Ban not even in effect for 24 hours

Where were you when the muslim ban was yet again just Trump playing 4D chess to show he means business as well as show Obama did jack shit for 8 years?


Well, at least they cucked out, never trust a Jew or a Saudi though.

Trump: Hey Kushner you're people hate the Muslims right?
Kushner:Of-of course why do you ask?
Trump: I just wanted to remind you who's in charge.
Kushner: Wh-what do you mean?
Trump: You'll see.

Same place I was when I saw that jew looking at Trump with that "filthy goyim" stare.

Is this a new term for "no fly zones"?

Except the Muslim ban didn't affect Saudi Arabia. They're bending the knee for American SOF support in Yemen, something that Obama was doing as well.

It's about building refugee spots in Saudi Petrodollaria and not the entirity of USA and Europe.
And making them pay for it

How much do you think Trump hates Kushner? I mean he gave him a position but it is an absolute nothing position. I wonder how often Trump thinks of getting in the time machine and erasing or at least stop him from marrying his daughter. Maybe he did it and the repercussions outweighed doing it.


What makes you think that? Unless he married off his daughter for political reasons he probably likes the guy, which is too bad.

You forgot the 4th and 5th step.

I was trying to meme it so but alas Kek says otherwise.

Checked. Their funding from Mossad would have prevented them from attacking Israel. Jewish money and instructor has been important to ISIS. Til now.

Fucking spellcheck. Infrastructure.

No, it's Saudi and UAE funded refugee camps in their nations, so Europe and the U.S. doesn't have to take them in.


Trump's been brainwashed by the kikes. He was crying like a little baby while that rabbi spoke.

Oh boy, Jared Kushner, the guy who singlehandedly subverted majority of the corner of the internet and Reddit.
Why do we still like trump even though he's a closet Zionist? Is the true goal to save America at the cost of the advent of a greater israel? I know I might get called a shill but I'm ready for that.

Saying you'll be called a shill doesn't negate the fact that you are.


This is a level of chess I was unprepared for. Trump has ALL the leverage.

Why don't you just post the edited "Israel must wiped off the map" clip?
While mike was shilling for trump and down playing all but one of his kids in relationships with jews he was fucking his kike wife.
He was probably talking palestine in that video.


Kill yourself shill.

Low energy. Filtered and reported.

Yup. Why else would the Saudi support it, while Russians and Syrians opose if?

Source on either of these? The article says these safe zones are going in Syria and Yemen, and the past threads we've had on safe zones never said anything about them going in Saudi Arabia.

They will be refugee camps guarded by US personnel. Perfect excuse for a false flag that leads to a no-fly zone.

I asked for a source that they're going into Saudi Arabia m9.

That's not true, he did a lot. Like helping to destroy syria.

Don't forget Libya alongside Clinton.

Am I the only one that thinks Kushner often looks menacing in the background. Obviously trump feels like he can trust him.

Fuck off D&C shill. Filtered & reported.