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ded bump for a ded game

I actually wanted a house but now will just rent a room from the FC. I just got my first million too and I don't have a crafters over level 5, shit is gonna be a pain.


So what kind of bullshit are we going to have to go through to get our hands on these?

i think you have to buy a bunch of shit to gain points and shit think mt dew but japanese brand

oh nvm i was thinking of something else.

its the new crafted gathering/crafter gear, equivalent to artisans of 2.x

Stopped playing a week after Heavensward release, what has been added since then?
Have the boss fights evolved from Simon Says, circle arenas yet?

Well, long story no.
Longer Story it can't because of the god awful tickrate

Have you checked out the alexander savage raids? If you have and think they match that description do you have any examples of what you're seeking that isn't that

Left before Alex happened, mate. But since launch of ARR every fight I've been involved with has just been a case of "this happens at this moment and you can always deal with it by doing this". Fights seemed more memory than skill.

Learn the mechanics is pretty much how video game fights work.


God I hope you're not seriously wanting the bosses to be harder, it's bad enough doing EX shit with the retards that play this game. For fucks sake you would think 100 hours into the game they would know not to stand in shit.

I understand that, just there's no… Variation? It's like the exact same thing always happens, each attack after the other.

Attack patterns are fine, but why not have bosses randomly choose between several attacks instead of making each fight identical? Not every game has completely streamlined fights.

Difficultly was an issue I had, yes. That and having fights nerfed to hell and back so people could accomplish the same thing with half the effort and skill.

I can understand the need for variation. How mechanical the fights are is starting to grate on me too. It's just annoying that 90% of the players can't get rinse-and-repeat down, which is probably why they're staying mechanical. Imagine if they got randomised?

Well when 90% of DPS are clinically retarded I welcome anything that will ease my pain.

Nothing good has been added, and boss fights are still easy as sin. Game isn't worth a monthly fee in it's current state.
Don't know what the fuck happened after HW, but the quantity and quality of content went to shit.

Is Heavensward any good?

I'm playing again after a year+ or something but I don't have the new expac and wanted to know if it's fun or if I should just level more classes to 50 for a while before I dive into it.

Basically what are your thoughts on the expac as a whole so far?

The story is really good, and there's this hilarious series of sidequests called the Hildebrand questline which takes you through some classic FF fights.

It's pretty much more of the same though. Collect tokens, obtain gear, rinse and repeat.

Come on Matoya made it into the game for fan service but you can't add one of the OG classes?

sounds about right.

I played as one in the 2.0 beta, they're very cute when made right.

would buy yours tea and subtly flirt with and try not to leave a bad impression

Spent some time rearranging my inventory today while waiting to for my chocobo training cooldown to be done.

Is it worth re-subbing to this game? I want to play an MMO and this has been crossing my mind. All new MMO's seem to be pay to win microtransaction games.

i wonder if itll drop to 650k eventually at this rate

Why do those elf ears look as though they're on upside down

Im pretty sure the DRK stigma is more that kinda falls between WAR and PLD specialized roles of HIT HARD and DEFEND EVERYTHING and actually has shit besides the enmity combo to do for 90% of the content.

Hell, WAR had a bad rep before DRK entered the picture for pretty much the exact same reasons DRK gets shit (No tankstance (/Darkside), No applying the debuffs, bad resource management,"IM DEEPS, I JUST WANT A AXE WEAPON" and so on), then HW hit and HUEG NUMBERS made people forget that.

People prefer specializations if possible.

Also don't forget healers getting offended by you using LD as assurance when you have so low HP and they would have to heal your full amount by the time it runs out anyway.

Lorewise i like DRK since despite the EDGE it was Moogle invented. and the "FUCK YOUR FETCH QUEST" arc of the Job Quest was pretty fun, even if it took a dive after.

in terms of difficulty(dps and overall) at level 50
in terms of difficulty(dpsing) at level 60
fuck if i know the overall difficulty at 60 though

Raced changed into an Au Ra, did I goof up?


Hows the state of the game? I dropped out just before HW. Good time to come back? Also hows NWO doing?

you would have been better off waiting for the next player race that make au ra not cool anymore

You mean this game will actually get new content down the line?

Come on user, what's the worst that could come from rushing out an expansion?



It'll be the same as the artisan gear, so expect a tome from the moogle tribe to be a requirement in order to craft them. They'll be pretty difficult to craft unless you're melded or have the universal tome gear. I thought Yoshi mentioned a new red script, so get ready to grind your brains out.

