foreign interests, and the country ends up existing on paper only. Everything else is designed so the country enters a free fall, never to recover.

Don't be surprised if they have the same mechanisms in place for the US. After all, all those countries were test subjects. Now with Trump, they'll bust out the real deal.

Absolutely. On one hand, letting leftists doing whatever they want on the streets will be spun as "America united against Trump, look at how the people are angry, he's inefficient and weak if he lets this continue". If he strikes back, then it will be spun as "Trump hates freedom, tyrant in charge of America, please help us". You get the idea.

My money's on multiple attacks by hired actors to look like the KKK. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if these faggots start of the Race War instead of us.

It's not going to happen, as the protests we see will be co-opted so the "leftists" lose all credibility among the common people.

Trump is already doing tons for the children of Syria, he's bombing ISIS, greatest gift he could give

More proof that civil war ain't happening, as Trump just neutralized a lot of NGOs.

Are you so fucking stupid that you actually think this will make them back down and not find other ways? Are you actually that stupid?

I sincerely hope so, and I think it's happening. The video of the antifa kiddies being removed from the street in Portland, with all the regular people cheering, shows that this "revolution" already has very little credibility and that the silent majority in favor of peace is large even in the most unlikely places. Also, GG shook a lot of the angry-young-men who would otherwise fuel a color-revolution out of their slumber, and if they're not Holla Forumsacks already, they at least view the kind of Marxist scum who are pushing violence as their enemies.

If this is who I think it is, I have been reading your shit forever.
Keep on postan', famalam.

It's not that hard to put in undercover police as agent provocateurs, so the protesters as a whole mainly destroys for ordinary people trying to make ends meet, and so Trump's use of force becomes legitimate in the eyes of the public.

If there is one thing I'm sure the USA have enough of, it's legislation that makes it possible for the government to cheat in every way possible, so I don't give a rebellion much chance.


I'll take Leftists rats seriously when they leave their government daycare center cities, where 80% or more of the people around them hold Left-leaning political views, and try something on Red soil. Otherwise they're cowards with no serious intent to overthrow anything. They're entirely ineffectual. Until these rats step outside of their rat dens, they will only serve to anger everyone watching them rattle the walls of their cages. All they're doing is making the lives of people with similar political leanings to them harder. I don't care. I wish they'd expand onto Red soil. Then they'll see how little rural white men are going to tolerate their shit. Media propaganda isn't shifting social consensus. Their agenda is obvious to everyone and has been since 2015. At this point their attempts only serve to increase our numbers, not theirs. I'm just waiting. I hope they expand, and I hope the laws break down. Then they'll get what's coming to them.

Id say a lot of people who were grown at the time of the attack are just burnt out on 9/11. They rand the footage of it so many times in such a short span of time that people cant help but gag at the sight of it, like someone who walks by a bar after being forced to smoke a carton of cigarettes.


Thanks for the tip.

Come on, stop being retarded. You could have fit all this in maybe 3 posts at most with the text line limit.

Kill yourself.

Why is everyone forgetting that the moment a civil war erupts all you have to do is starve out the city. Most will surrender or be devoured by the shitskins surrounding them. And that's another thing, shitskins. All these color revolutions were held in relatively homogenous countries and no one here is taking into account that any color revolution will have to deal with sandniggers pushing their shit, spics pushing theirs, and niggers chimping out. Not saying it will never happen, however there's a lot that's left out by the analysis in the OP.

OP, what do you think will be our 'crossing the rubicon' moment?
the elite dominate congress.
they will pass some action that says 'Trump can't do x'.
Trump will do x.
the elites will initiate their final attempt to assassinate or impeach him forrealz.
either Trump survives and their is open civil war.
or Trump dies and one of his followers takes up his mantle (a la Octavian and Marc Antony) and there is open civil war.

Just kill them and be done with it. No reason to torture them and waste time when there's nothing to gain from it

Just send them to me and my ilk. I'll perform justice on them and put the fear of god in their hearts so that you don't have to.

Hang them. There's a reason it's the Day of the Rope, not the Day of the Knife. Hung bodies make a better public display than a mutilated corpse. No reason to be a sadist about it.

This is your brain on LARPs.

You insist on wasting time on complete trash? Nothing wrong with bullets in their skull.

Jewish psychopathy, everyone.

You have Day of the Rope and then the Night of the (Long) Knives.

