PS3 Thread

I've been thinking about buying a PS3 from someone selling it for $50, but I also need games.

What are the best games?

Also PS3 general.

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I'll hijack this thread.

I have 100$ and want to buy a PS3. I want to know what models can be soft modded and if I can play online if I do so.

Grab yakuza 3, 4, 5

Katamari forever

Demons Souls

Demon's Souls and Vanquish

I've been working on putting something together as far as an image goes (existing PS3 charts either need some culling, nameplates for moon only games, or be generally kept up to date), but I still think it needs further stuff. You're welcome to see if any of these are of interest to you though; what I have on the list for the time being.

As far as I know, the system needs 3.55 or lower OFW to be able to have CFW. Also pretty sure there's a site with a data table about which models have potential and which don't; might have been wololo, but I forget exactly which it is.

This one? I don't understand jack shit about it.
I just hope I don't fuck and buy the wrong one.

Okay, I might be wrong here (I don't have any experience with PS3 modding myself), but from what I'm getting from that, the second to the right column is basically what firmware the models shipped out with, and the far right column is how far back you can downgrade the firmware if needed. The last four listed are marked in red because the minimum downgrade is beyond the 3.55 needed to put CFW on it. From what I recall hearing though, you'd need additional stuff to downgrade the PS3, and if you're buying a used system that isn't specifically listed as having been modded or hacked, the seller might not know exactly what the official firmware it's currently running is.

Do this instead OP. Your guide is here: . Slims seem to be lasting longer than the Fat models, though on a technical level; the Fats school the Slims.

To look as inconspicuous as possible, search the model number and see what size hard drive it comes with, that way you can ask the shop for "a 160 gb PS3 slim" instead of a "CECH-2101A". A lot of retailers are turning people away if they even suspect you're hacking, at least in my area anyway.

If they updated past 3.55, there are people that downgrade them for you if you don't want to buy or install a chip. ps3hax is a good forum to start looking.

Depends on what you're looking for. I've got a fat CFW CECH-A model so its great for anything PS1-2-3. If you want to go for the superslim models make sure it was produced before there was 3.55. If the PS3 was produced after this it can't be downgraded since it came out of the factory with a higher firmware. I'd recommend going for a fat one if you want the ultimate playstation, all in one machine.

Yes you can, you use a program called SEN enabler which allows you to spoof your ID. Makes PSN think you're running on a hacked PS3, however, if you start using cheats all loco you'll get your ass b&.

You can either pay someone to do it or use a flasher. These run for about $50.

Take a look at

I have most of them since I'm running a 3TB PS3 (1TB inside, 2TB external). Must plays in my opinion:
>R&C Collection if you can't get them on PS2

My favourite one is Pupeteer. I went in with 0 expectations not knowing what I was getting into. Game is a pretty decent platformer but what makes it stand out is its charm, it really feels like you're watching a kids puppet play with the cheers of the crowd and the characters. Top notch game design.

Also, chart-user, you should add Split/Second, Lost Dimension, IL-2 and Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel to the list.

I'll put them on the list, thanks for the input. Never heard of Split/Second and IL-2 isn't ringing a bell. What are those about?

I should have mentioned I'm poor and I can barely buy the PS3 to begin with.

No problem in the 3rd world

Now an important question, how is the downgrade process? You can downgrade from any firmware now unless it comes from a high FW from fabric?

Goddamn, nigga.

I'm about to send my FAT PS3 to a softmodder, could you recommend some good HDDs for the PS3?

Mario Kart meets Need For Speed. Fun cars, destroyable tracks that change the course. Fun multiplayer.

World War 2 flight sim. Also available ln PC but its a really good dog-fighting game for the PS3 nonetheless.

Im running on both WD HDDs. I was doing only 1 TB at first but that quickly got gobbled up by PS3 games (plus after formatting it was 800GB or so). I needed to buy an external one anyways for other assorted crap to save before TPP so Im using part of it for my PS3. Those that are too big go in the PS3 (ie filesize exceeding 4GB). Ive heard Seagate tends to crap the bed from other anons here yet I have no experience with it. You should note that PS3s cant have more than 1.5TBs for the internal one and using a 7200rpm one will heat it up like a bitch.


Bumping this question.
I want to know how to mod it so I can do it myself.
Also, can I use an external drive to install games?


is there something like emuparadise for ps3 games? I have torrents blocked and only sites I found were with either links dead or links on paywalled site that runs 50Kpbs in free mode

I used to use ps3iso for stuff but their collection is really limited. I'm using this one;sa=board;id=133 which is a bit hit or miss. However, I've found they have way more games and a lot of them are in MEGA. However, the website looks like something designed by a child and you have to comment before getting links. Its in spanish but I think you can change the language. The games I couldn't find I simply purchased, ripped and returned the next-day. Gamestop has a 7day no questions asked return policy so you can fuck them over real nicely. I also tended to do this with those games that are over 20GB.

Yes, you can run them as long as no filesize is larger than 4GB since it has to be FAT32 format. This means some games like Yakuza will have to be installed inside the PS3. The best way to run a CFW PS3 is with dual storage, IE some games within HDD most outside.

Thanks for the spoonfed, fag.

I found the complete chart:

That defeats the point tho. I think most PS3 games weight more than 4gb, don't they? Also, the PS3 storage should be enough.

clever trick, unfortunately no gamestop or anything here in no mans land where I live, so far I was buying games for 2-5 euros (with few exception around 10) piece since my speeds suck for downloading 20 gigs or more a game

Also, I'm worried.
I'm looking for used PS3 fats, so they all are probably really old. I've heard there's a big chance for them to stop working just because they're old, it have t do with it overheating or some shit.
Is that true?

Cool, thanks for the information.

Shit mate not even GAME or the equivalent? Where do you live if you don't mind me asking?

The fat PS3's are more prone to failure, the only reason you should get a fat one is if you're interested in backwards compatibility which the CECH-A and CECH-B models do (with hardware based emulation) and CECH-C and CECH-D I think E as well not entirely sure) do with software based emulation. If you're not interested in backwards compatibility get a slim since these ones are less prone to overheating. Even then, not all fat models will die on you but there is a higher risk. Mine is a about 10 years old and so far I haven't had any issues lucky me I guess**, just treat it with care and don't place it on places where it might overheat. You can control the fan once you mod it.

small village near forest in central europe

our country is small so the used market is extra small, nearest shop doesnt really sell that lot and they drop old gens in favor of new games

Also, in case anyone didn't know already, you can also play PS2 isos on any model by tricking the console into thinking its a PS2 classic game. Not every game works though and its a bit of a work-around. Likewise, all PS3's can play PS1 games, no fucking around required. There's even some relatively decent PSP compatibility, I'm currently playing Jean D'arc, shits real comfy from a couch.

Compatility list for PSP here:

shit mate, I guess you could try amazon, I know they have a decent return policy which you could abuse, its going to mean a few trips to the post-office though.

Looks like I fugd my spoilers hard

It's just as no games as the PS4 don't waste your money.

Get Catherine and Demon Souls.


Thanks user. I already have a PS2 but being able to play PS2 games in the console I'm currently using would be cool, although I guess I'll go for an Slim one then.

Here, have this PS3 games chart.

Big issue with that one is that is the lack of nameplates for moon-only import games where the title is mostly/all moonrunes (even if some might be import friendly without needing to know Japanese, it can be a bit hard to know what's what when you can't read the titles). Also the fact that it hasn't been updated, at least for a while now (given that Yakuza 5 and Fighting Climax are still listed as "upcoming"). Part of why I've been trying to get stuff together to make one myself; just thinking I still need some more suggestions for things to put on it (I suppose I could try to grab some stuff that's already on that old one, but I'm not sure if it's in need of some culling of various entries).

Yeah, its a pretty bad chart, chart-user makes good quality shit so I guess we'll have to wait for one of those and hopefully less posting errors

My god, I thought it was going to be like downgrading the 3DS or installing CFW in PSP, but god damn, it looks like I'd need to pay for it.

Wasn't chart-user working on the 3DS chart?

