Shooting in Quebec Mosque: Thread 2



False Flag? Or Sectarian Violence?

CNN: Quebec Mosque Shooting is Deadly, Police Say

NYT: 5 Reported Dead in Shooting at Quebec City Mosque

CNBC: 5 Dead in Quebec City Mosque Shooting: Mosque President

Bill 59

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First for non-cuckchan thread.

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So, goys, who's the shooters? False flag? I still can't find shit.

Thread off to a good start

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check check. good start

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It's weird the way they're not releasing information about it.

report/sage other #2 thread

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Yeah. I noticed the official statement was "Not releasing info. No motive." and automatically though, it's dindus or muslims. If it'd been a pure white starting the second Crusades, they'd have that shit all over the place.

Check the catalog you fucking kike we have a dozen threads already.



posting in based OP thread not cuck OP thread

so when the fuck are we going to find out what's going on? We need mug shots of these faggots. Does cucknadia release mug shots? I'm itching to make new mems to fire off to all the douchebag virtue signalers on FB and Twitter.

Want to know how I can tell your from cuckchan?


Whats up with shooting up a mosque and not shooting it out with the popo? Why didn't these guys go out guns blazing? How the fuck they get captured?

You are so pathetic; it's laughable how much you'll shill to get your (you)s.

You keep digging yourself into a bigger hole.

Enlighten me, kike.

it's almost like their masters wanted as little collateral damage and uncontrolled evidence as possible.

from previous thread, supposedly one of the suspects an hero'd on some bridge after running from the police.

filtered. god you're insufferable.

both were caught alive

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Looks like it will be tomorrow morning before anything is released

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Fuck I need some update on this happening. With the cuckchan OP filtered theres nothing going on except dubs
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if they're taking their sweet time to post names, there is no way they're white.

Reports saying only 1 arrested and I think they lowered it to one shooter so Lone Wolf? Not sure. Conflicting reports.

if you're going to stay here, please learn how to properly make threads


Well that's not fucking suspicious



This whole situation has been pretty sketchy

AK 47 my ass too.
Probably a CZ or SKS, maaaybe.

False flag. They sacrificed some shitskins in order to pass their thought crime legislation.

that's my thought too. but canadia is retarded so maybe thats why we aren't seeing anything about whodunnit.

at least they're doing something right



Many thanks.

Not when the bill that is pushed by the false flag is exactly to give the mudshits protected status usually reserved for kikes.

What the fuck is this shit?

filter him I think the kid is actually pretty autistic.

That guy is the butthurt cuckchanner who spammed in the last thread.

new report says 6 killed and 8 injured, victims range from 35-70 years old

The real thread #2 is so sweet, you guys.

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I will donate $100 to the Canadian Muslim Congress if the gunman is not a mudshit.

evil nazis trump is surely to blame for this

cant you see extremism has nothing to do with islam?

calling it

Thats like predicting tomorrow will be Monday.

aaaaaand LCN just reported its one Muslim and one Quebecois.



if you're going to stay here at least make an attempt at killing yourself first


and what the fuck is a quebecois i don't speak frog


an inbred retarded frenchman hailing from the "la belle" province.

quebecois/quebecer is a french canadian from quebec you dumb nigger

Is the "Quebecois" still a mudslime?

They're hiding it as best as they can; they're doing everything to lead the public into thinking they were white while making sure not to release names

man this stream is cucked

If it was a few whites blowing away some muzzies you'd bet the media whores wouldn't shut the fuck up about it.
Every hour they don't mention names and races the more it is likely that this is another mud on mud crime.

That's the only thing that gives me solace. I can't wait for these liberal fucks to wake up the next morning and have that stuffed in their face. No one who isn't a city rat is falling for this anymore.

thats fair

"y-y-yeah hehe we'll get you the names of the evil r-r-racists that committed this atrocity that is on par with the holocaust… b-b-but first lets have a in-depth history of all hate crimes that ever happened in canada"

Why did the other thread get shoahed?

Religion of Peas

I'll go with arab moslem immigrant and ginger convert.

No idea. Press conference starting soon, not sure where it's being broadcast from though.

LOL did that autistic nigger's thread actually get deleted? I reported it for cuckchannery.

Parce que c'était de la merde.

That OP was a cuckchan faggot.

I'll take Canadian Muslim for $300


Link to live press conference?

dunno, It was the legit one.

I guess the mods keeps working against us after all.


1:1.5 for Muslim
1:4 for White
1:4 for nigger
1:100 for Asian

Don't do faggotry, kids.

99% sure this is just infighting between different dune coon factions. All they do is kill each other in the middle east, why would they stop doing it here.

My bet is pure white but converted to islam.

Mudslim did it

1:1000 for native


Fuck off cuckchanner, the other thread was cancer.

french stream dunno if its working outside cucknada

ANyone have a good english stream for the press conference ?

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Oh damn… Nice bet. Would garner you 1:2.5 odds.

Actual press conference in 3 minutes. Note that the current premier is a federalist, so he'll likely spin it as being the fault of nationalists.

he's in here btw, id: c8906b
filter him ahead of time as chemo therapy

I don't know if it's that or my toaster being a toaster, but it doesn't play for me.

Tabarnak :D

what are the odds on a banned country?

its not. anyone want to translate the bagelspeak?

Strange that it would happen for the first time right now though, eh? Canada has been importing muds for a while, and I can't remember ever hearing about this happening in Europe; at least not enough to make the MSM.

I thought it'd happen in Sweden or Germany for sure before Canada.

how does that even make sense. if a snackbar did it they would probably be hardcore moslem, not some softcore version of islam that some fag would convert to

The other thread was fine, this is just mods being cucks as always.

Osti, fak c des mangeux d'sable ou des de souche dapres vous ?

Banned country? So obviously Muslim and I suppose I'd go 1:1.75. However, Saudi isn't on the list. Might even go 1:2.


The shooters aren't white

hey imam watcha doin

OP is faggot

I'm guessing afghani

I'll roll for some red pilled natives

it could also be a falseflag

Law 59 is the worst thing that couls happen to the nation recently

Well, you know how evil white Canadians get. Them and their assault rifles attacking all the fags and minorities.

Mods make their own versions of threads and delete the originals all the times.
They get seriously butthurt when we ignore their shit threads.

Some fags convert to hardcore islam. Didn't a bunch of brit converts go fight for ISIS?

Praise Kek

Its going to be 2 muzzies + one radicalized forg faggot like that kid from ottawa who went to join isis. john maguire.

1000 on an Algerian and some ginger convert from Rimouski

Can any leafs comment on the ease or difficulty of getting automatic weapons in Canada? Are your gun laws super strict?

shut up nigger.

trudeau + assorted faggots and feminists aren't capable to planning a false flag.

they don't need to false flag shit. they have dictatorial power. we have a parliament system here.

Where can I see the press conference?


oh man that dude

If they reported the age of the perp hours ago and still haven't reported the race it's pretty certain it isn't white.

its french…

Des enfants de mangeux d'sable nés au Québec qui vont être présenté comme des ultra-nationalistes, c'est parti pour ça en tk. Tout ca pour nous crisser d'autres loies baillon

not easy, unless you, you know, don't follow the law

Impossible to have automatic firearms as a civilian, with or without regular+restricted permit. Now, I don't know if the chinese mafia from BC or the shitskins have been importing and distributing shit illegally.

Automatic weapons are absolutely impossible to get in Canada; they are completely prohibited. The only places you'll find them are either on Indian reserves, or smuggled over the border.

It's easy to get an automatic fun in any country if you have agency. Guns aren't some magical machine that can only be made by the magical elves at the assault rifle factory.
Got access to some nice stock steel? You can make one in a short amount of time.

Doesnt work for me
Do I need QuickTime or something to view this?



Yeah fucking right. Anyone with some mechanical aptitude can make one. You fucking idiots.

I havent seen a gun here in my entire life

Oh yes they are.
The libs are a lot of things, but they are not stupid when it comes to hold power.
This party held power in canada for over 70% of the time. They are adept at dividing the oppositions.

absolutely impossible. AK, FAL, G3, every fun gun illegal; all magazines pinned to 5 rounds; pistols and AR-15's all but banned and need super-strict license

OP deserved his ban.

Not to sound like Trudeau but Canada has a very diverse population of immigrants and they don't like their children being raped either. Thats a big reason why they moved to Canada.

Just called la presse canadienne. Still working on that gamma apparently.


Like someone said before, only those with connections to the criminal underworld or a government-backed false flag.

Pretty sure Harper did at least one false flag. Freemasonry and Jews are everywhere in this country.

No shit.

Thanks. Just trying to get a sense for how much Canada can pretend their strict gun laws are actually a good thing.

Shooters were using AKs unless the media fucked up. These weren't homemade weapons.

real easy when you're backed by a community of likeminded killers and at least 5 foreign government agencies.

I'm worried it could've just been a gotten carried away White patriot who thought he could make a getaway and shift the blame by shouting "Allahu Ackbar" with a face mask. Of course it could be a genuine convert or a Muslim who's lived in Quebec his whole life and has the accent.

