Newly red pilled on blood libel

Hey Holla Forums, I'm hoping you can point me to more info on the subject. To say the least it has been highly sanitized of the internet.

I saw a documentry called "understanding bloodlibel" on jewtube and it explained how a sect of judism historically practiced this.

I never understood why Jews were continuously kicked out of countries for fucking with currency. Don't get me wrong, its shitty but there are countless examples in the past of other cartels and groups doing the same that never cause any deportation of an entire race or religion.

For a while I believed the whole "blood libel never happened once ever in history ever ever ever ever you anti-semite" narrative. But upon watching this doc I noticed a running narrative that seems far too coincidental and had too many similarities over centuries.

Now that isn't to say I'm on 100% on the "blood libel is Judaism in its purest form" since every sect has their crazies who do bloodmagick. Catholics have Santaria, satanists have the temple of set, hidus have The Aghori, and islam has… well islam.

I am curious to know more about specific cases and details of the rituals.

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Bump because I don't know the redpill on medieval Jewry either. Did they really poison well and desecrate the Eucharist?
Everytime I see this stuff mentioned it's always

"there is no evidence this ever happened"


This is the most recent 'blood libel' case of a rabi who used a child to make jewfood.

The one thing I don't understand in this piece is the victim is never mentioned once. In order for blood libel to exist a person has to be murdered. Where is the kid? Is the kid alive? How the fuck did police reach this conclusion in 2013?

Pizzagate is blood libel!

(cont.) a personal story also.

My dad was antisemetic. He became that way after working for DOD and an incident where he was an escort for Netenyahu.

Later in life he'd tell me stories about stuff at work he'd come across. Murders of kids in the gaza strip he didn't want to talk about in detail.

If you knew my dad, this is weird. My dad was kinda a degenerate. I watched YNC vids with him and never had trouble talking about anything. (Then again it may of gone against his clearance)

One of those wheels clicking into place moments. Again, I'm not 100% on the Holla Forums "this is Judaism silly goy" but I am very interested in cases where it has been tried in court.

If I start seeing that happen or JIDF or ADL defending podesta/alifantes with that excuse, I think I will end up going full Holla Forums


It's Jewish Blood Rituals.
Or Human Sacrifice.

How about the seminal book on the subject, written by a kike himself?

How about a link to a non-kike source that can be downloaded from.

It's not a recent trial, it's a commemoration of a court case that happened in 1913:

LOL, good luck finding one. There is very little on the subject that is not "blood libel is bad mmmmmm kay"

well that is far less recent than assumed.

Well yeah, if it's true it's not libel. Here is the issue, it's hard to find evidence on. Someone somewhere has to of recorded a corpse or a video of a ceremony.

My own belief is Jews probably have a small radical sect they are very embarrassed of. I have a hard time throwing ALL jews under the bus because of personal experiences (yes, I know. A mortal sin on Holla Forums but when people are good to me IRL I don't ignore that), but I'm always interested in the fringes of society.

👉🏽😳 the cases are in here…research them

You will learn everything you wish to know by researching about Sabbatei Zevi, Jacob Frank, Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

Video is of a Jew admitting it's all true in front of other Jews, and it horrifies him because he knows once the goys find out and wake up, all the Jew's are cooked ducks.

You can download from Scribd, nigger.

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Isn't "blood libel" just a red-herring invented by the jews to throw people off the case? I've always been under the impression that actually drinking people's blood is bullshit, and the real crime is the ritualistic sacrifice where they slaughter goyim as if they were cattle

Is it me or does he look like Tony Podesta? thanks for the vid giving it a view.

Also Frankism seems like judaism and Gnosticism combined but with more orgies.

Gnostics have some interesting ideas.

Da fuq is a scquribd?
Yeah…. anything involving facebook I'm not doin.

Thanks, I'll give it a look.

Thats what I would assume. In blood rituals the blood is not for the mortal performing it.

Okay, glad I'm not alone on this. I always found it strange how jews will "debunk" claims by smugly saying that the torah forbids consumption of blood, as if that somehow dismisses all the instances of jews caught with the remains of gentile children who look like they've been killed like kosher cows.

On a few occasions templar were recorded as arresting and executing jews who had kidnapped, raped, bled and killed children.

Barry Chamish is a great source of info. Kikes hated this Kike

Even Crowley wrote of the "cannibal eastern european jews" and how they worshiped Molech Adoni. Further the goals of the kike and kabbalist Isaac Luria are what created the SJW. If you donn't believe me, just look up "Tikkun Olam"
Praise Kek!

No, it's blood sacrifice. Libel would be libelous, and everything they say about those evil fuckers is sadly true.

Truly a credible source.