It'd be more active if Yoshi and co weren't so inept and backed the fuck off rather than making hamfisted changes to try and make it easier for casuals.

I'm not saying ff14 pvp is hardcore in any sense, but that the changes that se makes to the game are either laughably bad (Drk changes) or completely retarded (Healer/Caster 15% buff, Ninja/Tanks playing keep away with coin stacks and solo que ranks). Then again, that does ring pretty true for the pve changes like the ones Pld got not too long ago.

From my own queue times this week, it looks like the Feast is quickly headed the way of Wolves Den before it.

Frontlines can be a mess most of the time, but they're still pretty fun when your team doesn't go full potato.

Is that Guildwork in the picture?
Serious question: What are the chances of getting banned for using Guildwork? It seems a bunch of people use it and have been using it for years without any issues. I'd like to use it mostly just to get in one some of the events that would otherwise be a pain in the dick to keep track of.

squeenix doesnt care about guildwork or ACT unless you actively say you use it in game

I just use it for the hunt tracker and cross zone shouts.

I won't play the game without it, filters are great for spammers, I usually just ignore the shit they post on chat, I don't even know how to even use their chat.

user… you're playing an MMO. A haven for keyboard white-knights and NEETs and you are surprised they all are jerking off over the communist and the woman communist?

I like MMOs as much as the next guy who wants to pretend to be a catgirl, but at least I know the casual filth I share the space with.

We all have that feel user

In fact I'm 73% sure the only reason we play MMOs is to relive the golden years of the past.

FF14 is my last attempt at MMO happiness, and after it is over I think I will be putting down the needle for good. maybe it is time we just let MMOs die and finally be at peace

But ffxiv is my first mmo and I'm having fun

Talking about new people, I've seen a large influx of new players in game as well. Not sure if they're all coming in from WoW or what.

There's tons of factors that could lead to people not having ever played Runescape or WoW. I've played my share of online games, but I've never played either of those.

The only MMO I've played before this is Runescape, which isn't really comparable because back when I played RS it was fully sandbox. Now it's some kind of unholy mashup of sandbox and themepark. So I say I've never played an MMO before XIV because very little of what I know from RS applies to XIV.

The following is a random keyword the nsa monitors via pastebin.com/raw/UWffBQbn: National Information Infrastructure

Neither of those appealed to me. Fxiv appeals to me.

Don't know what to tell you bub.

Never played WoW or Runescape myself, though I did spend a bit of time with FFXI up until… oh, about three or four months after Chains of Promathia came out.

I'm still trying to accept the fact that City of Heroes will never come back.

ded thread

woah calm down there guy, don't group me with the "I did the new dungeons twice so I guess it's time to unsub till something new comes out" retards.

I have gone clean on other games/genera's and I will do it again. FF14 is the first above average MMO in YEARS so I guess it is a testament to it's quality. However, if looking at all the other MMOs out there is a sign of the future I just might sober up and actually do something with my life.


Kojima produces good games though, unlike tumblrtale or like >>9082237 mentions, Nintendo in the last 20 years.

o-oh, I knew that...

all video game fans are cancer

Where the prepatched nude files megaupload at?

Nude mod broke when 3.2 dropped. Unless it's been fixed you're SOL. Crashes the game whenever it tries to load emprah's new top/bottom.

The following is a random keyword the nsa monitors via pastebin.com/raw/UWffBQbn: evasion

Nude mod broke when 3.2 dropped. Unless it's been fixed you're SOL. Crashes the game whenever it tries to load emprah's new top/bottom.

The following is a random keyword the nsa monitors via pastebin.com/raw/UWffBQbn: evasion

seconding this request


its fixed, just pay for it goyim :^)

Are the most active servers still Gilgamesh and Balmung?

What was the adress to the teamspeak channel?

t. starvation sergean

Then stop playing DPS, tanks get instant queues.


What do you expect when you take the most popular class ?

Question, only been playing for 6 weeks and am on the third step of the anima weapon.
the crafted components may present an issue with how pricey all of it is.
I'm getting mining to 60 with goldsmith right behind it(both are at 40 right no) will i make enough dosh with these two to afford the materials? is there another way? am i boned?

Alternatively, ask a Tank/Healer you know if he can help, most are willing if you ask.

Yep, playing with shitters 80% of the time is the price Tanks and Healers pay for being able to spam dungeons, hence why you will find most very willing to join up with people they know for roulettes and shit they need anyway to minimize the damage to their sanity.