I dunno, I haven't owned a handheld since the big ass DS, been out of the loop regarding handhelds.

I am chart-user, so it's just another project for me on my backburner, along with one for the NES/Famicom (which I don't see enough discussion of to get much done with at this point) and the PSP (which has about as much progress as the Wii one, which is to say functional, but still unfinished at this point). And yeah, I'd love to have less issues getting large images to post. Give me the the days of early last year when pretty much anything could get through at any time. Hopefully that Alacrity thing Jim's waiting on Codemonkey to finish proves helpful in stabilizing/fixing things.

I don't have a 3DS myself so I honestly don't know that much about what's worthwhile on the system aside from a few games, and as far as I know, with it being a current system, there's people already maintaining it, much the way there's people maintaining an image about the Vita's library. If need there demand though I can look into it.

Don't have the server catalog too many games like I did though, try to keep it under 1000.

not sure about some choices of that chart (Armored core V, Victory Day, Apocalypse Motorstorm) all those have unlocked tied to dead multiplayer

btw Odin Sphhere Liftnasir(???) is upcomign thing that can be added

I'm unsure whether that one's maintained anymore (though it could be that people just add to it rather than move things around anymore; would explain how Star Ocean 5 has been added to upcoming but Yakuza 5 hasn't been moved to "PSN" or something). Current in the works one is still in rtf form while I try to find covers for what's already on the list (why every US cover for Catherine all seem to be based on the same middling quality scan, I'm not sure).

I usually wait until a game's come out to add it (which helps as far as finalized cover art goes; most of the things I make are for non-current systems/series though), but I assume that the game will be at least as well received as the PS2 original, if not better due to various improvements. At least the NA one, anyhow. While NA has Atlus localizing it again, PAL customers are getting stuck with NISA localizing and publishing it out there (and thus even if they do reuse Atlus' English script, I expect they still get to be touching the code itself in inserting the other languages, unless they ship the scripts back to Vanillaware or whoever for insertion), so it wouldn't surprise me if they wind up with that version being buggy to some degree.

There a reason I went on to recommend games in the spoiler after that you half-wit.

On a related note, I can't for the life of me seem to find US cover scans for either One Piece: Pirate Warriors or Unlimited World Red; plenty of PAL ones though. Were those by any chance PSN only here in the US?

are ps4 ports good games? those games run like ass compared to 4 (60fps 1080p native), I know that ps3 amrket is still large to have them but still

Pirate Warriors 1 and 2 were PSN-only in North America.

Unlimited World RED got a physical release, though.

Indeed it does

Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Rune Factory
Shining Resonance
Enchanted Arms
Sonic Generations
Yakuza: Dead Souls
Child of Eden

Are they any good? I've never really been a fan of the musou-games but I do like the manga. Any user here played it?

General consensus is that Pirate Warriors 1 sucks ass (platforming in a fucking musou game), and Pirate Warriors 2 blows the first game out of the water.

I have the second game; it's a pretty decent gateway musou title. Seems that the only people I saw online playing it were frogs, though, so keep that in mind.

Why would I want to play it online? There's very few One Piece games I've enjoyed, the Wii one's are surprisingly good adventure/brawlers and Unlimited World Red isn't bad, the town is pretty comfy though the camera sucks ass.

Can you make a slim ps3 play ps2?

Yes theres a bit of a work-around since you have to trick the playstation into thinking its a PS2 classic title. You need the following things:

Vid very much related. If you do want to have a considerable library I'd suggest getting a fat BC model since doing this for every game is a bit of a hassle. Also its not fully compatible you will run into problems since its emulation and not the actual PS2 hardware like the CECH-A and CECH-B models have.

I'd recommend subscribing or favouriting the channel, they have a lot of detailed info regarding how to flash the PS3 and other useful tutorials.

great thank you. I actually have a ton of ps2 titles and my ps2 I just don't have anywhere to really place it atm.

All I have to give you are pepes.

Niggers, play Pirate Warriors 3 on PC. I played the game so much I did everything on it twice, one alone and another one with a friend.

Although I heard the PS4 version is better.

I forced myself to play Unlimited World Red in 3DS. If you think camera was bad in PS3, just try to guess how horrible it was in 3DS. Still, not bad, but not good either.



Well if you do have a tonne of them and don't mind doing that process then all the more power to you. However, if you actually want to replace your PS2 you should get a CECH-A or CECH-B model, shits great mate, I still don't know what to do with my slim PS2 though, I'll probably give it away or something. It's really reduced the clutter in my house having everything Playstation on one console, including PSP. Thanks for the Pepes I guess.

Thanks for the image and info. I guess I'll have to use the PAL covers and just note that the games didn't see a physical US release.

I assume it would be better to put PW3 on the chart then? I was just going off of what someone mentioned to add, and there's times where people don't exactly specify which release they mean (in which case I usually take a non numbered mention to be them meaning the first game).

Latest Cobra doesn't need the PS2 Classic .pkg anymore. Just mount the iso with webMAN and start it from the disc icon.

Yeah, plus it doesn't have the wireless problem either. Does anyone else get crashes when trying to run Mmcm? It hangs every once in a while for me.

So, I can play PS2 games on a modded PS3 even if it isn't backwards compatible (as a PS2 classic)?

I can't wait to mod my old PS3 (it's a fat model, already checked that I can mod it) and stick a 1TB drive on it.

I have a CECH-2002A and i updated the firmware to 4.xx, how do i downgrade the firmware?

If I'm going to be blunt, I would sooner buy an Actiblizz or EA game than play a shitty Koei Tecmo PC port.

The only exceptions I can make to this are Nobunaga's Ambition and Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and that's because they were developed for the PC first.

How is Neo Contra anyhow? Just wondering, since I don't see much discussion of the PS2 ones.

It's dumb and cuhrayzee top-down action. I loved it. It encourages perfect S-rank runs, and also has lots of replayability.

Watch some gameplay, and decide for yourself if it is your kind of game.

How does it compare with the other entries? Trying to decide if it might be worth throwing on the PS2 chart, since right now it's not there, but Shattered Soldier is.

my fucking niggas

ignored in the east and ignored in the west, and honestly one of the best games of last year

Sorry, I'm not a Contra expert, and I haven't played Shattered Soldier yet. Some people dislike Neo Contra for not being a sidescroller, but I love it's fast gameplay, variety of enemies and settings, dumb as fuck story and characters (Bill Rizer's sidekick is a Samurai Nigga with a flame sword on a top down shooter). For me at least it fills all the requirements of a classic.

Also, thanks a lot for your work, Chart-user. You're one of the anons giving Holla Forums it's own personality, and your charts are useful as hell (I saw on another thread that you're wanting to work on a NES chart. I'll wait and contribute whenever there's a thread for it, good luck!)

PS3 is the comfiest system last gen. And the games are only getting cheaper thankfully, except for a few niche games.

"Dumb as fuck" isn't necessarily bad, just that there has to be a time and place for it. I won't speak about Neo Contra without playing it myself, but I suppose whether it works with series fans or not depends on how seriously the game/series takes itself and if it lends itself well to quirkiness.

Watched a bit of the video; not sure why anyone would just jump into and free fall down a hole some big ass octopus-baby-plant thing apparently crawled up.

Thanks, going to need it to try to get enough discussion to work on various ones. I suppose it doesn't help that I don't want to start threads for various systems myself if it might potentially just come off as being more about the chart than the system's library; I prefer to find existing threads, but for some there's just been a real drought in discussion at times.

Also doesn't help that for various older systems, /vr/ here's pretty damn slow, or they might be able to help a fair bit with them (they helped some with the PS1 chart, hence I put them in the title of it as well, but that was back when the board was more active there).

There's a few PS3 games that are really expensive, like physical copies of Class of Heroes 2G, but that one was an actual limited run print of it (the way various PSP and Vita games have been seeing). But yeah, most games on it that aren't recent releases or outright rare are usually pretty cheap. Even the rather unknown ones have remained that way at times; think Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is only about $3 or so complete and Gamestop, for example.

