Shooting in Quebec Mosque

Shooting at Quebec City mosque, reports of multiple wounded


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so i should lose all my guns in an unfortunate boating accident now i suppose…..


I'm surprised they put Ukrainians in there.

Some user earlier was wishing for a Canadian Breivik

Looks like Kek responded

Canada no! If you kill your enemies they'll win!

Pic related backfired at light speed.

Rollin for mooslims.

What the fuck are those people, middle picture of the bottom row? Jesus Christ those people are hideous. And of course

2 suspects got arrested.

Liberals are silent. It's probably a sandnigger.

isn't canada a gun free zone?

Its probably an SKS or CZ



Considering its Canada I am going to say its some rugar .22lr wood stock with a banana magazine.

Wow, they're doing the kebab removal themselves. How considerate.

Definitely a muslim.

Supposedly a cuckchanner did this. Does anyone have an archive or link to that thread?

Was it Iron Ann that posted the thing about "The longer they take to release the identity of the shooter, the less likely it is that it was a while male?"

They can get some guns. There are 1) restricted 2) non-restricted and 3 )prohibited. That's all I know. The mosque supposedly gets trolled often. There was a pig's head left in the mosque in June.

I've never had to shoot somebody so I don't know how hard it is to take someone down, but have been hunting and shooting guns for 30 years, and I wonder…….how on earth do they get such a low count?

Is already 4 hatreds about his already.

The CBC and Reuters are making mention of the pig's head that was left on the doorstep of the mosque last year. I smell a narrative developing about EBIL DRUMPF and refugees.

Yep, Coulter's Law as it is better known.



They expect one some in the wreckage, brother.

Little to no practice, Adrenaline, fear…etc. Shooting at people is pretty scary.

Why would a muslim shoot up a mosque, what kind of mosque was it? Shia?


This. AK-47s are completely prohibited so if they are actually those the government of Canada is going to have to explain how they managed to get their hands on a gun that doesn't exist in Canada.

Of course, I'm sure this is a false flag using CZ rifles in order to give a reason to ban more guns. On the other hand, if a shitskin did this shooting it's going to backfire spectacularily.

shooting was in Quebec

Toronto's not Quebec city, lad

False flag to further justify bill 59?

Any live streams yet, no one covering it?

Toronto is hundreds of miles from Quebec city

Well shit.
Nevermind then.

What a tragedy truly a shame those psychos would try to scare the Muslim community. If only the Muslims never came to Canada and the US this would have never happened. We should send them all back for their protection.

Only if the shooters are white

I really want it to be a muzzie just to rub it in that fucker's face for all virtue signalling he's been doing. Let him take a dose of his own medicine.

Nice try, CTR.

This will justify the need to stop anti islamic speech

BCuck here,saw it pop up on my news app on my phone…

No mention of race yet, but one suspect in custody. They will release a description soon I assume.


Funny how this happened almost immediately after the RCMP declared this rifle prohibited and was responded with an uproar. What a coincidence this happened just around the same time as Trump enacted the muslim ban. Interesting this happened just after Trudeau announced his support of bringing more in. Intriguing this started now that Bill C59 is starting to pick up.

Fuck this country; please annex us.

If it was a Muzzie or Nigger they won't release it until a week later.


>Bill 59 also allows individuals to report anticipated hate speech before' any expression has been made, and the Act permits the Commission to apply to court for an injunction to stop the speech from happening. This would permit the policing of future speech.

Orwellian as hell

This is the pig head that was left in the same mosque last summer. Article:

Funny how Toronto prides itself on being multicultural

You wanna know how pathetic mapleland is when it comes to stuff like that? They tried to get everyone to turn their guns in 95 and everyone gave them the finger apparently. Before that they could get anything that was on the US market.

Im thinking this truly is a false flag to support bill 59 the more I look into it. Well see soon.



RT reporting two suspects if it was two white guys we'd be hearing about it already

Yeah, the news reports are making mention of that. Like I said earlier in the thread, I think they're trying to spin a narrative, but they may be jumping the gun if they don't know the race of the assailants.

Opps, forgot text.

CNN is too preoccupied with their kevetching to report on this except for a tiny banner at the top.


This one is extremely stale especially with a suspect in custody. Definitely not white.

FUUUCK! This country is so cucked. BC is too damn beautiful to leave behind… maybe I'll just move to the interior…

Video of aftermath.

Quebec cops arent like american cops. They wont rush to confirm the ethnicity whatever it is.

Not for long if the Cuckminister has a say.


Yeah i am pretty sure they collected anything that even looked remotely ak or tacticool right down to the .22s a few years after the registery came along.

Where did you think Coulter's Law came from? Niggers, spics, and mudslimes shooting up places.

audio of automatic gunfire at mosque


That is seriously insane

Low-agency faggot here who doesn't feel like investigating before going to bed.

Am I right to assume this is a false flag? We haven't seen jack shit in terms of canuck violence against muzzies, and then this happens just as Trump's muslim ban takes effect? It's too perfect and coincidental. Perfectly poised to garner sympathy support for muzzies in America. Too fucking convenient.

Frogs now have more balls than the rest of Europe. This made my day
This is a huge event and will spark a national debate.

Thank you.

How the hell did they get full auto into Cucknadia?

Are they ISIS weapons potentially?

Is this some kind of sunni/shi'ite thng?

There's a special place in hell for people like you.

That why we have to God Emperor, heaven forbid Clinton became president and America continued it descent to become Canada 2.0

It has a suspiciously low kill count as well.


It's a possibility since the only "violence" against Muzzies is small stuff like pig heads and such, which rarely happens.

You mean the registry in which nobody actually used?

I have no words for you. How could you.