The US demographic, culture, and mindset is far different from the Arab nations. They are easily divided, over small issues of how some small passage of a religious text is interpreted, even tho they all are pretty much identical towel heads. The US still has a unifying culture and some sense of Nationalism, despite the kikes and commies (is there any difference?) trying to eradicate both. The rural conservatives own more guns than there are people in the entire country. They are right wing, the police and military are right wing, and at this moment in time, we have a right wing executive branch and a legislative branch that is majority right wing. The left has no chance of any kind of revolution; any disruption to the nation hurts the city-dwelling non-self-sufficient hipster faggot left far harder than it does the rural people. Basically we can just look at those commies and say "DO IT FAGGOT".


another thing to be noted is this is a color revolution not a colored revolution
the majority the left can mobilize are the dyed hair brigade, fags and various nu males, all the white indoctrinated betas
and the rioting respons you got out of it is just as sad, their pet niggers and spics don't give a fuck to show up and they need those chimp to get the riots going
so before it is even started their little identity politcs coalition is faltering

So, notmypresident was Soros' doing.

hur hur guyz lets talk about nazi germany and post hitlar pictures some more hur hur


That's the one thing the other color revolutions never had to deal with. Batshit insane SJWs.

Just like OWS, the hair dye brigade and BLM dindus will invite themselves in to any anti-trump movement the moment it picks up steam and promptly drive it into the ground.

When the SJWs show up the PR war is lost. When someone screaming about "mansplaining" or "soggy knees." gets a face full of pepper spray, most people just laugh.

Ironic, the greatest weapon again the left is the left themselves.

The left will sooner turn on their pets and start the race war than incite any civil war. Why? because when they set the niggers loose to go nigging, the niggers will not be able to contain their nigger nature and chimp out on the leftists and effectively turn into opportunistic animals, with the leftists out there being primary targets as they'll put up less of a fight.

Most people don't care and just assume whatever they were told is close enough to the truth. I frankly don't care, I've had one argument about it ever because there were obvious problems with official happening, but I also don't think it's relevant since any proofs will be in the future, if ever.

I await the day

Well, some of us care to be informed and crave the truth. An event like 9/11 is probably as significant a false flag as they come, and it defined and continues to define the politics of the 21st century. Not knowing or caring about the impetus for our current world paradigm is just lazy.

Easy there FBI

Most people are lazy. That was my point. You are grossly overestimating the people who care. And after 15 years, even finding the answers would be poisoned by all the disinfo since then. It's a timesink. Why do you think it still gets posted here in waves, just like other things being shilled? Instead, look at it logically, notice what doesn't make sense, and move on. Don't try to redpill with elaborate theories, just use simple logic (just like describing crematoria and doing simple math undermines the 6 gorillion). If they won't follow logic, they aren't worth the effort anyhow.

I agree. It also has almost nothing to do with color revolutions or civil war.

The thing is:

Leftists are cucks. They don't even own guns.
Most gun enthusiasts (apart from niggers) and servicemen are on Drumpf's side. There would be no contest in the case of armed conflict.

Color revolutions dont work with weapons. A color revolution uses the tactics of blm and what is going on now. "massive civil disobedience" shutting down infrastructure and causing a massive annoyance and then kikes cry 'oy vey they arent doing anything wrong if you attack them you are gnatzis'

Thing they didnt count on is we no longer give a shit about being called nazis and neither do most Trump supporters.

takes too long and theres too many that need to die.


I get your point, I'm an NYCfag who saw the towers fall and knew people who died, so everyone I know pretty much still cares. I guess outside of the city, it's fallen into obscurity/disinterest. I'm just speaking anecdotally, and I have lived outside of NYC for a while, so I also realize from those experiences that it's not as big a concern as it is for folks who still know people with health issues, still hear about ongoing construction, etc. They only finished the subway station where the towers were last year. Hell, the new tower itself was only finished a few years back.

I will concede that even among those living in NYC, the "conspiracy" extends to the Saudi government, and usually ends with them. As a result, in the coming civil war, I doubt you'll see all that many NYCfags up and join the constitutionalist-right wing types. I'd imagine some segments of the NYPD, etc. that know the full story will go after the paid rioters who are defending the old order, but most of the NYPD is brown or otherwise cucked, so they exist as a huge military force that really could go either way, but likely, will split up and end up causing a shitshow. I think the cities will end up becoming mass graves in the civil war. If you live in a suburb just outside a city, well, you better have a nice wall or something.