On an odd note though, I'm not sure if it's still the case, but Tales of Graces f was going for a surprising amount compared to most PS3 games last I was really looking around in stores; think it was about $32-40 used, which while not overly terrible in price (it certainly hasn't exceeded the price it released at like some games do at times) is still pretty expensive compared to most used PS3 games.

Catalog is showing there to be 63 posts, while the thread is currently only displaying 62. Making a post to see what it was and if my prior post even went through.

Yes, I believe it have more content as is overall better in gameplay than the previous 2.

I don't blame you. To begging with, they promised PS4 graphic settings, but the game looks like the PS4 version, secondly, controls are an ass and is even hard to rebind them in a fucking 360 controller, it doesn't even recognize the second stick axis so to turn the camera you HAVE to use the triggers, and the second stick is unusable because of that.

I really want to get myself thePS3 version in the modded PS3, at the very least.
Man, most of the games I ant to play are just HD releases anyway.

I need to sleep.

Looks like a good thread to ask, what are some good local co-op PS3/PSN/Classic games?

If you guys enjoy JRPGs, the console Tales games have real time combat with a couch co-op option (aside from Legendia). Most of the console entries allow for up to four maximum, but the Xillia games are only feasible for up to two due to how integrated having an AI partner is. Additionally, the earlier games the west saw (Destiny, Eternia/Destiny II, Legendia, and Abyss) don't have PSN digital versions, and while Vesperia has a great enhanced PS3 port, that version was never brought west and you won't be playing it with the fan translation unless you have a PS3 with CFW.

I've played most of the series with at least one friend; pretty enjoyable if you like fun and (at times) flashy combat, don't mind JRPGs, and can have fun nitpicking and speculating about shit together.


Here's hoping I'm not double posting

Sure, which game would I start with (PS3/PSN)? I've also noticed some of the games have microtransactions, does this affect the games significantly?

Well, if you've never played any of them, I'd say that Eternia, Symphonia, and Vesperia are the best entry points (and some people do note they have trouble going back to the earlier ones if they start with the later ones; the games get more refined as they go on, but are still fluid as far back as through Eternia). That said, the only one of those readily available for US PS3s is Symphonia through the Chronicles version, which contains a localized version of the previous Japan exclusive port of Symphonia (meaning it comes with both the pros and cons of that version) and a port of its rather disliked Wii sequel, Symphonia 2 (I'm not sure why they opted to make a sequel to Symphonia aside from milking it; Symphonia already had a retroactive sequel in the form of the first game in the series, Tales of Phantasia). Unless you have the money to shell out for Eternia (ranges from $90-120 last I checked) or either both know moon, have a CFW PS3, or are willing to settle for the basic 360 version of Vesperia, both of those are likely out of the question.

Anyhow, in order to activate co-op mode in Symphonia, if memory serves, you just need another controller connected, and then you set the character in the slot for that controller from auto to manual. Pretty sure Symphonia lets you do that right off the bat as well; no need to hunt for a key item, or more thankfully, and equip to do so.

And no, the DLC for Tales games are mostly just for costumes, attachments, and gald/items (the former two being the most sad; used to be that you'd unlock that shit in the games themselves from sidequests and such, now they just make you pay for most of it). The only time where they tried pulling some real bullshit is with Alicia in Zestiria, since the only way to get her back for a while was to buy her DLC chapter, and Japan through a shitfit about that (also the fact that she was initially made out to be the heroine, only to be usurped by another character).

Thanks for the info, I'll probably give Symphonia a download.

As far as differences from the gamecube original go, the PS2 (and thus PS3 version) has additional artes, costumes, and content (the bonus dungeon even goes a full five levels deeper for a total of 20), but has a lower combat framerate (Gamecube one was a good 60 fps if memory serves, while the PS2 version was 30 for whatever reason) and worse shadowing. It's also worth noting that Symphonia, borrows a good amount from Eternia in various ways (I wouldn't call it a rehash, though), and with one of the big goals being to attempt to make an entry with 3D models (Phantasia, Destiny, Eternia, and Destiny 2 before it all being sprited), the combat itself didn't see a huge amount in the way of evolution from Eternia. Still, it handles fairly well (aside from having to get used to how the plane of combat works here), but various elements like free running and the skill system (Eternia's Craymel Cage combo skills and Symphonia's Ex-Skills being predecessors) wouldn't come into play until later on, with Abyss as far as the west is concerned. Only real unique thing to Symphonia's combat compared to every other entry is the Unison Attack gauge. That's not to turn you off of it or anything, I'm just saying don't be expecting some of the crazy shit people are able to do with the later, further refined entries.

How many people you thinking of playing it with anyhow?

Two, likely. PS3 is on OFW, so Symphonia's the only option from what you listed if I'm going via PSN

Graces would also be an option for you.

Solid combat system, but everything else is just subpar.

I guess you and your buddies could laugh at the story, though.

yeah no


I didn't say it was bad, some of the best games on the system are mutiplatformers and OP should definitly play them, my point is that it says just below the title that it will be exclusives only

theres nothing wrong with listing multiplats in a world where this exists.

PC versions of games do not have a history of being better than console versions. they have a history of bugs, bad performance, memory leaks, crashes, and much much more. There never was a period of time where the PC version was the best version 100% of the time.

You should always do your own research on a game by game basis to find out what the best version is for you. See where the developers were interested in making the game first of all, and look to see if there's exclusive content or anything for that system.


I just successfully downgraded my ps3 slim to 3.55. Where do I go from here to start playing pirated games?

Well no you can actually mod the thing. You only need a USB and some files and your set. Id recommend going for the most recent Rebug and Cobra. If it doesnt come with multiman get that here: ps3brewology

Sorry, internet shat itself for a while. That should work fine then (some times three players or less is optimal since not every like getting stuck with healing duty). The co-op camera for the games prior to Abyss is a bit wonky, but as long as you both play melee range characters you should be able to stay on screen at all times while burning down nearby targets. Just note that the camera focuses the plane of battle on player one, so in Symphonia, this means that occasionally the camera shifting when you target a different enemy might through off your friend's direction of motion as their on line of movement approaches vertical.

I like Graces (certainly not the story writing, but the corniness of the cast, a few characters able to make up for some of the rest being not so great, and the fun combat carry it for me; Malik deserves better than to have to put up wish Asbel and Cheria, but at least he gets his kicks in messing with everyone's heads), but it might leave the wrong impression on someone new to the series. Between the flowery motifs, Asbel's constant spouting off about friendship, and the opening song trading out lyrics about protecting what's important to you for some generic sounding love song, it might leave the wrong impression as to what the series is like. Also the fact that Graces f is still the only solely-CC combat system game in the series to be localized.

I think they meant "console exclusive" as in "not on PC" but I don't know, I'm tired right now. Wouldn't surprise me if whoever it was that took up the duties of adding to that one (if you don't have access to the base files, editing these and keeping the exact layout can be tricky) opted to ignore that. Either way, that thing does have issues, which is why I'd like to make one specifically for anons here.

Jak and Ratcher collections are not niche and they are still pricy as fuck

I get the Catherine, Dragons Crown price though.

Its certainly enjoyable though I wouldn't recommend he play the PS3 version. It not only is locked to 30fps when the NGC can do 60 but it also has slowdowns and framedrops out the ass too. Certainly not worth it for a few different artes and costumes.

e3 or cobra?

ds1 with dsfix is better than the console version in every single regard

unless you like multiplayer, sure. PC version has no mutliplayer any more.

I used the E3 Flasher.

A valid point, but it's not like they have the Gamecube original on the PS3 or PSN, which is what he was asking about. Still, at least that version's only about $25 used where I live, even with Gamecube game prices going up.

He could always get a Wii and mod it. Total shouldn't set him back more than $50 giving him access anything SEGA & Nintendo.

True. Wii's are certainly cheap and easy to mod; he'd really just need an SD card, a card reader (if his computer doesn't already allow for it), and a USB drive to store larger games on.

