Canada to normalize islamic pedophilia

I feel like Canadian bill 59 deserves its own thread.

The Act provides for the prohibition of hate speech and speech inciting violence that are engaged in or disseminated publicly and that target a group of people sharing a common characteristic identified as prohibited grounds for discrimination under section 10 of the Charter of human rights and freedoms. Acting in such a manner as to cause such types of speech to be engaged in or disseminated is also prohibited. The Act introduces a procedure for reporting such speech to the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse which includes measures for protecting people who report it, and grants the Commission new powers, including powers of investigation. The Commission is allowed to apply for a court order requiring such speech to cease. New responsibilities are therefore assigned to the Human Rights Tribunal, including the responsibility for determining whether a person has engaged in or disseminated such speech or acted in such a manner as to cause such acts to be committed and, if applicable, to determine the amount of the monetary penalties applicable. If the Tribunal concludes that a person has contravened those prohibitions, the person’s name is entered, for the time determined by the Tribunal, on a list kept by the Commission and available on the Internet. In addition, the Charter of human rights and freedoms is amended to introduce the prohibition against engaging in or disseminating such speech targeting an individual, thus rendering the reporting procedure under the Charter applicable.

Clear as day a bill which gives the Canadian government the right to solemnize marriage to children and sue you for hate speech. Please anons read this. Don't put it off, don't go watch a show or play a game. This is dead serious. This is a culture changing bill.

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I mean we get tons of wacky shit in the u.s. too but they never go anywhere. What's the chance this'll pass?

You already know the answer but the shills will tell you that only the feds want you to fight back.

Trump annexes Canada when?

It may go through the house of commons, but it sure as shit would not go through the senate.

We have islam in your schools and on your streets, and soon in your children's genitals.

You can't do shit to stop your children from becoming sons of mohammed


Did you not read the OP? How the fuck is allowing children to marry adults "wacky shit"? You stupid fucker, you should be shocked this is even proposed. This is all part of the slow cultural jihad and you call it "wacky shit". I would beat the fuck out of you if you made light of this around me. Go fuck yourself.
Im enraged.

Calm down rambo. I meant there's a lot of bills proposed in the US that go nowhere. Take your Navy sealing somewhere else.

No fuck you this is the furthest they have taken it yet and you say calm down. being calm got us to this point!

Flailing at me will solve this because?

Not doing a thing and basically saying oh well will solve this because?

Final Deal fagget. Looks like northern wall will be built too.

Are you in the US or in Canada?

You aren't going to do shit other than bitch at me and try to sound like a tough guy. kys cuckchan faggot

I at least give enough of a shit to post about it, and keep pushing it in every face I can to raise awareness, you aren't doing shit besides saying it happens. Im not saying shoot up a place, I'm saying spread the damn word and be fucking passionate about cultural jihad

im in the US and i seem to care more about this than canadians





cuckadian up it further than sweden yes.

What a shitty country and it's bordering mine.

Why don't you just smoke a joint and watch some anime pleb

Okay. So, lemme ask you this. Did you "fight" when Obama started buttfucking your country into submission? I mean, effectively. Did you storm the White House and oust him before even one term was up, nevermind an unthinkable two? Or did you just send a few emails out and go back to shitposting on Holla Forums about "fighting"? People on here talk big but most of them do jack fucking squat. It's good that you're passionate and you care about this, I do too. However, I'm not from the US and and this is my country that he's trying to do shit to and I know that frothing over the internet won't do anything.

Instead, I've been trying to brainstorm different methods for getting the faggot ousted from Parliament that doesn't end with me either being silently assassinated or riddled with .308 at a distance. Someone suggested "lol emails", but I've seen enough of Trudeau to know that he doesn't care what you think and will pass things he likes regardless of dissent. This, however, is a key point; his approval rating is the lowest it's ever been and keeps on getting lower.

tl;dr: i wanna rally some people and meme trudeau out of office

you goons can't go ten seconds without outing yourselves

More and more I feel the urge to become a giant maelstrom of fire to reduce all the insanity in this world to ashes.

From my understanding this is a Quebec only bill.

