electric boogaloo edition
Probably, look at her father's name Ruben Joseph Lokteff. Also her big pointy snout, slightly crosseyed inbred look and always-super-bleached hair.
She had her cat shipped internationally through a military service. Her review of the shipment was placed on the company's military-reviews section of the website, with only a handful of other reviews. Typical sloppy intel work.

The original thread blew up with shills accusing curious anons with being shills themselves, eventually leading us into discussion about all the other aut-kike leaders being obvious plants.

Other urls found in this thread: JEW ISRAEL 077

more pics of these spooks


(Copying since OP wants to go all night apparently)
I just searched rabbi Lokteff and got no results. I don't believe you, post proof.
What I DID find was interesting, though:
Scroll down to the comment by one, "McZOG"
No one seems to like you there OP, or should I say McZOG.
Will I find that you have connections to Sinead if I keep digging?

Lol sinead this OP is garbo as is this 'proof' but I'm down for going back to punching TRSodomites again

Dude just keep digging or stfu. This 'LE MCZOG' thing is boring.

You has any factual proof or will just keep spelling bullshit?

Lana interviewed Michelle K, Evalion, Emily Youcis. Looking at the thumbnail for those vids you might get the impression that these ladies are actually important, or a leader in the alt-right. Someone posted that Red Ice's alphabet job is to push certain personalities forward as leaders and to push other CIA ops. Sounds right.

Archive of previous bread

Yes it does you halfwitted kike. Mods can verify same IP.

Why? It's rock solid proof OP is a shill and 751 posts in the last thread he never denied it. I get it though, you just want to shill up the board in peace, huh? :^(

This really didn't need a second thread but if you are going to make one you could at least archive the first.



How many listeners did "the right stuff " lose since their conudrium?

Sounds rather retarded, really.

Seems there is a shill in this thread who has a vendetta against McZOG and wants revenge against those who outed Mike Eunuch having a jew wife.

You keep talking about that you might find connections yet you don't do any leg work for yourself. Classic sodomite. I would love to see the connection so do some work you lazy cum guzzler.

Anyway, where were we with bashing Kike Eunich? Did anyone else notice his beady little jew eyes?

I found this.

They lost some of their best shows, so probably a few. But the most loyal donators still send shekels so it doesn't matter.

Who other than TDS is still around on that site? RY?

having to redo a captcha DOES NOT reset your id you fucking shill. Any user here can confirm that, what is it your first day at CREW? go back to sucking david brock's dick you have to be better at that than your lame shilling attempts here. I'm not actually OP from the last thread, I just found so much shilling against some pretty good evidence that it deserves a round two.

Oh it's that girl from the Ozarks who has an axe to grind with Lana. Lel.

Is is bad I want to suck her jew toes?

Quit posting this thread, Sinead, you ugly whore

always figured there was something wrong about that bitch. 2bh anybody fucking stupid enough to listen to 'political podcasts' or whatever is just braindead anyway.

Forgot to sage

Sinead is probably over at the Renegayde chatroom with her hubby Kyle, he's doing a show tonight that only 4 or 5 people listen to.

Sinead is probably over at the Renegayde chatroom with her hubby Kyle, he's doing a show tonight that only 4 or 5 people listen to.

Is anyone really saying Ruben Joseph Lokteff is not 99.9% chance a jew?

Come on. You're not going to get any better than that without a 23andme report.

Yes, he looks like he's strung out on meth or something. Truly unsettling

CIA must be pretty butthurt that their agents keep getting outed.

nice find

stay mad faggot

Pupils definitely look dilated

Anymore pics? She's hot. something a little more compromising maybe

So is this another night of the long dildos ?

What exactly did you find?

Seems like Sinead is trying to kick it back up but the evidence is far from conclusive. I'm just here to laugh at sodomites.

a bunch of jews in israel with the surname Loktev

Is there any proof Sinead is involved or is it like the first night of the long dildos where the TRSodomites came here to shill ?

Its nothing.


Shit thread, OP.

No but it sounds like her tbh.

Sinead is clearly working with Iron March and Antifa to take out anybody who supports based nationalist jews.

Exactly 1. Denis Loktev.

OP of the original thread is McZOG, a confirmed renegay. Doubtful that Sinead is personally involved.


0.05 buttplugs have been deposited in your CREW accounts

ZOG isn't a Renegay, he used to comment on that spic ZCF's blog all the time though.


Yup and I'm still waiting for the nudes she is hot

You posted the wrong archive link again, user:
Search for ZOG
Also, never forghetti that WN sites are under attack:

Kill yourself, McZOG.

read the thread illiterate faggot

First notice how McZog changed the wording from his original OP and left out the pasta used to track him down.
Then in his other Aryan Skynet posts notice how he goes on to accuse Jared Taylor, David Duke, Chelsey Anglin, William Johnson and the Daily Stormer of all being CIA/FBI operatives before singing the praises of some wigger rap producer from 10 years ago.

Jews always steal names from areas that they reside in, see: Germanic names, Polish names, Russian names, Spanish names (like Castro), etc.

Forgot: that doesn't mean those names are jewish.

i thought we figured it out that trump is using the jew to make the left become openly anti-semitic, and thus reverse the jew/negro relationship?


Cut off the relevant part of the pasta

Loktev seems to be a quite common name though. (Comes from the word elbow, as I gather.) You can go in all kinds of directions with it.

Agreed. That combined with their Russian surname ("Lokteff") was all I needed. But now I see that the variant of their surname ("Loktev") is a confirmed Jewish/Israeli surname.

no shes not
no she doesn't
yeah you'll taste my number two down your throat d&c faggot

This is an obvious attempt at d'n'c.

OP is presenting two seperate and unrelated accusations, both based off nothin (neither Lana nor her fathers names have any Jewish connotation btw).

The hope is that you will see the unrelated accusations anf mistake them as a single accusation with corroborating sources. Its a classic shill technique. Dont be a useful idiot by falling for it.

Interesting. Here's an episode of Kyle Hunt's show where he speaks about his past as a rap-enthusiast, btw

oh you have a lot to learn buddy

I'm not original OP, I'm the guy who was arguing with the shill (you) about captcha changing your ID (I was right, and you changed proxy again) You can go back and check it out, fucking newfag shill go suck david brock's dick you faggot

literally 0 effort shillpost

shilling for Lana "Let ally with nationalist jews" Lokteff, topkek. Kill yourself

not that guy but i thought 23andgoy did a better genetic test than ancestry?

Nice cherrypicking


Ruben is a Christian name

Just FYI

Another find:

Notice how shills never even try to counter legitimate arguments, instead their tactic is to ignore them and repeat their own lies hoping they will stick with the narrative. Don't fall for obvious D&C.

Look who owns it

like you're doing right now?

As a surname it's Jewish. As a first name it can be either.


oh right, anne wojcicki and jewgle

Project harder, Shlomo.

Yes, you're a bad goy. Now go donate to TRS.

Lana is an ugly jew whore. Stay mad.

this is devolving into the same "no ur the shill" argument from last thread. Fuck yourself. Regular anons who disagree with a thread will say their piece and leave. Shills on the other hand, do exactly what you've been doing in both of these threads.

Double dubs of truth.

Paul Reuben is a crypto -goy?

not really, kinda hot actually. bet she knows how to handle a firearm too

She's butt ugly and kinda looks like a tranny, Lana is even uglier than Sinead.

Reminder that she interviewed the "based nationalist Jew" that kicked off the TRS shilling here.

Kek, that's why you made another thread.

What's wrong with based nationalist jews? :^)

That wasn't proof she's a shill, she's just wrong. People can be stupid about the JQ without being Zionist shills.

Lana shouldn't have interviewed that kike, but that doesn't make her A LIAR.

Fuck you

I'd still fuck her

loktoff sounds like you are aimed onto something but then lose clear sight of it.

I would just filter and report the shill. This is the most pathetic attempt at shilling these trsodomites have resorted to by accusing ZOG of being a Renegay, they must be new around here.

You don't do edgy conspiracy radio shows for years without finding out about the JQ. She knew what she was doing. The same thing enoch was doing.

Enoch married a kike while a lolbertarian but he knew what he was doing?

She's probably not. You're just falling for another fucking antifa trick. They are probably laughing right now that they can get everyone to sperg by calling an obvious non-Jew a Jew.

We need to stop going down this dumb conspiracy territory. The fuck is wrong with you people. Wake up.

If we get solid evidence that she's a Jew, fine, but we don't know jack shit.

The people pretending they know jack are bullshitting you.

Marrying a kike woman because you live in a kike infested area 10 years ago BEFORE becoming redpilled.

Stop the D&C crap and stop being so willing to believe the worst about everyone.

Anyone could be a fake shill, but without real evidence, you can't say shit.

Just stop guys. Fuck it's sad to see this dumb squabbling.

Just filter and report Lana's fanboi.

Also, a lot of people in Israel are Russian. Not even Ashkenazi Jews, just Russians who converted to get out of Soviet Russia

You'd fuck anything on two legs, wouldn't you?


Also are you trying to say that red ice isn't JQ based? They constantly talk about the JQ and even want to talk about the holocaust.

Lana got a kike on to admit that kikes are fucking the world over basically- dumb larpers interpreted this as somehow pro kike.

Stop acting like SJW cult member fucks and be smart. Lana got that kike to talk about kike bullshit. That redpills people about kikes.


Fuck off back to TRS you stupid faggot.

Not a counter-argument. Is that a nose I see?

fuck yes BASED antifachan going to take down another prominent white nationalist news outlet, absolutely BASED.

She was promoting the Jew you filthy homo.

not an argument, faggot trash

Lana jew'd the jew, she's still buttugly and kinda looks like a tranny. Only a perma virgin would want to fuck skelator.

she exposed a kike who rambledfor hours about how shitty kikery is. She's WN, idiot.


She's still buttugly and kinda looks like a tranny. Stay mad.

>>a military website about cat importation
Wow it's nothing goyim

She got a kike to confess live on air about how damaging kikes are. He just talked about how bad kikes are and how he wishes they would stop being leftwing and just all focus on making Israel great.

But in your dumb fantasyland the ADL totally wants a kike to admit kikery is bad, r-right?


I don't want to fuck her. I don't care. She's a little weird looking but who gives a shit? Why do you care? She's still redpilling people and everyone but butthurt autists like her.


Would it be considered necrophilia if I had sex with Lana?


First notice how McZog changed the wording from his original OP to deliberately leave out the pasta and cat pics used to track him down.
Then in his other Aryan Skynet posts notice how he goes on to accuse Jared Taylor, David Duke, Chelsey Anglin, William Johnson and the Daily Stormer of all being CIA/FBI operatives before singing the praises of some wigger rap producer from 10 years ago. Also note it's only him and 2 other anons continuously bumping the last thread and calling anyone who points out their bullshit "TRS."

I said

and you know you're bullshitting. You scum.

Wow, all using the same talking points.

It's almost like there is a concerted shilling effort going on here. Really makes you think.


Do you even realize how retarded you look?

You know you want to bruise your pelvis on those bony hips of hers.

maybe we're saying the same shit because it's obvious and true? Wow, impossible! R-right?

If you think that the interview with Nationalist Jew made kikes happy, you're full of shit. It was all about why kikes are bad. He was basically apologizing for how horrible kikes are.

Grow a fuckin' brain.

Never said he's based, said he's admitting that Jews suck and fuck up the world.

It sure does.

Can you faggots at least TRY to fit in?



I checked that website and couldn't find the review which was posted apparently by Henrik.

I'm not saying I know for sure Red Ice isn't run by the USA CIA or (((Them))). But maybe someone photoshopped the review?

Wow Lana's fanbois sure are assblasted over OP just suggesting the possibility that Lana the buttugly skank might be a jewess.

Not what he said. A Jew admitting that kikery is cucking the world is good for White nationalists. Unless you don't want White nationalism to win, shut up, cuck.

She had the kike on to say bad shit about kikes, not to be pro-kike, you dumbfuck.

