Natsoc in Uni

I'm trying to spread the National Socialist Ideology. I want to stir up a little controversy. I got to a major public university in the United States, in an extremely left-wing area.
I'd like suggestions for how to go about forming a nationalist group at my university, and what to do once it is formed. I have several people close to me to form the core of this organization already.
I don't plan to be terribly extreme right out of the gate, but to take in normies and move them towards the Right.
I'm very serious about my plans.

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I was thinking about this as well, I'm sure you have a black student union or something there so you could try to organize a white student club where you discuss various ethnic tradition and white cultures.

maybe you should go cuck TRS cock at a pool party, wouldn't want to purity spiral amirite

Go for it mate, the movement of white culture needs LEADERS more than anything else, there are MILLIONS of quiet supporters out there

Literally no clue what you're on about
TRS are fags though, from what I've gathered

you know this can't end well

It certainly won't, but I really cannot take it anymore. I want to DO something. Something that matters.
It sounds faggy but this is what matters to me.
I guess I'm ready to go as far a jail to make an impact. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu is my inspiration, and he endured far more than I ever will.

You think people never said that to Trump, or Hitler?

I'd suggest once you do actually form this group to perhaps send donations to places where whites are being fucked over- South Africa. Another idea would be to- depending on the country you reside in & if this is legal- question the narrative.

Perhaps when creating your group you should center it around "truth seeking" questioning what was taught, sort of like a debate club. You said you have a good group of start up guys, in time if you get them to argue for the right cause your group will slowly lean towards NatSoc. That would probably be the best way to redpill normies without having the shock of a group entitled "National Socialists"

God speed friend.

Reminds me of Fed protest user. You can take a few ideas based on what he did
There are more people who agree with you than you think. Most might not be understanding of the natsoc ideology, but if you have the facts there will be those who will listen and start thinking

Holy shit I look like the biggest jew with that spacing. I'm on my phone, but fuck!

I'd start a weight training club that's secretly a National Socialist group.

That or a satirical Marxist club that amplifies all the retarded leftist ideology at the university and redpill people that way.

Good luck whatever you do!


you sound very stupid, and if you fuck up you will become the perfect little scapegoat for the kikes.

youre also gay and autistic.

Go back to cuckchan.


Atleast he's fucking doing something in an attempt to benefit the movement. If it doesn't work out he can take the lesson learned and carry on, if it does (which it's hard to imagine it not) then he will gain a very important foothold in whatever libcuck state Uni he's in.

Fun fact: The University's of today are full of mongrels and retards that eat up leftist propaganda on a hourly basis. You're wasting your fucking time.

You would accomplish more burning the fucking thing to the ground.

I love that idea, the Boers are close to my heart. I've studied their history for years, and their fate in the modern age is tragic. The English Afrikaners as well.
That's pretty solid, I like it

Certainly, I hope to live up to men like Rockwell and Codreanu. I want to bring the message of national socialism in the articulate manner it deserves.
Shit, I don't know if I'm ready for that but I've got to go forward one way or the other.

I've studied the rules of my university's administration, once some guy tried to take a German Imperial flag out of my window (he broke in while I was there and I got into a fist fight with him in the hall) and now he's under felony charges and I'm still in school.

Thanks lads

I made this, thoughts?

Washington, Oregon, or California, and you might as well be signing yourself up to become a target for psychopaths who are currently foaming at the mouth for "nazi" blood. I like the idea, but you're probably all alone m8

check your shit

subtle and effective. Niggers don't know about 3rd position.

Ok user, and NY is a liberal heaven where no protest could possibly be subverted by Holla Forums tier guys.

If you're doing it in your college it's probably worthwhile to place education first to have an easier time getting the admins off your back. Keep working on it, could use a little colour too.

I don't have any good advice to give you but good luck, I hope you succeed.

New England
I have a couple lads I can depend on, and the Republican club here doesn't get too much flak. I don't think I'll find much trouble until we get sanctioned as an official organization of the university.