I'll bite and say its a white guy.

The auto-fire basically guarantees this is either a false flag or mudslime conflict. Muzzies in Europe have been known to get weapon shipments mostly from Turkey, could be similar here.

Required reading for thread:


The low kill count could be attributed to either a lack of skill, or the calibre they used. Up here .22's are fairly cheap.

pics of wounded or dead bodies or false flag

I didn't even laugh I just went and hit my mother.

Knew what it was, still clicked

I'd say so too only if the weapon was actually an AK, because then only a collector would have it (AKs are prohibited in cancuck). I don't think mudshits collect weapons.

Lots of factors come into play. A likely one is fear and adrenaline as another poster pointed out. It also depends on the equipment they were using. Ammo with FMJ may go through targets cleanly but will still cause bleed out. Five dead means that they hit center mass or in the head at points where death is almost immediate.

Same. I always click it.

probly a converted white for better false flag


Those are the street shitters.

From RT

We have our hero.
Listen to him and arm yourself with power of speaking in truths!

You mean- in Canada they may have illegally stored and/or received contraband firearms? Surely you jest? The Islamist is a fine upstanding member of society who is interested in all laws.

webm attached because reasons

Double trouble, goys

Holy Mother of Christ

here's a photo of the suspect

All AK-pattern rifles are prohibited in Canada, so that means…

a) Journalist cucks can't identify guns for shit.

b) Those guys had serious connections to organised crime.

c) It's a false flag by Trudeau.

In my Canada? No way in hell. Those are prohibited up here. Could be a VZ58.

>a 27-year-old man.
No mention of race. Non-White confirmed?


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Why is it our Gov't doing us in? That's the thing no one has a defence for this it's not even in the West psyche yet like in Eastern Europe who had to drink this type of Kool aid.

The most fucked thing is that it's our people selling us out. Our own ppl supressing us to import other cultures.

This just fucking sucks, why is the West so fucking fucked for Islam? We are weak right now and in our times of weakness of our own leaders are selling us out


They gave the bastards the ability to legal marry kids. Its really happening user. Ever Holla Forums user needs to read bill 59.

hey those uke outfits are really cute.


Nice try


Sure the AK is banned but do you know how many people didn't hand theirs over when said ban happened not to mention your borders are a door of OSB.

Except Canada isn't strong at all. It's rotting from the inside out due to all the shitty diversity. it's become weaker, more dangerous, and less free.

Can we meme Bonhomme into a Canadian moonman and save the nation, Satan?

Oh how prejudiced of me! You are definitely right, sir. They are good boys who never do wrong.



twitter. com/25DELINQUENT/status/825907076136267776


posts like these to let me know that not everyone here is new

It won't be long before anglos call our culture problematic and we better get more immigrants outside Montreal or else…

great song satan!

Can you just do a drone strike on Trudeau instead?

If the shooter is Muslim, what should Trump tweet to appear classy and also sarcastic enough to cut through every canadians head.




Annex us; just make sure you clean the cities first. God please help us.

These seem highly probable.

False Flag

What went wrong, fellow Québecfags?

Canada has the best intentions. Lots of nice guys, but they don't have guts to protect themselves. SAD!

"Tomorrow I will issue an executive order barring all Canadian citizens from entering the United States until further notice"

We already have a Moonman, user. He exterminated the vaginal Jew from STEM.


yeah, reeks of it. But also likely its tribal violence between mudshits shias and sunnis.

He can say whatever he wants, but I hope he does a quote retweet of pic related.


This is why we are winning

People love a good meme

Go ahead, the dollar sucks.


More than ever we need this shooter to be Muslim lmaoo.


Anyone got one of these with a Leaf?

It's already legal to suck off dogs, so this doesn't surprise me as much as it should.

Because we have come to expect it from cucks like those who run Canada?

If this is true it's probably sunni kebab trying to remove shia kebab


nice digits fam is lit


Do you have a link to this? I need to see that for myself.

Yeah, I'm gonna need some clarification on that too. Really? Has Canada gone so far?


Dogs are man's best friend, they just made it so dogs are better friends :^)

Bestiality is legal as long as there is no penetration. Look it up.

What if nationalist frogs decided to remove a few slices of kebab?

Marc Lepine was a muslim

Lépine was born Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi in Montreal, the son of a Canadian nurse and an Algerian businessman

That's some 1984 tier shit

Translated from Bagel-Canuck


Let's guess the headlines that will be made by the lügenpresse trying to blame Trump for this

Fucking leafs




Jesus Christ.

this is really making me think

White muslim in quebec, latino muslim in florida
Banning an ideology and not a race

Trump proves himself right ==AGAIN==


Ah ben Tabarnak!

Si la job est commencée, ca serait mal vu de ne pas la finir.

Faut ben rêver.


Made one real quick.

How do we know if he is credible?

What the fuck Canada.





I think that's just cause it has a high population, it is a multiculti shit hole, espessially outside of downtown.

You expect your leaders to allow muslims to marry you children? I can't believe how light the reaction is about this here on Holla Forums. This is the VERY THING we hate most: Cultural jihad and you act like its FUCKING NORMAL AND TO BE EXPECTED! FUCK YOU


Trudeau already said he's sad on Twitter

I Remember how long it took that cuckhold to say he was sad when a tragedy killed multiple white people a few months earlier.

I fucking hate him with passion.

You cheeky bastard, lel


So is it 8 or 5 deaths?

The funny thing is that it was instant. A normal tweet of mine wouldn't get shit.

People still buy the "Sam Hyde: White supremacist mass shooter" meme even though it's been around for like 2 years.

These leftists on twitter are so quick to want to blame a White person that they will retweet anything.