That said, 46 is Darkhold range, and i frankly just do N.Thanalan Fates at that range even as Healer/Tank and only run if it pops on Levelling roulette, not that it is hard, just boring and with retard traps like the cliffs with knockback frogs.

From what i can remember hearsay you are basically fucked unless you good full Jew.

People are jewing hard on them since Relics are BiS for plenty of classes right now so they are more then "Ran out of things to do, might as well Relic grind" at the moment.

Im still on Crystal/Node stage myself since im only doing them casually.

I'm only a fortnight or so into playing but the game is pretty good. I wanted to main a MCH but I just unlocked Gauss Barrel and it's awkward as fuck. Dunno if I'll stay MCH or go back to SMN now…

okay, fuck the relic until that step is nerfed. i'll ask around my FC to see if someone is willing to gather the mats for me. I won't hold my breath.

If you guys are going to tank then you need to learn to put up with shitters because that is all you are ever going to get from DPS as around 90% are retarded and can't do their rotations even though they fucking LIGHT UP. Healers however are less retarded as a whole because the retarded ones tend to not make much progress but you do end up seeing tons of lazy healers that don't do damage and just stand there sometimes neglecting to even heal because they fell asleep from boredom.
I would know because I started healing to get my mentor roulette and I am fucking falling asleep even when I'm doing damage and healing. It's so goddamn boring I can't believe there are more tanks than healers.

Also that last line should be more healers than tanks.

I stopped playing at level 50, one day after Heavensward was released
How long do you think it would take me to catch up?

depending on class you can hit 60 in a week or two, and you can get full 210 in a week if you grind it

itll take a while for 230 gear though

trying out this game, what world do you fucks play on?

no really

Well I'm playing in Exodus, I'm not completely sure why the guild is not in the OP anymore.

Exodus in nWo.

The dingdong who made the thread didn't put that part in


i am, just fishing with other gatherers in my FC

Depends if you did all the level 50 story quests.
because those take for fucking ever

I did not

Who cares? This is a singleplayer game with a multiplayer overworld gimmick.

Have fun doing dungeons no one wants to do except for looking purrty


After Red Mage and Samurai

kill me now

They acknowledged Red Mage and Samurai are the most requested in the second birthday event but they also later confirmed that they're not adding new jobs before 4.0

Also IIRC they still didnt know if SAM was going to be Tank or DPS and if RDM was possible without adding hybrid classes or a kind of Skill tree

i jsut want a whip-user


what are those coffin things for anyways, people rping funerals now?

just hit my first 50, how the fuck do hunts work? is there just one spawn of a hunt target every couple hours or what? i ran around the area that said a target would be but didnt see the little asshole anywhere

also, i dont have heavensward yet. is it worth doing the gear treadmill or should i just fuck around leveling other classes until i buy it?


What? no fucking way.

I need to see this. How do a I find a funeral in progress?

I was joshing you



I finally got tired of being a petite autistic cat girl. I have this barbarian looking glamour for warrior ,my main job, that I don't want to change (gold subligar and a lion mask) but I love dressing my character up and cute little outfits too much. I want to look like pic related but a little more of a amazon.
I'm deciding between Highlander, Elezen and Femroe.

well there's your problem. most of the stuff you need should be easily gathered by any level 50. Get the plus exp things from your grand company and just mass-produce crafting mats. let lazy people give you money!

What's your image from? Is there an actual remake of Tactics happening?

Oh, meh.

random fc invites is annoying as fuck

nyo ho




Never have I been so humiliated in my life

i'm sick of it all

Cool blog post fam

Just fuck my shit up

I'm deleting because this game is boring. Also, if you aren't raiding, what's the point really? Everything else is brain dead.

polite sage because as
said, i'm basically blogposting

what did i do wrong?

Just keep telling yourself you're only in the FC for gain, not for friends
As soon as I finish this last lancer quest I'm dropping DPS

I play with controller for maximum comfy. It works fine in dungeons and when soloing, but fuck trying to do anything with a controller when there at 8 people running around trying to kill shit


viera needs to become a playable soon god dammit

hopefully we get as much viera next xpac as we did au ra with heavensward

and it makes as much sense
the will likely be introduced first via NPCs between now and 3.9 if they add them in the next expac

or they add them in a new continent with lots of Ivalice stuff

Considering resubbing now. Has the games pvp or player interaction improved at all?

my nigga
I only see high level players in the FC "Loli"
are they super elitist or is it just coincidence

I remember when people thought Au Ra were going to be Bangaa.

I wish they had been Bangaa, Au Ra are disgusting, being more closely related to Voidsent rather then Dragons is WORSE, Ishgard did the right thing attacking em.

