The mad man is really doing it. He's going all out. This is the biggest push back to kind guilt in the history of our country and he is reaffirming he meant it that way.

I'm about to sleep like a funding baby.

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Hitler Trump Bump



Key has spoken.

Trump is manipulating Neo-Nazis here, pandering to them. This proves nothing.

>tfw pandered to

gtfo kike

Need help sewing your ass hole after that massive assblast?

Thread already exists,check catalog you mong.

Completely new update worthy of a new thread, kike. This is bigger than the original expulsion by ten fold. They acknowledged that they specifically didn't mention kikes.

Goys is this real life?

This is the first time I've been happy a leftist was right and I was wrong.

This is not your cuckchan to make a thread for everything new you hear check the thread I posted we already are discussing.
It's clear you are sliding the board shlomo.

Go cry to The_Donald, kike.

I'm going to have to agree with

no mention in the other thread of this new update. The fact they're using this manufactured "outrage" to talk about the millions of other deaths in WWII is huge.

Oh fuck off, you can't even crosslink correctly.

You were just BTFO here yet you continue. Are you buttfrustrated that the goyim are waking up?

Dumping salt.


They really are pissed this time.

your shit is fucked, or my net sucks

I grabbed the file from TIME's site. I'll try ffmpeging instead.

You guys tired of winning yet?

Reince on the Holocaust:
If we could wipe it off the history books we would


Top fucking wew Reince, careful Mossad's gonna make you wail on that wall at gunpoint.

hah, i'd marry hicks :D

Don't call people goys. Do you have respect for niggers who call each other nigga?

Higher ups in Trump's administration know about the minutiae of holohoax lore? Goddamn I love this timeline, referencing the 5 million non-jews that allegedly died is as close as you can get to denying the entire thing without actually denying it, since it completely cucks the kikes out of their victim status. I guarantee you within the next 8 years Trump will be asked to disavow a European party that openly denies the holocaust, and he wont do it.

In the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good

Notice the interviewer's little double take at that statement. Mildly triggered there. It must be frustrating to encounter someone who comes on your show and refuses the characterisation you attempt to place on them.

Do not set your bar so low.

Chuck heard that line the same way we did, but it was too subtle for him to justify making a scene over it.


He looked stunned. There's no way he didn't hear it the way we did, I reacted almost the same, but for very different reasons. No normalfag would have thought twice about that statement.

This, i'd give it by Friday considering the pure kosher salt that's flowing out of the MSM.

Daily reminder.

We call each other goys because it sounds like guys.


Guys I'm as excited as I was the night Trump won. This is amazing. What a fucking time to be alive.

Fucking 8D chestmaster.

You and me both brother. Shadilay, from now, til the day Ford starts production on the gas chambers :')

Every single day of the Trump presidency has given us victories, pleasant surprises, and unprecedented salt from the left. I had high expectations and Trump has went far beyond even that

Which part am I setting low? He's already been asked to go to war with Vladimir "almost hitler but russian" Putin, and he rejected it. Outside of him exposing the holohoax himself the next best thing is him being okay with some prominent figure who does it for him.

No we don't. That's shit TRS does because they're faggots.

Son we've been calling each other goys before TRS was a thing.


No son we haven't. Now send Kike Eunuch your d'nation for the month.

After TRS I don't really feel comfortable using it like that any more. I still use it when RPing a kvetching kike, but I've found I'm hesitating to use it as a 'nigga' thing now.

He kicked the shit out the kike's victim hood nest and he didn't back down. Everyday I become more and more amazed with this man.

Very impressive words from R. Benis.

Kosher salt is best salt.

Kikes are going to spill the spaghetti on the holohoax. By the end of Trumps term no one will regurgitate "6 million" unironically.

Not quite, we've been putting on a jew voice and saying things like
We're not speaking as whites calling other whites "goys", we're making fun of how jews call us goyim and think they're superior to us.

Calling yourself a goy really is no different to a nigger calling itself a nigga, it's a gold plated shackle that you've come to love as it binds you.


I knew she was full 14/88. Bet she'd look great in an SS uniform.

Trump surrounds himself with the best


Hey Crew whatcha posting? Call me when he wails on the wall you fucking faggot.

Is that a good ol burger and fries?

One day Holla Forums

Nigger he isn't pissing off likes in Israel. He's only giving us shit to holler about that means nothing.

But why jew crew? What would even be the point? Normalfags who voted for him don't give a shit, in fact many of them consider themselves part of a "judeo-christian" tradition. You guys must be extra mad about Reince saying we should erase the holocaust from the history books huh?

If you attack the holocaust all the rest follows. People get redpilled very fast without the holohoax.

top kike

She sounds adorable too.

Probably, Trump is powered in part by junk food.

They told us to wait for Hitler. We didn't, but we still got Hitler.


Get ready to use Fema camps as work camps for all the subhumans. Then, Canada is getting anschlussed and Central america gets annexed all the way to the panama canal.

Hicks confirmed National Socialist, just look at her.

The Jews can't touch Trump because of his Jewish daughter. Hahahahaha he can publicly shitpost all he wants.

Could you even handle her bantz lad?


Then this shows how far we have come as a political force. Politicians have been pandering to niggers, spics and every minority under the sun for as long as I can remember. When was the last time "Neo-Nazis" were considered important and influential enough that they got pandered to? We're mainstream now.

Holy fuck she is waifu material.

SS Officer Hope 88 Hicks looks good in a trench coat too.


Trench coats are the new fash-ion trend.

Is hope USSS, or is she from Trump's business? Trump said she's from his business.

See my post above:

I've just been reading about her. She was a model and a friend of Ivanka. She modelled some of Ivanka's clothing and later Donald gave her a position at Trump organization. He has amazing taste.

Trump is so good.
8 years of this lads. Everything changes

I hope he goes after academia at some point, too many professors teaching useless degrees brainwash their students into pozed mentalities. Just look how people freaked out over the purported "musilmban", instead of championing it.

Can you fucking imagine the nuclear kvetching Trump could produce if he put out a statement regarding the Holodomor in which he talked about the six million Ukrainian victims of Soviet starvation?

It's so hard to read Trump on these things. On one hand, I wonder what Kushner thinks about it and how much he's actually doing behind the scenes. On the other hand, this is fucking awesome.
When it's not all about the kikes, let's see how much they give a shit about the 'hoax.

It'd make my year.

The memes for Hope almost make themselves! Like that hope/Adolf text and Obongo's campaign poster.

Holodomor Memorial day is on the fourth Saturday of November.
Meme it.

I keep seeing our memes seeping into the general discourse. It's the little things, like calling SJWs special snowflakes, which first cropped up during GG but now is everywhere. Look at and listen to how he is using our vernacular - and look at the comments too, it is now being taken as a given and accepted as a mainstream view that the left is explicitly attempting to subvert and destroy white people, particularly white men. Holla Forums has gone completely mainstream and we barely realize it, the only thing we haven't properly broken yet is that it really is the Jews and the Holocaust is a lie.

But die Trumpenführer is on the case.

Amen, brother.
It is time to end this b.s. thing called ID politics. Who the hell says that we have to be on one side of the political spectrum because of our identities? Well I say fuck those mother fuckers, it is time to end the long history of left-wing, globalist blacks and return back to RIGHT-WING traditionalism.

Absolute fucking horseshit. People have been using that term since the 90s.

Gotta love that wording. Kikes think they've got the greatest verbal skills, but that statement is just brilliant. There's the obvious meaning that Holla Forums is ecstatic to hear, of course…

But it's also got plausible deniability built-into it.

The kikes and their libtard puppets are going to scream "LITERALLY HITLER! HOLOCAUST DENIAL!" and he can just play it off to normalfags like "Of course we wish it never happened and wasn't in the history books, what are you, some kind of ebil nazi?" and make them look completely retarded.

It wasn't mainstream in terms of common use until quite recently. Go read some normalfag comment sections when you get a chance, it's become one of the common insults.

Again: bullshit. People were throwing that term around IRL when I was in middle school and I'm old enough to remember Columbine and Windows ME.

