Israeli nationalists might want to help finance the far Right in Europe and North America. - Spencer

"Israeli nationalists might want to help finance the far Right in Europe and North America." - Spencer 2010

"Richard Hoste" got doxxed shortly after this response and hasn't been seen since

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The JDL is pretty much dead and irrelevant since the passing of Rabbi Meir Kahane and Irv Rubin, but there does seem to be an alt-lite sentiment emerging among Jews as a reaction to leftists supporting Palestinians. The main Orthodox Jewish neighbourhoods in NYC voted for Trump seemingly for that reason, similarly Jews were one of 3 religious groups in the UK who voted in support of Brexit (the others being Christians and Sikhs), likely because the British Jewish population is a lot more religious and therefore right-wing. However, having common enemies does not make them an ally, and that's what "new right" leaders fail to understand.

It's going to be interesting to see the emerging political trends bring up rifts between Jews of different affiliations. The Leftist Jewish establishment is destined to lose its power, whether it'll be replaced by a more "nationalistic" right-wing Jewish elite (think "Judeo-Christian values" shilling) or removed entirely is what remains to be seen.

And that is how we can tell who's controlled opposition.

Word on the street is that Trump promised Netanyahu he would make Ersatz Israel a reality by guaranteeing the overt destruction of the Islamic world over the next two decades. In return, the Jewish Left is to be sacrificed, and America and Europe freed from their yolk. Russia will gain influence over Europe instead of kikes, but in return will have to turn it's back on Syria and Iran.

They're going to destroy ISIS, pull out of Syria, but then something will happen where Al Assad will lose his seat of power. Israel will make it's move then to occupy Syria, while Europe is in the midst of a breakup and civil war against Islamic factions.

This will provoke Iran, and kikes will be nuking Islamic cities, guaranteed.

All the kikes need to do is do what Trump says. Support the wall on the Mexican border, support European nationalism, and they get their Israel in return.

The question is, who will be the first to stab on in the back and turn the knife?

As long as Israel exists Aryans are in danger.

"Therefore it shall come about when the LORD your God has given you rest from all your surrounding enemies, in the land which the LORD your God gives you as an inheritance to possess, you shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven.

Deuteronomy 25:18

Thank you, Richard Spencer, for once again demonstrating why you're such a disgusting and worthless pile of shit.
Anyone who supports Spencer need only be directed at this article from now on.

Glad to see there are other anons here who've taken the Amalek pill. There is no more potent pill than the Amalek pill. People think getting "redpilled" on the JQ is a revelation, but what they don't realize is that the Amalek connection is the reason the JQ exists.

Taking the Amalek pill is the one and only way to ever understand the JQ, and when you swallow it, you realize this is a terminal conflict with no possible reconciliation, because the filthy hebes literally believe that Europeans are the incarnation of evil on Earth and must be extinguished from history.

Really user? Is that the word on the "street?" You must be really hip and cool, and hang out with really cool and connected Alt-Right guys who know what's up and don't afraid of anything. Wow, we're lucky to have guys like you hanging out with tough crowds in seedy pool halls, so you can come here and give us the word "on the street."

My gut tells me that this is probably a bad idea, but, then again, Hitler did ally with Zionists in order to deport Jews from Germany.

This would be interesting. What would the Jews do after they get Greater Israel? Would they still try to get us to fight wars for them? Against who?

Calm down, dude, Jesus.

Stupid fucking shabbos Goy cuck.

checked dubs but seriously we have people speculating on Trump being redpilled, baron being autistic, Hillary being in a deathcult, and Pepe being the prophet of Kek and suddenly a little hearsay is too much?
Then again I have to say you are correct in that user maybe should give some more evidence if possible and if not, give us something more concrete.

Ever since this meme began, have been asking for the data. Not the one article in the DM, the hard data. Why? I think it's bullshit. You really think the rich kikes in London voted for Brexit? The Jew, the eternal Leftist, the fathers of communism?

I want to see the polling methodology and just how kikes were identified. Whatever sides wins in a political conflict, the Jews always try to position themselves as on the winning side so they can try to control both sides. It's bullshit until we see the data and how Jews were identified in this methodology.

"fool me once shame on you, foll me twice shame on me!"


They'll side with whoever won. Look at Trump's victory - Netanyahu is now praising the wall after Israel as a whole condemned the idea of a barrier between Mexico and the US.

This whole 'take funding from jews' thing reminds me of some YouTube videos I've seen (think it might have been David Irving) claiming that Hilter's rise was initially funded by a French jewish bank. Anyone know anything about this?

Trump already implied that he and putin were getting along well and that they talk about "islamic terrorism".
Trump is a business man and putin is a business man as well. If they manage to find a solution, this scenario might be realistic.

jews got us (the west) into this terrible situation where white people & white culture are facing extinction this is exactly what they wanted and tired to do time and time again in history and now some dirty faggot want use to trust jews?

Never! Not until they use their power they wield to fix what they have wrought and payed dearly for their crimes even then I would not forgive them.
jews dumping money into the right wing only means 1 thing subversion ie jewish trickery to control and ultimately destroy the right wing moment.


Remember those revelations that linked Spencer to national bolshevism and that pseudo commie Aleksandr Dugin.
He's a snake in the grass that needs to be disassociated in the right as quickly as possible.

This is his "x-wife" that he separated from a month before the sieg heiling. She also translates dugins work for fun.

( pic is his wife)

"word on the street" is just short form for "anonymous posts on different boards and forums on the net, including namefag ones where former intel people LARP and spitball"

It's called having your hand on the pulse of the net. Either you do or you don't, and you clearly don't.

Never trust jews, but we can divide and conquer them with this fracture point.



No wonder why spencer and the whole alt-kike embraces jews as whites and civic nationalism.

hhahahaha he really got hit in the head hard. Really WTF is with this guy? That's like edgy Jewish humor. Some faggler in a nightclub in Tel Aviv will say that shit tonight to get press.

First post being a Jew as usually actually broke form somewhat. The yid has gotten comfy. The "new right" wants to like go camping with you guys and have marshmellows over a fire while telling stories. the old right, just wants to be left alone. But you guys want to kill all White peopleā€¦ because you think you're going to be able to enslave, or at least control, what will be over TWO BILLION mudslimes. It's nuts. You suicide yourself doing that.

Kikes couldn't play both sides truly until Israel was formed. Now they can fuck up countries with globalism/liberalism/marxism and when the pushback comes they all flee to Israel and claim "fellow friendly nationalist country" status.

This is why they are pushing muslims into europe while also pushing anti-muslim hatred slashed with jewish sympathy. Israel wants lebensraum, and the muslims are in the way.


I assure you that Israel would be interested in doing that, for the same reason they fund Palestinian groups in Gaza. Because they can stipulate that you only the get money if you dont do X Y and Z that you normally would. They give so much money that the organization ends up depending on it, and then youre forced to attack your own side instead of turning on your jewish masters.

so even the rats think islam has gotten out of hand? I hope they don't imagine this changes anything, all of this is their fault in the first place


You never trust a jew

Richard Spencer is a worthless moron. I hope the antifa stab him next time and finish the job.