What do liberals believe in???

I understand what Holla Forums supports, it can be plainly seen by skimming through the catalog. Stops on unregulated immigration, a rejection of neoliberalism in favour of more equitable capitalism, the destruction of globalist institutions which have gutted the working class and the preservation of culture and identity. To put it very generally: a rejection of the destructive neoliberal agenda and replacement with traditional conservatism. There is also a definite libertarian sentiment on this board too.

In the same way I could say similar things about skimming the catalogue of Holla Forums, there is also a general rejection of neoliberalism but with the goal of instituting common ownership of the means of production. Interestingly Holla Forums and Holla Forums have some very similar goals despite a mutual disagreement over what should happen when the status quo is destroyed.

For the life of me I can't wrap my head around liberals. What do these fucking morons stand for? What are they actually trying to achieve? Do they stand for nothing? If so why are they so outspoken about stupid shit? Sure they espouse little tidbits here and there 'black lives matter', 'i'm with her', 'he will not divide us'. What does this all amount to? What do these slimy fuckers actually want to do with this world? This is encapsulated with the Clinton campaign: no ideas, no drive and no passion. This leads people to think: WHY are you running for president??? Trump has a goal, Bernie has a goal: Hillary just wanted to be president for the sake of being president. Can someone explain liberals to me? Are they fucking aliens or something??

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They want equality. Which in practice means they want to be lazy slobs, and then force anyone who actually works to better themselves to be forced to also be a worthless slob.

The Liberal end game is pic related. Factory farmed humans force fed GMO nutrient paste and unlimited entertainment and never have to work or accomplish anything in life. Everyone equally worthless. Everyone equally enslaved.


Equality however because it is easier to bring someone down then build too them up their focus is on bringing everyone down to the lowest level.

Art, Writing and Media were easy targets because little work is involved in drawing a piece of shit.

There is a reason the tradesmen who are non-union are white supremacist as fuck. Because those are jobs that require actual skill and are fucking hard.

According to some, the problem isn't liberals, but progressives who have co-opted the relatively more-centrist left to be XTREAMLY RADICAL. I dunno, my experiences with the radical left are few, as I dress like a cop all the time.

muh horseshoe effect, the post.
yeah, free shit for everyone. fuck Bernie Gutman and fuck you.

We are mostly fascist here.


you have a lot of growing up to do, kid.

They don't stand for anything. They don't have a clue what they believe in. Their beliefs change hourly, daily, weekly. They're like a sponge that takes in whatever the kikes tell them to take in.

The destruction of America.


The cucks have no belief, they are just herded around like thought zombies. They have gone a complete 180 on issues they were chimping out about 2 years ago because Trump spoke out against it too.

Now they love the TPP because Trump cancelled it.

Yep. All the modernist, old school, JFK style liberals like myself have gone practically gay for Trump. We love white people, guns, titties, beer, freedom, and getting shit done.

We hate banks, kikes, conspirators, social conservatives, leftists, niggers of all colors, and banks. I'm not sure if I mentioned banks already, but we REALLY hate banks, and by extension, kikes.

The left is fucked without us. We're responsible for every good thing they ever did, none of the bad. Shit, we're responsible for A TON of good right wing shit, too. We worked across aisles and did what was right.

They started fucking us over in the 80's and were able to survive. Now that postmodernism is falling flat on it's ass, they're completely fucked, and we will burn them into the ground.

You know what's funny though? I know a shit ton of Millenials who share my old school views. You'd think older generations would have this attitude, but at this point all we can do to rebel is embrace modernism.

Everyone I know like me went full blown Trump. We love him more than anyone can imagine. He is JFK but newer, faster, more efficient, and ballsier. We're not going back. We want these faggots burned alive at the stake. This is vengeance for being political outcasts for so long, simply for being ballsy, rational, unfiltered and pragmatic.

Fuck these Soros-spawned proto-kikes.

Thanks to the Overton Window, modernism is inherently right wing now. Man, is it one hell of a wing…working with people instead of through them. I'm still having trouble coming to terms with winning. All I have known, until this point, is loss.

They want to be cattle, or rather, kosher goyim. They'll line up for an implantable RFID chip the week before its released because jews will tell them its trendy. They watch Hell's Kitchen and Catfish because their brains have melted into jello. The last book they read was Harry Potter, and it's their third time reading through it. They studied English in college, and now work at whole foods with said degree. The hormones in their food and water have turned the men into proto-mtf gynecomastites and the women into lesbians. Miley Cyrus is their god, and rap music sounds good to their ears. Circumcision is a positive thing because uncut penises are "gross" to them. They think Frida Kahlo was a beautiful woman. Hell, they think Leslie Jones is a woman, and a beautiful one at that. They get their news from comedy shows and have but a cursory understanding of history to inform their worldview. Their knowledge of history doesn't even involve nuance, just fake little plot lines they saw on a jew film that their history teacher made them watch 4 years in a row. Did I mention that they can tell you more about George Washington Caver than George Washington himself? These people are truly the walking dead, interacting with them feels like fighting against an energetic vaccuum. Their stupid is so potent that it begs the question, do such cretin deserve to even be called human?

