PDX airport: Black Flag smash Trump supporter in the back of the head with a padlock

This guy has a family and he almost died today. Original post:


We need to adopt their tactics before they fucking kill us all.

When at a protest make sure to have nondescript clothing, carry a weight, travel in groups, and be ready to take hits of opportunity or defend yourself.

Also invest in a "Bump Cap", it's a safety insert that will fit in your MAGA.

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His fault for letting his guard down around these people. Either they keep their distance or get fucking dropped, there's no alteranive.


These are mostly white cucks though, the guy was surrounded by cops, and they blend in.

If we're not at war now, we will be very soon.

Does the left even know what kind of can of worms they're opening? There are hundreds of millions of firearms in the United States and they certainly aren't in the hands of faggots who want to ban them.

It won't be long now.

That spic who keeps saying, "you got knocked out" doesn't seem to understand that guy is the source of his benefits.

He'll either be deported or shot when he tries to attack the wrong guy. The country is descending into civil war and it's 100% the fault of these commie shitheads and their brown pets.

Remember that if you want to start killing leftists, you need to work on their middle management class. Members of legal groups that protect leftists from punishment should be the number one priority.

The left has institutions that need to have pressure applied to them. These institutions don't have the resources to protect everyone of their members 24/7, and their loss could start to cripple their operations. Other potential targets include local organizers and regional figureheads, such as local politicians and representatives, who push leftists agendas.

While it may be satisfying to kill local antifa/criminals, it won't have near the same effect killing higher up assets would have. Don't take your anger out on them yet, since they will use it to feed their victim complex. Take out the men and women behind the scenes who make their operations easier.

Calm down FBI

And yes, killing local leftists would be supremely satisfying, but wouldn't be tactically sound.

That federal agent is right though.

At this point our focus should be pushing fucking hard for Federal constitutional carry which is in the works.

The Republicans fucked up by not including Stand your ground and Castle doctrine in the Federal constitutional carry bill.


The entire reason why they control near ever aspect of society is because they have radical intentions and you don't.

For cucks they sure don't have a problem smashing the ever-loving shit out of anyone they declare an enemy. They aren't challenging people to debates or swearing up and down to anyone who will listen that "they got all da guns". It's reality check time.

The can where they get everything they've ever wanted for 100 years straight with no meaningful resistance ever?

He's totally correct. We have reached a point where they feel comfortable attacking us in public. Leftist terror is only successful when it is allowed to happen, people need to start fighting back soon before this becomes normal behaviour. There have been a lot of antifa attacks over a very short period of time, do you think that is a coincidence?

You don't have to be FBI to realise that you can't fix our problems from behind a keyboard. He's not calling for violence, he's just making a valid point.

Why not just do the Bane thing and wear a motorcycle helmet while you stomp leftists?

If you don't think we're now at war you're a coward and will never join the fight. They drew first blood. It only gets worse from here.

then I hope they open that can. you have no idea what lurks beneath the surface.

That you're still looking for MORE provocation, that you still need MORE justification before you act, tells me all I really need to know.
No, unfortunately we do. Nothing.

In situations where it's 10 vs 3 they still don't have the balls to act.

Only when the 3 turned their back, two passed through a doorway, and the third was left alone with his back turned, ONLY THEN DID THE TEN BLACK FLAG ATTACK.

Do not glorify these cucks.

Its alright to pursue this, but we aren't on the same playing field here. You have an organized terror group with official representation and multiple deep state assets beginning to form. It won't be long until somebody, most likely a Trump supporter, is killed by this machine. And once the first one is killed, it becomes easier and easier the subsequent times.

The point I'm trying to make is: stop focusing on defensive violence, and start focusing on offensive violence. Stop depending on the law to protect you when half the fucking courts in this country are controlled by leftist ideologues. Stop depending on the law when leftist are given free reign to destroy whatever they want. If this behavior isn't punished, by legal mean or otherwise, it will continue to escalate.

Hell, even if you don't want to commit a murder, you can do basic property damage instead. Things like keying some leftist kike lawyer's car is easy and you have a very low chance of getting caught. Some kike's BMW or Mercedes gets a $2000 scratch on it coat and that's $2000 less he can spend on anti-white bullshit. Lefty shopowners are also fair game. That leftist bar down the street where antifa like to meet up? Torch it or vandalize/loot it. Deny the enemy any shelter. Using legal means like fire marshals to shut down lefty spaces is another valid tactic, and we've already seen how effective it is.

We need to stop acting like good goys with this shit. These people are dangerous and need to be dealt with.

So go do something.

Oh. You want them to play fair? Fair according to you, of course. Maybe the Germans should have asked the Soviets to play fair and stop sending wave after unwilling wave of young men to die under threat of execution because they were having a hard time keeping up the supply lines?

It isn't for me user.

One of these dumb sons of bitches is going to bump the wrong citizen and they're going to get ventilated.