Also, I know it's shitty e-celeb shit, but Pewdiepie has done some shit lately, paying some africans or some shit to hold up a sign that says "death to all jews", he has a FUCKTON of young kids who watch him and him talking about Hitler and saying things like this, goes a LONG way towards normalizing these thoughts, making them acceptable to question not so taboo. When people find the courage to question the truths about these things, they will find answers that push them to our side, inevitably.

That can be both a good and a bad thing. If he's doing it for clicks then it's only going to turn it into a big joke:
but if he's legit and he continues to move towards being a positive role model and teaching people to become stronger and resist then it's a good thing.

I check thine Dubs. Any bump I do from now on to a thread will be Hitler Trump Bump!

It always starts as a joke

It's internal sabotage that we keep having to qualify it saying "I know it's e-celeb but", we can't really discuss that vector of memetic spread properly here. You're right though, he is definitely normalizing it. I wonder how many kids actually said it when to told them

The Jewish control structures are more fragile than they seem, their stranglehold can be broken quite well if you attack it with a realpolitik approach like you see Trump doing here. Instead of trying to refute it, Trump casts a wider net and says we're all victims of the shoah. If you read through the comment sections of articles about kikes kvetching about it, you'll note a wall of comments all saying

He's also disarming the Nazi propaganda by throwing that at his enemies instead, making it turn into a politically neutral football instead of something to be feared being called. He gets a full 10 points from me.

There were many other alleged victims, get out of the limelight you greedy fuckers. Actually shut up about it, period. It's ancient history now.

I hope to all things Kek that God Emperor Trump mentions Holodomor and how Jews played part in that atrocities, and HOW it was worse than the Holohoax

These kikes have absolutely no self-awareness. Do they not realize how atrocious that looks to the bluepills?

A simple "millions other people died too, don't they deserve remembrance too??" is all that it takes.

Lol, Trump might have just defused the holocaust argument. I wonder if he does these things on purpose or just accidentally, his hand guided by KEK

This. It's a net positive because even if, at this stage, it's just "lol, Hitler jokes", that's a far better baseline to redpill seriously from than what existed previously.
The fact that the kids he's influencing will listen to a Hitler joke and see the funny side of it is setting them up to listen about Hitler and National Socialism seriously later on down the track. It's a necessary first step in undoing the kike brainwashing.

A huge part of Holla Forums's success in redpilling so many people is the use of humor. When you genuinely make people laugh with you, they will be far more receptive to your viewpoint.

So are his comments about israel just him trying to fool the kikes or am i missing something?


Follow it up with "why do jews only mention themselves during the holocaust and why do they never focus on the other victims? Are they not important to the jews?"

There was a thread of this nature a while ago, did anyone happen to screencap it?

Its great how he did this right with all the other stuff, so it falls between the cracks. 88D Chess indeed. They're focusing on Mudslimes and all forgetting about the Jews.

300k jews died in camps from starvation and typhus at the end of the war, but what was it? 30-50 million or something who died just from Stalins communist regime, and the death marches etc.. I bet more ethnic Russians were executed for not being dedicated enough to the revolution than there were jews who died of hunger.

More Slavs died in Ukraine from starvation than Jews did, and you've got upward of 50 million Chinese that suffered the same fate during Mao's reign.

Remember folks, in all of human suffering only jews suffered the most. Believe it or else goyim! Any contradiction to this fact is antisemitism!


Oh believe me, I know. I wasnt counting Mao because he didnt play a huge part in WW2, to my understanding, the vast majority of the dead attributed to him are from after he had total control of China, and Japan was gone, and he was making them starve to death from his horrible economic/agricultural policy. Im not a big Chinese history buff, or even aware of a lot of communist history.. but from what I recall, he only controlled remote northwestern area of China and was waging war against Chang and the nationalists, who had control of most of China. I do know that he made some pretty massive military blunders, and a lot of people died marching back from one of his losses. Strangely, hes attributed with the strategy the Vietnamese used to beat the US, and he has several books/writings on guerilla warfare, and protracted warfare.

Ive seen it suggested that communism was responsible for 400 million dead, is this an accurate number or was this just someone baiting leftists into a reverse form of holocaust denial, where they downplay the number of dead by communism?

Oy vei how dare them remember anyone other than us! These golems are defective!

So much this. Great Pan-Oceanic Reich when?

Checked. Asuka & Rei fags BTFO
HH 88 best waifu

Most say 140 Million at most. I think thats the number not counting wars. Which who would? People die in battle.

Communism is a doctrine that advocates the global forced conversion of every society and submission to it. Its pretty much like Islam, the USSR had developed tanks, which would be flown on aircraft, dropped into water.. and then amphibiously invade land. They didnt do that for defense, they did it because they knew they would need to spread communism around the globe, and quickly, before the remaining countries could organize resistance. Germany had tiny peashooters on its tanks, Russia had 152mm bunker busters, for advancing through enemy territory.

My point is, anyone who died from wars for the Soviet Union died for communist global expansion, which is pointless. All those good - white men were condemned to death, the most courageous and best of our men die in these wars, they die because of jews. All those Germans, English, Americans, Russians, French (well, not many French) etc etc.. for nothing, because of jews.



Dude, no, just no. Any tank that can could have been transported with the aircraft of the day, let alone survive a drop from it, had armor made of paper. The US spent decades after WW2 trying to develop such a tank that was viable before giving up the pursuit because the realized it would never work.

The KV-1 was a potent tank, yes, but it had quite a few flaws, same goes for the T-34, mostly concerning poor reliability, shitty sights, lack of radios and generally shoddy workmanship. Don't believe post war propaganda trying to make these tanks into wonder weapons that completely dominated the battlefield. Hell, don't believe people that tell you German tanks were the best of the best either, it's always said by faggots trying to make the fights against Germany seem all the more epic and dire than it was.

Is he saying those Jews were not innocent and deserved it?

This has to be the best self-name ever.

kek I read that as

That comes from a Holla Forums recommended author, Viktor Suvorov, a former KGB agent who exposed Stalins plans to invade Europe after the war, and spread communism to it. I also provided pictures above:

Its the KV-2, not the KV-1.. and in the post you responded to, was a 1 hour presentation by Viktor himself. He has written the books Icebreaker, among others.. obtaining a copy costs hundreds of dollars, its extremely hard to find outside a PDF - because it shows how intelligence agencies break down information and analyze things, it shows their process.

Its straight from the horses mouth, if you know WW2 history, you know Russia made a mutual defense pact with Germany - hoping England and France would declare on Germany, and then never having plans of defending them. Germany on the other hand expected their alliance with Russia to deter England and France. Stalin planned to make all of Europe communist, and he damn well near succeeded.. in case you didnt know, from the eastern half of Germany on was all USSR until a few decades back.

Also dont get confused, Im not saying German tanks were bad, Im saying they were designed for defense - not offense. They had no plans of invading other countries or global domination, they were forced into it.


Oh, I'm not denying the fact Stalin had plants to actually invade Europe after the Red Army had gone through their reorganization and rearmament, I was just commenting on airborne tanks, that's one branch of tank development that never really got anywhere particularly useful.

Also, I tend to dislike pop history memeing that Germany had super advanced tanks, that the T-34 was the best tank of the war, that the Sherman was shitty or the Tiger invulnerable. It's confusing fact and fiction to push post-war agenda, either by glorifying one side or demonizing the other.

But that's wrong. They had a specific branch of tanks/assault guns made for sieges, the aptly named Sturmtiger being a particularly egregious example of this line of German thinking.

The Tiger I was also defined as a "breakthrough tank", described as a Durchbruchwagen in the initial design document. The purpose of the Pz VI was to, well, break through enemies lines, creating a breach for lighter tanks to exploit.

And before you say that the Tiger 1 came into being after WW2 had started, the initial design requirements were submitted in 1937.

Libtards just can't get a break can they?

Come on man, this is piss poor arguing.

There was never supposed to be a war with Poland, but it needed to be done. Beyond Poland, everything was Hitler being LOCKED into a war he had no intention of fighting. As the enemy armor increased in size, their guns became useless. They developed better, bigger weapons, at the END of the war.