I still don't get why Namco didn't take the Chronicles release as an opportunity to touch things up. I mean, they already added some new costumes not even in the PS2 version (because characters like Pascal hadn't been created yet to have a costume based off of at that point), so why not improve the combat framerate and shadowing and make a definitive version with the pros of both the Gamecube and PS2 versions and without the technical faults of the latter? I suppose it's just them being cheap or lazy though; not sure how Symphonia has stacked up in popularity in Japan compared to how Destiny and Vesperia have remained really popular there (or, at the very least, Leon and Yuri have topped popularity polls to the point both are banned from future ones). I mean, it did well enough to get an (unnecessary and coattail riding) sequel, something Destiny and Xillia also have, but still.

Its because they're nipponese jews mate. It was probably cheaper to do it that way, at least they didn't go full jew like they did with Zestiria. I'm just hoping Berseria comes out fine.

Yeah, I'm hoping they learned their lesson in how the Japanese fanbase reacted venomously to what they pulled with Alicia.

Shame Berseria is going to be PS4 and PC only out here if memory serves; guessing Sony's been enticing various companies to ignore the PS3 versions for localization in favor of the PS4 instead.

It never ceases to amaze me when people post giant, generic lists in recommendation threads. If that's what OP wanted, he would have used Google. Did it ever occur to you that he wanted personal recommendations?

More Alacrity Daemon bullshit eating my posts. I hope Codemonkey gets this resolved soon.

Yeah, I do hope they learned a lesson from the justified shitstorm the Japanese audience threw about the Alicia issue. Then again, this is the company where (from what I've heard) they have over $2,000 worth (going from yen to USD) of DLC for Idolmaster 2. Wouldn't surprise me if they'd want to see Tales get more profitable on the DLC end.

Guess both posts I made earlier remained eaten until that one; thought they hadn't gone through at all since they hadn't shown up before that one.

Well if he's not going to specify a particular genre or gameplay style of interest, a list or whatever tends to at least hit a number of different points. Now, at least asked for games with local co-op, which can help narrow suggestions down even if not asking for a genre.

Wait wut? I heard they were making it for PS3 as well, god dammit. I'm sure as hell not buying a PS4 to get my Tales fix for fucks sake and judging by their japanese incompetence they probably can't into PC if Zestiria is testament to their ability.

Wait wut? I heard they were making it for PS3 as well, god dammit. I'm sure as hell not buying a PS4 to get my Tales fix for fucks sake and judging by their japanese incompetence they probably can't into PC if Zestiria is testament to their ability.

what the fuck is an alacracity daemon what the fuck is happening HW

New post so the thread actually updates with the ones currently not visible.

It's PS3 and PS4 in Japan, and to my knowledge it's set to also have a western steam release. However, the PS3 version is not being brought over.

And yeah, much as I like Tales, I'm not buying a PS4 for just a few games at this point. And some companies, like Square-Enix, are taking things I had potential interest in and making me no longer interested.

I will say though that Yakuza 0, Nights of Azure, Tales of Berseria (If it's good), and a potential Wild Arms 6 would have a fair bit of weight to them, but as of now, the most recent systems I have are a PS3 and Vita. Plenty of older stuff to keep myself occupied with while 8th gen either gets its shit together or continues to shit the bed.

I have an identical feeling as you. Gen 8 has been so disappointing in every way. I have a 3DS and Vita, yet its entirely possible that I won't buy a gen 8 console until Gen 9 is underway. To make matters worse, always-online-DRM is slowly becoming common on consoles. Admittedly only in shitty games like Destiny, The Division, Need or Speed, and Hitman.

Hopefully Japanese Devs don't follow the terrible path that Western devs are going down.

I have an identical feeling as you. Gen 8 has been so disappointing in every way. I have a 3DS and Vita, yet its entirely possible that I won't buy a gen 8 console until Gen 9 is underway. To make matters worse, always-online-DRM is slowly becoming common on consoles. Admittedly only in shitty games like Destiny, The Division, Need or Speed, and Hitman.

Hopefully Japanese Devs don't follow the terrible path that Western devs are going down.

I have an identical feeling as you. Gen 8 has been so disappointing in every way. I have a 3DS and Vita, yet its entirely possible that I won't buy a gen 8 console until Gen 9 is underway. To make matters worse, always-online-DRM is slowly becoming common on consoles. Admittedly only in shitty games like Destiny, The Division, Need or Speed, and Hitman.

Hopefully Japanese Devs don't follow the terrible path that Western devs are going down.

I have an identical feeling as you. Gen 8 has been so disappointing in every way. I have a 3DS and Vita, yet its entirely possible that I won't buy a gen 8 console until Gen 9 is underway. To make matters worse, always-online-DRM is slowly becoming common on consoles. Admittedly only in shitty games like Destiny, The Division, Need or Speed, and Hitman.

Hopefully Japanese Devs don't follow the terrible path that Western devs are going down.

Shits, heres hoping to someone doing a fan translation for it like they did with Vesperia despite being on 360 Hopefully the Berseria official translation is butchered as fuck causing some autist to do a fan translation for the PS3 version.

The last decent thing they produced was Final Fantasy 12 and even then that still had its issues. It has been more than a decade of non-stop shit, I really hope FF15 flops and finally kills them.

Ideally I would hope Namco gets 8-4 back on the short leash, since they've managed to get them to do quality work before (they've handled the series starting with Abyss PS2 and it was only with Hearts R they started being allow to heavily shit the bed). And then some enterprising hacker, provided the scripts/content between the PC/PS4 and PS3 versions are the same, could essentially rip the translated script and insert it into the PS3 version for use with CFW systems (or potential emulation down the line). I mean, I'm pretty sure that's been done before for the Way of the Samurai PSP games, where the PS2 scripts were lifted and inserted. It would certainly cut a lot of work out, but that's provided the translation is decent.

What about TWEWY?

Oh, and speaking of Square-enix, get this:
I expect nothing and I'm still disappointed in them.

Not surprising at all. Can we just get Square back for fucks sake.

Teach me your ways. I can't get fucking Webman to work properly.

It is fairly straightforward. What games are giving you trouble?

Aren't those nip only?

No idea what you mean by that, I just recently modded a PS3 so I don't know fully well what Im doing.

Yakuza 1&2 HD are moon-only since at that time Sega gave no fucks about bringing it west and trying to remedy the pricing issue Yakuza 2's had. Still, I suppose it might potentially see a script insertion if possible down the line (though from what I've heard, people have tried that with either the Japanese version of Y1 PS2 or to insert the Japanese Audio from Yakuza 1 into the western release and it hasn't worked).

The issue is that out in Japan, mobile has grown increasingly popular as people have felt they don't want to take multiple devices with them on the train to work and such, and would rather kill time playing shit on their phones. Square seems rather big on wanting to cultivate this between overpriced ports of older games, as well as making various games exclusive to mobile, like that Samurai Rising game, or Valkyrie Profile Origins. The issue is that out here, they're also wanting to push mobile as well, and I doubt most western phone gaming enthusiasts are all that willing to drop $10-20 on a niche game when they're used to paying maybe $1-2 for games and maybe more in microtransactions. And while some of the multiplat games they have would go over well with the Vita customer base (such as the Seiken Densetsu and Romancing SaGa 2 remakes), they refuse to bring those over, making them mobile only here in the west instead.

Also, I could be wrong, but wasn't Square already making boneheaded mistakes even before merging with Enix, if that's what you're getting at? I've heard even post merger, rather than Enix having control or a split between the two companies, Square got put in control again (this after Square nearly killed themselves with Spirits Within, or whatever it was that drove them to the point they needed a merger).

Well, nothing works. I can't get it to recognize games off my computer, even though I set them up correctly and can find the games with the GUI on my PC.

Sorry I'm late guys.

Basically it goes like this:

On the computer side:

ps3netsrv H:\ 38008

On the PS3:

Everything should work after that; unless you got a shit access point that blocks everything by default. Then you'd need to look into the magical world of port-forwarding.

If everything works, you can put the server program in the startup routine, but if your games are stored on an external drive; you'd have to keep that drive plugged into the computer.