Just bait them in a red-state and shoot them in the face. One dude already shot an ANTIFAG on a college campus and got off scot-free. In a city like Atlanta or Richmind or whatever you could probably kill 5 or more of them legally with stand your ground laws.

When it's you VS a crowd deadly force is proportional force to defend yourself from bodily harm/death. And that's just the LEGAL way.

The fundamental problem is the stock we're working with here. Capitalists, conservatives, people who would be fine with multiculturalism if they were "left alone". There's a fundamental realization on a lot of their parts that they really don't control shit and that's scary. They talk a good game with the guns, but a few ocean liners full of Norinco hand-me-downs would even up the small arms in a few months.

Conservatives don't build. They don't tear down. They just maintain. And that's all a lot of them want to do. Tamp things down a bit so they can maintain.


If they pass a law allowing bystanders to a violent crime intervene without legal repercussions, then what starts with an Antifa sucker-punch can end with a right wing firing squad.

I think this guy 1c6d4c is leftypol, he's defending black flag.

What the fuck is happening to this board?

They did not maintain anything, if they would have we would still be living like it's 1950.

Bike helmets restrict vision and are huge and conspicuous.

Anybody in the Central Valley want to start up some California RWDS with me?

This shit is too far

This shit pissed me off so much especially the faggots yelling haha yeah nazi and chanting peaceful protest.
Watching other protests on periscope hoping for rubber bullets, san diego dispersed accomplishing nothing, looks like LAX is still going and cops losing patience.

You sure you're reading them right?

Or an oldfag who has taken one too many black pills because he has no network or like minded folks in the meat realm.

So? The whole point is to be conspicuous. To be able to stand there and tell them to deal with it because they cant hit you with a rock in the head. Your very presence will intimidate them, let alone multiple people.

That's a real good point. They cared about their own patch of dirt and nothing else. Trump is doing good by triggering them to violence though, it brings the battle to everyone.

That's not how any of this works


It's still happening right now? I hope trump sends in the national guard.

Control your emotions or someone else will. Rage is best focused like a laser, not a blunderbuss.

It's a fucking joke, megaphone instigators telling people we're going to march through the airport to free our people (detainees) but they don't do shit except march around and claim they are going to block the streets again. Cept there's a big cordon of asian cops blocking them now.

did you report those twitter accounts that called for this to FBI?

I think the Bible is coming true, anons, we are living in the last days of mystery Babylon: a race-mixing attempt at a "united" society that is doomed.

The protester cries "peaceful protest" as he strikes you.


and FFS wear a bodycam on your back.


It's gotten to the point where people are being recommended pseudo-helmets for having wrongthink political views… this isn't decried by the media, and they'll still claim Trump supporters are Literally Hitler's.


like these:

Sure, but its a one vs ten concept. One act of counter-violence for every ten of proactive violence isn't a good way to win a war. And make no mistake, we are at war.

He's not defending their ideology, he's defending their tactics. And he is right, to a certain extent. We are at this position because nobody has intervened.

I am beginning to come to this realization. I've tried unsuccessfully for years to militarize right wing conservatives beyond the typical prepperfag, and its very difficult. The get stuck at the "prepping" stage without realizing that by the fight comes to them in their rural cabin, it will be too late.

There is a very good reason why militias are demonized and heavily infiltrated by pro-left governmental forces. The right, when pushed, is much more effective at killing than the left. McVeigh is a great example of this inb4 fed false flag, as just one truck bomb killed more people than almost all of the US 70s leftist bombing campaigns did combined.


Human warfare has never, ever, been about playing fair. It's about stacking the odds against the enemy.

We have a sense of honor, sure. We expect honor from them because we have it ourselves, but countless times we've observed how dishonorable the other side is. It's time we start being unfair to them as they've been to us. Expect no honor, expect no mercy, for they will show none.

Did he died?


In this environment, where 90% of the public is brainless and apathetic, we have to endure the first few waves of aggression so everybody gets on our side. When we finally do act, it needs to be overwhelming and with finality.

1c6d4c isn't entirely wrong, cuckservatives wont join the fight. Did you ever really expect them to though? All right wing violence will come from small tight knit cliques with little to no connection to any other cliques outside of ideology and goal.

You sound like a Fed. Quit. Somebody was whacked in the head with a wrench, and now this.

Don't do stuff that will land you in jail.

There is no sense in throwing yourself into jail over useful idiots.

Let these idiots shoot themselves in the foot, while you wait to have laws that give you the right to fight back.

Found the fag

Are there any good streams?

Black Flag the band?

Not always. Believe it or not, but there was a time, and several times throughout history, where although you still wanted to win, it wasn't the most important thing.

What ever happened to Gex? When I see stuff like this and the violence towards Trump voters at his rallies I think a video like the With Open Gates would be great for normalfags. Showing how these fucking commies preach peace and love while wanting to kill anyone that just wants to enforce existing border laws and stop the demographic replacement in their homelands.

The cuck mods drove him away. Honestly.. you people deserve your fate.