Pic related, the PZ3.

Heres the tiger.

France declared war on Germany on Sept 3rd, 1939.. 3 years before the tiger even came into service. They developed that during the war, a war they had no intention of fighting and were forced into.

For god sakes man, watch the 1 hour presentation, its the lazy form of reading a book and it will show you everything you need to know. He breaks it down with pictures, this is pretty much officially recognized Holla Forums history. This is what we say happened.

Better picture.



Thread theme

If dubs, the kikes are removed from the US.
If trips, the kikes are removed from the world.
If GET, the kikes are removed from every possible dimension

Ever seen those hysterical evil characters laughing? I literally just had one of those moments.

Kek would be ashamed. Back to 4chan with this trash

The power of semantics is failing them in the age of memes



Rally makes you think.

Hope Hicks
Born in
I hope, and then I rejoice.

Crying aryan tears



He really fooled you, huh kike?

He's implying it. Jews are getting pissed, will start to demand a statement after protests.

Trumps gonna be like "I'm just wondering why it's illegal to verify facts about the holocaust in Europe?"

If anything, he fooled you. And all the rest of you in this thread claiming he'll go full 14/88.

Your bias completely changes your perception, you're not seeing what's going on, but what you're wanting to see. Get a grip.

These next eight years are going to be fucking beautiful.

is that picture real? wtf

Of course he's not going to go full 14/88, Jew boy. Publicly, that is. His policies and background work will do all of the Holocausting while he puts on an innocent face for the public the entire time. Now doesn't that tactic sound (((familiar)))? That's called "Jewing the Jew."

You're a shit Crew member. You need a little more training before they set you loose like this.

You're absolutely deluded if you genuinely think Trump won't be licking Israel's asscrack for the next eight years.

No better than the pink-haired Tumblr drones calling him "LITERALLY HITLER" the entire campaign. What even happened to this place.

Another kike in denial.

That's not the holocaust though. The holocaust is gas chambers and lampshades. So what Trump has done is essentially ignore the holocaust!

Neck yourself. I wish he went full 14/88. Sad truth is that he won't. His inauguration speech made his intentions pretty clear, with him spewing out your typical diversity rhetoric.

Not only that, but he's full on said that YouTube has been trying to screw him over because he's white. And he actually bought a toad as a pet. A big toad. He's literally one of us.

That picture should mention the german civil war against the communist jews as well



Hail Trump Praise Kek

it's like you're twelve and expect politicians to be honest all the time


Because as we all know, Trump clearly is your run-of-the-mill career politician.

This post smells like AL



FFS i didnt notice this one had a watermark gods shake i need to cleanup my folder

It was probably used back then to refer to the emo kids, as that scene was literally based around crying and being emotional/special. Kind of fucked up when I think that that was a big part of the culture when I was a young kid and teen. Also hipsters who had to be fans of the most obscure shit. As in, the more people that liked something, the lamer they think it is. They're special snowflakes too, and they don't necessarily have to be SJWs, but overlap is common.

fuck off kike.

Hes been in office 10 days. Over those 10 days he has done a metric fuckton from signing orders, every single one of which assblasted the kikes, to seeing foreign heads of state, none of which were (((our greatest ally))).

Simple fact of the matter is this is no longer speculation… He has been president for 10 full days.. and not one of those days has he licked any kike asshole.

Eat shit with your blackpill

You realize now that the Jews have been doing just what you say in the old media for decades and decades. They will make it real.


brb >>>/ovening/ myself

Praise KEK!

Is 'Crew' the same staff as ctr or is it a new staff? Either way fuck even shitty ctr was better at this than you faggots.


Hahahahahaha trump was elected president and will be for the next 4(8) years and there's nothing you can do about it hahahahaha

He's a civic nationalist (as far as we've seen).

Bannon should get the credit for this tbh.

But even a civic nationalist can hate the jews because they are a threat to all races etc. Also the kikes killed his friends. and..

Trump: my biggest flaw is that I tend to hold on to a grudge

All I can think of is that vid where Hitler kills Israel with multiculturalism.

This doesn't work. They would just procreate with them and adapt. Pic very much related.

Haha so gypsy, catholics, and faggots get payments from Germany when?


(checked and heil'd)

Better that globalist puppet. Better than a cuckservitive.
Nothing says a civic nationalist can't be against kikes or against a group that happens to be made up of 98% kikes. As long as he puts America and its citizens first before anything else he will be a great leader. Especially during a time when most countries' citizens could only dream of such a thing (since voicing it would be hate-speech).


I doubt it, look how hard he sucks Netanyahu's dick.

They edited Hitler in.

It is responsible memeing.

When are the days to Remember the victims of communism and islam?
Over 200 million each. 270 for islam.
What about white slavery?

What about the victims of ww1&2? It was just a Rothschild opération.

Leftists can't harness Kek's power. Trump becoming LITERALLY HITLER, was already memed way back when anons on 4/pol/ were wishing hitler would come back and shit.

Second these things.

We would only say it when mocking a jew, like "hehehehe yes goyim send all your shekels to the chosen ones." Nobody self identified as a goy before TRS. That's because Enoch is a jew and he and his Jewish wife thought it was funny to get a bunch of dumbasses to call themselves goyim while sending them money.



lol just wait for hitler

Spotted the redditor

This is, unequivocally, a step in the right direction

get out




I think she later said that wasn't true.
I don't think it would be bad for any politician to have read Hitler's speeches before, even if they dislike him.
Hitler talked his way into power, much like Trump. Many people could learn from that.


i knew it was coming but i never expected it this quickly
i thought it would take him years to start going after the holohoax
what the fuck is going on?
am i dreaming?
is this real life?

Either he's edited it, or that's a fake. I'm inclined to believe the latter, although it's much funnier.

"1/2 @WhiteHouse statement on #HolocaustMemorialDay, misses that it was six million Jews who perished, not just 'innocent people'"

Sorry to spoil the fun, although it's still pretty god damn arrogant to say.

What is that map? Looks nothing like the results.

it was edited

Trump knows who his enemies are and the kikes who would kvetch over this already hate him. I still don't think he's Hitler.

pick one
illiterate fucks repeating their Israeli narratives, the lot of them


It's incredible isn't it? Meme magic becomes more convincing every day. Also pic related

I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, Merkel-bux when?

Sure, he's going to help the Jews like Obama improved the living conditions for the black community. :^)

Actually, spotted the nonhuman.
The scene of the gif is from.

Damn, she's drop-dead gorgeous. Let's hope she has lots of kids.


That doesn't work anymore, honey.

(checked) The nose, the fucking nose


the fuck is this shit?

The page is empty.



Don't have TOR and no plans on getting it.

what is that shit? TL;DR, please.

Extremely odd, there's nothing in the article that agrees with the headline.
The closest they get is
Which sounds perhaps evasive (or like she didn't hear the question right), but not even close to what the headline claims.


That's basically the reason why imageboards are shit now, huehue.

I don't get it, I've opened the link, but there's nothing coming up.

only work for TOR-faggots.

also, we are now on yet another gub'mint watch-list

its pure genius - he made ((( them ))) talk about the JQ first

pics not related

Take that, faggot.

It's not the nose, it's the space between the eyebrows that connects to the nose. That part just can't be bred out for some reason. Also, the distance from the nose to the mouth is too short due to kike blood.



i have never made this observation. Whats the proper alignment of eyebrows to nose?

The nose is two eye-widths down from the middle of the brow. The kike nose is longer, pushing it closer to the mouth. The space between the brows is the width of the eye, the kike's brow-to-brow distance is wider and forms a wedge shape, as indicated on that other image. You can measure this yourself with the last bone in your thumb, from the tip to the bend is the same length as the width of your eye.





u fukken wot m8?

Does it even fucking matter?

You need to leave

The commemoration should be renamed Casualties of War Day. We can remember all the people who perished in internment camps and those who survived them. We can include and bring to light the horrific civilian experiences under occupation; and the immense cultural loss. It will be an enlightening annual event that will renew interest in who and what was lost.


Anyone else notice that the "Trump is a shabbo's goy" shills have been gone this week?