I don't agree with this kind of violence, since there's a peaceful political channel. All the same, it's important not to feel too sorry for these kebab, they should have known what they were getting into coming to a White Western country.

Jesus Christ, you faggots are retarded.

Semi automatic rifles are legal unless they look scary.

no nigger. get a competent browser. works on chrome.


One of the two men arrested in connection with the terrorist attack in a Quebec mosque would be of Quebec origin and the other would be of Arab origin, according to information obtained by Félix Séguin from our Investigative Office.

One of the two suspects would be 27 years old, according to TVA News.

The two men, detained by the police, are to be questioned shortly.

The suspects entered the mosque in Sainte-Foy shortly after 7:30 pm, at which time the prayer began.

One of the two men was arrested at the Center culturel Islamique de Québec.

The other individual was arrested by the police near the Ile d'Orléans bridge.

Well yeah, no shit you retard. We're saying they're BANNED, not that you can't get them. It would make the federal government look like a pack of complete retards if an automatic weapon that they said was "totally banned and impossible to get in the country" somehow managed to find its way into these people's hands.


... |


''One of the two men arrested in connection with the terrorist attack in a Quebec mosque would be of Quebec origin and the other would be of Arab origin, according to information obtained by Félix Séguin from our Investigative Office.

One of the two suspects would be 27 years old, according to TVA News.

The two men, detained by the police, are to be questioned shortly.

The suspects entered the mosque in Sainte-Foy shortly after 7:30 pm, at which time the prayer began.

One of the two men was arrested at the Center culturel Islamique de Québec.

The other individual was arrested by the police near the Ile d'Orleans bridge.

Six people were killed Sunday night in the mosque and eight others were injured.''

Ca veut dire quoi des mangeux de sable? Anglo ici.


Polish Tantal AK-style demilled souvenirs can can be rebuilt with a barrel and some stock for a receiver are about $279 USD. Technically not a rifle because it doesn't function, but can be made to function in original condition in about 4 hours.

So a regular muslim and a convert. Nice combination. Wonder what the motive was

Give me long odds on Amish.

You deserve a bullet for your retardation

mangeux de sable = sand eater slanglishly said

If it's indeed a muzzie chimpening like most suspect, Trump has been delivered the most perfect vindication you could possibly have.

He's just enacted his immigration ban and leftycunts have spent the last few days kvetching about the kebab Shoah. Canada has rapidly risen to the ranks of most cucked country on the planet with Cuck Prime making a simpering statement on how all refugees are welcome literal hours ago.

If it was muzzie on whites, they could used it as an example of Trump's actions inciting dangerous retaliation. If it was whites on muzzie it's an example of Trump inciting hatred. There is no fucking way you can spin muzzie on muzzie violence as anything other than them showing their true nature.

If Holla Forums continues ever onward with being right, this is going to be fucking delicious.

Sand eaters, dune coons.

Sand eaters

They said AK47; means it could be anything with a banana magazine from a CZ-58 to a tacticool SKS

Abdullah is Quebecois just like you because he was born there, goy.

Litterally "sand eaters" (Mangeurs de sable) aka sand niggers.

The killer

"This is the result of Trump," says a bystander in Arabic.

This is why I don't feel bad for muslims.

Go see the first thread which is now at post limit and look at all the cancerous spamming that faggot did to get it to 750.

He's in here now too see
Pure fucking faggot. Numerous reports, it just took time for mods to sift through.

God. How can the left even counter-signal that one.

You took the b8 friendo

In this context it's probably some disaffected second-generation immigrant raised by his parents to always pine for a homeland and a religion he never knew instead of integrating into the country and customs they willingly settled in.

The leaf rises. I was feeling hopeless earlier today after Trudeau's virtue-signalling "it's too bad you couldn't bomb the US anymore, maybe you can bomb our assholes instead~" statement. If true, this shooting news is fantastic.

I know for a fact that the SKS is easy to purchase and very easy to modify in Canada. I mean there is NO WAY someone could send you a high-cap magazine from America, right? I mean the country that borders you sells them all day long and literature that teaches you how to convert it to full auto doesn't exist, right?

Truly the evilest of whites.
That politeness is just a cover for their maniac bloodlust.

We had some gangely nerd join ISIS and get executed when he realized that it wasn't like Call Of Duty… haha fuck that little cunt.

OK it's illegal but it isn't hard to get if you don't give a fuck and are part of some terrorist group.

Fag sex?
Apparently ass banging kids is pretty popular in some parts of the middle east.

Or a glock, or a shotgun, or a big wooden dildo.

… what are you implying nigger?

That faggot ass frogs have what it takes to carry out such a violent attack?

All frogs care about is cigarettes and gibs.

Yeah, I'm sure that happened and Huffpo isn't being scumbags and using the shooting to push their own agenda.

Fuck I wish Huffpo would get flagged as fake news or something and removed.

I'm starting to wonder if I can make a temple dedicated to Hitler, find others to join the cult and call it a place of worship.

You are right, they're trying to down play the fact they are both shitskins.

They should bar the metaphoric doors behind themselves if they are really serious about protecting their kids from turd world savagery. Instead they vote to import more of the human garbage from their backwards ass homelands

this is the best reality

Also, I'm trying to establish the affiliation of the mosque. The text under the logo looks like Urdu and not Arabic because of how it's stylised but I'm not sure. That would make them probably Sunnis.


That's not how it works. The rule of law isn't meant to protect you.

The only thing stopping someone from having a magazine above the legal capacity is a little stopper that can be drilled out in a couple of seconds. You can own a hi cap magazine here, but only if it's pinned; the pin can easily be drilled out.

and when i mean pinned i mean literally just a pop rivet in the magazine body to block it at 5 rounds that any retard can drill out, not some kind of sophisticated block


Ah merci, les grenouilles

get in here

It was fine but the op was spamming his new thread in the previous thread like an autistic cuckchan faggot over 100 posts before it caped out.

Impossible to buy one legally. Easy if you have some simple machine tools and modify a semi auto yourself. The difference between full auto and semi auto guns is fairly small and the pieces you need could be made and fitted in a few evenings.

Assuming they were AK's they could easily find semi auto ones in the US, smuggle them to Canada then convert them to full auto.

Incoming shitty conference

My predictions for Quebec City in 2017

Lots of outlets are starting to say the "one quebecer, one arab" line, which can be translated as "One muslim migrant, one muslim second generation migrant indoctrinated in a local place".

The people who've been blaming Quebec nationalists are going to eat their hats if that's what it is.

"born in Quebec" doesn't necessarily imply white.

false flag

Trudeau put out a statement inviting all refugees, immigrants, and travellers turned away by Trump's new policy to go to Canada instead.

Well, with the SKS in particular, they don't make a 5-rounder. The original fixed mag is a 10 rounder. Wouldn't make much sense to go full auto with a ten round fixed mag, although it is very quickly reloaded if you have ammo clips ready to go.


For fuck's sake it's almost 4AM just announce the fucking names so I can go to sleep

No, you can have a cult dedicated to fucking kids but you try to have anything even approaching what you just said and the ATF is going to come and kick in your doors.

Quebec speaks """""""French"""""""""

Bienvenue au Quebec

Frenchie fag translate for us please.

It's worth a shot but your balls would have to be bigger than your head.

converting a rifle to full auto is pretty useless, you can shoot just as well in semi-auto; plus you might mostly just ruin it. Not worth the trouble.


French belongs in France, not North America

In French Canada they'll usually announce in French first, then in English second.

The leaf doesn't rise. You don't want it to rise. You want it to burn. Do you know that the kikes pushed for the adoption of the leaf? You know why. It's not actually a leaf. To the Jew, the three-major points of the leaf represent the three major races: Europeans, Asians and Shitskins, the smaller points on the leaf the different ethnicities from each racial group. It's a symbol of the mixing of all races, and the branch coming out of the bottom is the mongoloid-nigger slave race of goyim over which the Jews will rule as masters.

Grab your rake and get to work.>>9052897

Gee i dont know, what's the english shit in America?


I control 75% of the maple-syrup market. Make me lad.

Still saying nothing

user pls

Rival Mosque did it.

I agree somewhat, although a .308 on full auto is great for suppressive fire at a distance. But really, these are sand niggers. They have no concept of aim, so full auto is better for them. They just want to mag dump into a crowd.

French belongs in the parts of France England never conquered.

All I understand is haww haww haww and baguette

I really doubt he will

have to wake up in 4 hours to wage cuck… full of energy waiting for the names.

I'm already part of one of the protected class of citizen so I dunno how the PC police would deal with that.

we don't have direct confirmation yet triple nigger.

Of course everyone fucking knows there's next to no chance whitey did it at this point. I'm making sure I acknowledge it isn't verifiable yet so no one jumps the gun and starts trolling cucks with it before it's time and spreading disinfo.

What version of COD are you kids playing these days?

Now he's calling Quebec a land of islam.