Im having a hard time believing how few people are reacting to this and how light the people who do are reacting.

join the fun and swing right, canacucks

Leftism is the ultimate evil that must be purged

To be honest there's really not much I can do. This country is lost. I don't know what to do Holla Forums.

he was an arab halfbreed who has into hitler

It's fucked up, made note of it. Not much else can be done unless you live in Quebec and have political influence.

I don't want to live in this country anymore


Neither do I. It makes me wonder if anyone will ever stand against their government again.

Do we have any confirmation of who done it yet? Was it a sandnigger? Was it really an AK used? Was it a Shiite mosque? If it was really an AK not just a VZ or something and it was a Shiite mosque I can guarantee you it's a mudshit.

I worked on a construction site, and one of the other guys had served time for fucking his dogs. Here, I found the article about him.

The right wing folk literally went innawoods in the 70's not to mention they've got no political say either.

as funny as this would be, hardly credible. Don't spill spaghetti with confirmation bias yet

All the people here seem to not give half a shit.
Gives me confidence for the future, it really does. Nobody even trying to spread it around so more people know or anything. Just complete lack of caring. This is why the muslims are winning.

Local newspaper Le Soleil said it had obtained information that one of the suspects was a 27-year-old with "a Quebec name", and one had an AK-47 automatic weapon in his possession.

underrated post

It's not normal and I'm not a cancuck. Very few are surprised about this level of degeneracy being pushed out into the world.

What the fuck do you want me to do nigger? Shoot up a place then get life in prison getting raped by niggers and eating shit food? Heh, at least I'll console myself knowing I fought for muh white race.

What the fuck are YOU doing?

But this is the very first time they've tried to push straight up pedophilia

if they blame whites it was a false flag (unless they show bodies or injured people). If they blame arabs it was probably real (unless someone is false flagging in our favor now)

Considering they legalised homo marriage in 2004-5 it's not surprising.

If this isn't just the reporters being completely retarded, Trudeau had better be ready to explain how exactly a fully automatic AK-47, a prohibited and completely outlawed weapon, got into Canada. The liberal gun bans are supposed to prevent these weapons from even being accessible.

I at least give enough of a shit to post about it, and keep pushing it in every face I can to raise awareness, you aren't doing shit besides saying it happens. Im not saying shoot up a place, I'm saying spread the damn word and be fucking passionate about cultural jihad

trips for truth

If the shooter is muslim I hope Trump uses this as propaganda to justify his mudshit ban and shame the media into shutting the fuck up.

If it's a white person (which means false flag), at least it happened way up in Canada under Trudeau's jurisdiction. Trump can still brush it off and say it had nothing to do with us.


I don't feel like ending up socially alienated because literally everyone I know is a turbocuck who's too much of a coward to fight back his indoctrination.

Just let me in America already.

All of you are fucking posers, pedophilia literally proposed to be legal and nobody cares enough to give it a second thought. You are all phony

guys, you can take a semi-auto AK and make it full-auto with 5 minutes and a file

really gets the noggin joggin


No it isn't

Good keep it up. We here aren't the ones you need to convince that this degeneracy is bad though so I'm not certain why you're raging against anyone here.

Attack wouldn't happen if there weren't Muslims in Quebec even if it wasn't Muslim v Muslim Religous-gang warfare (which it is).

If it's a white guy we frogs are fucked this will give all the ammo hate speech laws need and justification for even more gun control.
Please don't be white


If you live in BC, move to the interior. It's more white and more affordable anyway. Get a trade job or a work from home tech or whatever.

This deserves its own thread. All Canadanons need to spread this word to their fellow countrymen


In Canada though

"a Quebec name"

Some Algerians hide their Algerian-ness with Quebecois names.

Like, you'll rarely hear that Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi killed 14 women in an attack. The lugenpresse uses his other name, "Marc Lepine".


If true wew lads I aint even mad

no fucking way


that looks like reddit to me, fam

Nice piece of propaganda you got there.

Please be real please be real


I'm a Québecfag not a BCfag. I studied law in a trade school because I was tired of our cuck-tier CEGEPs.



Canada is officially a victim of the Trump Curse
Why is it taking so long with Meryl Streep?

SKS are legal so it would make sense. If AKs, then it was a false flag set up by Couillard, Truedeau and their muzzie pals.


Any and all AK-47 press rifles are completely and totally illegal and unobtainable. The only legal ones here are the ones where you cannot do this.

Make a new thread stop shitting up this one. Your cause is righteous and I will help spread the word as I can, but this isn't the thread for this.

If you infest your country with murderous parasites, you win.

I need a real source.

Who's removing Kebab? Fucking Bonhomme is.

Already shilling the racism angle

this is 90% likely what happened



I grabbed it in the heat of the moment, the user on twitter deleted the tweet so there's no confirmation.

If this is true, this is fucking insane. Just after Trudeau told the world we'd take in all the poor refugees left behind by the USA.


Isn't this a very rare and strange thing to happen in Canada?



"Since our hat can't be trusted to do their national security job, thus risking US national security, we're taking control of the region and its resources, effective immediately" Then have the CIA take out all major politicians there.



is this source reliable?

All Quebec anons, be ready for preventive arrests, gun bans, even more draconian hate speech laws and extreme police/cyber surveillance. Cops have to save face so they will come down hard on us.

And the pendulum begins to swing right….

It'd be ironic if Canada became new grounds for Islamic sectarian wars.

One can dream. But I doubt it.

Yes and I it's either 2 things, a false flag from the Canadian govt to make goy feel bad for the poor refugees, or mudshits killing mudshits for being the wrong type of mudshits.