They'll be back at some point. They're basically like the cartoon villains of old. Each time they suffer defeat, it seems to be the end, but they return with a new scheme; baring all the usual hallmarks.

>It's all about the Jews, goy. Only WE are worthy of remembrance.
Fucking kikes, I swear to God. They really are without shame, even when groveling for pity.

Also, even if you buy into the whole bullshit, why should the United States give a shit about it, let alone have a whole day of remembrance?

i don't even know what they're trying to accomplish at this point
the voting is all long done and TRUMP IS IN FUCKING OFFICE
are they trying to campaign against trump's next term 4 years early or something?

Ipstadt has just put out an article on this. She's really butt-hurt. She's calling him a "soft-core" denier who's "de-jewing" duh holohoax!

You know, it's possible that the Donald is red-pilled on the holohoax due to his association with Pat Buchanan 16 years ago in the reform party.

They want to destabilize their enemy, by demoralizing us and inciting the rabble to violence; so that we will not step out of line again.

we need a huge amount of gas…


Do they know they're memeing him into actual Hitler?

They told us to meme responsibly, but we didn't listen. What do they say now? I for one am happy with the result.

No way this is real. It has to be satire.

How's the weather in tel aviv?

Leftists don't understand memes. Hell Holla Forums barely understands it themselves.

what's strange to me is not the fact that they fundamentally don't understand us, it's the fact that years and years have gone by and they're not making any real progress towards understanding us.
they literally are incapable of comprehending us or wrapping their heads around what we say, do, and believe.
in addition to this, they've literally never encountered a problem they couldn't solve with concentrated shilling and propaganda blasting
it's just so bizarre to me
years and years ago i thought the kikes were this ultimate final boss with a sort of unbreakable hold and control over everything
trump's campaign has broken that illusion.
they aren't smart, they can't adapt, and they can't stop us
maybe the protocols of the elders of zion kikes of old were literally the smartest kikes to ever live or something. anomalously so. the kikes of today don't seem to have any of that cunning, or shrewdness, or resourcefulness. maybe it has to do with the fact that they inherited all the old kikes' work and progress, and have grown lazy, complacent, and incompetent.
i just never would have believed they were actually this weak

They will always be weak because ultimately you cannot prevent the truth from being discovered. As a child I knew from an early age that the Marxist rubbish being peddled in school was artificial. It was unnatural and went against common sense. So too the lamentation of the Jew. When I encountered academia and found the dominant class to be left leaning and downright ridiculous in its values, I realized that there was something tying all this together. This big facade of falsehood. Jews and their useful idiots are weak because no matter how much they shill, truth manifests itself in front of us in a number of ways. All shining the spotlight on their deviance and machinations. The West was complacent and it has been hijacked. We can and will restore it.


Its going to happen. The kikes will burn

That's what inbreeding too much does user.

and being shape-shifting creatures with the longevity and mannerisms of a cockroach; combined with being Satan's children.

Hail the Golden Lion Emperor!


First they came for the muslims, but I did not speak out because I wasn't a muslim.

Then they came for the spics and niggers, but I did not speak out because I wasn't a spic or nigger.

Then they came for the jews. But I stayed silent because I wasn't a jew.

And then we all lived happily ever after in our unpoz'd country free from parasites.

The left memes irresponsibly, their chants and rhetoric projects all of these awesome and powerful concepts onto their enemies as a reason to fear them instead of trying to belittle and mock them, not that any of that would have an effect on Trump anyway

When we meme, we meme for our allies Triumph and our enemy's downfall, take note leftists




You have raised many valid points as well, especially (((them))) being satan's children part.


So if the jews want to steal back support of the Holocaust from Trump now, they have to PUBLICLY ADMIT IT. AGAIN. At which point we can simply DESTROY THE NARRATIVE ALTOGETHER.

1,488,000,000,000,000,000 DIMENSIONAL CHESS.

Just end it you joyless pathetic faggot.

Then you're a fucking retard, son. Do you even know what you want?


I thought he said his biggest flaw was being too trusting of others. Did I end up in a different timeline all of a sudden?

Not even Hitler was "literally Hitler" when he was elected.

But then the nation wreckers started their shit, and… well…


I love that we get to use lefties' memes for our own purposes.


12 million died but even when I was in school we only ever talked about muh 6 million, never about the other half except to say that Hitler killed a lot of people. That's it, and nobody ever fucking asked why the hell that was not even I did. And of course nothing was said about the (((Bolshevik))) mass murders except about the famine and even then all that was said was "a lot of people starved" and that was it. This is a great redpilling opportunity right here, get people to ask why the fuck half the Holocaust is completely ignored

Uncle Adolf?

Chuck 'em.


during my time here i am always filled with both the promise of hope and the deepest, whitest, violent loathing for the filth in this world. i am daily reminded why this fight against (((them))) is of the ultimate importance

I'm so fucking happy rn fams. We memed the current year into 1933.
I haven't had hope for the future like this since I was a kid and I'm happy to share this timeline with you beautiful faggots.

we need super tankers. honestly for things like this we should use fire or insects. gas is too merciful.

Also, I love that my quote is being used. I love you for that.

drones using plastic bullets with paper cartridges, eliminating civilians who are not sending out a friendly radio signal and getting squads to dump the bodies in a truck to be furnaced.


Guys what if the libs after all that "literally Hitler" shit accidentaly memed Trump into Hitler?
If we study this past election we might learn at what point exactly did Trump mantle him and maybe try to replicate it with other people.

valid point. its about efficiency here. my issue with your radio id is that it could be manipulated and place a target on a citizen.

It must be lonely shilling in a cardboard box in an alley without your ctr friends.

Call the jewish SVU (special victims unit) TM

trump is hitler
after all the cycle of rebirth is a thing
trump was hitler in a past life.

He said he's going to be back.

H.G. Wells reporting in.

Absolutely excellent point considering that nothing even remotely resembling the interent's ability to spread information has ever existed. Every appalled normie will tweet their disgust of the kike's admitting their lies, which will be retweeted ten times, another ten times for each of those, and so on. There is no escape for the jews now.

he said both; when he was asked that during the RNC debate, he said he was too trusting of people, but when they let him down he tends to hold a grudge and not forgive.

Dubs means it will happen. lets set a date and do it. The holodomor makes commies assmad as well. Same kind of lies that Turkish Armenian Genocide deniers use

Katyn is 20,000 innocent dead killed by soviets that the Nazis publicized and the Allied said was made up. another fun wedge.

We already got Hitler, why wait for a cheap ripoff?

Yes get TOR and spread disgusting childporn and get caught because most of the nodes are government controlled
Gas yourself kike

yes im strawmanning your argument but only because you're a dumbfuck

Seriously one of the most disturbing things I have ever read.

i reference you to tankers of gas and insects>>9064844

I know it isn't all childporn however it still stands that most of the nodes are government controlled.
Old torfag until the fall of silkroad
Silkroad also had so much degeneracy there as well
There is no escape from niggerdom it seems.

Punished Trump theory confirmed

Time travel confirmed.
Sorry for the quality, it's been a while

Yes I read that.

I believe it now tbh

Praise Kek, for we truly live in the greatest of times. A chance for glory of this magnitude has never existed before in history. Towards an enemy so comically evil, we stride with waifus qt and memes firm, and by any fucking God or gods you believe in, we'll fuck their shit up worse than Brendan Fraser's career.

Where's the fucking gas when you need it?

you know, it's this sort of shit i find so isolating. if i couldn't discuss any of this with my brother, i'd be going bonkers.

I tried redpilling my mother, and as far as women go she is relatively open minded and receptive (keyword, relatively). But one time I told her that Trump is far, far more intelligent and clever than he looks and sounds, that he uses this buffoonish caricature as a cover to so cleverly pull off exactly what he wants. The screaming masses of shitlibs don't see it, most of Trump's own supporters don't see it. But the sharp people do, the people who know what the real deal is can see it, we can see it. It's like watching someone box and play chess at the same time, but most people can only actually see the boxing match.