I have this feeling the next race will be essentially lolicon bait.
SE made Au Ra Miqote/Hyur clones because they were the most popular races, potatos are the most popular after those, and you know they can go even more pedo.

Wasn't there a liveletter where someone asked if they could play as a loli catgirl and yoshi was like "Hell no nigga"?

I think we will get Viera, cause Vierafags are really vocal.

Honestly, i wouldn't mind Goblins getting a promotion to playable since they are actually somewhat civilized and Idyllshire becoming a more permanent home should help them getting on a more equal foot and they don't chimp out near as hard as the other Beast Tribes did, but getting any actual "Monster Race" (IE:Nu Mu, Bangaa, anything Warforged-like) seems unlikely, will probably only get more "Humans with animal add-on" for fanservice reasons.

And that is assuming we even get more races.

if they are adding anything it should be cross-race options so I can erp on the next level


They also said that we're never going to get three classes all at once again because that took a lot out of the HW dev team.

Vampires I would assume.

What server isn't compete garbage?

Not sure if that was the exact wording, but thats the gist. More likely we either won't have a 5 month gap between content drops or it will at least be shorter.

I think what it means is that they gonna add em by patch rather then all at once, so we still get 3 jobs per expansion cycle, just not all at day 1 and more like how the job upgrades dropped in one by one and Rogue/Ninja was added in Maelstrom.

And that might be good to pace it get more shit out of patches and continuously shaking up old content with new party dynamics.

On the bad part, whatever is the new job is gonna get really overpopulated on release, but it is not like HW didn't have the same problem despite having 3 jobs.

Your new jobs/classes will always be overpopulated on release but it dies down once people get bored and go back to their main classes.

I want to start a new character, where do you nerds play at on NA? Surprise there isn't a pastebin. Either way I'm NEET with to much time on my hands.

What server do you guys play on? I just started playing but I don't want to join a dead one.

balmung and gilgamesh are pretty active :^)

Even if he does the real estate magnates are just going to buy up all the houses and then sit in PF selling them for triple what they paid.

They need to fucking put a one or two house limit per account per server.

That would solve the ridiculous monopoly bullshit going on.

Which is why I said per account. If they want to spend $15 more a month to be a turbo jew. Then let them. But at least hamper that shit somehow. Right now you've got people with so much gil they don't give a shit about dropping 8 figures on something.

SE went cheap with the servers

They also hold most of the game's population.

I believe Samurai has already been confirmed, but Dancer and maybe Geomancer are the most likely candidates for the two remaining classes.


Easy enough choice, thanks. I'll wait till I'm a bit more established before I harass for an invite.

Astros might be too close to Time Mages, Comet is the lvl 1 caster lb and Blms already have Meteor.

You can send an invite right away if you want to.

yeah let's just bring King Crimson into an MMO that'll go over well

Man I want to play with you fuckers on Exodus but I don't want to have to start a whole new character on another server
fuck me

Boy i know that feel

I'm really beginning to regret all the money I've spent on this game

didn't pvp improve in the last patch?

Only games based around PVP can ever have good PVP, theme park MMOs always fail at it.

nah, counter-strike was a Halflife mod and it managed to have good pvp.

Are there any mods like DBM? I'm having toruble with oceanic lag in some fights

and thats how you ninja in pvp.

Reminder: Gaius did nothing wrong.

He was the protagonist

We need more garlean stuff. Dragons are gay.

so how many ppl actually play XIV? did Square ever release any hints

I'm not sure if this game even has addon support

I really dig Garlean aesthetics. When I first started and found out you could get Ironworks gear I got excited until I saw how gay it all looked

I know there's stuff that could used to do it through ACT, but they look like they haven't been touched in years.

Elezen, I guess.

What the actual FUCK.

And i think AST already covers "Time Magic" lorewise since i think their job quests have a enemy one use ZA WARUDO

Reminder that Ala Mhigo has been conquered for like 25 years in lore now and basically had a whole generation of Garlean Ala Mhiggers.

The guy was basically more Eorzean then Garlean if you think about it.

Some of parts of em are really cool shit, but it is usually single some piece that soils the sets, usually the Chest.

That said, they are competeing with Allagan gear and Allag shit generally looks nice.

Lotsa quitters is all I'm saiying.

I did not expect to see the dreaded Gazebo mentioned in this game.
Now I am really hoping for a fight against a gazeboshaped Mimic….hopefully in a Gazebo.

Blizzard should be ashamed at this point.