Couillard shilling for multiculturalism in the (((press conference))). It's gonna be rad when we find out it was muzzies who did it.



Well if it's going to be full of different variations of "Brown retard" shooting each other then yes i would believe that Canada is "A land of islam."


That's a 5.56 gun, not a .308 gun, you fucking retard.

England never fully conquered France but France Conquered England :^)

The Canadian flag is a monument to being a pussy.

shilling for multikult and reassuring muzzies that they belong here forever.

french is the language of peace

wow and to think I thought french canadians were okay

Well, it's still full auto. Is it useless?

for the most part they are, they're just beholden to (((Montreal)))

come on, give us some mudslime names please kek

Don't hate, goyim.

you have to be 18 to post here

Considering the efforts they go through to avoid mentioning motive and only singr cumbaya is a sure sign of muslim suspects.


The traitor deserves the rope.

I guess Obongo represents the US, then.

Fuck I hate this language
ulala solidarité
va te faire foutre

The tension mounts, what will they be?

Up for debate. I was just pointing out that you're just spouting shit you hear in video games or something.

Can any Canadianbros tell me what Trudues approval rating is?

Just to be clear, you're not missing anything. They haven't seen anything interesting, no new information.

It's one of the lowest energy press conference I've seen in a while. Last one was Jeb or Clinton tbh

Top kek

Looks like we have to build that northern wall after all, fellow burgers.

Gotta be over 55%, canadians love being cucks

Because he was a cuckchan rapefugee who made the thread while the other one had over a hundred posts left.

translate page to english. best we can do.

The premier (the guy who was shilling for muslims) lived in Saudi Arabia for years and spent the last few years trying to make blasphemy against islam illegal. He's shit.

you had one job

Wew lad

Fair enough. I don't think we would ever see a situation where it would be useful to a civilian unless SHTF in a very major and irreparable way. I concede they are mostly useless, but not entirely.

I'll be honnest, I don't fucking know. People here are so fed up with Canadian and provincial politicians that they'd rather talk about Trump.

He did. If you didn't know we have a new President now

48%, I believe.


shooters were non white

no way this cucked mayor could shill for diversity this long and not mention the identity of the shooters if they were white

Of course my southern brethren!

Let me just whip out my leaf leader app and see the stats. I took the push notifications off while trying to nurse my maple syrup hangover.

I'm smart enough to know the US is not filled with half-nigger, half-kike muslim communists. Except for commiefornia.

They so obviously refuse to go anywhere near the question of motives. 100% muzzies.

nah its the other two who are ridiculously small

He's also a member of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada.

NY is too

Its confirmed one Quebec orgion and one arab.

No pics but confirmed.


On a personal level, the only people I've seen standing up for him are virtue-signalling leftists and university students who have been stuck in the education system for so long that they have no conception of living off anything other than student loans and university stipends.
Everyone else I've met tends to shit-talk him in hushed tones lest the PC police grab you. In groups, the worst you'll hear about Trudeau is that he spends too much time doing photo shoots. Talking individually to everyone in that group, and you'll find out that people fucking hate him.

It's like the opposite of what happened with Trump. Everyone outwardly and publicly hated him until it came time to vote.


Jesus fuck

head over to Minneapolis… or Seattle.. or Portland.. or Florida… or NYC… or Michigan… or NJ… need I go on?

So the shooters are fucking muslims?

For what it's worth, I carried a 249 for a year in Iraq and it is definitely not a "mostly useless" weapon when it comes to combat.

They dance around the question too much, that "Quebecois" is a second generation sand nigger, guaranteed.


of course you fucking retard.

quebec isn't alabama. there are no KKK here.

They are desperately dancing around the question

The fact that they're not saying its white shooters is evidence enough that its other muds.

You can bet your life the media would be posting white shooters as the headline if it where true.




"what is the threat you mentioned?"

"the one in front of us"

Just say they're muslim already.

The premier is being real evasive about identifying the suspects. I wonder why?

Christians massacred, church after church burnt down and media does not even make a footnote. One mosque under attack and media goes absolutt insane. Even worse, western "leaders" go out of their way in order to condole the "massacre". May God wipe islam out in the west and may the useless leaders follow suit.

I'm Australian, not american… i get hangovers from Maple syrup too though.

They'll have to be leaked before we ever see them.
But they are both going to be some sort of Brown homunculus.

That's what I see

You forgot chimpcongo in that but yeah, I get the point. Cities are cancer.

The 2's have it.

Speaking of I noticed earlier today this retweet from her. I've been following her for years but this is the first time she's re-tweated something so clear about race and IQ. Confirmed for redpilled.

What will be your face when we learn the attack was planned for America but the ban prevented it?

TVA is shit, don't rely on them.


"One thing is clear: it is a community in particular, the Muslim community" that was the target of this attack

It's like watching Hillary or the Dems refusing to admit radical Islam exists.

What do you anons want to bet Trump tweets about this tomorrow and just flatly calls it out in front of everyone? What would Trudeau do then? Other than piss himself.

Sam Hydekel! how can one man keep getting away with it?!


They are, but the alternative is state-media and they won't touch the question of race until the police announces it.


While conveniently leaving out that it was likely attacked by another Muslim group.

More reliable than state-funded media but that isn't saying much. They basically are the MSNBC to the CBC's CNN.

Maybe they got lost along the way?

I have no doubt the Montreal and Toronto MSM is working on the Trump "effect" angle right now.

They'll go all out. Probably the same south of the border.

err, when people outside of Canada think of Quebecois politics, it's usually the nationalist terrorists who blew stuff up some 40 years ago. Now that's a bit outdated, but the KKK is equally obsolete.

Is Regis Labeaume some sort of overcoddling mother?

I can only wish.

The greatest danger to the muslim community is the muslim community

They are calling it terrorism. If it was a couple whites, they would be calling it a hate crime.

It was Muslims. No question.

What was the thing Trudeau took forever to condemn/comment on? I forgot.

fuck that would be crazy

Double dubs checked.
Just the way faggots are most dangerous to the faggot community.

Why are lefties and the people they support violent?


Finally a real language.

Maple Syrup abuse.

Even then FLQ killed a couple guys and spent the rest of their time blowing up mailboxes and dumb shit.

They were low-level commies who didn't have the balls to follow through on their revolutionary rhetoric and collapsed as soon as they tried.


The leaf cannot speak the truth.



That was the RCMP.


useless press conference is useless.

they will not release any details, and the faggot judge is going to order a publication ban on names and faces.

screencap this.

Fucking talk about the criminals you fucking frog fucker !

Poz Loads

Yeah. They had some genuine commies too.

sounds like the commies we had here in the US in the 70s. Actually, I think our commie revolutionaries ended up blowing themselves up by accident. Oh, and some of their student activists got killed on a college campus by the army. whoops.



He probably means "just like the way faggots are most dangerous to the faggot community", alluding to their penchant for giving each other HIV.

If it was two muzzies you couldn't ask for better timing than this. Trump will take a huge victory lap over this.

Their penchant for fucking everything with a pulse and engaging in some truly fucked up behavior.

good work, my son.

that's how you know it's mudslimes.

if it was whites it would give them a perfect reason to talk about (((coming together))) and celebrating (((diversity)))

Fuck Quebec
fuck quebecois
if there are any of you fuckers in here right now fuck you too
and fuck your ugly language as well

He's known to make retarded comments. Usually he's more insensitive and passes off as slightly oblivious to what he says, not to mention he once stuffed his face while giving a half-assed press conference. He's playing his role perfectly this time, this shit reeks of a false flag.


What a waste of fucking time
fuck this shit

Give us some details you maple syrup sucking sons of bitches!

The FLQ and the Weathermen(I think it was them) collaborated a bit in the late 60s/early 70s.

We've seen this pattern a thousand times.
If they repeatedly refuse to give info about the arrested suspects, it's because that info goes against the narrative.

y u mad bro?

pls no

Is there a story behind this picture? It has always intrigued me.

One tweet and mountains of salt

This faggot is basically shilling for bill 59 without mentioning it.


more animu pls

So blatant in their refusal to go anywhere near the suspects background/motives.

It's basically a confirmation of islamic action.

body dysmorphia + synthol







Why are other countries far right groups lead by women? lmao out of all the far right groups USA is the only one with a man, and he got elected.

wew lads


Here, ask him yourself


The commies that didn't blow themselves up are all professors or running NGOs. McVeigh is dead though

Just be patient for Trump to tweet about this tomorrow and eternally BTFOing Canada for their idiocy.

Is this the new iteration of reddit spacing D&C?

goodnite Holla Forums
Can't wait for Trump's response!

Supposed to quote

oh my god

Sleep tight user. Bonne nuit.


thanks you

checked and grateful


Has there been any press conference yet?


If the liberals had any chance remaining at winning the election, it's definitely gone now.

Please annex us, holy shit

either way, it means war

Basically, one of the two suddenly felt remorse and gave himself up after doing it. My guess is he's the one who was born in Quebec, while the other is the Arab.

