Slavery is 100% Legal

13th Amendment
"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

All niggers who commit crimes can be sold into slavery. Let's make them slaves and then we can sell them back to Africa to work in the diamond mines.

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It means by the State user, not individuals. States can enslave you, think chain gangs.

The amendment says "slavery" is legal as a punishment for criminals and slavery means a lot more than just working on a chain gang. When the nigger does a crime, the state says "your punishment is to be a slave" and sells him off to some African warlord who will put him to work in the mines or whatever. Let's meme this.

The public school system is so fucking shit oh my god

How the fuck did nobody ever bring this up

How the fuck do we not bring this up

How the fuck do SJW's not bring this up

Did we jump timelines? I'm pretty sure it wasn't always like this. Is Trump time traveling again, or am I just retarded

we probably jumped timelines again.

fucking fine by me, wouldn't mind getting assigned a she-boon to do my bidding for kek's glory.

They are enslaved, for a predetermined period as dictated by their sentence.

Yes this has always been in the amendment

Could I take someone to court and have the court sentence them to be my slave for a pre-determined amount of time?

Diamonds are intrinsically worthless they are only valuable currently due to jewy marketing and artificially restricted supply.

Slavery is immoral and ultimately more trouble than its worth. If you don't have the stones to kill them then just ship them back and leave them to fend for themselves.

indeterminate servitude would probably by today's standards be "cruel and unusual punishment"

Well, you could say it's more cruel to have them around whites and not at all unusual historically

What do you think is happening when businesses contract for prison labor? Off the top of my head some company that makes windbreakers for the Chair Force pays cons like 50 cents an hour.

One Hundred Years folks
One Hundred Years Fifty Years!!!
And Nobody Noticed this Shit…

No, the Bible makes provision for it. It's an outsourced non-government way to make prisoners and bankrupts and the indigent pay for their upkeep.

We need to get rid of niggers back to Africa and this looks like a perfectly legal way to do it.

Not in the way YOU want it to mean. If a person went into debt, they could enter into servitude to their lender until the debt was paid. When his debt was paid, he was free to leave but most stayed on as they had become part of the lender's family. Slaves in ancient Israel were to be treated justly and fairly. There were laws enacted to prevent their abuse.

I know what you're trying to say but biblical slavery doesn't apply here.

You said slavery was immoral. The Bible has slavery. You think you are holier than the Bible and you are slandering our forefathers. I think slandering forefathers and the Bible is immoral and that makes you a despicable cretin.

holy shit


Ok, so you define the timespan of the servitude. Instead of doing 10 years prison on the taxpayer's dime for dealing crack, your newly acquired slavenigger does 10 years labor for you, whoever puts up the highest bid for him at public auction.

You should also be supplied with a copy of the Nigger Owner's Manual:

Cruel and unusual mistreatment of slaves might be illegal, but not slavery itself. 13th Amendment says slavery is fine as punishment for those convicted of crimes - The "cruel and unusual" comes from the 8th amendment that was enacted when slavery was accepted as normal.

How far do the memes go?



To infinity… and beyond!

There must be some way we can disguise this finding and meme it to oblivion

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Christcucks really need to leave. The kikes have dug way too fucking far into your brains, if you think rejecting a bunch of jewish mythology and customs is slandering our forefathers.

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legally you can, but then the court has to rule in favor…

pretty sure there are one or two laws that prohibit international slavery.


No, I think it's for you to leave shlomo…

The bible also makes provisions for slicing off the tips of baby's dicks but only christcucks are dumb enough to believe jewish fairy tails.

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You make moral pronoucements here->

as if you are the god and can invent an absolute morality. When it is pointed out that the Bible allows slavery you pretend that you are morally superior. You're a dimwitted and confused jackass and it's my opinion that your professed opinion that slavery for niggers is somehow "immoral" is a pile of horseshit.
Protip, user: don't pontificate morals when you don't have any.

oh good, it's just leftypol thinking it can troll again.

You guys are not reading this right.

This next part elaborates on what "involuntary servitude" is..

All prison sentences are involuntary. It needed to clarify the difference. This does not mean convicted criminals are slaves. It just means the gov can't force someone to do "service" involuntarily by mandation, or gun point.