25 years? Really? They made it seem like it was around the same time period as the Calamity
That makes the Ala Mhigan resistance look even shittier than before

Some classes get a cool helmet, and I got the gloves on my monk, they're kinda cool looking. But almost all the chest pieces are just dumb as hell. They might look better on female characters, but sure as hell not on my big burly Highlander

rip in peace, tfw you couldnt choose to join him when he asked you to

Also, what the hell was SOE thinking when they put 20 minutes of movies in the middle of a dungeon? First time I went there I watched the movies only to find the party had rushed through everything as I was watching them. Just barely got to the end in time to be a part of the final fight

whoops, I'm used to complaining about SOE so much I now type it out of reflex response. fucking sony.

I enjoyed the movies, but I really wish I could have chosen to turn and slaughter all those Scion assholes. Ave Garlemald

Woxxy pls go, technorome a shit.

Nah they'll be dead by then, they are just the shitty clones from when the aether facility tested you, scanned you and loaded you up for 'mass reproduction' in 3.0

Well, WoD Warrior/Posterboy does look like Doga.

So ANCIENT ALLAGAN CLONES could make sense even if you play a different race it the wave with the scan being partial and them padding out with other data.

Im still betting on PARALLEL DIMENSIONS!?
AKA Abyssea faggotry. though

Thanks for not uploading my picture fire tiers.

I had to skip them all and rewatch them at the inn

it didn't feel the same

My guess is the entire research facility was a work by the ascians. You have to fight through to get to devilpope because the ascians told him to go there. You fight through all the experiments and think about the boss: it activates "testing anti cobra methods" by turning into a cobra, the only way it makes sense is if its YOUR abilities being tested, not the bosses. When it dies it says "combat test results: outstanding, recommended for mass duplication" and then lo and behold a group of 'warriors of darkness' show up soon after.

My guess is they are our clones with no mind or will of their own so they make the perfect hosts for ascians.

You didnt notice the organisation in black cloaks?

Nigga its kingdom hearts. You've been enjoying kingdom hearts all along!

Eleven billion hours in paint

When someone gets the chance could I be invited to the FC please? I'll be most of the day.

So this is how it ends.

So how many of you actually do crafting in HW?

I've got leatherworker, blacksmith and culinarian to 55 and its okay for money but it just seems like the market for crafting mats is really small -on my server at least than it was for ARR endgame.

Did the majority just look at all those jobs and go "oof, not again" and drop crafting?


You know, from my experience on playing MMOs for a few years, running a raid with a known server eceleb will always go wrong. Trust me on that.

i dont want xiv to die just yet though

or just every other mmo out there.
ffxiv is literally shitting on everyone else

not making male bunnies smaller and shorter then the females this time around basically straight shota.

get it together it be far better with super tall amazonian like female bunnies and small boys

Glad I stopped playing this piece of shit near the start of HW. Heavenward was such a terrible expansion it's on par with WoD from WoW.


It's in there. It looks fun

ah ya the catch up patch basically.
when is it slated for release

some of them look pretty good honestly

Tips katana.

literally every patch in between tiers

Can someone explain to me what the problem with adding the raid finder would be?
I don't quite get the hate.

The uninformed think thats what killed WoW when in reality removing all engaging open world content killed it.

WoW's made raid finder a dirty word. I think raid finder's gonna be fine.

ah, thanks for the explanation

Fuck hot topic kids, Henry Selick did a great job.

Oh yeah. At first mor dhona was an atherite and some cabbage patches. Then stalls showed up, then scaffolding, the cabbage patch became the area with the craft vendors and then rowenas digs showed up too.



Can anyone explain to me why the fuck worlds are still a thing? PSO never seemed to have any problems (outside of duping, though, that was more 'bug we never bothered to fix because offline mode') having multiple servers that could be chosen each session.

Is there a technical reason I'm not considering, or is it literally just to jew players into world transfers? The only thing I can think of that would be just slightly straining to work with would be retainers… but even then, on other MMOs, players simply just turn one of the worlds into the 'one with the fuckton of merchants and shit for sale on alts and market boards', and everyone just eventually comes to accept that world as the go-to bazaar.

Yeah… I'm still wondering how those upcoming player ghettos are gonna work out. Apparently, they're thinking of bringing back XI's farming with pots indoors, so, even if you're too poor (read: don't have a million fucking gil for a house) at least you'll be able to get something done that way.

mi'qote whores erping for MGP on every corner, br's in the gutters begging for crystal shards and those of us that got in early in our ward homes doing /gentleman in our roomy manors.


3.3 looks hella good.