There has. They danced around the question and shilled for diversity and white guilt for half an hour and then cut the feed when uncomfy questions were being asked.

You asked for it
now have some more

If I take your country off would you die?

Maybe we can put giant wind turbines that we dump power into to blow border leafs back.

Yes, the premier just dodged questions, said nothing of value, and droned on about unity and feelings. Oh, and don't forget the muslims are always the victims so we have to show them more support and hate speech is bad, mkay?

That's not real. I don't fuckin' believe it.
That's bullshit. It has to be.

why stop now ?


The Commie terrorists taught the last President in college. Obongo's campaign logo was a modified Weatherman symbol.

Where were you during the election? Her tweets were bad.


it's as if there's something inherently dangerous about muslims, either they're already terrorrists or it doesn't require a lot to turn them into terrorrists.
really really interesting, someone should look into it

Shit. Meant to quote

spoiler that shit fag

How are liberals not constantly experiencing severe cognitive dissonance?

"Black people are just as intelligent as whites."
"Without affirmative action, blacks will never compete with whites for jobs."

Islam, exporting its internal wars to the west.

whoever thought that was a good idea deserves a bullet. makes me think trump had a plant inside her team to slide some retarded ideas in. that's too fucking dumb.

It's almost as if their religion explicitly calls for them to violently conquer and enslave non-muslims…. hmm

oh you

They are, which is why they violently lash out.

Leitch campaign, if you are reading this thread: All you have to do is have a well spoken east indian involved in your campaign speaking about the dangers of Islam and the left won't be able to attack you

Liberals don't have cognitive dissonance. They believe their words and deeds are justified because they're "the good guys."

Read Unibomber manifesto short section on liberals.

not leitch campagin,
am east indian
will shill for shekels

There's no way that he said that.

I like the yet implying he would be winning.

100% he did

100% guarantee that some faggot judge is going to issue a blanket publication ban tomorrow.

the "suspects" will never see the inside of a courthouse either.

this is going to get buried.

The endgame for leftists is an America/Canada/Europe where whites are a minority or have been completely killed off. They'll take turns preaching some egalitarian flapdoodle to defend whatever minority is fashionable at the moment, whether it be spics, mudslimes, fags or whatever, but they don't actually believe that shit. This is why their arguments seem so contradictory and full of holes – it's just a smokescreen for them to justify white genocide.

what happens when they run out of countries to conquer? are we then going to experience muslim peace?
interesting questions, so much to think about…

I'm going to get a fuckin' aneurysm reading this bullshit. How!? How fuckin' dumb are these people?!

I miss my life before Holla Forums. Before this election.

Ignorance was truly bliss.

Been nearly an hour since TVA published the "one Quebec origin, one Arab" thing and no denial, so safe to assume it's true.

So, this is indeed muslim on muslim. Anyone who blamed the right, Trump, Quebec nationalists, Leitch, islamophobia or all the usual bullshit are going to look real fucking stupid.

Remember to archive everything. Don't let them memory hole this.


London mayor alluded to the same thing as well.


my man, there's 'bad' and then there's that tweet. not even close to the same level.

if your here, i hope you at least know how to use a toilet?

how many shekels are we talking, chiam?

don't waste my fucking time you bloody bastard.

So that was it, lip service, no names, multicultural tears, and right-wing blaming, fucking frog leafs.

I find it too hard to believe, we may as well have doctors telling us that we must learn to live with cancer, or exterminators telling us we must learn to live with rats, or jews telling us we must learn to live with debt slavery, oh wait that last one worked.

And it will be under the guise of "we can't let these peoples names be known. don't give them the recognition" or some shit. And the left will cheer and give a sigh of relief.

Top fucking kek.
But why did they kill their own people?

While Canada obviously has a huge muslim problem (we all do), banning muslim immigration + deportation is only scratching the surface of your issues. Your goal needs to be a white Canada. If you accept non-whites simply because they are critical of muslims, you'll normalize their presence and create an environment that anyone can be Canadian so long as you're against Islam.

for real. you motherfuckers need to quit that shit. i'm sick of seeing shoe prints on the toilet seats.

That's exactly what I mean. That tweet is the emboidement of insanity.

That's nice. America will spread the names.

Yeah, I fucking bet.

Great lord Kek, please let the next one be a tranny shooting up a feminist poetry jam…

Mudslime double confirmed

We should also be looking at deporting those brown inuits, they have no business being in Canada.

valls and francois hollande are very stupid. i can't wait till april

Meme responsibly user.

1. They didn't do that with Zehaf-Bibeau
2. If they do that, it'll turn on them fiercely in Quebec.

doesn't matter, the damage has been done. No one will point out that it was muz-muz conflict (it flags you as racist), the masses will assume it was white guys because "why would muslims fight?".
Also yes, incoming firearm bans, if you don't have your PAL/funs yet get it you dumb groids.

No one will have appetite for such an idea. If muslims act out then you could get people on your side for them specifically but not "all nonwhites". It is unrealistic.

how about TWO American standard toilets? and remember loo, they're for pooping in, not drinking out of.

Two suspects were arrested. one was arrested here and another was arrested on the highway.

I'm not telling you, but is terrorism

we are bringing dog…and going to interview witnesses…


That stupid bitch got shot in the fucking face for standing up to those animals and then she turns around and defends them. If she had a real fucking change of heart she would have tossed that fucking towel a long time ago.

Yeah yeah… I'm sure this will stop the msm from saying this is all Trump's fault.

Asian terrorists confirmed


ne laissez pas le chien mourir svp

So what you're saying is you know nothing about Quebec.

Do we know who did it yet or they hiding arrested identities because Prime Minster Cuck doesn't want it coming out that it was a Muslim?


I know Quebec matters very little compared to what the rest of Canada (and the world) thinks. This isn't a problem confined to Quebec.

Dear god I haven't seen you in so long you creepy fucker.

One thing I like about this is it happened in the Borough of Sainte-Foy, named for Notre-Dame de Foy. Whatever the motive of the Arab and the Quebecker, they removed kebab from Our Lady of Faith's Borough!


Welp, at least they had the decency to kill their own this time.

Should we take the snippets of the police withholding information about how exactly it's a terrorist attack and memeing it everywhere? I think right now what we should be doing is getting people to start wondering WHY the names haven't been released and why everyone is being so secretive about it.

lol why does he try anymore

but goy, those were not real muslims, real muslims are all about peace…

I wish these terrorists would have the decency to send out a video of themselves to the MSM before the attack to proclaim their race / ISIS allegiance just to make things simpler.

Muslims killing Muslims really puts the libs in a pickle. They can't play the 'Trump made muds hate whites!' angle, nor can they play the 'Trump made whites shoot muds!' card either.

I genuinely wonder how much their worldview starts to crack when they see stuff like this. Or if they're even capable of rational thought.

I hope this isn't a common mindset in Canada, or anywhere really. Look at all we have accomplished in the past year, with Brexit, Trump and the "Overton Window" of acceptable political dialogue shifting drasticaly to the right. You're country is dead if you've conceded that it can never be white, that we should just give up and compromise to kick out muslims.

Here in America our demographics are even worse than yours, and most of my white countrymen are civic nationalists who refuse to identify as "white". Still, I'll never give up my hope because there can be no America unless it's a white America – our present state of only 62% whites is a jewish mockery of our Founding Fathers' vision. You might as well pack up and move if you think it's "unrealistic" to restore a proud, white Canada, because that should be the only acceptable ideal for your nation to shoot for.

Holy shit its that youtube guy, got anymore shit like that pic he did?


they think muslims are victims no matter what


0% chance Canada or America will ever be 90%+ white so you may as well stop talking about it.

Sure, that can be our goal but we need to be more realistic with the pace and order of operations. Even Trump is dealing with one at a time (two I guess).

He always deletes them and tweets an apology for sharing disinfo. Then he'll do a vlog the next week on the importance of verifying sources and avoiding bias lol

Never say never user.

Oh sure, but when the attackers are also Muslim, I feel like it should cause them an aneurysm if they try to rationalize it - like an AI being fed a paradox.

So, any updates, or are we still in Coulter's Law territory?

New information: apparently one of the suspects almost killed himself before confessing to police

Well you can go shove a rake up your ass because your vision is unacceptable to me.

I do agree that whites need to be eased into embracing their white identity, and pushing it too hard could backfire on us. We can strategically use shitskins to criticize other shitskins for us, but we're treading shaky ground with this approach because it creates a giant tent of white nationalism. We must never forget that this is merely a strategy and that these non-whites have no place in the future of our nations.

I mean it would take a lot of work to get it back up to 90% but we need something to strive for, and this whole continent used to be all natives, it wasn't always white.

How the fuck do we have that information but no ID?

Coward couldn't pull the trigger and save us all the trouble.

CBS is running this image as the guy who got arrested. Antwan Al-Kuumya, apparently Tunisian.