What do you mean?
Exactly what I'm going for, I think today's political climate is RIPE for a third position. People are fed up with neocons and neolibs, Trump is a manifestation of that. We need to go further.

probably worthwhile to place education first to have an easier time getting the admins off your back.
Good idea, will put that in the next version.
I'm planning on just b&w printing at first, if it gets attention next posters will be colour. If you have some symbols to put on future posters, please post 'em.

Thanks mate. That gal is CUTE.

My neighbours are Trump supporters, there are THOUSANDS of people written of that could be recruited. Don't be so negative.

Bonding is important for cohesion to ideology and loyalty. If you can organize days where you, your guys, and 10 prospective members go out in the forest for a nice hike and you can preach to them during it that's more effective than 10 sit-down meetings.

You could held a vague meeting about "Abolishing Debt Slavery to the 1%" and see who's receptive. (Obviously pick the white ones)

Resources are important as well. You're gonna have to put up some dosh when it comes to giving people rides, providing a place to hangout, etc. If you can provide basic stuff like that the movement will grow itself as long as you do enough outreach and recruit the right people.

Pretty much don't be a faggot LARPer or attention whore about it and you should be fine. Always be the reasonable one. Find the humor in the hypocrisy of the left. Good luck to you.

poltical is not the correct spelling of political.

I wouldn't go that far! It is a hard path to take, but you may well redpill a few superior scholars, and create some major lulz at the expense of the lib-cuck establishment.

I haven't done this myself, and I don't know about National Socialist IRL campus groups generally, but I can point to those who have set up good nationalist orgs that stirred things up. As I see it you have three options I'd consider were I to proceed as you plan to.

1. Contact the Matts
Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott's TradWorker/TradYouth has roots in campus activism in Towson, Bloomington, and elsewhere.

2. Follow DD's lead
Some guy named Daniel Dropik recently started organizing an American Freedom Party chapter at University of Wisconsin – Madison.
Dropik is the opposite of an ideal spokesman (he has a criminal record of violent hate crimes), the administration isn't shutting him down, and seems to be respecting his freedom of speech to an extent triggering the SJWs.
So if you want to follow up the most current attempt at White campus activism, start a 2nd AFP chapter.

3. How about a safe space?
If you want to start with just one event before anything longer term, one option is replicating the safe space for discussion of race and White interests Identity Evropa did at University of California – Berkeley.
I am sure Nathan Damigo and Richard Spencer (if you aren't anti-Spencer as many are) would welcome another invite for a rousing community conversation.

Otherwise, you could just print and post flyers for online-based groups, and hope the triggerings bear fruit.

If you want help from someone who's already done it? I know you've already got a few folks ready to stand with you, which is great, but another idea would be to meet up with any local Daily Stormer Book Club group(s) if you aren't doing so already. Some of them might have been there before and be able to offer better advice than I can.

This guy has it.

If you want people to care about the group and the movement they must first care about their leader. Form a friendship like relationship. Go to ranges together, camp, hell if you get big enough a BBQ. But for people to be invested into the group and for them to want it to succeed they must contribute, only then will they have something to lose if it fails. Plus, I doubt many groups do anything but sit around a table and talk, yours will already be unique by having your meetings elsewhere. That being said, you should still have those dorm meetings as they can inspire great rhetoric, and also serve their purpose in spreading the message.

You're going to be expelled because you broke some bullshit rules in the student code of conduct. You signed some kind of paper when you were admitted saying you'd follow the rules otherwise you get expelled and forfeit your tuition.

A better idea would be a legal club or frat focused on European values and history. Otherwise go the secret society route. Exclusive membership with only people who support your views. You can recruit by seeing who takes the red pill little by little that you're feeding them.

Thanks. Too add to my earlier post, I've been toying with the idea of implementing a work based membership system for a group. You don't have to contribute money, but your membership requirement might be 5 hours of work towards recruitment or putting up posters or organizing the meeting space, etc. If you recruit well your problem will be people who are OVEr-eager to work not shirking, so as long as you're a leader worth his salt you'll be able to direct their energies with positive reinforcement.