This is the exact reason I revived the thread. If it wasn't for the shilling I wouldn't have cared. One of the shills even tried to argue that his ID didn't change because he hopped proxies, but it was because he has to redo captcha. Such an obvious newfag JIDF retard.


Or do you want more of your people doxed? I can fire up the ol dox engine again

You sound upset, do you need a hug?

That's all very interesting but you seem to be forgetting the most important thing…. She has a REALLY nice rack

This has to be the dumbest accusation so far this year. But its early days so I'm excited to see what comes next.

Wasn't Red Ice all about Aliens before they hopped on the WN band wagon? Always impossible to take the Alex Jones/David Icke types seriously when they suddenly change their views and want to sell more "health" products.

Wow White nationalists sure are assblasted over OP suggesting-based-on-no-confirming-evidence that a major White nationalist decent looking likable woman is being attacked


No you dumbshit, it was 100% a kike admitting that kikery is raping the world. The only bad thing he did was defending the talmud.

He literally talked about how Jews are fucking us over. Lana was cucking the kikes by having him on.

I need you to grow a brain. Getting a kike to talk about how shitty kikes are HELPS US. So shut up if you're not a leftist.

If you spent all your NEET bucks on Red Ice Donations you would be shilling on Holla Forums all day long as well.

is a kike*

sorry lol



Exactly, the name of the interview was "Can WN and Jews have an alliance?" Or similar.
Tbh I didn't believe the original TRS war was worth it and got banned for a month for it, but now I see that I was wrong and ALL these namefags need to be doxed

you're objectively wrong.

You're the one that sounds like the leftist with catch phrases like "HELP US" or "our cauze" but yet you cannot articulate how donating our paychecks to Lana advances the white race. Stay mad.

I never said unite with him, you dumb cuck. I said that letting a kike ramble about how kikes are pushing disgusting antiwhite shit HELPS whites.

KYS antiwhite idiot and/or moron. If you're not antiwhite, you're just a tool for the enemy. The SPLC loves your work.


How does promoting Justin Garcia and Ramz Saul make her a white nationalist?

At this point I have to assume you're just shitposting and will no longer take you seriously from here on out.

If the 14 words isn't your cause, or if you don't want to HELP *le evil word* the cause of White identity/survival then fuck off, why are you here?

You're beyond pathetic. I'm sorry for you.

The shilling itself makes it seem likely that this topic is on to something. These people are obviously not from here.

Yeah, I'm sure the jewish community is kvetching hard about WNs praising Netenyahu and supporting Zionism.

I nominate Jizzhands. He pretended to be angry about the jew wife thing so he wouldn't get doxed, but he was hanging out with Eunuch and the Dickster at the Deploraball after party and was probably who did the TDS show prep last week.




Honestly I wish I could kill morons like you. You are too dumb to breathe. Go back to cuckchan with your mestizo brethren.

He talked about how it's the secular Marxist jews, while the based Israeli nationalists like Netanyahu are on our side.

Who could be behind this though?
Autistic people from the right (e.g. Renegay, TRS, other boards/forums etc.?)
Reformed CTR?
Alphabet soup trying to cause shit?

So saying mantras will stop the jews from genocide us? Yeah, magical thinking will save the white race ya dingus.

Given that OP and pals are pushing the same shit on multiple sites, it's pretty damn clear this is a concerted effort to slander someone who isn't even that popular here, for some reason.

I want to stop the jews from genociding us, should I donate my paycheck to Lana? Or sock the money away and buy land, weapons and ammo with it? I want to save the white race so I'll do the smart thing and donate my money to Lana. Who cares if I have to rent a crappy efficiency to live in? It's for duh cauze ammrite?

RamZPaul isn't antiwhite, he's just an old boomer guy who wants White people to survive but doesn't want to look "racist" doing it. Whatever. Having him on is bad.. how?

And who the fuck is Justin Garcia?

lol. idiot. The Jewish community doesn't want Jews to go out and attack other Jews, which that guy did.

Jews criticizing other Jews is more credible to people, it helps to redpill about kikes.

You are sick. Even if he is trying to do that, which I don't know, that doesn't mean Lana is a shill for having him on Red Ice. Grow a brain. lmfao

That's not what I said and you know it. Whatever.

You don't have to agree with fucking everything he says, dingbat. lol dude.

I don't agree with his stuff about Israel and Zionism but holy hell getting a kike to talk about Jewish subversion just helps us.

A lot of normal people are really redpilled by hearing a kike talk about kikery. It helped to redpill me to hear Paul Gottfried talking about Jewish subversion.

ALSO not saying Israel is our friend but secular diaspora Jews ARE a bigger enemy than Zionist Israeli Jews in Israel.

Yeah, that OP slandered Alex Jones who's secretly against the kikes. :^)

I'm sure there are plenty of people who would like to take down all of the mainstream right wing publications that gained traction in 2016 and leave Holla Forums thinking it eliminated controlled opposition that weren't pure enough.

* non mainstream

That seems to be more or less what is occurring.

























CREW is already shooting themselves in the foot

Exactly, if someone gets redpilled and realizes they married a kike, obviously they wouldn't try to work their way into WN movements.

All namefags must be exposed for the intel scum they are. Sam Hyde is the only current exception

Nice post formatting fellow 14/88 pollack

Thanks for cutting to the chase, you've told us everything we need to know.

All I know about redice is that they interviewed "VK Clark", everyone is connected to sinead. makes you think :^)

Everyone is forgetting the easiest way to tell if someone is controlled op and/or jewish. Are they grabbling for shekels in ridiculous ways, and do they stir shit with every other person in their 'movement.'

and their backers. The feminist cunts and goons are good at this shit too, but commies/antifa are not. Considering red ice is about as cancerous as the rest, it's probably just drama to get attention.

fucktard, I said a BIGGER enemy. I didn't imply that Zionists in Israel are our FRIENDS. Just they're a less present danger than Zionists in America.

Fuck's sake man.

What he's doing is perfectly acceptable to the jews in power. Read some JDL literature and you'll see the exact same ideas about the "traitorous" secular jews.

Maybe if it was a kike attacking all kikes like Brother Nathanael does, but convince people that only certain jews are a problem and that the jewiest of the jews are our friends only help jews.

They're equally our enemies and both have to go.

Kill yourself, Mannchild.

You're not convincing anyone. Lurk more before your try an op, you fucking shill faggot.

Bu..but Israel is literally an ethonational socialist state! :^)

WRONG YOU DUMB FUCK. Our enemy is crystallized malevolent intent. You can not isolate one part and pretend it can be worked with.

None of these things have been said.
Considering the board is being raided (look at the nonsensical and bot-like threads/OPs), anything is possible.

Either cure your autism or go join the TRS forum. They're clearly two different people suffering from different mental issues.

Fuck off kike. We know your game here. Your bullshit will not work on us. All Jews will be killed.

Nah…you're the kike shill here and have proved so by trying to go after McZOG who has been well respected for years while you were still taking the short bus to school.


Why are you just assuming that a Jew talking about Jewish subversion is perfectly fine to ADL kikes? Are you thick? WTF man.

Different groups of kikes are different. Some are worse and more aggressive than others. Just admit it.

Ultraorthodox Jews are not our friends, I've talked to them and they are antiwhite- but they rarely if they involve themselves in politics directly. OK? Just saying that secular diaspora kikes are the worst kikes is NOT pro-kike.

I don't want to work with ultraorthodox kikes. I've known some in the past and they suck for different reasons. Whatever.

How dumb can you be? My opinion doesn't mean I'm Jewish. If I'm wrong, tell me why. You are the kind of idiot that makes all antisemitism look fucking stupid. Fuck off.

The problem here is everyone is accused of being controlled opposition and in several past cases I don't this is true.
That being said I wouldn't surprised if Red Ice were.

This is kinda Rabbi watcha doin' tier, so JIDF is a possibility, too.


ZOG isn't a shill. He's a contrarian sperg who's right about some things and wrong about others.


hi trs, those are mutually exclusive

Yes, they were, which is a big reason to be suspicious of them.

Marxism is used to scare the goy into supporting zionism.

Don't you know goy literally anyone who questions the holocaust or names jews is a shill. Are you new or something?

Hey mannchild, how mad are you that we blew up your aids bog

Yeah, he's a shill. He put forth an attention grabbing title with no evidence to force an opinion on the Stand Alone Complex.

Even if Red Ice isn't controlled opposition and even if Lana isn't a jewess she's still butt ugly.


Also it discredits criticism of Jews. Kikes want everyone who criticizes them to be a stupid angry maniac. That helps them.

Kikes don't want smart or sane criticism attacking them, they want dumbfucks, which is why the media has pushed the "TOOTHLESS NEO NAZI SKINHEAD" meme so fucking hard.

Wake up people.

Every single one of you fucks owes Sinead a BIG apology.


Says the autist who turned this entire board against TRS, leading to the death of the platform.



Damn how will I treat my HIV now that the gayest place ever is gone?

As we all know the (((AltKike))) helps autistic gay people like me live life better. Now that it's gone, oy vey, I have to go to temple DAILY to stay sane.

Oy vey.

The cat thing is hard to ignore, and even if she isn't jewish, she's pushing for kike acceptance.

ZOG must of really triggered somebody for this shill to still be going at it 8 hrs later. Lmao.

Be honest, how close is Mikey boy to killing himself?

Pick one

That's not going happen as plenty of morons here are still convinced she is a coalburner with niglets.

How does it feel to know TRS is dead because you can't control your autism?

Who the fuck do you think I am?

Jews want people who criticize them to look like insane, unstable weirdos with issues.

No she's a dumb schizophrenic bitch.

Exactly. It is a standard Zionist narrative, that only left wing Jews are the problem but that based right wing nationalist Israelis are good. This is a very common line of argument from jidf. Sometimes you see it framed as Sabbatean vs. Frankist. The common denominator in all of these is to push the idea that "it's not all Jews." These are foot in the door methods. We have seen them a million times.

Except if you go back to Red Ice's earliest shit from 2006 (don't know if they did stuff before that), their earliest podcast is on the Irish Origins of Civilization, and also have videos on MKultra, Egyptian Monotheism, Freemasonry, 9/11 truth and other topics that are more or less the same shit Holla Forums delves into. They definitely hopped on the nationalist bandwagon, but they were already adjacent to it, in my view.

Yeah, nah. It's not as if it should be hard to find out if she's actually DoD or miltiary, especially if they're open enough about it to write reviews on websites. Show hard proof.

pick one

Also why are you saying it's me? Truly bizarre.

If you hold a pen up and cover half of benji's face, and do it to the other half, it looks like two completely different people. Spoopy

A broken clock can be right 2x a day. I apologize Sinaids.

Like that other guy said, TRS is dead very uch because you are an uncontrollable autist who deserves a bullet

Sinead isn't that bad compared to these autistic millenials.

Let's give her credit where it is due, she is actually a pretty lady, if she wasn't such a fucking psycho.

Dump it

Everybody knows it's you, mannchild. Your unique strain of autism really stands out.

Sinead is way prettier than that buttugly skank Lana.

Where does this shit come from all of a sudden?

If you think I caused TRS to die, you need meds. I feel sorry for you, user. Goddamn.

Also saying anyone deserves a fucking bullet for posting even if it's the most autistic piece of shit of all time is kind of…. psychotic.


Hey there newfag. Thanks for exposing yourself. Extermination of all Jews is a widely shared consensus here on 8/pol/, just so you know. Tell your boss to update the manual to reflect this knowledge.

t. Sinead

His autism really does stand out, maybe it's Mikey, Evalion's ex ?

lol no


t. Sinead w/ dubs

Mike Enoch is a friend of mine and I'll have you know he's a decent person- and not a drunk. So fuck off.

I was way into subversion back then. I made them get hitched, at gunpoint

Without your /polmeta/ freakout I probably wouldn't have started /trs/ or helped dox your mates. You very much caused the board to turn against TRS whereas before many were simply aloof to your shenanigans. You deserve a bullet for being genetic refuse.

Hope you kill yourself after you realize what a failure you are.

Most of us were indifferent - or even supportive - of TRS before you sperged out a few months ago. Everything that took place in the past few weeks is on you.