Attackers probably have overtly Arab names and they don't want to besmirch the good name of the refugees. :^)

I'll link an earlier post of mine. Trust me, shitlibs don't even care about their hypocrisy when it comes to defending non-whites over whites.

So we're probably looking at a refugee and a convert here.

Premium Kek

Is that really the picture they're using? Haha.


Thank God he has that name. Otherwise the media would be pushing the "white male" angle relentlessly.

Ausfag media called it a "hate crime" when I walked past the TV with the news on.

I swear……

see, not a real muslim, he's drinking beer
besides, "antwan", really? that's obviously a black guy

Whitest looking photo of him, kek.

source or fuck off

Nah, the Muslims lashed out because Trump was mean to them and the Quebecois are racist. Fucking Trump.

I think Asians would be most supportive. There are a lot that LARP as white supremacists but it's adorable so I won't dissuade them.

That would have made this fucking hilarious.

It's Anthony Cumia.

There is none. It's a picture of Anthony Cumia. the Muslims responded to Muslim hate by attacking fellow Muslims?

Sad part is I could actually see a libtard saying this exactly.


PLEASE be a refugee. This and the Syrian war basically over will put a lot of pressure on cuckdeau to be slightly less of a faggot.

first thing i thought of

I hope it's true:

1. So some innocent guy isn't targeted by a witch hunt.
2. Because having a fabulous terrorist would be awesome.




Don't try to understand it, it's really fucking retarded.

They will say internalized islamaphobia


Kill yourself please.

Jesus. Even our terrorists give you fuckers ammunition of memes against us Canadians.

i can't stop laughing holy shit, thanks user

Sorry dude it's just anthony Cumia… i really really wish it was a terrorist though.

Moroccan and Canadian? But how "Canadian" is the question.

Hey man this is a complex and tricky investigation that will take quite some time to untangle and you can't just jump to conclusions without understanding motives and influences such as internalised racism

What? Don't think he looks fabulous?

Was born in Canada.
you think if this guy was white that they would have hid is identity for so long?

double dubs

No pulse, user, just blood on the dance floor.

He looks like a cavalier, and I'd like for my terrorists to not look like cavaliers because I don't want to see cavaliers shot.

I don't think I could contain myself from field dressing the person who made that argument to me like they were a fucking deer.



and poz in the night.

Imagine they all dress like that and scream "En Garde!" instead of Snackbar. All armed with only rapiers and catapults.

Antwaan is probably the one from Quebec. The other probably has a name like Muhammad Al-Salim Sad-Abdullah.

Praise Kek, may it be so.
The memery would be off the charts.

Not even a convert, second-generation immigrant. As in, proof that integration is failing.


You're probably right.



With Open Gates.

don't get too happy, they use that as proof that it has nothing to do with shitskin immigrants since they were born there

that would be awesome if true!

Death by comedy.

A-HEM HIS FULL NAME IS Muhammad Al-Salim Sad-Abdullah.Muhammad Al-Salim Sad-Abdullah.Muhammad Al-Salim Sad-Abdullah.Muhammad Al-Salim Sad-Abdullah.Muhammad Al-Salim Sad-Abdullah.Muhammad Al-Salim Sad-Abdullah.Muhammad Al-Salim Sad-Abdullah.Muhammad Al-Salim Sad-Abdullah.Muhammad Al-Salim Sad-Abdullah.Muhammad Al-Salim Sad-Abdullah.Muhammad Al-Salim Sad-Abdullah. Get it right you cis bigot.

Well their home IS a massive cat shitbox full of angry inbred retards who slaughter eachother for retarded reasons (His books different than my book, i'm going to rape his daughter.)

Well the Moroccan is an immigrant anyway.

okay.. but why?

Normie-tier leftists don't think logically. They're always upset/uneasy/discontent and have hair triggers because all the beliefs they've been trained to accept contradict each other. Right now they're all mad about Trump doing something bad to Muslims and sad about Muslims getting hurt, both problems involve Muslims so they're connected. Emotionally these people are all women. Don't bother arguing with them; only troll or abuse.

Issue is the ban wouldn't have prevented it and they will use that instead of realizing Islam is cancer itself.

That line won't fly in Quebec.

So it's not an SBR.

Is that another name for Herpes?


to shoot those pesky squirrels in their tree holes.

Higher velocity, I assume. Then again, it's 9mm and I'm not sure extra velocity from a longer barrel will do much. For what he spent on that kike Uzi, he could have probably bought himself something decent.

It absolutely will among leftists. Just like everywhere else.


About an hour ago Fox News reported witnesses saying the two shooters were "ALLAH AKBAR"ing throughout.

What did they mean by that?


Something tells me you don't live anywhere near a city.

Lucky you.

If you could choose to go back to that, truly choose it and pull it off, would you? I wasn't happy before Holla Forums, but I was pacified and indifferent. The thought of being that way ever again terrifies me beyond my ability to accurately describe it. It terrifies me more than the thoughts that keep me awake at night, of the white race going extinct, of Islam spreading and securing itself, of the jews winning once and for all. I would choose to live with the discomfort of knowing the truth each and every time rather than go back to being what I was before.

What were the muslims like when they were in spain for like 400 years?

praise kek

That sounds the beginning of an explosively funny joke.


Muslims have never, NEVER been different from how they are right now. The peaceful islamic society of the past is a total fabrication. But I guess I'm preaching to the choir

It will fly among Montreal anglos, and these people would literally eat shit if the Montreal Gazette told them to.

Exactly the same as today.

they used to not explode.

no, I mean its burning down

I'll be honest I am discomforted a lot of the time thinking about how hard it is to reverse falling birthrates. And thinking about stuff like how hard it is to awaken white racial consciousness because Europeans are so high trust other races use that to take advantage of us.

But at the end of the day the world also makes more sense. When you're aware of the J Q and race realism suddenly news stories and events and things that are happening in the world are easier to understand and I think I wouldn't want to give that up to be bluepilled again.

I also feel like my life has more purpose than it did. I want to have white children and not let Europe die.


I don't think I was ever not redpilled, my slav parents always reinforced that communism was a far greater evil than nat socs and I lived in a pretty diverse area so I found out that races aren't the same pretty quickly. Holla Forums only put the final pieces into place with the jews for me.

Bad. Constant war between Muslims and Iberians and between different groups of Muslims. Shitlibs will reeeeeeee hard though if you tell them the Reconquista was a good thing because al-Andalus was multicultural and free of Christian bigotry.

Seems to a scuffle between two different types of the religion. Can't wait to see how this unrelated event gets shuffled into the Trump hate bandwagon over the travel ban even though its clear they're unrelated. Dying while praying to god is pretty much like dying in battle to defend your homeland in terms of honorable deaths in their culture.

Media will probably ignore it after a few days and life will go on.

We need white terrorists. If National Socialists were taking violent action as often as Muslims we could spark off a race war.


At this rate, the left is going to end up memeing the entirety of white America into nazis by acting like psychopathic fascists and attacking anyone they disagree with or calling them nazis.

the fact that someone will pay like 10 thousand dollars to look like that? AHAHAH.
Also, this "physique" is attainable in less than 1 year.

I think Holla Forums makes too big of a deal about our declining birth rates. Sure, getting back to replacement levels would be ideal, but with increasing automation there isn't a need to constantly shit out babies like we're a bunch of niggers.

The biggest crisis facing our countries is the mass importation of shitskins. We'll never outcompete these non-whites who breed like rabbits so why even have them in our countries? We need to return to homogenous white ethnostates and if our population stops growing after that, who cares?

at this rate leftists are going to meme themselves into the dustbin of history.

didn't Trudeu or however you spell that cuck's name say he would take in the rapefuges America refused entry to….
This shooting is why we didn't want them retard!

most people who go to that mosque are moroccan.




Related stories:

Apr 8 2014 -
Montreal police are investigating a possible hate crime at an east-end Islamic community centre where an axe with an anti-Muslim message written on it was thrown through a window early Tuesday morning.

Written on the axe were the words “F— Liberals” and “we will exterminate Muslims,” the community centre’s director, Adil Charkaoui, confirmed to CBC News.

May 20 2014 -

Police arrested a 47-year-old man early Tuesday morning who was caught trying to vandalizing a Rosemont Islamic community centre.

It’s the fifth time since April that same mosque has been targeted.

Police say the man attempted to throw a Molotov cocktail through a window of the Assahaba Islamic Community Centre at the corner of Bélanger Street and 23rd Avenue before threatening officers with a sword. Police used a stun gun to subdue the man before arresting him and then transporting him to hospital.

Const. Simon Delorme described the man as a white Quebecer who may be a member of an extremist organization.

Mar 12, 2010

So the Moroccan-born Montrealer who was accused by Ottawa of being a terrorist and who spent several years living under tight restrictions believes he was left with little choice but to sue the federal government.

Charkaoui said Friday he intends to sue for $24.5 million to restore his tattered reputation after failing to get an apology from Ottawa

Who is this Adil mudshit you ask?

Controversial Quebec imam Adil Charkaoui is denying involvement in radicalizing youth after his mosque was named in the Ismael Habib trial.