I want to kill every one of those fucking shit skins taunting the man that's fucking dying on the floor

Yeah and then comes martial law.
And you remember what happened after Katrina?
That's right they will come for your guns.
But this time the Donald will be telling you to give them up.
It's so fucking obvious what's going to go down if it erupts into a civil war.

I'm sure all these people getting of the planes are just overjoyed to meet a crowd of shouting people.

smh fams


There will be a lot of dead patriots then. Trump will not get me or millions of others to give up our arms.

That's right I'm a shill trying to stop you.

Let it be a good lesson; ==DO NOT GO TO LEFTIST RALLIES WITHOUT BACKUP OR A WEAPON==. What the fuck was this poor asshole doing there? What was he hoping to accomplish? Why did he think, in the face of an ocean of leftist violence against trump supporters this year, that he would get away unscathed? Fuck me, white people need to stop living in their cozy bubbles.

But it isn't just cuckservatives. Look in this very fucking thread. You have people who ``still`` don't think we should act yet. They keep waiting for the "masses" to wake up. They need more blood to spill. But the real kicker is that so long as the violence isn't near them, its alright. They could kill 50 Trump supporters, are some people here would ``still`` genuinely call anons calling for retribution shills and agent provocateurs. This unwillingness to fight is why things will continue to get worse.

Anybody who recognizes what's going on and recommends a course of action to fix it would sound like a fed to you. Deal with it.
These middle managers aren't "useful idiots". More often then not, they are some of the biggest causes of damage to our society. And you shouldn't allow yourself to be captured alive either. If you think the outside world is bad, wait until you get into prison.

I fear the worst. Since he's based in Germany, he probably got arrested for "hate speech". I hope he's alright.

A can of words that I don't want to derail the tread with. There won't be martial law until warlords start cutting into the governments revenue streams. There are places right now in the US where the government doesn't have any real control outside of massive police penetrations. And these are in major cities. If nationwide martial law is declared, most of the rural areas of the country will be ungovernable, save for a few drones here and there dropping ordnance on strategic targets.

I said this in another thread yesterday to an Aussie… Oregon leftists will literally murder you if you aren't sympathetic to Marx or their communist plight. These people are very muchso sick, and outing yourself as a right winger is a bit of a no-no here.

He got millions of you to vote for him.

It will only be a temporary ban until we can figure out what's going on.

He got banned for expressing his opinion on evalion.

Do you know what gives a movement, true cohesion?

That's right.

This dude is going to be the rallying cry for the RWDS.

don't let these fuckers sneak up behind you and you'll be alright

if all American men knew this and pray god the retarded left had to resort to more serious attacks then even Soros and his army of puppets in the different civic institution would not be able to defend these commies from getting shot on sight by law enforcement and national guard

what's the full story? How do you know he was hit with a padlock?

Won't happen. Of course millions of people voted for him, you were aware of his competition weren't you? It doesn't matter who is president, patriots will not relinquish their arms.

Fucking angry and slightly drunk. Whatever.

Alright if you say so, I have seen people swearing they will lay down their life for this man and his family. He is rather persuasive. If they will lay down their life they will lay down their arms.

Yes, lets make sweeping defeatist proclamations with zero argumentation or facts to back them up.



schlomo even fucked up my redtext

Nope just genuinely concerned that what you accuse me of being is about to fool good people into dying for them once again.
Call me a concern troll if you like.
Deebly goncerned, and yes I would have voted for him if I were there.

The masses never fucking fight.

Context user, context. He wasn't saying he'd take their guns.


Is it real ?

I recommend browsing through something like:
Or if you can find the replacement of the footage board. If you want to go outside Holla Forums, BestGore might be your best bet since each post will give you a back story. DocumentingReality is gone atm.

Anyone know if he's going to be a father or if he's going to be a martyr? (He dead)?


No it's an edit

Just open carry you pussies, assuming you don't live in an anti-funz state.

Look say there is a conflict where guns get used that escalates, what do you think is going to happen? Trump will just say 2nd amendment rights being exercised, nothing to see here folks?
No he will send in the army to collect all the guns because there will be no way to know who is who, just like with the muslims.

I guess I'm just not used to winning this hard and so often. I might have to ask him to stop.

You realise he doesn't meant that literally?
It's a quote from a video game.

What is with you and contantly shilling this Trump gun grab narrative? You were doing it in another thread as well.

This is libtard Portland so let me guess, no arrests?

Red baxs.

Its the internet, I can't tell…
He didn't use quotes

Then there will be a lot of dead patriots. I don't get what you're trying to say user. Are you even American?

I believe it's a possibility, and I hope gun owning anons understand they are always the real targets of people who wish to hold power over you.

Yeah, I know it's not a good edit, was a hard one due to wrinkly sign.

If you can't deport them, arrest them and let them rot in jail. When they get out, make sure they OD and get rid of them.

I think you're edit made her sign looks nicer tbh. I was expecting her to have something painted. For an arab she needs to be wearing a carpet, not the cosmetics with swine based ingredients.