Point being, look at that image. It perfectly illustrates how fucking clever and surgical Trump can be about how he goes about things. But how the fuck would i ever be able to explain the contents of that image as the reason for why i think he's a smart guy? I could recite that word for word and my mother STILL wouldn't understand.

People just don't get it, they don't see the matrix for what it is, and so when you know something is a certain way and someone asks you "why" you can't sufficiently explain it. Like describing color to a blind person.

Just say this: Rightness and wrongness are real, tangible things out there in the aether somewhere. Deep in the heart of a man lies a sense of truth and righteousness that survives even our disagreements of how to apply it.

People were feeling that something was wrong with the world. They got discouraged over the last 16 years. They didn't even know what exactly was wrong but there it was "like a splinter in your mind" as they say. The MERV Republic theory is onto something: There's a strange confluence of disparate factors that seem to be all coming together to push Trump beyond all reasonable expectation.

We're witnessing it.

You have to reedit that so the jew spider is in it.


Feels good man

not all of us are fortunate enough to live in an area that is completely engulfed in faggotry. My dad is already 75% redpilled on his own, the only thing he hasn't come to terms with is the JQ and their control. Outside of that, there is no fucking person I've met here since I moved back a few months ago that I'd want to even see, let along speak to or attempt to redpill.

CT went something like 550k-600k for Trump and I think 850k for shillary in the election. It's not super bad, but it's bad enough. Shitlibs are everywhere.

Same, I'll still use it like 'the goyem know, shut it down', or maybe 'yes good goy' but I will never use it to address another Holla Forumsack when not portraying a kike.

Where is the sound though?


First off nigger whats up with the uncut link?
Second not posting this

You can only shift the overtan window so far and so fast. And he has a second term to think about winning. Give the man some time.


No, they lack the spark of imagination necessary to originate any memes of true power. Internet Nazi wizards started that meme, carefully and lovingly crafting it into a thing of beauty before placing it at the feet of the Left, who then merely echoed it, their whole machinery being harnessed as a tool for powers beyond their control. They amplified it, but they did not create it. They create nothing.

As someone who absolutely despises communism on an ideological level, I'd say unless the number was counting the revolutions and terrible war management (for some reason, "Let's use human wave tactics" never seems to bother the communists at the top or bottom, guess once everyone is equal you don't need to worry about things like losses) or also putting in prisoners of war (on both the communist and other side) you are looking at maybe half that, although pinpointing actual losses becomes tougher once countries like Russia would start erasing people completely.

That being said, shit like pointless attrition wars, terrible mismanagement and central planning, and just general putting down of uppity proles did lead to stupidly high losses in all countries of communism, something to the tune of 100 million without looking at war casualties, but as you said it may also be some guy putting out some interesting bait.

IF Trump is Hitler:
Miller is Goebbels
Bannon is Martin Bormann
Mattis' analogue is Hermann Goring but personally is much more like Donitz or Von Manstein
John Kelly is Himmler
Rex Tillerson is Von Ribbentrop
Kellyanne is Leni Riefenstahl
And Tulsi Gabbard is Rudolf Hess

Who is /our/ Albert Speer?

I'd say Mattis is more like if Heydrich had taken Goring's position.


Hope officially confirmed for new queen of pol. nobody tell halfchan

Cant argue with those dubs


And his full name is 'Donald Trump'. What a perfectly memetic name.

Not going anywhere baby. I have a job and do more in my free time than daydream about being Trump's mistress.

I want this to be Holla Forums, not /trump/. I want the unwarranted fellatio-oriented fanboyism of any person to get fucking lost. Holla Forums should be the gathering place of cynics critical of society who have either permanently lost most of their faith in people or were never born with it to begin with. Welcoming naivety is where it starts. Becoming Reddit is where it ends.

Instead of asking why some posters will not back down in their position against Trump, all of you need to critically examine this desperate need to praise him hysterically and to put a delusional, confirmation bias spin on every news tidbit related to him. What is mysterious is not why posters say bad things about Trump, but rather why the response to criticism of Trump on Holla Forums is so cowardly and takes on the appearance of being hyper-threatened when you all extol him to be some brilliant 1488D chess political mastermind, and he's already been elected. If he is as great as you think he is, he can handle us talking about him critically just fine without subversive moderators deleting posts and shutting down the bad thoughts. If he is such a big guy, it is his job to prove it with much more time than has now passed, not Holla Forums's job to jump the gun and have a party every time he farts.

It does, however, feel really nice to see some of the dead weight, parasites and shills that have infested the machinery of government getting converted into grease for the gears.

Are these dudes all literally worshiping Hitler in secret? Everything they say about it seems like a dog whistle


Look, anytime I see good things happen, I am free to consider it a good thing by itself, but I am always skeptical of the broader context in which seemingly good things happen. Maybe that sucks all the fun out of life, but the payoff sure is better when it's for real.

She looked cute as a child too.
t. Podesta

Hope Charlotte Hicks (born October 21, 1988)


I may also be guilty of naively thinking Holla Forums can be anything more than a gathering place for conservative kids to post dubs reactions and the meme of the day. I want more serious business than laughing youngins will allow. Having a meme styled Trump in the bottom right as opposed to something plainer like a photograph of him signals laughing children to me more than a forum for political discussion.

Every party needs a pooper that's why they invited you
Party pooper
Party pooper




Look at her initials too. HH.



can we call him 'President red-pill'? hes already working on the color scheme, or maybe we need to switch to orange pill, are you orange-pilled user?

Guys, how can Trump be so jew-wise and still marry of his kids to them? The only reason I can think is he's trying to tear down the system from the inside by jewing the jews.

The moment we do that, we lose what makes this place unique. If you want serious political discussion, there are plenty of places for it. Don't forget that the reason this board is like this is that anons from years ago thought it would be funny to joke about being nazis. Without humor we stagnate.

If I really wanted to rationalize, I would say his red pilled family is infiltrating the Jew networks, not the other way around.

immunity, he sacrificed his daughter to have jew grandkids so he cant be called anti-semitic. maybe. if you buy punished trump theory.

I reflected over where I was wrong and you were right, and I think what I really want is more mature discussion. I may have been instinctively interpreting "serious" as a proxy for maturity. It's not that mature people never laugh, but I theorize they do it less as a side effect of having grown experienced towards more things, which makes less things over time novel enough to be funny. cuckchan is probably very funny… for kids, so for the future I would want that 8/pol/ make a more sophisticated level of humor to suit more mature minds. Let's be funny on the level of intelligent grown men. It has another pleasant filtering effect on more than age: other races are less likely to come when the jokes go over their heads.

Also, if any of these allow freedom of ideology on at least the level of Holla Forums, you really are obligated to say which places.

an excellent point but i would argue that sometimes irreverent stupidity cannot be beat. being childish during a lull in work is refreshing. however i would definitely stress not to laugh at morons too often. we all know what happens then.

Nice story Bernstein.
You might enjoy this video with five minutes of lists of who owns Trump

Okay, we need anons to report in. Did anyone see (or hear from someone else about) this story being on the evening news, or on the news during the day, or on ANY news aggregate website? My mother (who is still a bluepill) didn’t mention it this evening in her call, but she would ALWAYS mention something like the holocaust. I didn’t hear it in the background on Fox, and I haven’t even seen it on Reddit.


Checked and heil'd

Let's remind Ukraine how bad they got it from the commies. Let's show them why they need nationalism again, stronger than ever.


People not realizing this really makes me believe the white race is doomed for good. So easily fooled.

The early days of Hitler had deals with Jews, and some Jews did prove worthy enough to become Honorary Aryans.

Look at this thread. 95% of the kikes here really believe Trump is Hitler's second coming or whatever the fuck. Ready to lick his orange Zionist asscrack right clean.

No. Fuck you, Holla Forums. You've lost it. Lulled right back to sleep by the people you claim to be after.

just wait for


It's using the states as blue to spell kek. Because the electoral outcome of this situation puts Trump above 270, it's seen as a sign of favor from kek.

one of his mistakes given that jews went on to destroy germoney through their goylems. In fact they are trying to destroy the german people directly right now through litterally muslims raping german women into being extinct as a race.