Nice to see Full Auto 2 get added. Can't recommend it enough.
So what is this? Is it possible to patch this into my game somehow? Please help.

I know where this chart is going.

What did you expect its a halfchan chart. Chartanon is working on a new one.

I would love to have list with ratings, its missing…

So there's this guy selling his PS3 with CFW 4.75.
Isn't CFW supposed to be 3.55 or it can be upgraded like 3DS CFW?

Also, there's this
It have the same benefits as 3.55?

remove both Ninja Gaiden Sigmas

online still work?

Unless its discontinued for that specific game, online services are still up for PS3. If you're running CFW you should probably get SEN Enabler so you don't get b&.

One last bump.
How does the ODE chip works? It is too expensive?

The 3.55 thing is the last certified official firmware that can be hacked. Not sure about the validity of your 4.76 link; I'd stick to just ps3hax for that. If the PS3 that's being sold is indeed advertised as CFW 4.75, then all the hard work has been done for you, just never update when they ask you to (or stick to CFW updates like Rebug, Habib, Rogero, etc). I'd ask to see the PS3 first, just for confirmation.

Not sure about how it would work on newer consoles, but they're pretty useless for older consoles that can be hacked due to the Cobra ODE features being integrated into the firmware.

I fucking hate Sony.

where's my post

You should CFW it, OP. You may need to pay a bit more for a model that supports it, but the games are free.

maybe your just too retarded to mod correctly


With the Wii it was the easiest thing in the world.

Demon's Souls (top of the list based on merit)
SotC + ICO
Drakengard 3
MGSV 1-2
God of War III is pretty good if you like beat em ups.

Mostly a lot of ps2 remakes, and stuff that has probably mostly dead online.

Did you softmod your Wii?

Because can't you just softmod your ps2 as well with just a copy of Agent Under Fire?

the slim requires additional steps which I fucked up
see pic.

Okay so I didn't follow what you told me word to word but you tipped me in the right direction and now it works. Thanks a bunch man.

Are loading times supposed to be this terrible or did I do something wrong?

Do you need a copy of it to softmod?

If you are referring to the playstation then yes, one does need that specific game to softmod it, the same way the OG xbox needs the first Splinter Cell can be done with a few other games too. The Wii doesn't need any game to mod it, you don't even need a working disc drive.

If you're going from a computer on a wireless connection to your PS3 on a wireless connection, your speeds are going to suck. I find wired computer to wireless PS3 okay, but everything being wired is the best (faster than an internal hard drive or optical drive load on the PS3). Another thing that could hold performance back is a garbage drive; the drive I store my games on hates USB 3 for some weird reason, it performs better on USB 2.

No more heroes paradise
Splinter Cell Backlist
Was Mark of the Ninja on PS3?

I hooked it up by wire and it was a lot better but still kind of slow in some games, so I gave up on the idea. Still going to use Webman for games on my PS3 since it's pretty comfortable.

Man, fuck the PS3 dev scene. It's as bad as the PS2 scene. I've been looking for hours for a screenshot plug-in that won't force me to use the XMB and there's literally nothing. I can't take screenshots in some of my games since the XMB pauses them.

Aww that sucks for me, I doubt i can find a copy of it for a reasonable price anymore.

How easy is it to hardmod?

There is no bloodborne for ps3 right?

Never hard modded one so I can't say. You'll probably need to at least solder a chip I assume. Are you sure its hard to find? Most PS2 games, especially mediocre ones like that, are in every bin in the planet. If not, amazon and their return policy is your friend.

Really wish the PS4 was natively backwards compatible, among other things

What are some good PS3 exclusives? No point getting games that exist on other platforms.

Also any PC emus of ps3?

I am getting shellacked that no one has mentioned Driver: San Francisco. If you can get it for cheap it's a totally unique driving (but not necessarily racing) game.

why? its on PC

I've been using a 7200 rpm Seagate for years now and it's been fine

However, I have some doubts. Pic related is the CFW itcame with, something called multiman. Now the OFW of the console is actually 4.71.
What do I do from here? I'm able to play games just fine, but I'm sure I can do more. What about online play? Help spoonfed a nigger out.

Also, in the Move controllers the analog stick that is like a nunchuck is sold separately?

Something else that pisses me off of the Multiman is that it doesn't work like PSP CFW, I need to have an original disc in order to play.

Is there a way I can replace the ps3 controller its so bad, small, and fragile. Im looking for a better ps3 controller that doesnt feel like im going to crush it.

MultiMAN is not a cfw, but a tool whose main purpose is mounting PS3 games, which can then be started from the cfw.
The cfw is always permanent, which means you "ofw" is actually the cfw.

I wish, it feels way too light for my tastes.

Lol wut? I've got about 80 ps3 games, none of them require a disc to be inserted.

You use this to mount games. What PS3 do you have? Also what did CFW did you install, Rebug? Cobra?

You need SENenabler to spoof your ID so you don't get your ass b&. Don't abuse cheats if you don't want your ass b& either.

Unless you use other systems to emulate get your hands on retroarch. Otherwise, nigga you're set.

you can try PS4 one but it only works on some games, otherwise not really since everything else is even worse if you dont want to waste $100 on converter for x360 one

Well, I can try multiman without the original disc, that's how I figured it worked. Still, loading multiman is a pain.

PS3 slim. There was something to check the min version to see if I can downgrade, isn't it? But it makes me wonder, if it have multiman installed it had to have CFW, right?

No idea, the guy who sold it to me only tolf me it had CFW, which apparently isn't true, although it have multiman.

I see. It makes me nervous.

Some other questions.
Why are PS3 isos so damn big? KH 1.5 is almost 30gb
Also, I tried to play J-stars Victory VS and it says I need ver. 4.70, I guess is the FW and not multiman.
Man, I want to kill myself now.

blu ray

its also anti piracy measure to bloat size

MultiMAN should only work on cfws. If you have an icon called "/app_home/ps3_game/" and a packet installer under games you are on a custom firmware. You should probably update to a more recent one though. I'd recommend this one:

Oh. I get it. So you don't even need a disc inside in order to play either.
And yeah, I do have that icon. I feel better now.

So, any guide on how to install other CFW? I don't want to fuck up and brick it. Any advice? Which one of pic related should I get, and how can I tell what's my CFW?

You need REX. The explanation is, that there are CEX (Consumer) and DEX (Developer) consoles. Since their firmware has a lot of extra features they call it REX firmware for consumer consoles and D-REX for developer consoles.
Their site says:
From XMB install REBUG 4.21.x AND HIGHER over any 3.55 OFW/CFW/MFW or the same or lower firmware version CFW with spkg sig check patched or any firmware version CFW with spkg sig check patched and QA enabled.
Now I don't remember what spkg sig check patched and QA enabled where about. I'll look into it.

Are there converters for ps2 controllers?

It seems all 4.xx CFWs are spkg sig check patched and since you are upgrading you don't need QA enabled.
Just download the cfw, rename it to PS3UPDAT.PUP and put it on a usb stick into the folder /PS3/UPDATE/. Then start the update from the system setting.

Yes. I want one for my dance pads. AFAIK it also works on PC.

Cool, thanks user. So I just need to download the latest version of REBUG, and that's it?

Get Nier and Yakuza for sure

Add in Ricky Bobby for keks

Also, can I brick it if I somehow fuck up?


It's very unlikely.
One last thing. After installing the Rebug you should have the Rebug Toolkit under games. If you don't, download and install the pkg from their site.
You'll want to start it and set the marked setting like in the image.

System Mode: Rebug
Enables the special featured of the REX firmware.

Toggle Cobra Mode: Enabled
Enables the features of the Cobra firmware, which used to cost money. One of the features is that you can now mount PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Video-DVD and Video BluRay iso files and not just PS3 folders.

Toggle PS2 Emulator: Cobra
Since you PS3 is not backwards compatible you'll need an emulator for them. When set to Cobra, PS2 games automatically use the integrated emulator for PSN PS2 Classics.