It's not the answer you're looking for OP, but the average liberal and the average conservative aren't that different. They both have a general idea of "I want what's best for the world and the people I care for." However, since the average person is grossly uninformed and refuses to or cannot think for themselves, any choice they make regarding political beliefs should be disregarded. They are making a choice based on what feels right to them, or what their role models tell them to think. Just as the left has useful idiots, so too does the right.

Whatever the people pulling their strings want them to stand for.

They don't have their own ambitions. Their ambitions are what their masters' ambitions are.

Pretty much, though they will disagree vehemently with you.

Because they believe that the sincerity of their beliefs correlates directly with how loudly and frequently they express them.

Basically they want to put an end to all discrimination of any kind, including discriminating between what's right and wrong. This is why they're always leaping to the defense of terrorists. This is why they celebrate all kinds of degeneracy . If no one can tell the difference between right and wrong, then there's nothing to fight for and everything is equal.

They do not actually want equality, most of them do not have the capacity to realise what equality is. They want to feel good. The buzzwords make them feel good. Protesting what they are told is evil makes them feel good.

Liberals do not have any real beliefs. They are NPCs, they are asleep, they are idiots. The commies and anarchists might believe in something, they might even be able to tell you about it. I doubt they understand it because its retarded, but they might. Liberals though? Liberals just want to feel good about themselves; and right now chanting 'equality, diversity, tolerance, victimhood, etc' makes them feel good. If the zeitgeist changed and we were in command; they'd be out on the streets chanting about family, nationalism, strength, isolationism, refusal to be a victim, and whatever else was deemed to be a publicly good view.

Most people are liberals because most people either do not care, or do not have the capacity to understand. As such they regurgitate what they see as the popular ideology because of flock mentality. It makes sense, there is safety in numbers. Don't mistake them for people who actually believe in something though.

They want to be recognized as morally superior to others. That is their underlying drive. The cause they claim to support is just a vehicle for their narcissism.

I hear you. I was 100% shitlib leftie commie postmoderist fuck. I was and still am a big lover of Jimmy Carter.

I just actually understood the scientific method and appreciated rationality and intellectual honesty.

And then woah nelly I noticed that the media and the University system were in lockstep to instigate a racewar they truly thought white people would lose. And then I found out who was running those shows.

And here I am. Hail Trump.

You're definitely to the left of me, but congrats on your newfound freedom.

I think the biggest difference between people like me and the mega far right is that we realize social conservatism just breeds leftism.

Society needs to breathe. Social conservatives try to stamp everything out without addressing the root causes, and it backfires horribly when "oppressed" groups unite and start fucking society up. At that point it's too late - fighting is now part of their culture, and they're no longer content with "existing." You're supposed to give degenerates enough freedoms so they stay in their own little corner and shut the fuck up. Of those that can't be saved, 90% are satisfied just to merely "exist" and practice their shit in private.

There is no ideal solution. Social conservatives give these people something to rally against. Create a society that allows them to exist with just enough money to afford a shitty car, a run down apartment, and a computer, and you'll have all the tools you need to get them to fuck off.

Terrible. Go back to reddit.

this is now a bait n tackle thread

buddy, Holla Forums's history is more nuanced than you like to imagine, as is the political beliefs of many of the posters who are here, and have been here since back when there were just as many libertarian threads as natsoc ones. I'm not saying I support libertarianism, as I'm at the point where I believe any -ism to be a pigeonhole, but I do see fascism as a means to an end, and that end may involve an armed populace with a strong military police… but that's not to say I want to police human nature and try enforcing policy on matters that are redundant, or disadvantageous to my cause. Some of the posters here are so stupid that they fall for kike shill ideological tenets like they're gospel from the lord, and that sort of thing has been killing this board for over a year now (and it's what killed cuck/pol/ before it).

I do get what you're saying, but personally I think we need to cut this shit out at the roots by shutting down any meetings or dissemination of materials and offer one chance for these people to find their way back to the path or face jail time.

they want a zombie apocalypse, don't you watch game of thrones / the walking dead?

You have stopped reading 's post after the first sentence.

Laziness is the lefties' sin, and it is the jew's sin as well. **which explains alot since leftism is the bastard child of jewish "intelleqtuals"

lurk moar you fucking newfag, you are so new it hurts

I read it, I just disagree. I'd argue that is what a lot of communists want. Liberals on the other hand have no idea that is what their ideology leads to. They just want to feel good about themselves.

What the hell does this even mean?
Do they seriously believe that there will be a fantasy situation that will mirror their retarded obsession with zombie games and movies?
Are they that fucking stupid, delusional and out of touch with reality?
If so why the fuck is anyone listening or even being polite to these crazies.. they need extermination plain and simple.

I think the zombie apocalypse they dream of is really just them yearning to to leave behind the society that they see as "chains" holding them down and forcing them into a role that doesn't fulfill whatever degenerate fetish they base their identity on.
What they want is for all order to disintegrate leaving a world where nothing is left but their passions and their will to indulge in them, along with the freedom to kill anybody that would obstruct them.

The liberal has wants and feels, but not the brain to understand why he has them, or what they even are.

They want what they're told they want, but underlying their servility is their ultimate motivation: they want to fit in. They want others to like them and this is what they value above all else. That's it. That's all there is to it. This is the core motivation and value system of all normies, and right now, their programming is telling them that the way to be liked is the be liberal, so that's what they are. Holla Forumsacks have different motivations, some in common among us, some divergent, but being liked is nowhere near the top of the list, and that's ultimately what separates us from the normies.