No, it's this faggot.

Mike is apparently in prison for incest.

t. Rodney Martin.

She's not schizo. She's pretty much spot on about everything except that flat earth nonsense that I can't for the life of me understand why she still believes or even fell for in the first place…

I wish I could be like Mike :^)

She's right, you just aren't on her level, man. The Earth IS flat. It's just space-time that curves.



If someone just posting made you actually turn against TRS, that is very sad and says something about you. You're pathetic, you're easily manipulated, and weakminded. Admitting that one poster caused you to sperg out against a website is quite a brave thing to do, though. Gotta hand it to you, I wouldn't admit to being such a pathetic little worm.



One of Milo's pool boy's from this pic?


Don't fucking lie to people. How was the NY forum this weekend, btw?

Also kind of funny how he went 751 posts in the last thread without admitting he was ZOG. How do you know him anyway, user? Big cohencidence you just happened to be in the last thread and find out who he was, isn't it?

Wyatt is the chubby kid in the standard pool co shirt. He's a big sperg but is actually a nice kid. More Holla Forums tier than Holla Forums, honestly.

Not like ignoring shit you don't like or agree with is an option, right? No, better to be an unhinged psycho who goes after a WN platform because "reasons". Very adult.


And feminism. She is a radical feminist.

So she can do ollies and shit?

that was not my point
That's not at all clear.

I never mentioned that topic, though the answer is obvious if you had spent any time here, they are trying to hide the fact that ALL jews are the enemy.

kill yourselves

because controlled op. And how the fuck have you missed the feminist and sjw cancer of recent years that should have taught you how to spot a cunt trying to cause problems?

fanboys and her feminist friends shilling, when they leave, all talk of her disappears.

Damn that's some taste sodium. I don't regret any of it. I'm not going to miss any of you. Your band of aids warriors never deserved the mantle of WN, it just made it infinitely funnier that your leader is a kike. You seem to be upset that you are shouldering blame for this though, but know that you were my tipping point for turning me against TRS. That you thought you were invincible made it all the more sweet to take you down.


Better than expected. I'm not Wyatt, though, or Mike.


That's really him??? Wow I kinda feel bad for being mean to him.

Glad to hear it! I know who you are and would never act against you or our boys Stay safe.



Jesus fucking christ, the shills and outsiders make themselves so obvious. Any true Holla Forumsack is versed in history, has a deep knowledge of the infiltration and subversion of rightwing movements of the past hald century, and as such has a deep mistrust of/skepticism toward prominent figures.
I'm always suspected them. I've liked some of the interviews they've done and the migrant crisis coverage back in 2015, but I always assumed they were Feds.

Yeah, I believe it's the same faggot always defending Richard Spencer here too. Sounds very similar. Also defends RamzSaul, TRS, and the rest.

Pool is closed due to AIDS

They look and sound nothing alike. Go be autistic somewhere else.

fuck off iron march


Nah we're separate. Natt used our memes because he's a big poser.


Peinovich is a Serbian surname. Also Mike married a kike-ess 10 yrs ago. They're getting divorced now.

I'm sure you'll remain proud of your stupid, pointless and sadistic act against fellow JQ wise nationalists, though. Good job, you're a real mensch.

I'm not a major TRS player, just a hanger on. You should come join a TRS group if you want to be where the real action is. The TRS group has given me a lot of meaning in life. Being surrounded by fellow nationalists is how life /should/ be, for everyone.

Our identities were never really secret, just unknown. It was only a matter of time. *Sigh*

you've hit that strawman twice now, I never said they were the same. any videos of vkclark talking instead of just still photos, since you seem to know so much about it?

Oh you're the AV homos then, go away

Nah it's just a meme.

You're dumb.

That's obviously what you implied. Search youtube or her website, I've seen videos where she talked on camera.


Nope, separate from them too. Local group, no new presence except here.

Just kill yourself.


really makes you think

Because we aren't newfags? He used to always post his pastebins on /new/.

I'm not Wyatt, faggot.

I went to a pool party once, and it was three spergs and two obvious Feds. Get fucked Kike Enoch.

You probably are. Wyatt is a state of mind, bro.

Tell us more

Richard Spencer is a worthless Jew-loving faggot. RamzSaul is a Jew-loving concern troll. TRS is literally Jewish. All of them are shit.

Fuck off, KIKE.

85% of Orthodox Jews VOTED for Donald TRUMP.

Fuck OFF.

Sure you aren't.



Not all the groups are good. Some are shit. Mine is where the action is. I've met a lot of major people and really grown as a person. I found my tribe. You can fuck right off if you are a TRSbashing incel freak.

Also Wyatt is a joke in TRS circles, we laugh at him all the time. He even knows he's pathetic.



you're defending ultraorthodox kikes now? fuck



fucking low IQ faggot

You don't understand the intel world at all

He has methhead eyes

based user. Thanks for wrecking shills itt while I was checking out the quebec shooter thread

wew lad

Flat earth is intel disinfo, Sinead shills flat earth, ergo Sinead is a useful idiot or an intel disinfo agent


Because she feels "so shocked" by finding out that Mike has gone full WN. She knew about the site but she assumed it was mostly just for fun or wasn't serious.

Mike became a serious ethnonationalist about 8 yrs into his failing marriage. Mike still felt in love with her but after it all came out she dumped him and ostracized him. Mike's family is major shitlib and they now hate his guts

Here's his feminist mulatto baby having carreer sister:

I'm still trying to figure out who of the TRSef would be assigned to Holla Forums if not Wyatt. You're not G. Mancer, as he'd recognize the sigil, as he's an Anguis. You an IE guy?

Really!? You mean that board from 5 years ago!? And you just HAPPENED to be in that last thread where it was revealed through digging that he was the OP!?
you are a truly subretarded shill, you should really just quit now and try again in a few days

Yes. Interesting observation. That seems to be the socio-political dynamic at play in the presidential succession of Donald Trump from Barack Obama.

There is no nuance with Jews. They are all enemies. Anyone who claims otherwise is not on our side.

Hey what do you think about this

/new/ on 4chon.

How do you know this info?

I'm not telling your dumbass anything more than you need to know. I'm in a TRS group and yea we are not perfect but we do have fun and spread the 14 words. Fuck off.

Enoch just kind of looks weird. Like I said Peinovich is a Serbian surname, you can Google it. Mike is also acting like an alcoholic right now because his fucking marriage is ending and he's getting ostracized by 99% of his friends and family.

The guy is dedicating his life to WNism now, have some respect.

That's sad. They always looked so happy in all those pictures together, but I guess people smile for the camera regardless of how they really feel.

That just shows further how much of a joke Enoch and TRS are. Even after it all became public, he didn't even leave her. Truly disgusting.

Only because his cult of followers are the only people dumb enough to support him now that everything fell apart.

Yeah, no shit. The one that turned into Holla Forums 5 years ago before this site existed. Now answer the question.

10/10 top memeing lad, although not accurate. I'm not Wyatt. lel

I am part of pool parties and TRS. I'm not giving any more specifics.

Anyone who wants to join us can. We're an open group as long as you're White and believe in the 14 words. TRS isn't finished. The kikes tried to end Mike's life, he lost his job. But he's still alive.

No. Fuck you.

These dumb cucks think the wife is divorcing him because of 'SO SHOCKING LEL' full wn status :^))))) and not because he got job shoahed.

Even if you're a big huge gay?

No, the one that was still a semi-active board until 4chon died a year and a half or so ago.


sure thing buddy

Pick one. Fuck that drama queen namefag. Proof his marriage was even anything more than a show. Did they have kids?

You aren't fooling anyone.

Like the one he's married to?

I doubt they're even getting a divorce. It's probably another lie like "1/4 jewish on her dad's side".

No kids lmao. She was too busy getting her womb JIMPACTED

Open group my ass. After the recent debacle people were purged Stalinist style from their forum, kikebook groups and disqus.

Jesus Christ TRS is fucking retarded. So glad they were exposed and everyone worthwhile disassociated from them. Now we know anyone still with them is pozzed.

connected. I said connected.
I haven't

rumor to up the shekels

fake marriage, Enoch is probably gay for Dickie Spencer anyways

It is sad. And look, Mike married her TEN years ago. It's not like it's easy to end a marriage, even if you're redpilled.

It's not easy to just walk away from a decade of your fucking life. No one is perfect. He still deserves no hate.

We like Mike because he's fun to be around, plus goddamn smart.


Shes half Jewish and went full kike bitch demon on his ass. She wants to ruin his life.

Anyone can come back. It's still open. You should get into a real life group. We are trying to basically start WN clubs everywhere in America. Idiots are falling for kike D & C saying TRS is gay or Jewish.

Mike is from upper east side Manhattan which is like 50% kikes. He married that bitch 10 yrs ago.

Also again Peinovich = a Serbian last name GO LOOK IT UP.

And you just happened to be in the last thread along with this user

where he was outted as being McZog. Pure coincidence, that's your story right?

Literally everything you just wrote applies 100% to Alex Jones, who is a confirmed C.I.A. asset or operative. Do you see the problem here?

And Henrik started Red Ice in 2003, by the way. Red Ice has been around a very long time.

For those at home, that means that Greg Johnson, Jason Jorjani, Mike Enoch and Nathan D'amigo are all vying for Richard's BP.

I'm not TRS. I was only vaguely aware of their podcast and only became aware of their site when the threads here started.
I'm just a very empathetic person. I don't like people or animals feeling pain, no matter what species they are.
The fact that his wife is Jewish doesn't stop me from feeling empathy.

Show proofs.

Spencer seems kinda faggy but he's not. He's married and has kids. Mike's ex wife is a bitch who mostly ignored him, anyway. They were only in love for like 2 yrs then the marriage started to go to shit.

It's actually sad. I'm not saying Mike is perfect, but hating him is fucked up. Have a heart people, he's a White nationalist and he is exposing kikes daily.

The Daily Shoah is so real about the JQ because Mike was around so many kikes. He knew firsthand how horrible they are.

How would I join up? I'm a bit tired of the image board format

Now that he was fired, he's working full time scamming goyim for their d'nation shekels. Shows how deep the cancer went at TRS that they still have a bunch of cuckolded morons sending money to their findom Enoch.

I'm surprised he hasn't committed harikari yet.

I'm one my phone, so I don't wanna type forever, but I met a TRS guy at a Republican convention and got beer with him and the local TRS group. Feds were an alleged married couple. Both were fucking terrible at being undercover. Man was awkward about things - didn't act natural. They were trying to bait people into felonies. They talked about wanting to send a care package to nationalist russians opposing Putin (pretty sure aiding a foreign military is a big no-no), and I meantioned making suppressors out of maglites and sending them materials like threading adapters (key point: I reaveled knowledge on contraband weapons), later they talked about a range trip the whole group was planning and they guy meantioned in a way that was forcefully trying to be casual that the range owner didn't care what you had - if you had it they assumed you would have paperwork trying to get me to bring illegal weapons. I didn't have much ammo at the time so I turned it down, but they persisted and said they would all share and it was no big deal the girl was staring at me in a bizarre way, like I was about to take the bait, but I turned them down anyway because it felt off.
Afterwards, I stewwed on it and realized how fucking obvious it was they were Feds.

Oh, forgot to mention, they were both former military and the guy said he worked for the NSA for a while, too. Had a pretty unconvincing redpill story, too.

Listen to the show, eventually you'll find a way. There are FB groups and shit. Also Dailystormer groups are all connected to TRS ones. Easy.

Ah here. I like TRS but you're not going to win any friends coming on Holla Forums and gushing about them. Did you not see what happened last time.


If you were just trying to show the "connection", you could have just pointed out how Sinead and Kyle have both been on Red Ice. I've seen someone (probably you) pushing the "VK Clark is Sinead" autism before.

The defining moment of his white nationalist career has been getting punched in the face on camera. That is how he will always be remembered.

