Named The Jew In College Class

We'll see what happens. Haven't received an email. Likely a bullshit probation or suspension. Fuck it.

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i'd say cool blog post but it was pretty gay

Nice man that sounds awesome.

First post = Kike post

you're suposed to hide your power levels brother.

spotted the jew

And the way you brought up and the points you made were perfect. Good job

Well you have balls, there's that I suppose.

Good story user, I like it. Best I could ever do was make one of my archeology professors concede that race was a biological construct and very real or else they would never be able to identify the race of people based on bones, blood or hair remnants.

Also, fraternities are the last bastion of implicit whiteness in college, at least where I was

And then everybody clapped so hard their children will suffer masturbation guilt

Either way good story faggot

Nah, I think revealing them in that cool collected, non sperg, "taste my redpill" way actually does a LOT of good. OP got a whole bunch of normies almonds to activate and furthermore he's thinking 88D chess style, using their d&c tactics and playbook against them.

This is really a revolutionary tactics approach because no one on the right has ever resorted to applying the left's playbook back at them. They don't know how to handle it, it's working against them and they are helpless against it.

Godspeed OP, you're doing kek's work

Fucking ten outta ten user. Whichever mod anchored this thread needs to gas himself immediately.

nice maneuvering

This is what I did on twitter to all the yids who kept saying muslim ban is so wrong but good for israel.Got many of them pretty riled up.

this thread is anchored
thread that is seriously about black magic is at 675 posts and is on the first page

Nice fanfic.

lol y not maymay magicka it into reality?

mods are kike shills

What is this "Forward" I keep hearing about?

good job OP, but beware exposing your powerlevel IRL

The Forward - News that Matters to American Jews

user has honed it's jew-jitsu.
Bravo on your layering and debate skill.

gotta check my own dubs before this thread dies


Imkampfy I swear to God you are the dumbest of niggers in this website.