At least two of the six young Quebecers who left Canada for Istanbul, suspected of heading to Syria to fight with jihadists, were acquainted with well-known Quebec Muslim leader Adil Charkaoui.

The particular mosque in quebec city may have been collateral damage, or there might be some links between Adil Charkoui and that mosque.

Start digging.



That's to sit on while he waits in ambush

No, no thanks. We don't need to see anymore of that hideous cunt's body.

Good point, it actually took me a while to realize that. Before I knew about R versus K selection I always thought that we had to get white birthrates up in the USA.

But now I've kind of adopted the opnion that just like how any movement that is not explicitly conservative will move left, any nation that is not explicitly white will get darker due to immigration and birthrate differences.

We can't let white birthrates fall too much but at the same time I get how important it is to keep the nonwhites out.

They've changed a bit in modern times, but their religious doctrines mostly require obedience to the Scriptures and Shari'ah. And those haven't really changed at all (despite the constant, embarrassing shitlib attempts to fiddle with them to squeeze out less uncomfortable interpretations)

In fact, the whole thing about Muslims desiring and raping white women isn't a new thing either. The fetishizing of white European girls actually seems to have tangible roots in Arab Islamic and North African culture. Many sympathetic people who want to make nice with Muslim immigrants will deny that the aggressive lust and/or sexual violence toward white women has anything inherently to do with Islamic religion or Middle Eastern culture, but well-documented history (and their own explicit scriptures) seem to suggest otherwise. The Muslim lust for white women seems to go way back to the beginning. There was a lot of sexual exoticism expressed among the early Arab and North African invaders who saw white women as the ideal of beauty and so lusted after them in the conquest of Byzantium and other parts of Europe. Similarly, it's reported that certain Moorish conquerors demanded the capture of innumerable blonde virgins from Spain to keep in their private harems as sex slaves. And here's where it gets explicit:

To the medieval Muslim mind, according to Islamic researcher Ahmad M. H. Shboul (author of "Byzantium and the Arabs: The Image of the Byzantines as Mirrored in Arabic Literature"), Byzantium was especially representative of "white people" —fair haired/eyed Christians, or, as they were known in Arabic, Banu al-Asfar, "children of yellow" (reference to blonde hair and light skin). Shboul writes:

Despite the overly romantic tone of the Muslim author in the passage above, it reminds me all too much of when ISIS captured blonde Yazidis in Sinjar and then sold the girls with blue or green eyes for the highest price in the sex slave markets. The justification was to break their heretical preservation of Yazidi bloodline and impregnate each girl with an Arab Muslim child.

Anyone can read more about early Arab attitudes toward Byzantines in this book: byzantine relations

oh no.


What did Kek mean by this?

Ok I don't even care how legit this source is. I'm stayed up late enough waiting for names and these are good enough. Good night Holla Forums, mudshits have once again validated Trump's muslim ban.

against with this dubious pic, keep it saved until names are dropped but otherwise this source is sketchy

Wait. Let me get this straight.

The terrorist attack that is going to stop these fuckers from coming into my country was a Muslim on Muslim attack?

We call that a WIN WIN.


Before people go full retard I can't find anything about this, probably not true.

Plz kek let it be true.

kebab is removing itself. yay.

But seriously we need to keep them all out.

Lol these fucking people. W-w-wait it wasn't an ebil white man!?!?!?

Probably fake

Thanks for this fine post, user. I'll be checking out that book. I hate these people just a little bit more each day.

This was posted last thread you retards

French Canadians are almost as cucked as the british

How about the Swedes?

The Quebecer was apparently of Moroccan origin too.

Why post this fake shit when the truth already vindicates us? Oh wait, so people can repeat the lie!


Two Mudshits. I'll wait until it's confirmed before I spread it around, but if true… kek.

Spanish people seemed eager to disassociate themselves from Muslims. The popular Spanish expression "Es de los godos" (“he descends from the Goths”) was used to identify anyone who claimed a lineage traceable to the purity of pre-Moorish days. During the same period, the celebrated Spanish surname "Guzmán," from the German "gouds man" ("good man"), was the most commonly appropriated by those who wished to claim an illustrious heritage. Verification of such claims freed an individual of the worst social stigma possible, the accusation of being of Jewish or Moorish descent, i.e. of being a Converso or Morisco. The obsession with purity of blood (limpieza de sangre) cannot be underestimated during this period; it infected all social levels and became a major theme in literary works.

Vigil tomorrow

inb4 that gets shot up.

Who would have thought?

Thanks user.


Injury count up to 18, 6 critical.

No new info has come out, probably a mistranslated. One Moroccan and the other a Quebecer who we know squat about.


Take with a grain of salt, because Plebbit, but people are starting to name an actual journalist making the same claim now.


Those faggots wont get the last word.

We need to be united.



Coulters law: The longer it takes to release the name or a photo of the shooter, the more likely he's brown.

What mental gymnastics will liberals do to fight the fact that Mudslimes are violent rat retard sand niggers?

# let us know what "kind" of Quebecer is him !!!!!

You know you fucked up when Quebec is inspired to post on Holla Forums



Confirmed for Moroccan: *

Thanks. La Presse saying it is like MSNBC saying Clinton is guilty of a crime. They wouldn't say it if it was possible to deny it.

Libshits on suicide watch yet again.

10 shekels on First Nations

Pepe at the mosque

Wondering how they will spin this one, especially Trudeau lol

Shadilay my friend ;)

Arab, Tunisian, and now Moroccan, fuck, will they actually confirm this is the nationality, and if this was an immigrant or rapefugee.

On my phone, can someone screencap that tweet and this one:

And superpose them?

If dubs, trou d'eau castro tells Canada that this is proof that muslims are adapting to Canadian culture by becoming bigots and extremists; and all Canadians must quit turning the religion of peace into a violent mob.

Confirmed ;)

You might be close to his response

Gotchu fam

You keep seeing all those dykes and man-haters bashing straigth white men, and yet, there's less white chimping out than shitskins in countries with a majority of whites. It makes me think of the same argument about women who get sexually assaulted are at fault because of the way they dress; it's never those mudslimes fault, it's always because people are triggering their need to share their peaceful and tolerant culture.



Thank you user.

This will cause a smaller crowd for the airport protests

use this one instead

Dubs Checked


Sounds like white nationalist alright.

Stop with this shit man. What is it?

I would love it if that turned out to be the Moroccan shooter. Geert Wilders is right about Moroccans, y'know.

Actually, talking with muslim coworker right now and something doesn't make sense. Moroccans are sunni. That was a sunni mosque.

Something is fucked.

could he have converted?
Or maybe your coworker is full of shit?

Lol of course

They'll just cover up shit and say that they were gud bois who dindunuffin, that the Alt-Right and Trump, plus a combination of racism, prejudice, and mental illness finally pushed them to the dge.

Maybe this was a muslim false flag to create martyrs like the pig head and hey rabbi activity at that mosque previously. Except this time the faggot felt guilty for killing muslims and turned himself in. Unlikely but I think I remember muslims shelling their own breadlines and blaming the Serbs in the Yugoslav civil war for propaganda points so it's not unprecedented.

There are separate Sunni sects, and that's ignoring that now literally every Moroccan is Sunni.

Oh god, if that was it, then fucking Shadilay.

pretty much this.

Oh, I forgot to shill for this book:

The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise of the andalusian paradise

I had to correct my nephew about how advanced Muslim Spain was after I caught him doing pro-Islam propaganda homework. It's so disgusting what they're teaching children these days about how progressive Islam was at that time.

Betting 10bux on Sectarian violence.

Islamist attacks on Sunni mosques are not unknown. If it's not a purely sectarian conflict, it could have possibly been a Salafi-Wahhabi attack by a couple of rogue takfiris or maybe angry kebabs who self-identify with ISIS (who have killed plenty of other Sunnis).

It's very much below 50%, but of course none of the media here will make it seem that way.

But wasn't this supposed to be a radical wahhabi mosque? I thought they had several members associated with ISIS, though the rumors are swirling and I can't source it. lol, maybe it was a moderate muslim attacking the salafists.

So Canadian Obama … that nigger was hated but they incited his approval rating was no less than 45%

What if it's kebabs trying to remove Wahabbi influence from their religion… What if this is the primitives way of reformation…?

Well played, rusemaster.

Well to be honest, we really just hate our politicians in general.

Pleas tell me this is fake.

Oh, if it's any consolation, I'm Canadian and I wish my leader was Trump.

It's Jew York, what do you expect

I thought there was never protests in the USA like in France? how can they protest on a Monday?

I thought Fox and Friends would open with the shooting but they seem to be ignoring it.

They don't have Jobs

Well that is unsettling.

Well… they're probably getting paid by Soros, or some NGO under him. I'm so fucking elated that Trump is cracking down on that shit at the source.