Bateman is a kind of absurd caricature of the normie.

I want The Day of the Rope so that we can restore order and humanity to where it should be.

And yet he is not, if we are to believe that Bateman is also the narrator of his inner self, which means that he is self-aware.

The normie is never self-aware.

no I can elaborate if you want. The pseudo-religion of Ariosophy (think new age crystals and energy shit) has it's roots in the idea that there is no gender, only a sliding spectrum.

That's because the originator was a very masculine Russian woman who had real difficulty getting a hot dick. Her biological imperative drove her to re-invent an old idea, that women can be men and men can be women and there is this massive transformation you can make by transcending your 'sexual' humanity and becoming a godlike being, be both at once, etc.

Ok let's go on. At the core of this religion is the desperate need for this 'transformation', it's being currently pushed in the media as this label "creative destruction", but it has had many different names over it's rather short history.

Proponents, a group to which your opponents belong to (unknowingly) believe in the total destruction of civilization. They are also anti-war, incapable of defending themselves, and have zero acumen towards planning or strategy. That's why this 'takeover' plan is just somewhat annoying, the UN never gained any traction, and the New World Order is so discredited now they basically had to brand themselves under a national populist like Trump and undo the decades of painstakingly slow work of bribing dictators and brainwashing generations of people to be politically apathetic.

This massive hypocrisy is lost on them and their ideas are often used by smarter idealogues to promote re-armament, militarization and expansion under unified conquest: eg the Nazis in 1920s Germany, the Bolsheviks in 1910s Russia.

Basically a half-baked idea by a butch woman which has poisoned culture for about 150 years.

Like Bezmenov plainly said in the 80s, you can't reach these people anymore. There is no way to deprogram them, they have abandoned their bodies, their identity is tied up completely to fantasies in their mind.

The coming genocide is going to be ugly and short, because japanese robots are a lot more efficient than motivated germans.

Indeed. In Bateman, we see a battle between the normie facade and the remnants of a soul, though all that remains of his soul is an animalistic drive for dominance and self preservation. What if normies saw what they were but it was already too late? Bateman is what.

Basically video related

I think you're mixing up Ariosophy with Theosophy, the ideology originating with Helena Blavatsky (or the related, though, in my opinion, more interesting ideology of Anthrosophy, codified by Rudolph Steiner). Theosophy is the root of most new age ideology and has the unification of genders as a step towards god-hood as a central theme.

maybe, they are related.

why would a liberal ever want to be put in a situation where it has to put effort into survival or fight others to the death?

Digits checked.

The destruction of white people

this is a summary of what liberals believe in:
almost all SJWs are religious in name only, if at all; in reality, most of them are atheists, or at least they act like it with their acceptance of islam
if i am a guy all i want to do is have sex with a woman whenever I want and have a high social status because of it so that i can flaunt to my friends so that they'll know that I can have sex whenever I want with whoever I want and my reputation will be all the higher for it; in an effort to make this happen, I will do literally anything, ANYTHING, to appease women in general in a desperate attempt to have sex… I also have no standards because they didnt help me get laid

KEK has spoken.

nossing zey ahr nihilists

they want a lot of things. for starters, liberals wish to replace that which works for others with that which works for them. a system like capitalism poses a serious threat to liberal ideologies, as it revolves around the idea of competition. competition is a waste of time for them, since there is risk involved, and, thanks to our decadent modern society, there is no reason to risk anything when you can live completely comfortably with little to no real backbreaking effort. this is why systems like socialism appeal to them: on a surface level, they remove risk by supplying them with free shit that they don't have to worry about.

they also wish to remove their opponents from power in every country they live in, much like most other groups. however, they have more indirect method of doing so. liberals loathe fighting on their own, because of, again, the risk involved. however, they are more than willing to entice others to fight for them, and, thanks to their wiring that causes them to always act in a group, choose to overwhelm by sheer numbers. enter the minority/immigrant. the liberal takes their side over the side of their own people for the purpose of causing destabilization of a current system. getting more people to their cause to the tune of several million = less power to their enemy = less resistance to them doing what they want.

the last one i'll mention is mental comfort. relating back to the first point, liberals fear challenges/rejection/fights/etc because of their group mentality. being alone is the end of the world for a liberal, because their strength is with the group. as such, they must constantly assuage this fear by making everything fit to their social standards, insulating them within their groups from outside interference. this is why they go along with stupid shit at the drop of a hat if someone they deem important tells them to. the fear of being seen as someone outside of the group is too much

there's tons more, but basically, they've got fuck you dad syndrome and cling to security blankets. everything they want and every political choice they make stems from this

One of the main reasons people today become liberals is so that they can fit in with others, make more friends, get their dick wet, etc. Most people of average intellect and unable to fathom complex political theories, they cannot make their own determinations so they rely upon leaders to do their thinking for them. Their leaders are the jew owned media talking heads. Anybody who questions the mainstream narrative is quickly labelled as an outcast and has a hard time making friends. Most people when given the option, would rather choose a position that could lead to short term personal gain than one that would alienate them from their peers. The objective truth of the matter is a secondary importance since most people can't figure it out anyway.