This is Mike's feminist cunt mulatto baby having sister

This is his life. He comes from libshit kike central. He decided to rebel against it all and be a shitlord. Heil Peinovich!



if idiots like you keep on memeing it, then yes

lel the guy you're responding to is me, fuck no I'm not listening to TDS trash for three hours

lel so you thought they were feds and they probably thought you were a fed.

The OP is most likely bullshit, looking at it again. It comes from Aryan skynet, a bunch of concern trolls and PR cuckolds.

yea maybe

but the smart people will see through the bullshit, the people who believe tinfoil crap don't matter.

You could've went for the Heil Trump, Heil our People, Heil Victory but you'd rather capture a White Nationalist in a moment of humiliation.
This meme magic sure is fickle.

You've convinced me. What is the best way for me to send you my SIN? I heard it is necessary to join these WN groups you are creating due to extreme vetting.
Do you need a photo of my drivers license as well, or is any form of government issued ID acceptable?

Like that supposed WN's who are married to jewesses can't be trusted?

Lmao look at this picture 'vanguard texas' (one of the TRS homo splinter groups) put up of this EBIN WYNN.

This is the same Mike who said that 9/11 inside job theory was an embarrassing retarded theory. McFucking kill yourself. Jews did 9/11 and you fucks try to brush it under the rug. Don't you see how much of a good goy you are?

don't forget your credit card numbers goyim!

Maybe Spencer should learn to dodge

nice spacing, and TRS has been caught countless times raiding Holla Forums while being run by kikes who convince their supporters to call themselves soulless cattle

How so? Richard Spencer is bffs with Jew Paul Gottfried. He invites Jews to his NPI crap. He says that the "white enthostate" will have very good relations with Israel.

RamzSaul hangs around Jews, supports "based nationalist Jews" and so on.

TRS was exposed as literally run by a Jewish couple to scam shekels from goyim.

Just a wild guess, you might have to give them a fake email and literally nothing else. Maybe a twitter handle made with a different fake email.

So you got nothing.

Spencer should learn to open carry.

Still waiting for answer to

It's slightly more complicated than that. Mossad organized it and convinced the US to allow their Arab proxies to carry it out.

Nobody here should need further convincing that Alex Jones is an intel agent unless you're the newest of the newfags

another new ID? you aren't doing too well are you?

I can't imagine the amount of dick sucking TRS pool parties must involve but you must get some great head from Grindr Greg to defend this kike lover this much

Because I posted on /new/ and Holla Forums, I'm part of a conspiracy to cover for ZOG?

They didn't know how to spill the beans and didn't want to betray Mike.

Mike didn't let his wife get in the way of the JQ, Mike is 100% JQ wise. Good enough for me.

poster is stupid

Spencer just says that shit for publicity

Also Gottfried was his friend a long time ago. That means nothing. Gottfried is literally the most rightwing Jew of all time, anyway.

Nope, didn't.

This is shocking news. Sent a tip to CNN

lmfao your gay fantasies are really fucked up, m8


Haha so true trs fags payed a jew to mock them.

They brought it up. I was just suggesting things. I said it was a bad idea.

And they're still defending him, this is next level delusion

Sandniggers didn't knock down three buildings with two planes. It was a Mossad operation with minimal Arab involvement.

Give it up, Mannchild.

Mike is a jew

So you have no actual proof.

It's not me. This is how he is seen by normies now. This is the new face of white nationalism, a lisping faggot getting hit in the face while trying to use internet memes irl. Our enemies couldn't have gotten a better image if they had staged it themselves. Overall, Richard Spencer has done far more damage to white nationalism than he has done for it (which is practically nothing).

Yeah, nah. Mossad are scum but suicide is not in their repertoire. You have to have a European/Christian or Post-Christian morality to sacrifice in that way. Jews don't.

I'm amazed at how resilient the flat earth meme has been. It baffles me that there can actually be people who believe it wholeheartedly without doing so for a higher reason. If there are such creatures, they have gone from useful idiots to NPCs.

It's not like fags never stay in the closet and get married and have kids. Can't believe I forgot to filter you.

Don't even pretend to give feds the time of day, shut them down.

I literally said that was all i knew about red ice
so Holla Forums is one person, and the more opposition I hear to the idea, considering their fake drama in the past, the more I want to see a vid of her speaking

you repeatedly say that, where do you think you are?

It's the upper east side of Manhattan dude, the fact that he isn't a cocksucking male feminist SJW means he's pretty OK.

Mike comes from SJWland, literally. He comes from cuck central. But he still rejected it all for the truth.

No, Peinovich is a Serbian name, which is why he's so dark. Some Serbs look barely White, to be honest.

just dropping by to say this thread is autistic as fuck

carry on lads

Mike is a crosdressing jew with a kike mother and a kike wife who works as a diversity officer spreading pozz to the NSA


Jews are no strangers to suicide attacks.

-Victor Vancier

It is if you aren't an obese mangina like Kike Enoch

vpn makes me recapcha every 30 minutes or so, mods can confirm same IP. So you're going to avoid the question then?

Ha, I love making you kikes squirm. TWO anons who just happened to be bumping the thread of a namefag they remember from 4chon/pol/ two years ago, except they didn't even know it was that namefag until an user dug on his OP and exposed pasta he used on a different site. Asking again: that's your story, right?

So what is the hard proof?

Go away wyatt, or should we continue the dox?

He's an overweight lolberg of questionable ethnic origin who larps as a fascist. He isn't "OK".

IDs changed based on IPs, not captchas.

A similar situation, in 1920 Churchill wrote an article titled Zionism versus Bolshevism in which he argued that communism is such a danger, thus zionism should be supported.

"Zionism offers the third sphere to the political conceptions of the Jewish race. In violent contrast to international communism, it presents to the Jew a national idea of a commanding character.

But a negative resistance to Bolshevism in any field is not enough. Positive alternatives are needed in the moral as well as in the social sphere; and in building up with the utmost possible rapidity a Jewish national centre in Palestine which may become not only a refuge to the oppressed from the unhappy lands of Central Europe, but which will also be a symbol of Jewish unity and the temple of Jewish glory, a task is presented on which many blessings rest."

I guess we're just autistic neets who cant afford to donate to shlomos rent seeking..

Holy fuck write fanfic this is good autism. You really know how to make up shit. Good job 10/10

Someone's autism and a picture of a cat.

You should probably kill yourself or just become a liberal already. If you feel empathy for the enemy, you are worthless.



He WAS a lolberg but now he's not. Also Serbians sometimes look middle eastern-ish, it's true. Serbs are often very dark. His features are classically Serbian btw. Also he is losing weight.

No, it's not easy for anyone to just walk away from a decade of your life. Sorry, you're just dumb.

I think that's what he wants.

Somebody on cuck/pol/ was saying this is Jazzhands

Maybe another kike?

So shoot me, it's how I talk.

These niggers are just committed #MikeMissiles at this point. And for the sake of argument lets say even if Enoch himself is not a Jew, his fucking kikewife is. And if that doesnt convince these people that he is to be avoided and cut off, then really nothing else will.

All of this is well documented newfag, this was only last month. Did you really not lurk at all


no that's not him and neither of those guys sounded like him


Into the trash it goes! Brendan Kissam is more likely who it is.

Mods can confirm same IP, anyone using a free vpn can confirm IDs change when they turn off and on again. Didn't really expect you to answer though without admitting you're either one shill astroturfing or three IRC shills working together. You're terrible at it too tbh.


doing it for some stupid play isn't crossdressing, retard

Definitely isn't Kissam.


You know nothing. Aiden Gillen is a CIA agent.

Who the fuck is this and why should I care?

None of the JDL bombings involved suicide.

Lol, that's the worst publicity strategy I have ever heard. Richard Spencer is a fucking moron.


He is and that's why he's invited on NPR as a guest of all places.

no it's good if you're not a larping piece of shit who thinks not explicitly, loudly and pudlicly calling for all baby jews to be tortured to death is automatically cucking




no it's literally because they want to show a "Trump supporter" who is "racist"


Yes it is.

When will Heath Ledger get released from Arkham, that's what I want to know.

This thread isn't even about Lana anymore cuck boi

Are you 12 m8?

Start lurking for 2 years newfag and stop shilling for your Eceleb, his wife is a crosdresser as well and goes to degenerate plays all the time. Mike himself is a kike, and in the rebbel/shoah after he was doxed he even admitted to it

It's mainly because he's so unappealing that there's no risk of him converting the audience.

What even is this thread at this point?

You seem upset. Oh and Lana is still a butt ugly dog.

Are you trying to say you married a kike, user?

My opinion is that Sinead is just a useful idiot and Kyle Hunt is the actual intel agent. He certainly has the background/profile for it.

she's not Mike and Mike isn't a kike

trs bashing now

AKA dumbfuckery

No it isn't. If he puts forth the message that Jews are our friends, then it is not good. How dumb are you guys? Did you not learn anything from cuckservatives?

Mike Enoch admitted on his own TRS radio show that he's Jewish or partially Jewish on three separate occasions.

Mike is a kike and he even admits it, stop with the Eceleb worship newfag. Keep that shit on cuckchan

TRS is a mess at this point. All of their good podcasts left 2 weeks ago, and all of their good people left too. I heard they banned from their forums pretty much anyone who ever disagreed with the admin crew.

I fucking hate TRSodomites, I wan to see them all gutted and hanged publicly but…

this shit is

so blatantly bait






worth responding to come on people this is low energy

They even banned Karl Radl from Semitic Controversies.

No, I just am not an overly emotional nu-male.

Is that the little script that they're selling you guys? Hilarious.

Evidently, this is what the mods like.

Really? He is one of the best.


They banned all of the NatSoc/hardline ethnonationalist from their community. Which wasnt the majority, obviously from what we have seen but it was still something like hundreds of people.

no it's because he accepts that we know he's a moron or worse

Are you? As you get older you'll realise how easy it is to drop people when they turn to shit. I assume the reply was about kike enoch, in which case proofs are lacking and hews have no souls

filtered for trs

what are they supposed to do after 120 threads of lefty-cam? it should be bumplocked for e-celeb at least, but I can see giving it a chance in case it turned into literal kikery a la trs.

proof where?

The message doesn't sound like Jews are our friends to anyone with a working brain. He is trying hard to say "Jews are not us" and "Are not White". That's enough for me.

Also he drops very subtle redpills about the JQ, When I used to be a cuck I thought Spencer was wrong for talking about the JQ. Like he would talk about neoconservativism being shit because it "comes from Jews".

Spencer is smart.

oy vey ive been exposed

I know a lot of these goys irl. Mike is a drunken mess but he still carries on. Have some respect. Fuck off.

Natsock larpers don't own ethnonationalism, they own being dumb neo nazi tools of kikes. Kikes want you to be dumb Nazis. Fuck off.


Karl Radl who runs "Semitic Controversies" posted on the TRS forum for some reason, and got banned in the most recent purge.

They went full 1984.

It was always just sinead sperging, no one else thought the cat picture was conclusive evidence of anything. Doesn't mean she isn't suspicious though.

Jesus, I wonder if any of my spies made it through the purge

nice nose profile on that fucking kike

sage for shill OP

The plural for goy is goyim, the only group that calls each other that is TRS

The leaders of the NSDAP were actually all high IQ individuals.
Don't fall for the neo-Nazi meme pushed by the media. They are to National Socialism what Kangz are to ancient Egyptians.

The OP is obviously bullshit. If someone wants to claim a particular white nationalist is a Jew and a federal agent, they should bring solid evidence or get banned.

If you werent an active poster or a dickrider there is a 110% chance you got the zucc.

I agree, but most hardcore NS larpers would make Hitler ashamed as fuck.

You might have a point about the stereotypical media image of a skinhead. But why are you using their word?

Daily Reminder

Buy our summer of 88 t-shirts you fashy goys! :^)

To be fair

If I had been unfortunate enough to ever do that I would ask for a refund.

sorry I know it's wrong but a lot of these larpy faggots piss me off so much, I want them to realize they are shitting up nationalism

I think that Hitler, if he were alive today, would tell people not to be openly NS. Too many freaks who want to pretend to be hardcore badasses come to NS because of the media stereotype that NS is for low class thugs.

just had to be cut away.>The message doesn't sound like Jews are our friends to anyone with a working brain.
He says exactly that his white ethnostate would have good relations with Israel. He says we should work with certain "good Jews."