Only now do i notice you can buy a Triple Triad set from the golden sauce to enable play on your FC estate.

Aw Yii.

So what job would you want to see, and what would its mechanics entail?


Nyanta pls.

My guess is RDM would either be a DPS with extra emphasis on spellblades and MP refresh like XI, or a healer that can dish out damage in between heals, like that one class I can never remember that I keep getting stuck with in queues.

I could see SAM being a tank, if they go with their Bravely Default / Record Keeper style of Samurai- block and counter attacks to keep others safe.

It's from the new Dissidia arcade.

L2 + R1/L1 to switch enemies, lads. Or just learn to use target filters.

Dude, this would make tanking fun again.
If they ever do add Viera, there's no fucking way they couldn't do Fencer. It's literally their characteristic job.

But would male viera exist? would they be "bunnyboi" shota or fierce barhareians?

a Million? You need like 4 minimum.

Same thing i say everythime people ask what Job i want.

Dancer as a Melee/Non-Caster Healer where you have to keep beating on shit (Not necessarily doing much damage) non-stop to keep up your buffs and keep healing and be all about STANCE DANCE, Sambas as Stances that allies benefit from (Drain Defensive, Haste Offensive), and Not-Mudra "Steps" for Waltzes (8 inputs for one? Most Dances do follow a 8-beat, possibly no Lagomorph, each step has a effect, it just does not activate until 8 have been made? Possible 2 and 2 combinations where Step 1 is Effect and Step 2 is how/what it targets? So you get 4 "spells" of the 8 steps?) that disable Sambas while inputted with a helping of Healing Dagger Combo to "Attack" a Ally to heal it.


since dancer was already mentioned



I just finished my anima weapon and I don't want to play the game anymore. Is this normal?

Two weeks time you will have all the more reason to farm again!


The same mistake WoW made - Putting emphasis on raids as 'the' endgame content and taking the MM out of MMORPG. "Endgame" as in "this is where you get the best gear."

When the subscriptions inevitably hemorrhage, hopefully Square is smart enough to rework Hunts into a competitive PvE mode that drops better equipment than instances and raids.

There was already a raid finder in 14, its called Duty Finder.

>Was getting to Swindler almost everytime before some of them disappeared


i'm laughing at the pun here, but i'd say barhareians, considering the weak boy type for bunny beast races is overdone.

Which probably means an Easy Mode will accompany this new Raid Finder, turn Easy Mode into the only thing 95% of the player base runs, and open future expansions to even more casualization as the developers mistakenly believe a ridiculously easy game is what keeps people subbing.

So Raid Roulette?


Oh user, it gets worse. Roulette pug Nael.

Need i say anything more?

But they would probably not have the final raid turns/only turn needed for Weekly Clear Reward included and have it more as a way to populate for the people trying to do old redundant shit (Like the Coil of Bahamut turns that aren't the last ones in their set that everyone skip when going for story clears now) and keep CT possible even after people stop caring about the Oils.


some people make their own guilds just to use the bank.


The third tier of the new relic is hell, the fourth tier is fucking trivial in comparison. Like it's fucking backwards, Gotta grind Gordian 800 times but you only gotta spend around 9000 esoterics for the fourth tier. Hell if you are trying to get the lore armor you will have enough before you even get twenty of one of the four items you need.

Hasnt raid finder been in 14 since CT launched?

Hey, to Shimo Uraki, sorry we didn't see your application. Apply again and we'll get you in.

me and Garuda went fishing, it was nice.

It's fixed. You can add pubic hair now too.

ara ara

This should be interesting.


that is the secret boss you get for doing all that ore feeding right? or am I thinking of someone else? Either way I am 100% for more FF9 stuff in the game.

Yup you run around and feed all the friendlies that lets you melee attack and makes him weak to shadow damage (so he just ends up killing himself with Doomsday). easy fight if you know what you're walking into instant death otherwise.

Holy fucking shit i am not readyfor the fight to be laughably easy disrespecting the ozma in every way


I just want my depressing yet ornate cities of rogues, swashbucklers and ratmen ;_;


Well, Limsa has Rogues, Swashbuckling pirates and a couple Qiqirn.

I'm just excited to see the Garlean rape factories that the brief stint in the Ala Mhigo refugee cave mentioned.

you know thank you for reminding me of that, I have to give square some credit for adding that into lore.

its just like one of my japanese doujins.

When I first started crafting I was all nervous about "oh what if I run out of gil buying supplies? Should I run some Land classes alongside it?" then I discovered I can make 1000% profit minimum off of anything

sounds like bullshit. who the fuck would pay that much for an item.