There is a reason why so many people on Holla Forums have to rely on 2D anmu waifus. 3D women are just not impressed with autists who can talk at length about the importance of having pride in ones race and nation, and how self sacrifice is necessary to build and defend a civilization. Did they not get the memo that these ideas are outdated and problematic and that we are all supposed to be equal now?

May Kek's love shine through you.

Great post. My sister is one of "them" and this describes her perfectly. I honestly don't view these people as human either.

This seems to be the truest thing posted in this thread.

We desperately need some good Solzhenitsyn Pepes. Guy was a bona fide Holla Forumsock.

Kek wills it!

This also. There should be more threads like this for all the new friends coming in. Understanding the mentality of a liberal is a challenge in of itself.

Their lives lack conflict and meaning, so they manufacture all kinds of bullshit and are easily manipulated.

Whatever their heeb overlords want them to believe in:

Half the shit they believe in contradicts the other half of the shit they believe in

This really can't be emphasized enough. Their entire worldview is schizophrenic and hypocritical. You can at least grudgingly respect a communist for being consistent in his views (even if they're totally wrong) but a modern liberal is just a blind follower without a shred of intellectual integrity.


That's pretty much a summary of Dostoevsky's "The Demons" in one sentence.

That is a great description. They're liberals because they're apathetic and just want to follow the path of least resistance. This describes so many people I've met and argued with.

There's a perfect cartoon that I can't seem to find, showing a liberal in a strait jacket proclaiming stuff like 'there's no such thing as race, except whites need to pay reparations', 'gender is a social construct but we live in a male patriarchy'

Anyone got that one saved? It pretty much answers the thread's question in one go.

They are a containment board. They are no different than standard liberals.

Liberals want the same thing as Holla Forums: the dissolution of society, the flooding of white countries with nonwhites, the increased prevalence of LGBTQP, more feminism and less traditional gender roles, less white people, etc.

Their only differing views are economic.


I've seen redditors whine about Holla Forums because Holla Forums generally doesn't bother with feminism or LGBTBBQ shit because they think they're all spooks. It may be different now though, they just got a flood of reddit refugees after some socialism etc boards on reddit imploded because of mod abuse (imagine that!).

Nah he means the cartoon with the redheaded guy.

Nah, it was almost exactly the same as this guy, but was spouting some of the liberal hypocrisy that would be hard for them to argue against.

Wew. That episode is downright triggering. The mere idea that such a world is even possible fills me with disgust.

By Kek, we are here to prevent that future.

got you covered, anons.

Power. Absolute power. They foolishly believe they're the ones who are going to wield it, though, Useful Idiots as they are.

Conservatives always make a fundamental mistake when it comes to liberals: they assume liberals have to stand for something. Liberals and conservatives think in fundamentally different ways. While conservatives try to stand for things and have personal and/or societal goals that they want to achieve, liberals simply feel. Their entire ideology is fluid and it changes from year to year based on whatever mass media makes them feel at any given moment.
The truth is that liberals don't even know what they want. The difference between the conservative and liberal mindsets is not merely ideological. Conservatives see and hear what the media presents to them, and they examine everything to see if it stands up to scrutiny. Conservatives determine their beliefs based on what they think would be best for themselves, or for their societies at large. Conservatives make the mistake of believing that liberals must think in the same fashion, but simply have other goals. Liberals, however, do not scrutinize and examine what they're told. Liberals simply feel emotions, and base their actions and beliefs on those emotions. Therefore, they're very easily led and manipulated by mass media. That's why a (staged) picture of a dead toddler boy on a beach caused European women to collectively shit themselves and demand more immigration.
The difference between conservatives and liberals is quite literally the difference between questioning what you're told and being led blindly by your heart strings.
What liberals stand for is quite literally whatever those who control the media tell them to stand for at any given moment.



Just lurking here - can't say much on the subject, but as a Russian, the title of Dostoevsky's novel is more accurately translated as "The Imps".

Bes' is a tiny demon that does shit to annoy and drive people crazy, but doesn't do anything nearly as malicious as a demon would.

Look into post structuralism and you'll get a decent idea. The main goal is the removal of oppressive cultural "structures." They ARE fighting for freedom, but a different kind that you're used to thinking about.
One way of looking at it is kinda like what libertarians want: "do whatever you want as long as you're not affecting anyone else" is a common way of putting it. But they draw a very different line as to what "affecting others" entails.

They see social influence as a means of enforcing the social contract. They think that public mockery of someone is a form of punishment for stepping out of line, for example. This is an argument you're likely familiar with: it's how they keep conservatives from opening their mouths in public. But see, conservatives deserve it in their mind because they're the ones supporting the oppressive social structures they'd like to do away with.

A world where everyone has the same opportunities as everyone else; Not only political or economic opportunities but social ones as well.

I should probably add that they think the social contract is oppressive too. They think that no one should be mocked for anything other than political disagreement, for example. This is why they're against slut-shaming, fat-shaming, addiction-shaming or any other kind of -shaming except "right-shaming."

Checked and Kek'd. Quints confirm Holla Forums for having a nuanced history and userbase, Heil Hitler, Heil Trump, Praise Kek

The proper english translation of the title has been under dispute for almost a century, the most popular interpretations are the Demons and the Possessed. I think the later is actually more appropriate for the subject matter.