Oh you fuck right off.

These shills are so awful.

But "Muslim" isn't an ethnicity.
A lot of different races are Muslim; Arabs, Persians, Somalians, Indonesians, Albanians, Afghans, etc.



I just realised that's probably the point of the edit.

His shirt said something about Christ or Lord or something. That should tell you what he was doing. Sheep to slaughter.

I need sleep.

You can't give medicine to the dead user.

Just so you know, the shills will be coming out in full force to convince you not to escalate. Listen to yourself and read the situation yourself and determine what is appropriate action. I'm not going to tell you mine. Just. Pay. Attention.

Also, remember the get.

There was a san diego protest?? Fuck I missed it. Our cops never took any shit so nothing ever really went down here. This is the lone red city in this blue state.


That's not going to cut it anymore.

I urge each and every Holla Forumsack with an IRL crew to start preparing for combat.
If/When the mudblood/Jewish/twat brigade starts trying to pull a demonstration, be ready (and willing/able) to hurt these people.
When you see someone in a mask, find out what their deal is - and if its bad Jews, break their fucking kneecaps.

Antifa stands for anti-fascist, but did you know, the Spanish word for mask is antifaz?
That's what these people are - they hide behind masks, and so we must ascribe to the notion that anyone who wears a mask is potentially a target.

Sounds like they want the ban or else we won't get our wall. I think we should listen to them on this one, get on with the ban! :^)

More from twatter that could make a good edit, white virtue signaler.

One could draw a comma on their sign to make that more clear.


Nigger, we've been at war for over a decade.

The problem is, people don't want to acknowledge it.
They want to stay comfy and pretend its not happening.

The war is here.
Its on your doorstep.
Its kicking in front doors, raping mothers and sisters and daughters, stabbing fathers and brothers and sons, burning, looting, pillaging.

Problem is, only one side has thus-far been willing to get their hands dirty - and it isn't our side.

You people keep waiting for 'the masses' to get tired of this shit such as to justify what needs to be done, but the hard truth is that the majority of the population is never going to see things that way - the majority of the population just wants to go back to watching television, because they've got to be up in time to wage-slave tomorrow or else (((the bank))) will take the house/car/whatever.
You have to consider that there will never be a time wherein these people, the majority of the American people, these normie scum, are going to come around - not even a significant proportion of them, for that matter.

Voting Trump is one thing, but frankly, its quite easy - for most, by the numbers, at least. They just keep their mouths shut, push the button, and hope Trump will save them.
I see this in my father more and more, the dissonance created by forcing him to examine the reality that just because we elected Trump does not mean the fight is over - if anything, it means the fight is just getting started.

But these normies, they don't want to fight anymore, they don't have it in them.
They want to go back to television and pretend its still 1983, because they've got to be at work tomorrow.
These fucks are never going to be redpilled, they'll start that darkness right in the face and say 'NO! NOOOO! NOOOOOOOOO!' and run back to shove their heads back into the sand – they aren't ready, and quite frankly, most of them never will be.

We are at war. And you need to start acting like it.

when you call for the police and they don't show up. that is when we will have true change where all the niggers jews spics and asians will be defenseless.

When the electrical grid goes down, or the government is not able to keep the electricity on. there will be food shortages and panic.

Know who in your neighborhood is an enemy of your kind. Everything will be regional neighbor against neighbor.

and when a neighborhood faces food shortages they will mob up and attack the next wealthiest area.

your skin color is going to be your uniform. If someone doesn't look like your kin they ARE your enemy period.

Caption this



Matthew 24:6
You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

you are 100% correct.

Great idea OP, but that cap you show has a giant hole in the back of the skull where you are most likely to be hit. Any construction anons know of a good model for this particular application?





unlike you, eh?

declare black flag and antifa as a terrorist movement

I have too and it sounds like with more success, but the kind of petty shit you are talking about
is exactly why no one listened to you. When we cross that line in anything but self-defense there is no going back for us. There is a time for it. But reacting to lowlife scum isn't it. If you want a target, there are better ones than lowlevel antifa or random lawyers.

shouldnt be that hard. their mission statement is about violence. even the KKK weren't that stupid.

I know someone who went to one of these airport protests (not the portland one). She fits the mold so perfectly. Somewhat ugly (mostly because slightly-to-fairly overweight), university Marxist/feminist type, dies her armpit hair, utterly untalented "artist" of some kind, lots of social media posting about retarded girl bullshit ("look at my cat", "look at my crochet socks", "so happy hangin with my girls! (who are also fat and aimless)", etc.) to make up for not having any sense of meaning or contact with any legitimately healthy human males who could set her straight (because of course, she's intentionally made herself repulsive to any such male because muh feminism), hangs out with other girls just like her, as they wait to finally reach an age where they can't have kids, and not even beta, poetry-fag, Marxist males find them attractive anymore, and they finally either realize they've ruined their lives because of muh feminism or just slip into a deep, permanent bitter depression, unwilling or unable to come to terms with what they've done to themselves.

