Shooting in Quebec Mosque Part 2 - Reddit Tries to False Flag Edition

Shooting at Quebec City mosque, reports of multiple dead

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Kek wills it edition.


Why would Muslims shoot up a mosque?

We need to generate more memetic energy with dubs and rip reality asunder in our favor!

Sunni vs Shia

Perhaps he's wondering why a Muslim would shoot a mosque before throwing their ethnic group out of a country?

Saw some women in the men's section most likely, or trying to false flag whitey.

They're like blacks, they forget to turn off friendly fire

There are two core groups of Muslims (don't remember the names; Sunni / Shia, maybe?) and they don't get along.

I'm still afraid that there's a chance the shooters are RWDS who were yelling 'aloha snackbar' ironically.

why would whites yell allahu ackbar

Some of you might have an interest in this french feed.

Are you new here?

radical shia who thinks the congregation is degenerate.

Sectarian violence. Sunni and Shias despise each other and Traditional Muslims hate "westernized" Muslims.

Ironically? False flag to justify the new law?

false flagging to blame it on canadian jews like rebel and molyneux

I said it before and I'll say it again, it was white quebecois doing a Dylan Roof and trying to start a racewar agains mudslimes.

quebec is like 60% brown m8

muslims hate other muslims.


Obviously you don't know shit about Quebec


I don't know much about cold australia. Are the frenchies better than the other canadians?


Quebec is the whitest major province of Canada, you uneducated buffoon.


maybe. but muslims will kill each other over small sectarian difference too.

Though that type of violence usually happens in muslim countries so I see how this quebec shooting is suspicoius and could be a false flag.

As a frenchie i would like to think yes, but the socialist quebecers give all of us a bad name with their horrendous incompetence and retardation.

This aside, Quebec is the most anti migration, pro nationalism of the places in Canada.

So 40% white.

BTW is Lauren a crypto-jew or just a shabbos goy who's reading (((Levant's))) scripts?

At least on reddit they don't hide it whilst pretending to be neo-nazis.




Toasting in an epic bread.

she's jewish

Have some OC

Saging happening thread. Kill yourself schlomo.

man I would be voting Parti Québecois if they werent so fucking lefty, retarded and inconsistent.

Anti migration ? I don't think so mate, I live in hueland, a few months ago, canadian employers were trying to hire south americans to work as machinists or nurses, they needed to speak advanced french though, so I guess you have more Algerians or Tunisians than hues or other south americans.

cucked thread tbh fam

Oh, and by canadians, I actually meant Quebecois companies.

Me too.

Parti quebecois and Scottish SNP are the same kind of cuckholdry retardation.

On one hand they want full migrants, they let them in, those migrants then vote no on referendums. The politicians sont understand why they lost, they get voted out.

Left wing nationalism is the most retarded nationalism.

A major problem is how nationalism has been hijacked and mostly emptied of all meaning by the socialist retards.

Basically if you speak some french and vote for them (and maybe hate religion, but they're soft on that last point with non-catholics), you're totally 1000% a member of the nation. People obviously sense in their bones that ahmed, mamadoué and wang belong to another group, but "nationalism" Quebec leftist-style won't allow it to mentioned.

They fucked up the feed on French news. Look whats playing bottom right. Possibly linked?

LCN news saying they are Quebecois, probably right wing. Get ready for the blame fellow fucks.

Yeah, how's that carbon tax going…

As an anglo, I honestly admire that you guys have at least made an effort to preserve your cultural identity. Ours died out during the 60s, we have almost no connection to our grandparents or previous ancestors.


You talk about those rich liberals who never have to be around actual migrants.
I guess the man was from Montreal ? This place is doomed. The people there are cucked and depraved to death.

Rest of quebec is ok.

Okay. I think I remember seeing that tweet about her family surviving the holocaust (grandparents I believe). I was wondering if they we Slavic or Polish people fleeing the camps instead of jews.

Are there any e-celebs you should trust. I've been lurking for about 4 months and my impression is no. But I think movements need leaders too? I'm conflicted.