This is great, I love it. I grew up in the forest, my parents raised my hiking. This sounds like a perfect way to form a well-acquainted core for the movement.
Nature is an essential part of any nation, too.

Sorry mate I've been hitting the bottle a bit

Thanks for all the info! Great stuff.
I haven't met any Daily Stormer people, I don't think are any in my area, but if there are I'll certainly try to find them.

I think this is one of the biggest advantages of my area. The great forests of New England, the very first settlements of our ancestors! It's historically significant, and to see the ruins of stone walls and mills in the deep forests here, it's almost spiritual.
I'm excited for this idea, it'll make the group fun.

Now that would be interesting. Codreanu's group built a great hall to meet in.
Good stuff, I hope I'll be able to put that to work

You may want to check Orthodox Christian student groups, Environmentalist Groups, Republican Groups, and other periphery subject groups to leech members from. Spend a month or so becoming established and friends with each of these groups, and then shill your own group to people you deem of acceptable character. Especially with youth in a collegiate setting nature is going to be a big draw. If you can say "Hey the National Socialist group is going for a hike this saturday, we'd love it if you could come, we're teaching rappelling off the cliff this time" that'll be a big draw.

Also reinforce this as well. Don't hound people, but get a list of people who say they can go, and then reinforce it with multiple options like "we're meeting at X spot at 8:30, if you can't drive yourself I can come get you beforehand".

That's where your responsibilities as a leader come in, you need to expend this effort to make sure people are around you to hear your ideas. If you wanna get your noggin joggin look at the Obama 2008 Campaign's strategies of getting low agency niggers out to vote. All sorts of cognitive reinforcement trick to get them to do stuff they previously committed to but otherwise wouldn't have done. For high agency white's you're looking for it'll be even easier.

kek. Can redpills get any more subtle than that? Sounds like a great idea man. I think 5 hours really is the cut-off, you'll know you have a well willed, dedicated, aryan community if they're willing to put in that much effort. Wish we had shit like this in leaf land. I live near cities and you all saw how one of our very own professors gets fucked over for holding a protest against gender pronouns. Now imagine if someone brought upon them the idea of NatSoc.

You don't happen to be in Pennsylvania do you?

Unfortunately I don't

I've become involved with some of these groups, and they all have a bit of a base on campus. Good ideas.
I want to avoid using any explicitly natsoc terminology, but still use something recognizable to people who are Natsoc. Any ideas?
My ancestors are Candien, I hope to some day do SOMETHING for Canada politically.

It's disheartening really. Going into northern Ontario and just sight seeing is fucking glorious. Yet to come back and see the filth we have in our city puts all this beautiful land to shame, and with Trudeau wanting to accept even more migrants on top of the 40k … I too hope to do something political in the land of the leaf, but leftism and kikes have such a strong hold here, and politics- as shown by trump- can only be won authentically using your own money and not Juden donations.

Good luck lad

Suggest economic policies of the 3rd Reich but don't tell them were they are from.

I don't think it'd be any use trying to form anything inside of a university, not unless you want it to be quickly dismantled and for you to get expelled. You should definitely start a group or something outside of Uni. As a race and a movement we need more groups and clubs to propagate our ideology and to form bonds and social capital. Club activities should be constructive and purposeful, no drinking or other degenerate bullshit. I'd like to start or join something like this, I think it would be worthwhile.

I usually cloak my views in environmentalism. Saving the planet is a goal no one can disagree with, so different ideologies are just essentially "how far will you go to save the planet". The economic and social policy stuff can revolve around environmentalism, at least thats how I'd do it. Dog whistle people with things like "Our people must take responsibility for the protection of the biosphere".

If you're in New York or Mass I'd love to help, even if it's just consulting like this.

University is THE source of great young minds
I hope to nab ambitious young lads
I somewhat doubt it, this is USA public university
They're obligated to give us freedom of speech

I'm a fairly hardcore environmentalist so I think this would be a great thing to incorporate
Out earth is the most important thing to our race
I am

If there are any NatSocs, or even just standard WN's are LMU, make your voices heard in this thread.