It's fucking weird how cookie-cutter these people are. The blindness is fucking maddening. The lack of self awareness. The lack of personal agency or the ability for critical thought or even just basic instinct as to what's right or wrong, true or false, meaningful or garbage. I've watched friends and family members morph over time into these bizarre, automatons. You can see their soul slipping away. One day you see them again for the first time in a while and there's just nothing there anymore but the programming.

Kenneth albaddani is his name

I fear we are quickly approaching the point at which Holla Forums will have to start organizing in the 3D world. It's a messy if not impossible prospect, what with shills, subversion, and justifiable paranoia about the two.
Our anonymity and decentralized structure has made it impossible for our enemies to hit us in any meaningful way, at least on the internet. But this is only going to get worse as Trump accelerates his agenda. Right now we're looking at salty liberals still halfway in denial that he's president throwing glorified temper tantrums. When the totality of that fact hits them when he fulfills even more of his promises, the rare antifa radical types that actually own firearms may start to surface and inspire those who don't to amplify their nigger tier thuggish activity.
We must be able to respond adequately if the situation arises.

…The creepiest thing is that if you ask the right questions, tread carefully, don't trigger them, you can actually get an original response out of them sometimes. The soul peeks out for a moment. It's actually still hidden in there, trapped deep within calcified layers of programming. And then they glaze over and return to default mode. It's like watching someone sink into quicksand. It's sad and horrible.

Sorry for doublepost

515 S Knott Avenue, Anaheim, California

That's the name of the attacker? Can't anyone get a gun with a silencer and a scope, and kill him?

LOL. Niggers use to do this shit in prison all the time with their combination lock either in a sock or with a belt looped through it. The crack would be so loud you could hear it across the entire fucking dorm. I refused to go to the bathroom at night without a lock in my pocket for the 3 1/2 years I was there. Good times.

Ssshhhh. Just let it happen…

I fully intend to spend my two hours of free time a day browsing Holla Forums from behind TOR from now on, and writing up my findings. I encourage everyone else to do the same, any actionable intel should be reported to the FBI, Interpol, etc.

Good post.

Why not go to these protests dressed as Antifa, wear a mask and carry a backpack or messenger bag with a bomb in it? Then, drop the bag, walk away calmly and set the bomb off?

No… Well, a few.

This. The nation is becoming insanely polarized, and mass civil unrest is going to become the norm. Assaults on random whites will increase. Murders will increase. We must be able to confront this violence and anger with vicious violence, and unspeakable wrath.

Kek wills chaos.

That's a good post

Operation redpill the normies must go in high gear

Any updates on his condition? Serious brain injury or death isn't something we should hope for, but it would help accelerate things.

Girl wearing simple bracelet with her nation's flag on it, beat up by Anti-Fa

This has existed for millennia. It's called Jewry.


Glorious covert riot helmet idea OP.


Kek. Not bad user.

imkampfy banned him for dissent. I suspect it's why they have such a bee in their bonnet about "e-celebs", they were scared he might end up breaking their back on Holla Forums for their shitty moderation. The heaviest you will ever see the mods clamp down is when someone challenges their authority or points out coincidences in the logs.

Even if they are cucks. They'll eventually join us. We need them

People are dropped by antifa and blm daily, either at airport demonstrations or in cities. Yet the famous right wing is masturbating on these threads doing nothing. This HWNDU is just a false flag, a bait to keep keep you busy while they take US by storm.
Get out there fuckers, cover your face, do not make it public only to your closest friends, and defend the people protesting the thugs. The day of the rope began days ago.

Seriously? Fuck that, he did good shit. With Open Gates is an amazing video.

Speaking of that, I was thinking of it out of the blue the other day. I went on Youtube and saw that the mirror of it (as many remember the original had like nine million before Youtube took it down due to the music or whatever) only has like 250,000 views or some shitty number.

The Middle Class has always been shit during revolutions.

Now that just sent chills down my spine. Ghastly horror story, except it's real.

what if i told you, you are also programmed?

tick these off for me:

My grandpa aged 21 had all of these things. Father took to 38 to achieve the same things. I'm 30 and more than 15 years away from all of them.

It's the end of the human race, less than 100 cycles to go.

Dumb fucks, we don't need to [attack] anyone, we need to DEFEND OURSELVES LETHALLY BUT LEGALLY.
This is all it takes, once these pathetic worms see we are NOT letting ourselves be pushed, they will give up and run away because leftists cannot handle serious opposition

this. Mine had all those things and was fighting in the Ruhrkampf by 21.

Its fucking scary

I don't think I'm programmed to the same degree, or by the same mechanisms as the normie, but certainly, no one but a mystic sage truly sheds all the layers.

I wouldn't take the fact that neither you nor I can check very many items off your list as evidence of programming. I'd take it was evidence that we aren't a good fit for society as it stands. i.e., evidence of lack of successful programming. Can you elaborate on what you mean?