We're getting to a point in the west where Muslims are so despised that we could actually start seeing jury nullifications in cases where normal Americans decide to shoot up a mosque as long as it was one of the wahhabi mosques. The defense could present evidence of their radical associations and all the sudden getting anything other than a hung jury will be difficult. How many people here would vote to convict in a case like that.


god fucking dammit this is making me rage with the heat of a thousand suns
I should be used to this shit by now but every time it fucking makes me so angry I could break my computer screen
One of the two suspects of the attack on the mosque of Sainte-Foy is Moroccan, learned La Presse

It's funny that the Jews are playing the Jew card so fucking hard against Trump and he doesn't give a shit
Maybe Trump isn't the Jewish bootlicker I thought he was in between getting elected and inaugurated
I guess he may only supports Israel because he wants all the Jews to go there

the Jews would have crushed him if they knew before the inauguration.


> [YES]

This is so infuriating they keep burring the fact that the suspects are Muslims. Most liberals and Muhammadans on Twitter linking it to islamophobia.

His feelings about Jews obviously can't be too bad since he seemed to have no problem with his daughter marrying a Jew and becoming a Jew, and he probably deals a lot with Jews. He's also received the Tree of Life Award from some Jewish community.

But being from New York, he's got to be at least moderately red-pilled on how they operate. He's got to deal with them. I remember how he told a major Jewish organization to basically fuck off and wouldn't take their money during his election campaign. He probably knows how vindictively Jews control people through debt.

And that's why we need confirmation- If we can ascertain that it was Ackbars that did it we can BTFO EVERYONE who spouts this bullshit before they bury it.

Because they will ABSOLUTELY bury it if it is Ackbars.

They have to let the lie get ingrained in peoples minds as long as possible. Most won't follow the story after the initial report. Millions still believe Michael brown had his hands up.

Tired of this false flag meme. Quebec is tired of muslims raping underage white girls, thats all. Also notice how they say "Canadians are grieving". If youre not sad about terrorists dying, and you dont hate white people, youre not a Canadian. Just because you were born in Canada doesnt make you a Canadian, chances are if youre reading this, and live in Canada, youre really just European by blood. Canadian isnt a race, and Canadians hate European people, even if they themselves are European. I hate Canadians, I sure as hell wouldnt want to be one of them.

Id rather it be a white guy, because it would show Canadians have had enough and are willing to risk their lives to stop the genocide.

They are pretty diabolical, I guess you're right.

In other news this is what La Presse just tweeted.

Canadian Tech rally for immigration

So basically the suspect of a jihad attack is a migrant and they tweet about wanting more immigration lol

The news has been confirmed by a trusted source in Quebec. This info is in the first sentence of the article but not in the title:
of course they don't mention his religion though they acknowledged that they shouted allah akbar.

BTW picture saved;
Shaidaly my friend ;)

Fuck you FBI Anders Breivik did a lot of harm to our cause. Just the day after Trudeau criticised Trump for his vetting of Muslims, a Moroccan commits a jihad attack in his own country. Just so beautiful ;)

Or rather, people who live in Canada who have lost what it means to be a Canadian in the first place. The country was stolen, and white people made foreigners in their own country.

Enjoy your ban. Breivik wiped out most of the new generation of leftist politics, and made everyone aware of white genocide/cultural marxism. He is a martyr, like Roof.

It's not enough.

Them shouting Alluah Ackbar isn't going to carry much weight against the (((narrative))) unless we have names and nationalities to go with it…

Like proof it was Sunni Vs. Shia etc…

I'm Canadian and I hate this place and the supposed 'values' for which it stands. I feel more kinship with Americans and Europeans.

Also, feel free to read this excerpt from the Turner Diaries since you obviously never read the book.


they have already been replaced, he has inspired a new generation of new leftists zombies and more importantly new laws against free speech and nationalists movements across Europe. Also he serves as an excuse= not only Muslims because Anders.
Don't get me wrong his plan was superb but it hurt us a lot.

I was born in Canada, but I am not a Canadian. Like I said, Canadians love diversity, and open borders, all Canadians profess to be tolerant, they hate free speech, hate freedom in general.. and they want white people to disappear. Canadians, the ones who are still part of Canadian society - they hate white people. Hating white people is as Canadian as maple syrup at this point. As I said, Canadian isnt a race.. and being born in Canada isnt a requirement for being Canadian.

Anyone who hates white people, loves islam and likes to defend terrorism right after a terrorist attack, are Canadians. Anyone who doesnt hate white people in Canada, but was born there.. is merely a displaced foreign population. Canada is no longer ours, and if you want it back, you better think about doing more than voting… because we have absolutely no viable political party representing white people in Canada. If you dont have political representation, how can you call yourself part of the country?

Didnt mean to sage that one.

I'm starting to think nothing will be enough. We are going to have to build a northern wall 20 years from now. Every time there is a terrorist attack in Canada, the leafs are the ones who apologize to the Muslims for not letting them assrape hard enough.

Again, read

Then maybe go read a book on radicalism and realize youre holding us back. People like you will be treated as traitors, boo hoo, government crackdown! Better accept our race being wiped out. People who deny our movement their martyrs are the enemy. People who go around saying Dylann Roof killed a bunch of little old black ladies and ignore the black state senator, and the underlying logic in killing innocents to counter innocents being raped.. are in the way.

Also, no, one white guy does not serve as an excuse for 30,000 muslim terrorist attacks in about a decade.

That may be true, But we still need to try.

If only for the sheer amount of salt that will flow from the Leftists questioning their doctrine…

Breivik was in his own country and it was his country being taken, his culture being destroyed, his race being wiped out. He acted in self defense, not based on god telling him to do it, but because it was needed, because no one else would do anything. The Norwegian vikings would SLAUGHTER EVERY LAST FUCKING NON WHITE IN SCANDINAVIA before they would accept Breivik as the bad guy.

Nope it was Sunni against Sunni here is a proof:
Imam of the Mosque attacked talk about rival Muslim group.

State religion of Morocco is fucking Islam, and they're already reporting the shitshin shooter is Moroccan.

They can't cover it up now. Archive everything.

what will it take for there to be a complete reversal of the current retarded jew inspired ideology?!


Radicals dont give up their ideology. What would it take for you to be okay with white genocide? I would hope - nothing.

Buahaha, oh boy.

So your argument is that we should use the same logic as Antifa and Communists?

Instead of, oh I don't know, seizing power when the opportunity arises (as Hitler did, they got away with their violence because the support already existed, not because violence gained them support) or taking power through 5th columns?



Should… should I be celebrating more or slightly less that it wasn't Sunni Vs. Shia?

RaB ?

Pretty much this. We must take the power soon, it will radicalise the shitskin and they will act violent, in return the broad population will get more on board with our solutions.

that's the big question. the closer we get to that point, the more i think it will be violent.

When they do it'll be the same info that other mainstream media report:-

"Mental ill men, no obvious connections to terrorism, do not represent muslims, nothing to do with islam, muslim community condemn the actions" etc.

You know how it is, in my local news they stopped reporting the colours/ethnicity of suspects unless they are white. It's got to the point now that unless they actually say the suspected rapist (or whatever) is white than you can just correctly assume he is brown or black. It's pretty fucked up as often the cops are still looking for the criminal and asking the public for help, but the only info we have to go on is that he was a male in his 20's with facial hair.

https: //www.

Hitler had a racially homogenous society, are you suggesting Canada is like Germany in the 30s? Youre delusional. This isnt WW2, and you will not find a Hitler in Canada. Canadians will either watch their race be wiped out, or improvise. Your argument now is that William Luther Pierce is wrong, wrong about radicalism, wrong about how to save the white race, wrong about political cause and effect etc etc. We are entering into South Africa, not Pre-Nazi Germany. Where is our communist revolt? They didnt throw one. Where is our Ruhr occupation? We dont have one.

You are painfully ignorant of history.

Have they released the identity of the shooters yet or are they still covering up muslim on muslim violence while running the propaganda machine at max?

I constantly fail to make my own distinction between Canadians and white people, it still hasnt fully set in, despite the partial realization.

Mass "extinction" of leftists and the reconquista of the government bodies that they currently control.

redguard on skyrim beauty mods.

Sunni vs. Sunni is better because it gives Zog less material for anti-Iranian propaganda and Sunnis are the main threat

No women just need to be put in their place. Stop allowing womens opinions to dominate and the problem ends.

pretty much this ;)

Same thing. We need to take back public education. Most teachers are women. Most "protesters" are women as well.

If the attack wasn't driven by personal anguish or deranged madness, then I'm guessing it was probably a Salafi takfiri attack on a moderate/modernist Sunni mosque.

People don't realize how popular Salfist beliefs actually are in Western countries. Contrary to the popular image of Salafis being violent extremists 24/7, they're actually not (except when they're galvanized in the case of ISIS and other Islamist groups). They're usually self-contained and keep to themselves in Western countries. That's how they go undetected. They're even political quietists most of the time (which explains their extremely insular worldview). But when a kebab gets pissed enough to shoot up some people or blow up something, it's usually a Salafist who has completely snapped (or at least some kind of kebab that has been influenced by militant Salafi principles though videos on the internet or the teachings of a local Salafi sheikh).