We need to stand up to Snyder's latest round of bullshit and create counter-propaganda.

send me an email at "[email protected]/* */", we can talk more in a non-Holla Forums-monitored environment


Once you set up the group, you should have the group decide some political/redpilled books to read.

Didn't read most of the thread since I'm in a rush.

From the point of view of the United States, you cannot promote a working and rational NatSoc policy without encountering thousands upon thousands of difficulties along the way. This is increasingly difficult because:
1. You're not Weimar Germany
2. You're not homogenous

The only and the only way to actually increase the potential for a NatSoc policy to be put in place can be described as an immediate or a long-term one:
a) Imediate - propose a 2 state sollution (Liberal/NatSoc)
b) Long-term - ensure that there will be a steady increase of European flow of immigrants which would ensure not only that the Europeans shall remain a majority, but increase and push the rest

Basically, that is all you can work with. The long-term one seems the most realistic one.

I feel like you need to be clear on what the society is, and what you will tell administrators it is. Essentially you need a name, and I don't think American National Action is clear enough.

Start off the year with lots of bbqs on campus to get people interested, hold a couple of weekend camps then really get into the politics and action.


Looks good. Fix the typos. You should have physical activities to weed out the LARPers. Weightlifting, hiking, range days etc

you might be right. Hopefully it's different compared to Aus, we have no protection of free speech, rather persecution for thinking or saying illegal 'hate speech'. I once told a girl I didn't want her flyer because I'm a 'conservative' and she literally started yelling and screaming in public that I was an 'islamobphobe racist sexist'.

This, but you need to phrase it exactly right when they come hounding after you. The goal is to make yourselves the victims according to their own standards and logic. That's how you undermine them.

Here's how you do it:

Point out that no one objects to nationality-specific clubs relating to culture/race/etc. For example, no one is going to complain about a Gambian Heritage club or a Japanese club. Similarly, no one gets too upset about a German club or an Italian club or an Irish club. It's all part of the fun, right?

But then point out that when it comes to generic racial identity clubs, people freak the fuck out. There is an African-American club (composed of racial descents from presumably multiple parts of Africa), an Asian club (despite the fact that Asia is huge and there are clear differences in culture and outlook throughout, such as East Asians compared to Southeast Asians compared to Central Asians, etc), etc. But when you proposed a generic White/European-descended club, people freaked the fuck out. Hell, you're open to anyone joining, even if they're NOT white/European (Yes, that last bit is annoying, but its a killer trump card against being called discriminatory).

Haven't people been saying "Celebrate Diversity" for years now? Are we not allowed to celebrate generic European and European descended identity, which has been pushed for years as well over at Europe? Can't you celebrate that heritage, which includes the arts, literature, various kinds of foods, etc? Doesn't objection to this amount to discrimination?

Go with that. Make it a point of being annoyingly friendly and harmless. Help people carry shit, have the club volunteer cleaning a local park up, give home to the homeless (regardless of race), etc. The more they flip the fuck out trying to paint you as Nazis while everyone can see that you're the nicest and harmless people in the neighborhood, the more sympathy you elicit. Eventually, people are likelier to get turned off by the rage.

ESPECIALLY if you offer free food. College kids fucking love free food.

Once you have people in the club, give it a year before you start indoctrinating them. Let them experience the sheer overwhelming venom from the other students (and presumably the school newspaper commentators) for doing nothing wrong other than… being white. Eventually they'll start questioning everything they know.

Then start slowly. Is this not unfair? Can't we run our group, our community, in peace? What we do seems to work and make the community better for others. They're spending their time protesting us and doing… what exactly? Shouldn't we celebrate our brother/sisterhood?

Your best bet is to join the College Republicans and plaster Trump all over campus to recruit Chads and Stacys. Hide your power level in public and in meetings, but troll the fuck out of marxists in plausibly deniable ways.

Derp. Meant to say give food to the homeless. Mental slip.

Seriously though, not only are you invalidating the libs, but you can also put this down as "volunteering experience" on your resume later on.