He means even right wingers fall for the programming at least at first. For instance many first get redpilled after college or university, which means a good part of your life have been wasted on being a normie already.
Fo instane if everybody got redpilled automatically at 30, replacement rates would still be shit because almost everybody wastes their most important years on being a degenerate

That's the worst thing about the world we live in. The first enemies we will face are not going to be foreign, they're not even going to be traitors. They are our own brothers, sisters, friends, parents, countrymen, who have been brainwashed since birth to forget everything their ancestors knew about loyalty, blood and steel.


We want martial law, you idiot. Martial law means totalitarian control for the right.

Even if that did happen, I would join the military and get paid to legally shoot leftist dissidents!

Nope, the best thing to do is stand at the ready and not sperg out with violence. Why? "First they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." If you physically fight these numbskulls, then you abandon the precious high ground that we have right now, and that could be disastrous.

No, the thing to do right now is hold steady. We have all of the bargaining chips except for the media (which is rapidly losing its value), and we need to allow these people to self-destruct. There will be a few casualties here and there, but if stuff gets bad the National Guard will come out and regulate, followed by the military and We the Minutemen.

So for now, have the mentality that we will not fire until we can see the whites of their eyes. Trump has only been in office for a week. The media is going to try to make you feel uncomfortable and afraid, and try to force your hand to get you to do something stupid.

Courage lads. Wait.

Check out the nose on this one.

Agent provocateur. Keep your wits about you lads. The God Emperor protects and guides us. If the time comes to go Minuteman, you will know, but now is not the time. Do not take the bait.

Yeah sure, we'll just let them get in our faces and assault us and stand there like chumps. If they punch we will run away or recoil. Nawwww

The time for that is done. You look weak after a certain point and it demoralizes your own people - it doesn't help that Spencer fag forced it earlier.

You have no excuse after this for thinking it's at all peaceful any more. If you're the pacifist in a war, you're the dead.

You are witless if you think it's going to get any better. The less resistance, the more they'll attack and even weaker ones will end up getting hurt by your saying "wait".

They've lost the argument with this. PR time is over.

This. In game theory it is a strategy called "tit for tat with forgiveness." When our opponent fucks with us, we say knock it off a couple of times first before lighting them up. Absorbing a few blows is good for building resolve to deliver a mighty counterpunch.


just missing job and children, otherwise I'm doing fine.

Don't shoot until you see the yellows of their crazed eyes.

Found the marxist.

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Have you kept up with normies opinions of the Spencer debacle? I get my normie opinions from Bearing, Akkad and Harmful Opinions and T_D.

You can't expect to convert anyone more than those and existing conservatives.

They all saw the attack as wrong, btw. And the perception is still there to the animal Lefties that Spencer is their enemy and see how he reacted and they reacted. Context.

addendum: basically, that's 3 strikes now since the inauguration. they are anarchists.


This user gets it. They cannot work within the rule of law, but we can. This simple fact makes them the terrorist aggressor.

Be smart, carry, exercise good judgement, keep your powder dry, and do not let the media and these loudmouth idiots evaporate your courage and replace it with fear.

This is what lolbergs actually believe

I suspect this thread is being slid.

I see what you mean Holla Forumsack and agree with you. But there are ways to deliver devastating counterattacks that maximize the sum total of the resources at our disposal (i.e., working within the rule of law - you want to be able to have the big guns back up your move), and then there are counterattacks that undermine our hard-earned advantages (putting yourself in a situation where your actions would be untenable in the eyes of the law).

It's a chess game fellas, and acting on pure emotion shuts down your ability to think strategically and make the most devastating move at the right time.

Jews first, got it!

All I'm saying is if you're in the situation, don't hold back. If they are approaching aggressively, even with shouting, then take the initiative. If they attack, pacify with extreme prejudice.

If they insult you, attack them for using fighting words. Do not let the scum try and take your dignity or any longer say that you have no claim to the land you walk upon and were birthed in.

If they're insulting you, you don't know how far away they are from initiating anyway. And that's a reasonable calculation with these "protesters" now.

One important thing to remember is that the law is on our side. The president is on our side. The left is working from the bottom up. They don't have control of shit except for MSM but we have control of social media. A couple other things to clarify; yes the left obviously does want a war, they want to hurt you, kill you, ruin your life. Don't kid yourself about that. No one is scared of "the nazis". You should always be aware of your surroundings and expect harm to come your way.

It's better to cut the head off the snake than to deal with lefty drones on an individual basis. Target their organizers, financiers, and prominent figureheads. Use legal means to bring them down. It's been working for us so far. And absolutely use all means to defend yourself from physical artack by these degenerate faggots.

The left is trying very hard to fulfill their prophesy that Trump is liderally hidler, and they desperately need us to act out in violence (even if justified!) so that they can justify their feels and become even more bold. You can imagine how much the media would spin any kind of violence on our part to radicalize leftists even further.

Simply do not take the bait. It turns their strategy into a big mistake for them.