They still haven't fixed atma farming, what makes you think they're smart?

it sounds like bullshit but it's true

People who reach max level and learn about desynthesis and go "oh shit".

easy as fuck to level desynthesis on your own, just go to the guild buy some basic materials and craft some shit, then desynth it. you even get some mats back so you can make even more with that.

People are extremely lazy. Even if it just takes like 250-300 items to max it thats lots of different items to collect, a good amount of time spent making them and to some players thats just not worth it.

So when leveling leatherworker knowing BSM is my desynth for dose weapon parts and primal materias i can sell a generic leather boot for 40k each and some moneybags casual who gets money off their fc sugar daddy will buy them all up for the desynth.

getting over the 50-HW hump on BSM for example is piss easy when foolz weapons drop to like 4k each, but some will pay 40k each at peak times like a rube.

Aren't you forgetting the numerous mentions of 'pleasure barges' whenever you're in Limsa Lominsa?

I thought all the whores were packed off to uldah.

Got to keep the ishgard womenfolk pure.

Its more of a surprise that way.

Got it the wrong way around brah.

Wenches come from Uldah to Limsa, or rather they come to Costa del Sol to serve Gegerujus dick.

why is she so perfect Holla Forums?

Anyone else get random bsod when running ffxiv?
Yes I've already tried reinstalling/updating drivers/etc.

Because she watches weddings all day, knowing she will never be wed herself. Her youth withers away for every passing day.

Mero pls go.

I'm not sure if I like this

I want Yuke in FF 14

Now that looks just awful

thats not by the original nude mod author (naughtywvr)

It's way too predictable now, so nothing is really worth doing after the first month or two. I also think more people are unsubbing or just not playing till the next 24 man raid, but even that'll only be fun for a bit unless they do something different with the mechanics.

I hope they shake things up in 4.0 which is quickly approaching. I think Yoshi already mentioned that a large portion of his time his hard at work on it, which means the current gear treadmill and cycle is set in stone.

Time to go back to sitting around outside the house all night until the next major patch.

tfw I'm in balmung

did I make a horrible decision

So how feasible is it to pug EX thordian, EX Rav, and savage alex?

absolutely awful decision unless you like ERP.

you know maybe AS1&2 but all the others are going to be complete failures if you use the duty finder.

I hope "shake things up" for them means "make open world alternatives to instances." Or just stop focusing so much on instances as the end-game in general. Because if 4.0 is just more instanced raids, people will stop playing after finishing/farming them no matter how good the raids are. Non-instanced dungeons. Super-hard world bosses requiring the cooperation of multiple raid groups. Put the "MM" back in "MMORPG."

You mean hunts?

I am going to at least try go get my Thordian EX clear in the DF. I really wonder if I do hate myself sometimes.

I am 100% for more hunts, only time when it really feels like you're in a MMO instead of a co-op RPG.

open world dungeons are a horrible idea though since you will get that one poopsock guild farming it 24/7 giving no one else even a chance to fight it.

I don't think hunts as they are now are quite enough, because raids are still the primary way of gearing up by far. And too many are vulnerable to zerg rushes to be interesting or threatening fights.

Expand the S Rank roster, then split S Ranks into sub tiers based on item level. That sub tier is as difficult as the corresponding raid tier. The sub tier also determines the amount and type of currency rewards. There could also be a tier higher than S Rank that drops BiS for a few equipment slots (accessories?) that you can't get from raids.

How about instead of making open dungeons grinding areas, most of their rewards come from some sort of daily/weekly challenges?

why is this game so comfy


So I just learned about Deep Dungeons coming in 3.35.

I have a feeling Square doesn't really know what to do for group content anymore and is just throwing stuff at the wall in hopes something will stick.

I dont really mind that, some experimentation can be good for you.

Have you seen what the competitions doing? I'll take new options over '14 months between any update at all, keep subbed goy'

Now the grind for calca and brina continues with more intensity.

For all the stupid shit the FFXIV devs said or did, it doesn't hold a candle to all the stupid shit WoW devs do.

For example, when people bitched about one spec being useless on the legion alpha, one dev went and made a guide/post that was basically NUH-UH YOU GUYS ARE WRONG HERE IS HOW YOU PLAY THIS SPEC, with highlights like expecting healers to not top the tank on raid situations or almost completely relying on a proc that comes once per minute.

