Mosque Shooting in Quebec - 5 dead

Samuel Hydeh is rumoured to be the suspected shooter

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muzzies gonna muzz

Good shit, maybe there's still hope for the Canadians.

Just can't handle how much we're winning of late…

No, the shooter is a pure-laine Quebecois man named Samuel Hidoux.

Good call. Dubs confirm

Samir al-Hayyid was never apprehended after the Boston Bombings, it seems like he made his way north.

When will he be stopped?

Only if it wasn't some durpa jihad drama between shitskins.


I bet the shooter's not even going to be white then they're just going to try to sweep it under the rug.


Incoming further firearm bans for leafs.

Please don't be legally purchased firearms.

Double trouble, goys

I live 5 minutes away from the place where the shooting happened, its less of a mosque than a rented local where mudshits uses it as spawning grounds.

I'd be very suprised if it was a local who went in and started shooting, methink its a kebab removing other kebabs. They got 2 suspects so far from what I've seen on the news but there isnt much more info than that.

NBK all day.

Go there and do some reconnaissance for us.

got no car user, the bridge is too fucking cold to cross at night

What you should do it get a glass and put some water in it then mix in some cement and drink it then you'll harden up and the cold won't bother you.

don't do this tbh you will get very sick

Nonsense, this is common practice. It's reaching Stoneform, our racial skill

I'm calling him soft it is a joke newfriend.

Uber you cuck


lf dubs it's a kosher false flag.


how the fuck is this much autism even possible


Muslims being muslims, or a 1488D chess play from Trump… hmm yeah I think I'm going with the latter.

Notice Trump always seems to come out a winner. I swear he really might be a time traveller.



I was just memeing tbh

The Day of the Rake cannot come soon enough to Canada.


Dammit. If only that shooter had known it was a gun free zone…

CNN is saying it's the former Mossad agent Shmuel Heidelberg, and was heard saying "You goyim won't get away from us that easily!" before firing.

Its a joke until you get in to deep.


So people j/o to suffocation? It's fake anyway.

It's not cement. She wouldn't be comfortable around it if it was.

This just in, Samusan HYDUKEN has not been apprehended