I doubt that the US government can be subdued with civil disobedience and chimpouts. Why it works in other countries is because they're centralized/urbanized tiny countries where most of the population is concentrated in the capital. The US is fucking yuge. This shit won't amount to anything other than convincing normies that leftists are scum.

Can't wait to see what happens when BLM chimps out again and whites get their new Horst Wessel.

gotcha. It hasn't fallen into obscurity outside, but the propaganda about it and iraq war lies and general weariness has made it background noise to most people.

hey antifa watcha doin'?

Color revolutions only gain traction when a population is unwilling to stand up for itself. America will most likely get a euromaidan style situation if things continue to escalate.

Burgers, can I become citizen if I help you ==REMOVE== ?

what's with the influx of people who can't redtext?

You sound like a liberal

good post

Offing you that way would be too kind.

Night of the Long Knives is for removing traitors, dumbass.

The other option is that the childfuckers are so deeply rooted in the system that exposing them without peeling back several layers first would lead to half to two thirds of the elite class hanging from lamp posts.

That there are such large, international groups of these monsters that we keep seeing indications of and desperate attempts to pave them over suggests that the whole of Western Civilization may shit itself violently if the whole thing were revealed.

Every single successful color revolution relied on right-wing paramilitary groups and/or football hooligans.
The CIA still uses Reagan-era doctrines, and those do not cover destabilizing governments who rely on the aforementioned groups.

well, the tumor needs to be excised somehow, and soon. I think Trump is a literal narcissist, in that sense, he cares about himself and how people perceive them. I think that's a good thing, maybe he wants to go down in history as the guy who exposed this shit. He'd certainly be remembered 1000 years from now if he did just that. I have hope, but I'm cynical. We'll see. You're certainly right, this pedophilia extends its tentacles into every aspect of western civilization. It's a fucking parallel society, and some of the biggest victims/handlers are currently worshiped as idols by the masses. Fucking hell.

People wonder why I laugh at horrible things.

Misery is less productive than laughing at the void.

Don't like the sound of it, huh, Anitfa?

It's in a state of "Cold Civil War" right now, and it looks like both sides are pushing eachother to be the one to declare it. Everybody likes to play the defender.

Remember the rumblings about a "purple revolution", what happened to that?


Please God, let some uppity left-wing fuckwits think they can force change when the ones in government are far more willing to murder and kill to keep the social order than they are themselves.

I have no qualms in going toe to toe with leftist. What is better than seeing your political opponent dead in the street.

When he vowed to bring peace to the world, he meant it. He is slaying the monster with the sword of legislation and deflecting the anger of his enemies with the calm approach which drives them further into madness.

I forget what that camo is called but it's one of my faves

That's a good thing to remember. Pointing out how crematorium II and III's schematics say corspe cellar not gas chamber and that the bodies would have had to have been moved up 1 floor to get to the ovens are good starting points. Anyone who is smart enough will begin to realize how poorly designed these supposed to gas chambers are.

You can also point out stuff like how you couldn't fit four bodies into crematorium oven and still haven't burn hot enough to operate; which contradicts a lot of the testimony about how the cremation was done. Getting people to notice small inconsistencies gets them to question their own worldview.

Generally this type of red pilling has to be done by getting them to start thinking, and the gears to start turning in their heads. It's impossible just to explain this stuff you have to get people to seek the information themselves. If they're unable just think about it, or not willing to think about it then they're not worth your time.



Palm, its a very nice one. A bitch to make though, all of the SS ones were.

Reminder to /k/ the fuck up!

Yeah, the repros are rubbish

Provided it isn't something a chink cranked out and is done right you're golden.

A "color" revolution was already attempted and failed during the 60's and 70's. America is still as white as it ever was. Want to know why so many (((statistics))) sow white birth declining? These stats come from mostly cities where minorities and immigrants thrive because of muh gibs me dats programs that democrats love to dole out for free votes. Rural America has been ignored for close to 30 years by both the left and the right. The actual birth rates for whites is wayyyyyy more than we can imagine. Trailer park trash and blue blooded gentry a like have been having families that number from 3-5 children a piece while niggers have been keeping planned parent hood in business and busy for quite a while. This is why the silent majority was able to put Trump in office in the first place. Globalist tried to influence behavior with false stats and have whites in cities believe that America is becoming browner and more foreign, the opposite is true. Blacks keep killing their unborn, foreigners are having less children and beaners children usually die off from gang violence, SIDS, or some unknown South American disease. That leaves well fed and healthy whites to mop up the rest.





pls be the case

Yeah, that needs some sauce.
Secret rural enclaves packed with whites sounds about on the same level of wishful thinking as lefties thinking blacks and mexicans will be their shock troops in a wrol situation and not just shake them upside down until iPhones fall out.