Clearing bis/rav/thordan EX in DF is easy nowadays, the overgearing makes those encounters a joke, at least it is on my datacenter. People farm rav for esoterics because its so quick and easy.

glhf with pugging savage though, a5s is possible, a6s is unlikely, a7s i don't think i've ever seen in the PF and a8s is never going to get pugged until patch 3.4 and it gets nerfed to shit

I stopped playing on the patch that I think…the first wing of alex savage came out. Or was about to come out. It was either 1 or 0 patches after the expansion came out.

How many patches have I missed?


2 major patches, 3.1 was kinda meh and 3.2 was pretty good.

3.3 coming soon.

It does have features I like. It sounds like it won't be as reliant on the MMO Trinity, which could mean tons of possibilities for party experimentation. Maybe even future stat/cross-class skill reworks for even more experimentation if it's successful enough. But I'm also skeptical of it's longevity, and, with current information, give it no more than a few months before everybody goes back to raiding.

fat chocobo parade!

Ded thread
Ded queue times

3.3 when?

I really want a chance at an actual house.

summer probably. hope you got proper ventilation for the heat only to be beaten by a bot.


I too want a house



I've seen lots of plots for sale since they implemented the house expiring thing. I saw them open almost daily while I was house hunting. I dunno if it's still locked now. But once they turn it back on they will start opening up again.

Now that I think about it, lots of plots should open up at once since they turned it off for a few weeks. People will probably be ready to quickly buy them up, though.

I saw all types of plots opening randomly a couple months ago.

Alright so I looked up enough info to know I'd get some moneys worth out of this. So I see that the games half off with expansion included, and I have time to kill and money to piss away.

So I go to buy this game, and I get the phone text and what not.
Now I know these gooks already charged me the full amount, I see 30 less bucks in my bank account. But they have yet to send me my code. Then I get this.

Is this legit? I know other MMOs have asked for this kinda thing before, but never on just an initial purchase. I can't find good info, google gives tons of faggots on gamefaqs/reddit arguing back and forth about whether or not it's legit.

I can't see the reason why an mmo would require that kind of information, I received an email asking me for
ID for that but that was from Paypal due too tax laws, of course I never supplied them with that information and I stopped using paypal. These kind of emails should be coming from banks. I'd try contacting square through the support and ask them


forgot to add support site, I think its a scam though.

Yeah I was getting some bad feelings about it too, but the thing is, the official store also sent me a noreply email with via sendgrid.me, and the google results came up with that thing being attached to square emails. The email at least checked out as a square email, the sendgrid part is really fucking shady to me though.

I keep double checking to make sure I'm not on a scam site, and I'm getting on the page from the official site. Checked my paypal, all official sites.

But yeah, I paid with paypal, but jesus, I would have just typed in my fucking debit or a credit card if it meant I wouldn't have to deal with this garbage. I'm still not getting anything from square, probably gonna have to send them an email and ask them why they're taking my cash and not giving me my damn product.

I'm one straw away from just canning playing this game and demanding a refund, this is ridiculous.

I dont know anything about the steam store but all I did was just buy a physical copy of the game and never had any problem. If you manage to get a refund go get a physical copy of the game instead, probably dirt cheap right now.

I mean square enixs store.

I guess steam is an option too if you like gabens fat dick but hten you need to buy the steam version of the expansion as well.

Yeah, I thought about just going over to some retailer and getting a copy. At this point, I could have walked to one, gotten back, had dinner, etc. Even ordering a physical copy from square store is 5 bucks cheaper for some reason, but at the start of the day I saw it and went, "Oh shit, digital copy and I don't have to go through steam." I'm still not going through steam, fuck gaben's toc.

I still don't have my game code. I mean, I made a guy on the benchmark tester thing I guess. If square store doesn't get their shit together by the tomorrow, I guess I'm getting a refund and going to a retailer or something.

There a server with an Holla Forums guild floating around if I do get this thing going? Or just one where a few of you are still active?

I'm ilvl240
what now

The Holla Forums FC is on exodus, the people you message for invite used to be in the op but now it isn't because reasons.

Go play other games until 3.3 hits.

Or go meme it up in The Feast.

Honestly I wouldnt bother with this game, but it is an okay experience getting to 60. Turns to ass after "finishing" the current story.

NWO on Exodus, that faggot OP didn't include it.

Also, I ordered my copy though amazon and just put the serial to get my copy, I don't like going through Steam either as well as I don't like going through paypal bullshit. Retail works best if you want it cheaper avoid steam like the plague.

savage raiding.


A nigger

shit mang was bump limit 300 or 400? I cant remember.

Which EU server should I join?