Clearly not otherwise they'd call out Jewish priviledge and things like that. Liberals ultimately believe in choice and individualism which ultimately means nothingness. No rules, no sexes carved in stone, no borders etc. Only the individual and his choic in the here and now.

And there's a bunch of other shit that should get a mention and you SHOULD read up on:
from the wiki article:
" the study of overlapping or intersecting social identities and related systems of oppression, domination, or discrimination. Intersectionality is the idea that multiple identities intersect to create a whole that is different from the component identities."

at least read the wiki article on this, but here's the three basic ideas:
-Persons are understood to have varying degrees of dependence and interdependence on one another. This is in contrast to deontological and consequentialist theories that tend to view persons as having independent interests and interactions.
-Those particularly vulnerable to one's choices and their outcomes deserve extra consideration to be measured according to their vulnerability to one's choices.
-It is necessary to attend to contextual details of situations in order to safeguard and promote the actual specific interests of those involved.

A competing ethical system with 10 universal tenets
Life – ability to live out a natural lifespan;
Bodily Health – ability to have good health including reproductive health, adequate nourishment, shelter;
Bodily Integrity – freedom of movement, security from physical violation, sexual and reproductive autonomy;
Senses, Imagination and Thought – ability to use all of these fully in an educated way;
Emotions – ability to be able to be attached to others, to have a capacity for love and affection;
Practical Reason – to be able to reflect rationally, identify one’s own conception of the good life and plan for it;
Affiliation – ability to live with others in personal relationships and social communities;
Other Species – ability to live in relation to nature;
Play – ability to enjoy recreation;
Control over one’s material and political environment – ability to participate in political choices, ability to hold property, to work on equal terms with other

Basically a reaction against the notion of objectivity. It's the whole "everything's a matter of perspective" idea.

basically an offshoot of post modernism. This is what i should have said when i said "post structuralism" earlier. I probably don't need to say much more about it than to look into one VERY influential book called "Gender Trouble" by Judith Butler (note I said influential, not good).

There's a fuckton more but that should get you started on understanding the liberal mindset.

They defend pedophilia, satanism, murder of babies in the womb. just these 3 things can tell you that they believe in death evil and destruction of the human race

Liberals are truly satanic.

fuck, meant "rights."

Privilege also accounts for equality. It's essentially what you put on the scale to balance everyone out. So a white person who's also wealthy should be morally obligated to give his wealth to a minority, because then they'll be equal; the minority has wealth but not privilege, and the white has privilege but no wealth.

Also, like the vast majority of people, they still believe that Jews are the most oppressed people on Earth. I'm pretty sure a liberal who's aware of this falsity would still have the same beliefs, they just wouldn't pander to Jews.


As of right now, it's whatever mass media-manipulation wants them to believe. You're talking about a very unidealistic segment of society that is almost entirely dependant on groupthink.

They don’t. That’s the problem.
Conservatism is fundamentally predicated on the belief that there is a single, objective reality that is intelligible (read: can be understood). This, in turn, leads one to adopt specific codes of conduct and behaviors that we call a moral core. Leftist thought is fundamentally predicated on the belief that everything is subjective and nothing is objectively true or capable of being understood. This, in turn, leads one to adopt a fluid and contradictory moral relativism. Leftists often attack conservatives for being hypocritical. Indeed, conservatives can be very hypocritical. Take, for example, anti-drug politicians who abuse alcohol, or so called “free market capitalists” that give subsidies to oil companies. They get attacked for this stuff all the time, and I’d say you’re right to call them hypocrites.
Here’s the kicker: a moral relativist cannot be a hypocrite, because there is no situation where he’s objectively in the wrong, even when he is acting in disagreement with his own “morals.” You can’t call someone a moral hypocrite if they functionally have no morals. So when Hillary Clinton professes to be a feminist while taking donations from regimes that abuse women, or Obama professes to be transparent while obsessing over secrecy, or Michael Moore makes a movie trashing capitalism while making cash hand over fist off it, there’s no problem for them. It’s all relative. They don’t care. The second big thing–and this is their most beloved tactic–is this: They accuse you of what they are doing to you. Just meditate on that sentence and you’ll start to see it everywhere.
Thus is the narrative of the Left: projection. Everything–everything–which serves as the foundation of leftist thought derives from emotionality, emotions being innately irrational. The left realizes this and so projects its own tragic flaws upon those it opposes, hence the consistent tend of leftists accusing anyone/thing that opposes their ideology of espousing irrational emotionality as the motive source. The most common emotions cited–the most common amongst leftists, no doubt–being hate and fear. Nearly everything that opposes leftists is claimed to derive from hate and fear. Racism in the Leftist narrative requires hatred and/or fear–they outright deny the capacity to espouse racism without such emotionality and have gradually redefined the word in the minds of the people to exhibit such requisite.
Opposition to feminism? Male fear and/or hatred of female “empowerment.”
Opposition to globalism? Fear and/or hatred of outsiders, xenoPHOBIA.
Opposition to Islam? IslamoPHOBIA.
Opposition to faggotry/dykes/trannies? HomoPHOBIA and transPHOBIA.
Support for an armed populace? Base animal fear, nothing more.
Everything–every single foundational component–of leftist ideology is rooted in fear and/or hatred, and this they project onto others, attempting to deny their own irrational emotionality and lay the consequences of such mindset upon their opposition. “It is not I who is fearful and hateful, but you! You are full of hate and fear, and thus you can be–must be–silenced and ignored.”