My argument is preemptive because between now and the time anything that's been said in this thread has been said would be utilized or taken into consideration/implemented, more attacks will have already happened that make any "PR" concerns irrelevant.

In other words, act now, fruits will come later.

Also, make no mistake, anyone who is capable of seeing the reactionary's side would look at even an open shooting of these protesters as a reaction against recent unjust assaults by the Leftists. An escalation that is unjust, but still a reaction within context. The Left will have thrown the first punch/fired the first shots.

I'm not saying to do that, but at this point, that's how the public, who were ever capable of receiving such a message to begin with, would receive it. There is nothing I can do about that and there is nothing anyone can do about that, really, except some massive distraction (on people who have avoided the typical programming distractions to begin with)

Wow a lot of cucks showed up in this thread. If you aren't being proactive locally in regards to identifying leftist scum and planning on how to strike back at them you're never going to fight. Within the next 30 days we will have our first Trump supporter killed by one of these stupid fucks and you dip shits will still be saying stupid shit like "lol no FBI".

Is there any word on the condition of the man that was attacked? What about the guy that did it, has he been found?


In some State you can bait them to legally kill, if you show up in your propriety dressed as a kkk and shoting the one trying to invade.



The mere fact this post is going ignored proves this thread is populated by mostly shills


Go masturbate to cartoons you cuck.

Wait until work on the wall starts. That's going to be some shit show.

Keying cars is faggot tier. Only scum does that. If you KNOW it's a Jew lawyers, do a lot worse, otherwise, leave peoples cars alone.

When was the last time any Conservative, CONSERVED anything? They've been globalist cunts for decades now. Very little real difference between any of the top shitheads.

Hahahaha we will have been outbred by shitskins by then. Also, that WILL be something the FBI will be on. There's not going to be any conserted effort. I don't see that at all. If there were, then why not today? This care right here is a fucking call to arms if I ever saw one. Are we all going to kill spics today? The answer is, no unfortunately. CNN could film a nigger shooting a White baby in the face while in a stroller and fuckers wouldn't do anything but shitpost. That's the sad reality. So it's 'protests' like this, where a few of us run those Commie types off because we handed out massive beatings.


You don't understand.
They only pull these stunts in areas where the gun laws restrict carry, and the courts & locals are on their side.

They never do this shit where the crowd hates them & people can be armed. Then Soros would lose some employees.



Yes this is a very common technique used in American Prisons, usually known as lock in a sock.



This is America, user.
If you kill an antifas in self defense, nobody faults you for it.
They may not agree with your politics, and it won't change that, but acting in self-defense won't turn anyone against you.

Can we finally fucking ignore the "FBI pls" faggots and start killing antifa now?

you know, the meadhall board has been up for ages. we prepared for this.

Killing these insects are meaningless, ou and to kill their bug-queens.
The yids in position of power.

god youre a fucking idiot. go back to the foxnews comment section you pleb.

In self defense, yes…kill them, post pic here so we can all laugh.
But if you actually form RWDS you will hurt our cause.
We need to get the various levels of law enforcement to do this for us. We need to get Antifas classified as a terrorist group, and their violence is helping us do that.
When we connect Soros to it, then anyone in America doing business with him will be breaking federal law, and Soros will also be a hunted man by U.S. authorities.

Trust Trump, he knows all this, and he's miles ahead of us on it.

You're welcome to try, but local law officials will probably gun you down. We have to wait for the majority of normalfags to turn before the local law will. All we have to do in the meantime is fan the flames of hatred.

wow a little girl can pull a trigger when the rifles weight is supported by a sled. thats so terrifying and totally the best we have to offer. question is, what the fuck is your faggot ass going to do and what the fuck have you done to get ready? jack shit most likely. go find the tallest building in your area, take the elevator up, break a window and dive out head first.

Already happened. At the protests outside fag Milo's talk in Seattle. Antifa started on some oriental, go ventilated. Sadly the commieshit survived.
(pic related: Seattle PD attend to the porr innocent lamb who dindu nuffin)


I just have to ask: I'm choosing a flippant way to say that he could have avoided this by being at work or with his family.

wants his condition to deteriorate till he becomes a talking point.

how come I'm the one that gets under your skin?



They can easily smash your shoulders and back though, ten times easier because you're wearing a giant "hit me i cant see" sign.

yeah, just shoot them in self-defense. it's super legal and super easy.
though i wouldn't go out of my way to watch leftists scream, we have a country to make great again.

Get out newfaggot

Even after they dropped him, they were standing around crying about how victimized they were.

Who cares about revolutions other than us really at that point? When most of the population are negros,

They still have most of the courts and judges though. Be wary anons, your life is your own to protect even in a legal sense, know the laws because a gray area will allow them to throw the book at you.