It isn't enough for anyone who is serious.

'ironically' calling themselves 'goys' was the first red flag


That looks like a bunch of threads got deleted. Shouldn't that be expected after the forum got shut down and restarted? Where's the mass banning?

Lothar the mod got shoahed lel

It was they who deleted them. That isnt data loss. They did a full purge. They wiped the slate clean of any dissident posters.

What a coincidence. That's the EXACT same thing that Nick Bougas ("A. Wyatt Mann") says about his Jewish common law wife Sandy Weinberg.


Please understand that saying that some Jews are good implies that most are bad. Normal know-nothing raceblind idiots even IMAGINING that Jews are a problem is a hard sell. It's not easy to redpill people.

Spencer acting kind of liberal is making it easier for people to accept nationalism. He consistently talks about the JQ. Radixjournal consistently redpills about the JQ.

He just deserves a little respect. You don't have to love him, but realize that basically he's "far right" compared to most people in the United States.

Maybe Spencer is failing, but he's trying to push for White nationalism. Also, Spencer isn't stopping more extreme White nationalists from doing their thing. Ask yourself why they're attacking him, and not just ignoring him.

lol idiot

Pathetic Jew post from some Reddit type faggot. Empty garbage.

You'd probably have a better chance converting someone with a video of a skin like this than one of Dicky Spencer's interviews where he makes a fool of himself.

You're not going to be able to push societal rejects away unless you ditch the white nationalism. The solution is to spread the ideology to normalfags and stop worrying about how other people might make you look. Leftists will stick that one ANP rally picture on every article about white nationalists and there is no way to stop them.

All kikes are bad and must be purged. No exceptions
Archive of previous threads

I would give you the benefit of the doubt if it weren't for the fact that Mike Enoch already admitted on TRS podcasts that he's Jewish/part Jewish.

Please don't be an idiot:

You just want to larp hardcore. Skinhead types are hardcore and badass but they damage nationalism, too.

The kind of people who would go join nationalism because skinheads are larpy shitstains. They have ruined White nationalism for years.

All you have to do is not be a larptard. The reason they're able to get away with painting us as nazis is because tons of foolish idiots have made WNism all about "MUH RACE PURE REICH".

Every. fucking. white. nation. on earth
was. White nationalist. in essence.
Until about 50 yrs ago.

Making WNism all about Hitler, even if you fuckin LOVE Hitler- is STUPID.

My point was that even a skinhead is more appealing than Dicky Spencer. Sorry for not being a little more clear, I know you're autistic. Nice IP change btw.

Which is still falling short of the truth. All Jews are our enemies. Anyone pushing any other message is not on our side.

Skinheads wouldn't have been caught off guard and punched by a bunch of antifags like Dickie Spencer was.

Heck, even Milo is more effective at dropping redpills than Implicit Dick.

okay but where is the proof
A bunch of those deleted threads were started by Sven and Mike; I don't think they banned themselves for dissent.

Is that relevant?

And making it about lolberarianism, jew acceptance, and sodomy isn't?

literally a slip of the tongue and Mike is about to be divorced, he's going through a hell in his life

He lost his job, his family is pissed at him, his bitch sister disowned him here she is lol

Imagine having to live with such an annoying feminist bitch for a sister, then seeing her have a half black baby. I feel sorry for Mike.

He's not perfect, but he deserves some love.

If not for his haircut he'd be fine. He's actually likable and kind of normal. The fact that he triggers you so hard is weird.

You missed a few threads in the ghostbin

Creativity is strong in you, O poster!

This is the exact opposite of the truth. The ones who have ruined it are cuckolds like Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, and TRS.

Feel free to give me the ones I missed (in the same format as ghostbin) with the date and I can add em in

The evidence is ==minimally== suggestive but not conclusive or even really all that convincing. He'll it's possible one of their family may be involved with US gov or Mil etc and they gain benefits like I got for being an army brat. I even have a Military I.D. yet I've never served and get access to some shipping privileges similar and access to the Commissary. I'm wondering when Holla Forums is going to wake up to the fact that there's been a sure he'll of a lot of excommunications and witch hunts lately, I really don't get why I'm the only one who finds all the willingness for it suspicious.

No he isn't, nobody likes him other than autistic TRSdomites.

well looks like I can get fucked if I want to redtext traditionally anymore.

Not anymore. Richard Spencer and his "1/4" Georgian wife separated in October 2016.

Notice how all these agents say that their wives are exactly "1/4" this and exactly "1/4" that? See the pattern?

No. Taylor and Spencer and TRS have never been in the way of the more hardcore nationalism. Also WNism has mostly been retarded fuckwit Neo Nazi larpers for the past 50 yrs.

Every time a non-retarded non-larpy version comes out, the dumb larpers attack it, hard. Taylor may be a cuck on the JQ, but he's still done a lot to help spread race realism and White identity.

He's kind of annoying so fucking what a lot of people are. Spencer never said he's the great leader.

He's one of a handful of people brave enough to be public White identity advocates. We need more.

Spencer is only 1/4 gay :^)

Literally who?

Georgians are practically White, honestly. And I don't really care. Spencer is still doing good work with radixjournal and

Someone needs to confront Lana and/or Henrick with this military pet transportation information. Their reactions will speak volumes.

I think the "wife" part is the bigger the bigger question here.

All he does is turn people off and make White nationalism look weak.

Hey wyatt, changed IP?

Well, that all depends on how you define "white." Most white nationalists don't consider central Asians like Georgians to be "white."

And Josef Stalin was Georgian.

Which quarter? His Hind-Quarters?

I hope she's not a tranny ;_;

I'll admit, I like that ass. Georgians still look Jewish though.

We could look to see if they actually ever had a marriage certificate. But I don't know what jurisdiction they were supposedly married in.

No, moron, nobody has tried to ape the ANP for ages and the leftists don't care. I'm not saying you should, but constantly trying to distance yourself from Nazism is not an effective tactic. If you don't like the Nazis, just don't bring them up. Defending yourself from the accusation that you're a Hollywood meth head trailer denizen or whatever makes you look (to normies) weak at best and deceitful at worst.

No it hasn't. And there is no larping in national socialism. Larping is pretending that you will "redpill" the masses and then take over the existing institutions of the USA to push your agenda. Anyone preaching anything other than a revolutionary solution is larping, because revolutionary action is the only possible course that leads to our desired outcome.

Again, what you say here is the exact opposite of reality. Your head isn't screwed on straight because you have been listening too much to cuckolded morons like Richard Spencer and kike Enoch

I don't consider them to be white but someone being part georgian isn't like them being part kike or part nig- it's different.

everything NS post WW2 is larping, stop it cuck

steppe niggers?

No, pretending to be a WN while being married to a degenerate jewess who didn't even take your last name is larping.

No it isn't. That is like saying anything right wing or traditional at all is larping.

Continuation of fallout threads (01/15/17) (01/15/17) (01/16/17)
Spencer punched (01/21/17) (01/21/17) (01/21/17) (01/21/17) (01/24/17)

it's just not an issue for me. I don't and won't ever consider Georgians and Armenians White, but his wife being part Georgian doesn't … bother me.

no l0l

He wasn't pretending

Oh god. Tell me you're making this up.

Don't punch right, faggot. Haven't you learned anything from watching the left, or the Presidential campaign, or the growth of the alt-right?

Big fucking surprise.

more like clickbait, really. Normally lack of evidence shuts things down sooner but trs has to get in their blogposting.

I was stopping scripts and had the misfortune to see this post, I wasn't sure how widespread it was among trs, but
We have this shit about that faggy little bitch every week.

no he doesn't

you earn respect, and dicky hasn't

it wasn't even on the military page

where ya from?

Then how come you fags shill and mock people to your right?

I don't know if you realize how close you came to fucking yourself with a ten year prison term.

I thought that's what they called people from the caucuses, steppe niggers?

To be fair they're all connection to Holla Forums to some degree too.

Nope. Sending an agent to monitor a TRS group is probably pretty low-priority, but he was really fucking bad at blending in. Hell, I could do a better job, easily. I pass as a normalfag in Shitlibia, USA with ease.

They only mock 1488ers who reject based nationalist jews.

YFW Richard Spencer's C.I.A. handlers secretly paid the anti-fa activist to punch Spencer in the face.

The ultimate conspiracy theory?

I mean, I'm not surprized they sent someone inexperienced, but they stood out so obviously and revealed so much they shouldn't have that I was insulted.

How old were the agents? 20's? 30's?

I'll add em in tomorrow

Anyone browsing /k/ or really any gun forum knows about "solvent traps". I didn't say anything dangerous.

don't purity spiral and countersignal me, brah

After the TRS doxing I'm pretty much dumping Holla Forums for anything movement related. When it comes to happenings and news threads, sure. You can verify by simply reading the article. But to me the D&C "outing" of other white nationalists lol all the white people are Jews, goyim! is an obvious psyop.

The propagand ratfuckers who had their guns on Trump during the election now have no real targets except his most ardent supporters. Filling our movement with suspicion and instigating witch hunts is now their best for taking down white people. I refuse to play along.

Mid-late 20s

I was just throwing around ideas with them. I said sending them a care package was a terrible idea.


I suppose if doxing becomes standard eventually enough people will be forced to be public that it won't matter. It's still going to be a pain in the ass for a while, though.

No White nationalists were doxed here.

I wouldn't even be surprised a bit. Spencer is a really suspicious character, and that punch was almost a too good to be true visual for the left.

I would say that title probably belongs to Murray Rothbard. Rothbard actually supported David Duke, believe it or not.


Basically this. As long as you can frame it as shitting on e-celebs, the mods will let you get away with pretty much any amount of shitposting.

Henrik the brown-eyed viking. 100% North European my ass.



I dont think she looks like a merchantess. Without her retarded fake blonde hair she actually is a qt3.14.

Women who dye their hair are shit-tier.

I ain't saying shes not controlled opp tho.



Which White nationalists were doxed here?

It was a school night for most of the shills, I see. is co-owned by Swedish Jew Daniel Friberg.

Did you know that? Still don't think Richard Spencer is controlled opposition?


Any evidence that he's jewish other than -berg? I looked a few weeks ago and couldn't find anything.

Does Nina Kouprianouva look "part" Georgian to you?

Does Ames Friedman look "part" Jewish to you?

1. His face.

2. His Hebrew first name.

3. His educational and professional bio.

We need something definitive.


The picture of their cat was in the military picture folder.

There isn't anything more definite than that at the moment, and there probably never will be. Someone asks him pointblank in that Reddit AMA if he's Jewish and he says no, of course. But I don't believe him for a second. He also lied about the origin of his surname. It can in fact be Jewish:

Friberg Name Meaning

Scandinavian: either an ornamental name composed of fri ‘free’ + berg ‘hill’, ‘mountain’ or a habitational name from a place so named. German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): variant spelling of Freiberg.

Why, just because he said he originally wanted to be a theater director, an occupation almost exclusively held by homosexual men?

Kikes are not White Nationalists. After Mike was doxed on episode 123 of the Daily Shoah they explicitly disavowed White Nationalism as LARPing. Stop cucking for your Eceleb

and this was in my pepe folder
I'm not saying it's not worth exploring for those whose 'tism inclines them so, but it's as flimsy as you can get. flimsier than even, who clearly has scandi-cuck written on his face

absolutely implicit
when I did a search to look into that, I found and thought the their header was interesting.

Confession: I have a strange attraction to Sinead. The truth is that she is not objectively beautiful. In fact, she is slightly grotesque, in a carnival sideshow kind of way, and quite mannish; but her freakish appearance, combined with her craziness, turns me on in a weird manner. In the right lighting her red hair and freckles look good. I developed an attraction to her after listening to her early parody songs. She does have a great singing voice. It's too bad she is into feminism, paganism, and flat earth nonsense.