Trump getting voted into office is really all the proof you need. Rural areas have been ignored by the federal government when it comes to statistical data because jewing the narrative is easier with well behaved minorities in cities and illegals that do whatever dems say. Not only this but when you learn about stats and take a few college courses on them you learn how stats are bull shit and can be manipulated by controlling the size, area and demographics of the chosen sample. If you sample center city Philadelphia and North east Phila then that's when you get the results that globalist and dems want you to see, that minorities outnumber whites. If you change this to South Dakota or Wyoming you see a drastic change in whites V. minorities. Minorities are by design horded into cities so dems can push the MUH BROWNING OF CUCKMERICA meme. It's a demoralization tactic and a stat that was meant to influence an event, not accurately record one.

777s are the best trips of all

Nearly every mass shooter in the past thirty years has voted Democrat.

Lee Harvey Oswald voted Democrat. John Wilkes Booth, also Democrat. Omar Mateen, Democrat. The Fort Hood Shooter, Democrat but also Muslim. The Columbine Shooters were too young to vote, but their parents were all liberal and registered Democrats. The fucking clown with dyed-orange hair who shot up the Dark Knight movie, Democrat, a staffer in the Obama campaign, and an Occupy Wall Street participant.

They don't have to own a gun. They usually get them anyway.

But…my qt looks so nice in pink. Do I tell her?

They're really going after drooling retards with Bana.

Dare I say:

Would you?

Holy fuck. That guy looks exactly like me, save for the sides of my hair not being shaved down.



Haley and McCain attack Russia over Ukraine!
McCain urges Trump to send defensive weapons to Donbass to help the Ukrainians fight Russia!

awwright, I know we still got some /hebes/ lurking amongst the heebs here from that bizarre paedo defense in the Shirley Temple thread, so
Would you bang a Bana?

well, he blew a personal billion (and so did Peter Singer, don't forget that guy) on the election, followed by the gamed candidate losing and the markets rising, not falling, so they actually lost more like $4 bil apiece.
You can bet your turnip-titties they're fucking buttmad!!

Well, we already got two choices to pick from, OANN and RSBN. Flip a coin, m8, make sure it ain' minted in Arkansas first though.
Also, best antis would probably be (((Dana Frank))) and DemocracyNow and the cowpunch'commies at CP. The "antiwar crowd" has pretty much always been "anti-neocon" and "Anti-NATO/EU" two things we've definitely got parallel trains running on. And the rise of ID politics crap wound up rebuffing them, so despite calling themselves "socialist" they look pretty darn Classic Lib.
The only two who have gone against Trump are Alex Kane (sold out and joined (((Mondoweiss))) but he was compromised before then as he suddenly became super pro-war under Obunger) and Noam Chomsky (who was probably threatened by Clinton pre-election due to fucking up up their Kosovo narrative so hard in the early 2000s)
Even the ones Soros paid backed Trump through the primaries. blackagendareport.com/trump_anti-empire
Some of them have made a slow turn back around, but it appears to be authentic ideology and not payoffs, and they still spend more time beating on the dems. All of Soros' golems are breaking their chains and just going crazy on their own.

The nice thing about the text is it can be slapped on arc.is, no accusations of editing and such.

Actually, it did start in the US. But as a test run. And Castro did more of it than Soros at the inception.
The benefit of the US being so large is that you can have multiple layers of violent and "peaceful" revolutions working in the open and not having people tie their funding together, so it was quite a literal testbed. This David (((Hines))) guy provides a good summary of it based off a longer book.

Kosovo was the testbed for that. There was still some rustling by normie jimmies since A: they were white and B: there were many 'active agents' (reporters/investigators that hadn't gotten the memo on the narrative) such as the aforementioned Chomsky and Guardian's Audrey Gillan doing actual journalism on the ground and making note of the invisible rape camps, that only seemed to appear once (((CNN))) arrived. This is why all subsequent 'colour revolutions' were in places hostile to western press. So they wouldn't be able counter the MSM by busting their balls on false claims.