However, this is conveniently paralleled to federal Bill 16 that has gained some publicity for the most part due to Professor Dr. Jordan Peterson's very vocal opposition to it.
Not only does that bill restrict speech, but it also conducts what you must say, relating to addressing someone by their preferred pronoun. Keep in mind thanks to gender fluidity this can change everyday, and theoretically every second if you want it to. Also a nice loophole is gender expression is basically the fashion of how you express your gender. Criticizing somebody's attire could result in a hate crime.

I would advise all leafags to view Jordan Peterson's videos to get a better understanding of the severity to last fragments of free speech that is left in Canada.

How long until Canada normalizes necrophilia so that liberals couldn't call slippery slope a fallacy anymore?

If a bill was signed in america allowing pedophilia I would give my life to fight it.
If a bill was signed in america that effectively killed free public speech I would give my life to fight against it.

As far as getting into politics myself I was charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge for an argument that ended in my gf saying I grabbed her arms. Now I can never own a gun and if I ever tried to do anything political it would be shot down in an instant because of my "violent history". All I can do is spread the word and take action if it gets too bad.

the problem is not being passionate, it's assuming I'm not passionate because I don't flail around like a twelve year old on a public forum

Do you have a webm of said CBC fake news?!gEsXzSjD!st-W90ZteyNFs3Y-NzHVCw

So you're not really in a position to do much except be mad on an imageboard, doing nothing but getting mad at others for doing nothing which… kinda sucks. Flipping out on people who are possibly going to have to live through this isn't very constructive, but actual support mite b cool. Do you know if there's any influence that an average burger could affect from down there, even if it's just through some meme magic? Waging a war on multiple fronts could prove to be more effective.

The "build a northern wall" meme is actually useful: it highlights the absurd danger of Trudeau's refucucks policy, and will cause Americans to pressure Trump into pressuring Trudeau to shape the fuck up.

However, I predict Trump is going to literally tell Trudeau to his face that he fucked his mother, and then tell him to cut the shit.

Thats rather naive tho. Obama was a way different story, for one, this board didnt exist when obama started out. Therefore even if you were interested for many years, you never had the flow of information and the broad spectrum that you have now, before the internet, pretty much everyone was spoonfed the same shit everyday that the normies believe.
Second, Obama was most likely the first one for most people on here, as it was for me, Bush peeked my interest into politics, but it wasnt til obama that shit hit the fan.



Look I'm sorry about cursing you and getting irrationally angry, this just feels more personal considering both my real father and step father were pedophiles who had sex with my sister.
I don't really know what to do, sometimes it feels like the invisible walls are closing in. All I can think to do is spread the information as far as I can. I don't have a major platform where I can make as much noise as I would want to but ill do what I can. Its just me flailing in anger over my uselessness in the moment I guess.


You must make propaganda to have Max Bernier elected as head of Conservative party of Canada. The others are a bunch of cucks.

Remove christianity varg said…
… it is a good idea varg said.

When obama was elected I was 16 years old and in juvie in the bay area california surrounded by blacks. I couldn't do a thing, not even talk. not that I knew enough about the political spectrum to have a valid point but still.

Further proof that Varg is a faggot, and BM is for faggots.
When old gods leave, new gods move in.

4chan was around at that time, and it wasn't ENTIRELY flooded with normalfags at that point, but was just truly starting, and old Holla Forums had a fair bit of modern Holla Forums sentiment in it.

BUMP for exposure.


We all have moments of weakness, and it's alright as long as we admit it and can better ourselves in the future from it. You've done that just now, which shows strength of character. I've also had personal run-ins with pedos and think they need a good purging, but my anger is more cold than hot.

Anyway, looking at some recent Cuckdeau hijinks, he went and visited Calgary and got boo'd pretty damn hard. Not surprising, as Alberta is the most conservative province, but even so I think that makes Alberta a good starting point for beginning a means to encourage him stepping down since the majority there seem to hate him already. Thoughts?

They had to write that last bit in because the minimum legal age for marriage in Canada is 16, and only when given parental consent. This law doesn't let the government marry a child to an adult. Shitstorm over.


Bump. This is important, guys.

I agree, find some solid proof that this allows slimes to get under-16 year olds as brides and I will agitate. But don't look like a crazy if you are wrong.

The worst thing about this is that it will be used ONLY to allow shitskins to "marry" 13 year old white girls.

White men attempting to marry a 17 year old white girl will of course be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for pedophilia, imprisoned and chemically castrated.