I keep hoping for nudes. Sinead has actually claimed that she has no problem with nudity/naturism, and wishes she could do it in a National Socialist society. The closest I have found is a pic of her breastfeeding her 12 year old son (I mean 5 year old, but STILL, don't you think you should stop now Sinead) which she posted on twitter.

Sinead, if you're reading this, I promise I'll ignore every shred of scientific evidence that the earth is a globe if you show us your globes. I'll become a first-wave feminist, flat-earth, crystalline mega-trees shill if you ever show us your Aryan body. Hey, Eva Braun did it.

Well, that ends my SUPER creepy confession.

He's clearly a closeted homosexual, and while he probably isn't a kike himself, he constantly cucks for them.

Yeah, anyone who can't see that he is a homosexual is dense. Just listen to his voice. Also RamzPaul is clearly a fag.

This happened less than a month ago user. There was an entire thread about it, how do you not remember something a month old. Go watch your own show and listen, or better yet look at the basics on the main TRS site. They say on their own site that the entire thing is just LARPign as White Nationalists to help people blow off steam

those also are flat

I always thought it was just that wyatt mann faggot who got kicked out who shilled for spencer, but apparently it's all of you.

We get it- literally every e-celeb and namefag is actually a crpyto-jew plant.

Only invisible anons with no media outlet, no brand, and no affiliations are true white nationalists.

I know- still want to see them

Spencer's tactic is to shill for white identity while getting past the normie's Nazi filter. I don't agree with him on everything, but sniping at him from the back is weak and stupid. Unless you're a Jew. Then it's good tactics.

The next time you stand in front of an auditorium full of screaming nogs and
go ahead and let us know, Nancy.

Psyops and JIDF is shilling hard to make sure we have no movement by decapitating the identity of anyone and everyone who does more than post on Holla Forums

Just saying.

The witch hunting started almost immediately after the election. As if some kind of large, well-organized disinfo team turned their attention away from a much larger battle lost, and rallied their army against a smaller target.

I'm glad I'm not the only one suspicious of the relentless D&C against public white nationalists.

No, Spencer's strategy is to go along with the jew media when they pretend he's an accomplished leader because he's an attention-whoring faggot.

makes you think

Jesus Christ I hope you don't go out in public with those memes.

Are they who convinced Kike Eunuch to marry a jewess 8 years ago, and had his buddies lie about it as long as TRS has existed?

Ah, that must be why the lugenpresse crucified him for his 'heil trump' speech. Must all be part of their evil plan. Dang jewish tricks.

ooohhh….that explains everything

They've been covering everything he's done since 2015, despite being a relative nobody. You don't think that's even a little suspicious?

Holla Forums wrote that 'heil trump' speech.

The Aut-Right was built on watered down Holla Forums memes, not the Dickster's speeches.

Does him lisping, talking, and acting like a faggot help any of us? All it does is get him attention from leftists.

What's the new phalanx called these days?

They always shill that as his greatest moment, but he's getting pretty damn explicit.

The Fuhrer, he is not.

We need Hitler. Will Trump be our Hitler? We can only hope so,

Actually that was Mike Enoch, he took credit for it in TDS right after that speech blew up. Including the 2 kikes and the chink getting the photo op doing the roman salute

no, each one of us needs to be our own Hitler. Waiting around for a messiah smacks of weakness and semitism
No. He will be full of lulz and do his best to stave off, maybe even reverse, globalism for a few years, but world jewry is too entrenched to fix white countries without an actual holocaust.

I listened to that show and he absolutely did not take credit for Spencer's speech. What he did take credit for was saluting back first and getting the crowd into it.

Sometimes when you're at a rally you do something and you're the catalyst for the whole mood. Last year I was at a Pence rally and there was an awkward silence when the MC came out onto the stage. I broke the ice when I started clapping, and everyone joined in. I didn't write a speech or organize the event, but I take credit for getting the ball rolling.

I feel the same way. And the red hair is pretty nice. But the real problem is her Irish face.




Did you even go to a Trump rally, user?

Did you even roman salute our Emperor as he saluted back?

Were you even a part of history?





Only there are are no battalions of SS and you're naked in mommy's basement.



Maybe Stephen Miller wrote it?

Trump is just like Hitler. If Hitler was half-Jewish, had a Jewish extended family, and was surrounded by Jewish business associates and friends.

Yeah, I'd very much like to be intellectually honest to say his evangecuck support for Israel sucks. But

A) he drives leftists mad, which has really warmed me up to him and
B) we're in a meme fight and there's no room for nuance or honesty in that

So I guess you're just a fag lover who wants to abort white babies.


So you're a Christian evangelical Zionist?

But you're the one using TRS terminology?

They have to grow up and die in wars for our most cherished ally.

don't blame me that your mom asked me to stop by

okay, I'm done now

Ruben is a common name among low church protestant denominations. It's a "biblical" name, which is why they chose it for their children.

Ahahaha I knew it.
I love you, you autistic fuck. Don't ever change.

Naw. It was a day or two after Trump announced his VP pick. Like most of the country I had no idea who Pence was, or why Trump picked him. But once I heard him speak I got it immediately. Pence was pulling in the evangecuck base like a neodynuym magnet. Trump absolutely needed those people on board to win, and before Pence they were pretty scared of him. Pence's rhetoric was in perfect sync with Trump's, and it was obvious he was competent and fanatically loyal. After that rally I knew Trump was going to win. Getting Pence on his side and out in front was a perfect move. I cringed when "our greatest ally" got the loudest cheers, but my respect for Trump's realpolitik increased by a factor of ten.

I started the clapping to end the awkwardness and get the crowd excited. I'm not an evangecuck, but I support my fucking white male allies when they're actually on my side. Unlike you faggots.

Can confirm. It's especially popular amongst Amish and Mennonites.

lel if you didnt know that after the first repub primary debate your a retard.

although you are right about pence's political value

OP you are either a troll/shill or you are blind and stupid as fuck.

Your "evidence" is a joke. Just assuming Ruben is a Jewish name based on ????? and then making the assumption that the surname suffix was changed from -off because… it fits your theory, and no other reason. No logic at all.

Then there's her appearance. That's not a Jewish nose, those aren't Jewish eyes. The mouth is wrong, the ears are wrong, the cheekbones, the hairline, the lack of cow tits. Her voice doesn't fit either. Oh, but she dyes her hair! And has a cat!

Leave, don't bother lurking, we don't ever want you here.

It was obvious he was going to win the primaries during the primary debate. It wasn't obvious he was going to win the general.

You know what's true that no one ever wanted to admit? Sanders would have beat him.

Minorities would have voted for any democrat at about the same turnout level. So too the boomer shitlibs. But millennials hated Hillary and the Dems lost their margin on the millennial vote. All those Jill Stienbergblatt retards and conscientious abstainers would have made up for the sagging numbers in the battleground states.

Until both primaries were locked it wasn't obvious to me who would have won the general. I didn't think the Dems would really shoot themselves in the cunt with Hillary once they ran the numbers. But I guess shitlibs can't find a single one amongst their own who can math.

was this a subtle troll by the producers? or was 90s american tv this idiotic? this kid at 16 seems smarter than the 'doctor' who goes on her emotional trauma act about the face of true evil.

lady, american gi's raped and murdered their way across europe and asia for a solid 3 decades. Russians had special rape squads which would clean up what the front lines wouldn't butcher. Germans starved for years after WW2. War is not pleasant for anyone, why would the germans build camps to house the jews if their intention was to murder them all? where there work camps and death camps or just death camps? wouldn't the footage of starving prisoners of war be common given the german forces were retreating all across Europe and there was nobody left to resupply the camps. If the Holocaust happened like the official story says, why is it illegal to question any aspect of it? (let alone investigate or dig for bodies).

Wonder where this kid is now.


Imagine if you traveled to Europe in the 1300's and said

Now imagine they weren't allowed to burn or imprison you. This TV show is the treatment you'd get.

I was there. That fat disgusting Fascist White Nationalist LARPer Kike Enoch saluted first in front of all the media. He gave the media exactly what they wanted. Fucking obese putrid trash


I don't know if Lana Lokteff is a kike or not, but the possibility that she is some sort of agent sent to co-opt Red Ice was discussed in the previous thread. Somebody suggested that Lana's influence over Red Ice has increased over the years, and how she's behind the Red Ice's jump into the Aut-Kike. Anyway, I remember Henrik and Lana mentioning in some show that they decided to get married pretty soon after they met. I'm not sure if it was weeks or a few months after they met. They sort of "knew" they were right for each other. While it may sound romanctic and shit, but this is unusual for modern times, where people usually date for a couple of years before getting married. It also fits the theoretical model that Lana was sent by some agency to seduce Henrik and infiltrate Red Ice.

I just wrap a scarf around the nozzle when I'm completing contracts. Sometimes it catches fire though but it works fine at close range.

WOW. Attached earlobes and bleached hair. OMG.

In retrospect, it's damning that kike enoch was the other guy to salute (besides the 2 jews). It reveals their mocking attitude towards the event.


I want to slam my cock in her. Anyone else who doesn't is a E-celeb crew shilling for ratings or something


Can someone tell me how the cat proves they're DoD?

It's also bilbical…


You know I always knew Charles Martel was a kike shill.

They're saying that Lana and henrik used a company that also caters to moving military personnel so that makes her DOD. Far from conclusive.

You still haven't managed to get one bit of traction with all your tired, repetitive bilge, Moishe … the folks just aren't buyin' it, ya pathetic douchenozzle. Y'know, you're about the lamest Kike shill that ever came down the pike. If the only "scandal" you can muster on me is that I've got a fine, devoted Catholic girlfriend that you incessantly try to depict as some kind of "Jewish" menace, I don't think you're gonna reach that goal of getting a huge mass of appreciative folks to start hating my massive body of work. I know your skulking Hebe buddies and you have been beating the bushes for months trying to turn up something you can use to condemn me, but the fact is you've got nuthin' … and it shows. You might as well stop embarrassing yourself. As a celebrated artiste and acclaimed prophet, I demand better shilling from you and your slimy Yid sponsors. Let's face it, Moishe … if anyone has a "Jewish wife", it's that blubber lipped guy you shave every mornin', know what I mean.

Nyuk, Nyuk.


You're not as purposefully offensive as most of your trs buddies, but maybe r/the_donald is more your speed

Why isn't there a Lana Lokteff in Intelius databases? Why is her Father in the database twice with different names? Spooks often use different identities and change their names slightly.

it was

this user gets it

It's ridiculous. This thread boils down to:
Very basic way of gaslighting and sabotaging the goyim's information network. We're going to see a lot more of that in the current year + 2.

More like

No. It's not.

Mike Enoch is not some magic Jew manipulator. He's a white nationalist intellectual who lived with personal hypocrisy for a couple years because he didn't want to throw away his marriage.

Try being comfortably married for over half a decade. Then you'll understand exactly why he didn't divorce her after getting wise to the JQ. Cozy marriage is great. Divorce is like getting nude in the Arctic and ripping off a giant burn bandage.

That most of you are wizards, and practically none of you have a long-term relationship, is why this D&C has been so successful.

Impressive argument, user. Keep up the good work.

By which you mean their shift away from Alex Jones conspiracy theory shit and into white identity broadcasting?

Yeah. These fucking alt kikes. Convincing thousands of normies to be proud of their whiteness. Telling them the truth about Jews and blacks. They're destroying white nationalism!

This pro-Eunich post brought to you by the brain trust over on TRS! Nigger no one in the world believe Eunich now, besides those on the teat like wyatt.

Given that their names are openly attached to the testimonial, has anyone thought to ask them about it?

Are they too pro-Jew? Yes

Is there any decent evidence that they are Jews? No

And arguing that Daniel Friberg is a Jew because his first name is Daniel is retarded



For the record I don't think they are either, but your post, wyatt, was absolutely retarded.

I'm not Wyatt. I've actually touched a boob.

I haven't seen anything concrete on Daniel yet. I saw a claim he was on a tinfoil blog but that's it. I don't trust Red Ice after this whole TRS thing with Eunich. Seems like a lot of people trying to go full civic when we don't want it, only to have it thrust upon us. No thanks, red ice piggus go home.