I call bullshit on this "confirmed"
Nobody has mentionned it anywhere

In one word: No

I applaud them

Trump is also giving the order to shoot at protesters in portland

In fact, this region is being sacrificed, much like France in Europe is, for the reason that the Vatican religion is pushing multiculturalism everywhere in an attempt (thankfully stalling a bit now) to change the United States into Latin America.

The truth is that the average Québec cuck will welcome this with open arms.

Fucking Hell please Trump invade us already.


Check this source:

That's because it's true.

This is most likely a bullshit source, but fuck I hope it is true.

You know I just realized that sam hyde could totally get away with mass murder because no one would believe it was actually him at this point.




Quebec prisons are not that bad, believe me.

I know, fucking modern wimps won't force the government to serve the people, instead most bend over to take it in the ass. Every day I hate my people more and more.

I saw that too. The user on Twitter deleted the tweet too so it's probably bullshit.

Spoiler that user. or take it to >>>/zo0/

please explain

Apparently the third shooter who got away posted in here.

False flag

I'm sick of this


This is kind of like if the 9/11 hijackers started saying the Our Father as the plane went down.

If this is RWDS work, why would they even shout these words in the first place?

My money's on either Western converts or 2nd generation immigrants.

Second and third generation sand niggers learned the accent, unlike niggers they can pronounce it pretty well, it doesn't mean the shooter was white.

i wouldn't be surprised if isis or al qaeda ordered this, especially al qaeda since trump did a commando raid on them in yemen. the jihadists want a western backlash against muslims. it's part of their strategy.

we dont fucking know if there are 3; there are 2 confirmed; police are investigating if there are more suspects. People cant fucking translate.

Twitter feeds to monitor:


Kebabs removing Kebabs?
How convenient.

News media dont know shit about guns, so considering it was in Canada that has more strict gun laws than the US, anything with a large magazine and wood stock looks like a AK-47 while anything that is ALL BLACK is a AR-15 Machine gun.

This checks out

I call bullshit on that, it would be very easy to make polical capital by saying this, if there ever was a "witness" to begin with.

Wait, what if we can start a war between the Suuni and Shitheads or whatever their names are


Who's saying he was. Most likely a second gen sand nigger.

I know. This one obviously hasn't picked up on coulter's law.

How true is this?

I hope to God they're not white or we're hear about it till the end of time.

Diversity is their strength

Why do they constantly try to make their struggle relevant to the conversation? Nobody fucking cares about nigger problems.

Pls no.

Just invade, kill all our curent politicians in power and execute everyone holding a Liberal party or NDP party card.

We'll sort out the rest from there.

Sandniggers shout allah ackbar over just about everything.

CBC and other media try to spin it as a native Quebecois.

very low probability


If this is true I will dedicate my life to constructing a temple for the worship of a smug frog.


That account isn't verified, it's fake.


Say they were heros. Become as "bad" as they say you are and even the average white will be forced to defend themselves.


its fake

Is that a pic of that fag Matt Forney or whatever? 100% false btw

who west coast
feelin v /comfy/ right now

Hella /comfy/

Nice try

west coast of canada?

west coast of 'murica reporting in @ good comfy level

Very fake.

East coast, rural NS here. As equally comfy BC-bro.

lurk moar

In Canada you need to take a weekend course and a test in order to get your firearms license (PAL). There is another course and test for your Restricted (RPAL). Your PAL can get you basic rifles (Mosin Nagant's, SKS, Ruger 10/22), and shotguns. Your RPAL can get you very fun rifles, and handguns. There is a Prohibited class of Guns, which the AK and its variants are included in. Along with this system, there are limits on magazine capacities, suppressor ban, etc. user is pointing out the media's idiocy when it comes to firearms in Canada.

Good choice

What are you, a nigger?

Very disappointed

Is Madman Sam involved? That motherfucker is a mad dog. Needs to be put down.


Sounds like that was a false-flag to garner sympathy

If I was an RWDS'ing leaf, Id probably shout Allah Ackbar, tbh.
Think about it… If you die screaming shit about Hitler, you're just gonna hurt all your other pals fighting the good fight and partially legitimze the MSM narratives.

I know your pain.

Cool. Thanks. It was on Jewgle - sorry for the misinfo.

Interior BC, province is quite pleasant, if only we could jettison Vancouver.

ready for another neighbourhood in GTA to turn into DIVERSITY TOWN?

If it were a ruger 10/22 with a banana mag, that would explain the high injured:killed ratio.

.22LR is not exactly a powerful caliber.

Quebec, 3h drive from Quebec city; comfy as well.

It's far, far away, thank god for our vast emptiness.
We have way less mudslimes in my city. Even tho their growth is alarming. Time for more sandbags.



make me faggot.

What pisses me off the most is that it's most likely a false flag to justify and force the hand of ministers to vote for

Mississauga here. as a white I'm already a minority.

Coulters law
Tick tock
Tick tock

Right there with you. God, fuck.

facque… on se rejoins ou quand on perd le net?

With Allahu Akbar being yelled it's almost 99.9% mudshits, perhaps not refugee mudshits, but mudshits.

This is probably a white guy, why would a Muslim kill other muzzies when surrounded by infidels. There has been an emerging right wing orgs in Quebec city.

The reports of Allah ackbar arrested hard to explain. Maybe Muslims screaming it when getting shot ?

If this is a white guy we r so fucked in Quebec

I've never understood this logic.

The conspiracists can't be both in supreme control and so sloppy that any sperg can unravel it. Why don't they ever ACTUALLY just kill people? There's literally no reason to fake it all when that's harder in ever possible way.

They still wont tell who are they. "good accent" my ass. They're muzzies alright.