Kill yourself D&C shilll. Crybaby bitch liberals think Trump is Hitler but NatSocs don't. Think about that when you get your 5 cent paycheck, kike shill

Global report.

Always, the same response. Every fucking time. You aren't being asked to wait for a goddamned hero. Do you think a hero would want to save someone like you? No, the ideological strategy being advocated by those with genuine sincerity is to become the overman. Wait for no one. Is the totality of your greatness summed up by waiting for Trump to make a bright future? Hope is the least loyal of all whores. Keep her at a fair distance. The will to power does not betray nor creates regret. Only pursue her if you are bold and unyielding.

Nice spacing faggot.

Kike getting concerned for polaks. What a world.

wtf I love waiting for Hitler now!

It's either that or you get called a shill by Shekelstein trying to maintain the narrative that Trump will fix everything.

Hilarious that the one triggered is a newfaggot. Did you come from /r/The_Donald or some shit? FUCK

Global report

You talk like a fag, and your shit's all retarded.

Are you kidding?
[b]FUCK OFF![/b]


Dat schlomo logic. Incredible.

Greentext isn't why you are new. This is the only hint you'll get.

As soon Kikes get hit, shills appear with their ineffective D&C bullshit. Frankly the material is stale at this point.

Kill your self you autistic kike. Even after a year, you faggots haven't came up with a single new line to spout.

You hear that everyone?! All our efforts to combat kike-kun by getting Trump elected was all a trap! Trump is the candidate they really wanted in power! That's why they spent all that money and teamed up in every corner to fight him! We all know kike-kuns have no problems departing with large amounts of shekels! All the EOs he's signed recently that are giving us exactly what he promised is just him manipulating us!

We lost! It was over from the start! Lets give this (((user))) exactly what he wants! Let's give up! Let's stop making memes and having influence over society at large! Let's just take the black pill and stop fighting them! After all, this (((user))) says we've already lost! He couldn't possibly be lying!

Hmhmhm~, no one is falling for your defeatist lies, kike-kun. Hey, while you're here let me ask: what color lampshade would you like to be?! Ku-ku-ku~

Drown yourself in semen.


Jew cries for you as he gets hit
Top kek

Aww, did my post upset that much, kike-kun? Poor little guy is shutting down! Afu-fu-fu~

Trump - imbecile!

Since when? When I was in school they taught us 30 million died in the holocaust, 6 million of which were Jews.

I've seen the 5 million figure several times lately, are they trying to downplay it?

its because of the ukrainian holodomor


six MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if we know about it they sure as fuck know about it. People here underestimate how widespread these views are. If millions of normies suddenly discovered the far right over the last couple years why would our political leaders be immune from that? I think they all know what's up to various degrees, just by nature of their position in our government and society.

who's sucking who's dick?Maybe Trump just says nice things to get his metaphorical dick sucked

>Drown yourself in semen.

Well then.

you are the bluest pill, you know that right?

What the fuck happened to kikes after 1948 and 1983, when they lost 2 millions two times? Who holocausted them?

Let me provide a breakdown of the video.

Cuck was mad that the administration tried to take away the monopoly on suffering in WWII that Jews had secured solely and completely for themselves through decades of media ownership and control.

For someone to attempt to show that the suffering was not unanimously experienced by the Jews is Hitlairian.

Chuck Todd is a Jew, so less of a cuck and more of just a plain old enemy

I wonder if their angle is this:

1) Make out Trump to be a Nazi
2) Pretend its Nazis that are destroying all their enemies.

Every country around them is wittled down to a nub by now,.and I don't think they spent a penny if their own money to do it. That's what the cows are for.

And I'm sure if Cuck does happen to be Jewish that it is purely coincidental.

Jews are suckers for punishments or masochists. You'd have to pretty fucking stupid to buy anything shills spew,

This has the same feel as the animated webm where Hitler forces everyone to accept diversity and what not.

Thank god he didn't forget to mention g*d's chosen people :^).

Kikes are always talking out of both sides of their mouth.

First it always "Neo-Nazis are just a hand full of loser lunatics. Now it's The President of The United States is pandering to them.


He is a god of the red pill. Subtle enough that it seems reasonable, significant enough that it triggers people, shifts the debate.


Putnam is pleased.

This is From Mathew Hiltzik's wiki page
After law school, he worked as press secretary and deputy executive director of the New York State Democratic Committee, where he worked on the 1998 campaigns of Chuck Schumer and Eliot Spitzer and Hillary Clinton's Listening Tour in July 1999. In December 1999, Hiltzik joined Miramax as head of corporate communications, where he was involved in public relations for Miramax Films, Miramax Books, Miramax TV, Talk magazine, and philanthropic and political fundraising and crisis management while also serving as personal spokesman for Harvey Weinstein and the company.[4]

In 2000, Hiltzik took a brief leave from the Weinsteins to re-join Hillary Clinton's campaign as the director of Jewish relations.[5] He soon left politics to rejoin with the Weinstein brothers, after the brothers finalized their deal to leave Miramax. Hiltzik teamed up with the U.K.-based publicity company, Freud Communications, to start up their U.S. operations.[6] He went out on his own in early 2008 to start up Hiltzik Strategies.[7] Hiltzik maintains his political roots advising Jose Antonio Vargas's DefineAmerican campaign to elevate the national conversation about immigration policy and to pass the DREAM Act,[8][9] and Thomas DiNapoli in his successful bid for New York State Comptroller.

He was executive producer of the documentary films Paper Clips[10] and Holy Land Hardball;[11][12] and co-produced the documentary Connected.[13][13][14] He is also a contributor to the Jewish magazine Tablet.[15]

Trump gave her a choice to return to work for the NY kike or the golden lion. Looks like she knows something.

To be fair, the chimney doesn't have to be attached to the building. There's an underground crematory next to the "gas chamber" really a morgue and bomb shelter that the chimney could be venting.

The bigger issue is that the crematory is connected to the gas chamber by a big gap in the wall with no hinges or door frame. Even if there was a door separating them, having your fiery ovens next to a room full of cyanide gas is an enormous explosion hazard. Given descriptions of the 24/7 operation of the ovens and the gas chamber, the SS could not have avoided blowing the whole building to pieces.

hydrogen cyanide?

Whatever happened to zyklon b?

You know what this movie depiction lacks?
Joy. Faith. Devotion.
Watch Triumph of the Will. In the eyes of the real German people you see hope and passion and happiness when they salute. In movies the Nazis all have the thousand yard stare.

Zyklon B -is- hydrogen cyanide gas.

The thing that made it a brand-name product is that the Cyanide is bound up in ceramic pellets, which only releases gas when heated. So it was safe to handle. Before it there were regular fatalities when people were fumigating clothes for lice.

That's another thing you won't hear about or see in a "gas chamber". There are no heaters for activating the Zyklon B pellets.

I thought that stuff was same for use on humans at the amounts used?

Would just like to point out that the official story is that the heat was due to the crowd in the room, basically the victims themselves were very crowded, panicking, sweating and doing so activating the gas.

I think that was the story when I visited Auschwitz as a normie few years back

Trump makes Jews kvetch and name themselves because they are not self aware.


blesseth be they

"I believe it reacted to the humidity in the air. Since the gas chambers were so tight and crowded in the holocaust it was warm and humid inside the buildings and the best place to drop the pellets for the best effects."

You thought wrong.

The body heat would have been high, but not as high as the forced-air heaters used in the above-ground fumigation chambers used for clothing. The story is that an entire chamber of people died in minutes. But the gas dispersal would have taken well over an hour. If the chamber was sealed most would have died of suffocation first. Assuming the chamber was airtight gas would not even have been necessary.

That's what it looks like in the image I responded to, at least. Who knows what the circumstances were in Hitler's adventure through time.

I believe an airtight chamber would not have been necessary. I don't know about the fire/explosion issue, but from a toxicity standpoint I think it would have been unnecessary.

Human bodies are designed by evolution to break down cyanide. Cyanide occurs in nature, notably in seeds, so the human body can process sub-lethal doses of it without harm. It's not like mercury where a little bit every day will slowly kill you. It's not a cumulative poison.