So no, they don’t.

A world where everything is easy for them, they don't need to think anymore. The total opposite is a world where everything is hard, where everything must be measured. Anarchy isn't what they want as Anarchy, true Anarchy, would be hell for them.

Do people actually fap to this shit?

Go be a nigger somewhere else.

You can actually look at the OP picture and still think there aren't objective tiers to erotica?

Why are the caveman & the fat guy married to other men?


My Aryan.

They believe in following their clergy (tv personalities) and the dopamine rushes they get when they virtue signal. That's about it

I used to identify as liberal up until roughly a year and a half ago when I started browsing Holla Forums. A lot of things I identified with as being liberal as a child I would learn were not in general completely liberal ideas, but only seemed that way because of American politics.
-being able to easily acess information
-freedom of speech
-strong infrastructure
-a strong federal power
-opposition to pointless middle eastern wars
-opposition to religious fundamentalism
-hatred toward the "one-percent"
In reality my views haven't changed THAT much since being here, I merely now view all of that in relation to a far bigger and much more important goal of saving Western Civilization and the White Race.

Holla Forums is still quite Libertarian on Guns and Free speech.

Libertarianism was primarily rejected here because they cuck hard on immigration.

They're just useful idiots for judaism/communism

Read this book:


Simple answer: nothing. Fundamentally liberals hate themselves, its the driver of their psychology. They hate anything with order and beauty because it reminds them of how pathetic they are. There's a lot more to it, bookshelves of thought devoted to justifying their self-hatred and nihilism but none of it is really of substance

Actually prefer the girl before. Looks more natural and her extra weight isn't unsightly. New look is typical bimbo. It's boring.

Tabula Rasa

Everything else follows from that.

Zombe apocalypse is typically how normalfags think about, worry about, and plan for the race war. They can sense race war coming, even if they have too many mental barriers in place to admit it to themselves.

She'd look best in an average of the two. Her face appears (maybe just due to the angle and lighting) to be fairly attractive at her most girthy.

It doesn't matter.

Social approval.They have absolutely no morals whatosever. All they care about is whatever the majority of their peers tell them is "right". And they will say and do anything they believe will garner them the most social approval. And right now it is more socially acceptable, in their eyes, to support equality, muslims, immigration, etc. A liberal can be pushed into defending anything, even pedophilia (as we've been seeing with the pro-pedo push now), just so long as enough of their in-group supports it.

There's a reason, a VERY good reason, that sociopathic people are so attracted to liberalism (and are generally protected by their fellow liberals so long as they pretend to uphold their fake moral views). Liberalism gives evil people the ability to hurt others under the false guise that they are justified because so long as they can claim their vicitims are [insert group that are liberals claim are evil incarnate here, like nazi's], while still retaining approval from their peers instead of being ostracized like they would be in any sane, good, rational society.

The liberal is a completley morally-bankrupt person who is not worth red-pilling because they whether they be simply ignorant to the reality or are fully aware, they don't give a shit. It's ALL about getting those headpats, those likes/retweets from their peers, and they will do any defend anything so long as it does not directly impact their wellbeing in a negative manner in the short-term.

That's why I disagree with trying to "turn" liberals to our side. To save them. To redeem them. Because they are bad people at their very cores who hide behind false ideological views to mask their complete and utter lack of character. They'd be just as rotten if they were right-wing. These are people who will happily sell out their own kind to retain approval with their peers. There is absolutely nothing worth redeeming.

Fucking this.

This is what happens when you force the bottom 80% of humanity into a desperation economy then feed them false hope.

Drones are drones, period. In the past, we filled them with morality. Now, our (((leaders))) and (((businessmen))) are filling them with garbage.

The Baby Boomers and Gen X are beyond saving, but the younger generations are still malleable.

Kill off the machine feeding them, and you kill the culture. Once you do that, and subject them to a stable economy, they will fall in line.

Leftism is bred from misery and manipulation. Like I said earlier - provide them with enough money for a low end new car like a Chevy Sonic, a small but basic apartment, and a computer and other entertainment gadgets.

Watch in awe as they shut the fuck up.

Forgot to mention that "money" comes in the form of a job that doesn't put people through mental hell.

Liberals want to die at the hands of a strongman.

You don't know how right you are.

B-baka user…

Think of it as the sociological equivalent of heat death.

your welcome
have more of my old OC, related to this post

"Liberals" are whatever their (((masters))) need them to be–useful idiots programmed by the corporate media. It's the reason why your run-of-the-mill cuckservative is perplexed by the liberal's shifting principles and positions. They do not understand why the liberal keeps changing their bumper stickers while they, the cuckservative, do not.

A liberal is not really so much a set of beliefs as it is a personality type.

Cuckservatives are just liberals with autism. And then libertarians are liberals with extreme autism. Really the American political spectrum probably overlaps with the autism spectrum pretty well.


Jimmy Carter was honestly our last decent president before Trump. He gets a lot of hate and I don't agree with a lot of what he was about, but I think he was a genuinely good guy.

That chick bailed on that guy as soon as she could trade up.

It's simple. They support anything that destroys white men or white civilization.