With time fleeing, the whiteness is fleeting.

Maybe the attacker screamed it ironically? Like "Allahu Ackbar motherfuckers!"

Le plus au nord possible, le sud est perdu aux tamoules pis aux nègres. À date le sagneunay est pas trop touché.

They're talking about the accent but what about the language?

News said it was said with a strong quebecois accent

For an anglo, an arab speaking french is not different than a Quebecois speaking french. They dont care to differentiate it.
Watch this.


That's what they mean, the Muslim's spoke so well, their accent was "very good".

Can we ban immigrants from terrorist-rife Leafistan now? That would definitely help with Dudeweedman taking all the suicide bombers in training.

Yep, would've been a much different ratio with a larger calibre.

Dear god, let this be true. I'm still not tired of winning.


To false flag

Yeah, really.
That means shit since that accent sounds like you have a mouth full of marbles.



Yea with this "Quebecois" accent bullshit it's Muslims, if they were Quebeckers we'd know by know

it was a muslim and they're trying to pass it off as "home grown" (implying he isn't an immigrant)

Please no, I want to visit Trump's America.

Three words

Sunni and Shia.

Lel, there is no way this is a white guy.

If actual ismalo-state of FRANCE ITSELF did not retaliate against charlie hebdo, bataclan theatre, massive ghettos and crime, why would frogs in quebecuck do this?

are you asking this ironically?

Jesus, they make .22LR AR-15s?

I almost feel sorry for those leafs that can't have 5.56

It would be hilarious if a refugee did it who was butthurt over minor theological differences between his views and the Mosque.

I'm trying to figure out why islamists would shoot up a sunni mosque. I think this wasn't islamic terrorism, boys. Hammer's about to come down on anyone not Trudeau-tier tolerant.

They are almost certainly muslims.

if this even has a modicrum of truth then what a retard, he justified the new bill like a good goy


He most likely isn't, the worst sacks of shit sand niggers in Quebec, from what I've been in contact with in the past, are all born there to religious parents who don't speak french.

Death toll went up to 8
If it was a white guy, non muslim garb, thye would have been all over this.

Shooters are probably bearded. Religion of peace virus

Don't worry leaffag.
Trump's America needs leabensraum

Rock n roll is negro musicbecause

when a mosque get gunshots… theyre probably fucking children… were very peaceful here. its cold.

Post yfw the Trump administration will now orchestrate pro-white false flags.

Why? Why would that change the calculus? If you're going to fight, then actually fight. Don't create a little group and whack yourself off in the corner hoping some jew-sponsored throws you legislative crumbs.


Because Quebec is the most nationalistic, xenophobic nation (as in well-defined geographically contained people) in north america.

lurk more cuckchan faggot
polite sage for off topic

Holy fucking please be true.

image is incorrect

keked and checked

LMAOOOO kek let this be legit.

also: Are we getting false flags on our side now?

Self removing kebabs

Southwestern NS here, hello

Not to mention Quebec city and anything north of it are known to be "xenophobic", even by the province's standards.

…and if it isn't a white guy then you've imported a civil war. Congratulations.

Unfortunately the war is almost over. Outside of Iran the Sunni sect is the majority form of Islam practiced worldwide. The Sunni's vastly out number and out fund the Shia so as much as I would like to D&C it, it will prove difficult. A better D&C is to start getting western converts to Allahu Akbar everything so we can paint the ideology as the problem, along with the sandniggers practicing it

According to Reuters it was done by two white supremacist

Has this started the (Reichstag) fire?



Annapolis Valley boy here

I wouldn't jump to that conclusion just yet, The frogs there are an angry bunch. All those years of pent up Anglo jealousy.

Hopefully in 2019 Bernier wins the election and we can get more relaxed gun laws.

Pls annex us.


Can you fucking read the thread (((1)))?

That is a parody reuters account. Always loom for the checkmark.



Definite fake. That guy is on Red Ice all the time.

central Oregon is best Oregon

Sry i fucked up my previous answer.
Islamists are "cheap muslims", the kind that decides one day that their non muslim lives sucks so much that they decided to go in a blaze of "muslim glory" kill people.
A good muslim is like a good christian, the jews like to spice things up though so we get those angry "muslims" that are clueless cunts.

Did you change ips just to shill this weakly Shlomo?

There are no shiites in quebec city, CCIQ is a sunni mosque.

Everyone RT NOW get it trending!

twitter banned my account for using a proxy, sorry bud

No. It's "really difficult" to get automatic weapons in Quebec since they're banned from civilian purchase and ownership. However, if you want to buy one, you can go to a native reserve and do so pretty easily. And what they have there is mostly cheap and easy to get stuff, like AK-47s.

t. mahmoud "taqiyya" al-islam mohammad
you have to go back

Fuck off with your fake account

NB checking in, /comfy/ as fuck leafbros

That is actually true. Reserves also got old US military surplus.

The Reuters report compass from AT&T cellular news

Yeah and despite what that image says they're pretty fun for plinking. Not to mention they massively trigger fudds & airshitters.

I hope it was a fake account I hope it was Muslims killing other Muslims

Karms for Trudeau the elder and younger. Pierre, scored the mortal blow, and now his son is desecrating the corpse of this once great nation.
The Trudeaus are a product your province, and were only able to come to power due to Quebec voting for them. Now you will feel the weight of you actions as they Justin floods Quebec with 'refugees' in response to this racist act by evil Quebecois.

This is an outrage! We need to open the borders up even more to get back at this bigotry! For every dead Muslim who I will personally visit at their funerals another fifty will replace him to set everything right!

Its fake but if you get enough people still just start RTing no matter what and it will trend. only takes like 30 RT

this is what happens when you turn identity politics back at them

Sipping some peppermint tea in my home, Alberta.

