Miss Universe 2017

The most attractive women in white countries are non-whites, goyim.
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Blame Trump. He owns Miss Universe.

Go annoy the baguettes, Miss Frog won the pageant.

I know a guy who was betting on this and he asked me who he should pick and I said, someone not White, that they would be giving it to some dune coon, bug eater type.

Not for years now.

I noticed that too.
They were shilling black women hard, even for Hispanic countries.

Trump sold it in 2015 to WME/IMG to be exact

I don't see the problem with this

Slovenia,Norway and Czech republic were the only good looking ones and the winner is some big chin shitskin.

Andrea Bezdekova for the win.

It's just another form of kike propaganda in their relentless assault on the white mind. Anything that comes from the (((entertainment industry))) is, from beauty pageants to sports to movies all the way down to fucking books. There is no way you can convince me that the most beautiful girl in a group of 20 white women is the 1 nigger.

France won. Anybody got pics of her. It's a miracle that even though there were 2 whites left out of the 13 girls, the Frenchie also won. She also said that France should close their borders during the Q&A portion but was mistranslated to appease the PC crowd. Ms. Kenya also supported Trump during the Q&A and was immediately dropped from the race.


obama btfo

Hi Moshe. Did you miss the part where Trump said that the forces of evil won WWII and it will never happen again?

When will elegant and fanciful girls clothes return to the norm? This shit is fucking disgusting to me.

He barred the sheboon-nip abomination from winning his pageant in Japan by saying she doesn't represent any ethnic Japanese. He's based, and you're a kike.


dubs confirms it, Argentina is finally white well at least h'wite

Sieg Heil?

How the fuck will any white male be convinced that a shrieking sheboon is good for him?


Black women are proven to be the dumbest people on Earth. Abos aren't proper humans. Retards are coding errors.

Notice how they straighten their hair to make themselves look more Caucasian?

Deep down, women know what men really want.

oh wow so diverse, I did nazi dat coming…

I still can't believe that chimp won Miss USA beating out such stunning beauties as these.

> Emanuel is the brother of former White House Chief of Staff and current Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel, National Institutes of Health bioethicist Ezekiel J. Emanuel, and adopted sister Shoshana Emanuel.
> His father, Jerusalem-born Dr. Benjamin M. Emanuel, is a pediatrician who was active in the Irgun, a hardline Zionist militant group whose activities in Mandatory Palestine during the 1930s and 1940s led to its listing as a terrorist organization by the British authorities, the Jewish Agency and the 1946 Zionist Congress.

Jesus Christ, do I have to go any further?

Hmm the nogette in op's pic has more of a sophisto 'supermodel' look than the american girls. The american girls all have that cheerleader perky face going on.

> alchetron.com/Patrick-Whitesell-903153-W
Hollywood beta-Jew married to the Hispanic scraps of the monkeyball niggers he represents.

Hmmm, yes, it could be the facial structure of the sheboon in question… OR, it could be all the kikes that own the pageant.

I wonder which it is…. Hmmm.

She has a giant forehead, fake hair, disproportionate mouth, zero tone in her legs or arms, thin hips. Sure she looks good if you like apes user

Oh, well, that's easier than expected:

She looks like exactly what she is - an ugly sheboon trying to ape (no pun intended) the aesthetic of a White European woman.

Her hair is fake, her skin is caked with lightening make-up - she's basically transracial tbh fam.

I know its the kikes, calm down man. I don't mean facial structure either.

Just that the nog has the Melania Trump (high born) stare whereas the others smile like air-hostesses. I'm sure there were much better candidates than these.

Oh, duh, forgot the important part:

So, basically, the Miss Universe Pageant is now run by two Jewish men.

One is a direct transfer from Israel, the son of a Zionist terrorist.
The other is an Iowan Hollywood kike married to a spic gold-digger with a bunch of niglets.

This is who runs this contest now.
There will never be another White Miss Universe so long as those conditions remain unchanged.

… Oh, but wait - it gets better!


Let's take a gander at the 2016-17 judges, shall we?

#1. Francine LeFrak
> samesky.com/pages/meet-the-founder-francine-lefrak
> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Same_Sky

> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_J._LeFrak

Next up, we have a rather underwhelming entry….

#2. Cynthia Bailey
Cynthia Bailey

Next up, another underwheliming entry, though at least this one has some justification to it…

Sushmita Sen

My mom watches this every year for some reason and she told me that France won. I asked who the other finalists and she mentioned it was Colombia and Haiti. I laughed at the Haiti one since, even though I've not seen her I'm sure that there's no way she deserved it based on looks. I was shocked that France even won. Was she a kebab or something? I've been redpilling my mother over the past year or two and I told her to full expect the Miss USA chick in 2018 to be hispanic or Arab and for our country (Canada) to either be Asian (as in Korean or Japanese) or Indian. At least one of Germany/Sweden/UK will be Indian or kebab too I'm sure. I asked my mother, "Seriously, between the two of us… was the Haitian even in the top ten in terms of looks?" She said that she wasn't in her opinion which is what I expected, too.

If they didn't do affirmative action-tier shit, and you asked 100 straight dudes from anywhere on earth, you'd likely consistently end up with (in strictly alphabetical order) a top 10 that's something like:

Then add two more spots; one of which would be something in South America, and the other would likely be an East Asian country (likely Japan).

