Alexander "SJWism Incarnate" Jahans Returns

He is literally SJWism incarnate. He is political, not off-topic.

He thinks civil war is coming and that his imaginary rightwing enemies will die. topkek

He literally also seems to be justifying his disgusting fetishes by saying they'll keep him sane for the coming civil war which he is sure is coming because Trump. It's so crazy I almost wonder if he's literally schizophrenic!

This is also his 5th or 6th political video after he officially announced that he was going to stop making political videos.


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Jahans is living proof that kikery and SJWism is shit-tier, user. You're missing the point. He's our Archie Bunker.

TRS pls go.

Bump for interest. OP isn't a faggot after all. Jahans gives me hours of laughter and insight into the mindset of libcucks.

implying this has fuckall to do with TRS… get help user

we don't fucking care about npcs op you insufferable faggot

triggered much?

Laurelai is the SJWism incarnate


Wesley Bailey (aka Laurelai aka a million other fucking names) is a detestable failure of a human being, a sexual predator, and an FBI Snitch.
He is most well known as being the worlds most disgusting tranny and constantly failing at everything he has ever attempted. His vast achievements include formerly being an admin on Reddit (before being ejected for sexual abuse), claiming to be in groups he was never a part of, and overall making a huge ass of himself on a daily basis. Laurelai claims to suffer from a wide array of mental and physical disorders, all of which can be clumped into the "general laziness" category, forcing him to live a lifestyle of squatting in the home of whoever accepts him and proceeding to take advantage of them till he gets thrown out. The "please can I sleep in your house and eat your food for free" cycle repeats itself once every few months until it managed to piss off every individual dumb enough to take pity on him.
To make up for having a 4" penis even before his magical revelation that he is a woman, Laurelai has been and is still obsessed with power and believes itself to be a hacker, despite his technical knowledge being limited to "beg some script kiddie to packet everyone who makes me upset". Laurelai it should be noted absolutely hates this article so you can do your part by spreading it around everywhere.
He can currently be found on the SJWiki which is ironic since he is accused of rape for several women.

why are normies such like npcs, when you talk to them, they say the same shit they always say?

yea this

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Try harder Sven.

Every sjw kike is evidence of their failures. And Archie did nothing wrong.

fuck off.


holy fuck

I've been drinking a bit but

I just realized



the billionaire playboy, but also arrogant shitlord

is now




isn't life just amazing


I like these threads op jahans is always funny

His real name is, Gordon Jones.


Good shit



no, jahans is worst


wtf its funny and has nothing to do with TRS kys

gump for interest

Eat shit.

no I'm not hungry

Isn't this guy a tranny?


He thinks we're going to start literally rounding up Jews tomorrow, lmfao this guy is hilarious.

no he just literally started puberty at age 24 fam, from shots of testosterone into his ass, no joke

So he was like a little kid until last year. The test is revving up his perverted sicko fantasies, though.

He wants to mass murder and rape people, he's fucked in the head.

Jahans is on hormone therapy to become a man, "he" was born as Gordita Alexandra Jahans

clearly false, he was born male and always was male, he just has hormone issues which is why he developed SJW mantits.


sad but true


lots of degenerate cunts are Brits

OP delivered. Mind=blown this is truly the most pathetic human being ever to live. Now I feel ashamed to be White, or even human. FML thanks OP.

Chris Chan is worse, just admit it. People claiming Jahans is top lolcow are full of shit.


That can't be true, Jake Rapp exists after all.

This creature is the Cuck Supremo, the Prime Cuckold. You can't get any lower than this sad creature.

Well if thats what you wanted, you should just read pic related.

41 minutes of undiluted pure liberal autism.

Yeah…thanks but no thanks OP. This guy doesn't even look like he has anything interesting to say.

plus I think he might be little slow

To this day I wonder if leftism makes people mentally ill or if the mentally ill are naturally drawn to the leftist ideas of equality and acceptance. I guess the later is more likely, and it also explains why they're so willing to believe an ideology that is based upon obvious, disproved lies and fairy tales.

Life is full of mystery, user.

both probably, honestly, both things are true and they are the source of leftism's strength.

bump for interest

He's not. He's mentally going off of his rocker because, look at him. He stays indoors all day, wears a bathrobe, lives in a complete fucking mess of a room and rambles on for hours about random bullshit in some attempt at ego preservation, when in reality he's at the point where he must change with time.

I like this line of reasoning tbh


Jahans makes CWC look sane to be honest

Urrrrrrgh! That camera?! What does it film?

he molested his hamster

Weren't there a vast percentage of kikes among slaveholders and owners of slave-shipping ships?

we know

Yea but 6% of white goy southerners owned slaves in the old south, which means nothing.


Leftists are losing their minds after drinking their own kool-aid, they've actually started believing their own smear campaigns.

yes he really believes that, which is why he's so fucking hilarious

The world already has cwc (now a tranny) for that. Fuck this e-celeb slide thread bullshit.

Chris Chan isn't openly an antiwhite nutjob, he just cries about sexism and Trump. Jahans is smart enough to be an SJW but stupid enough to make his own ideology look like dogshit.

That's why we need his crusty worthless ass.

Why does this stay up, but TYT meltdowns and Sam Hyde threads get autosaged?

No idea fam. Sam Hyde, TYT and Jahans are all interesting. Calling them "eceleb" doesn't mean jack. Is Trump a non-"eceleb"?

Someone being mostly known from the internet and being politically relevant is somehow bad? Stupid, also stuck in the past. Something being online doesn't make it any worse or better.


No it's not. Gordon Jones is just what he called himself for a few years for some reason. Probably thought it sounded more professional.