Toggle WebMAN: Enables
With WebMAN you can mount your games without MultiMAN. You get a WebMAN Icon in you normal cfw from which you can select all you games and movie discs. They then get mounted with the PS3s browser.

For PSP games you need to install two pkgs:
Get both files from jjkkyu. One emulates the currently mounted PSP game in HD, the other in native resolution. Some games work only in one of them, otherwise you'd only need the HD one.

I once jerked off on my PS3 and now it has a permanent white stain on it.
It doesn't even crust or anything, it's just this big white glob on the top. I tell people I spilled glue on it when they ask me what happened to it.


PS3 saw Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls II. Bloodborne is PS4 exclusive.

Still seems silly for it to not even have PS1 compatibility. Even when they cut out the PS2 compatibility for PS3s, they left the ability to play PS1 discs in.

And you did that why?

Uh, why?

because its a good game

Again wut? You choose a game, the browser will pop up, it'll ask you if you want to close. Then you hit the disc icon and you play the game. How the fuck is this complicated?

You fucking degenerates. Where's backpack user? This thread needs more degeneracy.

Life is suffering

Demon's Souls
Tales of Vesperia
Atelier Rorona Plus (make sure it's the plus!)
Atelier Totori
Atelier Meruru

Everything's cool user, thanks. I'll post if it works.

In comparison. It's not exactly complicated, but it's more complicated than the PSP's way. You load the CFW, and then you can just load the games.
The problem with the multiman is that it takes a little bit to reset the console, I assume that's what it does.
It's like having to press R to load HBL in 3DS, just too much steps and boot time.

Btw, should I play ICO first or Shadow of the Colossus?

Doesn't really matter honestly. They both have very similar gameplay with one being more puzzle oriented (Ico). Ico is a much more laid back and somber game while Shadow of the Colossus is a very high energy game with exhilarating set pieces and quiet relaxing moments in between

Aside from a modchip, I don't believe you can.

==I'M SCARED user=
I updated and multiman didn't want to load games anymore.
I went to REBUG tools to see if I could do something about, did everything you said and now multiman doesn't open and I can't find webman.

can cfw console read the normal dicsc of bought games? what about psn bought things?

Nvm, found webman. Easier to use than multiman and more pretty since I don't have to leave the CFW.

MultiMAN doesn't start anymore, because it's outdated, too. It doesn't come with the cfws so you can safely uninstall it and download the new version here:
Get the (BASE) pkg and install it with the package manager.

Forgot to mention: There are cases where you still need MultiMAN.
WebMAN only updated it's game list when you reboot the console. If you have some games on an external hdd and forgot to plug it in you can use it to mount the games without restarting the console.
You will also need it to copy games to and from you console. It also has a nice file manager with a desktop like interface.

It works with normal discs. Dunno about PSN stuff.

Thanks a lot user. You're the real nigga.

One last question, probably, what's the best application for fan control? I don't want to overheat my console, also, what's the best speed to not fuck up?

Yeah it was probably.
Should I get SENenable and the 2.0 plugin?

Is Dragon's Crown worth getting? I just saw some screens and heard the outrage, which got my interest.

Whew, I was worried for a second there. One thing I always check before upgrade CFW is if I left a disc in the drive. The update chain of command goes:

So always check hit the eject button before updating (or if on newer firmware, I think there's a "Update from USB" option).

Yes, there is.

I can't seem to install MultiMAN. The .pkg installs alright, but after booting it and accept the agreement it says
I've looked a bit and couldn't find the solution. Any idea?

I don't use anything for fan control.

SENenabler is only necessary if you want to play online. You'll need an iso of the game you want to play online, the old folder format won't work.

Are you sure you installed the BASE package?
You could try to install the FULL package. The latest version of the FULL package i found is this:
Afterwards install the BASE package over it, to update it to the latest version.

So, how do I play PSN games like Scott Pilgrim? I saw that you can either do it normally or with PSNreact, but you need an specific directory in your USB drive.

I saw that the normal temperature should be 60-70º so it's alright.

What do you mean?

Also, I solved the MultiMAN problem downloading and installing an older version then installing the BASE package.

My PS3 YLOD after a few years.
They all seem to do that after a long enough period of time.


While we are on PS3 games, what are the must have hack n' slash and action games? I'm playing through Sigma now and having a blast, figure I'd get other things of the genre to play once I'm finished with this one. Also. I see Armored Core V is on the list but I heard that was awful? I'm always up for mecha and have been wanting to get into that series for a while. Is it really worth picking up?

It's probably the game me and my friend played the most and the online is still pretty lively thanks to the Japanese. It was money well spent. Definitely get it.

The PS3 has nogames.

I use mine for streaming TV, that's about it. Get a PS2 instead.

IIRC, you can make an ISO out of a PSN download and plug it into webman. If you want to use PSNReact though, look up the PSNDL and download the corresponding RAP file. Plenty of PSNReact tuts online; but it would get real annoying after a while having to do that with each PSN download.

Well, I just got Scott Pilgrim and I installed it through .pkg Pretty good game, wish I had friends to play it
Castlevania Harmony of Despair is next so I guess I'll see if I can get an .iso of it. Although I can't even find a single download link to begin with


the list needs a heavy reworking, we could begin here to help chartanon

you can run dungeons with online people or how does it work

I've heard Vanquish was good, I just wish I also heard that it had some replay value.

And yeah. You open a lobby or can join in on some people already playing. Mostly you'll be playing with japs unless you have a friend. If you like the old Dungeons and Dragons arcade games then you'll love this.

I think the best way to play it is with your bro after a couple of beers, but I've had fun with it solo as well.

You're the man user.
Now I'll figure out what rap files do.

Well, I did it, it's not that hard.
However, I still can't play online or with Wallace. Just Knives although I installed both pkg and .rap files.

Get Wipeout HD Fury and play it on Elite.

I have a question about SEN enabler.
Once I installed the pkg file I patched all, enabled my SEN access and spoofed to 4.80, rebooted my console but now the webman and the "/app_home/ps3_game/" folder is gone. I assume it's normal since SEN enabler hides, but if I were to reboot the console it would log in in CFW again? Or I have to go to SEN enabler and activate CFW manually?

There's a downside in staying in OFW? besides not having MultiMan.
Also, I used PSNreact. Should I delete it in order to create a new PSN account?

Oh, and how the fuck can I make a PSN account with SEN enabler?

You know what, fuck playing online, I'm too dumb for this.
Castlevania HD should be dead anyway.

Other than those listed in:

Farcry 2
Gundam extreme vs. or fullboost (fullboost better)
Gundam breaker 2
Wipeout HD
Armored core for answer
ragdoll kung fu
fat princess
guilty gear xx accent core plus
castlevania harmony of despair (if you can get friends on board)
dead nation
mirror's edge
earth defense force 2025
sonic generations
time crisis 4
new strider
brutal legend

I'll look into adding those, thanks. Still trying to work out how best to handle things with the actual image (for games that have a western release but no physical version, should the Japanese cover be used, or should they be treated like ones that have no physical release at all, using the PSN title screen for them, or whatever?), but building up the list of additions in the meantime helps.

my nigga

On that note, is Wipeout HD an HD version of one or more of the existing games in the series, or was it a completely new one simply titled as HD due to being on a system with HD output? Just wanting to make sure I put it in the right spot on the list for the time being.

It's pretty much it's own game, not some HD re-release.

Okay, cool. I'll put it in that first section then.

I actually think the PS3 is the best console ever made, as long as it's a 60gig. You can play 3 generations of PlayStation games and you can use it as CD player and DVD/Bluray player.

It's a great system it gets a bad rep from NO GAMES XDD faggots though and from being a 7th gen system.

Came here for a sec to shill for fatal inertia

It's fucking amazing and on par with most of wipeout and was koei Canada's swan song, basically it played like a cross over of F-zero and wipeout it was the last game i 100%

What are some cool stuff I can do with both my PS3 and PSP?

7th gen games are so cheap you can get ps3 games by the truckload. As for the psp, mod it with CFW and stick a 32 or 64gb memstick in it, full of games. Very much worth it. Also adhoc multiplayer games are tons-o-fun with friends if you ever buy a spare psp.