This is why they despise Christianity, but go in heat whenever they see mudslimes. In their eyes, Christianity is the white religion, and is a symbol of white civilization's success over all other people. Never mind that Islam is the antithesis of women's rights and rights for gays, supporting it is their one chance to destroy this symbol. They say "equality" this and "equality" that, when it has nothing to do about equality at all, but rather about getting revenge. Do you seriously think they are going to stop when whites become a minority in their own country? That they will be satisfied that they have defeated "racism" and will go home? Of course not, it will only be the beginning. Only the useful idiots believe in the goal of "equality". The goal is only used so that (((they))) sound like they on the morally "right side" of history, when they are anything but.

Thanks man, that's exactly the one I was talking about

This is tragically hilarious if true

Way off the topic of this thread, but the thing I think is weird with this rise in the popularity of zombie shit is that zombies are just treated as a faceless mob to be killed without remorse.

There's probably a mass shooter hidden deep within all of us, and the people that obsess over zombies likely see their slaughter as cathartic. Its fucking weird how zombie gore is allowed to go so much further in mediums like TV and movies than violence inflicted from one human to another.

And in a SHTF scenario where resources become scarce, the first week or so would likely be essentially a zombie apocalypse as packs of city folks mindlessly loot and destroy their neighborhoods looking for something to eat while the smart people try to avoid detection and get the fuck out of dodge.

NEETional Socialism is not necessarily bad given a technological level were automation and mechanization can provide a minimum standard of living but it still doesn't justify egalitarianism, an unnatural and completely erroneous red-herring. Even in a near-"post-scarcity" society that every stupid nigger and abo have the "right" to exist comfortably the retarded anti-empirical assumption that everyone is equal and a blank slate where meritocratical hierarchy is ditched in favor of "fairness" progress is stalling and the very foundation of that theoretical society is undermined by long-term unsustainability.

This. Except for myself back when I was a leftard I doubt I had a found a single liberal that was consistent in his beliefs and ideological ethos and cognitive dissonance seemed to ran rampant in my social and ideological circles with the only point of reference being social approval and virtue signaling. That was among my first redpills.

no way you came up with that yourself
pls teach me master

Their own destruction.

They have no principles. Unlike with other groups, where policy is an end result and/or natural conclusion of principle, libs have to literally pull it out of their ass. That's why they're seen as so flippy floppy, because their lack of principles leave their policy far more inconsistent and situational.

I'm not joking when I say that liberals believe sucking cock is the highest virtue.

Pretty much this, but there's a philosophical angle to it worth mentioning.

The eternal liberal thinks everything you mentioned is the historical end game. TV, hollywood, hiphop, trendy coffee shops and hookah, these are all wonderful things that everyone should have access to. They feel it's a tragedy when somebody has no money to afford these things, that they live in war, or third world countries. They want everyone to have their own favorite band, favorite movie, dream job. The height of tragedy for the liberal is someone being too poor to not achieve their latent "individuality". Being an "individual", being safe from oppression, violence, poverty, this is the shit that liberals cry and mope over. Their sense of history is totally warped. They have no understanding of the generations of struggle and war it took to create these conditions. The liberal is a coward too scared to see how the universe truly works, and they want to have the whole world hiding in their protective blanket with them to absolve them of their guilt.

Did I mention how TRAGIC it is that gay Syrians can't safely fuck each other? I forgot the most suicidal angle of all this. Liberals are ideological supremacists and closeted imperialists. They genuinely think that immigrants will all eventually assimilate because "individuality" is irresistible. OH YOU'RE A SOMALI IMMIGRANT? WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE GENDER :DDD WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ACTORMAN???:DDD


We were libertarian, then shills like kids and jews keep fucking it up with their jew tricks. Now we want to gas all the kikes. There can be no freedom till we get a real holocaust of kikes.

Underrated post right here.

Though I would say that most Americans (can't speak for Eurobros) only look out for their own personal self-interest. THAT is how the kikes stay in power more than anything.

The left cares more about preserving social isolation while the right cares more about preserving economic isolation. As long as they can live in their own little bubble they are happy.

I learned this once I got out of the Air Force about two years ago and saw how many Americans were constantly at each others' throats and unwilling to help each other with such trivial shit. Just two months ago I was sitting in traffic when some dumb broad driving in the turning lane hit some guy pulling out of traffic to do a U-turn. I was the ONLY person to pull my vehicle over and get out to help them while everyone else just acted like an accident didn't just fucking happen.

I think we need to bring back the draft, because people need to start working together and forming tight-knit communities again. That's how society improves in the long run.


The problem with your theory is that that "little corner" you're referring to is a lot more mainstream than you think.

Former shittest of the shitlib here. I was an Anarcho-Communist before I found Holla Forums, so I have a personal insight into the shitlib mindframe and their ideology. They accept two things, Equality and Freedom, as absolute goods, and Hierarchy/Authority as the ultimate bad. This is why they can simultaneously believe in equality and rig things against white males - they're told that they have some invisible authority in society and thus for the good of all, they need to die on the metaphorical cross so we can finally reach their utopian paradise that every single one of them believes we're just 20 years away from if only we listened to the smartest people. They'll never tell you this, but it is a desire borne out of laziness, both intellectual and physical; liberals are general lazy people and a theoretical anarcho-communist state allows them to essentially masturbate all day and get free shit for it. They're also intellectually lazy, every one of them falling for the Stephen Fry effect of thinking somebody's smart because the sound/look like what a dumb person thinks a smart person looks like. If you can turn on HBO and have the essential tenants of your ideology sold to you, it's the mainstream, the default - try going onto Fox Jews and see if you can find somebody aside from the occasional christian conservative guest speak on natural law and hirearchy, to use Holla Forums as an anti-example.