Score one for us edgelords then, I guess! I joined the muzzies celebrating in the streets since I leapt the gun thinking it was a legit attack. (go fig none of (((them))) happened to be in the buildings that day, hmmmm. I can buy 1 Lucky Larry, but 1400?)
So the entire Clockwork Orange experiment fails if you're enjoying what you're seeing. I thought it was funny and great and awesome for so long that the intended kneejerk effect was nullified. Also some of us edgelords got creative and made trolly trigger-y vidya out of it. (NYC Defender ftw)
Hell, I can still get a ragin' boner to the footage, but can't finish to it any longer. Not since finding out (((Who planned it))). Still, like an old whore you once had your way up and down the coasts 20 years ago during your first tour, you still feel that tingle when you see that mud-caked cooness wailing like a banshee as the first tower goes down.



Day of the Rake most OP fam

To spare themselves the oven, I could actually see them going SDK.

They're called Mormons and
Amish used to be bretty good, but they've been having some disease/defect probs as of late. Since almost all they eat they farm/hunt themselves, I think it's more a problem of polluted water than food chemicals or (((Media-induced incest)))

well, also you have to remember they fucked this up for themselves back during Prohibition. A lot of old-timey rednecks passed the paranoia of Big Gov onto their next-of-kin unsullied, so there's giant batches of moonshiners living wholly off the grid aside from a telephone or something.
Hell, economist-types that live farther out on the edge of 'burbs have written off and on about America's "hidden economies," like how there's hundreds of books published only for and sold only through gun shows.
If you find an amazon listing for a book that has never been in stock and doesn't have a restock notice, but used copies available, that's probably one of them. Herb Fisher and William W Johnstone were two of the bigger names in that when I used to live in the area of one. Genres tend to be uncucked war books, Vietnam shenanigans, fighting (((Drug dealers))) on US streets Punisher style, sometimes fighting drugs in 'indochina' or westerns bluepill or not. (The only outside infiltration seems to be westerns. (((They))) figured out you can put a hell of a lot of poz into a western without anyone raising a stink. Most of them tend to be crappy rewrites of The Searchers but with the roles swapped.) Occasionally a li'l horror or two as well.
As much as Hollywood and even old southnas go on about Russians I've always been amused there aren't that many russian-bashing works. If Russia's the enemy there's just one dude that's legit bad/a traitor to everyone, and everyone else is just trying to get by. Welp, looks like this election proved the hicks just wanted to be drinkin' buddies all along!

Italian, so watching yankees burn up or fall to their doom was a-ok with me. But it got a bit of a sour aftertaste when it wasn't the long-spokeof "Invasion of the mainland" the SJWs on the right were speaking of since the days of "Red Dawn." I still get a small woody watching the towers topple, but the fact the whole thing was a fakeout is like taking a woman at the bar to bed and finding out not only are her tits fake, but her legs too!

Finn here. I was rejoicing on that day as well. I thought that the evil American capitalist empire isn't invulnerable if a bunch of sand niggers can do that. Only later when I learned it was an (((inside job))) and who is behind the (((capitalist empire))) I changed my tune.

While the rest of the post is fine, this part is just fucking retarded. Can you provide me with a single believable EM superweapon? And it will have to be a superweapon that can rival nukes, because EM doesn't make any sense as individual weaponry thanks to thermodynamics. We pretty much hit the nail on the head with guns in the realm of weapons that can reasonably be carried around.

All that matters is the feels the image evokes. Nothing else.

I like you

What you're seeing every day in the US now is what always happens when the Left has to relinquish its power.

This is also why we cannot have a democracy; Leftists simply view it as an opportunity to take control and will go for it with the intention of staying in charge forever.

UN agenda 2030, are you all new or something?

You will either capitulate or be hunted down and killed.

Am I the only one seeing a lot of parallels between the US and the situation leading to the Spanish Civil War?
Is Mad Dog Mattis the reencarnation of Franco?

I hate it, but…

muh dik

I think he's either a neo-con, a secret fag or both. I haven't heard any praise of him that wasn't media-contrived or from a low level infantry. A homosexual can be black-mailed, esp a closet one. I don't like or trust him.


Don't you think that's because we have a President Trump now, and the media wants to keep their jobs? They are going to be harassing Trump and his cabinet a lot less in the near future.

Franco was popular amongst the soldiers as well. Just saying.



Further proof we're dealing with AAA+ mongoloids.