Montreal IS Quebec

to "make fun" of the hajjis, this is a false flag to push bill 59.

Yep, it's always Montreal.

You made a new thread when the old one had 100 posts left, and directly linked cuckchan.


They're basically the pre-Trump GOP.

"Anglos are the real racists! vote for us mohammed."

"Oh shit mohammed didn't vote for us, we should have cucked harder."


More like 87%, a lot whiter than Niggamurrica

These people aren't going to leave any other way. There's no other way to get rid of them. So regardless of who the shooters turn out to be, you can't worry about blame anyway. Long term, everyone in the media needs to be executed anyway so I don't really see a point in dwelling on the narratives they create.

Montreal is a fucking shitshow, next time we renegotiate a referendum we should leave it out so Ontario would inherit the migrant trash and the plateau libcuck clique. There should be a fucking wall around this asshole of a city.

why does a dog shit in its owner's yard?


Montreal is cucked. The only non part of quebec is actually that cancer that is Montreal.

This island could sink tomorrow and Quebec would only be better off.
All quebecois knows that.
Except montrealers who thinks the world revolves around them.


Stefan Molyneux. He's the only person who didn't grab onto the coat tails of our movement in order to make a name for himself. He was a journalist before we started.


LCN just confirmed from reliable sources that the suspects are not foreigners and were born in Quebec, so stop posting about fucking refugees because it wasn't them.

What if I told you

Just go to the Stormer BBS and find an IRL group. We do need leaders, we don't have solid ones yet, but there's a concerted effort right now to make 8/pol/ into a base for people who want to dox and ruin anyone who sticks his head up.

Day of the Rake!

But Stefan Molyneux is a Jewish Libertarian.


/ Cult leader

1) (((1)))
2) Nice source faggot
3) Just because they were born there doesn't mean they aren't mudshits Schlomo

Refugee or not it doesn't matter, the ultimate question is whether the shooter was white or not? Anyone non-white race, muslim or not, and this can be spun in our favor. I don't give a shit where he was born – just as I can never be a chinese, a shitskin born in Canada can never be Canadian.


Okay. It can be hard to tell at some points who's real and fake.

By the way. What's going on with Richard Spencer being called controlled opp.

I've been reading his stuff since more than a year before the election and I don't see how he's controlled? (((Milo))) to me is obvious controlled opposition.

But Spencer just seems to speak with weird intonations but that's not the same as being controlled opp.

Bingo esti.

Still don't know the race of the shooters?
We know what that means.

Huh, didn't know sandnigger moonrune scribblers were considered white now.

If they are white-ish, we're fucked.

Everyone on Reddit needs to be gassed.

Why? Just fight more.

Like Algerians?


Molyneux hates his family with a passion and is not a libertarian.
He also no longer believes whites are racist, that rape culture exists, and that there is a patriarchy.

No, were not. It happened in refugee happy Canada. Not refugee banning America. Shows you banning Muslims work. After all if there are no Muslims then nobody can kill them.

That means nothing.

Yeah well my dad works at nintendo and says you suck at mario, so go ahead and kill yourself.

If trips, they were Syrians.


I can only read and piece together bits of french, but can you post a link or something to where they said they were QC born?

if they are a celeb probably no.

watch them if you like but also try to look for the problem with or debunking x videos and try to make up your own mind. Vlogging is rapidly replacing normal tv. There is no way the people that control tv are going to allow anything negative towards them get popular. That's what's going on. A war for your mind…. see even the most obvious jewish agents tell the truth sometimes.

Molyneux is an ashkenazi jew with an agenda. He is entertaining and high iq but he is a jewish deceiver, never forget that.

Just came to the sad realization LCN/TVA far superior than CNN/MSNBC/FOX in all aspects

shit reply and shit girl

Does quebec have a law against naming suspects because rcmp is blueballing with these vague hints, 2.5 hours in the Coulter zone and vague hints make me wonder

Non-pozzed thread. >>>/9051270/

Algerians speak french, seems plausible