There has been an uptick in anti-constitution, and dictator trump shills lately. I think the shills are pushing context onto Holla Forums by radicalizing the right more than it ought to be. We need to stay vigilant, Trump is not better than the constitution and after his 8 years are up he's gone no matter how 1488 he is.

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Two different things: (1) Slavery (2) involuntary servitude - both are OK to impose on criminals as punishment. This means slavery is 100% legal under the constitution's 13th Amendment if imposed as punishment for a crime.

that's good. Now you can't refute my arguments and I can say whatever I want about you with no fear of counterattack.
protip no. 1, actual christians capitalize god. protip no. 2, no one will think you're legit when you're being this much of a prick.
protip no. 3, your stirner worship is showing.

Sure it can be interpreted as such, but the UCLA and constitutional judges won't. My interpretation is this though: slaves are less than human. However our criminals are subject to the bill of rights. Thus are not slaves. They enjoy food and shelter as well as a list of policy's and rights they have as prisoners.

I'd take a thousand Christians over cucks like you


Don't forget to castrate like the sandniggers do

Uh, no, I didn't say slavery was immoral nor did I claim I was holier than thou. Nice fucking strawman, kid. Go back to school and get an education. Learn how to have a discussion instead of collapsing into a supernova of asshurt.

Send them all back to Africa. And bring the Boers to America. It is the only way. Doing anything less will anger GOD and we as Whites will cease to exist.

user, the bible is never what makes a person Christian. Bibles should be burned. A real Christian has stories written about him or her, but the testament is nothing without the acts.

It's simple: All we have to do is make it a crime punishable by a lifetime of slavery to be black.

It's illegal for an individual to own an individual. The slavery clause only applies to the State.

Did you not realize this is how they plan on enslaving whites? The idea was to increase the tax burden upon whites until they cannot live without being guilty of 'tax evasion', once convicted the sentence would be slavery. Do not once forget what the communists did with the gulags, holodomor, etc. The jews are simply projecting when they talk about the holocaust, trying to meme it into existence for white Americans. Did you think FEMA camps were built for no reason? Diversification of the military for no reason?

Trump knows what he was talking about when he said this election was America's last chance.

If you like watching your plans fail hillariously, then sure

Hate to break it to you, they already do this. What do you think the metal shops in Prisons are? What do you think Community Service is?

Kikes and Slavery has gotten us into this mess. Instead the death sentence should have never been removed. It's not a bad idea though, to sell them to Africa as workforce and remove citizenship of every Prisoner that recieved a sentence above 7 years, so they can never come back

That's not what that means. It means you can become a slave to the State if you're convicted. It doesn't mean you can be sold.

Well, it's all about how you word it. Call it prisoner "relocation", with American soil being located in African countries, like an embassy, only it's a Prison. You could even mask it as working together with Africa, giving them our prisoners as workforce to help their economy.

It's all about how you present it.


but no.

It's not worth the practical and spiritual costs.

just don't fucking breed with them like the poortuguese and french did alright

then bring up another religion. Slavery can be argued from nearly every position, especially paganism and materialism (atheism in which you believe in no supernatural phenomenon whatsoever)

So just make crime in general punishable by a lifetime of slavery?

So just make violent crimes in general punishable by a lifetime of slavery?

Fuck no. Slavery in general is bad for business. Leaves too many begging for jobs, while niggers get fed and sheltered for their "work". That'd especially be wrecking, with today's populations taken into account. It'd be nothing but niggers on the fields, at the harbours, and in the mills. An utter nightmare for the blue collar man.

Mind you, had Dixie won the Civil War, America would've inevitably faced a backstabbing by the (((slavers))) that sold them all the negroes, to begin with. A massively growing negro populous suddenly fed commands to uprise would lead to a "Haiti" Syndrome taking ahold of the country, ruining it forever.

I say write it out permanently.



The death penalty hasn't been removed though.

There's nothing immoral about slavery as punishment for crime. Read some john locke.


Still pushing that meme, eh Holla Forums?

All of the (((amendments))) not created directly by the founding fathers are illegal and treason against the people.

All you retards who didn't know this and think this is some opportunity to reinstate slavery: Get the fuck off my board! What part of no niggers do you pieces of shit not understand?