Don't pay attention to namefags.

Don't participate in interpersonal drama.

The last 3 months on 8/pol/ in a nutshell:

This place has turned into pure fucking aids with the exception of the occasional happening-thread and a few containment threads like Nord/pol//Deutsch/pol/Frog/pol/. Expect to see a new exodus soon.

Fuck it, have a bump you autists.

To be fair she does have nice hair.

It happened right after the election. To my eye it's clearly led by someone like CTR, but with a lot more shill skill. Holla Forums has always had a retard contingent who really does believe in flat earth and sovereign citizen legal theories. These D&C ops play to them, and whip them up into witch-hunt frenzy.

She needs to have a white baby a year until her fertility expires. If she does that I won't care how nutbar she is. I don't care anyway TBH. I'm not listening to her shit unless she's singing Gaelic hymns.

ehh, she just looks Irish to be honest.
The rest of your post is an accurate description of the last few months.

I'm the /trs/ bo, just tired of TRS shilling. The whole kike eunich thing was just a cherry on top.

I really never saw any of the shilling. There were occasional Shoah threads, but it was more lke interest threads than spam.

I found TRS because people used to post the Morrakiu voocaroos on here and they made me laugh my ass off. Then someone posted a merchant minute youtube link and I followed that, then found TRS through googling. TRS had been going for like six months by that point. I've been on Holla Forums for years and that was the first I heard of them, so they did at least half a year of broadcasting without spamming here at all.

To me it looks like the real shilling is the D&C faggotry like this thread.

Just like when Israel is bombing someone we get flooded with pics of IDF girls.

I mean, you're still here damage controlling for the bog wyatt. You can always check out >>>/trs/ but we know you're not going to admit any wrongdoing.

Can't divide that which was never united

There was some minor damage control back when radio free skyrim got killed, some minor shilling for podcasts before then, but shilling ramped up until slow until we got TRSEF caps at the beginning of october and awyattman sperged out

Remember to post this screencap whenever the sodomites try to claim "Mike dindu nuffin wrong it's from before he was redpilled"

Sure, anyone who shouts "White Power" is your friend. The other stuff they might be doing on the side, such as partaking in Jew gold or cavorting with sodomites, does not matter. As long as they repeat the same "pro-white" slogans as everyone else they're ok.

Are you sure you aren't thinking of the other guy who used to do kike voices and post them on 4/pol/?

You do realize that should apply to Holla Forums as well, right?

Anyone who was "comfortably married" to a jewish "BioQueen wannabe" with a hyphenated name doesn't have a place in White Nationalism.

From the fact that his wife spent a large portion of her time being a groupie for trannies, I doubt their marriage was doing that well for him

I remember last week there was still one last shill thread about Mike Enoch, still trying to prove he was a Jew (I mean, believe what you want but there is no evidence that he himself is a kike), and one of the shills had written more than 104 replies. I guess he forgot to use multiple VPNs that time…

see you tomorrow

Didn't know that that, sounds somewhat interesting. I think Freeman's ex-girlfriend ( is now the girlfriend of Jay Dyer. Jay Dyer was on Red Ice a number of times, of course that doesn't automatically mean something, it can't be that tight, but Dyer seems to be subtly driving a Dugin line, he interviewed Alexander Dugin himself (Dugin also appeared on Red Ice) and Richard Spencer's wife, who translated Dugin's books into English. I think he's also connected to Mark Hackard somehow, who runs a blog a translates Russian stuff, and there's a photo from 2009 or so with Hackard and Spencer on it. (And there's obviously the coincidence the both Spencer and Henrik have (had) wifes with Russian connections.)

Irrelevant. Lana Lokteff's family is from Russia. So they're not Christian Protestants.

Methinks you doth protest too much, Nick.

If your common law wife Sandy Weinberg is only "1/4" Jewish (eye roll), then you should be willing to post a picture of her so we can all see just how "Catholic" she looks (as if "Catholic" is an ethnicity or genetic grouping).

Your recent shilling for Zionist Jewish puppet Donald Trump just further obviates your status as Republican alt-kike controlled opposition. All of your "white nationalist" cartoons from the 1990's are transparent satire. You are a fraud. 077

She and her hubby are flashing Swastikas/Hitler images whenever they can. If anything, it's them that are in bed with authorities, attracting only the most edgy of white people and tainting the rest of the movement by association and making them look insane.
Just look at her twitter:
twitter. com/sineaderade
Pure Nazi virtue signaling

I suppose him admitting four times now isn't evidence, all just common slips of tongue i'm sure. Shit who doesn't accidentally call themselves Jewish from time to time amiright fam

Right. It makes no sense because Michael Peinovich and Ames Friedman are intel agents.

Just like how Nick Bougas ("A. Wyatt Mann") having a Jewish common-law wife for several decades makes no sense unless Nick Bougas is an intelligence agent. Remember that Hollywood is riddles with intelligence spooks and Nick Bougas worked in Hollywood his entire adult life.



Right, no evidence. You mean besides his triple self-admission on TRS audio podcasts?


What did you expect him to do? Release a video kvetching and show his hand?


Donald has modelled himself on Bibi. He has married his kids off to Jews and surrounded himself with Jewish advisors just like Ben Yahoo does. That being said he is doing a great job so far. Just wait for the war for Israel


With the rise and acceptance of various WN's movement starting to occur; with society as a whole starting to move to the central right it shouldn't be surprising to see certain truthers seeing it as an opportunity for profit and personal gain if they start spouting support for ideological driven causes of the far-right.

What we're seeing transpire now is something that is as if it come straight from a soap opera drama: All scripted feuds between actors/actresses that tear each other apart only for the inevitable kiss and make-up scenario to spring up with their supporters/viewers finding it difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is fiction by people that not exactly like the personalities they present their audience to be like.

Anglin the mixed race White/Asian hybrid teaming up with CIA operative Mike Delaney to argue with certain figures like Scott Roberts. The once head of the FBI David Duke feuding with certain individual's such as John de Nugent who he's insulted by on every occasion this John gets as being a womenizer and alcoholic that's not really a Christian. With Sinead given the best scripts on offer right now to lunge at anyone that doesn't accept her flat earth theory.

While salesman Alex Jonestein providing you with the much needed information on erectile products to stand any chance to fight the globalists when the drama pauses/closes for a break.

Guys, you know you're allowed to hate/disavow/give up on Mike Enoch even if he's a gentile. You don't need to turn him into a Jew if you want to dislike him. Just fucking dislike him. No one's fucking stopping you. No one's forcing you to listen to his podcasts either.

I hate this forced TRS meme. This happened months before the election, then picked up again after the election when Ghoul gave all of the TRS info to antifa

/leftpol/ and ANTIFA hard at work
no substantial evidence. nothing but FUD
what a joke

who is this bitch and why should i care

He more or less admitted he's a kike. No-one here is turning him into a kike. Enoch did it himself.

This kind of logic is like if a pedophile is raping children in a certain neighbourhood and you say "what's the big deal? you don't live in that neighbourhood and no-one is forcing you to move there. Besides, you don't have any children."

Mike Enoch is a fraud who is misleading people into giving more money to Jews, lying about 9/11 and whatnot. I never gave him any of my money, but his treacherous behaviour still concerns me.

Doing podcasts that call out liberals and often Jews is equivalent to raping kids.
Awesome stuff. Bullet proof logic.

Did this thread manage to be about Lana at any point?

sorry let me rephrase
'who this bitch is'

No you fuckwit. Ignoring an evil act is equivalent to ignoring an evil act. It's just that one act (raping children) is blatantly evil so that even morons understand it, whereas deceiving people is something that apathetic idiots tend to ignore. Raping children is more evil than kikey deception, but both are still evil, and such things often work hand in hand. For example, plenty of Arabs have been raping women and children in Europe in recent years. Jews, as far as I know, have not been doing such actions directly, yet it is their deceptive actions that have brought those Arabs to Europe in the first place.

The wife of Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice.

Jews most definitely rape women and children and traffic them

Hello fashy goys, do you recommend a particular racial realist e-celeb I can give my paychecks to every week? I want to beat the jews by giving away my paychecks each week for duh cause!

e-celeb shit then?

She will literally help repopulate the white race and save us from the brink of genocide! Also I could actually lose my virginity if I were to court her, Hendrik wouldn't mind, it's the for cauze.

I like how you reframed that, it almost makes the problems surrounding Mike Enoch literally disappear. You seemed to be trained in NLP and are doing a good job at damage control. I like it.

Yeah I agree, fuck those 1488 larpers, let's work with the JDF instead, Jared Kushner approves.

Morrakiu must be upset about getting doxed, can't blame him for stalking everyone in these threads, it isn't as if he could physically hurt somebody from punching or kicking someone with those girly arms and legs of his.

I've got a FAR better suggestion for ya, Shlomo … my gal plays no part in my daily contributions here … but YOU … now, you're a real turbo-player on this board, incessantly derailing threads by running your fool mouth and trying to sew chaos with silly conspiracy bilge. These are the very hallmarks of a classic Hebe shill. I believe it would be infinitely more insightful to get a look at YOUR handsome Hebraic puss, darlin'. C'mon, you chest-thumping champion of the Aryan cause … let's see a snapshot of your grand, greasy gargoyle countenance. It will only take half a glance for any of us to determine what we're dealing with here. It's not really essential, though, since you give yourself away multiple times daily when you stalk my entries and complain about every single aspect of them. I'd say that if you can't find a single quality of my output that is favorable, there's about a 110% chance that you're a giant slavering Yid … the precise kind that I'm celebrated for depicting. And y'know something else? I've accused you of being a hook-nosed weasel shill dozens of times now and you've never once protested …now, THAT just ain't natural, Shlomo …I don't know any red-blooded NS minded fella who'd stand for that. At any rate … you can carry on wasting the days of your life, feverishly engaged in your silly, fruitless mission. Given all the rousing
success you've had curtailing my output to date, it looks like I'll happily grow quite old here.

no wonder goonyu force looked like this


Suck someones dick. It's the only way to beat the jews

Yeah, banning immigration from the 7 nations that the Jewish neo-cons have slated for regime change, while deliberately ignoring all the Sunni Gulf Arab states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar who actually finance and supply Muslim terrorism throughout the world is a great job.

Nick, your cartoon is idiotic and has no relation to reality. Donald Trump is literally drowning in Jewish advisers, Jewish associates, and Jewish family members. There's even strong evidence that Trump himself is half-Jewish on his father's side.

Could you be any more of an obvious false flagging troll?

Hey, Nick, since you worked in Jewish Hollywood your entire life, what proportion of your paychecks were signed by non-Jews? I'm guess somewhere around 0%.

Oh, and let's not forget about the little tribute video documentary you made for the Jewish founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey.

Your "hardcore" racial rhetoric comes across as an insincere caricature. You sound like a Jewish casting agent at a Hollywood studio trying their best to imitate a white nationalist. You're an obvious fraud. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if you and your Jewish wife are connected with some intelligence agency or Jewish organization like the ADL or SPLC.

you need to work on your lingo, friend-o. POL is not a place for noob shills.

Yet more of your lazy shilling and showboating … you know good and well that we've covered all this ground before, Shlomo …
I never worked for the major studios where your kinsmen reside. I was a self-employed, independent filmmaker.
Yes, I made a biopic about the founder of the Church of Satan … and believe me, his swingin' pad was much snazzier than that stodgy old synagogue you routinely attend.
Yeah, my Catholic girlfriend and I are pivotal figures in the Mossad's spy division … anything you say, my Kosher cupcake.
Y'know, Shlomo, what with the level of unbridled zeal you bring to this breathtakingly brilliant assault, and with all those stacks of irrefutable evidence you keep presenting to back up your sensational claims, I'd say you might just have this entire board seriously loathing and despising me by around 3047 AD. Shalom to you, my very neurotic, unaccomplished and supremely ineffectual friend.