Next up, a gay Jew!
What a surprise!

Mickey Boardman
> en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_(magazine)
> Paper was founded and launched in 1984 by editors Kim Hastreiter and David Hershkovits (with Lucy Sisman and Richard Weigand) as a black and white 16-page fold-out.

Here's a fun article on our gay Jewish judge…

> khalidelkhatib.com/mickey-boardman-hello-mr/

A few snippets…

> khalidelkhatib.com/mickey-boardman-hello-mr/


Next up, another less-than-engrossing entry, another model/prostitute:

Leila Lopes

I can never stand the Indian girls look. Their faces have that puppy-fat rather than the more lean look of Europeans.

And last but not least, a gold-digging spic:

Dayanara Torres
> In June 2014, a divorce court approved an increase from $13,400 to $26,800 in monthly child support payments;
> Torres had originally asked for monthly payments of $123,426 alleging Marc Anthony had spent only 35 days with their two children in 2012 but the Court found he had spent 71 days.

So… The Miss Universe pageant…

Two Jews own it.
The judges they selected for this year being: a gay Jewish midget, a female NYC Jewish philanthropist, a black reality television star, an Indian cat lady, a light-skinned African model, and a latina gold-digger.

This is a fucking joke.

Shows you how Jewed the fucking thing is when some of the South American entries look more fucking white than most of the European entries. If Miss Britain was a gypsy or half-poo-in-loo it would not surprise me. She's browner than some of the African entries. What a fucking joke!

>tfw my majority white country is represented by a fucking mongrel islandnigger

The rich in south america, places like Uruguay, must be fucking laughing at us. The top 5% or so, even more in Uruguay, are all fucking White. They get all the benefits, no guilt, get to suppress the native animal commies without ZOG giving second look, and should they come to ZOG and want to go to school here, they get in wherever they want since they check "Spic" in the box.

If I could be pick to be reborn, would be born into a wealthy Argent or Uruguayan family. Even the top Mexicans are White and just chant along with "down with gringo!" as it suits them and chuck all their shit over the fence at us.


No problems there, my country is fairly represented.

hardly any whites there at all.
out of the ones that are there, most look like trannies
did (((they))) do this to make the non whites look more appealing?

I want to marry and hold hands with Miss Czech Republic

Who are these niggers kidding? Most of the brown and black chicks just look like 3rd world dumpster divers to me. GR8 pick for England too

Angles and photoshop really reveal how fake this whole bullshit contest is.

White girl won though. She's not blond but next year should be better. I hope the burgers get a southern qt for next year.

Not sure what you're talking about this girl is a total qt.

You poor bastards.

Show us your definition of cute then.

Jesus wept, there are some seriously bad genetics on display there. Truly a few ugly bastards and I'm not even 100% convinced all of them are actually women.

There are countless women out there that are way better looking but are probably busy doing actual stuff with their lives other than some dumb beauty pageant.

Miss slovenia was a ok 👌

Modelling scouts target girls at 15-16. The girls in Miss Universe contests have never been the 'highest tier', but kind of all-rounders.

Yeah she does look cute. Btw, why do Slavic girls never make it to the finals? We need virgin anons to be the judges next year.

Reminder that in Japan it's two year that wins a mongrel and the one who created the pageant there was a french jew

Virgin anons cannot be trusted as judges these women could easily manipulate them and turn them into orbiters no matter how big they talk online,what we need is some married chads and some housewives with 2-3 kids happily married for over 12-15 years.


None of these woman really do it for me. A lot of them are attractive, sure, but I seriously doubt it's the best these countries can offer.
If it's based on content of character, the few women I read about were quite shallow - personal trainer who eats well, interested in fashion, ect.

I've got no problem with the competition being based on looks alone, but they really don't have the cream of the crop here.

These are two random examples of qt, one a swede and one a German. Incidentally, one was raped and murdered by niggers and one was groped in cologne.

There's a programmer, engineer or physicist qt somewhere that's way more beautiful than majority of the contestants.

This, it's all fucking politics and bullshit and who can lie about having the hardest luck story. None of those girls are real 10s. Esp. the niggers.

No doubt. I've travelled throughout Sweden and Finland, there's some extremely attractive women working rudimentary jobs also.

Having read more of the bios, it seems pretty obvious who they allow to be contestants. Many are involved with charities for africans (or anyone non-white for that matter) or just looking to have a nice body and not much more. On a side note, the pictures they took for the bios are much better than for the overview - miss Norway looks like a tranny, but if you click on her picture instead, it's a much more flattering look of her.

Woah, we've got a thundercock over here.

It's not straightened, it's a weave.

they can't, that's why none of it ever has any impact whatsoever. in fact it probably drives women absolutely nuts when they pull this shit, and i doubt any of them look at pic related and think: "one race!"

They are the miscegenated mongrel leftovers of the Aryan civilization era. Hence the light skin and somewhat strong jawlines and so on of some Indians.

This is the best CREW can afford


I still don't know what that is

Funnily enough, the higher-caste ones are even to this day significantly genetically closer to Europeans than the lower casetes

They are also hairy and smell

Miranda Kerr would still easily beat Australia's entry in Miss Universe


holland has a half nigger candidate
namibia has a dutch candidate

this shouldn't be normal
but on globalism it is