Forgot to add, if you want to be around people you can trust join or try to make a fraternity.

As long as everyone has opsec and you only recruit white males who aren't faggots and pansies, you can get away with anything.

Especially if you have athletes. Baseball players are the best, usually good Christian guys. Wrestlers are good too.

The goal should be to have a public face where you can make normie-friendly arguments (what's wrong with letting people of all races live, why are we demanding white people - or any other people - die out) and you can plot global white supremacy in private.

All unis make hidden clubs and frats illegal, so keep your opsec up. No facebook groups or stupid shit.

for fuck's sake stop using jpg for simple graphics, use png instead

are you the one they are already bitching about at UW? if so, keep up the good work, brotha

The first step on your redpilling campaign should be instigating a lighthearted mood, like nationalist and antileft jokes and that stuff so people will start to dilute their anti right biases. On the "real" action side ,thats more difficult though.

Not me, what happened at UW?

Will do

Good stuff, I definitely want to make it something of a social club so people feel involved.

I'll definitely add a heritage/cultural aspect. My university is littered with Ethnic student groups, so they would have to allow it.

This is exactly the sort of thing Codreanu's Iron Guard did when they were getting started. Some volunteer work would certainly help legitimize the organization in the eyes of the administration as well.

I'm already in the College Republicans, so I'll work that aspect as well. I love Trump, but I feel now we have the opportunity to go even further.

got an email from our (((chancellor))) about some "alt-right group" starting up. It was Faceberg based, so I'm actively avoiding it. But if you were the guy they are so afraid of succeeding, I was going to ask where the meet-ups were being held so I could join without an FBI trail. The kicker is like 4 months ago, they had anti-white groups everywhere bolstering their ranks. But now that there is a pro-white group to stand up to them?
godspeed in your efforts elsewhere, tho

paranoia from outside the board leads to perfect psyops to maintain this place an echochamber.

Definitely going to try to avoid ZOG'd social media

Guess this as good a place as any to post this.
Does anyone remember that guy a while back who got in a bit a trouble over a situation where his professor was asking the class to discuss the pros and cons of capitalism vs communism. She kept on interrupting the discussion, saying that people needed to give concessions to the left, to which the user in question basically told her to fuck off. If anyone has screencaps or a thread archive, I'd be much appreciated. I also remember there was a second user with a similar story.

I recently got into a similar situation

17 year old California user here
I dun fucked up early in high school and now I'm doing Independent Study at the local youth sanctuary

I fucked up my early high school by being sick so often that I lost credit, but now I'm easily maintaining a 4.0 and doing self-improvement

The faculty at this school I'm going to fucking love me. The smallest minority in the student body is whites, and I come into this nog-infested shithole while doing as I feel all white men should do [be humble, understanding, generous, articulate, and steadfast] so I have full support from all teachers and administration already.

My goal so far is to continue doing what I'm doing while not hiding my political ideals in the least. I've already been talking some Bern victim teacher into supporting National Socialism. Like a lead by example kind of thing I suppose.

I also spearheaded a deal with a local maker-space and the school to at least give my fellow students the opportunity to find an alternative to jumping into university and drowning in debt.

I have the praise of the entire student body, despite only being there for roughly an hour a week. What should I do to further my goal of redpilling those around me?

Keep in mind much of the student body here are either sluts who got knocked up or Mexican 'gangsters' that knocked their beanness up.

A history group would be a great place to drop subtle redpills

Keep in mind OP, at least at my state university that once a lot of people find out about the club, you'll most likely get a big group of shitskins/confrontational niggers showing up to them as "protest" to get you to give up

Maybe I'm a helpless LARPer, but I would go more along the "secret society" route to a white student organization. Maybe you could start with a public club and then sort through the chaff to find more dedicated members. The reason I say this is that even if user above did all that you recommend (and you gave some damn good advice), he'll still be hounded mercilessly, get doxed, attacked, the works. What's more is that a public club that by definition has to accept non-white members and is probably located somewhere on campus, will be targeted for massive leftist sit-ins. They'll use the old progressive stack method, and show up at every meeting with droves of hollering, shouting shitskins and not allow you a word in edgewise as they berate you for being a white supremacist. They would literally not allow the club to function, and there would be nothing you could do about it.