But anyway, none of their beliefs are too uncommon. Nearly all the Muslims who instruct their women to wear niqabs and burqas follow Salafist ideology to some degree.

Wahabbi vs Sunni best case. Any time they are forced to talk about Saudi Arabia/ISIS's brand of islam vs Sunnis is good for showing that hundreds of millions of muslims want everyone in the west dead, or enslaved.

Shia are the "less" violent ones. Sufi too, to my knowledge they are the most passive, and really not even muslim in the end because of it.

They are going to be anti Iranian no matter what.
"muh hostage crisis"
"muh embassy takeover"
"muh Ahmadinejad threatening to nuke Israel"

The mosque in question was radical but not enough radical.

if dubs mudshits shoot that up too.

You might even say it wasn't…

Totally Radical

I dont think theres many radical Shia mosques, but Canada has a large Iraqi population for example and many of them were Shia. It could easily actually be the wahabbi Saudi/ISIS types attacking the types of muslims who dominate everywhere BUT Iran and part of Iraq etc. The Shia muslims are a minority of the middle east, most of the wars that go on there are the Sunni cunts trying to wipe them out and take total control. Its arguably one reason why Saddam was taken out, so that Iraq could also become Sunni. Iran, they want that to be Sunni too I imagine, or at least isolate it as an enemy like in 1984 where they all meet up to hate.

Fucking mudshits, two kids shot up a much larger place and got 13

Muslims can't aim for shit, mate.

Sounds like the 11th century sect of Islam that mixed animalism in, from Northern Iran/Persia. They were being persecuted by the other muslims from Southern Persia, where the power was located. They were extremely secretive, like a modern secret society - and blended in with everyone else. You couldnt tell one muslim from another. When a vizier eventually convinced the sultan or w.e, emperor to send an army to occupy the territory and wipe them out, he was stabbed by an assassin as the forces concentrated. What followed was pretty much the first assassination based terrorist campaign recorded in history, and it ended with the Sultan or Emperor, whatever he was called, hiding in his room surrounded only by his most trusted followers. One day, he woke up with a knife stuck in the ground next to him.. which was obviously a message. This was confirmed when later on, he got an actual message from this "hassan" guy who was their leader, saying if he didnt wish the emperor well, the knife would be placed in his belly instead.

Moral of the story, the assassins blend in with the rest of them, if we have a racially homogeneous society, that wont be a problem. If we try to take back our country, were also going to have a lot of assassins stabbing us in the back, like the Russian Ambassador in Turkey. Its actually the origin of the word assassin, it was like Hashashin or something, named after hashish.

Saddam wasn't even Shia. He was a Sunni Ba'athist. The Ba'athist ideology is secular arab nationalism (basically national socialism for mudshits). I agree with your point, though. Shias are much less violent than Sunnis. They don't try to make a caliphate because they know there aren't enough shias in the world to form one.

Saddam and his government were Sunni.
That was why they had to dismantle the Iraqi military, it wouldn't work under a Shia government

So yea, they might stick to themselves now.. but if we ever try to stop them from turning us into their slaves through reproduction, they will start getting really stabby.

It wasnt run like a Shia country though. The Sunni minority werent just oppressed, the Kurds might have been a bit oppressed but thats because they had ambitions of sovereignty. Saddam ruled the country like a Yugoslavia, not like.. Bolshevik Russia controlled by jews.

Sry, Im pretty sure its actually a Sunni majority. The official narrative is that ISIS formed after the Shia excluded them from government after the fall of Saddam.

Erdogan will take care of the Kurds soon enough and call it a totally-not-a-genocide again. While everybody keeps whining about Trump and calling him the Hitler.

… I really hate all these different names. The only thing reminding me of who is who is that I remember Sunni sounds like Sunny which is good, and Shia like shit - except that they are reversed, and the Sunny sounding guys are the assholes.

Anyways, SHIA* majority

You wouldn't think it would be so difficult to get a much higher score, but I suppose in the moment it wouldn't be like playing vidya.

Thank you Trudeau for bringing this shit to Canada. I knew something was missing in my life, I just didn't know it was mudshits with AK's

The Columbine shooters were counting on their bombs doing the most damage in the cafeteria. They were going to use the guns to pick people off as they came streaming out of the building and also use them to finish of the wounded inside. Their bombs didn't go off so they had to improvise. If they had actually detonated, they would have collapsed the library down onto the cafeteria since the bombs were planted near the pillars that would bear the most load of the floor above.

Not even two days after ppl freak out about #MuslimBana two muzzies shoot up a Mosque in Trudeaustan.

This current year keeps on giving…

Fire up your twitter cannons, we're getting #QuebecShooting #TrumpWasRight trending.

These libfags won't butthurt themselves…

Correct. It was run in a secular manner, which probably upset the Wahhabists there.

Iraq is a Shia majority country but Saddam and his government along with the military during his time were Sunni.
The Iraqi Shia population is used to being oppressed by the Sunni minority.

The Kurds weren't too fond of this state of affairs on account of being ruled by non-Kurds.

Also the reason the Shia don't try to form a caliphate is because their version of the faith doesn't mandate they try.
The heaven on earth the Sunni faith desires to create isn't possible in the eyes of the Shia. They instead seek only to peacefully convert anyone they can and await the coming of their messiah. At which point all wrongs will be righted and a global islamic society established.

You see this element of their faith mentioned in the Iranian governments founding documents as they pretty much state they rule only as an interim government until the coming of said messiah.

And the Shia didn't so much exclude them as the USA formed a puppet government. They needed people not connected to their previous puppet (Saddam) seeing as he'd slipped his chains.

That meant they had to use Shia.

Which pissed off the Sunni. And after a while forced them to try making a "power sharing government" which didn't work either.
ISIS benefited massively from the old Iraqi military siding with it. Bringing weapons they'd managed to take with them/hide and military training.

oh shit, i forgot that exists and I have a whole folder of the tards that use it.

what happens when that shit eventually pops? Do they just have flaps hanging off them for the rest of their lives?

ba'athists are a funny bunch.

To give some context, Assad is also a ba'athist. The party he leads is even called the One Syria Ba'athist party.
Though some argue that now a lot of the population identifies as assyrian rather than arab?
That may change.

How does he keep getting away with it?

I don't know but I can't imagine the result is anything pleasant.

Interesting. Do you have more info on this? There are a lot of self proclaimed assyrians in my area as well, but they're all Christian.


Good points

It's life threatening, and horrific.

Only what I've heard.
Apparently for years now a lot of the assyrian population identified as arab.
But the civil war has shown the divides between the assyrian and arab populations.

Namely the arab population has almost universally sided against the government while the assyrian population sided with the government.
Its shown a stark contrast between these people that they tried to ignore before.

We won't know anything for certain until they do a census or something post war.

Thanks for the info. I'll keep a lookout for that census then.

I think a lot of it has been born of the photos going around showing the difference between the syrian troops and the rebel forces.

Rebels have a lot of foreigners especially arabs and turks.
Syrian military on the other hand doesn't look arab in the slightest.

No details? So this is a potential case of ethnic, religious or tribal conflict imported from the ass end of the world and the jewish controlled media is keeping quiet.

If white guys did this wouldn't Canadia cucks already have pointed the finger at the ebil white man?

Someone shoop a leaf onto the hat.

I've heard that one of the attackers has been identified as a Moroccan, but I think it's just a rumor at this point.

Unlikely to be 'white supremists' because they've had the suspects in custody with a while now and are still claiming the motive is unclear and not saying who they are.

What about the Kurdish? At first I saw they were helping fight isis, but then I saw they'd grabbed a bunch of land to call their own. Now I hear they are doing terrorist bombings? No idea if it's really them or if they are targeting extremists with extremism or what. It's such a cluster fuck over there with some regions nothing but tribal factions fighting amongst themselves. Makes Game of Thrones look like a PG13 family show.

Do they truly not understand that them letting them in is the issue. Holy fuck.

I've given up the idea that the left can self reflect a long time ago.

You can't help people reason themselves out of a situation that they didn't reason themselves into in the first place.

Man, Michele Obama is getting pretty buff

It does not matter what the real issue is. The right must be made responsible for it. It's propaganda. Reality is optional.

No Quebecois will fall for your weak bait

Essentially the Kurds populate a region thats split between multiple countries.
For a long time they've desired autonomy and a nation of their own.
Which has inevitably drawn them into conflict with the multiple nations that control this proposed "Kurdistan"
It doesn't help that theres oil under it. So nobody wants to give up that territory.

They don't like anyone except the Soviets.
Primarily because the Soviets were the first ones in their history to not trample all over them and oppress the shit out of them.
So they're commies as a result.

They oppose ISIS. On account of ISIS not being Kurds and hating Kurds.
They also oppose pretty much everyone else in the area on account of being occupied by them as far as they're concerned.

This is true. You need to call them french canadians, preferably in real french.