You forget that Trump started preparing against them long ago, the state is moving to our side right now. If you want to help removing lefties, do it officially in border patrol/law enforcement/militia, or identifiying lefties breaking the law and sending tips to law enforcement, going through social media or other lefty groups and report everything you can, infiltrate them and fuck them from the inside, always carry and self defend whe needed, get them into jail. The more leftists break the law, the more the state itself will intervene and remove them officially. Fuck them in ways they can't defend against and with the support of the state and law, if you just randomly fuck one in a personal vendetta, two more will just pop up anyway and the state is also forced to stop you too. Don't play their game, play a smarter game. Don't take 1 eye for 1, take 10. And once the Media officially supports terrorists, you can remove them too.

Also, it's right that the middle class won't do shit now, they will accept whomever isn't stopping them from recieving bread and water, but right now leftists are about to do just that. Leftists blockade streets and trains preventing middle class to go to work, they destroy windows and burn trash, they attack anyone they disagree with, burn cars, and start look like total lunatics to normalfags. The Middleclass ignores anyone who doesn't interrupt them too much, but don't understimate when the middle class is your enemy. Don't interrupt when leftists make normalfags their enemies, the middle-class can become our allies and will be more approachable for redpilling too. Lefties only had middle class support for their "tolerance" and shit anyways, now that is vanishing.

I once suggested using a padlock as a knuckleduster on Holla Forums. People laughed at me. Why didn't you listen? You could have stopped this.

I'm getting out of the military soon and looking for a place to live. What's a good all white area that has a low cost of living?

Pretty wide choice of places as long as you limit it to what's between both coasts. Probably somewhere in the midwest.

Why don't you ever dox some Buzzfeed "journalists" or something?

The only dox I've ever seen on this board are of right wingers or of antifa fags that even Leftists don't like.


Big internet talker here

Think I'll join the military for a year or two, any tips ?

drive down a highway that isn't an interstate anywhere in the middle of the country. Wait until people wave at you for no reason. Stop there.

Better yet is to find a place where the people have similar heritage to you.

Great post user, I know this feel all to well.

Please call PDX and tell the kike operator to transfer you to the airport police department. Let them know that you don't feel safe flying in and ask them why they are allowing such violence on their property. I called and they said they've been receiving calls and that if it were to get bad again they would call in military fags.

Yes, yes you are. Go fuck yourself faggot. You know we won't give up our guns, you know all the police in this country are righties, they would never follow through on an order to seize other righties guns. Faggot's like you should be scared. We have the military and police on our side


The guy looks like Sam fucking Hyde.
I swear, same fatness, same shirt, the fuck.
It's an omen.

Is Hyde safe?????

this is a good thing. the worse they get the more righteous our response.

keep in mind, we have Trump, Mattis, most police, most active and former mil, most of Congress, most Governors, most State houses, and soon we will regain a majority in the Supreme Court.

if leftists were smart, they'd bide their time…like we did through Obama's 8 years; But they're not and they're going to reap the whirlwind in the most justified ,and official, sense possible

How about a way to expose these people for what they are, paid protesters. If they are there during working hours, or ever 24 hours/day it is clear this is their job. Or in the least it is part of their income.
Meme that these protests and protesters are paid for and it will be a huge blow to them.

I'm hoping he labels antifa as a terrorist organization, then when he "finds" out the contributors he fries them all.

We're *this close* to simply having white skin being reason enough to be assaulted and/or murdered.

When are you going to fight back WHITE MAN???

I'm astonished, but when someone acts I feel it will have a ripple effect across us all.

Kill yourself, reddit.

Attacking our port of entry? This should be a felony.


Thank you, I was not aware of this board.

When are you?

You mean like how Dillan Roof totally ignited the race war?

You could have done that ages ago. You don't have to wait for anyone else. Are you only waiting for some kind of mass that you can hide in because you lack the courage to do what you are trying to encourage others to do?

I'm not sure why anyone thought something like that would kick off a race war. You can't just go off gunning people down and getting caught. You have to destroy their homes, their livelihoods, make them feel unsafe everywhere. Don't get caught, punish as many as you can.


NEWS* Victim that was hit in head has died*
NEWS* Victim that was hit in head has died*
NEWS* Victim that was hit in head has died*

Have to provide a source there, bud.

Exactly this. There will be no one event that signals the start of the racewar. We have been gradually slipping into it over the past 4 years. All Holla Forumsacks need to stop being afraid and fight back when appropriate.

This is what happens when our people don't defend ourselves. This is going to become more and more common until people defend themselves and put Antifa down when they attack you.

old as fuck

NEWS* Faggot refuses to post source for extreme claim*
NEWS* Faggot refuses to post source for extreme claim*
NEWS* Faggot refuses to post source for extreme claim*


After Trump won I figured I wouldn't need to buy a CC fun, but it seems I was wrong.

It's honestly just funny to me how the anti-nazis have clearly become everything of the idea that they hate.

They have no concept on right or wrong. They're just assmad that their ideology and culture didn't win the election, so now they're lashing out.

Be very aware for any attacks by these cretins if you aren't even slightly left at this point. These people may not have the power, but they are like dying cornered rats, and will be a danger to those who underestimate what they'll do to you.

Will they… Will they seal team 6 grandpappy George?