Here's my source: can't embed because somebody already has.

The absence of gas circulation machines is what gets me. Pics related.

That's actually 4 million two times

No shit, Sherlock. Did you already forget that the United States is a farce that is controlled by Initernationalist Jews?

Demoralization-shilling harder isn't going to make you any more believable, Shlomo. Just soak up the butt-blasting the trolls in the White House gave you.

The only thing I'm "butt-blasted" about is that my country is completely controlled by dirty, hook-nosed, circumcised Jew bastards.

You're stuck in a weak white nationalist mindset. i'd bet my ass you're from the old white nationalist guard. You've forgotten what winning is. You've gotten comfortable with being "the only one who knows what those jews are up to", sitting by impotently as your nation and your race are erased. When someone takes steps to change things in the right direction, even marginally, you don't even know how to react. Wake up and realize that this is how we get to a full-scale jewish genocide: step by step.

Or I'm wrong and you're just another kike shill.

I don't believe you, nor will I back down from my beliefs, but for the sake of us all I hope you're right.

So is milo gonna crash and burn now that he doesn't have anything to do anymore

Not quite Hitler. Ever notice how Patton had his car accident after trashtalking communists? Good thing that nice (((Eisenhower))) boy took over after him.


Likely answer is that he keeps hammering away at Feminism and Social Justice/Pro Censorship issues.



With each passing day, my longing for a Holocaust of these subhuman scum intensifies ever more.



The Jews actually did it, they now claim that the numbers are inflated to keep their victim-card!

This means we can spin the holocaust against the Jews. Make sockpuppets pretending to be kangz and sheeit, stronk wymyn, etc. and accuse Jews of hogging up the holocaust "Sheeit we wuz kangz and these Jews think it all about them because they want to deny us them reparations" "Nazi's persecuted women by denying them abortion rights and womens rights but Jews think it is all about them #womensmarch #feminism" etc. If any kvetching kike or liberal attacks you, accuse them of holocaust denial.

Suggested tags:

they explicitly admitted about lying to gain greater sympathy

Topical thread for #HoggingUpTheHolocaust memeing >>>9080948

Kike shills are trying to slide it, because it has enormous potential, we already got them to admit the 11 million was a made up figure and if this operation is successful the only way to get out of them checking their privilege as #HolocaustHogs is to name themselves.

the fucking IRONY.

they lie about something to try to garner more sympathy and attention whore themselves,yet now they try to discredit their own fucking lie because people aren't giving jews even a fraction of the usual attention anymore for their fucking persecution complex.

So here's the question: if the 5 million was a lie, what's the (((real))) number then? 3 million? 2 million? Even if they said 50k, it's still an easy can of worms to open because all you need to do is say "wait, you mean 50 thousand non jewish deaths aren't important because 6 million jews died?" Man, fuck these kikes.

I used to joke about Kek, but what is this if not proof that Trump is not backed by an insanely powerful chaos god that loves irony?


Toasty kike powered heaters when?

Well shit. Link me brah.

bitch pls, that choice of number is fucking obvious after ten seconds of critical thinking. "Carefully" chosen like the stupid jew had to sit and contemplate about it for a week.


Found and read it.

They're not denying. They're simply reinforcing the six million

I hope these fucking morons realize they're playing fire with their own narrative, this is hilarious.

If that can be applied to the numbers of the filthy goyim, who's to say that it can't be applied right back against their own narrative?
The kikes are shoving the overton window further right without even realizing it.

you can easily bring up the deflated numbers of jewish victims, which have existed for years. When they try to revise the "inflated" numbers of the goyim, throw the fucking stats at them about how the number of jewish victims kept getting chopped down, lower and lower, steadily over the years.

I don't have the image of it, but I know some Holla Forumsack around here does. I think the final tally was something like only a hundred thousand kikes, or half that.

you speak truth. but they are admitting to using lies and revisionism for their own jewy gain and to reinforce the ebil nadzes meme

Exactly. The fact that they've had to sabotage part of their narrative to save the rest is HUGE. For decades the holocaust was untouchable. Not anymore.

It's a new world, kikes. I have a dream, and you're not in it.


full article

You underestimate how dumb and brainwashed many people are. I've pointed out to a few libshits how obvious that number is. They all either said that I must be insane or claimed I was a troll.

I'm really starting to wonder how anyone can still be bluepilled by now.

lack of soul
little row a little row b

Toppest of keks, as the story goes.

and in case nobody really picks up that last line there, they're basically saying

saging a sticky for double posting


Wew lad!

Witnessed. Probably whoever ends up in charge of building the wall.

One of the thing that surprised me when I realized it was the tattoo numbers.
6 digit numbers.
What the largest number you can make with 6 digit ? 1 million.
Why would you bother tattooing people if you are going to send them straight to their deaths?

It's obviously the serial number for the lampshades, goy!


I can only accept that as a reminder that next time we should kill more if not all. We should only have rememberance days for human beings.

"Once a lie has been revealed to be part of a story, why would you believe the rest of the story?"


Hey reddit, whatcha doin?

UK kikes seem ultra assmad about this.

Fucking pathetic tbh.

When will they finally vote yes to independence and leave so Wales and England can stop being flooded with shitskins.

If the Bolchevick Tzar wasn't such a gigantic fuckup, communism would have never taken off in the first place.

Heh. I wondered if anyone would address this. Well, I wasn't trying to be funny, and I don't consider abrasive demands to be debating. When you are dealing with who I hypothesize that avatarfag is, it is an appropriate response. The correct way to interpret my post is not that I was throwing my keyboard at the screen and having a meltdown, but rather that I was signaling others to his potential identity with the popular phrase so they could pay attention. If he is who I suspect, then he is probably the reason Holla Forums will eventually migrate to p2p oriented imageboards in the future where there are no moderators and every man has to decide for himself what he wants to filter. Yes, the technology is there. Give it a few years maybe.
1. Lurk more.
2. Browse >>>/polmeta/ once in a while.

Wait? So a Jewish newspaper has actual proof of them saying they lied about the other numbers of holocaust deaths? Why the fuck don't we all spam this to every newspaper and news organization around town. Stir the Jewish pot up

What the fuck is this naruto tier ninjewtsu stuff on his arms and head ?

user called it. Fucking prescient.


This is a good question. What happened. Can we replicate it?

In the 48 Stalin got fed up with the kikes he was sharing his empire with and purged them all.
Of cource if you got to Normiepedia, there are plenty opf stories on how poor inocent j00s were persecuted by evil Nazi stalin
But no mention on how kosher the bolshebiks were

He isn't pandering to jews anymore. You may have been so used to seeing it from obongo that now you think not honoring the 6 gorillions is racist :^).

you can't say that, the bolsheviks were Jewish. Don't be anti-semite!

Niger is Latin for "black".
I don't respect them because they are thugs, not for what they choose to call each other.

Pic related, an ex-slave which I respect and which called himself and other black folks niggers.


So where is this pdf?

The more I debated with them the more familiar I became with their
tactics in debate. At the outset they counted upon the stupidity of their
opponents; but when they got so entangled that they could not find a way out,
they played the trick of acting the innocent simpleton.
Should they fail, in spite of their tricks of logic, they acted as if they
could not understand the counter-arguments and feeling themselves cornered,
hastily transferred the discussion to another field. They uttered truisms and
platitudes; and, if you accepted these, took this acceptance as applying to other
problems and matters differing essentially from the original theme.
If you cornered them on this point they would escape again, and you
could not force them to make any precise statement.
Whenever one tried, to get a firm grip on any of these apostles, one’s
hand grasped only a slimy jelly which slipped through the fingers, but
coagulated again a moment afterwards.
If your arguments were so telling that your adversary felt forced to give
in on account of those listening and if you then thought that at last you had
gained ground, a surprise was in store for you on the following day.
The Jew would be utterly oblivious to what had happened the day
before, and he would start once again by repeating his former absurdities, and
if nothing had happened.
Should you become indignant and remind him of yesterday’s defeat, he
pretended astonishment and could not remember anything, except that on the
previous day he had proved that his statements were correct.
74Sometimes I was dumbfounded.