Burger here with a question.

Considering the fact that your country has a pretty extensive restricted weapons list, and that terrorists favor cheap AK-47s, what is more likely?

or pure lien Quebecois?


Year of the Fire Cock going pretty well so far.


Its been like 2.5 hours already.

Is it safe to say its Muslim? We really need it to be Muslim.

He should take those 400 in his own home, otherwise they better live 6 feet under.

Mostly Arabic, but the cameraman begins speaking French at 5:30.

shht, gonna grab oppression points there bud

Islamist attacks on Sunni mosques are not unknown. Could be purely sectarian or caused by Salafi-Wahhabi takfiris such as ISIS who might attack traditional Sunnis deemed as apostates in the eyes of extreme takfiris.

I love you dad.

Personally i think it is samir al- hayyid

With the accents, is there any chance the attackers were shouting 'aloha snackbar' ironically?

I could easily see some hicks doing that before they shoot up a mosque, you know?

But I agree with most of you anons; if the shooters were white, I feel like we would have heard by now.

I can sort of read that, not gonna give a translation cuz i'll fuck it up

2nd generation mudshit getting supplied by his family's connections.

Dude hyde could totally be behind this. And no one would ever believe it was him.

Alberta is the closest thing we have to a red state.

You tell me.

It's strange that they're not releasing details.
It's got to be shitskins or something so batshit they don't know what to say.

Come on Burgers I know you love /comfy/ food.

pls annex - annexer svp

Quality bantz. Your dad rocks.

I'm mostly looking forward to people realizing that native reserves are partly responsible for this.

The shit is going to hit the fan so hard. Breaking the status quo in Quebec is the last fucking thing anyone wants to do.

Whys the NDP in charge then?

Have they started the fire?

And before I leave for work, a nice reminder.

Vote splitting.

He did say a "red state"

Seriously if hyde actually killed some sandniggers how long do you think it would take for the authorities to take it seriously, especially if we memed at them that he did it.

Go tell him there. Don't be afraid of your feelings.

they don't waste a second, do they anons..


Wildrose party and the Conservative party pulled some shenanigans, people voted NDP as a protest vote, without realizing the consequence of them running the province into the ground. Now the Conservatives and the Wildrose are going back to one party so the NDP's days are numbers

Boiling the frog quickly is kinda retarded, somehow I expect the cuck supreme to do exactly like his adoptive dad though if shit hit the fan in the province.

SH was seen at the HWNDU thing with an international arms dealer known as Holla Forumsblart

It doesn't have to be crisis actor shiht. Spooks could also orchestrate or perform shootings for political gain. Tell the public whoever they want did it.

I want the defeatistfags to get out of the country

Well, we like to joke about it. But truth be told their would be likely cameras at the scene and authorities would identify him if police/SWAT didn't capture him.

I'll be honest. POL would be the last to believe it was hyde. the rest of the world doesn't know who he is. But we'd be here thinking the news reports were a joke.


trump is firing up his twitter hate cannon to post a told-ya-so to le faggot trudeau

They have to hit Canada, America won't stand for this shit anymore.

Now that I think about it poutine reminds me of eggs scrambled with fries. What if I added cheese to it?

If I was ISIS I'd think now was a perfect time for an attack using refugees. There is nothing that could be more disruptive at this instant.

Not the French-Canadian international gun smuggler Polblart?!

You work nightshift user?

C'mon, lad.


Does this prove Trump's narrative about Muslim refugees being dangerous?

Could this be our version of the Reichstag fire?

Could this event,

Have started the fire brother?

You will be annexed when you learn to speak French properly, Quebecfag.

ie. never

Nigger I've got two in .22 and three in 556. 22 is fun for plinking and fucking around. 22 ammo is cheap AF compared to 556

You do realize that virtually all semi autos can be converted to full auto with simple machine tools. They may not last 20k rounds like a milspec gun but they'll rattle off a few dozen magazines. The hollywood shootout guys modified theirs themselves.

Everyone is so polite in Canada.

Suppose this is true, will that be the final nail to the coffin of cuckchan ?


what if it was blacks

Thx JIDF for kasher copy paste.

This one gets it.

We didn't start the fire, It's always been burning.

Do people who speak frog even know how to fire guns?

So, tl;dr, Qubecians are French Boers?

Not like Louisianians do any better

Ellioot Rogers did kys.


Do people who speak english know how to fire guns? You know, because guns are illegal in the UK?


I think it's Ontario excluding Toronto, who got their own "Shit Tier" ranking. Ontario outside of the big cities is a fine province.

I don't know why never noticed the similarities, but yeah sort of.

A lot of people embarrasing themselves again today if the shooters are muslims

Isn't Quebec French closer to Norman French than standard French?

Just like I'd reserve a spot in the shit-tier for Montreal. It's such a disgusting clone of Jew-York City.

It's hard to imagine considering Quebec was the only province to actually try to keep the LGR after it was eliminated nationwide.

Same deal with me. Rural Southern Ontario.

Correct. Toronto is shit tier in Ontario.

they bit that fake reuters article


You watch,



What the fuck is this 2007

Nah, It's very close to standard french. Unless you're dealing with wiggers who pepper their speech with anglo-nogisms.

It's going to be great.

if dubs it was muzzies

It's closer to 1600s French spoken by nobles and the aristocracy than modern French. Not too sure about all the different modern dialects of France though.


BBC News website still suppressing the story to make room for their #NoMuslimBan narrative

Based Kekbecer

Rollin for Kek.

That's a good analogy actually. Quebec French is to proper French as Afrikaans is to Dutch.