I'd say you don't have much material to work with, user. Specifically target those whites you think might be worthwhile, approach them in friendship. If they're not already progtards they'll probably jump at the chance to commiserate with a fellow white person about how you're surrounded by muds.

t. user who went to a 70% nog high school

I hope to avoid a traditional school club format, and like other anons have suggested go for hikes, do volunteer work, etc.
If it does become an official student organization, I will allow in "anyone interested in European-American culture/heritage" but for the main section operating outside the University, essentially whites only.

Great idea OP, I was thinking of doing similar but I'm graduating in a couple months so no point really. My idea was to make a club called the "Anti-Communist League" and try to get the conservatives interested. You can do speeches in public talking about modern day communist subversion and cultural marxism, Yuri, etc as well as counter-protest whatever gay shit is going on. Try to redpill people on the jews using Rockwell's arguments and sources. Put up succinct flyers with redpills and your club logo. Deface gommunist/socialist club flyers and crash their meetings.

Your idea sucks.

You will never win over the other side because they will always find new SJWs to attack you who don't know how apparently nice you are. The administrators will catch on to your strategy and possibly send in infiltrators into your club. Furthermore, you will never find members who are dedicated enough and sufficiently strong-willed to withstand all of the attacks that the school will throw at them, at least initially, even if there was a guarantee that the club will be accepted by everyone on campus within say, 2 years. You seriously don't understand how news travels along a predominantly liberal campus if you think that hard leftists will warm up to you if you just do nice things. They will immediately suspect you're trying to win them over and that you're still a Nazi because of how strongly held their preconceived bias about you is.

The Ivy League has plenty of pro-white clubs. They aren't specifically national socialist, rather just white nationalist, but you're kind of a retard if you think that you will get actual national socialists to join your club, and not just whites who feel disenfranchised or hate non-whites. At best. you will be able to convince some of the already existing members that national socialism is the way to go, but even that is pushing it.

Here's how you do it:

-Start a fraternity.

You're probably autistic and not nearly cool enough, so I doubt this would work for you. You also mentioned you go to a public college, so I doubt that Greek life is all that popular at your school. Starting a frat is tough and you would need a network of people to help you do it initially as well. The advantages of having a frat is that you can arbitrarily reject people for any reason and they have no recourse. With clubs, its a lot harder. You also get your own frat house at some point, and you get to test people by hazing them or making them complete certain tasks. Can't do that with a club.

-Start a special interest club.

For God's sake, don't start a "European heritage" club. That sounds like an obvious white nationalist front to even the most dim-witted leftist. This is college, not a fucking ghetto high school; even the lefties are smart enough to see through your coded language. Instead, call it something like "Mythology Enthusiasts" club or something that whites, especially those of white nationalist leanings, would attend. Sure, you will get plenty of non-whites, but most whites who are interested in European mythology are probably pro-white, or at least classically educated. You could name it anything that will disproportionally attract whites and then identify which whites are nationalists, and form a special "in" group within the club.

-Meet people on campus with similar views to you by using coded language (presenting typical arguments like "ugh, I'm so tired of this political correctness on campus", certain memes or Holla Forums language). This would require some modicum of social skill, which I hope you have, but you can find enough people, all join a club like College Republicans and take over the executive-board during the next election by voting for each other. That's it - now you have a legitimate club and you can push the Overton window further to the right with it. You can't go natsoc, but now you have a plausible public cover.

I'm not interested in starting some sort of nationalist social group in disguise, I want to get directly politically involved.

Won't work, ok imagine these scenarios:

Your university isn't a democracy. You don't get a say if they don't like you. The administration won't tell you that you aren't allowed to be national socialist, but they will make sure that leftist groups attack you and sabotage your events with impunity. They will drag their feet whenever you try to reserve any room, organize any event, acquire any funds etc. You don't have a national organization of American Collegiate Nazi Organizations that you can fall back on that will pressure your school or support you. Look, I was the president of a very old club for 3 years throughout my college career, I know how this works.