They're outspoken because thinking about things deeply causes mental conflict, and it's easier to simply scream than give your ideology a hard look.

It seems like almost every educated liberal I've met comes from a well-to-do functioning family. They may not be rich, or even middle-class for that matter, but they still have a family that loves and supports each other.

They eat up this narrative of equality and social justice because they don't understand how their policies and the tolerance of the lowest common denominator in society destroy families and communities.

It's literally selfish elitism of the worst caliber. As long as it doesn't erode away at their family life it's just fine and dandy.

The worst part is that the inherent anti-authoritarianism of liberalism causes these same liberals to resent their well-functioning parents for being parents. The shittest of the shitlibs all haven't been on a spoken word basis with their parents since they went off to college because of this.

The hoi polloi shitlibs have no plan, no deeply held values. When communism and its vagaries were discredited by Khrushchev, Solzhenitsyn and the fall of the soviet union they lost even that.

They don't even give a shit about "the working class/proletariat." They are animated by just anti-white racial animus at this point and nothing more. If you took that away they'd have nothing and probably wouldn't even support the shit policies they do if more of them had to pay the costs.

it's as simple as

nihilism + hedonism + transcendentalism/deconstructivism

study a bit of kabbalah
read some dmt experiences on erowid.com
look up 'ego death' on wikipedia

this is why the left wants to destroy/deconstruct everything, why they behave literally like children with no self-agency or responsibilities, why they fight for abstract concepts like complete global 'equality' etc.

this is the fundamental spirituality behind leftist ideology.


only watched 5mn but it's pretty obvious the nigger's in prison.

Never understood what Walter was trying to say here. Nazis believed in Eugenics, but they weren't the only ones. Secondly, he sounds like he's denigrating Nihilism, fine, but on what grounds? Thirdly, he compares nihilism with National Socialism, but only on the basis that NatSoc has an etha, is he trying to say that Nihilism doesn't have an etha (actually ethos) when compared to NatSoc? Discuss…

You're correct. They're frothing mad, completely insane, and self-contradictory.

Modern "Liberalism" isn't a cohesive ideology. It's brain-damaged NWO useful idiots being manipulated into lobotomizing and enslaving themselves so they'll be easily controlled by the ultrawealthy in the event of societal collapse.

any evidence to back that up? and no, that picture doesn't count because there's no way to tell if those are the same women

>the Dude was just sharing the story of how he was threatened with castration if he didn't come up with the missing ransom money prior to the scene beginning
>being "jewish", Walter has a hardon for anything German, magnifying their slights all out of proportion, remember the scene with the bowling league scheduling and shabbos
>he begrudgingly admits that National Socialism is superior to nihilism as "at least it's an ethos" this is likely a general lack of respect for nihilism, since at other times in the film, he is scornful and disrespectful of the nihilists, calling them "cowards", "amateurs", etc

t. big fan of this film I know it has pozzed aspects, but it's surprisingly poz-free by modern standards though that's not saying much it's a guilty pleasure

Walter's jewish LARPing goes well with his vietnam experience. He's living in the past in both senses. He is quick to anger because he knows hes not wrong about the indecency of things, but he allows his past experiences to get rhe best of him. He takes care of his ex wifes dog and wont drive on the sabbath.

Almost everything he fucks up comes from his misguided obsession with alien destructive ideas, and when donny wants an explanation, walter tells him to fuck off.

The plight of the good goyim.

This answers a different question, but answers yours in the process OP.

tl;dr they want the greater good, but mistake where it has to come from. They live in a fairyworld where benevolence just springs from the human condition if you just don't do anything to upset the natural state of humanity. Wishful thinking at best, self-destructive delusion at… usually.

Anyone have that screencap that expands on the parallels between conventional religions and progressivism? It mentions original sin and white privelage being identical but it also contains more comparisons.

This one?

Wasent that one. I remember their being comparisons between Hitler and Satan and Professors and Priests or something to that effect

But isn't chad the guy on the left?

What you observed could also be attributed to a general lack of leadership that needs to come from men. People are sheep, and they need sheepdogs to protect them from the (((wolves))). Your experience in the Air Force endowed you with leadership skills, and you used them.

Males (NOT men, there is a difference) have been largely neutered and neutralized by our modern society. This kills the man.

Mr. Owl is a faggot who didn't take into account "evil white man" who has "privilege".

if it said "all non-whites are inherently good, and only act in bad ways because a evil white supremacy society is oppressing them" it would be a better fit with liberal thinking.


They want death.

They get fat, mutilate themselves, let others deny them of furthering their genes (cuckoldry), they get AIDS, they reject mental sanity (autistic screeching), they are atheists, they destroy their own cultures, they import people who hate them to enslave and kill them.



/christian/ pls go

There are Agnostics and Atheists in Holla Forums. There are religious liberals. The promise of rewards in heaven makes attempting to fix the world even less relevant for those people.

Is that the new PC?