So, middle Norman, then?

Life sucks



Can meme magic truly reveal the facts?

I kinda want to hear that.

strap in boys

das rite

sandnigger confirmed on half Holla Forums some lesser news sites are saying it was white supremacists, right after the line about the aloha snackbar. But MSM fake news is silent on the perps identity. Witnesses inside being shot at claim they gunmen yelled allahu ackbr, white people wouldn't do that unless the SJWs are post modern ironically shooting shitskins for us.


Checked. Coulter was right!



Kek is telling us something. Muzzies did it. Aaand boom goes the narrative

I'll accept these



Why do Muslims get all the sympathy and excuse making but the second any white/christian tries to organize anything for their own interests it gets shut down (even if it's non-violent)?

inb4 (((Them)))

I know who's usually shutting it down but it's still frustrating gosh dang it.


The lack of updates by the kike press gives me the impression that it is a mudslide who did it

We were very pro-boers during the boer wars exactly because we hate the brits and what they do to others.

Checked and kek'd


Checking that shit too.







ahahahahahahahah holy fuck


It's like when people claim southerners speak english like they did in 1600s England. The accent is more similar to the old manner of speaking in some ways, but is not the same.

ANNEXATION or leaf civil war soon

Thank you kek, if dubs it was a syrian refugee


It really is the overstimulated white guilt complex, whoever can sacrifice themselves on the altar of political correctness the most earns social capital in the leftist world.


get /comfy/ for kek lads.

Fuck you


- Richard Warman

Leftist sites have lost all credibility long ago. They are just digging themselves into an ever deeper hole

damn… I guess it is a white guy, kek has spoken.

If dubs Obongo did it

Rolling for Syrians.

Agreed. They are trying to figure out how to make the story go away now.

it just means he'll be from a different mudslime country user. believe in kek.

The suspects were arrested hours ago. We're firmly into "muzzies did it, we're figuring out a PR response" terrotory.


Why even live


This. It still has some resemblance to 1600s french but it also has evolved on its own. Weird thing is that as much as Anglos love to say Quebec can't speak french worth a shit, Quebec still has less English words in common usage than France.

Posting in an epic thread


Nice reaction video. The fact that ferengi are literally space jews adds extra irony.

Kek is with us in this thread.

Chaos will ensue. Year of the fire cock has only just begun.

And it's not going to be too long before you're going to be genocided either, good luck. :^)


Dubs for the dubs god.


back to cuckchan faggots.




Taking an awful long time to reveal the identity of the shooter here…




It's all so clear to me now

One can dream. And I'm cool with Quebec speaking french, as long as the Haitians go back.

If It turns out it really was a shitskin we need to boost this shit to the high heavens

Even in the "toxic environment of hate" Trump has caused (in Canada somehow) the shitskins are still violent and have no sense of community because they believe slightly different things

a long wait happened after the Scarborough crossbow killing as well. it ended up being a white guy


Rolling again, if dubs it was specifically Syrian refugees

kek will its

Hell, it could have been some gang turf shooting for all we know.

They probably won't say until tomorrow morning.

Calm down, we'll do our part and vote in favor of it.

We'll gladly deport the subhumans, they were forced upon us as a calamity for political gains, just like Poos and Lius were forced upon the rest of the provinces.

Yeah, but when Dylann Roof happened, we knew right away, and the bodies hadn't even grown cold when the Twitter snowflakes demanded that white America answer for it.


don't any Holla Forums canacucks have inside sources with quebec city police?

The jews in the media have been suppressing this for almost an hour, it is almost assuredly a mudslide at this point, or, even better, a jew

If dubs then it was whiteys looking for a racewar.

I guess you better check these integers. I think you'll like what you see

My sides are in orbit.

I cant stop laughing at that webm

every time

Back to cuckchan with you, young man.

ayy lmao



you didn't include the word kek, thus, invalidating that dubs you got there. Nice try.

Glory to Kek.

user what did you just do



And I cant stop admiring those digits

have another

Don't be a fucking coward. The fun has just started, goyim.

I like what I'm seeing.

Religion of peace!


I want to go to sleep already, RELEASE THE NAMES

How could they not get away? They had AKs. Who stopped them? They wanted to be caught.

here. Have the original video. You earned it. May Kek continue to bless you

when was that again?


kill yourselves


Part of their plan


Quebec MP says deadly shooting at mosque is "a terrorist act that is…the result of years of demonising Muslims"

Fuck off

relax nigger we are gonna have rolling threads until their names are released


Unbelievers die on the day of the rope as well, user.

Anyone who's been here more than a week would know this is how happening threads always go. Go back to wherever you came from.

august 2016

Is this your first happening thread ? shitposting while waiting for "official" information is a must.



Talk about a false flag.

Bless this thread

There isn't any new information yet, nigger.

Tennessee bringing the bantz, fuck yea.

$20 the shooters came from 1 of the 7 countries with banned Visas.

Its been way too long for the shooters to have been white. Now is the time to start collecting evidence of lefties jumping the gun with anti-white racism.



And shit hits the fan.

back in the day, anons used to actually work their network and dox perps before the press had a clue or were willing to reveal facts. adam lanza comes to mind.

Nice try, faggot!

That's nice, faggotron.

Once full blown starts with ISIS and muzzies these hate laws will be used to silence leftists and their anti white rhetoric. Just like all of Obama's shit laws are now being wielded by a new sponsor

Most likely some Syrian ISIS fighters who Trudeau said dindu nuffin.

Fergus is a Nigger and his riding is on the other side of the province, he has no info.


This is in Canada, not burgerstan. They will release the information in the morning.