Never heard of this, is it an actual release or just PSN? I've found that its hard to find those pesky pkg.s. Games on the other hand is easy as fuck thanks to the whole ripping process but still.

Just use PsnStuffX. It downloads the pkgs from the Sony servers and includes the rap files needed for activation.

Shit thats great user, I don't have much to repay you back with, here's some Wii isos and some pachas

fugged up wad link!WRcEybiS!XkS89zjkXlgscw9AJjXwrQ

how similiar gameplay has dragons crown to muramasa?

Last thing I'd like to ask, has anyone here ever removed the blue screw from the PS3's HDD bay before?

Yes why? How else do you think you're supposed to upgrade the HDD?

Red Dead Redemption
Bayonetta (inferior to the Xbox 360 and Wii U versions though)
Persona 4 Arena (and various other weeb games)
MGS HD Collection
Zone of the Enders HD Collection

Uncharted 1-3
The Last of Us (don't get too caught up around the hype but it's a solid TPS/Survival Horror-lite)
Demon's Souls
SotC and Ico HD Collection
Ratchet & Clank series
InFamous 1 and 2
Yakuza 3, 4, and 5
The Darkness

Forgot to specify the fat 60 GB one. Heard it's a bitch to remove compared to the later models & I tried removing it but I think I might have fucked it up. I'm wondering how to take it out if it's now a stripped screw.

Ouch, same shit happen to me, what you gotta do is find some pliers and slowly and methodically twist that shit out. You can also try supergluing it to the screwdriver and then twisting it out.

how long until working emulator?
I dont want to pay those ridiculous prices for tales or other jap games

I was afraid of being told that plier solution again, and that supergluing option sounds just as dreadful, but I appreciate the help.

I've heard something about screwdrivers found in eyeglasses repair kits being optimal for those front blue screws, like in pic related, but I'm not completely sure.

Most of the PS3 Tales games are pretty cheap these days, Graces f and maybe Zestiria aside. The Xillia games sold pretty damn well to the point they're under $20 each preowned now; same with Symphonia Chronicles where I live.

Only Tales games that are really expensive are the pre-Symphonia games on the PS1 due to those selling like shit out here (combination of poor marketing and high competition if you ask me) and the series getting more popular over the years. Destiny's about $75-100 at local prices while Eternia ("Destiny II" in the US) is $90-120.

I know you will laugh but $20 is extremely expensive for me specifically that its 20 Euro

Shit mate what do you expect PS3 games to be? 1 dollar? Everything costs money mate, even the act of piracy costs money since you need somewhere to store the games.

I'd say something like 5-10 years until it is in playable state.

well I got some games that cheap, usually it goes around 5-10 if I have luck from local even cheaper but those jap games I need to import and with failing euro the prices are crazy

I got a ps3 like two years ago and it really wasn't worth it. I use the thing more than my old 360 but all of the exclusives I was hyped up for weren't really all that great. Uncharted was mediocre, journey was boring, infamous was awful and the last of us was just.. ok. Emulation for this thing might come out in a year or two. Might as well just build a pc. Even if it's 50 dollars

I feel same with those hyped games/

btw some games get their own PC releases, like month ago way of samurai3 was released, there is Valkyria which was big ps3 exclusive came to PC

Okay, assume for the sake of argument, that I already own a large chunk of the 'beloved' exclusives. I own the Yakuzas, the MGSes, the HD collections worth a damn, some more or less reknown japanese B-tier shit. Is there still enough to justify a 160 bucks already CFW'ed PS3? I also heard that PS2 backwards compatibility is possible on hacked PS3 slims, that true? If so, is it as good as the OG Phat PS3s emulation?

If you're a weeb you might have something else but no

Glasses big enough to fit/need screws? Hipster

That's just on the boundary of being worth it; but keep in mind, for it to be truly worth it, you should probably pick up a laptop hard drive (9.5mm thin required), better value if you have one laying around, 500 gb minimum. AFAIK, Retroarch doesn't support loading off a network share, so you'd have to copy over the ROMs to the internal, as well as PS2 and PSP games. Those two especially will eat up space in no time. PS2 backwards compatibility, with the latest Rebug at least, is as awesome as the Fats.

You're a memer. An ignorant and a true bait master.

I'm running the latest rebug on a CECH-A PS3, shits the tits. Compatibility is very good on slims as well however, it is not hardware based like the CECH-A and CECH-B modelds with some problem childs here and there like Tales of the Abyss. Note you'll have store those badboys in the internal HDD since most are over 4gbs. I'm running 1tb in and 2tb out, but only because those pesky PS3 titles are large as fuck. Looking at you Yakuza, you blithering 50GB cunts.

To add to that, Wikipedia should have a list of the compatibility and potential issues for various PS2 games played on the 80 GB fat.

I used to do that with PS2 games lol

What are some good co-op PS3 games? Already got Diablo 3.

army of two series?

Why do people do this?

god user who gives a fuck

You can't go wrong with pics related

nice dubs

was devils cartel actually half decent? i only played the first army of two and enjoyed it but never got around to the others

also, the cover art for devils cartel is some kind of /k/ nightmare

take out battle royale, I bought it when it launched, its fucking trash

I got Devil's Cartel off the PSN when it was being sale for like 4 bucks so I enjoyed myself
It's certainly half decent with the fun improved in couch co-op

Honorary mention

I heard that The witch and the hundred knight have a bug that can break your console. There's a fix for it?
Also, I heard Dragon Crown have this kind of bug as well, it is true?

Just saw this reply. So what's the best Tales of game for co-op, then? I mean, I never played a Tales of game to begging.

Let me tell you my experience with it.
It's hit or miss, I guess. I never played any other Army of Two games, tho.

It's so repetitive but you never get tired of it.

I can relate to that
I honestly wished the game didn't take it self so seriously and had more fun (the dialogue in the town square with the fireworks is a good example)
Once I got the platinum for it I immediately forgot about it

I agree with you when it comes to Diablo
I'm usually listening to a podcast or audiobook when I play it
The extra stuff in it was neat at least

i wouldn't give it that, one of my friends got that for ps4 for couch co-op with 4 guys, but having to take turns fucking with stats and loot after every run was a pain, and i actually fell asleep while playing it at least twice

For the PS3? It depends if you can play PS2 and PS1 on it. If it is bc, I'd recommend Tales of the Abyss, its a good entry to the series despite having one of the worst MCs. If no bc, then I'd say Tales of Graces for the combat, fuck all story though, pretty bad even for the series. I'd say as bad as Tales of Symphonia 2. If its just 2 player co-op then play Xillia, otherwise steer clear if its more than 2 people playing. Do not play Zestiria it is shit.

Yeah, that's shitty. What I did with my friends is that we don't change shit mid play, and we equipped the loot we got in the quick menu. In town we had 2 min each to do our shit. Pretty methodical.

Why you don't add Resident Evil 1 and 0 HD? They¡re not exclusives, tho.

Depends on what you have access to. Most of the console entries (barring Phantasia SFC and Legendia) have a co-op function, activated by setting the control style for the character in slots 2-4 to manual mode (allowing for full player input through the controller and disabling AI). Up to four people maximum, but in some cases, two is the highest feasible due to the way the combat system for the game is structured). Co-op camera is also a bit wonky in the earlier games as well.

As far as starting points for the series goes, I'd again recommend Eternia, Symphonia, or Vesperia as they've struck me as good ones, but Eternia has no PSN version (physical copies go for $90-120 where I live) and while Vesperia saw an extended PS3 release, there's no official localization of that version; full fan translation if you have a CFW system though. That pretty much just leaves Symphonia of those three, and the Gamecube original is better on the technical end there (higher combat framerate and better shadowing). PS3 version has extra content from the previously unlocalized PS2 port and dual audio though.

If you have a 20/60 GB backwards compatible model, Tales of the Abyss (while not what I would consider a good starting point) has its unique Field of Fonons system really shine in co-op. While rather underutilized in single player, since the AI does have its limits as to intelligence, it becomes a lot of fun to lay down elemental fields and time your FoF changes with friends to try to get multiple changes from the same field.

