Crackpot Elizabeth Warren Leads Liberal Halfwits in Bizarre Cult Chanting at Boston Airport

This is a link to her official youtube page. She uploaded the video herself. Too many thumbs up if you ask me. Totally unacceptable.

I'm beginning to sense a change in the air. They are becoming more looney every day. It won't be long now until they attempt violent revolution. Something is starting to feel different now.

She can't even fucking stand up on her own

Also, I like how she edited out the beginning where her retarded ass couldn't figure out how to use a megaphone.

This very temporary and limited immigration ban has really pushed them over the edge. They're going to snap soon, and it's not going to go the way they want.

It hasn't even been ten days and they're already chimping out. He's going to wear them out entirely by week 3.

Ooh, it's getting closer to me.

You know what you have to do, user.

Yeah. They never moderate their political stance or compromise or give any ground at all (unlike the cuckservatives that have been in charge for the past 50 years). These people are becoming more and more unhinged. Since they don't compromise, there is only one destination… a complete repudiation of the democratic process that elected Trump. They are going to begin to call for open violence on everyone on the right. There is no other outcome left for them.

It's "Goofy" Warren.

Remember, the more they inconvenience the lives of normal people, and the more they come off as the aggressors in the situation the more the public opinion will shift against them. Also they are going all in on "muh preciuous mudslimes" which is the wrong move. Some dindu is going to dindu/ or taco will get deported and the energy will be lower than this, enraging the blacks and latinos and beginning the true tribalism of the left

I knew she was unstable but she, yet again, manages to impress.
Goofy Warren

Mass fag here. We should really do something about her tbh.

And then we get to shoot them.

Except it's neither illegal nor unconstitutional. She should be removed from her government position for profound ignorance of government.

The best part is this dingbat is who the Dem's might try and run in 4 years.

once it starts its not going to stop

She needs a nice warm comfy blanket

I'm ready, I want them to lunge and get BTFO.


Any state with Stand Your Ground or Castle Doctrine, when the leftist mobs think they're going to "punch a Nazi" who is actually just a white guy on his way to work or the store, you'll see leftists getting their heads blown off and the mob scattering. MSM will paint the rioting leftists as innocent victims in a peaceful protest, but everyone knows how full of shit they are by now so it won't matter.

Under the law, I don't think there's any scenario where you initiate an unprovoked attack and are considered in the right. We all know they'll be the instigators of any conflict; we're winning everything so we have no reason to do so.


I could see an insurgency led by Mexican drug gangs, accompanied with maximum chimpout and perhaps even Moslem terrorism. All of which would help redpill the masses that those populations are not compatible with our civilization. But the white liberals aren't going to do anything but screech in an autistic fashion.

What a pathetic chant. This bitch says the same things just worded differently over and over. They legitimately don't know what else to do lol.