Being prior military in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but advocating illegal activity is the most obvious bullshit possible, especially with people you just met. Holy fuck. Still, nice move acting like you were also a fed–that's probably what I would do too; best defense and all.

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, YOU SLIMY PIECE OF SHIT! Do you really think everyone who comes here has an IQ of 70?

Little scumbag. You just tried to compare making a podcast to child rape.


Mike Enoch is a deceitful, hypocritical, fat neckbeard, who is not nearly as virtuous as some of his fanboys may want to believe.
Mike Enoch is an ex-libertarian who has slowly accepted the Jewish Question in recent years.
Mike Enoch is a guy with a good radio voice.

Mike Enoch is not a kike.
Mike Enoch is not controlled opposition.
Mike Enoch is not siphoning donation shekels away to give to Jews/pozzed causes.

When someone makes such shockingly dishonest posts and displays such disproportionate logic as you, I sadly can only assume you are not on our side. So which is it? Are you just a 14 year old kid shitposting about muh "Kike Eunuch" for keks? Or are you JIDF?

He admitted it.

TRS is a "pozzed jewish cause".

You mean apart from him admitting it after he came back?

He doesn't do that effectively because he buys into the liberal frame thereby reinforcing it. Same thing cuckservatives do (because Spencer is cuckservative in personality type). And he coutnersignals the only tactic that does effectively bypass that filter (Holla Forums style post-ironic gas the kikes race war now).

How'd ya explain the fact that most of the Holla Forumsacks IRL-dicking with HWNDU are hebe-hating mutts and a good bunch of actual self-hating jews? Is it all muh Cuckchan? You aint accused them of being TRS yet - why not take a shot? It fits your narrative.

Fact is this - jews are relying at this juncture on having all mutts and brown people as their (((allies))). The most subversive thing of all to them right now is when they can no longer corral all jew-hate as 'white supremacy'. Think about it.

Fucking retards I swear.

This isn't TRS, sodomite. Back to your AIDS bog.

Both Daniel and Friberg (and a lot of other surnames names ending in berg) are common Swedish names

Stfu sinead!!!!

Go ahead and ally yourself with liberals and the globalist khazar, then. We'll see it serve you well.

As I said, if you feel betrayed by Enoch because of his kike wife, you have every right to do so. But stop making up fucking lies about everything, you tumorous excrescence!

t. TRSodomite

How even does one get onto the bog forums anymore? Seems like they are going full shut it down.

Who cares? e-celeb bullshit

Yes, I know it's a Swedish surname, idiot. But Friberg is also a common Jewish-German surname.

Donald Trump is essentially an e-celeb.

You didn't make any money from those shitty underground films you produced in the late 80's and early 90's. So where did your income originate during your 30 years in Hollywood? You're not about to say, because you know the names of your income sources would immediately peg you as a false-flagging shill.

Again, post a picture of your "1/4" Jewish common-law wife so we can see just how "1/4" Jewish she is. I'm betting that your "gal-pal" is "1/4" Jewish in the same way that Mike Enoch's wife is "1/4" Jewish and Richard Spencer's wife is "1/4" Georgian.

I also find it hilariously ironic that you're Greek and most WN's don't even consider Greeks to be white. I also noticed that you used to dye your hair platinum blonde when you were younger just like Milo Yiannopoulos and Lana Lokteff do today.

The more things change the more they stay the same, huh, Nick?

Well, there ya go, big guy … if I'M not white, then why do you even need to confirm my gal's ethnicity? There's your new handle right there, buddy boy. Good thing you so painstakingly uncovered that utterly shocking bit of common knowledge … imagine my having the nerve to be a predominately Greek/Italian/German born in that Yiddish haven known as the Deep South. How Ungodly! You've been out of bullets for some time, Shlomo, but this could definitely be the golden hook you've desperately needed to finish off yours truly …imagine the scandal and horror :"AWM isn't even white !!!"… he's a Hellenic Cracker! C;mon, let's all chant : "He Will Not Pro-White Us! … He Will Not Pro-White Us!"

By the way, Mr, 100% Purist Ethnomaniac … I believe now, more than ever, it's essential that we learn YOUR racial makeup, just so we'll know that all your demands and unswerving committment to purity are coming from a reliable, well intentioned place. It's only fair … I mean, you made this an issue … so let's see your real life photo, there, Mistah Bergowitz … seriously, you're such a stickler on race … put up or shut up, Mistah Goldschwartzenblatt. But please pardon use if we don't hold our breath until you reply with the requested image.

Not sure she is a jew yet but she has been fame whoring for decades. There is something really fishy going on with her and her shady parents etc


Lana Lokteff vacationing in Africa

Still waitin' for that quick, painless snapshot of your magnificent Ayran masterpiece of a face, there, Shlomo …


Yeah … I thought so …

It's amazing how these pushy, bellowing Yids are so demanding of everybody's else's private stats, but they get real light when you simply ask the same of them.

Nyuk, Nyuk

yes he is. he denies 9/11 truth.

yes, hwndu literally came here after being banned from 4chan. they're cancer

not sure if I'd go that far. There are some swarthy fucking greeks though. I would judge it on a case to case basis

wow, nice finds. She's clearly some kind of intel project. Failed as a pop star because ugly, so they shoehorned her into conspiracy radio

404 error. and your pics in are too small to tell if it's really her

obviously he's not going to post face pics here.. that would be suicide with the current political climate

I'm just having some fun with this shrill, pathetic asswipe … he's a "professional" Jew shill hit and run artist who's been stalking me for months. Anytime I quietly post a bit of user OC, he swoops in and starts screaming to the universe that I'm a " cancerous e-celeb name fagging attention-whore" . He swings into ultra-turbo mode when anyone commits the super-sin of praising my work or legacy. He's been regurgitating the same, stale half-dozen claims about me no matter how often I swat them down. Jewish girlfriend (untrue) Jewish employers (untrue) Jewish this, and that and the other, Jew, Jew, Jew … I think we all know from where this relentless line of dreck generally hails..The only new bit of business is the "Greeks aren't white" thing that he's apparently testing here. He won't get any traction with that, either … my hair is light, fine and straight and my eyes are bluer than the clear summer sky. I'm more than certain this yammering Yid would fail his own purity test in less than a second.

Link not working for some reason

I don't mind Jay Dyer but his website is pretty open about his Eurasian/Orthodox worldview. So he's not hiding anything.

The others might be. If you're running some low-level radio network and the russians (or someone else) offers you a consistent salary, very few would say no.

if you really are AWM I gotta say you do some excellent stuff. Mike Enoch, Dickie Spencer, Sinead and Lana are still complete retards though

I wonder why :^) the images are too tiny though to see much

Thanks, fella … but those few kind words are probably gonna trigger 'ol Shlomo … if history is a reliable guide, he should be arriving soon with a new barrage of rabid but unfounded claims that I'm swimming in a sea of Yidliness.

Damn, it's been hours and there's still no photo from Shlomo … I guess his camera broke trying to throw enough flash to light up his big Hebe honker.
>YES… Sinead McCarthy is Jewish on her mother’s side, i.e. a Jewess married to Gentile. Sinead McCarthy spends a great amount of time altering her appearance, however as she ages, her Jewish features will become more pronounced.

>Sinead McCarthy-Jewess who pretends she's white is using a fake name! Sinead did a major rant. One good piece of information I got from this rant is that fellow leader and a person I have called an op, Angelo Gage, never bought the printer that he did a 1500 dollar fundraiser to attain. Sinead finally outs him five months after learning about it because she's mad that Angelo advocates vaccinating your child. Angelo dared not to take Sinead's advice so got a forty minute rant against him where she outed him. The whole Renegade Website is supporting Sinead, unbelievablyOutings cool but I fear it is the pot calling the kettle black again with Sinead a very flawed child!. Three videos worth seeing enclosed in this video player guys. Enjoy. 1st, I out her, and then Sinead's and then her useful idiot, Michele

>Then there's the anti-Afrikaner shabbas goy mudshark Renegade Tribune and Firestarter Radio host, Sinead McCarthy, pictured here,who, backed by CIA-funded Renegade Tribune, is waging a highly calculated attack against British nationalism-trying to subvert our message with a pro-Gay anti Christian agenda, financed by the site's backers in Israel.


Kek, explains all the autistic screeching at Murdoch here recently


Not an argument, Sinead.


Interesting find, lad. It always felt like there was something genuinely off about Kyle, Sinead and their autistic Renegade entourage. Low quality content and poisonous shit tier clique through and through.

Y'know, I'm beginnin' to think I'm not gonna get that picture of Shlomo I requested.

I wouldn't take any of these people defending Mike Eunuch seriously, it seems they're just trolling, even Mike's biggest sycophants such as Fascist Lemming and Andrew Anglin have distanced themselves from Mike Eunuch.


This has been known for ages that Kyle is a cuck currently married to the Celtic Rebel's ex gf. You must be new around here or either this is no other than the world famous Rodney Martin.

You know what's pretty funny? Sinead is also a failed pop star who became this white nationalist/conspiracy radio internet personality.

How about we just stop attacking each other over anything but outright subversion. So counterproductive while we have Trump's momentum. This bullshit is getting to the point of limb amputation for a hangnail.

it's true though,isn't it?
most greeks aren't white

Oh, I dunno … seems Greeks and their culture were at least white enough to serve as the basis for Dolfy's ideal aesthetic vision for Berlin.

come on dude,are you trying to tell me ancient greeks and modern greeks are the same?
sure,some of themare still white but this doesn't make all greeks white

I wouldn't "try to tell you anything", chief … 'cuz you sound like you already know everything there is.

Nyuk, Nyuk

are you making fun of me?

Considering all the previous claims in that post, that last sentence is completely contradictory(aside from the anti-Christ angle, Renegade do indeed do that commie shit), that makes about as much sense as Dailystormer and TRS calling everyone who points out Mike Enoch is controlled opposition or Trump is owned by jews as antifa.

The pro-gay, pro-zionist angle is the one being promoted by all now deactivated British 'white' nationalist movements, alt-righters and all general Trump supporters.

In case you;ve been sleeping for the last 2,000 years:
The controlled opposition have been championing Zionist tool Trump, yet half the threads here are studiously working at trying to identify the controlled opposition yet never contemplating what that false message is that they are promoting.

After the TRS exposé, one would think the many here would put 2+2 together to see the pro-zionist, pro-Trump, cheerleading for WWIII against the jews enemies as the false message being propagated.

But no, Mike Eunoch gets outed as pure disinfo jewish controlled false opposition, lots of noise here and on the so-called jew-wise sites, yet not one honest appraisal of the false message he promoted, which is the same message as all the other co-opted movements.

kike bitch BTFO


Keep on that thread and bumping that one then.
Antifa and neo-liberals and alt-right neo-con cucks killing each other on the streets over their blind support for zionist tricks saves skin from my knuckles
This thread is different and someone happened to reply to it, you seem to think that means astroturfing the board, like the way CIA astroturfed all the movement with championing jewish politics

Noticed you forgot to sage…

Is that Lana?

The link isn't working, but you can you wayback machine to see it.

It seems Thirty Day Notice is her ex-band:

You're on at least two different levels of shilling here, friendo. Just random noise to cause chaos?

All I've done here is write the truth about the nonsensical argument I mentioned earlier (shills shill for the state, that is what the Trump and Clinton supporters are, tools for the establishment creating a self-perpetuating cycle to rinse and repeat the left/right divide and rule), also pointing out that the movement and this board have been derailed and compromised by the Trump scam I replied to your pissy hissy fit not wanting to bump it by putting sage in all fields, you then kvetch reply instantly again kvetching and wailing while not typing sage yourself.

You state you are concerned people are writing stuff you don't like in unrelated threads to your concern?
How about you go fuck yourself.

Hopefully mods will remove your last two meaningless posts including my two responses, this being one of them.

This exchange between us has no value for anyone but your worthless ego.

Hi, I believe racial realism should be dictated by homosexuals, self hating jews, cucks with yellow fever and ugly ass skanks with dodgy pasts. Only JIDF, CTR, Antifa, /leftypol and D&C kikes would disagree.