Graces f and the Xillia games are fun as well in my experiences, but are rather hit or miss with the fanbase. Graces in particular has a pretty bad story (even for a Tales game, which are usually at least at the level of "acceptable" as far as driving the game forward), but really fun combat; wouldn't consider it a good starting point though as it's the only game the west has seen that solely uses the CC system (every other game we've gotten has used TP or mixed TP/AC).

I keep forgetting those have HD versions on the system, I'll look into adding them.

Vesperia will be then. Thanks, user.
I wanted it for PS3.

Btw, how does pic related doesn't have a fan translation yet? More weeb games with fan translation worth checking?


I'm too dumb and busy to learn gook.

As far as I'm aware, Tales of Vesperia is still the only PS3 game to be fan-translated (with the effort driven out of the fact that the 360 version is pretty much a high quality beta in comparison and either Namco or Microsoft refused to allow the extended PS3 version to come west). The system is still pretty recent and I don't think it's quite as well documented or easy to work with, as, say, the PSP or DS (which are also both still somewhat recent and have seen a reasonable amount of fan translations thus far; helps both have emulators though).

Anyhow, have fun with Vesperia. Yuri is notably a really enjoyable JRPG protagonist (seems to be a shared trait among JRPG protagonists named Yuri; I know of other ones with that name that are also well regarded).

I'm surprised Ultimate Alliance doesn't get any mention

Also Metal Slug 3 nets you the PS4 & Vita versions

Would Symphonia on GC give me overall feels of the series? Im interest in series but im cautious since I got burned a lot with hyped games that were completely not my cup of tea on PS3

Its a great starting point being the first 3D Tales of. Story is meh, combat is a lot of fun (though not as polished as Abyss or Graces) and the co-op is great, though the camera + no free run makes things fucky. You'll thoroughly enjoy it + theres varied characters to suit your playstyle (playing as a mage is kind of wank tho).

Decent amount pf sidequesting and unlockables so dont fret on exploring. Its an easy game tho so Id recommend playing it on hard (you can switch the difficulty any time)

Sorry, was sleeping. Depends on what you mean. As far as a starting point, it's pretty easy to get into the series with it (and due to actual marketing, was the entry point for a lot of western series fans, leading to some calling it "Babby's First Tales"). Combat isn't as refined as later games, but in borrowing from Eternia's system it also has a nice amount of fluidity, even being an earlier entry in the series, and isn't real hard to get used to; also helps that manual control is available from the get-go. The cast is pretty enjoyable as well (while Lloyd is an idiot, he's the lovable type of idiot with his heart in the right place), the skit system for character interaction was left intact for the west (albeit without audio), and with eight full members of the party with their own styles of combat, there's a good bit of fun to be had, though as that other user said, caster characters hadn't quite been given the needed amount of time there (Abyss' skill system helps make them more fun to play in the later games). Also a lot of content to get through.

I wouldn't say that every Tales game is the same (usually they can more refined as they go, while generally having some unique aspect to the combat system for each game), but Symphonia's a good way to help get into the series if you don't mind it being a bit unrefined compared to the later games. That said, don't go expecting perfection with it either, as it does have a few issues (namely a few dungeons being really annoying). It's not the best Tales, but still one that a lot of fans have fond memories for and a good entry point. Plus, with the Gamecube having Dolphin, you can probably emulate it if your PC's decent (maybe ask in an emulation thread what specs you might need to run it well), and even if you want it physically, it's not too pricy last I checked, even for a Gamecube game.

Beware of mimics though if you choose to play it. Symphonia's got some of the most annoying ones I've personally seen in Tales aside from the ones in Eternia (which are even worse since they have the Distortion spell). The earliest one is in the first major dungeon as well.

Gave a try to Dragon's Crown, Earthworm Jim HD, Fat Princess and Abyss Odyssey.
Earthworm Jim, unlike the original, is hard to tell apart platforms and shit. Still, pretty fun platformer.
Fat Princess action is really damn fun as well, a shame AI is fucking stupid and I still can't figure out how to play online.
Abyss Odyssey looks cool and the combat seems alright, but I'm not convinced.
And Dragon's Crown, oh boy, what a fine game. Pic related. Still, I have to figure out what to do to play online, tho.

Oh god I just remembered, fuck you. Or those damn white panel things?

BTW, any Tale's games you'd recommend if you've only played Symphonia? Besteria looks good but that's 2018 IIRC.

Bacuras weren't too annoying apart from that on-the-field one in that mine that chases the party and does a lot of damage if you touch it. Mostly because the fightable ones have a tendency to just take some hits and flee from battle. The ones in the Xillia games can be pretty strong for their level though, and are staggerproof, but give some really nice rewards if you can find and beat them.

As for other games, having played through most of the localized entries (main series, anyhow), I'd say to definitely give Eternia (Destiny II in the US) and Vesperia a go. Abyss is also solid, if flawed, but it's really a rather love it or hate it game due to the way the cast is handled. I've also found Graces f and both Xillia games fun as well, but series fans tend to be rather divided on them. Just keep in kind that for some it can be difficult to go back to the earlier less refined games. Unfortunately for western fans, we still don't have patches for Destiny 2 (the actual sequel to Destiny), Rebirth, or Destiny DC, though at least the latter is currently seeing progress thanks to Absolute Zero getting it out of Cless' hands.

If you want more of the Aselia timeline, Phantasia is a distant sequel to Symphonia. Ignoring the shitty GBA port and money hungry mobile ones that were localized (not even sure if the latter is still available), Phantasia has had its SFC original and PS1 remake fan translated, and an enhanced version on the PSP, bundled with a remake of a dungeon crawler spin-off sequel, is in the process of being fan translated. The PSP version (Tales of Phantasia X) is the most refined version the game has seen, but for now the most refined in English is the PS1 version, which actually has two different fan translation patches as options.

Thanks man!


As a heads up, Eternia was the first one to be dubbed here in the west. The voice actors do grow into their characters a bit as the game goes on, but it's not the most professional sounding dub compared to the games after it. Personally I find the voicing to be more charming than actually bad (strikes me as more a lack of direction than lack of talent; guy that voices Reid went on to be the voice of Sly Cooper), but there's a reason an undub patch exists for it, at least the PSP port anyhow. Also worth noting that, Symphonia Chronicles aside, none of the games prior to Graces f are on the PSN or VC, and a few, like Destiny and Eternia, can be really fucking expensive to get an actual copy of. Might be wise to emulate, or if you have a PSP with CFW, slap some eboots of them on the memory stick.

It's been a while but I think you have to get to the point where you can take B routes in stages.

I can add that the co-op is a lot of fun up to the point you get the full four because someone is inevitably going to end up playing healer and while probably the most useful, will have their entire gameplay revolve around chain casting heals.
That is until you figure out like I did that you can equip the ex-skill or whatever it's called to make spells take a random amount of time and just spam the cast button and cancel button as fast as possible fishing for an instant cast. Doing that I've literally cast four meteor storms back to back as Genis and found his solo arena fight late in the game to be the easiest

I've only played with up to three players total, but yeah, healers in the earlier games aren't very fun to play as. Unless the person playing as Raine is fine mainly casting Nurse and the occasional Photon/Ray, they'd probably find that role boring.

On a related note, while Ray's a pretty cool arte in Symphonia, it's got NOTHING on the version in Eternia (that little orb zips around the screen and the fact that the field is completely 2D makes it hard for things to avoid it).

I didn't know anyone else on Holla Forums played that, probably on account of being labeled as a poor man's Wipeout. I found the demo to be decently fun, but I'm hesitant on coughing up $30 for it.

But dat intro.

is official controller only way or is there any decent third party thing?

a stick, a wheel, a pad.

I meant brands of controllers but okay…


Maybe you didn't put it together like you should had.
You should have paid for it. A virtual downgrade without fucking with the hardware is cool, but fucking with the hardware is dangerous as shit.
Can relate, modding a 360 is an horrible experience.