At best, you can do this secretly. You will never be able to be openly national socialist as a club, especially at your liberal campus.

I plan on any part of the organization within the university essentially just being a front for recruitment.
The actual organization won't operate on university grounds
I'm not bothered that they'll attempt to protest us or what have you

Just tell the truth. The greatest and most powerful propaganda is that which tells the people the truth.
Instead of being edgy and just being about gassing jews, start telling people about the Civil War of 1918 led by Commie Jews right after the end of the great war, which was done to disrupt Germany and turn it into a communist state. Tell them that Adolf was not a crazy person, and that he turned the unfair debt the world placed on Germany at the time back into a decent economy that was stable in no time. Tell people that they may not be christian, but that they can't deny the fact that the good christian values put forth by Adolf were with the intent to bring his fellow man up, putting the power of currency and money back into the hands of the people by righteous obligation rather than forced practice. Tell them the difference between national socialism, and how communism is a means for big leaders to put everyone on equal footing under them and make it so it is impossible for anyone to rise above the oppressive economic system.
If you want to get them in the right mindset, when they bring up the bad things the nazis had done, be honest with them and with yourself; tell them that Hitler saw that Jews, the people who sought to take advantage of good christian Germans after they were critically wounded by the great war, were nothing but trouble wherever they went, and decided to round them up into concentration camps to make sure they wouldn't fuck with the rest of the country. And then inform them that if America had not halted Japanese supply routes and stopped feeding the allies weapons and supplies, Japan would not have attacked America, and America would not have gone to war against Germany, they would not have bombed German supply routes, causing the spread of Typhus near the end of the war which brought severe casualties to the German people. Talk about how the Jewish deaths were not as large as they were told to be, and how out of 2 or so million Jews living in Germany, a great deal of them got out and are still living today; the idea must be squashed that the Nazis were some evil force that wanted to exterminate Jews, and it must be reminded that they were still very christian in actions, allowing supplies to come in to give care packages to the jews that were concentrated, and even allowing them to leave Germany, since the whole point was to make sure they got out or stopped fucking with Germany in general. The idea that jews "escaped" the nazis is absolutely absurd; Germany could not have been more happy to be rid of the vermin.
Get them in the mindset that being good to your fellow man is all that is needed, and that you must learn from the mistakes of the past to not trust fiends who take advantage of you; tell them of the jews and how their book of rules is based upon holding themselves above non-jews, and have them understand that being good to your fellow man ends when those men act as though they are on different footing than you; if they stagger the ground, they are already below you, and they must be shown through violent fury that the only thing that has any unequal footing is god, or KEK.
Jews will never learn no matter how many chances they are given, so it is best to wipe them away and forget them and their jewish ideas; soon the phrase itself will hold the same sort of meaning that barbarian still holds today. Tell them that being christian isn't the only way to be a good person, and other religions do have some code of morals, but that being a jew means you believe yourself superior to anyone and therefore have a right to abuse them how you see fit.
Truly, the scariest thing to a jew is to tell the truth, so do the world a favor and strike fear in the hearts of those dreadful vermin.

If you end up doing an off campus group, see if you can get people from multiple universities, if you can, make sure the process of recruiting and setting up is organized, then they may bring more people in or even start a brother organization at their university

I definitely want to keep this as non-edgy and non-larpy as possible. I want to be professional in the manner of Rockwell or Codreanu.
That was a huge redpill for me.

All good stuff. Ultimately however I will try not to focus on Natsoc Germany, as the goal of the organization is American nationalism, and America as a nation.

There are a couple nearby Universities, so I'll certainly try to branch out as quickly as possible.


Call it Traditional Club or somewhere along those lines. Be the alternative to the degeneracy of society.

You have to start somewhere and going straight into the politics without a significant member base you will be a forgotten joke at campus.