This. It'll also serve as ammo by kikes and brain dead morons to blame Trump somehow, even though it didn't happen on US soil.


No matter how many sandniggers go on killing sprees it's solely because we're not tolerant enough. Obviously the solution is more sandniggers.




You could have waited at least another 70 posts. The going's clearly slow here.

Another reason news is slow getting out is because it happened on a Sunday evening and understaffed Canadian newsrooms are mostly empty on weekends.


These people don't even think about the things they are saying. When it comes out that this was a case of muslims killing muslims a LOT of people are going to look like massive retards.

Beat me to it

This thread has 100 posts left. Go back to cuckchan you fucking nigger.

If trips they were Syrians.

>111 posts to go still check em


WTF guys…

Shia muslims are apostates in the eyes of Sunni muslims, which is fare worse than not being converted to islam yet

gas yourself.


Everyday I have to argue with people as is about Trump being the only one who actually has a brain and balls instead of selling his people. Yet the conditioning in people is so bad that I firmly believe only first hand invade-inflicted trauma can save 50% of them, the other 50% only a rope can fix.

Fun is that way >>>/cuckchan/

There's 60 posts to go you fucking retard

What the fuck ? How do you police 'future speech' ?

Why is that guy's ear so big?


Indeed, what the fuck, why are you using a Mac?


Keep Milo from having an event.

Supposedly the shooters posted on 4cuck you illiterate.

fuck back to your containment webside faggot.

they already do look like massive retards. they don't realise it

That was already confirmed bullshit you massive fucking retard


Prescribe high doses of antipsychotics to the masses.

white guys who have capacity to speak or write are all suspects



looks like you're the illiterate one. you have to go back.



tfw you cant read writing OR maps

could you be a bigger cuck?


No shit. That's why it's called reddit false flag edition.


what even is that? looks like popcorn on cut up onion rings.

Still 70 posts left, stupid nigger

When the time comes, someone start a different thread and report this colossal autistic faggot.

i lol'd

checkem faggots muslims did this and jews did 9/11 and we're gonna build 2 walls, not one.

sorry i mean check this

Trudeau BTFO



Unless you are Christian

frogs confirmed as suspects ….


Links ?

I'm sure it's been said two dozen times here already, but this sure reeks of """"""""""""pure coincidence"""""""""""", doesn't it?

Nothing to see here, right, goyim?


Hell is forever!



They'll blame Trump despite the fact they already claimed Merkel is now the leader of the free world and this is Treadu's own problem./


confirmed in french media as leaked infos



you're still an illiterate kike.

shouldn't that be the first one

he looks like el chapo


Quebec city fag here, can confirm, police rep on the radio was saying (without officially confirming) it's an extreme right wing

I'm expecting this to be a muslim on muslim attack. If it was a false flag why would they need 3 guys, and how would they find them?

The media will try to spin it sure, but I think this is just muslims being muslims.



CBC is reporting that the shooter shouted "Allahu akbar!"

That's like saying the law of gravity doesn't apply. Laws are laws for a reason kike

Les Antifas vont se régaler

prouve le esti, repond moi en joual



Va chier tapette

Wtf is wrong with QuickTime?

moi aussi j'viens d'entendre la catin a Bruno raconter ca



Ancient full of security vulnerabilities even at it's height.


I made a thread so that one faggot can't get his (you)s. This will be the only time I advertise it.


nice work, Holla Forums

A breath of fresh air

use mpv

“It was with tremendous shock, sadness and anger that I heard of this evening’s tragic and fatal shooting at the Centre culturel islamique de Québec located in the Ste-Foy neighbourhood of the city of Québec.

“We condemn this terrorist attack on Muslims in a centre of worship and refuge.

“On behalf of all Canadians, Sophie and I offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of all those who have died, and we wish a speedy recovery to those who have been injured.

“While authorities are still investigating and details continue to be confirmed, it is heart-wrenching to see such senseless violence. Diversity is our strength, and religious tolerance is a value that we, as Canadians, hold dear.

“Muslim-Canadians are an important part of our national fabric, and these senseless acts have no place in our communities, cities and country. Canadian law enforcement agencies will protect the rights of all Canadians, and will make every effort to apprehend the perpetrators of this act and all acts of intolerance.

“Tonight, we grieve with the people of Ste-Foy and all Canadians.”

thanks fam

Pretty much confirms whiteys did it.


links or rope.




Ree dinosaur

its was on live stream

BBC News website still suppressing the story. Front page full of anti-Trump stories

go away nigger

I bet this faggot runs QuickTime too.


Real non cuckchan thread #2

see you guys there
check em


This thread is still going strong.
You need to wait until there are only ten posts left before shilling your shit new thread.


J00 be lyin Jew.

You doubt the CNN? Why they're infallable! Seriously though, they wouldn't say mudslimes unless it WAS confirmed and they then had a nice long coffee break. If anything, the screen is shopped.

Tor faggot is lying. No proof for ridiculous claim.

If they spoke French then they probably came from… FRANCE! which is full of psycho shitskins. Guns, either in the mail in parts or from America.

Don't lose sight on what's happened here lads. Quebec has been purged of at least 4 shitskins who're now being sodomized by Mohammad in hell. This was a good day.

this is demonstrably false, Toronto is around 50% white

Leafs aren't white.

Canada is 87% white currently, doing a lot better than that 60% in america.

Nearly 88% after tonight to be fair.

how old are those stats? it's more like 75% dude.

autosage in 3




what happen to last thread ….

2nd thread got nukes?

I will circumcise myself if the shooter is not a Mahound worshiper. Lol.

Trump vindicated on terrorism once again, and once again, at the precise moment his opposition thinks they can spin his position as racist & un-American shieet