I do not know what amazed me the more
—their quickness in repartee or the artful way in which they dressed up their falsehoods.

I gradually came to hate them.

#holocausthogs sounds like something a soccer mom would come up with.

#jewwash sounds more sinister, uses that "whitewash" language against them, and it kind of sounds like "jewish"



Guys get fucking on this. Sign a petition to arrest George Soros. The petition is on the official White House website and it needs 100k before feb 20th so get over there and sign it, someone make a thread about this to get to spread the word to other sites.

I wonder what does trump have in store for Hollywood.

Those were all Labour and SNP Members of Parliament. Which effectively means that they're all EU boot licking commies.

Sorry guys, no more flooding our borders with the scum of the earth just so you can virtue signal and give yourselves pats on the back. The ride stops here you indigenous-population hating traitors. Fuck you all.

are you guys really this fucking stupid?

or just 12 years old?

you know his son is jewish and he has shown unwavering support of israel.. including approving moving the capital to Jerusalem, completely fucking over Palestine

trump is like any member of the elite and shouldnt be trusted yet you guys lap up all his words like hes a god.. you water carrying imbeciles

you are so obviously one of us, clearly. your post has zero red flags whatsoever.

if Trump is a jew puppet, he's the worst one that ever fucking lived.

Who says they have to be hwite/german? ;Þ
dis nigga forgot his own country's holiday, wtf even this universe. Wished US a Merry Christmas 3 days before doing a Hannakuh message…which was apparently 4 days late. Besides which he builds a finely defended wall. No wonder it costed like 160 billion so far…of course they didn't need to pay for it themselves…

yup. Just look at what they did to capeshit comics (not to mention completely and utterly destroying everything else so that only capeshit remains)
At this point calling them a death cult is an insult to death cults, their destructiveness is on par with galaxian entropy.

little of both. Also she basically turnt him out and inverted the whole dynamic.
neber 4get
there is just some weirdness going on with the Kushners this whole time. It's like proximity to Trump ruined their jewgenes. They barely look a thing like their actual father anymore.

I think due to the close proximity to /x/ and /fringe/ and normie Holla Forums already talking about basic political things, /8/ gets more of the shitposters everywhere but the spoopy metaphysical threads and art/fash stuff.
In a way it's good though because the thing that needs focus most/stuff no one else is doing is spirituality and retaking art. Anywhere else it'd get shat up by even regular anons who don't care about it.

He probably means (blegh) sign-up forums like Iran Morch. The permanent nature of forums always seems to lead to nothing but nofunguys and post-count e-peen waggling though. I'm too broken by chans and Usenet.
Retention is for archival, not bants.

it's almost all entirely on the web. And yeah, probably.
With all the marches and BLM shit, drawing attention to it would probably cause a stampede of oppression olympics. Especially by the fucking Gypsies and Fags.

Hogocaust would allow for copious bacon spammage. Ho ho. Also since most power jews are fat fucks it's also calling them fatty mcfatsos.

I'm pretty sure we knew we were using each other from the outset. Whatever, so long as Soros, Peter Singer, and Mitch Kapor get barred from donating to anybody.
Also probably bloomberg but I've never seen him make a big stink about anything til this year. I think he just hoards it like a miserly dragon.

I swear the conservative/orthodox know what's coming.
More and more they're preemptively questioning their own numbers they gave to the Beliebers decades ago.
I think libshits would question it too since it makes it easier to shill for Pallies, except lolocaust movies are the only guaranteed moneymakers anymore.
So they're just fucking stuck with it.

No idea how to webm, but this is nice


Trump is serious about chicago

Video is private . :(

why should we give a flying fuck about the palestinians, mister Ahmed?

Fucking glorious mate.

top kek
important day indeeed

Not sure is this was mentioned yet

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum is engaging in casual Holocaust revisionism, claiming that the 5 million goyim also killed in the shoah was actually only a couple hundred thousand.

the chutzpah of these kikes

It's edited.
**I still think trump is a time traveler""


What the fuck? The (((USHMM))) says 15-20million died. Are they claiming that they were almost all Jewish?

It's funny how they put "resistant fighters" at the end of the list like it was nothing and the more important is jews.
To know my family did resist in France (near Lyon) give me so much hate I wish they didn't…
So hiding in my cellar is a history act but yeah, let's forget about the trains, bridges and other shit my ancestor did blow up to save your ass from nahzeeez…


To be fair it probably was around that ballmark, but they'll never extend that to Jews5

can't find it, but did find this.

We still need to take back the media industry, like tv shows, movies, children's media, cartoons, comics, the news and vidya. Once we've reclaimed those and returned them to normal can we truly say goodbye to libfag/sjw propaganda.

UK needs to be gassed.



This is great. thank you.

bumping for accidental sage

hey you guys are fucking boot licking retards fyi



They can't stand that they aren't special in this and it can't be their exclusive weapon so thy are trying to get rid of the 5 million non-Jews.

Well lets hope that people will think "If the 5 million is false, I wonder about the 6 million"

So lemme get this straight.
They lied about Dachau and others being extermination camps.
They lied about the soap and lampshades and other grisly human derived items.
They lied about the "four million" at Auschwitz.
They lied about the Katyn massacre.
They lied about five million goyim casualties - based on one kike's word.
And yet the Holy Caust is protected by "hate speech" law, and anyone who questions it is vilified as pure evil.

One thousand years from now, people will look back on the Holohoax and its surrounding cult as something as petty and ridiculous as the Roman practice of damnatio memoriae.


One day these kikes will pay with their lives.

if dubs, mecha hitler and the fourth reich return from the dark side of the moon in a swastika shaped UFO in 2017

Somebody needs to develop this game to
rival the release of "Punch Pepe".

Punch pepe is pro pepe. you cannot be anti-pepe. to be anti-pepe is to be pro-pepe; by simply showing his image you are supporting pepe.

Fucking namefag, get off my board and take your shitty may mays with you god fucking damnit.

"… get off my board …"

Yeah … that's really gonna happen.
pro tip for a retard : Don't hold your onion bagel scented breath

"… my board …"

You don't OWN nuthin', Shlomo.

Nyuk, Nyuk

It's a meme you dip.
Lurkmoar fgt


How utterly appropriate … a rabid Hebrew shill attacking a thread entitled "KIKES ANALLY RAVAGED".

I guess you're still absolutely Shlomortified
that Hillary lost, eh? Oh well, That's the way the Matzoh bread crumbles.

(Tee Hee)



What trump should do is fly into Russia to go to the remnants of a Gulag on international holocaust day.

I can't see half the pictures itt.

Praise Kek - Redpill the populus, we will.

Where? where do they say that? Where do they SAY that they DELIBERATELY omitted jews? You're parroting a leftist fake news piece of garbage who made a sensationalized headline designed to capture the attention and rage of butthurt progressives. But you fell for it whole heartedly. The headline is bullshit.
Hicks said "it was our honor to issue a statement in rembrance of this important day" which is a typical politician dodging-the-question kind of thing because he probably couldnt conceive of an answer that wouldn't make them look bad.
I love the enthusiasm OP but this doesn't prove that Trump is some red-pilled closeted Nazi.
Not really. Trump is great for us but please don't kid yourself he isn't fully redpilled on (((them))) yet
However, this proves he will be in good time. We can fucking meme it.
Also, correct me if im wrong but the kikes admitted to lying about the 5 million non-jews number.

I'm not trying to be a downer here but I think the gun might've been jumped just a bit here.
I understand though. I'm fucking anxious for the true beginning of the new awakening.
Just got to remember to be patient and persistent, and try not to get too spergy

Here's Priebus talking about it. He's a bit dodgy in his response but I think this is where the sentiment you're referring to originated.

checking those beautiful dubs.

the thread's two months old, frankly not certain why it's stickied

as far as i know there aren't any new developments on this front. it's possible the mods just want to remind people to be patient with trump as he works through the system, or it could just be related to the recent hack. who knows?

Why sticky a thread from January?
I know you all do it for free but, come on, guys

posts King of the kikes