I've never really known my own nation as it is, isn't that funny? I know so much about Germany, but I don't even live there. The kikes spent so long with my generation of making sure we knew that hitler was a bad guy that they barely had the time to tell us anything about this country. I honestly feel very patriotic, and I can appreciate the patriotic sentiments, I believe that without a people, a nation is nothing, so the people should constantly work to make sure they have a nation.
I bring up Germany because it helps people understand that the stigma that comes with NatSoc is built on fabrications about world war 2. It's helpful to get people to rally against kikes when you use the thing that they've been using to gain power against them; it will no longer be in their hands and they will have nothing to stand on in the end.

I feel you bro, I honestly feel nothing for America and wish I was in Europe. I know nothing about this country and any "culture" we had has been completely merchandised. All I ever learned in American history class is
Literally nothing even about the revolutionary war or world wars or anything. Only history classes I ever enjoyed were ancient European history. Took an excellent class in college taught by a Russian lady called "History of Western Civilization", middle school history taught by a Pole who turned the entire class into history of the Soviet Union and Cold War, and some world history classes in elementary school. And now that I actually know about the hidden parts of American history, I don't really care for them because I don't believe in democracy or egalitarianism and think the Enlightenment was a mistake. I dislike everything this country ever stood for. Kind of wish I could just be a racist libertarian like TRS, that's all the founding fathers were.

You are in an environment where everything that is not at least moderate left is seen as right. So forget giving your group even the slightest hint of being political because you will get attacked. With a mostly lefty and kike administration your intended "stirring" will whip some mouthfoaming activists into a frenzy and they will get you in trouble. It's better to be apolitical on the outside and natsoc on the inside.
Before creating a new organization think about if there isn't something existing that you and a couple of buddies can infiltrate and take over. This is often easier as you think. People like organized events but they don't like organizing them. Become the "I'll do it" guy and you will quickly rise to the top.

If you start something new I'll suggest some of these topics:
ABC university Nordic / German / Polish etc. heritage club
ABC university historical society
ABC university students HSE (health safety environement) organization (RWSS)
Campus volunteer firefighters ( notice the diversity)
ABC university survivalist / outdoor / mountaineering club
ABC university mens choir

Personally I think HSE and fire fighters are best as it will pretty much guarantee you financial support from the administration, you don't need special skills, you learn something useful on the way and you become pretty much immune to attacks. Who in a right mind attacks a fire fighter? They are also topics that no nigger or leftist have any interest in. Back in my days I was part of an outdoors club. Had a great time on our financially supported camping excursions with my kameraden.

Start something like a Latin club. I'd say classics but then you'd have to worry about Jews, who tend to infest Classics Depts like rats.

I too fucking love that man. He went through so much. Cool to hear another user has a similar idea I have. I want to start up a Far-Right Movement and get out there in the public and get shit DONE.

Quick bump

Pittsburghfag here; would be into getting a group together for public action in PA.

Good on you lad

I'm heading to uni this year and plan to spread Holla Forums propaganda around the campus. We have a huge socialist group here that will definitely get in the way. Any tips?

infiltrate and turn them into natsoc's from within

It has to be something respectable.

Safety Skwads not RWDS

Think of some type of community service activity or outdoors adventuring you can do to build teamwork and a good reputation.

Are there major public uni's in right wing areas? I'm thinking like the football schools here basically. May be more prudent to build elsewhere.

It's a nice idea, but I'd be spotted and kicked out pretty quickly. These guys are full blown marxists and a lot of them are non-white.

Sort of
Most major right wing states have liberal areas around the universities

Why not both? Have a student organization to give you a friendly public face, many hands to make light work, more whites redpilled overall, and a larger potential pool of recruits for your sekrit society

Does anyone have any symbols/logos like this I could put on a new poster? After last night's events I want to take a more anti-communist bent

Not much but 'ere it is.

Call it the History and Moral Philosophy Club.



This sounds like the generic cuckservative modus operandi for the past thirty years.

Made a new poster, thoughts?

Also does anyone have any good symbols with a transparent background like
going for a somewhat flat/black and white aesthetic